Zg Session 73

Most people gather in the trophy room (Area V) or the dance hall (Area CC) to have large group discussions, with a few people getting up the courage to go in small groups to visit the Portal Gallery.
The mood of the convocation turns wary. Some theories are bandied around, including that a spy has infiltrated them, that this is some sort of mind game by Nicodemus, or that someone’s trying to kill people who would vote for a different faction—though no one knows what faction Zoltan was favoring. Amielle Latimer jokingly suggests it could be the ghost pirates, and eagerly tells the story of how they all perished.
[OOC] Obscurati: 50 years ago, a crew of pirates set foot on the island. They were captured by the Clergy and chained in their ship, which was set on fire. They burned alive and then sank into the sea.
At midnight, Nicodemus asks everyone to gather again in the Main Hall.
Erected on stage is a metal plate with the names of the five factions painted on it, as well as 'Other.' Beside it is another plate with small magnets tags, each of which has the name of one of the Obscurati officers.
Nicodemus asks people to file through, pick up their named magnet, and cast a vote. He reminds them this is just preliminary, and that tomorrow night everyone will be able to cast a new vote, and that other proposals might be added between now and then.
Nicodemus goes first, placing his magnet on Miller's Pyre. Vicemi Terio goes next, telekinetically placing the twenty-five magnets for himself and the majority of the Ghost Council on Other. He explains that after the final vote, the Ghost Council will endorse whichever faction has the most votes.
Obscurati: As the last group, you're called up last. The results when it comes up to your votes is as follows:
The Arboretum. 4 votes.
Colossus. 9 votes.
Miller’s Pyre. 10 votes.
Panarchists. 7 votes.
Watchmakers. 5 votes.
Other. 8 votes, plus 25 ghosts.
Obscurati: Kiov Hetman votes for Miller's Pyre as well. How do the rest of you vote?
Oscan makes his way through the line and drops another vote on arboretum, staring at the number on Colossus, and then giving Nicodemus a Look.
Livia cast a vote for Miller's Pyre, of course. While staring at the nine votes for Colossus, a little.
Xavier Sangria heads up onto the stage and ponders, then puts his vote on Millers Pyre.
Ken Don places his vote on Millers Pyre as well.
Gran Guiscard: "To be honest… I'm surprised the Arboretum is so low. I'm almost pity-voting for them."
Gran Guiscard: "But."
Gran Guiscard places his magnet onto the Watchmakers stand.
Xavier Sangria shrugs. "Would have preferred Arboretum to help control monsters, but not enough votes to make it a contender before I got there. So this'll have to suffice."
Oscan: "Ain't no sense in settlin' on a bad plan tonight."
Obscurati: Alright. So the final votes are:
The Arboretum. 5 votes.
Colossus. 9 votes.
Miller's Pyre. 13 votes.
Panarchists. 7 votes.
Watchmakers. 6 votes.
Other. 8 votes, plus 25 ghosts.
[OOC] Obscurati: As for the people that voted for 'Other', please see http://storagebin.wikidot.com/zg-obscurati#toc57 for the Minor Factions
Obscurati: Nicodemus talks briefly after the conclusion of the vote, and then people begin splitting off to various conversation spots to keep on politicking and debating.
Gran Guiscard: "Hnnnnn…" He hums to himself, somewhat discordantly, while tapping the side of his jaw with a thoughtful finger.
Ken Don will stay in the crowd for the time being, but eventually he slinks off elsewhere.
Xavier Sangria moves through the crowd, listening to conversations and occasionally chiming in, but mostly just being seen.
[OOC] Obscurati: whoops that should be 14 for Miller's Pyre, whatever
Obscurati: One proposal that starts to gather a fair bit of support is a compromise—designed by Dame Constance Baden—called MAP. It mixes elements of Miller’s Pyre, Arboretum, and Panarchists, as well as Long Now, Trekkers, and Sky League. Dame Constance estimates they can get 29 votes easily, and if it gets the Ghost Council and Vicemi that’s 54 out of the needed 57.
Obscurati: Unfortunately, those in the Colossus and Watchmaker factions are strongly opposed to Miller’s Pyre, and shrug off accusations that they’re just worried they’ll end up with less power in the new world order.
Xavier Sangria rubs his chin. MAP sounds promising. He'll have to see what the details are first though.
Obscurati: It shuffles some planes about, adds a few new ones, and manages to satisfy most of the needs of those groups. Tellingly, it abandons the Miller’s Pyre desire of a plane with an Empathy focus, it keeps the Dreaming and Bleak Gate despite what the Arboretum wants, and it leaves the world with no seal against extraplanar incursion.
Oscan: "I guess still having the bleak gate might be good for mushrooms…?"
Xavier Sangria: "Hm."
Oscan is kind of curious if it'd be possible to get something with extra planar protection without linking up with something that would influence people too much, sort of a middling point between Aegis and Amorals and spends a bit of time asking around about that.
Obscurati: None of the planes that are currently linked are anything that influences people…
Gran Guiscard floats around the Colossus and Watchmakers voters to gauge their reactions and ideas about coalitioning.
Obscurati: Amielle's group seems to be discussing with Dengar Kriegshaff about bringing in a new habitable world to the Watchmaker's plan where the Ob leadership, allies, and descendants can live with free will, while also keeping the extraplanar protections, to bring in the Aegis faction.
Obscurati: Catherina Romana seems to be courting the Weapon-Mongers and Economists by bringing Livia's research into Risur's rites of rulership into play, requiring each member to undertake a ritual of affirmation every year. Each member of this 'colossus congress' would have a geographic region where they would need the approval of at least half the residents.
Livia winds up getting really into it with someone from the Sky League talking about exhilarating airship excursions until she winds up wandering over towards Romana, and casually mentioning a few fundamental misunderstandings of the rites of rulership on which she's predicated her entire argument… (It's worth a shot.)
Xavier Sangria definitely drops a few whispers walking around about how the Watchmaker people obviously cant be trusted, since they are immediately angling for a land where *they* get to be outside of the grand design but everybody else gets screwed…
Obscurati: It's actually hard to poke holes in her arguements-seems like she's read your reports pretty thoroughly. In fact, she even tries to bring you on board.
Livia smiles. "Miller's Pyre has my vote. But I'm glad to see you've read my papers."
Gran Guiscard grumpily mixes himself a drink.
Obscurati: Where are you heading off to, Ken?
Ken Don is going to idle the halls for a while before going to the lighthouse.
Obscurati: Alright. The base of the lighthouse is empty of guards or anyone else. There's a couple of ladders and a couple of freight elevators that head upwards.
Ken Don is obviously going to head up via the ladder. The elevator is noisy.
Obscurati: It sure is.
Obscurati: You heard that first-hand earlier.
Obscurati: About sixty feet up is a large storage area.
Ken Don glances around the place, looking for the device all the pipes in this place lead to.
Obscurati: You find various tanks of gas with different planar energies, as well as precisely labelled casks of lantern oil, one for each of the five faction proposals. As well, you find the pumps that can feed them to the various lamps throughout the palace.
Obscurati: You noticed what looked like the main control panel up top the lighthouse, with a ghost councillor floating nearby it.
Ken Don chews at his lip as he watches the ghost for a bit. What's he doing?
Obscurati: You can't see them from here, that's another 40 feet up the ladder.
Ken Don makes his way to the pumps. Are these hydraulic, or?
[OOC] Ken Don: Rather how does it pump
[OOC] Ken Don: Not sure for the word
[OOC] Obscurati: I don't know?
Obscurati: Gravity-fed.
Ken Don reaches into his bag and pulls out some tools. He knew he was coming here in advance and is going to set up some explosives that he can detonate later.
Obscurati: You'll have to come back up here if you want to do that, remote detonation isn't really a thing yet…
[OOC] Ken Don: When's the vote scheduled to end?
Obscurati: Tomorrow night.
[OOC] Xavier Sangria: timed detonation is a thing though.
[OOC] Ken Don: Good thing those terrorists two modules ago left all their documentation on how to make timed bombs
Obscurati: Okay, 'Demolition Charges' are actually a thing that you'd need to research with Tinker through 'Advanced Explosives'…
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: daaaaaaaaaaaamn
Obscurati: But…I suppose being a technologist and having previously seen something like that you could figure something out for now.
Obscurati: Make an Intelligence check.
Ken Don rolled d20+6 and got 3 ( Total: 9.0 )
Obscurati: Well, it'll go off tomorrow night. Roughly….
Obscurati: What time did you want it to go off?
[OOC] Ken Don: 5 minutes after the vote is scheduled to end.
Obscurati: Alright. Should be within 10 minutes of that either way
Ken Don finishes up before going back to the hallway.
Obscurati: Alright. Things start winding down as it approaches 2 AM. Anything else you guys are planning to do before sleeping?
[OOC] Oscan: nope
Obscurati: Who's rooming with who?
Obscurati: Since it's two to a room
Gran Guiscard decries the addition of the free will planet to Watchmaker, thereby eliminating the perfect play.
Obscurati: But then you can watch the play, Gran!
Livia is hanging out with Kiov, obviously, debating philosophy that's actually heavily-coded-in-case-anyone's-listening discussion of the various plans…
Oscan will shack up with gran, since garrett's not going to be very useful if someone bursts in and atempts to kill them all.
Gran Guiscard: "Tch. I'm more interested in a leading role. It's a guaranteed part of being a piece of history and all intelligent development!"
Obscurati rolled d20+19 and got 1 ( Total: 20 ) for vs Ernst's Will
Obscurati rolled d20+12 and got 15 ( Total: 27 ) for vs Garrett's Will
Obscurati rolled d20+12 and got 8 ( Total: 20 ) for vs Phyllis's Will
Obscurati rolled d20+9 and got 18 ( Total: 27 ) for vs Gerald's Will
Ken Don is okay.
Obscurati: You all are, nobody goes into Crisis during the night.
Obscurati: Gran, Oscan: Your doorknob rattles, waking you up.
Oscan shouts at the door, "Whadda want, this is sleepin' time!"
Obscurati: It looks like it's before dawn still (though it's harder to tell in the Bleak Gate). There's a note at the bottom of the door with a paper clip attached that reads 'Meeting Nic. Follow me.'
Gran Guiscard peeks his head out into the hallway.
Oscan: "Uuugh."
Obscurati: You can see 'Leone' and a couple of guards heading west.
Oscan: "This better involve from prime rib or someone needing their fingers smashed for a real good reason." Oscan grabs his, uh, 'work kit' before following after.
Gran Guiscard gets dressed and heads out.
Obscurati: The guards lead Leone over to the 'Council Room' (W) on the upper floor of the west wing.
Obscurati: Three of them stand at the end of each hallway, drowsy and grumbling about all the strange foreigners they're having to put up with.
[OOC] Obscurati: The end closer to W
[OOC] Obscurati: never mind, their closer to X
Obscurati: Near the council room itself, a ghost councillor hovers at the far end of each hallway.
Obscurati: There's not much in the way of cover to get past them…
Oscan gives grappa a tired, 'what are we doing here' look when he seems to come to a stop.
[OOC] Obscurati: you're following him, not going with him
Gran Guiscard shrugs and tries to catch up a bit
Oscan just follows along without any particular care if Leone did too.
Obscurati: The guards stop you and tell you to go back to your rooms.
Oscan: "That's nice but go fuck yourselves, mate. I got called in."
Gran Guiscard: "Meeting, guys. You think I want to be up this early?"
Guard: "No you didn't. Fuck off."
Oscan: "This ends one of two ways: you step aside, or I introduce a dagger to yer neck. I'm way too bloody tired for any of this horseshit."
Guard B: "Just Jierre, Quital, and Ravjahani."
Guard C: "Get lost."
Guard A: "Go back to sleep, dawn's only an hour away."
Oscan makes a loud, practised sign as he pulls a dagger from the inside of his coat, gesturing at the guards with it. "You lot *do* know why I'm on the payroll, yes?"
Guard B: "And you were told to stay out of the west wing when you got here unless invited."
Guard B: "Only those three were invited to this meeting, no matter what you think."
Oscan pulls out the slip of paper that was put under his door. "Duno what the fuck this would be if not an invite."
Gran Guiscard: "Ugh, fine. Can't be arsed…" He turns around and heads back to his room.
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: and while oscan is still troubling them, I'm gonna sneak out and go around the outside
Oscan .oO(I feel like I probably SHOULD stab one of them if they don't let up.)
Guard A looks at the note. "You could've written this yourself. If you invited you would have had an escort."
Gran Guiscard .oO (I'd appreciate it if you didn't, just harangue them, I'm going around the side.)
Obscurati: There's four ghost counillors floating outside the windows, Gran. And it's on the second floor. What's your plan from there?
Oscan: "Why in the fuck would I do that?"
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: are they in or outside the windows
Obscurati: Floating outside the windows.
Oscan: "If I had any intention of murdering anyone I sure as hell wouldn't opt for the most suspious method possible. I murder people for a living."
Guard C: "For the last time, get lost, or we'll inform the boss. This is a private meeting."
Oscan: "Ah! Informing the boss. That would be the hidden third option that doesn't involve you getting stabbed in the neck. Sure, lets go with that. We are here in the interest of making the world a better place, after all." Oscan gives the man a wild grin.
Guard A: "Alright, fine." He looks at the other two, and they do a quick game of rock-paper-scissors. Guard B heads off to the council room.
Oscan lazily spins the dagger between his fingers while he waits.
Obscurati: Guard B comes back. "Nicodemus says he, uh, 'commends your curiosity' but says you weren't invited and to go get some more sleep."
Gran Guiscard instead heads towards the icebox, being careful to see if anyone's guarding it at this time of day.
Oscan: "Tell Niccy to maybe make sure his fucking messangers knock on the right goddamn door next time and that he owns me a good scotch for interrupting my beauty sleep."
Obscurati: Guard C gives you a mock-salute. The other two laugh.
Obscurati: Despite the less-agile body, you manage to avoid any prying eyes as you sneak over there.
Obscurati: You find vents in the floor that can be opened to circulate the cold air around the building. They're large enough for you to crawl through.
Oscan: "Actually tell him that, I'm not just bitchin' to myself. If I don't get any of the good shit tomorrow I'm killin' the lot of you." Oscan lingers a few moments to make sure they understand he is Dead Serious, then leaves back to the room.
Gran Guiscard slithers in and uses the tip of his dagger to wedge open a vent. With a few deep breaths, he slides in, orienting himself towards the west wing, and begins to crawl.
Obscurati: Alright. It takes you a bit. Stealth check?
[OOC] Obscurati: -5 because of the different DEX scores
Gran Guiscard rolled 1d20+18 and got 4 ( Total: 22 )
Obscurati: Alright. Nobody hears you as you get close to the vent leading into the council room. You're behind a couch, but that probably suits you fine.
Gran Guiscard does his best to control his breathing. It's all just air passing through here…
Obscurati: Do you want to just listen, or do you want to try to find a vantage point to see things? Another stealth check if you want to do the latter.
Obscurati: You currently hear the guard asking Nicodemus about Oscan and him telling the guard to send him away but 'commend him for his curiosity' and to go to back to sleep.
Gran Guiscard will just listen in from here.
Obscurati: Sure.
Obscurati: You hear the sound of parchment unfurling, and then some clinking noises.
Nicodemus: "Since the colossus broke free eight months ago," clink, "it has wandered through the Dreaming. Since it was designed to resist divination, we can't tell exactly where it is, but it has left massive footprints visible in the real world, through Risur's weftlands," clink, "and into the high bayou." Clink.
Nicodemus: "It knocked the top off a mountain on the border of Risur and Ber," clink, "tromped across the desert toward the east coast," clink, "and then disappeared somewhere near Seobriga." Clink.
Han: "Was the colossus designed to operate underwater?"
Leone: "It was."
Vicemi: "We wondered why the colossus chose that particular path, but we have a theory now. At the same time the colossus escaped, an eladrin warrior named Asrabey abducted Kasvarina and spirited her away to the Dreaming."
Vicemi: "We're fairly certain that Asrabey thought Kasvarina was just a hostage, not one of the founders of this conspiracy, and given her condition we hope she cannot compromise us."
Vicemi: "Kasvarina is still an officer of the Obscurati, so we could not divine her location, but we could trace Asrabey, and they assume the two remained together. He headed to Elfaivar, then disappeared entirely near some old eladrin ruins," clink "which we believe have an entrance to an eladrin enclave, which exists between the real world and the Dreaming. That was five months ago, and just a few days ago colossal footprints were spotted in the jungle near those ruins."
Gran Guiscard focuses his thoughts on Leone. . o O (Don't panic, just think. What is the clinking?)
Leone . o O (Just beads being placed on the map. Interesting. I certainly can't see you.)
Vicemi: "My theory is that somehow the colossus is drawn to Kasvarina, perhaps because their memories were both locked away by the same man. So far we've refrained from rescuing Kasvarina, since the risk of an assault on an eladrin conclave was deemed too high, especially since she has no memories and thus isn't actually useful to the conspiracy. Now, though, it makes sense to secure her."
Nicodemus: "We have a plan to retrieve the colossus from the Dreaming, but it requires bringing the titan to a specific location."
Gran Guiscard . o O (I have good ears. Just give me a rundown of all the locations that have beads. I'm assuming it's the path the Colossus has taken.)
Obscurati: You hear a slight curse from Han.
Leone . o O (Yes. Nic just gave a 'significant' look at Han when he said that. I wonder where he means…)
Nicodemus: "Our first priority after the convocation ends will be to regain control of the colossus. We still have a few of the prototype golems that were put away for a rainy day, and if we can't find a way to restore the mind of the colossus, then we can try implanting one of the other golems' minds."
Nicodemus: "Leone, would you be able to manually control the colossus?"
Leone: "Err, uh, no. That would be too much for me."
Nicodemus: "We'll keep Leone on hand just in case, then, to help us at least slow the thing down. Can I get a dossier of vulnerable points on the target then? It might be time to start coming up with fall-back options if the new colossus minds won't work."
Cula: "I could probably find out what enclave Kasvarina is in. I just need to know what resources I can bring in, in order to rescure her."
Nicodemus: "We shouldn't make any plans until we know who's still on our side. Does anyone have any pressing business?"
Obscurati: They all answer in the negative. He suggests they all get a filling breakfast.
Gran Guiscard . o O (What's the area where Nico put that last bead? 'In the jungle near those ruins?')
Leone . o O (Near southeastern Elfaivar.)
Obscurati: You can hear people standing up, and Nicodemus calls Leone back for a moment.
Obscurati: You hear a couple of other peopel walk out of the room as Nicodemus asks him what faction he voted for.
Leone: "The Watchmakers, sir."
Nicodemus: "…I suggest you keep an open mind to other, more popular proposals."
Obscurati: You hear another set of footsteps walking out.
Obscurati: You then hear Nic ask to be alone.
Gran Guiscard slowly makes his way out.
Obscurati: Alright.
Gran Guiscard . o O (Who was the third person in the room?)
Gran Guiscard curses internally, he'll just have to ask later.
Obscurati: Heading back to your room or Leone's?
Gran Guiscard heads back to his room, there'll be time to question Leone later, as Nicodemus at least intimated that Leone would get another chance to vote…
Obscurati: Alright. Going back to sleep then?
Gran Guiscard will at least -try- to catch a power nap.
Obscurati: Sadly it's not much more, as the guards come around and provide wake-up calls at dawn for everyone. In the Bleak Gate, that just means it goes from pitch black to a gloomy grey outside.
Obscurati: Everyone heads to the main hall for breakfast.
Oscan looks more irritable than normal when he arrives.
Livia has a bet going with Kiov.
Obscurati: Several minutes later, a couple of guards come in hurriedly and speak with Nicodemus and the other faction leaders.
Gran Guiscard sees if he can get a Bloody Mary with his eggs.
Oscan: "That better be about my scotch!"
Obscurati: It sounds like you might need it, Gran. There were two more deaths this morning-Dame Constance was burned to death in her room, and Leone Quital appears to have hung himself in his room.
Obscurati: Guard B from earlier DOES actually show up and bring you a nice scotch though, Oscan.
Oscan: "Excellent, we don't need to progress past two deaths this morning!" Oscan flips the guasrd a gold coin, appearing to be in a good mood once again.
Oscan: "So, I wasn't keepin' track overly well last night, who'd the dame vote for?"
Obscurati: No one, she was the head of the Sky League and voted other. But she also proposed the MAP compromise.
Gran Guiscard: "Fuck me. Is this real?"
Livia: "She proposed the compromise."
Oscan: "And Leone?"
Oscan pours a bit of the scotch out into a glass for Gran, then takes a large swing directly from the bottle.
Gran Guiscard takes a drink of that scotch.
Livia: "Well. I suppose now we see precisely how far our notions of trust and shared vision to build a better world extend. Would that all the voting were taking place within the dimension implementing the Pyre's proposal."
Gran Guiscard: "Are these supposed to be, like… thematic murders?"
Gran Guiscard: "Like… stabbing is pretty easy- that first guy was stabbed, wasn't he?"
Kiov Hetman: "Gouge the neck and kill."
Oscan: "Well I mean, the colossus plan had nearly ten votes, no? Thought a decent chunk of us being here not having the best interests of all at heart was a given."
Gran Guiscard: "But burning? Hanging?"
Gran Guiscard: "Burning, especially not taking the rest of us with it!"
Oscan: "But hey lets give this whole trusting thing a shot shall we?"
Obscurati: Well, you could always investigate the murders if you want to kill some time.
Obscurati: During breakfast a fist-fight breaks out between two Berans—one supporting Colossus, the other Panarchist. Accusations and rumors fill the halls, with people growing suspicious of their fellow conspirators’ intentions. Several small groups can be seen slipping into private rooms to hold hushed discussions during the morning.
Oscan slams a fist on the table, before standing up and then ontop of it, looking around while waving his scotch bottle. "Alright folks! Raise your hand if you murdered one of our fellows last night!"
Gran Guiscard heads to investigate as the fist-fight breaks out.
Oscan: "Anyone? Anyone? No takers…?!"
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: also while gerald makes a scene <3
Xavier Sangria finishes his breakfast. "I'm gonna go look at Quital's room. That sounds less magic than burning to death at least. And he slips out while Oscan has peoples attention.
Obscurati: Erskine gets up and follows you out.
Obscurati: Which one are you checking out first? Dame Constance, or 'Leone'?
Kiov Hetman: "If these were also banished, I suspect we won't be seeing them as part of the ghost council anytime soon."
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: whichever is closer to the stairs so as not to be too suspicious
Kiov Hetman: "If not, I suspect different motives."
Oscan: "Well! So much for that plan of attack, Ms. Hatsfield! Haha. Betterment of the whole world my ass." Oscan evenually jumps back down, then resumes aggressively eating his breakfast.
Obscurati: Dame Constance's room is closer as it's on the lower level.
Xavier Sangria is checking Leone first. "Please stay outside, Erskine. I don't want you possibly messing up any signs." He frowns. "It's going to be hard enough trying to translate what I know about animal attacks into person murders."
Livia: "-Some- of us believe in the goal of making the world a better place, and not just carving our name into its bones." She meets the eyes of a few of the compromise proponents she'd spoken to yesterday night.
Erskine: "Alright. Let me know if you need any help."
Oscan: "Seem like a dyin' breed to me." Looong pause.
Xavier Sangria nods. "I will. Just didnt want you to think I was kicking you out becuase I'm an asshole or something."
Obscurati: Constance's room is only half-burned, but the bed-and Constance-are mostly gone. There's only charred bits of the bed and the bones of her feet left.
Livia looks Appropriately Horrified.
Oscan: "C'mon that set up was PERFECT."
Obscurati: Kiov: Arcana check?
Livia can't help a faint, gallows-humour smile.
Gran Guiscard: "Ugh. It stinks-"
Xavier Sangria is going to give Leones room a very [Thorough Search]. It'll take about an hour.
Kiov Hetman rolled d20+24 and got 16 ( Total: 40.0 )
Obscurati: Xavier: You find Leone strung up with a noose made from one of the bedsheets.
Xavier Sangria rolled d20+33 and got 3 ( Total: 36 ) for And…
Kiov Hetman: "Technically, if only an apex predator remains, they would be able to determine what 'betterment of the world' means."
Obscurati: Kiov: The residue from the flames is tinged with demonic energies, like the Infernal Wrath that Lya used on your group when you fought her.
[OOC] Obscurati: Infernal Wrath being the Tiefling racial ability
Obscurati: Many of the items in the room are scattered about in disarray, Xavier. They're all metallic.
Oscan: "If only the apex predator remained, they'd die 'cause they didn't figure out how to ration their supper. Which. I suppose that's one way to make a more peaceful world, haha!"
Kiov Hetman: "In power, I mean. Not in existence."
Kiov Hetman: "Demonic fire. Either that or a tiefling took Constance, it seems."
Gran Guiscard: "Yeesh."
Livia frowns and shakes her head. "'Betterment of the world' has a meaning seperate from any one person's individual view. It's a goal that can only be pursued in collaboration…"
Kiov Hetman: "Is her presence still around?"
Obscurati: More telling is the fact that the marks on the neck from the noose seem to be made after the body died, though Leone did appear to die from asphyxiation.
Gran Guiscard glances about Dame Constance's room for any sign of a soul. It should be easy enough to spot…
Obscurati: Dame Constance's soul is gone.
Gran Guiscard shrugs. "How would I know? Just looking at the blast zone, I'd say absolutely nothing is left." And he meets eyes with Kiov, and turns to leave.
Gran Guiscard then wanders about to find Leone's room, acting a bit lost like he doesn't know where it is. It's an act.
Obscurati: You find Erskine outside. He tells you Xavier's busy looking over the room.
Gran Guiscard: "Ugh. I better stay out of his way, then. (He's got one of those -looks-, you know?)"
Gran Guiscard heads back downstairs.
Obscurati: Well, you can take a look when he's done. After breakfast, probably, if you can still eat something.
Kiov Hetman: "Is this really our business..?"
Gran Guiscard will at least have a liquid breakfast. Bloody Marys are -kind- of nutritional…
Oscan: "You know what IS my business though…!"
Livia: "Is it… murder? Bad jokes?"
Xavier Sangria frowns and opens the door after a while. "It's a fake. He was strangled and then hung afterward. See these marks on his neck? I've seen the like before, you don't get them from hanging." He gestures at the sheet. "That should give you something more like if it was a constricting snake, even pressure all around." He gestures at the metal scattered around the room. "And he would have
Xavier Sangria just used something metal to cut the sheet anyway. "
Kiov Hetman: "Murder by bad jokes."
Oscan: As breakfast is winding down, Oscan goes around and is starting up a betting pool on Who's Going To Die Suspiciously Next.
Oscan: "Yes and yes!"
Kiov Hetman: "You. You've been rabble-rousing."
Obscurati: A lot of people look at you in Bad Taste. But some join in.
Oscan: "But of course."
Erskine: "Interesting."
Oscan meticulously keeps track of bets and names in a little book.
Obscurati: Gran: Grappa's spirit is still hanging about.
[OOC] Gran Guiscard: is anyone around?
Obscurati: Just you, Xavier, anyone else in your group that followed you, and Erskine.
Gran Guiscard: "Even in this place of obscurity…" He shakes his head and ends by palming his face, leaning against a wall. But he focuses on Grappa's soul. [Speak With Spirit]
Obscurati: Alright. What's question #1?
Kiov Hetman stands up and looks about for … Macbannin, Han, and Cula, in the meantime. See how much steam MAP still has.
Gran Guiscard . o O (You've come to a terrible end. Who killed you?)
Obscurati: Arcana, Diplomacy, or Insight.
Gran Guiscard rolled 1d20+18 and got 15 ( Total: 33 ) for diplo
Grappa . o O (Reed Macbannin. That guy representing Arboretum.)
Obscurati: Kiov: MAP seems to be pretty much settled, and they're trying to get people to vote for it. It seems to be going fairly well.
Gran Guiscard . o O (Nicodemus called you back to him and asked you who you voted for. Other than myself, you, and Nicodemus, who else was in the room at that time?)
Gran Guiscard rolled 1d20+18 and got 1 ( Total: 19 ) for diplo
Grappa . o O (Han Jierre, Cula Ravjahani, and Vicemi Terio. Some of those ghosts floating about.)
Kiov Hetman: "Tell me a little more about it. It sounds good, but convince me."
Obscurati: Who are you asking? Cula's the official representative of the coalition.
Kiov Hetman: Her, then.
Gran Guiscard . o O (So… do you know -why- Macbannin killed you?)
Gran Guiscard rolled 1d20+18 and got 19 ( Total: 37 ) for diplo
Cula: "The Arboretum gets their Craft and Artifice moon, the Panarchists get their Healing plane and their teleportation and event sensing plane of Space, while we get our planes of Speech and Expression. We managed to keep Jiese and fit in another plane of Air for flight. Unfortunately, we won't be keeping any of the planes for the extraplanar protections."
Grappa . o O (He didn't go on tirade or anything, unfortunately. But Leone was one of the people that brought Macbannin into the fold…?)
Kiov Hetman exhales. "That is, perhaps, the opposite direction I was hoping for. I consider those defenses important."
Gran Guiscard . o O (…you better get out of here. If you're found here, they'll know something's up.)
Kiov Hetman: "But, we shall see. I play above board. Unlike whoever did Constance in."
Kiov Hetman: "Do you fear being targetted, as they were?"
Cula: "I remember your points from last night. Many of the others on board don't have worries. The Clergy know how to deal with demons, for example."
Cula: "As the head of a faction? Yes, of course. But I plan to stick to large groups until I'm well away from here after tonight's vote."
Kiov Hetman: "Keep my line of work in mind, and the complexities of merely - mere, in comparison - to containing the great malice. And that's right here. That is the enemy we know."
Kiov Hetman: "Likewise for demons, likewise for titans, likewise for dragons."
Gran Guiscard . o O (Rest in peace, unless you've got one final trick up your sleeve.)
Kiov Hetman: "You want Vicemi's ear, yes? He knows of my perspective."
Cula: "Yes, of course. But we'll be more ready to cooperate against any threats under MAP, and with some additional ability to fight back in the worst case."
Kiov Hetman: "How long did the wars with demons last?"
Kiov Hetman: "If you're going to bring them up as a counterpoint, I'd like you to at least consider how much time and effort was spent containing them."
Cula: "As far as I know, it's a never-ending battle. Though most of them are contained by now. The Clergy's ancient history is…not my strong point."
Oscan closes up his gambling ledger after getting the last bet in, then glances over at Cula and Kiov. "Not that the Clergy hasn't been known to fold like a deck 'o cards when pressed hard enough, am I right?" A pause. "Actually why am I hazing you, I like this new plan better than pure Pyre anyway." Followed by a rolled shrug.
Kiov Hetman: "Six hundred and seventeen years for the demonocracy to fall."
Gran Guiscard heads back to the dining hall.
Cula: "That's not how long the war against them lasted, though. Triegenes' war took over a decade, but that's a much shorter timeframe than their existence."
Kiov Hetman: "My point being - six hundred and seven to know them, then."
Kiov Hetman: "The enemy you know."
Kiov Hetman waves a hand dismissively. "Something of this weight, of this magnitude, shouldn't be put to a vote, not with this … sense of impulse that it's being treated with. Aegis, like myself, knows how fragile the house of cards is."
Cula: "So you think that Nicodemus and the other leaders should have just decided and not let us have a say?"
Kiov Hetman: "Is it possible they already have, and this is all theatre?"
Cula: "We shall see."
Kiov Hetman: "Thank you for your time, in any case."
Kiov Hetman nods politely, then heads off to track down Vicemi.
Obscurati: Alright. You find Vicemi floating around near the wall of the main hall.
Kiov Hetman nods gruffly. "Sir."
Vicemi: "Hetman. Do you need something?"
Kiov Hetman: "Mind if I ask your thoughts on which proposal you're voting for?"
Vicemi: "Whichever one gets the most votes, much like the rest of the Ghost Council. We mentioned that last night."
Vicemi: "You voted for Miller's Pyre, right?"
Kiov Hetman: "Yes, though now I have my doubts."
Kiov Hetman: "Though, given the lack of a better option, I still may."
Vicemi: "At the moment it looks like the only other options are a tweaked Colossus and a Watchmakers where we can watch. Unless you'd prefer to just vote with our block for the winner?"
Kiov Hetman: "As far as viable options, at least. In principle, I lean towards Aegis closest, now." He explains his reasoning, the same he gave to Cula earlier. 'The enemy you know.' Much like his knowledge of the towers.
Kiov Hetman: "No particular agenda, just … wanting to confide in someone."
Vicemi: "Aegis seems to be falling in with Amielle since she's the only major faction that's still planning to block extraplanar travel and intruders."
Vicemi: "I'd rather watch people figure things out themselves than go by a script, myself. I don't think Amielle can truly imagine what innovations they might come up with over a thousand years left to their own devices."
Kiov Hetman: "That is good information, at least."
Kiov Hetman: "Everything feels so … impulsive and fragile. Surely we aren't deciding the fate of the world in only a few nights."
Kiov Hetman: "Would you trust me to be a watchmaker? Lend my engineering expertise, ask questions that others seem to have neglected?"
Vicemi: "We'll see how things go after lunch. We've decided to hold a second vote then, before the final vote tonight."
Vicemi: "You're meticulous, at least, and reason drives you over superstition. But their odds don't look good."
Kiov Hetman: "I just meant in thoery. To bear that responsibility with the care it truly deserves."
Vicemi: "We can discuss this more in the afternoon, then."
Kiov Hetman nods. "Take care until then."
Vicemi nods back.
More politicking and discussions happen throughout the morning….

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