Zg Session 66

Aleith|DM: Autumn 1st, 501 A.O.V.
Aleith|DM: You arrive at a conference room in the fortress of Governor's Island in FLint, home and workplace of Governor Roland Stanfield. A long table splits the conference room in two, and an inviting buffet of pastries and coffee cover it.
Aleith|DM: You're acoompanied by Chief Inspector Stover Delft, who is already polishing off his third donut; and Captain Dale, the head of security on Cauldron Hill, who has encouraged the group to eat their fill while slowly savoring a single donut of his own.
Phyllis looks weary. The cloth parts of her uniform are wrinkled. Circles under her eyes. There's some parchment sticking out of her hair.
Zane‘ looks like he might still be drunk. Almost definitely hungover at the very least. Unshaven. And pissed off.
Gerald` has a line of five coffee cups in front of him and a full plate of pasteries he’s been alternating between since he sat down. He's doing a wonderful job of not minding all the stares he's getting from… basically everyone.
Phyllis glances over to the side at Zane. Then up. (Given their height difference.)
Chandrasekhar smoothly picks the parchment out of Phyllis' hair and tucks it into her pocket, then pours Zane some coffee. Basically all in one fluid motion.
Zane‘ drops into a chair and sips his coffee with a nod at Chandrasekhar and Phyllis.
Phyllis gives Captain Dale a bit of an owlish stare, then sits down to snarf down her fill.
Garrett` swirls his coffee about in a mug, while he relaxes in one of the chairs.
Chandrasekhar allows himself a little jelly donut after all of which, and sits down. (SOMEONE’S gotta show up with not a hair out of place.)
After you settle in, Governor Stanfield enters, asks the guards to not let anyone in for the next half hour, then closes the door. He gets himself coffee and a small plate of fried jackfruit chips, and winces a bit as he sits down, apologizing for a back injury that has plagued him for five centuries. He waves it off, and with warm enthusiasm says they should get started.
Zane: "Five hundred is a long time for a hernia."
Delft: "Why have we been called here, governor? The constables' next mission is a classified one, and I haven't even briefed them on it yet."
Phyllis pauses between bites and looks back up at Dale. "Near Cauldron Hill. Your jurisdiction, right? Nevard said he arranged for safe shelter in the Cloudwood. You've followed up on that, I presume?"
Captain Dale nods, but stops as Delft and Stanfield start talking.
Stanfield: "I was hoping to get your aid in resolving some issues here in Flint, since their skills are quite useful, and this is their jurisdiction. Captain Dale will provide an overview, and I hope you consider sticking around to help if you can."
Garrett: "It's not that we enjoy working abroad, we just… tend to end up out there for one reason or another."
Phyllis swallows a bit. Loudly. "It has been on my mind a bit, after - after going over some notes."
Zane‘ opens his mouth, works his jaw… and closes his mouth.
Captain Dale clears his throat and begins. "First off, yes, Constable Lenz, we’ve managed to keep Cauldron Hill mostly clear of people since Nevard's prophecy. Only two birds so far, right? According to the skyseers anyway. "
Dale: "Since the colossus has broke free, the peak, or what's left of it, has been fluctuating, sometimes leaking into the Bleak Gate, sometimes safely in this world. My men are patrolling it and kill a nightly influx of undead and some downright-frightening monsters, but that's just a stopgap. Two men have died already. I'm at a loss of how to fix the problem."
Gerald‘ reaches across the table, puts a bear claw on a small plate, then slides it towards Zane.
Zane` snorts at Gerald. "I get it." Chomp.
Captain Dale takes out a map of Flint and grabs a small plate, putting a chocolate-covered donut overtop Cauldron Hill.
Garrett: "The most delicious debriefing.
Phyllis: "The cauldron shattered."
Phyllis: "I wonder if we can assist with wards."
Dale: "Seconds, the police have been getting into more brawls with dockers and factory workers." He grabs a jelly donut and puts it on a plate by the docks of Bosum Strand.
Dale: "The police have been particularly on edge since swaths of the city were crushed by the colossus, cracking down on the smallest offenses. Meanwhile the general mood of the dockers is that most authority figures must have been involved with the disaster, and conspiracy theories are flying across the city."
Phyllis: "Circles of blood, which the undead will follow for eternity."
Dale: "Doesn’t have to be human blood, right? Just making sure."
Chandrasekhar: "Is there a compelling reason for the loss of discipline?" He looks up, flinty-eyed. "It's not the citizens' fault a colossus crushed their homes."
He scribbles down a note. "We can try that at least."
Chandrasekhar: "We exist to protect and serve the _people_ of Risur. Never forget that. I believe I issued some suggestions with regards to the treatment of the Factory district some seasons ago…?"
Gerald: "Ahah."
Stanfield: "Seems like more of a chicken-and-egg problem. Not sure if the general unrest is throwing off the police, or the stronger reactions are causing problems with the people."
Gerald: "Ahaha."
Gerald‘ puts a hand up in the hair, has to try *really hard* to not completely errupt into giggles when Chandra says ’factory district'.
Chandrasekhar arches an eyebrow at Gerald.
Zane‘ scowls even harder.
Phyllis: "Last time, I believe there was fey influence. Ekossigan and his ritual."
Phyllis: "Doubtful this time."
Phyllis: "But still, possible."
Gerald: "okay okay okay I think I’m good now."
Gerald‘ shoves a danish into his mouth.
Dale: "Thirdly, we’ve had an unusual number of ships wrecking on shoals near The Ayres." He places a glazed donut on a plate over there.
Dale: "A few people have talked of building a new lighthouse, while others suspect the sea fey are angry."
Ernst picks at the food as he listens to the briefing.
Phyllis: "No lighthouses."
Gerald: "I woodn't doobt 'at."
Chandrasekhar: "Alternatively, the people could be simply terrified. Police and citizenry alike. The banishment of fear requires a discipline of mind few possess." He strokes the side of his face, like he's tracing a scar.
Chandrasekhar: "Hmm. I can send a message to the Court. Perhaps they can be placated."
Phyllis: "No. Lighthouses." She seems -adamant- on this.
Zane: "I can probably deal with the dockers and the cops."
Dale: "Er, right." He makes a few notes. "Please do see if it is something with them."
Gerald: "Well I mean a giant ass automaton just stomps all through out their uh, grounds, waterways, whatever. Wouldn't be strange if they were a bit cheesed about that still. Heheh,"
Chandrasekhar: "Have another donut."
Garrett‘ leans back in the chair, gently swaying a bit.
Gerald` does indeed have another coffee dunked donut.
Dale: "And fourth." He puts a bear claw on a plate in the Parity Lake (not Factory) district. "After you all discovered that our local industrialist Benedict Pemberton was actually a dragon with a mild case of ’wanting to become a tyrant'-"
Delft coughs rather loudly.
Zane‘ ’s coffee cup rather noisily shatters in his hand.
Dale: "Um. Right. The governor's worried about duplicants and wants a thorough investigation of his activities in Flint."
Garrett: "You spilled a bit there, mate."
Gerald: "Oh thank the gods, everyone in the rooms knows about that ahahahahaha."
Chandrasekhar stares at Dale and Delft somehow at the exact same time.
Phyllis wordlessly conjures her [Mage Hand] to retrieve another for Zane.
Zane: "Isn't that just convenient for everyone now."
Garrett: "Act surprised when there's intersectionality between that and the 2nd point about the populace."
Delft: "I'm sorry, Zane, but I report to people, and they decide who needs to know pertinent information. An industrialist in our city being a dragon is something the governor should know."
Zane‘ speaks through gritted teeth. "Its something that never should have been allowed to happen in the first place."
Phyllis: "Would there still be a Risur if it happened differently?"
Chandrasekhar: "I assume you’ll forgive me for asking what -other- ticking time bombs we ought to know about? Just to clear the air." He smiles thinly.
Delft: "It's not, no. And I'm sorry we didn't discover anything about his activities in Ber before this came crashing down on your home country to warn them first."
Garrett: "If we don't find them now, you can bet we will soon."
Phyllis: "The Sword of the Black Needles, Chandra. Or at least, that is a tale that I consider in parallel with this one."
Gerald: "Eheheh. Aaaah."
Zane: "Not your fault somebody took blood money two hundred years ago to shelter war criminals and tyrants. Get on with the briefing."
Ernst rolled 2#d20(1) and got 13 ( Total: 13 )
Also rolled 2#d20(2) and got 20 [Total: 20 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Also rolled 2#d20(1) and got 15 [Total: 15 (High), Avg: 15.00]
Also rolled 2#d20(2) and got 3 [Total: 3 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 51, Avg: 12.75
Phyllis looks up from her plate and glances around the group. "That reference scans, right?"
Phyllis especially lingers on Zane.
Zane: "I'm sure you'll refresh me later."
Stanfield strokes his chin. "I haven't heard much about that sword. If it's not buried in some collection somewhere, it's probably not here but the Dreaming."
Phyllis: "It is best left alone and lost."
Dale: "That's the main problems with Flint. We'd appreciate any help you can give us."
Phyllis: "But given that we encountered the Tyrant's Eye itself, I have no trust in lost things -staying- lost."
Stanfield nods. "Sensible."
Zane‘ looks at the donuts on the table. Sighs. "I should probably be kept out of Parity Lake. Too personal. I’ll burn another building down."
Zane: "I can tell you that Gradiax isn't at home any more though."
Delft: "Alright constables." As he stands up from the table, he grabs a few more donuts. "Thank you for your time, Governor, but I've got to brief my constables. We'll be in touch. Gotta keep Zane busy or he'll start looking for more dragons in dark places."
Gerald: "You wouldn't know what to look for anyway, I got that."
Zane: "Be a lot easier if the king would just cough up that list."
Zane: "Less messy, too."
Delft starts leading you out of the fortress towards a private carriage. "I'm working with Lord Price-Hill on getting that appointment setup, but it might have to wait until after this mission."
Gerald: "Man you got only yourself to blame for not insisting that you needed that meeting *now* instead of trying to book time normally."
Garrett: "Don't worry, I bet we'll be able to make our own list if we start getting orders to stop poking about certain places."
Zane: "He's got a kingdom to run, Gerald. Thats a lot more complicated than me just having a few people to murder."
Phyllis: "Anyway. Duplicants. Garrett."
Gerald: "He ain't runnin' the kingdom when he's eating lunch."
Phyllis: "You're our man for that, right?"
Zane: "You'd be surprised."
Garrett‘ nods.
Garrett: "I’ll find a nice perch and peoplewatch."
Garrett: "Probably rub shoulders with a few dockers while I'm at it. Not just pick 'em out immediately, but also figure out who they've been dealing with."
Aleith|DM: After you get into the carriage and it starts driving away, Delft speaks up. "Alright. So, read this, and you'll see why I've been acting a bit cagey. This arrived just this morning."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: http://i.imgur.com/XDho6CC.jpg
Zane: "See if you can triangulate where they're being pointed in the process."
Gerald: "Oh boy oh boy."
Delft: "As much as I'd love for you to stay and help fix things up around here, I'd prefer if you left as soon as possible, like tomorrow morning. I can get Carlao and the others to look into the governor's concerns."
Garrett‘ snorts. "Hah!"
Zane` reads. Says something *incredibly* impolite in Giant.
Zane: "I’m gonna kill him for real this time. … I need some obsidian."
Garrett: "That solves that mystery."
Ernst: "Can't say I know much about northern Drakr."
Chandrasekhar: "….hnn."
Gerald‘ burst into howling laughter.
Delft: "Sadly we the letter was delivered by an average-looking courier in an envelope with no postmark. But I’ve got a set of non-metallic mage cuffs for you."
Chandrasekhar: "You've been holding that in so long I was starting to be concerned about you, Gerald."
Gerald: "There is not a single thing about the world falling apart that *isn't* funny, holy shit."
Phyllis: "We have other means of tracking the route it came from, at least."
Phyllis once again nods at Garrett.
Gerald: "This little fucker doesn't even have a body anymore and he's still got balls the size of fists! I love it."
Chandrasekhar: "I… admire his tenacity."
Delft: "You're welcome to look into it. I'll discuss more of the plans when we're on your ship."
Zane: "'We'?"
Gerald: "Oh, are you coming this time too Boss?"
Zane‘ looks at Delft.
Delft: "I’m not coming with. Just debriefing there."
Gerald: "Oh, okay."
Ernst: "Pity. That would have been a welcome change."
Delft: "I'll be coordinating things from here with agents on the northern side of the Avery Sea."
Delft: "Sadly I'm shackled to my desk. Besides, my leg'd get in the way of any harrowing escapes."
Gerald: "That was definitely going to be my first counter arguement yeah."
Delft: "I love you too, Gerald."
Gerald‘ smiles good naturedly.
Zane: "Don’t be too hard on him, we've spent years getting you trained. We cant afford to waste time breaking in a new supervisor at this point."
Chandrasekhar snorts.
Delft laughs.
Aleith|DM: The carriage pulls up at the docks. As you leave the carriage, you notice a woman with blue-green skin and green hair that…looks more like tentacles than follicles…standing on the deck of your ship.
Gerald: "The fuck?"
Aleith|DM: A huge school of fish seems to be teeming in the waters around it as well.
Chandrasekhar: "Good… morning."
Gerald: "Sea fae?" Gerald tilts his head towards Chandra.
Phyllis: "Xambr - er."
Phyllis: "Or that."
Zane: "But I'm serious, I need some chunks of obsidian. Eight inches long, three wide, one thick minimum."
Beshela: "Good morning, constables. I am Lady Beshela, archfey of the sea."
Delft: "I'll see what I can dig up."
Gerald: "Hah! In your face Phyllis."
Gerald: "Hello!"
Zane‘ nods politely to the archfey. He’s hung over and pissed, not stupid. "Good morning."
Garrett: "A pleasure to meet you. I am Garrett Woodson." He's all proper and formal 'n shit.
Beshela: "While I am an ally of Ethelyn, who you still keep locked up, I know she was afraid of a shadowy force controlling Risur. Since you defeated the duchess, you must be stronger than her, making you the best weapon against this shadowy force."
Zane‘ honest to god smiles.
Zane: "Yeah, we are."
Phyllis stares at Gerald, considering what sort of illusion to show him just before he nods off to sleep.
Chandrasekhar bows respectfully to her - it’s different, rather elaborate, old-looking. "I am Chandrasekhar Singh. It's an honour. And yes."
Gerald: "We sure are popular today, huh?"
Gerald: "Who do you want to to shoot and/or arrest?"
Phyllis nods at Beshela. "Given recent events, I've considered requesting that she be freed. While her actions would have been disastrous, I do believe her intent to have been good and genuine."
Phyllis: "Please know that this is something I take with the utmost seriousness."
Beshela: "I bring you a gift." She waves her hand and a portal pad, five feet in diameter and four inches thick. "This will help you travel short distances from your ship, or temporarily transition it into the Bleak Gate or The Dreaming."
Gerald: "Oooh."
Garrett: "Now we're an even better best weapon. Thank you for the gift."
Chandrasekhar raises one eyebrow almost imperceptibly and smiles.
Aleith|DM: She smiles faintly back in Chandrasekhar's direction. Her teeth are sharp points.
Phyllis nudges Chandra.
Phyllis: "(No lighthouses.)"
You hear a crowd approaching the docks, boisterously singing one of Rock Rackus's ribald classics about how he slept with the fey queen.
Gerald: "Not it."
Phyllis: "Gerald."
Gerald‘ finger guns in Phyllis’ direction, then points at Garrett.
Phyllis: "Don't make me make you."
Aleith|DM: Rock approaches at the front of roughly one hundred dock workers, the song finishing as they near your boat.
Delft sighs.
Phyllis hovers a hand over her orb.
Gerald‘ siiighs, turns to face the crowd. "Hey, Rock!"
Rock: "Hey, constables!"
Gerald: "We’re kind of in the middle of a thing here, do you mind giving it a few minutes…?"
Garrett: "Rock. You're… still here, I see!"
Aleith|DM: He seems to do a bit of a double-take when he catches sight of you, then looks beside him before looking back towards you. "Phyllis! You were…just beside me? You wanted me to come on your next mission, right?"
Phyllis: "Beg pardon?"
Gerald: "…"
Garrett: "How did that not strike you as immediately suspect…"
Gerald‘ starts laughing all over again. It’s just one of those days.
Aleith|DM: He turns around to the crowd. "These are the good constables who helped take care of that big old golem that knocked over part of our fair city!"
Chandrasekhar: "You're not a good judge of… character, Rackus."
Gerald‘ holds up a hand, kind of waving to the crowd between giggles.
Zane` looks at the others. "Oh my god, no. Not only no but Hell No. Possibly even creeping up into ’I'll kill him myself.'"
Rock: "You probably read the articles about their help over in Ber with their own railroad and that gnoll uprising they had!"
Aleith|DM: Some voices from the crowd speak up:
“Hey, who’s that blue chick on the boat?”
“I heard something about some blue faerie helping out the duchess!
Aleith|DM: I bet she tried to kill the king!”
“Wait, she’s the one who sank my ship!”
“Constables, you’ve got to arrest her!”
“Arrest her?! Kill the faerie bitch!”
[OOC] Aleith|DM: whoops mis-editted that
Ernst rubs his forehead.
Phyllis looks over at Beshela to see how she's reacting to this. If anything, her own face shows apology.
Garrett‘ studies the crowd…
Zane: "You want me to handle this? Cuz I can…"
Zane: "And I’m in a real ideal mood for it."
Garrett: "Hmm… maybe."
Chandrasekhar clears his throad. Rather… loudly. If they don't quiet down… well, Zane's here.
Garrett‘ .oO (Because it’s definitely not coming from the crowd.) To his compatriots.
Aleith|DM: When you look over your sholder, you see a man in a suit….well, probably a man? He's got no face you can see, but a top hat sits in the empty air above it, with his arm draped across the archfey's shoulders.
Gerald: "Aaah. Now now! We don't kill people who don't violently resist arrest. We usually don't kill them either! And we usually try and parley with, uh,, foreign powers that could sink ALL our ships and kill our entire industry and make you all unemployed, yeah?"
"Good day to you, Agents of King Kelland."
Zane: "I'm not gonna kill 'em. I'm gonna talk to 'em."
Phyllis: "An illusion, Garrett?" [Arcana?]
He then turns his invisible head and makes a smooch sound at Beshela's face. She detaches herself coldly and glares at him.
Chandrasekhar whirls. "Who in the Goddess' name are you?"
Garrett: "(Focus on the voices instead of the people, yeah.)"
Zane‘ glances over his shoulder. Right, squad can handle that. he throws his cloak back and stalks down the gangway to the crew on the docks.
Garrett` .oO (And, of course, be wary of this character that just appeared. I believe he may be related to it.)
Phyllis: "(I suspected as much already with Rock saying I was right next to him.)"
Aleith|DM: The ’headless' man starts walking around the ship, occasionally standing at a right-angle to gravity on vertical parts of your ship like a mast. "I'm Copperhat the Headless."
Garrett‘ .oO (His voice shares… similar traits.)
Copperhat: "Are you trusting Beshela here?"
Garrett: "Your body betrays your name, at the least."
Gerald: "Uhh we literally just met her, a bit early to make a call either way."
Gerald: "Especially when each time she attempts to explain what she wants someone interrupts her…?"
Copperhat: "The Unseen Court is having some disagreements with other archfey, you might say. Some people are even talking about waking up the fey titans to punish Risur for the rampaging metal monster."
Chandrasekhar chuckles. "You don’t trust -anybody- in our line of work."
Copperhat: "It's times like this when exciting and stupid things happen, like a little long-delayed reciprocation.
Copperhat then grabs the portal pad, disappearing only to reappear on the docks, amid a gaggle of dockers.
Chandrasekhar: "Especially not people suddenly being wildly magnanimous." He smiles to Beshela. "No disrespect, my lady. You're a good liar, but."
Phyllis: "Rock."
Phyllis: "Get the hell out of here."
He drops the dais and kicks it a few times, and then the wood and stone of the docks start to dissolve. Startled dockers jump back.
Gerald‘ sighs, pulling out his gun.
Beshela: "Your a meddler and a liar, Copperhat."
Phyllis: "I’ve seen seen someone like you."
Chandrasekhar: "Did you honestly think we were going to use the portal without examining it -thoroughly- first?"
Copperhat: "I'll fix it for you if you want, though you can be sure to examine my handiwork."
Beshela glares at the man.
Beshela: "Constables! You traitors! Bird-voiced singers! You servants of shadows and steam, you're nothing better than oafish walruses!"
Chandrasekhar shrugs, lightly. "In case you hadn't noticed, we're /fighting/ the colossus. Although, I'll have to remember that line, it rather rings on the tongue."
Zane‘ just looks at the crowd behind Rock. "You might want to leave. Now. All of you."
Phyllis: "I." There’s a look of genuine confusion on her face. "How?"
Aleith|DM: The dockers start backing away, though Rock doesn't back off very much. "The fish bitch don't know what real heroes look like."
Gerald: "I'm a little confused as to who she's insulting there."
Phyllis: "Chandra. Am I correct in thinking this 'Copperhat' is, uh. The one that Rock cuckolded?"
Phyllis points at the star. "I think you have more to fear from him than you do her."
Copperhat: "Ha! Not even close. Though I do perform for the Court, I'm not the one he slept with."
Zane‘ sighs. "Rock, do me a favor and go with them, yeah? We’ve got a job to do, we don't want you coming along, and dealing with an archfey and whatever the headless wonder up there is is going to be complicated enough."
Rock fires off a salute. "Alright. Guess I was tricked by them. You take care constables. I'll spread the good word about you. Might have to write as song about miss squiddy here."
Chandrasekhar is the one trying not to laugh, now.
Phyllis: "I didn't mean the one he slept with, either."
Copperhat: "Ah, right, the king. Yes. Of course."
Gerald: "Help keep the peace around the docks while we're gone for us though, yeah Rock?"
Chandrasekhar: "Rock, as seems to be his wont, just got pulled into things, I believe."
Rock: "Will do!"
Chandrasekhar: "Bit of a family quarrel."
Phyllis: "I mean, all you archfey look the same to me."
Gerald‘ flashes Rock a salute before turning back towards the invisible hat and the archfey..
Phyllis: "At least not without a silver mirror?"
Zane: "Keep it in your pants, Rock. They’re not all bad. Like most of the local cops. Spread that word for us too. Nobody wins when you and them brawl it out."
Gerald: "OK so. Would you two mind explaining whatever the hell is going on, especially if I need to shoot one of you as you both seem to be implying?"
Rock: "Sure thing, boss!"
Zane: "You're the man, Rock."
Zane‘ heads back up the gangplank.
Zane: "OK. Thats one situation resolved without violence. Now. On to you two."
Beshela: "You lot defeated Ethelyn a year and a half ago and things have gone with the waves ever since. I know you’re with this 'Obscurati' the duchess was against and are somehow fooling King Aodhan into trusting you."
Gerald‘ …
Gerald` bursts out laughing again.
Zane` points at the archfey of the sea. "Words hurt. And you’re completely wrong. We've been fighting the Obscurati every time we turn around."
Phyllis: "Saxby was."
Gerald: "Holy SHIT you are a stupid ass motherfucker ahahaha."
Phyllis: "GERALD.
Zane‘ points at the headless wonder. "Start talking straight or get the fuck off our boat. We have a job to do and I am *real low* on tolerance for bullshit today."
Gerald: "I’m just sayin'! If you wanna accuse people of shit like that at least do some basic ass reseach first."
Copperhat shrugs. "I'm already off the boat, buddy. I'm just trying to stop 'miss squiddy' here from melting your boat."
Chandrasekhar is actually… grinning ear to ear at Gerald. "Start rhyming. Be more creative with your insults. This is an -art form- where we come from."
Gerald‘ flashes invisible wonder a thumbs up.
Garrett` pats the Roscommon. "She’s made of tougher stuff than that."
Chandrasekhar: "If anyone'd know how to melt her, it'd be our friend here."
Phyllis: "I will submit to any scrying or divination you wish to perform to verify your claims. Rest assured, they have no basis for the six of us before you."
Zane: "Is that what the portal actually does? Thanks for the warning. You're still pissing me off. Don't feel special though. It's been a shitty season." He whirls to face Beshela. "Let me say this again so you can hear the truth of it. We. Are Not. With. The Obscurati. Our former boss was. We beat her ass and threw her in jail. Kell was. I burned his fucking house down. McBannon was. We beat
Zane: his ass and threw him in jail, AND blew up his fucking house. "
Aleith|DM: Alright. Intimidate check?
Zane‘ rolled d20+17 and got 20 ( Total: 37 )
Gerald: "Wait, rhyming? That sounds like a lot of effort."
Chandrasekhar: "Anyways, the gift was an obvious trap all along, but I appreciate the drama, bhaiya."
Zane: "Now if you have something actually useful to contribute, great. If not, lady I have seen the Voice of Rot, you dont scare me for *shit*."
Copperhat: "Oh, a boast-off, is it? Let’s get this all proper and former. Beshela? You've heard their first round. You've got a minute or two for yours. Three rounds, alright?"
Beshela growls, but nods. "As long as they each have a separate constable."
Beshela first mocks your party, saying that she has sunk a dozen Risuri ships these past six months, but there's nothing as defenders of Risur have done to stop her. She proceeds to recount the sea beasts she sent to devour the many captains who went down with their ships.
Copperhat: "Round two! Constables?"
Phyllis holds up a finger.
Phyllis traces the image of a lighthouse, arcane light lingering and shimmering in the air. "But you see, their plots we've foiled.
Copperhat: "Ms. Lenz! I thought I pulled off a good impression of you earlier, lovely to hear you."
Phyllis: The ocean, if you keep it boiled and roiled, will play into steel and steam's hands, make a lighthouse that fits their blueprints and plans. "
Phyllis conjures up further images of what she remembers of what they've faced, adding illusion and image to spoken word. "My specialty's illusion, but trust there's no collusion; it takes an illusionist to know what truths cannot be hidden."
Phyllis: sugar d20+23 ; Spook
Phyllis rolled d20+23 and got 1 ( Total: 24.0 ) for Spook
Phyllis rolled d20+23 and got 11 ( Total: 34.0 ) for Insightful Councillor
Phyllis: Her familiar helps out a bit. Ahem.
[OOC] Garrett: it's not a familiar it's a 'hype man'………
Next she brags about inspiring the greatest symphony Risur ever created, when she saved a handsome drowning violinist in the middle of a hurricane, and over three weeks of incessant love-making she told him all the secrets of her kingdom. But when she returned the man to shore, he remembered nothing of her secrets, and instead wrote the Hurricane Symphony to try to win her back. She let him die famous but alone.
Copperhat: "Alright, round three! Let's go with Beshela again!"
Finally, she boasts about saving the lives of Aodhan and Ethelyn before they were royalty. They had stolen a steam warship from the Danorans, but they could not outrun the enemy fleet alone. In exchange for a promise of friendship and rights to all the sunken treasure, she awoke the sleeping fey titan She Who Writhes and lured her to destroy the Danorans.
Copperhat: "And lastly, the constables!"
Chandrasekhar can't match Phyllis' talent for wordplay, but he's got practise singing in epic meter, and so: the story of how the Constables, alone in a den of wretchedness and villainry, toppled Nalaam, cut off all the heads of the hydra, were vaunted as the heroes of the city by the grateful lords, their renown spreading the entire world over- more than a match for the Obscurati, /or/ an errant arch
Phyllis: "Ignorant wench, fighting your allies, underestimating forces you don't understand - "
Chandrasekhar fey…
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+18 and got 8 ( Total: 26 ) for [Intimidate]
Copperhat applauds. Even Delft is smiling. Though he was frowning at Beshela's earlier comments…
Beshela gives you a bow.
Beshela: "Constables, I'm sorry for questioning your honour. Your boasting skills are more than a match for mine, and I'll give you my aid."
Garrett: "-Real- aid, this time?"
Gerald‘ turns his head to one side, giving Chandra a questioning look.
Beshela: "I’ll stop my aggression. Much like my promise with Cavallo de Guerra, ask of me when you need my favour."
Chandrasekhar shakes his head slightly at Gerald with -genuine regret-.
Aleith|DM: She steps off the boat, and waves her hands over the portal pad. The docks around it stop sizzling away.
Phyllis: "Make amends for sinking our ships. Or - at least - "
Phyllis: "Trust me when I say you open the door to even worse if your actions are enough to persuade our people to build another lighthouse to better navigate the seas here."
Zane: "Returning the lost cargo would be appreciated."
Beshela bows again> "I will see what I can find. She turns and dives into the waters.
Gerald: ",,,Fey are weird."
Gerald: "Wasn't expecting THAT quick of a turn around."
Copperhat nods sagely. At least, his hat moves up and down. "Yep."
Phyllis turns her gaze over to Copperhat.
Phyllis: "I don't knokw whether to press a coldiron gear against your skin or to thank you."
Copperhead: "The fey portal pad looks good to me." He picks it up and teleports with it onto your ship. "Feel free to check it over, put it where you want, and-please don't do that."
Copperhat: "And especially not the spinny kind." He shudders.
Phyllis: "What if I cover it in salt, first?"
Copperhat: "I've got a favour to ask of you."
Chandrasekhar: "I'm going to choose to interpret that as that genuine thanks from Phyllis is as frightening as a soulsoaked cold iron wheel."
Zane: "What is it with you people and spinny gears?"
Chandrasekhar: "They're. HORRIFYING."
Chandrasekhar: "…anyways. We're listening."
Chandrasekhar: "I am, at any rate."
Copperhat: "I've got a magic item I want kept safe, but I don't want to bother carrying it. I want to know if you can hold onto it for me, and I don't mind if you use it in the meanwhile." He pulls out a ball of spiderskil. "You can call it an absurdist web, something like a bag of holding."
Phyllis: "It reminds them of their existential cosmic dread at the knowledge they are naught but insignificant specks in the starry wheels of heaven, and all our squabbles and foibles are petty in the face of an uncaring eternity."
Copperhat: "You'll have some dead bodies on your hands in the near future, and this will come in handy. Not sure quite what you're up to, but I've got a knack. I can always smell a corpse in the offing.
Phyllis gives Zane a side-eye glance.
Gerald: "Hunting down a conspiracy."
Copperhat: "Sounds perfect for that."
Zane: "What happens if I stuff someone in there that isn't dead?"
Phyllis: "But still helpless and bound, let's say."
Copperhat: "Good for a month. Think they pop out afterwards though."
Garrett: "Usually if it's through us, it means that we have less problems, not more, but hey."
Zane: "Like, if they're alseep, stay asleep for a month?"
Zane: "or do I gotta feed and water them like an obnoxious pet?"
Copperhat: "Stasis. Come out like they go in."
Chandrasekhar: "Handy."
Gerald: "Neeeeat."
Copperhat: "They heal though."
Gerald: "What's the catch?"
Zane: "You just completely justified pissing me off earlier. We're square."
Copperhat: "I'll need it back when I run into you again. Sometime."
Gerald: "Pretty good catch."
Zane: "Long as we can remove whoever we have stored in it first, deal."
Copperhat: "Alright. It's yours." He tosses you the knot of spidersilk.
Zane‘ catches it and it vanishes under his cloak.
He then pulls a monogrammed envelope with Rock Rackus on the front from a coat pocket. "I’ve got an inivitation from the matriarch of the Unseen Court to deliver if he's not coming along with you."
Garrett: "He's not," Garrett says, a bit too quickly.
Phyllis: "Please no."
Aleith|DM: He tips his hat and heads off. "Goodbye, constables."
Phyllis: "I mean, we'll take the invitation."
Zane: "I wonder how much the king would pay if Rock dissapeared…"
Phyllis: "Just. Not Rock."
Chandrasekhar actually laughs out loud. "Walk in shade and grace, bhaiya."
Gerald: "Phyllis,"
Gerald: "Just think of the stories waiting for us when we return home!"
Phyllis: "I will make you march off the pier."
Gerald: "That's not very nice."
Delft sighs. "How do you deal with them, Singh?"
Delft: "The…fey."
Garrett: "-Wow-, rude."
Phyllis: "An uncanny resistance to charm spells." She -started- answering before he specified, thinking he meant the constables. Namely, her.
Phyllis: But both meanings work.
Chandrasekhar laughs!
Aleith|DM: Once you're onboard your ship and belowdecks, Delft reiterates: the mission is to find Leone Quital, take him alive, aid this Alexander Grappa, and if the bargain he demands is possible, the constables are to go through with it.
Chandrasekhar: "I suppose it helps to have grown up in and amongst them. It's… a different perspective on the world."
Delft: "The ultimate goal is to infiltrate this meeting of the Obscurati, at which point you're free to act at your discretion."
Delft: "I'd be fine with you just getting out alive and reporting the position of their base, but if you can learn more about their plans and operational structure, excellent."
Delft: "And if you see a chance to capture or kill key members of the group, you should take it."
Gerald: "Wait."
Garrett: "That was assumed, yeah."
Gerald: "Take Quital… alive…?"
Gerald‘ frowns in Delft’s direction.
Phyllis: "Did you not read his letter, Gerald?"
Chandrasekhar: "We're trying to flip Grappa."
Gerald: "Oh right. I've just been looking forward to killing him again so much."
Ernst: "Alive at least until a new body is found."
Gerald‘ sighs whistfully.
Delft: "The first order of business, though, is to find Leone. I’ve got some info gathered by other agents, the military garrison at Cauldron Hill, and the local police."
Aleith|DM: - On Spring 14, after the colossus broke free, Leone used his steelshaping powers to tear a path for himself out of the facility and close it behind him so no one could follow him. He emerged onto the side of Cauldron Hill, which was undergoing a planar flux that transported him into the real world.
Aleith|DM: - He made his way to North Shore, where he called upon an Ob-friendly Danoran named Jacques LeBrayne, who ferried Leone on his private yacht to one of the many ships sailing out of Flint harbor in the chaos. Leone found one, the Cold Vessel, that was carrying Risuri fruit to Crisllyir, and he brokered passage. They dropped him off in Alais Primos, the capital, on the 20th of Spring. The crew remember him distinctly, particularly that he seemed quite disappointed they had no wine on board.
Delft: "That's all the information we have for now. Mages have tried divining Leone's location, but some magic…probably his ring?…has blocked their efforts. It's up to you to follow his trail, starting at the docks in Alais Primos. Unfortunately, the trail is 6 months cold."
Zane‘ sighs.
Phyllis: "’The steel betrays the vintner.'"
Delft: "You'll be operating outside of Risur again, so I suggest maintaining a low profile since falling afoul of local authorities could be politically awkward."
Gerald: "I will definitely stay inconspicuous while shooting my lightning gun and shrink ray."
Delft sighs.
Delft: "You can reach out to Joe Hobner in Alais Primos, a field agent who 'retired' and opened an import business there, bringing Risuri goods to Crisillyir. I worked with him back in the day, and I'll vouch for him, tentatively. I don't discount the risk that the man might have been replaced by a doppleganger, mimic, duplicant, or other shapeshifter."
Phyllis: "Did our mages try specifically to divine him, or - I think our letter may give us a little bit of an edge, at least.
Gerald: "If anyone else I'll just tell them I'm out for a personal vendetta, which is like, mostly true anyway."
Zane: "You know, if we can just give Grappa Quitals body, that… is a lot less personally satisfying but tactically superior."
Delft: "Haven't had much time with the letter, so go nuts with that."
Delft: "Feel free to take the day getting supplies, but I'd suggest leaving this evening, because high tide is at midnight. Constable Cyneburg can bring whatever you might need to requisition to the experimental teleportation circle on your ship. You can stay longer if you'd like, but I'd prefer you leave sooner rather than later on this manhunt."
Zane: "If I'm not getting to burn Parity Lake down again, I'm not staying."
Gerald: "Same really. See you when we get back."
Delft: "I've got a new gadget for you, though." He hands over six communication ringsrings—rings
Aleith|DM: made from interlocking pieces of silver and rusted iron.
Gerald‘ tilts his head at the ring, shrugs then slips it on without another thought.
Zane: "Fancy. What do they do?"
Chandrasekhar tries one on.
Delft: "These were recently crafted by Harkover Lee. They act as tiny ring gates between this world and the Bleak Gate. You can send a sending ritual or maybe your messenger wind through these to communicate between the two.
Phyllis inspects it. "… metals of both the dreaming and the - yep."
Delft: "I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up in the Bleak Gate again, and at least with this you'll be able to send a message home. If Beshela was telling the truth, your ship can travel between them for a time, too."
Gerald: "Neat."
Chandrasekhar twitches his hand a little bit. It /would/ have rusted iron as a principal component.
Zane: "Huh. I hope Harkover Lee isn't on that list."
Delft: "Dare I ask which list?"
Zane: "The only one I've asked about recently."
Delft: "People who know, or people who are?"
Zane: "People who are. I assume he knows already since he's the Kings right hand man."
Zane: "And if they aren't on his watch list then Aodhan's gone soft in the damn head."
Delft: "I'd agree with that latter assessment, at least. Don't know about the former, but he is the most powerful mage in the nation."
Zane: "Which is why I don't want him on the list. Do you knwo how hard its gonna be to kill him?"
Delft sighs. "Even if he is a dragon, I'd rather you didn't kill him. He was rather helpful before the peace conference."
Chandrasekhar: "Goddess, that hadn't even occurred to me."
Zane‘ shakes his head. "Not even for you, boss. They are a threat that I can’t explain in words. All I can do is point you at the history books of Ber and go 'Look! They did that!' and even then you won't understand."
Delft: "It's true. Although I can't say too much with Pemberton serving as a counter-example."
Gerald: "Zane, that's racist."
Zane: "You're god damned right it is."
Delft: "Two hundred years as a rich entrepreneur and then he goes and throws it away to try and take over a country?"
Delft: "And fails, too, thanks to your hard work."
Delft: "This is why I try not to get on your bad side."
Chandrasekhar: "Thus passes avarice, now and always."
Gerald: "That's *still* funny by the by."
Zane: "You're looking at it from the wrong end, Delft. He spent two hundred years working to position himself to take Ber. it wasn't a decision one morning. it was two hundred years of cold, calculating plot."
Gerald: "It's so DUMB though."
Delft: "True. Much like Fey they think really long-term."
Chandrasekhar: "…if you're playing the long game, and you -still- fuck up that dramatically?"
Zane: "The only reason it failed is because he got Tinker and got sloppy."
Zane: "If he had stuck to his original plan instead, we'd never have known."
Phyllis: "Sir."
Delft: "Probably would've taken him longer without Tinker to figure out the duplicants for him, but what's another decade or two?"
Phyllis: "I would ask your opinion."
Chandrasekhar: "Then you weren't playing it right. Good for the world, bad for him. May they all fail as explosively."
Phyllis: "Is our duty to Risur's people, or to the crown?"
Delft: "That's a question that I hope you never have to ask yourself. It's always the difficult questions with you, Ms. Lenz."
Delft: "I wish I had some more coffee." He ponders.
Delft: "The country. If the king betrays it, then he's not a proper ruler."
Gerald: "I still wanna know how you sit in Risur for two hundred years, watching it grow into the power house it is, and not realize that that future of true power is gunna be in owning all the bunsinesses and factories that make shit, not in some crown. Damned stupid dragon, ahaha."
Chandrasekhar: "The Rites themselves are rather clear on the matter, as I understand it."
Zane: "I frame it as 'are we loyal to the kingdom, or are we loyal to the king' and yeah, that's the answer I come up with."
Delft: "I'm not too clear on the Rites yourself, but I think you're probably right."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Rites myself
Delft: "I mean, I'm pretty sure you were considering the King might be part of this grand conspiracy at some point, and if he was? Damn right we'd fight him, right under his nose."
Phyllis nods. "It was an answer I came to some time go, myself. Just. I wanted us to have the same understanding."
Zane: "Because, Gerald. He didn't want power in Risur. He didnt want more money or the latest gadgets or any of that shit. He wanted Ber."
Gerald: "Psh, Risur. Ber. I'll tell you what - another hundred years and countries are gunna mean shit - it'll be the guys that own the factories that are set up all over the world that matter."
Zane: "Yep. And he would have had both."
Chandrasekhar: "You're a better dragon than the dragon."
Gerald‘ just shakes his head.
Delft: "Alright, constables. You have your orders. I’ll leave you too them. Let's find out what these bastards are up to."
Zane: "I mean who is going to figure that the redneck factory mogul and Gradiax the Lord of Steel are the same person?"
Gerald: "Eeeeheheheheheheheeee."
Zane: "We sure didn't, and we were right next to him."
Gerald: "That's never gunna not be funny."
Zane: "I'm glad you think so."
Gerald: "C'mon, you can think it's funny too even if you wanna stab him in the throat."
Gerald: "Gods known I'm gunna be gigglin' when you kill him too."
Zane: "You know the worst part?"
Zane: "I'll bet you a month of your favorite donuts that he's going to join the Ob now, just for a shot at us."
Gerald: "Oh man. That would be. SO GOOD."
Zane: "No, man."
Gerald: "Especially when we just got the okay to kill their leaderships." Gerald smiles.
Phyllis: "A dragon, enchanted to be someone's pet."
Zane: "It means we're going to be too busy to really savor it."
Phyllis: "That seems like a fitting end, doesn't it?"
Gerald: "Ah well, we'll worry about that when it's relevant." Gerald gives a wave, then goes to start doing cast off prep.
Zane‘ shakes his head. "They only get one end, Phyllis. No tricks, no geas. The dragons have to die."
Phyllis: "An undead pet?"
Zane: "Like Cheshimox?"
Phyllis: "Mm."
Phyllis: "I think I see your point. Stamped out of history."
Chandrasekhar: "…they cannot be suffered to live. Not if they have any designs on a free peoples’ territory."
Zane: "I want to go to bed at night with my toesies warm, my mind clear, and my heart full of the joy of knowing the dragons are not a threat to the world. Gradiax took that from me. I will not stop until I have it back."
End Session 1 of Schism

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