Zg Session 74

The officers are called to enjoy lunch together, but this only provokes a loud, disorganized debate with people from different sides cutting each other off, accompanied by lots of pompous harrumphing from their allies.
Catherine Romana, who is busy trying to gather a coalition, manages to quiet the room by shouting, "Who trusts anyone else here? We don’t know each other. I barely trust the people who say they’'e on my side to actually vote as they claim they will. So why in the world are you trusting our gentle leader Nicodemus? He keeps hinting that all he wants is peace, that he values the ideology of some writer who's been dead for five centuries, but I've known plenty of politicians."
Catherine: "You can't trust words. All you can trust is that people are afraid of losing power. We've gotten here because we've been ruthless. Let's not pretty it up. I tell you this, if you idiots vote to give up the authority that we have earned over this world, you'll be showing yourselves as weak. And this man, this conspiracy? It doesn’t need weak people."
Loud arguments erupt after that, but soon Vicemi appears and a hush falls. He tells all of you to go into the Main Hall for the second vote.
Oscan chortles very loudly at that, yeah.
Gran Guiscard is sour throughout lunch, and the set of arguments does little to brighten his demeanor.
Ken Don sips at his drink a smile creeping on to his face.
Kiov Hetman: "Interesting."
Livia keeps to herself over breakfast, having a few quiet conversations with some MAPpists- looking up and laughing softly into her coffee at Catherine's impassioned statement, shaking her head. "I appreciate her honesty, I suppose."
Kiov Hetman walks to the main hall, giving Vicemi a bewildered glance with eyes wide and eyebrows raised, jerking his head towards Catherine.
Obscurati: The halls seem a bit quieter as you head into the Main Hall. Nicodemus stands on the stage as you all head in, the faction representatives seating themselves at the table closest to the stage. Nicodemus asks for each faction to send forth one representative to speak on their behalf, and to please keep remarks to five minutes or fewer.
Obscurati: Cula speaks for the MAP Proposal: The compromise devised by the late Dame Constance, this proposal combines Miller’s Pyre, the Arboretum, and the Panarchists, while also appeasing the Trekkers, Long Now, Mortal Mind, and Sky League. It shuffles some planes about, adds a few new ones, and manages to satisfy most of the needs of those groups. Tellingly, it abandons the Miller’s Pyre desire of a plane with an Empathy focus, it keeps the Dreaming and Bleak Gate despite what the Arboretum wants, and it leaves the world with no seal against extraplanar incursion.
Obscurati: Amielle explains what has changed with her Watchmaker Watchmen: This novel proposal brings in a new habitable world where the Ob leadership, allies, and descendants can live with free will, able to watch over the real world which will have had its free will removed per the Watchmaker proposal. It would be possible to reopen the seal and restore free will if something went wrong, but doing so would be such an ordeal that it could not be undertaken lightly. This proposal pleases Aegis, since it protects both worlds from extraplanar incursion.
Obscurati: Catherine steps up for the Colossal Congress: Based on research into Risur’s rites of rulership, this proposal grants the powers of the Colossus proposal to the Obscurati initially, but requires each member to undertake a ritual of affirmation every year. Each member of this colossus congress would have a geographic region where he would need the approval of at least half the residents. The Ob would still be able to solve issues with their mighty powers, but the people could reject leaders they no longer approve of. This proposal satisfies the Weapon-Mongers and the Economists, both of whom favor the inherent competition.
Obscurati: After the final arguments, Nicodemus takes the stage again.
Nicodemus: "We all have different ideals, but before we vote I want you to understand what led me to found our organization and pursue this long, grand work. It wasn’t a desire to gain power myself, or to punish those who had abused their power. I started down this path because I'd seen that intellect, wisdom, and good intentions were feeble weapons in the face of propaganda and fear."
Nicodemus: "The problem with this world is that the dreamers and poets are blind to its real face. It's easy to mock as childish those who grow upset when the world isn't 'fair'. The habit of accepting injustice as the way of the world has become too familiar, and while I shed my innocence long ago, I never fooled myself into thinking it is good that I’ve had to do these foul things."
Nicodemus: "I do think any of these proposals would result in a materially better world. And I will support whichever wins, as will the Ghost Council. But only one of them will make a world good enough to balance out the evil we'll create to get there."
Nicodemus steps aside, and the vote begins. The board has options for MAP, Watchmen, and Congress, plus Other and Any.
Obscurati: When it's your turn to vote, the count stands at:
Livia rolls her eyes, visibly, at Nicodemus' grandstanding.
Obscurati: - MAP. 17 votes.
Obscurati: - Watchmen. 4 votes.
Obscurati: - Congress. 18 votes.
Obscurati: - Other. 0 votes.
Obscurati: - Any. Nicodemus, plus 25 ghosts.
Obscurati: Xavier votes for MAP.
Livia votes for MAP, obviously.
Oscan also.
Kiov Hetman votes for MAP, as well.
Ken Don votes for MAP.
Gran Guiscard takes a double-shot of a brown liquor and votes for MAP.
Kiov Hetman: "Regarding process, shouldn't the numbers be hidden from voters, at least?"
Livia: "That'd remove all the drama."
Obscurati: Nicodemus asks Vicemi to verify the final count, then puts on his best smile and thanks everyone for participating in one of the greatest moments in history. He's truly glad, he says, that everyone felt comfortable voting their conscience, and he hopes that they can all work together moving forward. As he speaks, the gas-lamps in the room start to turn a soothing blue colour.
Oscan: "Huh, just like that?"
Obscurati: 23 + 26 votes IS 49 total…
Kiov Hetman: "I assumed that Borne would have to do something. This blue flame may be local, like the lighthouse' mechanism in general."
Obscurati rolled 5#d20+20(1) and got 20 ( Total: 40.0 ) for vs Will
Also rolled 5#d20+20(2) and got 3 [Total: 23.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+20(3) and got 14 [Total: 34.0 (High), Avg: 14.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+20(4) and got 16 [Total: 36.0 (High), Avg: 16.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+20(5) and got 17 [Total: 37.0 (High), Avg: 17.00]
Total: 170.0, Avg: 14.00
Obscurati: You're all pacified (save ends) except for Ken Don (Ernst)
Oscan: "Huuuh."
Obscurati: Make saving throws with your highest of Int, Wis, or Cha mods (not level, just mod)
Oscan: "That's crazy. I haven't had this little desire to stab something in… decades." Oscan looks more bemused than anything.
[OOC] Kiov Hetman: but we get a mod? not base?
[OOC] Obscurati: yep
Kiov Hetman rolled d20+6 and got 9 ( Total: 15.0 )
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: it's a saving throw so the DC is probably still 10
Obscurati: it is
[OOC] Kiov Hetman: yeah i was assuming
Oscan rolled d20+5 and got 3 ( Total: 8 )
Gran Guiscard rolled 1d20+5 and got 14 ( Total: 19 )
Livia rolled d20+6 and got 5 ( Total: 11 )
Obscurati: Oscan, roll again for the next round.
Oscan rolled d20+5 and got 14 ( Total: 19 )
Obscurati: It takes half a minute, maybe, but all of you throw off the effects (and can ignore it completely for 5 minutes).
Obscurati: After a couple minutes, Nicodemus asks those who supported the Colossal Congress proposal to remain in the main hall while he takes everyone else outside to the grand foyer.
Kiov Hetman glances around the room, inspecting the faces of the crowd.
Oscan just… starts giggling to himself as he wanders out of the room.
Ken Don follows them out.
Gran Guiscard stands up and heads out, giving the main hall a second look before leaving.
Obscurati: 18 people, including Catherine, remain in the room, as the rest leave.
Obscurati: Outside is a sprawling mass of what must have been a hundred or more ghosts.
Gran Guiscard: "………….."
Obscurati: When the doors to the main hall or closed, Vicemi says that he has sent the other councillors to secure the premises. The palace is sealed, and the council is ready.
Oscan: "The council just keeps on increasing!"
Obscurati: Nicodemus turns to those who came out with him. He says, "Those inside would ruin this world if they were allowed to come into power. In my five centuries I’ve seen plenty of monarchs and oligarchs just like them who have lashed out when their authority and dominance is threatened. I don’t like what we have to do now, but the most efficient way to avert this threat is to strike now. This small dishonourable deed will be balanced by ages of greater prosperity for all of civilization. I need your support in this decision."
Ken Don pauses for a moment before smiling.
Gran Guiscard: "I mean… if you're fine with the Ghost Council gaining another eighteen votes…"
Amielle and Macbannin remain impassive, but the rest of the officers in the crowd begin to nod assent. Soon over twenty people, speaking sombrely and reasonably, urge Nicodemus to do what must be done.
Oscan just laughs again.
Gran Guiscard: "Unless you're going to revoke their votes?"
Livia smiles, slowly but luxuriantly, out of the corner of her mouth. "Haven't you already done worse? No reason to stop now."
Gran Guiscard: "Honestly, I -am- curious what lies for them beyond this red lunch."
Oscan: "Ahh… Who woulda thought that it'd come down to havin' yer heart in the right place rather then living what you preach! Not that I can complain since that's doin' wonders for me."
Kiov Hetman: "Is this not an example of an oligarch lashing out, itself?"
Livia: "Romana could have chosen -not- to seize power for herself. …or, well. I know her better than anybody here, I doubt she could have."
Kiov Hetman: "It is a hasty decision, still, and not one to be made lightly. Do you truly believe they are irredeemable?"
Erksine looks at the rest of you in your group. "You don't have any problems with this?"
Nicodemus: "You heard Catherine's speech at lunch, yes? Is that who you would want 'running the world' after all was said and done?"
Kiov Hetman looks back at Erskine. "I absolutely have problems with this, though I am trying not to say something that'll get me sent to the same room."
Oscan: "Kiov seems to!"
Erksine: "Makes your jobs easier in the long run, doesn't it?"
Livia: "Hardly a hasty decision. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, this was the entire purpose of the vote."
Livia: "Nicely done, sir."
Oscan gives Kiov a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
Kiov Hetman: "Not with her current beliefs, no. But she could be convinced. I'm sure Miller would agree."
Kiov Hetman: "The mind is a malleable thing, is it not?"
Oscan: "Ahh… naw. People like her don't change."
Livia: "Miller believed that peoples' minds could be changed, in this world, with trust and logic." Pause. "…and Miller burned, if you'll recall."
Gran Guiscard: "I mean… don't get me wrong, once the Watchmakers abandoned their plan of total cultural theater, what was left was just power plays and chess matches left for their futures. Excepting the MAP."
Livia: "Walking the slow path? Certainly. But there are moments of decisive action when one must take decisive action to defend oneself."
Erksine's voice changes from gruff, to a deep and folksy voice, very familiar from a few months ago. "I paid to see some internecine cock-fighting, not a one-sided pig-slaughter."
Pemberton: "These six people here aren't who they appear to be. Though, I admit, neither am I. You would know these six better in their normal occupations as Royal Homeland Constables of Risur."
Obscurati: Oh. THAT'S who that other duplicant was, Garret.
Oscan: "Oh hey, it's the dragon!"
Oscan: "How you been the last couple months?"
Nicodemus: "Oh, really?"
Oscan: "Enjoying your new home away from the volcano factory?"
Oscan gives a side glance over to Nicodemus, then back at Pemberton.
Nicodemus: "I was about to ask for some proof, but… Gerald, right?"
Gran Guiscard looks at Erksine, then back to Nicodemus.
Oscan: "You think Niccy over there doesn't know exactly what's going on…?"
Oscan: "Oh come on you weren't foolin' anyone. You knew who we were the entire time."
Kiov Hetman folds his arms dourly. "I'm Ernst, so we're clear."
Gran Guiscard: "That one's Zane, actually."
Gran Guiscard: "He's been working on his 'dour."
Nicodemus: "I'm afraid you had me at a loss."
Kiov Hetman: "And I'm afraid you actually had me intrigued."
Nicodemus: "So, you know the whole plan now. Would you like to join?"
Oscan: "I suppose I highly overestimated your perceptiveness and intuition…?"
Livia smiles at Nicodemus. "Depends. Do you have an actual plan?"
Gran Guiscard points at 'erksine.' "That guy's a dragon, by the way."
Kiov Hetman raises an eyebrow. "You would have us join even after our deception? I'm surprised we're not getting burned into the wall by a shadowlisk."
Gran Guiscard: "So I'd be triple careful."
Livia: "You KNOW the outer plane is there for a reason. Keeping something out, or keeping something in."
Nicodemus: "You've heard most of the details. Wouldn't it be better to live in a world where people talk things out, and rational thought rules over superstitions?"
Oscan: "GODS!"
Oscan: "Niccy."
Oscan: "You would not BELIEVE how often I try and get people to listen to reason…"
Livia laughs. "You don't have to convince me that Kasvarina and you were right, all this time. Just tell me you have a plan to defend the world and its' people."
Oscan: "But they have this weird desire to get shot instead, you know?"
Oscan: "Is altering the planes gunna fix that inclination?"
Kiov Hetman: "I truly want to believe you."
Livia: "We know who he is. And what he's experienced."
Kiov Hetman: "And I am not giving you a hard 'no,' but you have a lot of convincing to do still. Your goals are admirable, but you understand if I need to inspect the snake oil a bit more."
Ken Don: "While we're talking though. Why the hobo?"
Livia: "He was useful, presumably."
Oscan: "Because it was absolutely the funniest possible option."
Nicodemus: "His body is…convenient. Though unusual, he can drain vitality from those he touches. And he's very nimble. You ran into him before, yes?"
Oscan: "Wait he's a vampire?"
Livia grins the grin of having been right.
Pemberton: "Well, enough of playing nice. Hey, all these officers standing around? They'll wake up if they get attacked, right?" He claps and rubs his hands together, grins, and starts ticking loudly.
Oscan: "Holy shit why do we know so many vampires? Because there's the brain vampire from beyond the planes too."
Kiov Hetman: "For instance: In all of these proposals, I notice that Vona was never mentioned. Is it just an assumption that it remains the same, or was it a ruse?"
Ken Don: "We already resisted the lamp you idiot."
Ken Don: "Why are you throwing bombs!?"
Gran Guiscard: "-He's- blowing up!"
Pemberton: "I didn't come to this for civil discourse!"
Gran Guiscard runs the fuck down the hall and into a room for cover!
Ken Don books it.
Nicodemus: "All of you! Run!"
Gran Guiscard: "He's a damned replicant!"
Livia: "Oh my Goddess you piece of shit. We're trying to have the most important conversation in five centuries and you're self-destructing?" She stares at Nicodemus incredulously before making a fucking run for it.
Oscan: "Pemberton, do I need to get within striking - eh?" Gerald has no idea what's going on but runs after the others.
Obscurati: The ticking gets faster.
Xavier Sangria grins a terrible grin and laughs fit to beat the band. "Oh this… this is *too good*."
Obscurati: The ghost council swarm heads the other way-into the main hall.
Xavier Sangria ripples like water in the wind….
Ken Don: "What's the plan?"
Zane: "I'm gonna kill me a fuckin' dragon."
Gran Guiscard: "Get back into our bodies and get the fuck out!"
Kiov Hetman at least gives himself and Nicodemus [Refocus] [Flame's Protection] before running off.
Zane‘ sprints forward to grab the ticking Erskine. "So is this really you, or just another replicant?"
Kiov Hetman: Targetting Zane too with [Flame’s Protection].
Pemberton: "A duplicant, of course. Packed with explosives."
Pemberton: "Much like yourself, though with less bombastic personality.
Obscurati: Zane, which way are you running?
Oscan: "The plan is to be very grateful you didn't get stuck in a fat man and run as fast as you can while Zane buys us tie to get out of the blast radius."
Gran Guiscard: "Please tell me -someone- has the web on them."
Pemberton: "Erskine, say bye-bye." And his expression shifts to one of confusion.
Livia: "I've got it."
Gran Guiscard: "We'll get clear and hop back in, just be ready for it!"
Zane‘ grins. "Yeah, you can’t manufacture balls in my size." And he lifts the body up [Kord's Strength] before running and diving through the nearest window away from his friends.
Kiov Hetman gives Zane the largest [Arcane Gate] away from them he can muster, also.
Obscurati: Several seconds later, the bomb goes off, decimating part of the west wing of the manor.
Obscurati rolled d20+20 and got 11 ( Total: 31 ) for vs Reflex, Zane
Oscan: "Aaaah…"
Ken Don scratches his head. "Well then."
Oscan: "Can you believe Zane wanted to kill that guy? What a riot!"
Obscurati rolled 10d6 and got 6, 1, 6, 6, 2, 5, 2, 4, 6, 3 ( Total: 41 )
Gran Guiscard: "Gods, if he had though, this wouldn't be nearly as funny."
Obscurati: Zane, you take 20 fire damage plus 17 untyped damage. Metal Shell gives you Resist 10 All
Oscan: "That's exactly what I mean!"
Oscan: "What a great end to this party. Whew!"
Livia: "…anyways, that's why Zane's right and you kill dragons when you get the chance."
[OOC] Kiov Hetman: I also tried to cast Flame's Protection on him; if that applies, resist 10 fire. though uh dunno if that stacks with resist all
Obscurati: it doesn't, sadly
Oscan: "No way this is too fucking funny for regrets."
Zane‘ shimmers with heat as he heads back inside. "I FUCKING TOLD YOU DIDNT I?!"
Oscan: "Sorry about the house though I guess, Niccy?"
Ken Don: "So, uh… what are we doing? Given circumstances if we don’t intend to join him snuffing us out when they have an advantage like this probably is the best course of action?"
Nicodemus: "Guards!"
Zane‘ rolls his head on his shoulders. "Nicodemus, don’t be stupid."
Oscan: "Ah what? You just told us to run. Obviously you don't want us dead. Lets keep being civil, yeah? Like in the new world?"
Zane: "If I wanted to push this fight I would have taken the bomb TO you, not away."
Gran Guiscard: "Yeah, I mean- we had a good dialogue going before what's-his-snout blew the game."
Kiov Hetman: "He could still be looking for other infiltrators.."
Gran Guiscard: "You can probably still kill all those people in the main dining hall, too!"
Nicodemus sighs. "And you want me to just let you go, is that it?"
Zane‘ smiles widely. "Well…"
Gran Guiscard: "I don’t think most of us would stop you!"
Livia: "I was hoping for a cup of tea and a sit-down, personally."
Oscan: "It wouldn't be the first time you have, after all."
Kiov Hetman nods at Livia in agreement.
Oscan: "Remember the carriage and the total lack of killing each other? Good times."
Obscurati: Several guards start gathering nearby, weapons held ready.
Gran Guiscard: "For what it's worth, having to role-play into the shoes of the Ob -has- been fairly enlightening."
Zane: "The real question is, 'how many of your people would we have to butcher on the way out'. I mean, you've seen us work. Your floor will be as red as the curtains if you really push this."
Gran Guiscard: "Even if I disagreed completely with this idiot's ideas."
Livia: "Unless you… actually don't want a shot at converting the only people in the world who actually seem able to stand up to you or stop you."
Livia: "For what it's worth, Livia and I are -both- listening, like we said."
Nicodemus: "Alright. I see Mr. Bieito is back in his body. Or close enough. What about the rest of you?"
Obscurati: He motions to the guards to wait…for now.
Livia: "Can't blame you for being careful, to be honest." She smiles.
Oscan: "I could ditch Oscan if you want but I mean… you know what he's like. Do you really want him here right now…?"
Zane: "And I mean, I'm not… actively eager to open you up like a nameday gift and see whats inside. Currently. Yet."
Ken Don chuckles at Oscan.
Kiov Hetman places his orb and book on the ground, slowly, kicking them over a foot.
Gran Guiscard: "Just give me a few seconds to change, I can't handle being in this bag of coat-hangers in a whirlwind much longer."
Nicodemus: "How are the rest of you here, then? Possession? Mr. Bieito is in a different situation?"
Livia: "Mr. Bieito's probably the hardest sell, if even he's listening, then…" She shrugs. "I still say you could have showed up for tea a year ago and saved everyone a great deal of trouble, but."
Oscan: "I put a lich in an icecube!"
Gran Guiscard just… goes into a side room, retrieves himself from the web, and snap-snap-
Ken Don sighs before following after Gran.
Zane: "I *am* listening, for what its worth."
Zane: "And I would point out that I haven't killed anybody, despite having the run of the place at night."
Kiov Hetman: "A triegenic effort on his part."
Garrett‘ comes to after a while, and slugs Gran in the bicep.
Garrett: "I saved your life, consider staying low on the rest of the affairs."
Garrett` rejoins the group.
Garrett: "Yes also none of us did the murders."
Kiov Hetman: "Our services are available if you want us to investigate."
Garrett: "I don’t know if this makes you surprised or not, but there it is."
Zane: "Oh I know who killed Quital already."
Ernst sighs. "All three were Macbannin. Case closed."
Nicodemus: "Please, do tell."
Garrett: "There you have it."
Oscan: "…Macbannin, really?"
Garrett: "Yup."
Zane: "Tsk. Rookie, you gotta build it up a little."
Nicodemus: "Macbannin? Interesting. Maybe he wasn't as sold on the idea as I presumed."
Oscan: "Why in the world… ahahaha."
Garrett‘ chuckles. "Isn’t really his style."
Zane: "Nicodemus, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… maybe a third of your people actually give a shit about improving the world."
Zane: "The rest of them are in it for money and power."
Livia went and split back up into constituent minds in proper bodies. This wasn't so bad, but who knows what might happen, better to be prepared.
Oscan: "Hey when I ditch Oscan what do you want me to do with him? You know he's actually as insane and self-serving as he appears and isn't actually hiding a heart of gold right? Dude's lucky I was making his decisions for him these last few days."
Phyllis: "Yes. If you were sincere about your remarks, you still had Macbannin in your ranks.
Chandrasekhar makes sure Livia's feeling okay before heading back into the main room.
Ernst: "Why don't you bring him over here?"
Zane: "I'm probably going to kill Oscan on general principles, honestly."
Nicodemus: "It was surprising when 'Oscan' voted for Miller's Pyre on the first night, true."
Zane: "Even aside from me getting murder withdrawals, that boy is a rabid dog."
Garrett: "Nearly gave away the game there! Some awful role-play, spend more time with the dockers, Gerald."
Oscan: "No sense in goin' elsewhere then."
Nicodemus: "If you want the honours, be my guest. The others are probably fine, and useful in their own right."
Gerald: "Well I mean, I figured he was goin' with the whole, woe is me, life mad me hard but I'm a good guy really routine. So. Tried to come at it from that angle."
Chandrasekhar: "Admittedly, it was fun watching you cut loose, Gerald."
Ernst: "You gonna bring Macbannin over here or not? I think both parties are at least interested in hearing what he has to say about the murders."
Amielle floats in. "I don't think he's coming back unless you drag him here. He seems to be locked in a duel with Vicemi, sir!"
Chandrasekhar: "Fascinating."
Gerald: "Oh man. OH MAN."
Garrett: "I gotta see this."
Nicodemus frowns. "That seems…unproductive. Either of them will reform in a few days…"
Gerald: "Can we go watch the ghost fight? That sounds cool as hell."
Zane: "Yeah, I'm in."
Phyllis: "Even if one of them is banished in the same manner as the other murders?"
Garrett: "If only to see MacBannin's face when we go in and say hi."
Garrett: "And then hopefully he gets stabbed right then or whatever."
Nicdemus: "That might have…ramifications."
Chandrasekhar: "That would be more satisfying than I feel comfortable admitting."
Nicodemus: "Lead the way, Amielle."
Gerald: In a small voice: "(Yesss…!)"
Phyllis at least retrieves her orb and book before following.
Phyllis: "You're not bitter over only receiving a handful of votes?"
Ernst stage whispers to the others. "(So uh… Catherine and the others are probably dead by now, huh?)"
Chandrasekhar: "I'd be surprised if he didn't have a sealed envelope with a reasonably accurate guess of who voted for what when the chips were down."
Obscurati: Amielle leads you out towards the entrance, past a few ghost councillors and one of the shadowlisks.
Garrett: "(Beats me, I think the whole… everything sort of put the brakes on that train.)"
Nicodemus: "Han and I could guess most of them between us. It was fairly close."
Phyllis: "Like clockwork, one could say?"
Chandrasekhar snorts.
Nicodemus: "Not that accurate."
Phyllis: "A sundial, then."
Amielle: "Not very effective here."
Garrett: "A sextant."
Obscurati: As you head deeper into the garden, you find several ghost councillors watching as Vicemi and Reed send spells flying back and forth between each other. Skeletal missiles strike Macbannin, while a bell seems to toll as Vicemi suddenly seems more solid.
Garrett: "KICK HIS ASS, VIC!" he calls out from the back.
Gerald: "Ghost fight! GHOST FIGHT!"
Vicemi snaps his fingers with one hand, flicks his other hand towards Macbannin, then snaps again. A bolt of lightning fills the air separating the two. Your nostrils cringe at the scent of ozone.
Phyllis waits for a good moment for Macbannin to lose his momentum, and utters the words to "[Make it So]." That he'll miss, that is.
A preternatural wind blows through the area, shattering the lanterns lighting the area nearby. Macbannin's spectral form begins to shred away, but he casts one final curse and Vicemi too starts to fade away.
Zane‘ crosses his arms and watches. "McBannin better hope Vicemi destroys him. Because if he doesn’t, it's my turn."
Gerald: "…is that like a double knock out or…?"
Nicodemus frowns deeply. "That…does in fact seem to be the case."
Chandrasekhar: "Glad I didn't have any money on Vicemi."
Garrett: "Still a net gain, I'd say."
Zane: "Definitely."
Obscurati: Macbannin's and Vicemi's souls seem to be wiped out completely, Garrett.
Garrett‘ ’s eyebrows raise but he doesn't say much else.
Garrett: "Well, you don't have to worry about their votes, at least."
Nicodemus: "Well, constables. What am I to do with you?"
Gerald: "Huh. Well then."
Chandrasekhar: "How sure are you that the entire ghost council isn't going to turn on each other?"
Zane: "Let us go, obviously. What other choice do you have?"
Nicodemus: "The rest of them? Quite sure."
Chandrasekhar: "Good."
Gerald: "I think Chandra said something about tea…?"
Nicodemus looks around at the dozen guards, several ghost councillors, and the shadowlisk nearby. "Somehow, I get the feeling even this wouldn't be enough."
Chandrasekhar smiles warmly.
Zane: "You might get lucky, but it would cost you."
Gerald: "Zane killed Macbannin in a single hit, yeah."
Nicodemus: "Undoubtedly."
Gerald: "Just as a relative frame of power."
Zane‘ looks faux-modest. "Aw shucks."
Garrett: "We’re not -saying- we took Tinker back with no casualties."
Phyllis: "Might I ask you this, first, Nicodemus? What litmus test do you use to determine who you can trust with power, who will truly use it for good?"
Garrett: "But I'm highly implying it."
Phyllis gestures to the now-emptiness where the duel was. "If it was voting, observe that Macbannin seems to have been playing the same game as Romana. Just with better camouflage."
Chandrasekhar: "I have a guess, but I'll let our gracious host answer."
Zane: "I will tell you this, in all honesty. This meeting has been very enlightening as to your eventual goals, and you are no longer number two on my threat list."
Gerald: "You gotta admit though, meat trees is some real, real good camouflage."
Garrett: "The Arbor-eat-um had a solid pitch."
Ernst glances at Zane. "Who's number two now?"
Nicodemus: "I believe they had rather different goals in mind for this meeting."
Chandrasekhar: "Consider, though, that the real reason he brought everyone together was that he'd gotten everything he needed."
Zane: "The Jierre family. Just on general principles."
Chandrasekhar: "An invite to a grand meeting of your world-spanning conspiracy is a death sentence for no small number of same, and some of them had to have known that."
Nicodemus: "As much as it was nice to know that the MAP proposal won out over Catherine's Congress, it is a bit dismaying to note that before you voted it was 17 to 18."
Gerald: "It was an improvement over her initial pitch, at least."
Nicodemus: "I was hoping they would be better than this, but I appear to have been mistaken."
Chandrasekhar: "You brought together the most power-hungry minds in all of Lanjyr." He laughs. "And they took the bait!"
Zane: "Yeah, I am really tempted to burn the mansion down with everybody still inside it."
Zane: "Just to thoroughly clean house."
Nicodemus: "Just to clearly establish the lines…you're still planning to oppose me, yes?"
Chandrasekhar: "Nico, Nico, Nico."
Amielle: "I think most of them are halfway to the Naphaeon at the docks by now."
Chandrasekhar: "How many times do I have to tell you I'm listening~?"
Gerald: "Duno, I'll let you know what Delft thinks after we get back home."
Amielle: "Well, most of the rest, anyhow."
Phyllis: "Likewise as Chandra."
Zane‘ looks at Nicodemus appraisingly. Hand-wobbles. "Its not you, its your people. I think the MAP proposal was really good. But as you pointed out, it would have lost. So I am not willing to bet the future of the world on you *maybe* getting your peoples asses in line."
Phyllis: "Who do you have left?"
Phyllis: "And would you even make it without us, opposed or no?"
Gerald: "Personally I couldn’t care less. I know this world and get how it works. Meat trees and always on regen seems pretty handy too, though. But who you choose to work with says a lot about you so…" Gerald shrugs.
Chandrasekhar smiles, takes a step closer. "I have a proposal for you, Nicodemus. Whatever the last, crucial step of your plan is…"
Chandrasekhar: "Our hands, and Kasvarina's, have to be on the wheel."
Phyllis: "Well, Gerald, we're working with the King of Risur."
Chandrasekhar: "I don't trust you not to change things at the last minute." He grins amiably. "Nor should I, and you know it."
Gerald: "The King's a pretty decent guy!"
Chandrasekhar leans in, as close as he can get away with, and whispers something into Nicodemus' ear.
Phyllis raises an eyebrow, then gives Zane a meaningful glance. "Uh -huh.-"
Gerald: "Why are you blaming him for something his predecessor did?"
Garrett: "I mean… are those guys still in the main dining room?"
Nicodemus: "If you want to leave, then leave now. You've said your piece."
Gerald: "See you later! If you could maybe get your lackeys to stop fucking around in Risur now that you seem on to the final step of your plan so we have less reasons to kill each other too, that'd be great."
Phyllis shakes her head. "I'm staying to help … contain the potential damages."
Gerald‘ tips his hat in Nicodemus’ direction, then heads for the docks.
Nicodemus shakes his head. "No. You're all leaving."
Nicodemus: "Guards? Escort them to the docks. Kill them if they try anything. I presume you can contact your ship which is of course nearby?"
Garrett: "Be seein' you, Nic! Food was nice."
Phyllis looks puzzled. "Why?"
Chandrasekhar cat stares at Nicodemus. "The handful of people, in all Lanjyr, who could stop you, and you're not even going to try to-" -he scoffs.
Zane‘ offers Nicodemus a hand to shake. "It’s been enlightening."
Gerald: "To be fair if a dragon blew up half of MY house I wouldn't want the people that've been ruining my plans for the last year and a half lingering around either."
Obscurati: He stares at the hand for a second, but shakes it. He's wearing gloves, of course. "I can only presume that next time we meet, you'll be trying to kill me."
Gerald: "…"
Gerald: "Holy shit man."
Obscurati: Well, he's saying this directly to Zane.
Gerald: "Clean out the hobo's ears."
Obscurati: It's not like he would expect anything less.
Chandrasekhar: "I suppose five hundred years really -does- make a man bitter, William." He smiles sadly, shrugs. "'till we meet again. Keep in touch, you know our address. I'd send flowers, but I don't think Risuri florists deliver to the Bleak Gate."
Zane: "Maybe. But I'll probably feel bad about it. Your idea isn't bad, but your organization… too many holes in the boat."
Nicodemus: "'The road to hell is paved with good intentions,' right?"
Phyllis shakes her head and marches up to Nicodemus, jabbing a finger into his chest. "No. -No.- You don't understand."
Zane‘ tips his hat and heads off. "I always thought it was paved with lawyers, myself."
Garrett: "And sometimes you don’t realize you're riding express!" He's heading towards the docks.
Nicodemus: "Ms. Lenz. I asked to you leave."
Phyllis: "I can't leave without figuring it out, I - I can't without figuring out if you were truly sincere in your speeches. I can't take you at face value, but it is a world I desperately want to believe in, and - "
Chandrasekhar: "Let's build it ourselves, Lenz."
Phyllis: "Do you understand how -hard- it is to show the restraint and caution to not blindly get in line with your cause?"
Nicodemus: "Constables, can you please drag her with you before I'm forced to do something drastic? You'll see what the final shape of the world is."
Zane: "C'mon, Ursinho. You can believe in his world all you want, but we got a job to do."
Chandrasekhar: "I believe he's made his intentions clear. It's time for the students to surpass the master, wouldn't you think?"
Chandrasekhar: "I have something -very interesting- to show you, later."
Zane: "Besides, if you stay you wont get to watch me yell at Aodhan later."
Obscurati: So, you use your little messenger wind combined with a communication ring and contact your ship, and it meets you at the beach off to the southeast of the mansion-the guards lead you in the opposite direction from the docks.
Phyllis stares at Nicodemus, teeth grit, her hands shaking, her eyes full to the brim with both longing and fury - and at the behest of her comrades, she breaks her gaze and finally turns back. "'Together' could have been with all present."
Gerald‘ glances over at Garrett as they stand on the side of the dock.
Gerald: "You might wanna tell them to hurry it up considering the uh… You know."
Garrett: "Yeah, yeah, well… they’re comin'."
Garrett: "Hopefully.
Chandrasekhar: "I believe in you."
Garrett: "They've got the sense not to leave their hearts here, right?"
Obscurati: The Roscommon sends a rowboat close to shore to pick you up, cannons at the ready, but the three Nighthawk-class steamships let your ship sail away… for now.
Chandrasekhar: "Lenz."
Phyllis visibly bristles. "WHAT."
Chandrasekhar fusses around with something around his neck, pulls it free, briefly; it catches the light before he tucks it back under his shirt.
Phyllis seems to be mollified, stunned, then slumps against the wall. "I can't … I need a moment to process everything."
Chandrasekhar: "I know that feeling."
Phyllis: "If that's what I think it is - "
Zane‘ heads belowdecks for a minute to actually get back in his own body and let Xavier wake up. "Don’t do anything stupid and we'll let you go when we get ashore. I like what I have seen of you, and you do good work. I'm not interested in stopping you."
Phyllis slaps him on the elbow. Several times. " - Don't - drop - that - on me - right - after - "
Xavier nods. "Alright."
Zane: "Good man. At least *somebody* has some sense today."
Phyllis just takes a few moments to breathe and exhaustedly slump against Chandra.
Chandrasekhar pats Phyllis' shoulder comfortingly.
Gerald: "Oh MAN though. Pemberton out of NO WHERE. What a great party story THIS is going to be."
Garrett: "Yeah this debriefing is going to be a killer."
Zane‘ heads back up on deck. "I gave Xavier amnesty, he can walk when we get home."
Gerald: "Fine by me, if you were acting as him even kinda correctly he sounds like a decent guy doing a hard job that needs doing."
Garrett: "So noted, I won’t pull his ear once he steps foot on the docks."
Zane: "Yeah, he is."
Aleith|DM: Several hours later, after you start sailing back towards Flint, Ernst gets a sending. "This is Director Cyneburg. You've exfiltrated, correct? What's your precise longitude and latitude? Delft and I are inbound for the debriefing."
Ernst relays the coordinates.
Ernst: "Stop the ship. We're expecting company."
Aleith|DM: A few minutes later, the experimental teleportation beacon aboard the Roscommon activates, and Stover Delft arrives, accompanied by RHC teleportation specialist Lauryn Cyneburg and two elite Risuri marine bodyguards.
Aleith|DM: Delft opens his mouth to talk, then bends over with nausea, as do the marines.
Aleith|DM: Lauryn seems to handle it better, but says to Delft, "I told you so."
Gerald: "Hahaha."
Zane: "… What kind of marine gets seasick?"
Zane‘ just headshakes.
Chandrasekhar: "Teleportation-sick is different, be nice."
Gerald: "Yeah I reckon goin’ immediately from solid ground to high seas with no transition would be kinda rough the first time."
Aleith|DM: Once the nausea passes, Delft explains. "I thought it would be cheaper and faster to just come here and talk rather than trade sending rituals for hours. Lauryn warned me something odd was happening with planar travel, but as long as it's not fatal, I'm not worried."
Chandrasekhar: "Something odd?"
Garrett: "Oof. That a'int good to hear."
Phyllis: "Yes. Because they're screwing with the planes."
Zane: "Its gonna get weirder, I suspect."
Gerald: "I wonder if Ernsts' bomb ever went off… Glad we got out of there before then."
Chandrasekhar: "Hm. I assumed that hadn't started yet."
Delft: "Oh, is that what they're doing? Give me the rundown."
Zane: "You're not gonna believe this shit…"
Ernst scratches his head. "That's… sub-optimal. Now that I think about it, when they alter the planes long range sendings and teleportations will no longer be possible in our world. Am I mistaken?"
Zane‘ does in fact give him the rundown.
Phyllis looks at the - bucket? - of vomit. "You’re going to want to sit down."
Gerald‘ makes sure to chime in about the meat trees as soon as it’s even slightly relevant to the rundown.
Delft: "That's a question for the researchers, Mr. Gohins."
Ernst: "I suppose I'll look into it when we return."
Zane: "And I still don't know how to finalize Nicodemus, plus he was riding in someone we know, so I didn't kill him this time."
Chandrasekhar: "…we need to find Kasvarina Varal. For any number of reasons."
Gerald: "Someone we know with VITALITY DRAINING POWERS. Which we didn't know he had! So much crazy shit. AND THE DRAGON ROBOT BOMB."
Aleith|DM: Following the rundown…
Ernst: "If you want more information on the hobo, I'd suggest you talk to the good doctor next time you find him."
Phyllis: "And this ties into Nevard's prophecy, except now I'm pretty certain that the bit about the sun is LITERAL INSTEAD OF METAPHORICAL."
Delft: "I agree completely. If the Ob is making Kasvarina a priority, then we are too."
Garrett: "Oh yeah, and about the colossus…" He relays what he heard from the early-morning Nico-Grappa meeting.
Zane‘ scowls. "I’m not doing another gods-damned thing until I've talked to gods-damned Aodhan about the gods-damned DRAGONS LIVING IN GODS-DAMNED RISUR!"
Delft: "Which steps right into your next mission." He listens to Garrett. "Southeastern Elfaivar, eh?"
Chandrasekhar: "I want to be a fly on the wall for that."
Chandrasekhar: "Or at least read minutes."
Garrett: "That, and their plan to relocate it somewhere very uncomfortable for Han."
Garrett: "Not in -that- way, I don't think."
[OOC] Zane: "What, like the backseat of a motorized wagon?"
Delft: "Zane. We don't have time for this, unforunately. We need to find Kasvarina yesterday and see what she might remember. But! I did raise this with Chief Price-Hill, and there was only two dragons still living in Risur. One of them was Pemberton. The other is working directly for us. That's all they would tell me."
Zane: "…"
Garrett: "Oh there -is- a second one!"
Delft: "Apparently."
Gerald: "Under a geass I imagine?"
Delft shrugs. "Need-to-know."
Chandrasekhar: "…"
Delft: "And we don't need to know yet, it seems."
Zane‘ stands up. Looks at Delft, who can literally see the blood-veins in his eyes turning red. "We *don’t need to know*?"
Chandrasekhar: "I would contest that."
Delft: "When you stop running around saving the world though, the King said he'll put at the top of whatever line to talk to him about it, though."
Garrett: "Our average with dragons not being long-term politicking megalomaniacs isn't that great!"
Chandrasekhar: "With my sword drawn, at this point. Not knowing about Pemberton almost put the safety of the entire fucking world at stake, Delft."
Gerald‘ pauses. Tries to hold it in. Fails, starts laughing at Garrett.
Gerald: "Aaaah. Ah. Yeah. I woulda been right there with you boss, up until Pembertone decided to turn himself into a bomb and explode after he realized he couldn’t manipulate us at the meeting."
Gerald: "And Zane's not gunna be super useful to Risur until his mind is set at ease and like… Zane's kind of our squad leader and we probably want him at his mental best for this? So."
Zane‘ looks like he is genuinely trying not to completely lose it and start murdering people on the spot.
Gerald: "Send the King’s people that we'll be in for a meeting after we dock wether he likes it or not. He owes us one."
Zane: "Delft."
Delft: "Alright, alright. Zane, you want a ride back with us?"
Delft: "It'll take them some days to get to Elfaivar anyway by ship."
Zane: "The alternative is I quit and start indescriminately murdering people. So yes."
Zane‘ is dead serious.
Garrett: "Aw come on, we all know that it wouldn’t be indescriminate, it'd be very precise and targeted."
Delft sighs. "Alright. It's a rough transition, but I suspect you'll handle it better than me."
Zane: "Look on the bright side. Hard for me to start stabbing if I'm puking my guts out."
Phyllis: "Zane -is- rejoining us, correct?"
Garrett: "We'll find out, won't me?"
[OOC] Garrett: *we
Delft: "After his interview? If he's not in prison or on the run, probably, yes."
Zane: "Hey if I'm on the run, I'll come find you anyway."
Zane: "I still like you guys."
Delft: "Also true. I'll pretend I didn't hear that."
Phyllis: "And you realize that his absence or presence would serve as a bellwether to the rest of us, right?"
Chandrasekhar glances at Zane. "…need company?"
Delft: "Alright. Mr. Singh? Any guesses for where Asrabey may have taken his wife in southeastern Elfaivar?"
Phyllis: "Because I think we're all in agreemenet with him, even though it's not of as much personal importance."
Delft: "True. Pemberton has screwed you not once but twice now."
Zane‘ smiles at Singh. "They’ll need you here if something unforseen happens. Don't worry, I'm almost definitely probably not going to try and kill minister Lee."
Phyllis: "We share a common enemy with the Obscurati now, or at least it seems so."
Chandrasekhar grins at Zane, gives him the most informal of salutes. "You'd better come back, Mr. Bieito."
Garrett: "Hopefully, so. I'd hate to think the ol' boy was just bored and wanted some fireworks."
Phyllis: " - oh, that's funny. Lee isn't a dragon - he can't possibly be - "
Chandrasekhar: "…anyways… if I were Asrabey, I'd have headed to either Akravan, Bharat, or Rumah Terakir."
Chandrasekhar: "I can point them out on a map. Your maps are probably deliberately inaccurate, anyways."
Garrett: "Made sense once he said it out loud. Never at parties, wears that scaley belt a lot, sleeps on that bed of coin rather than a mattress."
Gerald: "Wait, Lee? That would make the world a way funnier place than I thought it was."
Chandrasekhar: "Always wondered why Lee's eyelids close left-to-right instead of up-and-down."
Delft: "Sounds like you have a good place to start. You should probably make for…." He digs into his bag, and pulls out a map. "Aha! Port Perrault. It's Danoran-founded, but not officially recognized. Seems to be teh closest."
Garrett‘ chuckles, then turns his attention to the map.
Delft: "Valence is another option, but that one is officially Danoran-owned."
Chandrasekhar: "Port Perrault will do."
Garrett: "We’ll try to be clandestine, in any case. 'Try,' but, you know."
Chandrasekhar: "We should consider Danor entirely compromised."
Garrett: "All the Jierres, all of them."
Delft: "With at least three Jierres in the conspiracy? I'd agree. Nathan was probably working for them, too."
Delft: "Just probably not, you know, in-the-know."
Phyllis: "… Did he have a ring when we detained him?"
Phyllis: "Ah. Not even inducted, just."
Phyllis: "There."
Delft: "Nah, he doesn't seem to know anything, just researched for them."
Delft: "Alright. It'll probably take you five or six days to get to Port Perrault, and hopefully we'll be bringing Mr. Bieito back to you before then. Any other questions, or things I should know before we leave?"
Chandrasekhar: "…besides 'trust nobody other than us and, I suppose, the King', but I feel like you've been on that train since the first stop."
Gerald: "Stock up on seasoning if their plan goes through. That meat wasn't bad but it definitely needed a bit of something else."
Phyllis: "Gerald."
Phyllis: "Gerald, sweetie."
Gerald: "I mean we covered everything else already…"
Chandrasekhar barks out a laugh.
Phyllis: "They're probably going with another plan entirely."
Delft laughs. Even Cyneberg snickers.
Gerald: "Phyllis."
Gerald: "There's no fucking way someone comes to you and lays out a plan for meat trees. And then you back away form it. No way."
Phyllis just glares at the three and shakes her head. She's got nothing in response.
Garrett: "Heheheh!"
Garrett: "It was a pretty decent plan, all things considered, but… still a gaggle of powermongers and murderhobos."
Delft: "Alright. Zane, you ready to go?"
Zane: "Absolutely."
Aleith|DM: Director Cyneburg sets up another linked portal to take you directly back to Slate. She was going to have to go back there anyway, and Delft can take the train back afterwards…
Aleith|DM: While Delft is recovering from the large bout of nausea that you all undergo, she orders one of the guards to tell the King they're coming, and the other to arrange transportation.
Aleith|DM: There are a few buckets in the room for the nausea, though…
Aleith|DM: The ride to the castle is quiet.
Zane‘ grits his teeth and tries desperately not to puke, after giving the marines shit for it earlier. "God, that is vile."
Aleith|DM: They’re a bit more ready for it this time, but one of them still has to puke alongside Delft.
Aleith|DM: Soon enough, you find yourself walking into a conference room in the castle. King Aodhan, Minister Lee are seated there, with a couple guards standing outside. Lauren stays outside as well, while Delft shows you to a seat across from them.
Zane‘ takes a seat. "Your Majesty. Minister Lee. Good to see you again."
Aodhan: "Good to see you too, Zane. I know you’ve been trying to see me for a bit, and I apologize for the delay. We shouldn't have had to pull you from your mission to have this talk, but I didn't hear about how deeply your concerns ran until you were in Drakr and I didn't want to disrupt your preparations."
Aodhan: "As Gradiax told you, in 300 A.O.V., King Boyle offered some of the last dragons refuge in Risur after they had seemed to lose the ability to fly some years prior."
Zane‘ smiles grimly. "How many?"
Aodhan: "100 years of life as a human in Risur, and to never take hostile action against Risur, in return for protection for those 100 years, and longer if they wished to stay."
Aodhan: "Five all told."
Zane: "How many are left?"
Zane` waits for it.
Aodhan: "One of them violated terms after a few decades and was put down, one lost his life in an accident, and one left a century ago and hasn’t been heard from again. Gradiax lived as the Pemberton family, and…"
Lee: "And I've served the King of Risur as their advisor since taking the agreement."
Zane‘ looks at Lee, raises an eyebrow.
Lee: "I once went by the name of Inatch the Hex-Eater."
Zane: "I appreciate the honesty."
Lee: "I can only guess as to how deep your enmity towards dragonkind runs, but I would appreciate it if you believed me when I say that I have the best intentions for Risur at heart after they offered me refuge."
Zane` opens his mouth, visibly checks himself. "We’re going to proceed as if I believe that, because I've got no other choice right now."
Aodhan: "My predecessor had nothing but words of praise for him, and he was also one of the people that helped put down the witches of Cauldron Hill a century ago."
Aodhan: "We do have people watching his interactions…although after missing what Pemberton was doing, I know you might not take that to heart."
Zane‘ visibly checks himself again. "We’ll get to the fact that I am going to cut gradiax into little dogfood sized pieces in a minute. Tell me about the dragon you lost a hundred years ago."
Lee: "Sudirroal the Voiceless. Less 'voiceless' and more 'roars above human perception', but he could addle foes with his voice."
Aodhan: "He left after his 100 years were up, and we haven't heard from him again. After he left our shores, the agents at the time lost track of him. As far as we know, he sailed east, but don't know to where. We haven't heard any stories of dragons popping up in Elfaivar, however."
Zane: "Great. OK. So. You completely lost one dragon, and then the one that didn't turn himself into an indespensable member of the royal line somehow managed to elude your notice while he set in motion a plan to quite literally take over Ber and eventually the world."
Zane: "I am… not really wild about this track record."
Aodhan: "Admittedly not one of my predecessors' better decisions in light of Gradiax's ambitions."
Zane: "I need everything your people have on Gradiax. The full folder, his entire time here. Not right now, obviously. I imagine you need time to put it together, and I have a mission to get back to right now. But I *will* find him, and I *will* destroy him. Anything you have on Sudirroal as well. He left here for a reason, and the fact that he's out there right now with a hundred years to plan
Zane: horrifies me. "
Aodhan: "We'll get that to you. Gradiax worries us as well since he was also at that convocation, but we don't have any leads on his new location yet."
Aodhan: "If you do run into another of his duplicants again, see how accurate a bearing Mr. Woodson can get on the soul."
Zane: "Yeah. If we've got the time. Things were a little rushed."
Aodhan: "If he caught anything this time, let Delft know. I'll take a look at the report of your mission later today."
Aodhan: "Thank you for the level of restraint you've shown today. I can only imagine how much Minister Lee's identity troubles you."
Zane: "It was definitely not what I was expecting, I'll say that much. Unfortunately I am still no closer to figuring out how to finalize Nicodemus. I have an idea for a stopgap measure, but I need to find the real deal."
Delft: "Mr. Woodson mentioned a southwesterly heading as far as he could tell, but hopefully any future encounters can be used to triangulate it."
Delft: "Or he doesn't get involved again, but that's not where my money's betting."
Lee: "Agreed. I doubt a world-changing conspiracy is something he's going to ignore, either."
Zane‘ runs a hand through his cropped hair. "Yeah, I knew he was going to be a recurring problem when we found him holding Oddcog."
Aodhan: "Indeed. Anything else you’d like to bring up before heading back, Sir Bieito?"
Zane: "I think that covers it at the moment, and I'm sure you have better things to do than soothe a paranoid RHC agent."
Phyllis sneezes.
Aodhan: "That's alright. Your team is doing its best to stop a threat not just to Risur, but to our entire world. It's better to clear the air about this, since it is very important to you, partly due to your upbringing afar."
Delft: "Plus we'd rather you don't go rogue."
Zane‘ smiles crookedly. "But think of all the money you’d save…"
Delft: "I dunno, the funeral charges might add up."
Aodhan sighs. "Chief Delft…?"
Zane: "Well yeah, he isn't wrong. But most of those could be laid off on civilians."
Zane: "Regardless, I'm glad we had this conversation so now I don't actually have to go rogue and murder your bodyguard."
Zane‘ smiles at Lee. "You just went from ’bottom of the hit list' to 'off the hit list'."
Aodhan: "As much as that would be a spectacle to see, I appreciate the sentiment. I imagine you wouldn't make it a fair fight, anyway, and we might only see the result. Or I'd end up missing a good chunk of my castle."
Lee: "Thank you. That does ease my mind. I'll do my utmost to keep it that way."
Delft: "Fine, fine. We'll get out of your hair, Your Majesty. Sir." He says, inclining his head towards both Aodhan and Lee.
Zane‘ laughs. "Only idiots fight fair, your majesty. And it would indeed have been a spectacle, either way."
Zane: "But we’re good. I'm still in the fold, Minister Lees secret is safe with me, and now I can concentrate on the Obscurati for a bit while your people assemble those files for me."
Aodhan: "I'll get someone on that right now. You and the others have done good work, and I hope to keep seeing results from you all for a long time."
Zane‘ rises and bows. "I appreciate your time, your majesty. Now I’ll let Delft get me back to work."
Aleith|DM: Delft leads you back out, and Director Cyneburg sets up another ritual to get you back to the Roscommon.
Aleith|DM: You all level up to 17, and your stipend increases by another 80,000 gp.

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