Zg Session 80

Winter 16
After retrieving the lost arc of Reida from Ingatan's Refuge, you teleported back to your ship, docked back at Sentosa. It's late afternoon, and you've been through some ordeals today, but you got what you set out for.
Gerald: "I'm kind of surprised they didn't make more of a stink over the whole god statue coming to life via fire thing but I suppose they *do* worship a different one…? Anyway,"
Aleith|DM: Well, they were surprised, but they also knew you were investigating the temple in the first place…
Aleith|DM: Heading in to the enclave through the hidden entrance they told you about, an eladrin keeping watch there lets you in with one of the enclave keys.
Zane: "Yeah. I wonder if they'll ever find the answer they're looking for."
Gerald: "Woulda been a bit easier with some help……………."
Phyllis: "It was easy enough, I thought."
Zane‘ shrugs. "Temples are weird."
Garrett: "It was one hell of a test and workout. I haven’t been able to cut loose like that in a while."
Zane: "It was impressive watching you really put in the work again, yeah."
Zane‘ heads through the enclave to Kasvarinas place.
Aleith|DM: It only takes a bit of time before you find your way back to the place Kasvarina is staying at near the centre of the enclave.
Phyllis: "Ready to go on a near-literal trip down Memory Lane?"
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina’s reading another book when you enter, but she practically leaps from her chair, dagger dropping into the top of the table again. "You're back!"
Garrett: "We're glad to see you too."
Gerald: "We found the thing!"
Zane‘ scoops up the dagger and tucks it back into her sheathe.
Kieran: "Did you have any luck? She’s been making noise about it- Oh, good." Her tutor sighs in relief.
Kasvarina: "Great! Asrabey was right about you guys."
Phyllis: "He's seen us in action on multiple occasions."
Chandrasekhar: "Glad we didn't dissapoint."
Kasvarina: "So what's it look like?"
Garrett‘ produces the arc, though firmly holding it.
Gerald: "It came with the missing segment by the by that wasn’t us."
Kasvarina: "Interesting. I wonder if it being a piece of Reida itself is true or not. Shall we test it?"
Zane: "So just in case this unleashes some sort of terrible evil buried alternate personality, I'd like to lay some ground rules."
Kasvarina: "That seems reasonable."
Zane: "With a witness, just in case this gets violent."
Zane‘ nods at her tutor.
Kieran: "Alright." He nods back.
Zane: "I’m willing to be nice as long as you're nice, but if you try and attack me or my squad all bets are off. If you decide to politely walk out that door and unleash hell on the rest of the camp…" He handwobbles. "Probably still a dealbreaker, but it wont be as personal."
Kasvarina: "The book says the arc will show the wearer's memories from a particular location. I don't think that will happen all at once. But I can't say for certain. Very well."
Zane: "I'm just trying to cover my ass in case things get bad, yeah."
Zane‘ shrugs. "Its a paperwork thing."
Kasvarina laughs. "Of course. You deal with a lot of that back home, don’t you?"
Phyllis: "Do you fear being that you'll be convinced that your … other, forgotten self was right about things? That by reliving your memories, you'll lose the 'you' that you are now?"
Kasvarina: "I imagine my old matriarch self did too."
Zane‘ makes an intense, indescribably disgruntled noise.
Kasvarina: "I’m not sure. But hopefully you all can help me keep grounded and not lose sight."
Phyllis: "That shouldn't be any problem."
Garrett: "We're hoping for the best." He nods. "I mean it."
Kasvarina: "I am too, believe me. I still can't believe everything I've heard about myself…"
Gerald: "It's been a crazy couple of years, yeah."
Garrett‘ sideeyes the rest of the crew, looking for a go-ahead
Zane: "Well, I’m ready to get this show on the road." He gestures to Garrett. "Give her the thing."
Garrett‘ walks forward a few steps and hands over the artifact.
Aleith|DM: She takes hold of the lost arc of Reida, marvelling over it from a few different angles before she gently puts it on.
Kasvarina: "It’s…not very confortable, especially with this missing piece here…"
Phyllis: "I think it's supposed to be symbolic."
Phyllis: "Not comfortable missing your memories, is it?"
Kasvarina: "But I do feel a bit strange, like I've already been here. I think the Danorans call it déjà vu? It also seems to be pulling me in a couple of directions. One of this is nearby, I think.
Aleith|DM: "
Zane: "So lets take a walk, see what happens."
Kasvarina: "Alright."
Kieran: "Should I continue observing?"
Garrett: "Sure, come along."
Zane: "If you would. Keeps us out of trouble, probably."
Kieran: "Sure."
Aleith|DM: The guards outside seem a bit tense as Kasvarina leaves with you, but one of them motions and the rest relax.
Aleith|DM: She leads you towards a house several minutes away.
Kasvarina: "I think it wants me to go inside."
Phyllis: "What does it feel like?"
Garrett‘ walks ahead a bit, scouting it out.
Phyllis: "The sensation, I mean."
Kasvarina: "The sensation’s gotten a lot stronger. I feel like I've been here before, and the arc wants to show me what happened."
Aleith|DM: Garrett: It seems like there's a couple of people living here.
Garrett: "It's not empty, we should probably give them a heads up."
Phyllis: "Odds on them being Obsscurati?"
Zane: "That would be pretty impressive."
Gerald: "Low?"
Kasvarina: "I want to say low, because I was based in Ushanti apparently."
Gerald‘ ducks in ahead of the group. "Heads up, lady on a vision quest with an ancient artifact comin’ through."
Garrett‘ winks and then more stealthily approaches, and whispers to the building- ’whom resides within your walls?' [Urban Bond]
Aleith|DM: A woman opens the door at your knock, Gerald. "What…?"
Gerald: "Do you mind if we come in? Trying to sort out Kasvarina's missing memories to potentially help save the world."
Eladrin: "Um… Honey?" She calls back over her shoulder. "We've got some uninvited guests. They want to see inside, I think? One of them's the matriarch's guest we heard about."
Phyllis: "Yeah, we're just retracing her steps."
"Nothing's going to happen right?" "Well, they don't think so, but…" "We can watch, right?"
Gerald: "Don't see why not."
Eladrin: "Alright, come on in then. Mind your shoes, please."
Gerald‘ turns his head, giving the Eladrin in his group a confused look.
Kasvarina heads in towards the centre of the entrance room. She starts looking around, also a bit confused. "I wonder what’s supposed to happen. I…feel like I just was coming back from something to arrive here…"
Aleith|DM: The couple stand off to the side of the room, the wife leaning slightly against her husband.
Phyllis: "How long have you lived here?"
Zane‘ leans against the doorframe. Which gives him the added benefit of being able to watch outside as well as inside.
Husband: "Coming up on sixty years now, I think."
Wife: "In another three months, dear."
Aleith|DM: After a minute, there’s a burst of light from the arc, which expands outwards. The decorations of the rooms change, becoming more lavish. Kasvarina's dress becomes much fancier, and Asrabey materializes nearby, dressed much more formally than you're used to seeing him.
Aleith|DM: He speaks up as he starts taking off his overcoat. "Why does Athrylla want to let Crisillyir walk all over us? Can't she remember what they did to us all those years ago? I just want to head back to Ushanti after all that.
Aleith|DM: The couple gasp as the change happens.
Gerald: "oh. Oh Man! We're inside the memory. That's convenient."
Kasvarina: "She's always been like this. But Ushanti will have to wait. For you, it will be much longer. I need to send you on a mission."
Asrabey: "What now?"
Garrett‘ doesn’t say anything, but walks around to the side a bit, covering up any gaps in their formation.
Kasvarina: "I need you to travel to Risur and offer your services to the Unseen Court as a warrior. You need to keep the Unseen Court from going to war with Risur for the forseeable future."
Kasvarina: "I may never see you again."
Asrabey: "Then, one last night together…?"
Gerald: "Quick cover Stocke's eyes, he's too young for this."
Aleith|DM: He reaches out, touching her face tenderly. But she withdraws from his touch.
Phyllis does so with a [Mage Hand].
Ernst scratches his head. "He's shut off right now."
Gerald: "I know it was a joke."
Phyllis: "You're next-youngest." She moves the hand to Ernst's eyes.
Kasvarina: "I'm leaving in the morning to Resal, to pay respects to my daughters."
Asrabey sighs. Begrudgingly, he says, "alright."
Aleith|DM: They finish undressing (mostly), and lie down in separate beds. Then the house returns to normal.
Chandrasekhar: "Ah-ha."
Kasvarina slowly sits up on the bed. "Wow. That was kind of embarrasing."
Gerald: "Yeeeah."
Zane: "Nah, you and him skipped the good part of goodbye."
Gerald: "That's why it's embarassing!"
Garrett: "It's only embarassing if -every- memory is going to be like that." He coughs. "Do you, ah, feel any different? Or anything new?" he asks, trying to move along.
Aleith|DM: She takes the arc off. "There's still another memory here, but…wow. I wasn't that nice to Asrabey then, either, huh?"
Chandrasekhar: "So the Court's relationship with Risur. That was your doing?"
Phyllis: "The favorable bits, at least. Yes?"
Kasvarina: "I think I can start to feel my other self. Help figure out the boundaries between the two so I won't become 'her' again."
Gerald: "The personality was uh, certainly different from how you introduced yourself, yeah."
Aleith|DM: She looks over towards the residents of the house. "Sorry about that. We weren't actually sure what would happen exactly. More than we though, but nothing permanent it seems. I'm sorry if we've been any trouble."
Wife: "Don't worry yourself. Although it was surprising, I think I have some ideas now for changing the look of the house…"
Husband: "Really? I thought it was a bit overdone."
Wife: "Well, we don't need all of that."
Kasvarina: "Shall we find the other memory here?"
Garrett: "Maybe some last-century-new-future fusion."
Garrett: "Hm? Oh, yes, right."
Gerald: "Mmmhm."
Zane: "After you."
Kasvarina: "Let's go see, then." She puts the arc back on, frowning slightly as it doesn't want to sit comfortably, before heading out.
Aleith|DM: She leads you towards the central pyramid in Sentosa, where you met with the matriarch here before.
Gerald‘ mercifully holds back on any particularly gerald-y actions or comments when he realizes where they’re going.
Aleith|DM: The guards ask Kasvarina if she and her guests wish to speak with the matriarch. Kasvarina only pauses for a couple of seconds before saying yes, of course.
Aleith|DM: A couple of minutes later the guards let you know you can go up.
Phyllis taps Garrett on the shoulder, but only gives him a nod after that.
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina takes off the arc for the moment as you head up.
Garrett‘ nods in response.
Athrylla: "Kasvarina. And constables. I heard you were back already. How did your trip fare?"
Garrett: "Bountiful."
Zane: "So far so good. And we left the weretigers in peace."
Athrylla: "I’m pleased to hear that. Although they are dangerous in their own way, they are still mostly eladrin. You found the artifact?"
Zane: "Mmhmm."
Kasvarina: "It does in fact work. I saw a memory from some time ago. It sounded like Asrabey and I had just come back from an audience with you. The residents of the house where I stayed back then were gracious enough to let us inside to view it."
Arthylla: "That's…good to hear."
Zane: "Looks like there's a limit on these visions. About a hundred feet out."
Kasvarina: "Arthylla, the lost arc holds another memory for me here. Would it be possible to view it now?"
Arthylla's face briefly turns inscrutable, but you're pretty sure she's not a fan of this idea. Then she looks at you all again and sighs. "I suppose so. Very well. What do you need to do?"
Kasvarina produces the lost arc of Reida and puts it on. "Give me a minute." She moves a bit backwards while she waits.
Garrett: "It seems to just… 'happen.' Stand close enough, and yuo'll be part of it too."
[OOC] Garrett: you'll
Aleith|DM: The decor changes here as well. The trees in the court (it's atop a temple, but of course there's trees) have green leaves again, and you can feel cooling magic in the air, warding against the summer heat.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+0 and got 18 ( Total: 18 )
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina walks in, her outfit different but nearly as formal as the last vision, but more martially-orientated. Beside her is another stoic eladrin female, and behind them march four eladrin soldiers. Athrylla sits on her seat, but startles.
Arthylla: "I recognize this scene. Constables, this is what I talked to you about before." Then she faces Kasvarina again.
Zane‘ murmurs, "Oh boy…"
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina is at her most austere as she explains that a dragon tyrant named Rilego has abducted her daughter Launga, and she is rallying allies to mount a rescue mission. Athrylla’s initial concern dies off, though, as she looks to Latika, sensing something amiss. Athrylla explains that while she will not abandon another sister in peril, she thinks it's risky to send so many matriarchs into what might be a trap. So she offers to send soldiers instead. Kasvarina diplomatically accepts, and says that they'll be teleporting to Seobriga within an hour.
Aleith|DM: The memory then ends. Arthrylla sags in her seat.
Arthrylla: "That's what I was afraid of. I'm sorry, Kasvarina. I sense something was wrong there, but I never would have guess that Latika and Sor Daeron would have turned on you like that. I should have gone with you."
Phyllis: "I'm sorry. That can't have been easy on you."
Kasvarina: "I…don't remember what happened in Seobriga yet. But I'll accept your apologies."
Zane: "If a dragon was involved, nothing good."
Athrylla: "Of those six, only you made it back. Most of the soldiers I sent with you died, and those that came back were burned."
Chandrasekhar: "Yeah…"
Phyllis: "What year was that?"
Athrylla: "The woman beside you, Latika, along with one of the men, Sor Daeron, the one with the arm made of sand, tried to kill you while you were in Ber. They didn't succeed, but your daughter was killed by the dragon, I heard."
Zane‘ rolled d20+15 and got 5 ( Total: 20 )
Athrylla: "It would have been 390 years ago this past summer. 111 in your reckoning."
Zane: "Huh. 111… I think you mighta been the one that killed him, actually. There’s a monument to his defeat in Seobriga."
Garrett: "Oh?" He straightens up a bit, interested.
Kasvarina: "But I couldn't save Launga…" She sighs.
Zane: "No, but you probably saved a few hundred of my people. So thank you for that, at least."
Phyllis: "A few hundred then. Who knows how many, by now."
Kasvarina: "Thank you for your time, Matriarch. I know that couldn't have been easy to watch. It's certainly strange to experience it. We will likely be departing tomorrow, if you prefer…?"
Garrett: "The rest could do us all some good."
Garrett‘ is agreeing to that overall design of plans.
Athrylla: "If you’re asking for permission, your friends already secured it for you. I don't know what the future will hold for you, Kasvarina, but I hope we can work together again in the future. I wouldn't mind working with you, rather than the one you became after both of your daughters died. She was a driven woman, but I think you'd be better for our people's future as you are now.
Garrett: "Though if you don't mind… we'll probably still be staying somewhere in the vicinity of lost arc of Reida."
Zane: "She was driven, but not neccesarily in the right direction."
Kasvarina: "I certainly hope so, Matriarch. I still find it strange that I'm supposedly your equal."
Aleith|DM: You depart, and head back towards Kasvarina's house.
Zane: "Well that went better than expected."
Garrett‘ nods. "It seems you’re steady as she goes, despite the dredged up feelings you must have," he says to Kasvarina.
Kasvarina: "It sounds like your earlier audience her is to thank for that. If we had just showed up without that…I doubt she would have just let it play out like that if she was there."
Zane‘ shrugs. "Just covering our bases. I wanted to know if we’d be able to walk out with you or have to smuggle you out."
Kasvarina: "I did have a couple of centuries of experiences to fall back on. Even if I don't currently remember my tragedies since…Perang Devar, I still lost my husband during the first war."
Zane: "Perang Devar?"
Kasvarina: "It's what we call the second holy war against the Clergy. Their 'second victory'." She grimaces.
Zane: "Ah, that."
Kasvarina: "So, we have the arc, and we have some clues. Where are we off to next?"
Kasvarina: "The arc only seems to react if the memories are nearby, so we'll have to head somewhere to check first."
Zane: "Well, we know something big happened in Seobriga."
Phyllis: "Resal, as well."
Zane: "Where is Real?"
[OOC] Zane: *Resal
Garrett: "Lotta sailing in our future."
Kasvarina: "Resal's been taken over by the Clergy, I've heard, but there's likely something there. It's over to the northwest. About 50 miles away from Vendricce? They may have built a road to it by now."
Zane: "If that's closer, we can head there first sure."
Chandrasekhar: "I imagine we can sneak and/or bullshit our way in."
Kasvarina: "Ushanti's another possibility, as the enclave I apparently ruled over. It's likely in Obsurati hands, however."
Gerald: "We can definitely bullshit or shoot our way in there."
Kieran: "Asrabey made a list before he left of possible contacts you had. I don't know if you'd recognize anyone, but some of the others might have an idea?"
Aleith|DM: Yes, he's still here.
Zane‘ knew he wanted that guy around for a reason.
Gerald: "Oh hey yeah that sounds helpful."
Aleith|DM: There’s a bunch of names and some locations for some of them, but many of them mean nothing to any of you….
Garrett: "Lotta sailing and reading, I guess."
Zane‘ will cross reference it against the people from the Obscurati meeting that they met, at least.
Phyllis reaches up to point at one name in particular, at least. "That’s a name I know, at least. Bhalu."
Zane: "Salut."
Ernst: "How about Cauldron Hill?"
Ernst: "The facility ought to be relevent, no?"
Zane: "That's on the list yeah."
Kasvarina: "That's where Asrabey found me, right?"
Gerald: "Oh oh oh oh oh. Uh what was her name. Latimer? Yeah that's it, the ghost lady. Vaguely remember something about a workshop of hers in cherage tha t was turned into a museum?"
Phyllis: "Runs in the philosophical circles, part of a group of Eladrin. They're a notable figure in Trekhom."
Gerald: "Amielle Latimer, that was it."
Kasvarina: "There's almost certainly something at Alais Primos, too. I was going to be marching there for the war as the last part of the memories I can recall."
Zane: "Shit, we *are* gonna have a lot of sailing to do."
Aleith|DM: Well, there's always the train….
Garrett: "We could… go first class." He grins.
Gerald: "My kingdom for a more robust, open teleportation network."
Phyllis shrugs at Gerald. "I tried to advocate for that. But that's what you get when you go for technology and industry over the old ways."
Kasvarina: "Do we want to strike out for Ushanti then, first?"
Gerald: "To be fair even with a teleport network it's probably easier to transport general goods and supplies via train, but yeeeeah."
Zane: "Ursinho, after hearing these ladies talk about things that happened four hundred years ago like it was nothing, I will never make another old joke at your expense again."
Phyllis levels an irked glare at him. "'Again?'"
Garrett: "Yeah, he has to get new jokes now."
Zane‘ smiles slightly.
Phyllis mutters something about hexing him three ways to Sunday the next time he sleeps.
Kasvarina laughs. "I suppose at this point I’m 714 years old. Though I don't feel much older than I remember…"
Phyllis: " - but yes, Ushanti seems closest."
Zane: "Seven hundred and- Gah!"
Chandrasekhar doesn't look surprised.
Zane‘ shudders.
Chandrasekhar doesn’t even look phased, really.
Gerald‘ glances over at Chandra. "No wonder you think we’re all spazzes."
Kasvarina: "Myself and Athrylla are a bit of an exception, really. Most don't live this long."
Chandrasekhar: He laughs gently. "There's a reason my people take the long view of things to a degree that others find… alarming."
Kieran: "Something the matriarchs did apparently, soon after the war ended, according to my readings."
Kieran: "I suppose my job here is nearing an end. I will have to talk to the matriarch about un-kidnapping me soon."
Phyllis: "Not as alarming as a doomsday cult."
Aleith|DM: The next day, you head out for Ushanti. It's a four-day trek from Sentosa, and Kasvarina's presence earns you a quick entry with few questions.
Aleith|DM: Unlike Sentosa, Ushanti drifts slightly through the jungles of Elfaivar, and its interior is not analogous to the
Aleith|DM: real world. Similar to a rope trick, the entrance is an invisible extradimensional portal, which leads to a hill that overlooks a field and a forest connected by a river that flows in an infinity shape. Buildings cluster near the crossing in the center of the demi-plane, and the whole enclave is scarcely two miles across.
Zane: "That seems… interesting, but also very obnoxious."
Aleith|DM: The guards lead you to the current leader of the enclave, Ajit.
Gerald: "…"
Gerald: "…I don't get it."
Ajit: "Welcome back, Kasvarina! Things have been troublesome since you were gone. I heard there was problems? How long are you planning on staying?"
Chandrasekhar stands next to Zane, looking bodyguardish.
Kasvarina: "Not long. I just need to grab a few things before I head back out again with this crew. There might be a couple of strange things that happen, but they won't be permanent. Just a couple of rituals. I'll let you know if I need anything." There's a definite note of dismissal in her voice.
Ajit: "Of course, of course. Just let me know if your men need quarters to sleep in."
Aleith|DM: She nods, then heads off towards the centre of the enclave.
Aleith|DM: After several minutes, she ducks into an alley, looking around before putting on the arc. "He's a bit of a suck-up, isn't he…?"
Gerald: "Well he did say there were problems while you were gone…"
Chandrasekhar: "He's planning something."
Zane: "You ever wonder if he has to brush his teeth harder to keep them from turning brown?"
Kasvarina: "And right now I wouldn't have any idea how to put them back in order. Best to see what we came for and get out before he has any other ideas, right?"
Aleith|DM: She takes off the arc again. "I've got the direction. Let's go."
Zane: "Alright." He moves off to one side as she walks, keeping an eye out for danger as they walk.
Aleith|DM: The trip does take a bit longer than it would normally, as Kasvarina has to make a couple of stops to put the arc back on (since she doesn't plan to wear it the entire time here), and also because many of the residents they pass come up to greet her, sincerely welcoming her back and disappointed when they here she's leaving again shortly.
Aleith|DM: But eventually, you come to an empty house, though it looks well-tended.
Aleith|DM: Putting the arc back on, Kasvarina heads into the garden.
Aleith|DM: When the memory starts, someone looking like a young human merchant (about Gerald's age) is escorted by a couple of guards into the garden.
Aleith|DM: He introduces himself as Nicodemus, and asks her the status of a mission to steal from a Clergy library and slay its keeper, but Kasvarina says she's busy with matters that are important to her people, and doesn't have time to keep pursuing these vendettas. She feels the Clergy have been sufficiently punished, and her fellow matriarch Athrylla is trying to pursue an actual peace.
Aleith|DM: Nicodemus argues with her for several minutes, stating that he has finally hit upon a greater plan, something that will change the whole world. He starts to ask what she knows about skyseers and planar magic, but she changes the subject to the garden, and invites him to stay and relax. Nicodemus keeps arguing, and eventually Kasvarina gets upset and orders her guards to take him away.
Aleith|DM: And then the memory event ends.
Garrett: "So he wasn't always a smooth operator."
Zane: "Huh."
Aleith|DM: His arguements were falling on deaf ears, more like.
Chandrasekhar: "I prefer that version. More honest."
Garrett‘ was being incredibly sarcastic.
Zane: "And wearing a body I wouldnt feel bad about murdering."
Gerald: "And yet, Garrett…"
Kasvarina: "When do you figure this was?"
Kasvarina: "There’s one more memory here, inside I think."
Gerald: "Sounds it was right around the time Nico first thought up his master plane to alter the fabric of reality. No… idea when that was though, doubly so since it sounds like you'd known him for some time.
Phyllis: "… first, remind of your most recent memory before the gap."
Zane: "Dunno. I don't have a reference point other than the other lady pursuing peace, and I have no idea when that was."
Kasvarina: "A year before Srasama was killed, more or less. I was getting ready to fight in the war."
Phyllis: "I might have a reference point, myself, but I think I'm wrong. It can't possibly be before - "
Phyllis freezes, then nods.
Chandrasekhar nods, extremely deliberately.
Kasvarina: "If I had to guess, you're right about the familiarity. In my memories, I haven't met Nicodemus yet, and it feels like I'd known him for some time and been working with him in this vision."
Kasvarina: "I'd guess at least some decades have passed. But this me felt tired. Probably before 111?"
Zane‘ grunts softly, turning things over in his head.
Kasvarina: "Shall we head inside?"
Zane: "If there’s more to see here, lets have at it."
Phyllis: "I believe we visited the very library in question, in our own travels. Personally, I think this memory is at least within the year between your … transition and the 'first victory.'"
Phyllis: "-1 B.O.V."
Phyllis: " - but let's continue."
Aleith|DM: She heads inside. The door is locked, but it opens at her touch.
Aleith|DM: She heads over to a bookshelf as the memory event starts to unfold. The house appears mostly the same, though some furnishings have changed, but overall not much.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+0 and got 14 ( Total: 14 )
Aleith|DM: She's browsing at the bookshelf when she stops and sniffs the air. She looks over at you briefly before saying, "leaf of nicodemus." You can smell the smoke yourself.
Aleith|DM: Back in character, she calls out, "William?" but a man replies, "it's Nicodemus."
Aleith|DM: She opens the door and lets in Nicodemus (in the body of a bookbinder). Their postures and sentences suggest intense discomfort, like they’re talking around an issue. Nicodemus explains that it took him a few bodies to get here, and spotting a map on a table he idly traces his path— "Pala, to the coast, over to Trekhom, then by boat to Vendricce. I had to walk from there."
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina steps close as if to touch him, and he quickly moves to the bookshelf. He suggests a few books he heard of lately that she should get, then mentions that he's heading back to old Methia to look for someone. She asks if he wants her to come, and he says that he'll send when the time is right. He might need a year to figure out the next step. In the meanwhile, he suggests she take Vekesh’s advice and keep on living.
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina responds that Vekesh was caught by the Clergy and killed a year ago. After a pause she invites Nic to stay for a few days. He nods, and the memory ends.
Gerald: "…Were you in love with him?"
Kasvarina: "I…think I may have been, once. With…William? Are they the same?"
Gerald: "Hell if I know, I have even less context for this than you do."
Chandrasekhar: "That SURE IS an interesting question, isn't it."
Chandrasekhar reaches up, adjusts his necklace.
Kasvarina: "This feels earlier than that last memory though."
Gerald: "I agree."
Chandrasekhar: "Vekesh died in 16 AOV, so…"
Kasvarina: "Winter 17, then?"
Phyllis: "And Pala was sacked in 18, and Miller branded a heretic."
Gerald: "Miller?"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 17
[OOC] Phyllis: 18 according to the Players' Guide!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: it's wrong apparently
[OOC] Phyllis: intent's clear at least <3
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Yep
Chandrasekhar: "A theologian branded as a heretic by the Clergy and burnt. Thus, Miller's Pyre. He wanted to build a country where people could live in peace, and they destroyed him."
Gerald: "What does that have to do with this?"
Chandrasekhar: "And… rather than deciding to live, as Vekesh did, if only out of spite… he decided to change the world."
Chandrasekhar: "Also, he figured out how to body-hop."
Chandrasekhar: "And is Nicodemus."
Kasvarina: "Really?"
Chandrasekhar: "Or… well. Became, I should say."
Zane‘ blinks.
Zane: "How the *fuck* am I supposed to kill that?"
Gerald: "Uhh."
Garrett: "Over and over until it sticks."
Gerald: "Don’t you have a little box you shove souls into now?"
Chandrasekhar: "There was beauty and glory and justice in him, once. I don't blame him for… much of what he wishes to do, after Pala. The Chant of Vekesh seeks to change the world, too, in its own way."
Chandrasekhar: "…anyways, I've suspected all of this for some time."
Zane: "Well, its still… in testing."
Kasvarina: "I'll keep that in mind. Is Pala on the intinerary now?"
Gerald: "Sounds like it."
Chandrasekhar: "Oh, Goddess. Yes, I suppose it is."
Phyllis looks downcast. One of her worst suspicions about one of her greatest inspirations was confirmed. "I'd likewise suspected it, too."
Phyllis: "Pala. Alais Primos. Add them to the list."
Chandrasekhar pats Phyllis on the shoulder, gently.
Aleith|DM: She digs into her pack for a few maps. "Did you see where he said Pala was?" while she pulls out a map of Elfaivar.
Phyllis: "We might be able to ask Rock Rackus."
Kasvarina: "Should we watch the memory again?"
Zane‘ points at the map. He doesnt know squat about all this magic crap, but any good general knows maps.
Zane: "Around there."
Gerald: "I remeber, it was right - yeah."
Kasvarina: "Okay. At least that’s a start."
Kasvarina: "So we can get to Resal from here in about six more days, or probably one or two if we teleport straight to Vendricce. Do we want to head there, or Seobriga next?"
Gerald: "I got nothin' for gut instincts on this one."
Phyllis: "Seobriga. The more I can put off a visit to Crisillyir, the better."
Phyllis: "Only personal preference, mind."
Zane: "Hah. I say the opposite. Get Crisillyir over with, use Sebriga to rinse the taste out of my mouth."
Phyllis: "… fine."
Garrett: "I'm gonna have to disagree with that."
Zane: "Doing it Ursinhos way is probably better though. Seobriga, Flint, and then a long train ride."
Gerald: "Actually my REAL preference is the one where we spend the least amount of time travelling all over the damn world."
Gerald: "Again."
Garrett: "I'd say the ability to get… 'used' to the sprouting memories, is an important one."
Garrett: "So, you'd leave an especially potent one for last…?"
Phyllis: "Gerald's right, I think. But we all know my geographical aptitude is … nil."
Zane‘ shrugs. "This is a thing I know nothing about, so I will bow to others expertise."
Kasvarina: "That sounds like Seobriga, then. Let us leave the enclave before they finish preparing their snare, then."
Phyllis: " - their what, now?"
Phyllis: "But yes, let’s."
Kasvarina: "I don't trust that Ajit man. I can't believe he was working for me."
Chandrasekhar: "Like I said, he's planning -something-."
Gerald: "Oh man,"
Zane: "If he tries anything, he wont be for much longer."
Gerald: "You do *not* want to know about the rest of the orginization you were a part of if one greasy dude makes you thta uncomfortable."
Kasvarina sighs.
Gerald: "Honestly he didn't seem that bad compared to a lot of others…"
Aleith|DM: You leave, more swiftly than you came. Once you're safely outside, Phyllis sets up a linked portalto Seobriga.
Aleith|DM: A bit away from the central square (there's another protest going on, though the fervor has died down a bit since you were last here), she puts on the arc. "I think it's a bit further away down the streets…"
Zane‘ is detouring for some real cooking, but its only a slight detour. He’ll come back and talk to the Bruse another time.
Phyllis: "We should wait for it to be more clear. Yes?"
Aleith|DM: She leads you through the streets deeper into Seobriga.
Zane: "Yeah, probably."
Aleith|DM: She leads you in front of one of many large buildings in the city, this one featuring an elaborate spire
Kasvarina: "This is where it starts."
Zane: "Alright, hold off a minute."
She takes off the arc.
Zane‘ finds some local guards and uses his local celebrity fame to get them to clear the space. "Gonna be some weird magic shit, possibly illusions of a dragon. Don’t want to start a real riot if we can avoid it."
Aleith|DM: It gets pretty involved. The guards take a bit of cajoling, but after about 20 minutes Executora Glaucia Evora shows up. "I heard you were back in town. What's this about dragon illusions?"
Phyllis almost goes in to help Zane with some charms, but remembers that anything resembling mind control magic is especially looked down on here.
Phyllis: "We're retracing some steps in history, so-to-speak. But we don't want to cause a public panic by doing so."
Zane: "Long story short we're helping someone recover lost memories, and the artifact that does it has her relive thim in about a hundred foot raduis."
Glaucia: "Tricky. They're just illusions, right?"
Zane: "So I'm trying to clear some space, so people don't see another dragon and lose their shit."
Zane: "Yeah."
Glaucia: "Alright." She barks to the guards to get moving and clear out the area. Yes, that means even the people inside the buildings. "Do you mind if I watch the proceedings?" It's phrased like a question, but you can tell it's not.
Zane: "Nah, should be fine."
Zane‘ sure as hell answered like it was.
Glaucia nods. "Good."
Aleith|DM: About 30 minutes later (a lot of people here are stubborn….), she gives the all-clear.
Zane` heads back to Kasvarina. "Alright, we’re ready."
Aleith|DM: She puts on the arc, then after a minute, begins running for the building nearby, followed by Sor Daeron, the matriarch Latika, and a handful of horribly burnt eladrin soldiers.
Glaucia's eyes go a bit wide as the scene begins to unfold.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+0 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina hears the beating of wings and looks up, the whites of her eyes reflecting firelight from the city burning around her. She whispers, "Not again."
Aleith|DM: Landing on a perch atop an elaborately-spired building, a dragon the color of day-old blood, with a body larger than an elephants, holds Kasvarina’s daughter Launga pinned to the roof with a foreclaw.
Phyllis: " - 'again'?"
"Please no!" Kasvarina shouts. "Just ask, and I'll give you anything you want."
Zane: "Losing her second daughter."
Aleith|DM: The dragon rears and huffs a flaming laugh. Then a hand made of salt crystals grasps her by the back of her neck, and a blade pokes her back. Sor Daeron and Latika have revealed their betrayal, and Sor explains that they know. It took them a century to find out, a century of actually being allies with the greatest traitor of their people, but now they know. And so it wasn’t just enough to kill Kasvarina. They had to make her lose all she cared for.
Aleith|DM: Kasvarina breaks away from Sor and despite taking a dagger to her kidney she tries to teleport up to her daughter. Her spell finishes but nothing happens, because the streets have been paved with gold, blocking her teleportation.
Phyllis: "Ah. I was … wondering if it was past or present Kasvarina that said that."
Aleith|DM: Latika waves to the dragon Rilego, who draws a deep breath. Kasvarina screams and runs for the entrance to the building the dragon's perched on, and Latika orders Sor after her. Kasvarina just manages to get inside when the entire building shakes and radiative heat cracks bricks and sets the air ashimmer. Though she knows her daughter is already dead, Kasvarina runs for the stairs to the roof. She gets halfway up when Sor blocks her path with a wall of force.
Aleith|DM: The two duel with sword and spells for nearly a minute, but Kasvarina pulls loose, burning debris onto him with godfire. She casts a flight spell, but when she clears the skylight, the entire roof is aflame, and the structure is compromised. Protected from the heat by magic she runs and finds her daughter Launga's corpse. When she picks her up, her face is blackened on one half, nearly pristine on the other.
Aleith|DM: In the street below, Rilego has landed and Latika is climbing aboard his back. She and Kasvarina lock eyes. Still holding her dead daughter, Kasvarina starts to cast, but she does not aim at Latika or the dragon. Rather, she fires a lightning blade directly down into the building to finish off Sor Daeron, and the energy is enough to shatter wooden supports. The whole burning structure implodes beneath her, and she remains hovering in the air, implacable.
Aleith|DM: Rilego takes to the air and strafes with claws while Latika tries to strip away Kasvarina's flight with dispel magic. Kasvarina survives, watches them turn for another pass, and casts unrelenting geas, miraculously managing to affect Rilego. She says, "Drop her and let her burn, then fly away."
Aleith|DM: Latika falls into the burning rubble and Kasvarina finishes her off. She would return days later to track down Rilego and slay him as well.
Gerald: "…Holy fuck no one told us she was a balls to the wall badass."
Zane‘ watches, blank faced.
Phyllis: "Some of us have the arcane power of ’making inferences,' Gerald."
Gerald: "She GEASED A DRAGON."
Aleith|DM: The memory event ends, but Kasvarina is still heavily damaged. "…help. It seems," she coughs, "wounds still carry over."
Gerald: "Also like, levels? That was nuts."
Phyllis nods and rushes over, waving Ernst over. "If you will."
Gerald: "…Also uh."
Gerald: "THAT SAID…"
Gerald: "Hate to dampen the mood…"
Zane‘ rubs his chin. "Why did they call you traitor?"
Gerald: "But did ya’ll see that knight she thought she murdered with lightning actually make it out of the building too?"
Zane: "No, I missed that."
Kasvarina: "I don't know. There's so many pieces missing…"
Gerald: "Yeah fucker just barely got out but he did. Easy to miss with all the flashing light and dust clouds."
Zane: "Sor Daeron is alive then. Or was."
Kasvarian: "Sor survived that? I thought he died."
Phyllis at least does what she can with a [Healing Word], frowning and fussing over Kasvarina.
Gerald: "Wonder what he got up to after that."
Phyllis: "What year was this, again? Around 111, right?"
Zane: "… Lets go ask him."
Zane: "I think I know where he is."
Gerald: "Huh really?"
Gerald: "Nearby?"
Zane: "Yeah. There's a little comminuty a couple hundred miles away. Near that railroad we were working on. Mostly Eladrin."
Gerald: "That's convenient."
Kasvarina: "It'd be nice to hear some answers, if he's still truly alive."
Gerald: "…We should buy Kasva a real good hooded cloak first."
Gerald: "And give her your disguise hat."
Gerald: "Just so they don't murder us all on sight."
Zane‘ shrugs. "I wouldn’t have thought about it even, but one of the elders there only has one arm."
Zane‘ passes Kasvarina his Hat of Disguise and Grey Cloak. "I’ll be wanting those back eventually." Turns out he was hiding a small armory under that cloak.
Aleith|DM: She just kinda of stares at the armoury before putting on the cloak and the hat. "Oh. This hat is neat."
Zane: "I know right?"
Kasvarina: "Aren't you carrying around the Arsenal right now? Do you really…? Wait, no, of course you need all of those. Never mind."
Phyllis: "Also. Zane."
Phyllis: "'Whatever its form.'"
Zane: "I had all of these *before* I had the Arsenal, thank you. And the Arsenal is *incredibly flashy* so these let me stay low key."
Aleith|DM: It's a couple days ride by train, and then a several hour walk, but you get to the village in due time.
Aleith|DM: She didn't do it around you, but you did hear Kasvarina crying during the night while you were staying in town overnight riding the train.
Aleith|DM: There's a dozen men in the village, all old eladrin men.
Aleith|DM: Only one of them is missing an arm, though.
Phyllis gives Kasvarina a wordless, moments-long hug, when she gets the chance.
Zane‘ nods at the relevant Eladrin. And then prepares to have to murder someone right there in the street.
Aleith|DM: The eladrin nods back, then goes back to his business.
Gerald: "Sor, right?"
Abuelo: "What? No, my name’s Abuelo. Abuelo Juhu. You must have me confused for someone else.
Gerald: "Are you sure it's not Sor Daeron…?"
Gerald: "You're a bit older than the memory, but you look basically exactly like him."
Phyllis: "There are … ways to verify that, at least."
Abuelo: "I don't know what you're talking about…"
Chandrasekhar walks up. Sighs.
Zane‘ just looks at him.
Gerald: "I realize you’re in hiding which makes an already awkward conversation even harder to breach so I'm just going to forgo all the tip-toeing and tell you that we need to talk to you about Kasva and the fate of the world is at stake."
Chandrasekhar: "…we who fight do not sully ourselves with lies."
Aleith|DM: The eladrin bites at his lip. "…what about?"
Gerald: "About what she was doing that force you and your matreon to form an alliance with a - uh, you-know-what - to take her down."
Gerald: "…I imagine we probably want to have this conversation inside and not outside though?"
Aleith|DM: He nods, slowly getting up before leading you all inside.
Gerald‘ follows on after.
Aleith|DM: He walks near a pot in his living room, before a swirl of sand comes up out of it and joins onto his shoulder, forming his arm of animated sand. "Alright, you’ve got me. You're here about what happened in Seobriga, then?"
Aleith|DM: He stands a bit straighter, 'flexing' the sand as though it were stiff from lack of use.
Zane: "Yeah. Though not to fight, if that helps."
Gerald: "More so the events leading up to that, to be honest, There's not really any point in raking you over the coals about something that happened ages ago and lead to the dragon dying anyway."
Sor: "That's…better than I expected." He sags a bit.
Sor: "I regret letting my hatred get the better of me. We should have just killed Kasvarina and not punished her daughter as well."
Chandrasekhar: "But for what crime were you punishing her?"
Sor: "My memory has faded a bit on that, unfortunately. I know that Kasvarina killed Srasama, but I don't remember how she did."
Sor: "One thing I do remember is that the plot wasn't mine or Latika's to begin with."
Gerald‘ opens his mouth, pauses, closes his mouth, glances back between Chandra, Kasva, and Phyllis.
Sor: "An outsider brought evidence to us, and once we were nice and angry, he suggested a way to draw Kasvarina away from her seat of power."
Gerald: "Srasama… the Eladrin Goddess…?"
Chandrasekhar: "Quite… the accusation, chaa. Do you remember who brought you the evidence?"
Sor: "I don’t remember his name or his face, sadly, but scents? Well, those endure."
Sor: "And the man who told us to kidnap Launga and kill Kasvarina was always surrounded by smoke from the leaf of Nicodemus."
Chandrasekhar nods, briefly, to Gerald, and raises an eyebrow at Sor.
Phyllis: "Anything like leaves one would use for smoking?"
Gerald‘ even longer pause, before pulling out a rolled nicodemus ciggerate with a questioning look.
Zane: "Let me guess. He smelled like leaf of Nicodemus."
Phyllis: " - yup."
Chandrasekhar: "I wasn’t going to guess. I figured you all had it covered."
Zane‘ rubs his face.
Chandrasekhar: "…so, he wanted to drive her to despair. And force her back to his side…?"
Kasvarina: "Nic did this…?"
Gerald: "Hoooly shit she was in love with him and he tried to have her murdered. This is straight out of one of those mystery novels!"
Chandrasekhar: "…and you… believed him, without verifying the evidence."
Zane: "Or at the very least, he was done with her part and tried to dispose of her."
Chandrasekhar looks disgusted.
Sor: "I can’t quite remember what the evidence was, but at the time, we were very convinced."
Chandrasekhar: "…I suppose he could have been trying to cover his tracks, but I suspect the truth to be more twisted. He wanted her to be a weapon in his hand."
Gerald: "I'd say that seems like quite the gamble but uh,"
Chandrasekhar: "Remember whom we're talking about."
Gerald: "I remember how that last meeting ended. He doesn't generally seem to care much about the outcome when he gambles."
Gerald: "What a fucked up guy."
Phyllis: "He doesn't care about the truth. He cares about 'winning the argument.'"
Chandrasekhar: "And how well they knew each other. And… what they must have done, together, for Nicodemus to have such evidence."
Kasvarina: "Then we'll have to unearth that evidence."
Sor frowns. "Is that Rina…?"
Chandrasekhar: "She did not -kill- Srasama. She must have been the one who summoned Her forth."
Gerald: "Oh. Uh."
Gerald: "Yeah."
Aleith|DM: He goes pale.
Phyllis edges over to Kasvarina and looks up at her consolingly.
Gerald: "For what it worth she was played even worse than you were."
Gerald: "And this isn't about revenge. We're trying to get a hold on that man that smelled of smoke's plan."
Zane: "Don't. Everybody can walk out of here alive as long as you stay calm."
Sor: "Oh gods and goddesses. Kasvarina, I…. I know there's nothing I can do or say that will make up for what I did."
Phyllis: "'The best revenge is a life well-lived.' Isn't that your creed?"
Phyllis: "Live and let be."
Kasvarina: "Then don't. They're right. Live out the rest of your days, being the person you want to be."
Chandrasekhar lets out a tiny puff of breath.
Phyllis: 'Your' creed. It isn't clear if she really means Chandra or the eladrin in general.
Sor: "Alright. It sounds like you're all planning to stop that man?"
Zane: "Permanently and with great relish."
Gerald: "Yeah he's flipping his master plan into high gear during the last two years and he's been making a huge fucking mess of the world in the process."
Sor: "Then give him a kick for me too."
Phyllis: "… I don't know about 'stop'. But it's close enough."
Gerald: "Man I'm glad I caught sight of him getting out of that building, that detail would have been a pain in the ass to dig up any other way."
Phyllis: "Yes. Thank you, Gerald."
Zane: "You done good."
Sor: "Take care of yourself, Rina. The world's done you many a bad turn, and it looks like these folks might be helping you turn things around."
Phyllis: "The truth isn't always in what the past show. Remember that, Kasvarina."
Kasvarina: "You as well, Sor. Live well."
Kasvarina: "A good point to remember. There's probably other things we can find out in the events that I wouldn't have realized."

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