Zg Session 61

Day 2 of the competition (Summer 3)
Gerald, Phyllis, and Chandrasekhar wake up in the caves of the Fuego goblin tribe, 30 miles west of Citado Cavallo.
Gerald: "Wonder how long it takes them to get ready for a trip…"
Phyllis packs her stuff and gets ready. "Shouldn't be too long, I hope."
Chandrasekhar: "Imagine they're fairly quick travelers."
Aleith|DM: So, the remaining goblins have been cured of their infection, and both Dr. von Recklinghausen (though he'd prefer you call him by Elias Malapropism while he's here) and the goblin shaman Willigu are ready to travel with you; the Dr. to help the Adalid's grandson, the shaman to meet with Cavallo to discuss terms.
Aleith|DM: Thankfully Phyllis can still speak and understand Goblin for the next half a day or so
Phyllis nods at Willigu. "‘Ready to go?`"
The shaman nods, giant-ant-topped staff in hand. "`Yes.`"
Aleith|DM: Riding back, or taking a Linked Portal?
[OOC] Gerald: can’t think of any particular reason not to link…
Aleith|DM: Alright. Heading straight to see the Adalid, or going to get some 'proper' clothes for your new goblin ally first?
Chandrasekhar heads straight back. Time is of the essence for everyone involved.
Gerald: "…Probably won't mind if it means his grandkid's in less danger of dying, yeah?"
Aleith|DM: The guards direct you to the courtyard again, where Cavallo is playing with his grandchildren again, while some of his advisors watch, one of them reporting on the state of the region's trade.
Chandrasekhar shrugs a little. "It's not like they won't have seen goblins in… traditional attire before."
Aleith|DM: The guards are a little wary of the goblin, but shrug at your reassurances.
Chandrasekhar will vouch for the goblin. Repeatedly, if necessary!
Aleith|DM: Cavallo looks up from his wrestling match when a couple of the kids (and one of the advisors) exclaim about the approaching goblin.
Phyllis: "Easy, easy."
Phyllis shrugs at Willigu apologetically.
Cavallo sighs. "I suppose expedience over presentation? Ah, well." He picks himself up and walks over, switching to Orcish as starts conversing with the goblin who didn't seem to speak Common. Thankfully, it appears the shaman can speak Orcish, as becomes self-evident shortly after when he replies.
Aleith|DM: After a bit of time, Cavallo and Willigu shake hands.
Chandrasekhar very very VERY quietly goes 'yessss'.
Cavallo: "Alright. You did good. And this would be Dr. Malapropism?"
Gerald: "Yup."
Phyllis: "And no other."
'Elias': "A pleasure to meet you, sir. Thank you for heeding my message and sending them to assist me. I'm glad things turned out for the better."
Cavallo: "My pleasure as well." He calls over Corta, introduces her to the doctor, and they depart, presumeably to look after her son. He also asks him to start looking into what he's heard has started to spread amongst the general population in the city.
Cavallo: "Alright. So you've managed to upgrade my request for assistance into a couple of large favours. Not that the reparations won't have some impact on things, but I'll discuss things with Willigu here about bringing his people properly into the fold. I've already apologized about ousting them from the property, and I'll have people start moving what's leftover from our recovery operation there and starting setting some things up for them there."
Chandrasekhar nods. "Glad to hear that, sir. I'm confident it'll work out for the best for everyone involved."
Cavallo: "That's half of my agreement. What can you promise for my people?"
Gerald: "Well, the obvious major one is that by opting to *not* start a war, no one has to die. Which I find people are generally in favor of."
Chandrasekhar: "The doctor's treatment, for one thing. For another…" He glances at Phyllis. "Have we heard back about tentative options for a trade deal yet, once the railroad is built?"
[OOC] Zane: "We promise our absent friends wont slaughter you all in your beds to prevent an international incident…"
Phyllis: "We have a few options in mind. Just need a few moments of correspondence. Does Heward Sechim sound like a good start?"
Chandrasekhar: "Probably the best person to ask."
Phyllis gestures at the departing Malapropism. "That, and enabling the eradication of a troublesome disease, one hopes."
Cavallo: "Alright, I'll let you work on that. We'll discuss it again over lunch, if ou like. Alonsa, show our goblin guest around, please, and work some more things out with him."
Aleith|DM: Meanwhile, at-or-near Aigotsura, Garrett, Zane, and Ernst are dealing with things at the railway.
Aleith|DM: 17 more miles to go. You've got 1 money, 2 material, and 2 morale to work with at the moment. You'll get 1 money at the end of the day for the mile that got built yesterday.
[OOC] Garrett: 'build 2 (costing 2 material, 0 morale due to 1 mile from workers and 1 mile from robots), buy 1 material' is my suggestion for the next set of orders
Zane‘ is definitely rifling through camp supplies. Rope, spikes, explosives, more explosives… "Hey Garret what’re you gonna need for your totem poles?" The sound of cloth shredding. "We dont have any handy skulls, I'll keep an eye out on the way…"
Garrett: "It's gonna be mostly improv on-the-spot terrain melding, really."
Garrett: "But skulls work!"
Zane: "A'right."
Garrett: "Skulls and stucks, dragon skulls, humanoid skulls, the lot."
Zane: "You got it."
Aleith|DM: Alright. Any plans for yourselves today? Ernst is making sure the Steam Crew works properly.
[OOC] Garrett: mostly preparing to go out and wreck the other crew's shit, I think?
Zane‘ is probably spending the day looking over maps, figuring out where the best spots to sabotage the other crews lines and packing a couple of sacks of supplies. "Man, I won’t say I *never* thought I'd be putting my courses in this to use, but definitely not against my own people…"
Aleith|DM: Okay.
Garrett‘ exhales a pained sigh. "Yeah, well, leadership being what it is…"
Garrett: "Can’t predict the weather all the time."
Garrett: "…no, wait, that's people."
Zane: "I feel bad, man. I don't like working against Damata."
Garrett: "Pretty sure Skyseers can do that other one."
Garrett: "Well…" He sheathes his knives.
Garrett: "Heeeeeeeeeere's the thing."
Garrett: "I figure we have one of two options here."
Garrett: "Either we gently talk him into giving up a big chunk of government bonus as a favor,"
Garrett: "Or we obliterate his options into the ground so hard that their reputation will plummet and he'll get no further contracts."
Zane: "Yeah, I'm gonna try and talk to him while I'm over there."
Zane: "If he's there. I hope he's there."
Garrett‘ nods. "I’ll hold off on my plan at least for a day or two."
Garrett: "Or until I hear about a wave of food poisoning in the main camp."
Zane‘ grins. "Two days oughtta do it."
Garrett: "Until then, I’m gonna hole up and see if anyone's scouting us early. Counter-scouting."
Zane‘ nods. "Find a good spot to watch the rails, then find a good spot to watch that spot."
Aleith|DM: Back to Citado Cavallo, the three of you are called out to join him again for lunch. Lya’s there as well, but she appears to be a bit more annoyed than yesterday.
Gerald: "I'd probably just give this one up as a lost cause to be honest."
Gerald‘ takes a seat while talking in Lya’s direction.
Lya: "You work awfully fast, I'll have to give you that much."
Phyllis: "We make no apologies for being absurdly competent."
Chandrasekhar thinks of about three things to say in response, none of which are appropriate in the diplomatic context, and instead smiles sweetly at Lya before taking a seat.
Cavallo: "Thank you again. My grandson, Altioro, is recovering now, and I'll be employing the doctor for the forseeable future to make sure we eradicate dragon worm from the area."
Chandrasekhar: "Excellent news. It's a terrible disease."
Cavallo: "Quite so. Alonsa informs me that we might be able to arrange some trade with the Fuego people in hides as well as the acid of their various giant insects."
Cavallo: "Their insect control can also be hired for excavation and plowing, she tells me."
Chandrasekhar nods. "Good to hear. Our manufactories over in Risur might be able to make good use of some of those materials, as well. It's better to work hand in hand towards a brighter future, don't you think?"
Cavallo: "Agreed. If we're not using it ourselves, we could ship them to Risur to sell."
Phyllis has probably contacted Heward Sechim, that archfey, and Kulp in the meantime between lunch and now.
Aleith|DM: You're pretty sure Heward would be possibly be interested in testing out those acids, at least, speaking of him.
Aleith|DM: There's a bit of back-and-forth with some of Chandrasekhar's fey and Vekeshi contacts, but he's managed to get enough pull with them to get that arranged, though it's taken some favours. But you've got an agreement from Beshela for Cavallo's fleet to receive her blessing.
Aleith|DM: And Heward will get back to you about some manufacturers that are looking to expand.
Chandrasekhar conveys the fey's regards (even if he has to embellish, a bit) to Cavallo.
Cavallo: "Well, I certainly can't complain about that. Thank you." He turns to Lya. "Sorry, ma'am, but Mr. Cooper appears to be right. This just wasn't your competition."
Gerald‘ hat tip.
Phyllis: "We saved you the embarassment of contradicting your ideals. I think this is best for everyone, even you, Lya."
Lya shrugs. "I admit I didn’t expect them to this fast. This certainly reflects on how competent they must be with their duties at the RHC. Congratulations, you appear to have me at a loss. We'll have to see how the railroad challenge goes."
Gerald: "This isn't even my field of expertise." Gerald smiles.
Lya: "I hope you don't mind me imposing for another day, Adalid. My ship won't arrive until tommorow, and then I'll go leave to join my fellows."
Chandrasekhar smiles out of the corner of his mouth, gives a little 'what can you do' shrug. Seems they're just better at diplomacy than the head diplomat of Danor. Oh well! "Oh, I'm sure things are exciting over there."
Cavallo: "So what did the Bruse want exactly? Something about a pledge of loyalty to him, and paying my share for the Selestala route?"
Gerald: "Yeah basically. Mostly just lip service so it still looks like he's in charge."
Phyllis nods. "That, and the railroad."
Cavallo: "He probably wants it public, doesn't he…. Alright. I'll get things setup for a trip to his Summer Court tomorrow and make a damn show of it. And brag about the agreements you're getting me just to rub it in his face. Thank you again, by the way."
Chandrasekhar grins.
Cavallo: "I guess I should let the Griento clan know I'll get them their funding shortly and they can resume their work on the Selestala route. We're nearly done appraising that haul anyway."
Chandrasekhar: "He certainly couldn't have made those deals. Well, maybe if he gave a solitary soaring- well." He smiles. "Best of luck in your future endeavours, ser."
Cavallo: "You as well. As much an amazing conversationalist as Ms. Jierre is, I'd favour Risur over Danor after dealing with you."
Gerald‘ doesn’t ruin the moment by opening his mouth.
Phyllis: "That's high praise. Thank you."
Aleith|DM: Alright. You guys spend the afternoon working to find out some manufacturers that want to talk to Cavallo about possible deals, and then head off? Wanting to go to Seobriga and then the Summer Court with Cavallo, or maybe Reverse Portal from Ernst directly to the railhead?
Chandrasekhar is curious about the railroad work, personally. (By which I mean: curious if Zane's managed -not- to murder anybody yet.)
Gerald‘ figures it’ll probably look better on both ends if Cavallo shows up without us, anyway.
Aleith|DM: Alright. After a sending to Ernst, he sends you a reverse portal to bring you onsite.
Zane‘ is working on some deep stretches. "Oh, hey guys. You got done quick."
Phyllis: "At the expense of my residuum stores, yes."
Phyllis cracks her knuckles.
Zane` twiiiiiist pop. "We’ll get you reimbursed, just put it in the expense report."
Gerald: "Yeah I didn't even have to shove a gun in anyone's face, it was a pretty weird couple of days."
Aleith|DM: It'll have to wait until the next time you guys get another stipend, though…
Zane: "Tell me about it, I haven't stabbed anyone since I got here."
Zane: "Well, here being the rail camp."
Chandrasekhar grins at Zane. "Working hard, or hardly working? I managed -not- to insult Lya Jierre to her face. For days. It was EXHAUSTING."
Zane‘ grins at Singh. "You get a cookie. Also about to be working hard. Glad you guys got here when you did, I hate leaving Ernst without a babysitter."
Garrett: "Sounds like a wasted opportunity to me."
Garrett` drops down from a nearby tree.
Chandrasekhar: "We were there to -prevent- a war. Sacrifices had to be made."
Chandrasekhar: "The things I do for peace in our time."
Zane: "I’d sacrifice Lya…"
Chandrasekhar: "Goddess, illuminate the path."
Zane: "I'm sure I can figure some sort of mystic mojbo jumbo that requires her still-beating heart."
Zane‘ twiiiiiiist the other direction, pop.
Chandrasekhar: "Ow."
Zane: "Better now than in the middle of my run. Anyway Garrett and I are going to attempt to peacefully stop Damata from winning, and failing that we’re going to wreck his lines and terrify his workers."
Garrett: "It'll be a blast."
Zane: "Heh heh."
Chandrasekhar: "Oh, dear."
Zane: "On the plus side, with you all here it makes it that much less likely someone will manage to mess with things on our end."
Garrett: "It was an all-in offensive, yeah."
Zane: "Also these builder robots are honestly pretty cool, and should help us get a pretty fair speed advantage."
Zane: "We'll need money though."
Phyllis: "We still have a favor to call in from Kulp in Nalaam, yes?"
Zane: "Yeah, but that's a little far for me to yell."
Phyllis: "I … might have a smidgen of residuum enough for a Sending."
Chandrasekhar: "Phyllis has herself some /deep/ pockets."
Aleith|DM: Speaking of Lord Kulp, Phyllis, he responded that he wanted at least one of you to visit him in Nalaam to make a 'sales pitch' to the other lords for their repayment of services rendered.
Zane: "If not, just beat up Ernst and take some of his. We need to make sure we've got the funding to back our increased speed.
Phyllis inhales. "Okay."
Phyllis winds a fist back, then swings forward … gently nudging Ernst.
Phyllis: "He wants to see one or some of us in person to make a convincing argument, but."
Gerald: "Exciting."
Phyllis: "So, who's feeling diplomatic?"
Zane: "Not it."
Gerald: "I wouldn't say I'm great at it but I imagine it's more mine and Zane's kinda diplomacy than yours anyway…?"
Garrett: "Busy~."
Chandrasekhar: "I suppose Gerald will need a chaperone."
Phyllis sighs. "So, second verse, same as the first?"
Gerald: "Everyone I wanna shoot is still in Ber anyway…"
Zane: "Send Singh. He's pretty, and they watched him murder the shit out of three council members over an eladrin women. I bet it left an impression."
Chandrasekhar smiles beatifically.
[OOC] Garrett: *fang glint*
Phyllis: "Sure. Chandra, you're with me."
Chandrasekhar nods. No rest for the something something.
Aleith|DM: Alright. After discussing things, the day comes to a close. You get 1 money and 1 material from day 1's order and progress.
Zane: "Alright, dont let them burn the place down while I'm gone."
Zane: "I should be back in… three days, probably."
Aleith|DM: Day 3. Mile 131 (-15). You're 1 mile away from Rio la Heffa. 1 Money, 1 Material, 2 Morale.
Zane‘ is gone with the sunset.
[OOC] Garrett: ’might as well have them build 1, order 1 material, until we get our cash infusion'
Aleith|DM: Okay. Any projects during the day? Sounds like Phyllis and Chandrasekhar will be making a day trip to Nalaam.
Zane‘ should be meeting with Damata at his camp during the day.
Gerald` is on the look out for the other team getting up to the same sorts of Shenanagins that Zane and Garrett are planning, probably.
Garrett: "Gerald, watch the camp, yeah?"
Gerald: "Yup!"
Garrett` scouts ahead to Rio la Heffa, to seek out any current traps or potential ambush areas that may befall their workers.
Aleith|DM: Alright. Garrett, after your looking, it seems like the bridge is fine.
Garrett` rubs at his face, thinking it over a bit. He spends some further time out there before heading back. (It’s only a mile away, after all.)
Aleith|DM: Not very far at all, no.
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar, Phyllis. You meet with Lord Kulp when you arrive, and he thanks you for coming all this way. He'll cover your costs for travel, both here and back. After briefing you a bit, he brings you before the council of lords to prevent your case for funds, in return for helping rid the city of four troubling people.
Aleith|DM: Diplomacy?
Phyllis nudges Chandra. She … probably shouldn't bring out the magical charms for this one.
Aleith|DM: You're welcome to assist him, at least.
Chandrasekhar calls in the favours, certainly, but he also makes the case - succinctly and memorably - for a future wherein all the nations of Lanjyr work hand-in-hand (or, at least, maintain good trade relations and complicated webs of favours). [Diplomacy]
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+11 and got 14 ( Total: 25 ) for i think this is accurate?????
Phyllis: I mean, does he need it?
Aleith|DM: I'm pretty sure you have a +17 modifier at least….
Aleith|DM: Anyway that's definitely higher than the Hard DC of 29 for your level.
Aleith|DM: The council of lords promises 100,000 gp of investment for you. They'll get it to you by tonight, provided you talk to Cavallo de Guerra or the Bruse about the possibility of reaching out to Nalaam for more trade agreements.
Phyllis: "I'm sure at least one of the two would be glad to hear about it."
Phyllis: "Honestly, probably Cavallo."
Chandrasekhar: "I'm sure he'd be more than receptive to the offer. We'll let him know."
Aleith|DM: He nods and thanks you again for your help during the winter. Your costs for coming here, contacting Ernst again, and travelling back to the railhead camp are recompensed.
Garrett‘ inquires at the camp. "What does the supply side of the materials look like? As in- who do we buy from, how do they get here…"
Aleith|DM: They buy them back at Reo Pedresco and it gets loaded on the train overnight before it heads out the next day.
Garrett` nods. Hell, he might have to take a few more train rides before it’s all said and done.
[OOC] Garrett: But that's later.
Aleith|DM: Alright. Zane, what're you up to?
Zane‘ hustles up to the Griento camp right about sunrise, cooling it down from a long ground-eating jog to a slower, casual stride. he raises his hand at whoever is on sentry duty. "Morning. Is Damata Griento on-site, by any chance?"
Aleith|DM: The sentries don’t look thrilled to see an unknown person strolling up to camp. "What's your business here?"
Zane: "Just told you, I'm looking for Damata Griento. I'm an acquaintance of his. Anthony Batali."
They glance at each other, then one of them counts down and they throw a hand of BCG. One of them sighs. "I'll escort you over to see him."
Zane‘ smiles. "Appreciated." He keeps his hands nowhere near his few visible weapons.
Aleith|DM: As you approach, Damata looks up, briefly startled before smiling wide. "Mr. Batali! What a pleasure to see you!"
Zane` smiles and bows slightly. "Damata, it is good to be seen. How goes things?"
Damata: "Much better than expected after half a year. With your help and Mr. Heid’s encouragement, I was able to get contracts for two railroads! Though I'm still running into money troubles, at least this one's gotten a recent injection of funds. Though I'm assuming you know about this since you're meeting me here…?"
Zane: "Mm, quite so. I… Hm. There's not really an easy way to lead into this." He pulls the leather wallet with his RHC badge and hands it over to Damata. "THough I should probably start by telling you my real name, at least. Batali was a cover, though one I greatly enjoyed wearing."
Damata: "Aha. So you are part of foreign agents Mr. Munchausen warned were here to sabotage my railroad…?"
Zane: "I am in fact hoping to avoid sabotaging you. A little pissed off he beat me here, but I'm not surprised. Also, I would take Mr. Munchausens words with a grain of salt, he works for the people that… led to that very eventful train ride."
Damata: "I take it Misters 'Rao', 'Smith', and the others are here as well?" He frowns after that last comment.
Damata: "That's a shame. I really did need that money to continue operations, however."
Zane: "Not nearby, but they are in country with me. We're working another case that has us tangling with… Man it's difficult to talk about this without reading you all the way in, but it seems like a shame to get you and yours out from under the Family jut to put you in a much worse operations crosshairs. So I'd rather not do that."
Zane: "Also, two railroads? Are also you contracted to run up to the Anthras mountains, by any chance?
Damata: "So what are you here for, then? I can't exactly stop building the railroad-the clan elders are watching me, and various family members stop by to keep an eye on things."
Zane: "I don't need you to stop, I just need you to have some… bad luck. Such that the other railroad team gets to the center point first."
Damata: "Griento Railways is also contracted to build the Selestala Railroad, but it's stalled at the halfway point since we haven't gotten Adalid de Guerra's funding yet."
Zane: "Aha. Well, that should be fixing itself here soon."
Zane‘ smiles slightly. "Rao, Smith, and the others at work there."
Damata grimaces. "That’d be hard to do. My crews have been working excellently so far, if I do say so myself, and if they started suddenly slowing down, my family would grow suspicious."
Damata then brightens. "Really? That'd be a relief."
Zane‘ nods. "I am glad I can at least give with one hand while the other takes away." He ponders. "My associates and I could arrange for a few things that would give you a reason to slow down. … That sounded a lot less sinister in my head."
Damata: "That’d give me something to go work on instead, but I'd need some kind of convincing excuse…something like that, yes…to justify a claim that I'm withdrawing to protect my company's investment while moving forward with work on the Selestala Railroad."
Zane‘ nods. "Like I said, we don’t need you to stop completely. I was given to understand the company still gets paid a rather goodly sum for completion, you just lose out on the bonus purse."
Damata rubs the bridge of his nose. "How serious of a setback are we talking about?"
Zane: "A series of unfortunate accidents, might set you back a few days…" He ponders. "D'you ever leave, go visit your family, or do they always come out here to you?"
Damata: "The relatives take a look at the whole railroad, 'interested in the whole process', of course. They tend to cycle every week. All just 'visiting to say hi'… Ejeka and the kids are over at Negranha, and I make time to visit them once a week on the supply train, but it's good for the crew to see me around."
Zane: "Hm. Hmmm. If you were to take ill on one of those Negranha visits, how badly would that interfere with things here?"
Damata: "To be honest? Not much, at least at first. My guys are pretty competent. If I was laid up with something serious for a week or two, morale'd probably take a hit but they'd carry on. Not the kind of hit for the team I'd want to make…"
Zane: "Yeah, that's a bit too much I think. I'm trying to figure out how to do this without making things unbearable for you, and something that lays you out for a couple weeks seems a bit beyond that." He chuckles. "OK. I think… I think we can work it out so that you have a justifiable reason to call a temporary halt here and focus on Selestala."
Damata: "Just try not to blow up too much…" he sighs.
Zane: "Tiny gods no, I swear to you I am keeping that as a last resort."
Damata: "Alright. I'll do what I can on my end. After saving my hide, it's the least I can do. We've got some major tunnel work ahead of us shortly to deal with, anyhow."
Zane: "Just remember, Abismo Condendado is a terrible place, yeah? There could well be some lingering evil from Cheshimox and his cult, you know. If.. bad things were to start happening. it would only be responsible to pull back and have the land reassessed…"
Damata: "I have heard some of the local workers mention the Keepers of Cheshimox in quiet whispers…"
Damata: "And we're getting closer to their lands…"
Zane‘ nods. "Keep that in mind, yeah. I’d like to get this done with as little damage to your reputation and equipment as possible. You got a good family."
Damata: "I appreciate it. And I can always keep someone here in charge if I have to leave, and encourage a merely 'steady' pace while I'm gone…"
Zane: "Muchas gracias, Damata. I hate even coming here to have this conversation, but duty is heavy as mountains."
Damata: "May the release of those duties be still far off. Damn, I would rather not lose to Surtan Liss, but being able to start the Selestala line up again will be worth it."
Zane‘ nods. "I’m glad I could at least bring you some good news, yeah. Now I'm gonna yell at you about the cursed land ahead, just to plant the seeds a little deeper in your crew. Roll with it."
Damata shrugs.
Zane` makes a big production out of it, and definitely warns Damata about the curse and so on and so forth and he should call a halt to things for the sake of his people before leaving in a properly big huff.
Aleith|DM: You do see some people looking wary, and a couple worriedly discussing it as you leave.
Aleith|DM: Alright. You get 6 money, 2 on the train and 4 from Nalaam, along with 1 Material.
Aleith|DM: Next week will start off with Day 4 and building the bridge over Rio la Heffa.

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