Zg Session 77

Aleith|DM: After routing the local Obscurati presence and dealing with a guardian to the eladrin enclave's entrance, Asrabey Varal and a representative of the enclave, Faedravan, have welcomed you to Sentosa, located in a dimension of its own between the material plane and The Dreaming.
Aleith|DM: As you enter the enclave, you feel a swing of vertigo and stumble, as if the gateway doesn't precisely line up between the two worlds.
Zane‘ rights himself and shakes his head slightly. "I’m not even going to pretent to understand how this works."
Phyllis: "Even I'm at a loss."
Aleith|DM: The gateway closes behind you at a motion from Faedravan with a decorated ring of copper and wood.
Aleith|DM: The enclave has most of the same buildings as the ruins of Rumah Terakir, but they have been restored to liveable conditions.
Gerald: "Nice security."
Asrabey: "So, who are you here for, constables. Myself, for the Unseen Court, or…?"
Zane‘ runs a hand through his short-cropped strip of hair. "Complicated. Mostly for your wife though."
Phyllis: "In the sense of security, at least. Getting to her before others do."
Faedravan: "Our near-isolation has served us well so far."
Zane: "We found you."
Zane` shrugs.
Phyllis: "And so did they."
Asrabey: "So we figured. Very well. I’ll take you to see her. She's near the centre of the enclave."
Zane: "Appreciated."
Aleith|DM: He leads you away from the gateway, inwards. Your passage is watched by curious and fearful onlookers, mostly eladrin but also a few pixies and dryad-like fey. Though eladrin men still distinctly outnumber the women, the disparity is only about a 60-40 split, a far closer ratio than most scholars in the human world predicted would be possible.
Zane: "You've been collecting."
Phyllis tilts her head at Zane. "Must you put it like that?"
Zane‘ grins.
Faedravan: "Many were born here, but quite a number have been rescued, yes. Some other enclaves are doing the same."
Zane: "Smart."
Gerald: "Huh."
Aleith|DM: Asrabey leads you to a stone-walled home, where another company of twenty male eladrin warriors stand guard around and atop the building. Faedravan moves to speak with one of the warriors while Asrabey leads just the six of you inside.
Zane` looks at the guards. "Not taking any chances, huh?"
Asrabey: "No."
Aleith|DM: The home is furnished with silks and fine wood furniture fit for nobility. Inside you see a female eladrin dressed in a simple day, reading through a stack of books and scrolls. A fine mithral rapier lies across the table within easy reach, and as she turns the pages with one hand, she idly taps a mithral dagger into the table with her other. The sheer number tiny stab marks is a testament to how long she’s been here.
Aleith|DM: Nearby sits an aged half-elf, reading from his own set of books as he takes some notes.
Ernst: "I'm glad we've had similar interests in the past."
Zane: "Yeah, I think fightin' you would be a real pain in the ass."
Zane: "Nevermind your swuad."
Asrabey: "It's reassuring that you're here, actually." He clears his throat.
Gerald: "…I thought they said she was out of her mind?"
Zane: "Maybe she came back."
Aleith|DM: The eladrin looks up. "What? Oh! Visitors?"
Phyllis glares at Gerald chidingly.
Asrabey: "Yes. Kasvarina, these are the ones I mentioned. I think they might be able to help you."
Aleith|DM: She 'hmmms' non-committedly.
Asrabey motions toward the half-elf in the room. "This is Kieran Sentacore. He's been helping tutor Kasvarina on the history of the last five centuries."
Zane: "How do you lose five centuries?"
Gerald‘ scratches behind his head.
Aleith|DM: The man scoffs at the word ’helped'. "Kidnapped is more like it, but it's a job."
Asrabey: "Thanks to Alexander Grappa, she lost all of her memories. She's been slowly recovering them, but…"
Gerald: "Crazy."
Kasvarina: "I've only remembered to the start of the second great war at the moment, sorry."
Zane: "Ah. Hey that beats me, I can barely remember last week sometimes."
Asrabey: "Kieran, we'll be stepping outside for the moment so Rina can speak with them alone."
Zane‘ leans against the wall and crosses his arms.
Kieran: "Alright. Just let me grab my notes."
Kasvarina: "I imagine you’ve come a ways to see me. I'd say you don't seem like your from around here, but 'here' has changed a lot from what I can recall. What can I help you with?"
Zane‘ rubs his chin. "Man, not being able to remember the last five hundred years really… complicates stuff."
Gerald: "Unless this was a reeeeally long, slow plan."
Gerald: "Actually yeah start there I guess, does the name Nicodemus mean anything to you?"
Zane: "Yeah. Or ’Obscurati'."
Kasvarina: "No, sorry. I know that 'I' was involved, but only from what I've heard from others. I don't remember anything of my involvement with them yet, nor of this Nicodemus."
Phyllis: "Now that we're actually here, I'm not precisely sure what. What we do know is that there were some other people pursuing you. People with designs for ill intent."
Zane: "Figured it would be too easy, yeah."
Zane: "Also apparently you were one of the founding members."
Phyllis: "I suppose it's important for us that you regain your memories on your terms, not theirs. Yes?"
Kasvarina: "When I think about the version of me who oversaw assassinations as a matriarch of my own enclave, or who apparently consorted with strange 'engineers' to design a metal titan, it's like I'm thinking of a stranger. But it is a stranger whom I loath, and whom I would gladly help you defeat."
Gerald: "Oh, not just that. They were trying to change the fundimental fabric of the world."
Ernst scratches his head. "Not so sure how on board you even were with that late into the game, honestly. You were definitely working with Nico at the very beginning but I kinda have a feeling you two had some disagreements along the way."
Kasvarina: "Please tell me about yourselves, though. If we're to work together, and find out about my past, I should hear a bit about all of you."
Zane: "Zane Bieito, originally from Ber. War College, then Risur Constabulary."
Ernst: "Ernst. A field engineer working with the RHC."
Gerald: "Gerald Cooper, Risur. Also went to a war college, and then got recruited into the RHC. I build guns."
Phyllis takes a light bow. "Phyllis Lenz. Originally an arcane student from Crysillyr, constantly at odds with the Clergy's religious dogma. In the last few decades, I've been in Risur instead, first a scholar, then a member of the Royal Homeland Constabulary. I specialize in charms, illusions, and philosophical matters."
Kasvarina: "That's right, Asrabey told me you all worked for Risur. A little bit like our dreadnought forces. Intelligence-gathering, small operations, large-scale crimes?"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: crime-solving
Gerald: "Yeah, pretty much."
Zane: "If that's where the trail leads, yeah."
[OOC] Zane: I mean its accurate either way really tho…
Kasvarina: "I myself was trained in sword and sorcery, and helped train others to defend my nation later on."
[OOC] Zane: oh shit ice get hype she's a swordmage
Phyllis looks Kasvarina over for a bit. "… and if you are so eager to make amends for your past self, you may yet lend credence to some counter-thoughts to some of Risur and Drakr's more dangerous philosophical zeitgeist. Winter comes and ends the year only to mark the spring thereafter. The sun sets, but rises anew."
Aleith|DM: She turns to Gerald. "Guns, you say? You should check out the war monastery here. They've been working on a bullet-slicing technique, but only have one rifle to practice it with."
Gerald: "Huuuh."
Zane‘ visibly perks.
Zane: "That sounds… kinda cool."
Gerald: "If it works yeah."
Phyllis: "Zane."
Zane: "What?"
Phyllis: "It is a mixed blessing to be eye-level with your waist."
Gerald` pauses.
Zane` laughs.
Kasvarina giggles.
Kasvarina: "I suppose you might want to go visit with him."
Phyllis: "Be careful how you turn so I don’t lose an eye."
Kasvarina: "As for myself, I was already a couple of centuries old by the time the second holy war started. By then, I'd already married, had two daughters, and then lost my husband Pillai-apparently, only my first husband-to the first holy war 50 years prior."
Zane: "Ursinho you're like four feet away. Plenty of time to catch a button if it pops loose."
Gerald: "Oh huh, you don't remember Asbery?"
Kasvarina: "I can remember marching to the holy war, both longing for revenge and despising myself for the slaughter I knew I'd help be responsible for."
Kasvarina shakes her head. "No, I don't."
Zane‘ shrugs. "Sometimes slaughter is the order of the day. Don’t let it burn you up."
Gerald: "Damn."
Kasvarina: "Which is why I can't understand why I'd help this 'Obscurati' with their plans afterwards. I can't reconcile myself with this 'other me'."
Zane: "Well. They had a pretty good idea in theory. It just went to shit in practice."
Phyllis: "Given the proposal that your representative provided, It … seems in-character, actually."
Phyllis: "A plan to re-shape the very planes themselves to make the world a more peaceful place."
Kasvarina: "From what others have told me, I returned from the war as one of the few female survivors, miraculously found my daughter Launga alive, formed an enclave and fought for a century, then lost Launga to betrayal from another matriarch. Apparently I tried to have more children but never could."
Kasvarina: "After that it was centuries of ordering attacks on the Clergy and thefts of treasure to strenghten my enclave, Ushanti, marrying a half-dozen men like Asrabey for political reasons, and then disappearing a little over a year ago. Ushanti might still be thriving, but Asrabey warned me not to go there because it's likey the Obscurati knows how to infiltrate it."
Kasvarina: "That does sound…interesting. But I haven't heard good things about how they've been implementing it. What have you learned about that?"
Zane: "Yeah, the implementation is where it fell apart."
Phyllis: "The exact manner in which it was cocked up was due to a rushed democratical process."
Gerald‘ starts giggling to himself as he remembers the end of the night.
Phyllis: "And infighting."
Zane: "I wonder how many of them made it out."
Ernst: "Not many unless they found the bomb."
Phyllis: "Interestingly enough, you had a faction, with a representative appearing in your stead."
Kasvarina: "Who was it? Cula…Ravjahani?"
Zane: "Sounds right."
Kasvarina nods. "I was told she worked with me closely in Ushanti."
Zane: "You guys had a pretty good plan for change. Way better than a bunch of the others."
Kasvarina: "That’s…slightly reassuring, I suppose."
Phyllis: "It needed refinement, not a rammed-through approval."
Phyllis: "It was set to win. But Nicodemus seemed to desire winning above all else, and used the voting process as a way to filter out undesirable elements in the new world order."
Phyllis: "Not that he would have been wrong, but…"
Aleith|DM: She heads over to one of the book piles nearby and pulls out one traced with silver filigree before putting it on the table. The old book appears to have been rebound several times. "This is a catalogue of many of the mighty and dangerous artifacts the Elfaivaran empired possessed."
Kasvarina: "I've checked with scholars in the enclave, and while most of these artifacts have long-since been plundered or destroyed, one remains that might be of use to both you and me."
Kasvarina: "The lost arc of Reida, a crown said to have been shaped from a piece of the Plane of Time that fell to the world, was a holy relic of the god Ingatan. Any who wears it and returns to the site of a memory is able to make that memory come to life."
Kasvarina: "It was used in holy rites to pass on memories that must not be forgotten. The eladrin of Elfaivar all know that the arc was taken for safe-keeping after the Great Malice, and the first Vekeshi Mystics used it to pass along the memory of Srasama's fall. But eventually it was returned to a site known as Ingatan's Refuge, a few hundred miles to the north."
Gerald: "Woah, that's cool."
Kasvarina: "I think that if I can use the arc, even if I can't remember the past, I'll be able to see it. If I can retrace my steps, I'll surely discover something of use in defeating this shadowy group the other version of me helped found."
Phyllis: "Or perhaps rediscover why you joined them in the first place."
Kasvarina: "The problem is the leader of the enclave, my hostess Athrylla, can limit who enters or leaves this demi-plane. She's been nothing but kind in protecting me, but I sense that the two of us had an unfriendly history over the past five centuries, and for some reason she won't share, Athrylla has refused to let me or even Asrabey go out to seek the artifact."
Kasvarina: "I was hoping that maybe you'd be able to convince her, or, failing that, find some way to sneak out and bring me along."
Phyllis: "Before I do, are you absolutely sure you want to find out what's lurking in your past?"
Gerald: "Can definitely try at least, thing sounds pretty useful."
Zane: "We can probably manage both of those, yeah."
[OOC] Zane: "I mean hey, worst comes to worst I stab you in the heart, put you in my pocket, and we heal you up outside."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: wow, Zane, wow
[OOC] Zane: I have Shadow Coffin now, its totally viable!
Kasvarina: "I do want to find out. I hope I can find out what made this other me change, while still holding onto my current convictions. If you can help me make sense of things and keep me grounds, that would be greatly appreciated."
Zane‘ nods. "I’m kinda curious about your change too, now that I've met you in person."
Phyllis: "It sounds like there were two. One into this other self, one out of it."
Kasvarina: "Thank you." She heads over to the door and calls Asrabey back inside.
Asrabey notices the book on the table, then looks back over to you. "So, will you help Kasvarina find the arc and help her leave Sentosa?"
Zane‘ runs his hand over his head. "Seems that way." He pauses "I want to check out these bullet-cutting monks first though."
Phyllis: "Gerald may also be able to assist in your practice."
Zane: "Well yeah, you dont think I’m gonna let one of *them* shoot at me, do you?"
Gerald: "Sounds like fun yeah."
Phyllis: "I also meant in terms of supply, at least."
Kasvarina: "Take your time. I'm sure the trip to the Refuge won't be quick through the jungle."
Phyllis: "In the meantime, I was wondering - we found the site of another enclave, though it seems abandoned."
Phyllis: "I'm curious about the history of it."
Zane: "One of the temples had a brass cauldron, some sort of blood in it."
Asrabey: "Very well. I've tarried here longer than I wanted to, making sure Kasvarina was safe and well. My duty demands I return to the Unseen Court. It was a mission Kasvarina gave me over two centures ago: to ensure that in the eladrin time of need, the fey of Risur could be counted as allies. If you will escort Kasvarina once she leaves Sentosa, then I will part ways."
Zane: "Yeah, we can handle it."
Kasvarina: "That order was from another version of me, you know, and might somehow have served the goals of this Obscurati."
Aleith|DM: Asrabey frowns, clearly torn over his loylaty to a Kasvarina who was not quite the same woman who stands before him now. "This Kasvarina is soft, and a soft woman could never have protected our people like the Kasvarina I knew."
Gerald: "Damn, dude."
Zane: "There are worse things in life than a soft woman…"
Kasvarina: "Well, apparently the woman you knew had no problem with mass prostitution and brothels! I much prefer the woman I am now, who remembers life before the world went mad."
Asrabey: "Would you want a soft ruler for Ber, Mr. Bieito? At least most of your peoples' oppressors are now dead."
Phyllis: "Soft need not be synonymous with weak. It's possible to be strong and soft."
Phyllis narrows her eyes at Asrabey with that statement.
Kasvarina sighs. You sense this arguement has happened before. "Fine. Leave then. Maybe I'll remember why I agreed to marry you in the first place, or why I gave you that order."
Zane‘ nods in Phyllis’ direction. "There's a time for the fist, and there's a time for the open hand."
Asrabey: "Thank you for your aid, constables. I know she'll be in good hands with you. The guards outside can show you to your lodgings when you wish."
Phyllis: "If you're certain. When will we have an opportunity to convince your hostess?"
Kasvarina: "You could probably ask one of the guards to relay a message asking to see her and they'd come back with the response. It's getting late though, so you could push for one tonight or tomrorow sometime."
Phyllis: "Tomorrow seems fine. Do we anticipate the Obscurati trying to make their way in again?"
Gerald: "Not tonight, anyway."
Zane: "Tomorrow. I want a couple hours at this temple."
Kasvarina: "I couldn't say."
Zane: "And the arc isn't going anywhere. Probably."
Kasvarina: "I'm not sure what you'll find there, but it hasn't moved for decades, if not centuries."
Zane: "Yeah." He stops. "That's a weird name for a crown. Usually an arc is a piece of construction."
Gerald: "It constructs memories…?"
Zane: "Hm. I guess."
Kasvarina: "It's said to have been made from a missing piece of Reida, the ring around Apet."
Zane: "Ah, OK. Arc as in geometry. That makes more sense. Anyway c'mon Gerald, I'm not trusting some barely-trained stranger to point a rifle at me."
Gerald‘ nods, shoving off from the wall he was leaning against and following Zane out.
Kasvarina: "It was nice meeting you. Have fun and…try not to get shot?" She still seems a bit confused about ’guns'.
Phyllis glances at them as they go. "… I suppose I should follow and observe? I don't quite get it, myself."
Zane: "That's the idea. Geralds good enough that I can screw it up and only lose a piece of ear, rather than take it to the lung."
Gerald: "Bullets or slugs?" Geralds gives Zane a grin.
Aleith|DM: The guards outside give you directions to the war monastery. There, you find dozens of eladrin training to be resilient in battle. You can hear the occasional gunshot off to one side.
Zane: "Probably bullets. They're a little slower."
Gerald‘ nods, pulling out the rifle while glancing around.
Zane` heads towards the gunshots.
Aleith|DM: Speaking with a couple of the people at the monastery, you find that they’re interested in acquiring firearms, but that they have one rifle and have used it to perfect their bullet-slicing technique. They offer to show you a demonstration.
Zane: "I'd like that."
Aleith|DM: When you get over there, you see one eladrin aiming a rifle slightly off from another eladrin, a thick stand behind them. As the gun fires again, the eladrin starts moving instantly, swinging his blade at the bullet and slicing it in twain.
Zane‘ whistles.
Zane: "The fly may live, but it will never be a father."
Gerald: "Neeeat."
Aleith|DM: One of the guards laugh, and the two practicing the technique stop. "Guests?"
Gerald: "Yup."
Zane: "Interesting technique."
Ernst: "Gotta adapt over the years."
Aleith|DM: They are really interested in both Gerald’s and Ernst's firearms. The gun they have is well-cared for, but Gerald can give them a few pointers on how to care for it better. They help Zane (with Gerald's assistance) to learn the technque over a few hours (they're surprised at how quick a study he is) and offer to serve up dinner for you.
Zane‘ never turns down free food.
Zane: "Man, can you imagine? An entire squad that can do that." He shakes his head.
Gerald: "Pre-etty nuts, yeah."
Aleith|DM: Over dinner, you hear some of the guards gossiping about a terrible shadow that loomed over Sentosa recently. It showed up a couple of weeks ago, the shadow like that of a terrifying giant, visible just beyond the boundaries of the edgestones (which apparently are the keys to the boundary holding back the jungle, and the borders of the enclave in its demi-plane).
Zane: "Don’t suppose you saw which way the shadow was headed?"
Aleith|DM: When the giant first arrived, it attempted to enter the enclave, but the stones repelled it. After several attempts of forcibly striking the magical field (and crushing the ten-headed lion three times), the giant eventually slumped and waited motionless for several days. On the eighth day, the giant turned and moved towards the north-west, as though summoned by some unknown call.
Gerald: "This place sure is weird."
Zane: "North-west." Much quieter. "Shit."
Phyllis: "The other enclave holdings we found?"
Zane: "Danor."
Phyllis: "Oh."
Zane‘ runs a hand over his head. "Nothing we can do about it now. I want to knwo why it’s hunting Kasvarina though."
Zane: "Maybe this arc will give us some clues."
Chandrasekhar shows up, out of the blue. Seems he had some business to attend to as soon as they arrived?
Aleith|DM: One of the eladrin at the enclave spotted him as Asrabey was leading you to Kasvarina and pulled him away for something…
Aleith|DM: The guards show you to your lodging afterwards. The next morning they let you know that Athrylla will see you in the late morning.
Aleith|DM: You're free to explore the enclave itself as you wish, and they leave you unaccompanied-they've heard a lot of good things about you from Asrabey.
Zane‘ definitely puts in some recon time on this place. Not that he doesn’t trust them but… he doesn't trust them.
Aleith|DM: You run into a lot of keenly interested eladrin and fey, all who have heard of your exploits.
Phyllis: "It's probably not permissible for me to ask about the interesting planar setup of this place, is it?"
Aleith|DM: Actually, a couple of eladrin are willing to talk to you about it to hear more about the outside world…
Gerald: "Couldn't hurt to ask, maybe don't press the issue to hard though."
Zane‘ is really curious how long most of these eladrin have been locked up in here.
Gerald` probably blows a few of their minds when describing and talking about how factories opperate, while doing some more work on their gun and explaining how they could make more.
Aleith|DM: The brothel that Kasvarina mentioned appears to be Akela Sath, the Lonely Companion. The most prominent pub is the Bent Leaf, run by a trio of fickle gremlins and known for its exquisite wine. Walking through the market district, Shadow Edge Arms sticks out. Some of the weaponry is quite unique, run by a repatriated eladrin bladesmith named Iomar of Travin, who clearly has a Drakran accent.
Phyllis: "Well, okay. What’re you curious about? I can speak on schools of thought out there, like Eschatology, or … well that's probably a chapter all on its own."
Aleith|DM: The conversation goes back and forth for a while, and they explain about how the edgstones keep the demi-plane anchored between the material plane and the Dreaming.
Phyllis: "The edgestones?"
Aleith|DM: They show you to one of the stones at the border of the enclave, basically a wardstone with an abjuration tied to it. They overlap with the other to keep the jungle from encroaching on the ruins as well as anchoring the demi-plane.
Phyllis: "Intriguing. Thank you."
Phyllis: "I ask because I worry about some interlopers we chased off on our own journey here."
Phyllis: "The giant was affiliated with them."
Aleith|DM: They definitely ask for more information about that.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: It'll fuel the rumour mill for weeks
Phyllis: "I can't say everything, but it's meant to withstand the harsh elements of other planes."
Phyllis: "Which is why I worry it may yet be successful with an incursion here."
Aleith|DM: Later in the morning, the guards lead you to the planar-double of the Temple of Srasama found in Rumah Terakhir. While this temple is bereft of the religious slander of the Clergy, it is also lacking in any dedication to the former eladrin goddess. Instead, the temple stands as a monument to Sentosa, with the colony’s history inscribed upon the walls.
Aleith|DM: Three stone thrones sit in an open meeting area atop the pyramid, left empty now but intended to represent that other matriarchs are welcome to sit as equals. Today Athrylla sits alone, though a half-dozen councilors stand off to the side, and the stairs leading to the top are lined with eight guards.
Athrylla: "Welcome to Sentosa, constables. I commend you for achieving what so few have: gaining access to an eladrin enclave. Chandrasekhar: it's been quite some time since your last visit."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: This is all said in Elven by the way…
Gerald‘ pauses, glances back at Chandra, then sort of nodsmiles.
Chandrasekhar will translate for anyone who needs it; he bows elaborately to Athrylla.
Zane` looks back and worth, obviously not understanding word one.
Chandrasekhar: "I trust them with my life. I trust them with the the beating heart of the world."
Athrylla: "Then please, explain to me why you have arrived. Don’t be humble. I have known centuries of heroes."
Ernst seems to be surveying the area, not understanding the conversation.
Zane: "Man, where to even begin…"
Chandrasekhar tells the Entire Story. (By which I mean, the condensed version. Probably with Dramatic Assistance from Garrett and translated asides from the rest of the party. There's definitely a bit of the cadence of the Chant that he sinks into; it's epic material, really. (Has he been working on composing their adventures, while meditating at night?)
Aleith|DM: Charisma check? (Ability Mod + ½ level, +14)
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: frick
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: sorry one second frick
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+14 and got 1 ( Total: 15 )
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Athrylla: "Interesting. I must confer with my advisors. Please wait at the bottom of the pyramid while we discuss this. Lunch will be served to you there in the meantime."
[OOC] Zane: lmao I shouldn't be laughing but god its so nice when that happens to someone that isnt me.
Aleith|DM: A more lavish meal similar to last night's is brought out for you to eat while you wait. An hour later, she calls you back up.
Chandrasekhar shrugs. You win some, you lose some. Maybe he picked the wrong formal register for a bit about the world-ending conspiracy.
Athrylla: "I'm sorry, but I can't let Kasvarina leave. Please depart from Sentosa within the day."
Gerald: "Why not?"
Athrylla: "My advisors and I have discussed things and feel that it would be too dangerous for Kasvarina to leave."
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar: You feel like Kasvarina might be right about Athrylla having some kind of grudge against her.
Aleith|DM: Ernst and Phyllis: You recall that sometimes matriarchs of different enclaves fought and betrayed each other.
Gerald: "You realize the people after her know she's here and most definitely will find a way in, right…?"
Chandrasekhar: "My lady. The future of the entire world may well hinge on what Kasvarina can and cannot remember. I know well the force and fervor of the burning truth." He exposes the skin of his arm- and for a moment, the excoriated, burnt flesh is briefly visible before the glamour takes hold again. "And I will not deny that the world outside the stones is dangerous."
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: sec I fucked everything up again as usual
Phyllis: "What is at stake is more precious than keeping those other two thrones empty."
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: belay the bit about the glamour I can't remember the details but like the point is I'm An Excoriant I've Seen Some Shit
Chandrasekhar: "But if anyone in all of Lanjyr can protect her in her task, it is us. And without her, the world may slide into oblivion. We are but notes in a melody and our enemies seek to cut it off before the proper final cadence."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: it's okayed I was just thrown off for a moment
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: oh rad
Athrylla: "Kasvarina regaining her memories is exactly the problem. She led our people down a path more suited to revenge than survival."
Zane: "You ever wonder why? Cuz she does…"
Chandrasekhar: "But is it not sung in the Chant that we cannot avoid the mistakes of our past unless we remember them well?"
Gerald‘ starts to open his mouth, seems to think better of it and gives Chandra a questioning look instead,
Phyllis: "Chandra. Tell her to get off her high horse with matriarch competition."
Athrylla: "Some things are best left in the past."
Chandrasekhar looks Athrylla in the eye. "Like old bad blood between matriarchs?"
Gerald: "Oh is that what this is about? We can totally promise to kill her if she does anything stupid when she gets her memory back if you want."
Athrylla: "There was…" She sighs. "When Kasvarina’s daughter was kidnapped, she came to me for help. There was already another matriarch going with her, Latika, and I felt it best that all three of us not leave in cas it was a trap. I sent men instead, but when Launga died, and Kasvarina nearly perished as well…"
Athrylla: "I'm worried that Kasvarina will regain fresh perspective and become hostile to myself and Sentosa."
Phyllis: "We'll keep her grounded."
Zane: "I'd imagine she wont hold it against the entire enclave. You might be on her shit list though. That's what happens when peoples kids get murdered."
Chandrasekhar: "Kasvarina… is wise. And we will be there to help her integrate the truth into her worldview. It is a tragedy, but it is sung that we survive tragedies, and live on."
Gerald‘ makes the face of a person that doesn’t see how those dots connect in the slightest.
Aleith|DM: She frowns when Zane speaks in Common, but then double-takes at the brightly-glowing…weapon(?) at his side.
Athrylla: "Where did you get that…?"
Zane: "Fought a blue glowy plant lady for it. She wanted to see if I was tough enough to earn it."
Aleith|DM: A couple of the councilors gasp while Athrylla thinks. "At a sealed-off temple?"
Zane: "Yeah. I was looking around the ruins and wanted to make sure there was nothing dangerous… Turns out she almost kicked my ass."
Chandrasekhar blinks at Zane.
Athrylla: "You certainly have interesting friends, Chandrasekhar Singh."
Zane: "Almost."
Aleith|DM: Diplomacy check, Chandrasekhar?
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+22 and got 12 ( Total: 34 )
Chandrasekhar: "I could tell stories for /days/, my lady."
Athrylla: "Very well. I will relent, and agree to let you escort Kasvarina from Sentosa, but only once you've returned with the lost arc of Reida."
Athrylla: "When you return, there is a second archway hidden in an underground ruin where you can enter again, away from prying eyes. I'll have someone waiting to let you back in."
Chandrasekhar bows deeply.
Gerald: "Fair enough."
Zane: "Appreciated."
Aleith|DM: You can leave when you're ready. After giving Delft a status update, he approves of the mission and assigns you another 80,000 gp for your stipend.
Aleith|DM: You level up to 18.
Aleith|DM: Anything further you wish to discuss with Kasvarina or anyone else before you leave for Ingatan's Refuge?
Zane‘ is definitely curious about wtf they should expect to find at the refuge.
Phyllis probably has something but her player is zonked.
Aleith|DM: A clan of territorial eladrin weretigers, apparently.
Aleith|DM: They’re known as //bagheva in the local tongue.
Zane: "Oh. Well that's… lovely."
Aleith|DM: //And though they claim Ingatan's Refuge as their home, they call themselves the Children of Hewanharimau…whose temple you got the //arsenal of Dhebisu
Aleith|DM: //There's also a Clergy-backed garrison nearby called Vigil Longis.

Zane` looks down at the glowing stone in his hand. "Huh. Gonna test drive you a lot sooner than I thought. … Better get to work on this glove."

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