Torfeld Palace

A mirror image of Thistle Palace in the Dreaming, Torfeld Palace also has three main buildings—the central Palace Hall, the eastern Dolomite Hall, and the western Marble Hall. State business occurs in the central palace, while administrative duties occur in the west hall, and public events occur in the east.

  1. Dignitary Lawn.
  2. Marble Hall—Entrance. The palace guards—distinctive in their green uniforms—defend this entrance.
  3. Dolomite Hall—Entrance. Guards also watch this entrance, but in fewer numbers.
  4. Grand Lawn.
  5. North Colonnade. The primary entrance for guests and dignitaries.
  6. Entrance Foyer. The skeleton of a slain dragon tyrant from Ber hangs from the ceiling by wires.
  7. Guard Post.
  8. Drawing Room.
  9. State Dining Room.
  10. Antechamber.
  11. Diplomatic Reception.
  12. Library.
  13. Throne Room. Guards and druids defend this room even when the king is not present. The throne sits at the north wall.
  14. Balcony.
  15. Royal Gallery. Paintings of former kings.
  16. Principal Minister's Chamber. Harkover Lee has a few attendants, whom he dismisses twice a day to take his meals in private.
  17. Archdruid's Chamber. The archdruid is away making funeral arrangements for the late court skyseer.
  18. Noble's Gallery. Risuri nobility take turns offering art to hang here. Additionally, a trap door under the carpet here leads to the palace’s vault and bunker. The tunnel down is a highly defensible chokepoint, and the bunker has supplies for thirty people to last a month.
  19. Commons. Where people gather to meet the king.
  20. Party Hall. The wedding reception will occur here.
  21. Clayton Gallery.
  22. Offices.
  23. Unseen Garden. Pedestals stand here, each with footprints but not figure, to commemorate the lords of the Unseen Court.
  24. Lantern Garden. Numerous lanterns hang amid the flowers and topiaries.
  25. Titan Shrine. An identical set of statues in the Waking depicts the five fey titans.
  26. Stables.

King Aodhan Lesterman
Before becoming king, Aodhan led a crew of privateers. While a mighty warrior in his own right, he can draw upon his connection to the land to aid his allies.

King Aodhan
Medium natural humanoid, human
Level 20 Brute (Leader)
HP 200; Bloodied 100
AC 34, Fortitude 30, Reflex 34, Will 32
Speed 6, climb 6
Regeneration 10
Initiative +14
Perception +14
> Lord of the Land
As a minor action, Aodhan can move four 5-ft. cubes of earth, stone, or foliage up to five feet (1 square).
> Monarch of the Masses
Aodhan has regeneration 10, and a +5 bonus to saves against charm, fear, and poison. When he falls to 0 hp for the first time in an encounter, each of his allies within
three miles is dazed for one round. If he would die from a death saving throw, he can instead choose to become stable.
Standard Actions
S2.gif Six-Loa Saber (weapon) x.gif At-Will, Basic
The blade contains six island spirits.
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +25 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8+20 damage.
> Whirlwind or Rampage x.gif At-Will
He’s pretty spry for a seventy-year-old.
Effect: Aodhan can either make a basic attack against any number of creatures adjacent to him, or can move his speed, making a basic attack against up to four
different creatures during this movement.
> Bounty of the Land x.gif At-Will
“Is everyone just about tapped?” he asks. “Gather round, quickly.” You feel renewing energy surge up from the ground.
Effect: Any number of allies adjacent to Aodhan recharge all their encounter powers and can spend one or two healing surges to heal. A given creature can only benefit
from this power once per day.
Minor Actions
Z3a.gif Flick Dagger (weapon) x.gif At-Will (1/round)
Attack: Ranged 4/8 (one creature); +25 vs. AC
Hit: 10 damage.
Triggered Actions
> That Old Pirate Swagger x.gif At-Will
“This one’s not worth my time.” He laughs and turns his back on the enemy. “I’ll let you take him.”
Trigger: An enemy damages Aodhan.
Effect (Immediate Reaction): Aodhan shifts 1 square away from the triggering creature. Aodhan’s allies gain a +2 bonus to attack that creature until the end of his
next turn, or until Aodhan attacks it.
Free Actions
> Call Upon Loa x.gif At-Will
He whispers the name of a Yerasol folk spirit, and a ghostly figure manifests beside his saber.
Effect: Aodhan can use each of the following powers once per day.
- Moonbeam Loa. Saber or touched object sheds bright light for 10 squares.
- Flaming Loa. A creature or object just struck by Aodhan's sword catches on fire, taking ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends).
- Greedy Loa. If an enemy just missed Aodhan with a melee weapon attack, or if Aodhan struck them with the sword, the enemy is disarmed.
- Crossroads Loa. Aodhan teleports the sword to him, or teleports himself to the sword.
- Butcher Loa. An enemy just struck by the sword loses a limb if it is bloodied. It makes a save, and on a success it chooses which limb.
- Drinking Loa. Aodhan heals 30 HP if he killed someone this round.
> Crown of Risur x.gif At-Will
Effect: Aodhan says someone’s name and grants them a save against charm, fear, or poison. A given creature can only be granted one bonus save in this way per day.
Skills Athletics +12, Diplomacy +8, Endurance +11
Str 12 (+11)
Con 10 (+10)
Dex 14 (+12)
Int 16 (+13)
Wis 18 (+14)
Cha 22 (+16)
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Elven, Primordial

Dame Jillian the Green Knight
The title of Green Knight is bestowed to the king’s chief bodyguard. Among the position’s perks is an inability to die when the sun isn’t up.

Dame Jillian
Medium natural humanoid (human)
Level 17 Soldier
HP 160; Bloodied 80
AC 33, Fortitude 30, Reflex 29, Will 28
Initiative +15
Speed 6
> Dying in Light
When Jillian dies, if the sun is not out, one minute later she returns to life with 1 hit point.
> Loyal Guardian
Allies adjacent to Dame Jillian have +2 to their defenses while she is conscious.
Standard Actions
S2.gif Court Halberd (weapon) x.gif At-Will, Basic
The finest adamantine halberd.
Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +22 vs. AC
Hit: 25 damage.
Z4a.gif Green Smite x.gif At-Will, Basic
Flowered vines blossom and entangle foes.
Attack: Area burst 1 within 20 (creatures in burst); +20 vs. Reflex
Hit: 10 damage and the target is restrained (Escape DC 22).
Z3a.gif Solar Turning (radiant) x.gif At-Will, Basic
Attack: Close burst 5 (undead creatures in burst); +20 vs. Will
Hit: 15 radiant damage, and the target is dazed until the end of Jillian’s next turn.

Principal Minister Harkover Lee
A one-time dragon tyrant known as Inacht the Hex-Eater, Harkover Lee might reveal his true form if the situation looks dire, though after so long in human form it hurts him to be a dragon again. Otherwise he relies on fairly direct fire magic.

Harkover Lee
Medium natural magical beast (dragon)
Level 20 Artillery
HP 140; Bloodied 70
AC 34, Fortitude 32, Reflex 32, Will 32
Speed 6
Immune fire
Initiative +11
Perception +12
Standard Actions
S2.gif Golden Orb (weapon) x.gif At-Will, Basic
A sphere of gold that size would weigh fifty pounds, but he holds it like it’s nothing. With unexpected strength he smashes it across his enemy’s face.
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +23 vs. AC
Hit: 2d6+18 damage.
S3.gif Firebolt (implement, fire) x.gif At-Will, Basic
Flaming missiles fly from his orb.
Effect: Harkover fires five bolts of fire, divided as he chooses among any number of targets within 20 squares. Each bolt unerringly strikes its target, dealing 4 fire damage.
Z4a.gif Consuming Fireball (implement, fire) x.gif Encounter
He hurls a seed of fire that erupts into an explosion. When it dissipates, the eyes of charred corpses briefly flicker with purple light before collapsing.
Attack: Area burst 3 within 20 (creatures in burst); +23 vs. Reflex
Hit: 5d6+17 fire damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: Harkover heals damage equal to the highest amount of damage the fireball dealt to any creature in its area.
S2.gif Dragon Claw (weapon) x.gif At-Will, Basic
Requirement: Harkover must be a dragon.
Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); +25 vs. AC
Hit: 2d6+18 damage.
Z1a.gif Precise Dragonfire (fire) x.gif Recharge 5a.gif6a.gif
He exhales a blast of fire that curves to avoid allies and only catch his foes.
Requirement: Harkover must be a dragon.
Attack: Close blast 5 (enemies in blast); +23 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d12+8 fire damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Move Actions
> Polymorph x.gif At-Will
“It’s been quite a while,” Harkover says. “I’m afraid I’m out of practice.” He shrugs off his robe as his skin transforms into thick red scales. His face shifts into the snapping
maw of a dragon, and he swallows his golden orb as his body grows to the size of an elephant. Black necrosis slowly creeps from his wings toward his torso, but he ignores
the odd wound and rejoins the battle.
Effect: Harkover becomes a huge dragon, giving him access to some new attacks. His speed increases to 9, but he cannot fly, despite his wings. He has ongoing 5 necrotic
damage as long as he is in dragon form. He can return to human form as another move action.
Triggered Actions
> Eat Hex x.gif Encounter
Trigger: An attack or zone inflicts a condition or deals energy damage to Harkover or a creature within 3 squares of him.
Effect (Immediate Interrupt): The effect inflicts no condition and deals no energy damage, and Harkover may dispel the effect if it is a zone. Harkover recharges an
encounter power other than this one.
> Shield the King x.gif At-Will
Harkover interposes himself between the king and harm.
Trigger: An attack hits the monarch of Risur.
Effect (Immediate Interrupt): Harkover moves half his speed. If he can move adjacent to the king, the attack hits Harkover instead.
Str 26 (+18)
Con 24 (+17)
Dex 13 (+11)
Int 24 (+17)
Wis 24 (+17)
Cha 26 (+18)
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Orc, Primordial
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