Zg Session 97

Three days after the hivemind formed, those that were caught up in the phenomenon have recovered, physically and mentally. Thames Grimsley approaches you and apologizes for the havoc that was caused, but he reinforces that something needs to be done as people are scared of this new world.
Aleith|DM: Refugees continue to arrive each day, especially via train from Bole. Reports mention that quite a number of them are congregating at or nearby the Thinking Man's Tavern in Bosum Strand.
Chandrasekhar has been drafting and publishing short pamphlets exhorting the population to not fear, and encouraging them to claim their own strength as citizens of Risur, to stand together against this strange unending night. (He's cribbing a little from the Chant, but how could he -not-?)
Phyllis: "Yeah, you're absolutely correct. What happened is a consequence of someone else's doing."
Zane is nowhere to be found, because he's out doing recon for the crew.
Garrett‘ has to smoothtalk his way into checking out the Thinking Man’s Tavern, probably the last bit of running around he'll do for a few days.
Aleith|DM: When you enter the Thinking Man's Tavern, it's not much different from when you were here over a year and a half ago, aside from the crowding. There seem to be some extra waitresses working tonight to keep the orders coming, and a band is playing again on the stage.
Aleith|DM: Asking around, most people don't have much in the way of concrete information, but there are a few…
Gerald: "Glad to see some people are still doing well."
Garrett‘ is going to gladhand (sincerely!) and move through the crowd, picking up on news of where they’re from, what's happening, and assure them of their safety.
Aleith|DM: The first one you track down in the crowd is a hunter of some renown in Bole, Barnaby Krist. Almost seven-feet tall and seemingly made up of scars and body hair, Barnaby speaks with a heavy accent that he says is the byproduct of 'true forest folk.'
Chandrasekhar is about half bodyguarding Garrett and half playing the crowd himself.
Barnaby: "Well, constables, not long after everything went an' stayed dark, I saw some distant fires an' climbed up an overlook to see the extent of it all."
Barnaby: "From miles away I noticed dat de fire was all spreadin' out all ring-like, which ain't how dem fires usually travel. They follow de wind. Somethin' was lighting the fires."
Barnaby: "Mind buyin' me a drink, fellows? This tale needs a few drops to tell."
Gerald: "Uhh. Yeah sure why not."
Garrett: "Of course!" He leans back and snags the attention of a passing waitress, ordering a jug, tipping extra.
Aleith|DM: When the ale arrives, he takes a long pull on it and thanks you.
Barnaby: "On m'a way oout of de forest, I saw a black pup runnin' at me. Naw, pup is a bad word, cause it was the size of that stuffed bear I used ta have in me home. I thought it was getting' away from dat big fire, cause der was smoke coming off da beast's back. No flame, just smoke. It was like they may'a been on fire afore, and dem eyes still glowed, ya see? Still burned from within. I hollered at it and it turnt off, but I seen it prancin' in front o' dat fire."
Chandrasekhar: "Ahahahaha. Our associate will be excited to hear that news."
Gerald: "We know someone with a thing for giant hellhounds…?"
Ernst: "The Ash Wolf, huh…?"
Gerald: "…Oooh."
Phyllis: "Ash Wolf. One of the Fey Titans."
Gerald: "Right."
Phyllis: "Or at least in this case, part of his pack, the Smoldering Wolves."
Garrett‘ gives the man a raised eyebrow and an amused smile. "You’ve got quite the instinct to be able to make it here in one piece."
Phyllis: "Granted, we don't know who was lighting the fires. The pack and the Ash Wolf appear to be -drawn- to fire."
Ernst: "If we want to find the Ash Wolf though, I'd reckon we have to shoot up its pack. It doesn't come out often otherwise."
Gerald: "Only one way to find out I guess."
Barnaby: "A wolf dat size ain't something I want t' be messing with. Figured it'd be bes' to head up here for now. As fer the wolf, I ran into some ways east of Bole."
Phyllis: "It reminds them of their mother and his mate, who when she died in a fire, became the flames."
Phyllis: "I believe it's the opposite, that the Ash Wolf is drawn to fire but the rest of the pack comes to his aid when he's threatened."
Ernst: "You want to set a forest fire then?"
Barnaby: "Just follow de rail line east, then when the tracks turn north you'd go another twenty-three miles east-northeast, in the craggy woods near 'dat ol' layer-cake ruin."
Ernst: "That's going to be a lot of paperwork."
Chandrasekhar: "Thank you for doing your part to protect Risur, citizen. We all have both the responsibility, and the strength, in these trying times. Pass the word."
Barnaby: "Aye aye, sir. Dat I can do."
Garrett: "I'm sure there's a happy medium to be reached."
Phyllis: "Doesn't it sound like someone already is?"
Gerald: "We'll find out when we get there!"
Aleith|DM: After a bit more asking around, you find out that the harmonica player in the band has been talking about something he saw the night the stars fell.
Garrett: "Well… it might not be enough. Ash Wolf is said to have white fur, isn't she?"
Aleith|DM: The band is winding down a jaunty remake of All's Well', a tune miners drink to after a day with no mishaps in the mines, when you ask to speak with Slim Chance.
Garrett‘ pulls a half-side grin that reads ’fuck I really need to bone up on some of this before the ceremony.'
Phyllis: " - oh. Yes. She's the one in the flames. Sorry, Ash Wolf is the mother, but her pack are the Smoldering Wolves."
Phyllis: "… the literature's spotty."
Garrett‘ nods. "Ah, it’ll get updated soon I bet, after our very close encounter."
Gerald‘ rolls a shrug, before turning to Slim Chance. "So you saw something interesting during the starfall…?"
Slim: "Yeah. I work as a rancher ’bout 50 miles west of Bole. After work that day, I may have gotten a bit drunk that night and me and my dog were wandering around when the stars were all a'falling."
Slim: "I spotted a massive bolt of lightning strike a few miles away, but that bolt didn't fade. It just kept flashin' and rumblin' for minutes. The cattle around me all turned and stared at the spectacle, and I was a bit too drunk to worry 'bout it as I enjoyed the light show."
Phyllis: "And that would be the Father of Thunder, I presume."
Slim: "Probably was an hour later when the lightning stopped, and I heard the loudest roar in the world from where the bolts had been striking, and then every single of 'em cows around me started making a ruckus and walking in that direction."
Slim: "Figuring it was me boss' problem, I kept drinking until morning-well, such as it was. I woke with a blistering hangover, made worse by me dog Hank barking and snarling constantly."
Slim: "It took me a few minutes ta realize that ol' Hank was the only thing keeping me from being trampled; hundreds o' cows, some with brands from other ranches miles away—as well as the occasional deer or goat—were all heading in the same direction."
Gerald: "…That IS weird."
Slim: "So Hank and me went the other way fast as we could. On the way back to the ranch I thought I heard a whole mounted procession o' knights in plate armour riding out in the middle pasture, blarin' on trumpets, but that definitely was me boss' problem."
Slim: "I got me horse, me leaf o' nicodemus, and enough food for me and me dog and rode like hell toward Bole. Basically ran 'til I got to the sea, and only stopped cause o' the kraken."
Garrett: "Not a terrible idea. Everything seems to be fighting for shoulder space."
Phyllis: "And it seems your cows are getting herded up for the Great Hunt."
Slim: "Still me boss' problem."
Slim: "Former boss, I guess."
Garrett: "True enough, just don't be surprised if he turns up here as well."
Phyllis shrugs. He's got her there.
Garrett‘ buys the man a drink!
Slim: "True enough. Thank ya kindly, constable!"
Phyllis: "Or. Ah. Hm."
Phyllis: "Speaking of drink, it seems the Father of Thunder is quite fond of it."
Phyllis: "And also fond of, well. Fathering."
Garrett: "That’ll make for an interesting litter in a number of weeks, won't it?"
Gerald: "Guah."
Phyllis: "Quite so. The Great Hunt typically chooses their steeds from among the horses produced in such a way."
Phyllis: "… So that's two."
Ernst: "… gonna be a fun month."
Ernst grumbles.
Aleith|DM: The last person you find with an interesting story to tell goes by Grandma Goudada, a hang-lipped crone telling a scary story to a few kids some patrons brought with them. The kids don't seem to be enjoying the experience.
Gerald: "That one's all you Garrett."
Goudada: "Well, constables, my family and I live with a gang of Fortunad nomads. We were visiting a small mining town in the Anthras Mountains called Favela, and I was trying to read the fortune of some government lady, to know what fate awaited in this starless world. I got as far as pulling three cards before doing the unthinkable—I gave the woman her money back, hobbled away, and told my family we had to get as far from the mountains as possible."
Aleith|DM: Fortunad nomads are a long-derided ethnic minority, mostly half-elves of muddled ethnicity forced to wander because they don’t fit in anywhere except with other misfits.
Goudada: "My grand-nephew Emilian got us on a train to Bole, then to Flint, which seemed like a good idea at the time until I saw Cauldron Hill."
Garrett: "Yeah that place has… a history."
Chandrasekhar: "Still probably the safest place in the world to be right now, even considering that blighted hill."
Aleith|DM: As a side-note, the hill is mostly bare now after a few more days of the Gyre passing overhead, and some cracks have started to form at the base of the mountain.
Garrett: "So… what did you forsee?"
Goudada: "Well, I don't exactly do these things for free, y'know. Even if you are constables and all…"
Gerald: "I mean… but you already did?"
Garrett‘ slyly grins, orders a drink AND a meal.
Goudada: "In that case… Now, the lady had asked for a 7-card spread, but even after the first three cards I could see something was wrong with this fortune. The three cards I had drawn, combined, showed that the King wanted to trap and kill a grandmother under a mountain."
Goudada glares at you. "I’ll have you know, if you're with the King, you should know better than to come after this old granny. I've thrown more than a few hexes in my time."
Garrett: "We'll keep a wide berth," he humors.
Gerald‘ gives Garrett a meaningful sideye.
Phyllis: "The card spread doesn’t mean you, but it does mean Granny Allswell. She's been trapped underground for about three centuries, by the queen at the time."
Goudada: "Sounds like she isn't trapped no more, then."
Ernst: "Seems that way."
Phyllis: "What of the other four cards, then?"
Goudada: "I didn't dare finish the spread, sorry. I wanted to get out of there pronto."
Gerald: "(…Why is there a specific combination of cards for murdering eldery woman beneath the ground anyway…? Fortune tellers are weird.)"
Garrett: "Thanks for your time. Don't be too hard on the young ones, yeah?" He chuckles, joking.
Aleith|DM: She just cackles a bit.
Aleith|DM: A few days later, Gerald and Zane head off on a train to Bole, while Garrett deals with the coronation ceremony and the fallout, and Chandrasekhar, Ernst, and Phyllis work on recovering their powers in the new age.
Aleith|DM: Bole was capital of its own nation in ancient times, and it still maintains its grandeur today. Historically rich from lumber and from fertile forest gardens cultivated with the aid of fey, in recent years it has boomed as a hub of trade.
Aleith|DM: The Barret Damworks, a network of mill dams and locks completed three decades ago, tamed several tributary rivers from the Anthras Mountains, allowing the Great Delve river to flow smoothly westward, all the way through Slate and on to Shale.
Aleith|DM: The concurrent development of steamships fostered traffic of great barges traveling up and down the river, while the railroad linked it to Flint. Today raw materials pass through Bole to and from nearly every corner of Risur.
Zane: "So. Everybody is waking up now."
Aleith|DM: Other major features include the forest gardens which stretch out from the city for miles in every direction; the logjam along the Great Delve River where lumber is collected and processed after it flows in from logging sites upstream; and the theatre district which is home to both the local RHC headquarters and to several famous distilleries and breweries.
Phyllis: "I mean, they can't really go back to the Dreaming."
Phyllis: "The Fey Titans straddled both realms simultaneously. This new age despises ambiguity and things must be certain."
Aleith|DM: Where are you heading to in Bole?
Gerald: "Check in with the local RHC, see what they know then go exploring?"
Zane: "Not a bad idea. I'm still trying to figure out the smells in this new world, so I can't just go hunting down the nearest fey. Yet."
Gerald: "Things… smell different for you?"
Zane: "Yeah. It's… hard to explain. You know when Voice of Rot told us to go hunt the brainpire?"
Gerald: "Vaguely remember that, yeah."
Phyllis: "You're still under that geas?"
Zane: "That's when it started. It takes focus, and I have to steal a pinch of Phyllis' residuum, but… it comes to me as smells."
Gerald: "Aha. That's neat."
Chandrasekhar grins. "Bloodhound."
Zane chuckles. "Yeah. And lately its been getting stronger. Or at least it had been, until the world got all fucked up. Now everything smells weird, and I can't sort it out."
Aleith|DM: When you head to the HQ, you only have a 10 minute wait before you're shown up to the Chief Inspectress' office, a half-elf named Shaiaila Lundquist. Her office has several theatrical posters hanging from the wall, and a primitive phonograph sits in the corner.
Gerald‘ slaps Ernst’s arms a few times while pointing at it.
Ernst: "… why are you doing that?"
Gerald: "Because that thing is cool."
Lundquist: "Welcome, constables. What news from Flint? We've heard some thanks to the spark-gap transmittors but it's limited."
Ernst rubs his forehead. "No. They're far too large to install as an add-on on Stocke. You'll have to settle for music at the RHC office and a siren on the field."
Gerald: "Oh man I didn't even think about what it would take to make something like that portable… we got a new down time project."
Phyllis: "Where … to start. How much do you know already, given the last few weeks?"
Zane: "So is the news, really. Things are going weird all over. It looks like the Fey Titans are awake and pissed."
[OOC] Phyllis: whoop nvm i guess
Lundquist: "I know many people have fled to Flint and Slate from here, especially on the trains, but a lot of the people that fled from the titans are still here. It's straining the city badly, and I fear it will only get worse."
Lundquist: "At least the titans are giving something more concrete to worry about than what the sudden disappearance of the sun and stars means."
Zane: "Hopefully not. We're ging to have to put a stop to it, and soon."
Gerald: "Those are problem easier problems to solve, too."
Lundquist: "My local agents have collected a lot of eye-witness sightings of the Father of Thunder to the west, but only a few of the Ash Wolf in the east, and none of Granny Allswell, though miners to the south report an unprecedented uptick in gremlin sightings, equipment breaking, and items made of metal going missing."
Lundquist: "I've looked into old records, and it's been seventeen centuries since all of the titans were active at once. And never before did multiple seem to be focused on destroying one city."
Gerald‘ sighs at the mention of gremlins.
Aleith|DM: She gets up and heads to a cabinet nearby. "Whiskey or beer, anyone?"
Gerald: "Whiskey."
Gerald: "Especially if we’re dealing with gremlins."
Ernst: "I think we can put that one off for later…"
Zane: "No thanks." He rubs a hand over his head. "Yeah, if we can save Granny Allswell for last that would be just… peachy."
Ernst shakes his head. He's been a bit grumpy since the state of the planes shifted.
Chandrasekhar: "Whiskey, given the circumstances." He smiles. "Did you know we've already put one of the Fey Titans in his place?"
Aleith|DM: She grabs some glasses, pours a couple of stiff whiskeys, and throws herself back into her chair before picking up one of the glasses. "What the hell do you intend to do now, constables?"
Lundquist: "We heard She Who Writhes is giving you problems at sea, so I'm guessing you're talking about the Voice of Rot? We haven't heard anything about him, to be honest."
Chandrasekhar: "It matters not if they all rise at once. We can still fight them one at a time, until they've remembered their place in this new world."
Lundquist: "And what place is that, constable?"
Gerald: "Yeah, that's because he thought it was okay to give us sass after we did him a favor before. And he was sorely mistaken."
Chandrasekhar: "Bowed to Risur's will, as have they ever been."
Zane: "Yeah, he's been… dealt with. Which is good, as it means we can… Hmmm…" He falls quiet, his fingers absently drawing shapes in the air.
Chandrasekhar: "They need a show of strength. A proof that all has not gone mad, that mortals can still be trusted with the world's shape, given…"
Chandrasekhar gestures vaguely. "I can't exactly fault them that. All the world needs heroes right now, the Titans just have an odd way of showing it."
Zane snorts.
Lundquist: "You failed to stop that man-made titan nearly a year ago. You really think you can handle the real fey titans?"
Gerald: "That's ONE way of saying they're throwing a bunch of temper tantrums because the wallpaper in their rooms changed."
Zane smiles. "We've been workin' out."
Chandrasekhar eyes Lundquist with an eyebrow raised. "No man can create a Titan. Don't give them that much credit. But I believe if you review our case notes with regards to the Voice of Rot, your mind will be put at ease."
Gerald: "I could have stopped it but Delft told me any solution that resulted in molted steel raining down into the city was a bad solution and we should just let it leave the continent in order to trail it back to its base."
Gerald‘ puffs up his cheeks a little, indignitly.
Lundquist: "If you say so…Lord Singh? You look a little different than I expected."
Phyllis: "Lundquist. Are you familiar with the history of King Dukain and the fate of the Sword of the Black Needles?"
Lundquist: "It was one of the things that came up in my research this week."
Phyllis hands her the aforementioned sword, still in its hilt. "We reclaimed the sword and beat back the Voice of Rot after its challenge was considered resumed."
Phyllis: "Do not doubt us."
Chandrasekhar sketches a bow. It’s… carefully calculated to not be /dismissive/, exactly, but- he knows his rank. And the effect his visage, or lack thereof, has on people. "Ours is not to be what is expected. Ours is to be what is required."
Chandrasekhar: "And so shall we serve."
Chief Lundquist's eyebrows raise at the sight of the sword. "Very well. I'll believe you. Just let me know if you need any help from my men. But, constable, don't forget my title again. You may have had a meteoric rise in the last couple years, but here, I am still your superior."
She nods to Chandrasekhar though. "And we shall serve as well."
Gerald‘ coughs into his hand at Phyllis.
Zane: "No, you just outrank us."
Zane: "That being said, we do appreciate your willingness to help us here, and we *are* operating on your turf. We’ll be nicer."
Gerald‘ is quiet and very distinctly doesn’t look at Zane for a few seconds. "Uh… yeah. If there's anything you need help with let us know, and… in the meantime we'll try and narrow down the locations of the Titans."
Aleith|DM: She stares at you for a couple of seconds, Zane. "Alright. I would advise you speak with Ochran Eisner, the city's Minster of Fey Affairs. He's one of the local druids."
Phyllis: "My apologies. I didn't mean any slight by not referring to you by your title."
Chandrasekhar is suddenly very very glad for his mask. And the whole being invisible thing. Because god DAMN.
Gerald: "Sounds like a plan!"
Zane nods. "Thank you."
Zane looks completely unfazed by this chick giving him a hard stare.
Gerald‘ is probably the firs to scoot out of the room.
Zane will head out with Gerald.
Gerald: "(Damn man, right for the juggular.)"
Zane: "(Nobody takes that tone with ursinho, my man. If I hadn’t done something, Phyllis would have had her cleaning the floor with her tongue."
Gerald: "She probably gunna revoke our free coffee privilages now."
Chandrasekhar very solidly claps Zane on the shoulder.
Phyllis glances over at Zane. "Her concern is a petty one and not even worth an antagonistic response."
Zane: "Eh, we'll live." He looks up at the sky and sighs. "We need Garrett once the Rites are done. If we have to put all the Titans down again, we need a King to make it stick."
Phyllis: "We've got a country to save and titans to stop."
Gerald: "He's pretty helpful with dropping stuff before it can do anything too crazy, too."
Chandrasekhar: "Mmm, yes. If we're going to be dealing with the Titans, we need to be able to seal the deal, as it were."
Zane: "Well yeah."
Gerald‘ mosies on over to Fey Affairs.
Aleith|DM: Asking around at Fey Affairs office, the secretary points you in the direction of one of the forest gardens where he’s directing a citizen volunteer unit to help protect Bole.
Zane: "I'll send him a message via spark gap. By the time the train gets here we should have some intel we can move on."
Aleith|DM: When you make your way out there, you find him with several citizens painting archaic sigils on trees and stones in the woods.
Gerald: "Huh. Practising… wards?"
Aleith|DM: Arcana check?
Phyllis rolled d20+38 and got 20 ( Total: 58.0 )
[OOC] Zane: fucking lol
Gerald‘ rolled d20+12 and got 17 ( Total: 29 ) for i dont know shit baout magic but my friends do :D
Aleith|DM: You recognize them as obscure icons that are anathema to fey titans.
Aleith|DM: Nature check?
Gerald` rolled d20+18 and got 6 ( Total: 24 )
Phyllis rolled d20+26 and got 15 ( Total: 41.0 )
Aleith|DM: Gerald doesn’t notice, but Phyllis certainly does that the sigils are being deployed in exactly the wrong way.
Gerald: "…Man I think hanging out with you is starting to rub off, I actually do recognize some of those."
Gerald: "Specific sigils the titans can't stand, right?"
Phyllis: "I'm glad to hear that, but keep in mind this is an improper application of them. It's more like a welcome mat, it's a precise thing. Here - "
Gerald: "Oooh. … Good thing for them you're here, then!"
Phyllis gets up closer and tries to flag down Ochran. "Excuse me, um. Sir?"
Aleith|DM: He doesn't seem to hear you-he seems distracted.
Gerald‘ motions with his fingers for Phyllis to circle around to the man’s front and try tapping his arm.
Phyllis: How simple is it to correct them? Because she might have half a mind to just pick up a brush and make some corrections.
Phyllis does what Gerald suggested instead, though.
Aleith|DM: Ochran startles. "Oh! What? Err, can I help you with anything, ma'am?"
Phyllis: "I seem to have noticed a, um - are you intending to ward away the fey titans? Because if so, then it should be like - this." She gestures where to make some corrections. "See?"
Aleith|DM: The main thing is that the sigils are being placed in the wrong direction: they should be facing inwards, not outwards.
Ochran: "Yes, those symbols are ancient runes used to ward them away. They'll turn around and run when they see them like they are."
Aleith|DM: You're pretty sure that actually will only anger them…and that he's lying through his teeth.
Phyllis: "Saboteur!"
Ochran: "Liessssss!" He hisses at you, revealing a white forked tongue.
Aleith|DM: He shapeshifts into an air elemental and makes a dash for it.
Phyllis: "I have the reference number for the book with the proper markings memorized! We can march back to goddamn Pardwight to check or you can - "
Gerald: "Wow this got dumb, real fast," Gerald says as he empties a clip into the shifter.
Aleith|DM: The air elemental drops to the ground, shifting back to his human body, bleeding heavily.
Phyllis glances at the other citizens nearby. Was he the only one?
Aleith|DM: Everyone else is terrified at the confrontation and gunshots.
Gerald‘ walks over, slaps some cuffs on his wrist.
Aleith|DM: A few of them start running, terrified.
Gerald: "Don’t worry, the situation is under control! We're RHC."
Gerald: "And this guy was trying to get ya'll killed."
Aleith|DM: Most of them stop running, confused.
Gerald‘ gestures to Phyllis for explination.
Zane walks over and kneels by the druids head, knife in hand. "I gotta admit, I dont know much from magic. But I *do* trust Phyllis. Mostly. So if she says you’re a saboteur…" the knife comes to rest above the druids eye. "Stay very. Very. Still. Until you are told otherwise."
Aleith|DM: The man swallows very carefully.
Aleith|DM: He's still bleeding out profusely, though.
Phyllis: "Were you aware that an Air Elemental was in your midst? He was placing markings that would only serve to anger and incite the titans currently ravaging the countryside."
Phyllis: He'll be fine. Just handwave it. [Eschatologist]
Aleith|DM: There's Ostea now, anyway, right? He'll get over it.
Chandrasekhar stands, very menacingly, and in the appropriate place.
Zane: "So, lets talk about why you are trying to get fey titans to come crush this place, ok?"
Gerald‘ bandages the bigger wounds up.
Aleith|DM: Intimidate check?
Aleith|DM: -5 penalty, remember
Zane rolled d20+17 and got 13 ( Total: 30 ) for I hate that penalty :(
Aleith|DM: He’s still terrified for his life, though.
Aleith|DM: The interrogation reveals that his alleigance lies with the Voice of Rot, but he hasn't heard from any of his lord's messengers since the sun disappeared. He was in fact working to make the Titans attack Bole. In fact, his sister, Katlin, is working at similar purposes in the mining village Favela.
Gerald‘ rubs at his face.
Zane: "Well, good to see being an idiot runs in the family."
Gerald: "So you wanna convince her to not do that, or are me and Zane gunna have to do that with our prefered implements of peace keeping?"
Phyllis: "What purpose could there possibly be in attacking Bole? What have you to gain?"
Zane: "Well I mean if he tells her we’re coming she'll at least have a head start. It wont really //matter// but she'll have one. Either way she stops being stupid in Favela, so it's a win."
Ochran: "Solitude. My master offered me eternal solitude in a world bereft of civilization!"
Gerald‘ makes a face, glances between his companions.
Chandrasekhar: "…traditionally, one just makes a pilgrimage into the wilderness when faced with that urge."
Chandrasekhar: "Where I come from, at any rate."
Phyllis: "I meant, tactically speaking, but okay."
Zane: "Yeah. Solitude is just a few days in… just about any direction."
Zane: "Not sure why you think you need an entire world."
Chandrasekhar: "At which point, they’re eaten by a wild animal, without civilisation's benefits to sustain them. Or they come home, wiser."
Aleith|DM: Alright, so what now?
Aleith|DM: Garrett should be finished his duties in another week.
Phyllis: "Inform -Chief- Lundquist. Imprison him. Move to Favela to stop Katlin."
Zane flips the druid onto his belly and cuffs him. "Try to escape, I will hunt you down and kill you." And then he goes through the formal arrest process.
Phyllis: "And FIX THESE SIGILS."
Gerald: "Ayup."
Aleith|DM: And what are your plans?
Phyllis: "Do we have spark-gap communication to inform the RHC branch over there of the threat?"
Phyllis: "Do we think that's all that will be necessary?"
Aleith|DM: There isn't a branch in Favela specifically.
Zane: "I really don't want to go to Favela yet. We're set up to do this in a nice big round sweep since we're in the neighborhood. Send some local agents to get Katlin, we've got bigger things to do."
Phyllis also includes the -proper- instructions on inward-facing sigils.
Phyllis: "Agreed."
Aleith|DM: The Fey Affairs office will start working on that. Turning around rocks, scraping off sigils on trees and inscribing them on the other side, etc.
Aleith|DM: So. West or east?
Aleith|DM: And now, or in a week?
Phyllis: "West is the Father of Thunder, at least."
[OOC] Zane: definitely in a week, so garrett can do his thing.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: okay
Gerald: "The choice is between some guy thta makes thunder and a pack of hellhounds…?"
Gerald: "Probably start with thunder fey, yeah."
Phyllis: "… you want the one that sires entire herds on his own?"
Phyllis: "The animals were following a mating call, Gerald."
Gerald: "Chandra's kill an entire herd of goats before, he can do it again."
Phyllis: "Though if we can capture some for our own purposes, we may have some good land travel."
Aleith|DM: In the meantime, a day before Garrett arrives the RHC agents come back to town, Katlin Eisner in mage's cuffs.
Aleith|DM: There's been a lot of tremors in the Anthras Mountains recently, focused around an iron-rich peak known as Redcap. At first the miners waited for the tremors to stop, but then children started going missing in the night, tools and machines started to break, and shiny objects of all sorts disappeared in droves.
Aleith|DM: The Fortunad nomads, normally to blame for such troubles, started doomsaying and fled en masse. The superstitious miners recognized all the hallmarks of the fey titan known as Granny Allswell. Those miners who could afford to leave and who had not already lost their children to the gremlins in the mountains followed the Fortunad, and now only the most desperate remain.
Aleith|DM: Katlin remained behind to run her brothel, and was using her illusion abilities to make the sounds of playing children around Favela whenever no people were around to goad Granny Allswell into coming down, with the plan to make her destroy a dam nearby Favela. That, at least, seems to have been thwarted now.
Phyllis: "Good work."
Aleith|DM: Katlin's interrogation also revealed that she was working for the Voice of Rot as she imagined herself as a future sorceress-queen once the serpentine titan destroys most of Risur's civilization.
Chandrasekhar: "…idiots."
Aleith|DM: Garrett shows up after the coronation ceremony and all that follows it with troubling news: Risur is already starting to feel the effects on its economy due to the actions of the fey titans.
Aleith|DM: Lumber shipments are starting to be in short supply due to the actions of the Ash Wolf. There's still plenty of grain and vegetables, but hardly any meat is making it to the stores from the weftlands. And shipments of steel and stone have slowed to a crawl, crippling many industries.
Aleith|DM: And all sea trade is blocked by She Who Writhes, spiking prices on foreign luxuries like Elfaivaran fruit, high-quality Drakran firedust, and leaf of Nicodemus from the Yerasol Isles.
Aleith|DM: On the plus side, you've managed to figure out how to work your magics in the new Age of Reason.
Zane: "It's kind of funny in a way. This entire world-changing crisis, and the titans are strangling us with our purse strings."
Phyllis: "Was their simultaneous awakening deliberately engineered, and a punitive measure for Risur's lack of cooperation? Or is it just an unhappy accident?"
Phyllis: "Either way. We still need to carve out a place and beat them back for good, not to merely placate them."

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