Zg Session 60

Shortly after dawn, you teleport to the circle outside Citado Cavallo.
Gerald: "So.. seeing as how both of you are also here… I guess I'm letting you try the less threatening approach first?" Gerald adjust his hat and glances around the area.
Aleith|DM: The entrance to the citadel is nearby, a few guards out front and some atop the wall above it.
Phyllis: "That would be preferable, yes."
Gerald: "Right-o."
Chandrasekhar: "The nonviolent approach is most effective when backed with the silent credible threat of force." He smiles.
Phyllis: "Deterrence, if you will."
Phyllis: "Almost as if had our own personal colossus bodyguard."
[OOC] Phyllis: if we*
Gerald: "Oh yeah I guess most people probably wouldn't know that's not actually ours, huh?"
Chandrasekhar snickers. "One doesn't need to go all the way to 'mutually assured destruction', but…"
Aleith|DM: As you approach the gate, an older orc and a goliath move towards the crenellations. The orc shouts down at you, "you must be Shantus' other guests. You dogs, licking at his hooves! I should have my men kill you where you stand for having the audacity to dirty the ground of my city with your filthy paws." You have a feeling this must be Cavallo de Guerra.
Gerald: "You're more than welcome to try! Wouldn't be the first time some idiots got themselves killed taking off more than they could chew."
Aleith|DM: The female goliath beside Cavallo speaks up. "Sir, perhaps we should let them in as foreign dignitaries."
Chandrasekhar: "If it's any consolation, I imagine we'd rather be dealing with you than him in the first place." He smiles tiredly.
Gerald: "Er. I mean - yes, that's us."
Cavallo barks a laugh. "I suppose I can hear their empty platitudes first. Let them in!"
He and the goliath head downstairs and meet you at the gate.
Gerald‘ glances towards Phyllis with a small shrug. "(Reflex!)"
Cavallo: "Men, give them rooms next to Ms. Jierre."
Cavallo: "I’ll speak with you later; right now I'm going to teach my granddaughter to wrestle."
Phyllis: "(Credible threat. I don't mind.)"
The goliath gives a wry smile before introducing herself: "I'm Alonsa Frolián. I'll show you to your rooms."
Alonsa: "Ms. Jierre didn't beat you here by much, but she mentioned something about some sort of competition set by the Bruse…?"
Phyllis nods at Alonsa. "Our 'empty platitudes' are opposite hers, so it seems."
Gerald: "The Bruse has a uh, warped sense of humor, yeah."
Alonsa: "You'll probably have at least a few hours to look around if you like, but I'll have someone let you know when de Guerra will speak with you."
Gerald: "Works for me."
The room your given is fairly nice, and overlooks the Marrajado de Oro, along with the docks containing the warlord's fleet.
Chandrasekhar: "Ahahahaha. Nice touch. I approve."
Gerald‘ does a preliminatry check around the room to look for obvious faults, traps and bugs.
Alonsa: "And a beautiful view along with it."
Chandrasekhar: "An impressive view of an impressive fleet."
Alonsa: "He does try."
Chandrasekhar idly muses as to which would win in a fight. Risur’s almost certainly got the technological edge.
Phyllis: "Any relation to the Cavallo, yourself?"
Alonsa: "Just an advisor of his."
Chandrasekhar: "And what's your advice, with regards to an unprompted war with a superior technological power with whom you're historically allied?"
Alonsa shrugs. "Don't?"
Gerald: "Keep that in mind next time you see Lya."
Alonsa: "What does this contest entail exactly?"
Phyllis: "Getting him to heed such advice."
Alonsa: "I'm going to need a bit more than that if you'd like me to brief him before you speak with him."
Chandrasekhar: "Seems the Bruse wants either that, or for the Cavallo to publicly pledge fealty and assist in the construction of the railroad, which… seems like it'd benefit the Cavallo's fortunes in and of itself, if you ask me."
Gerald: "Lya's suppose to get him to declare war on Risur, more than likely so Risu will then crush and embarass him, we're supposed to be getting him to… yeah that."
Chandrasekhar: "But I do understand that it's quite the expenditure. I'll be exhorting him to take the long view. Dig in roots, raise his arms towards the sun. Wait for an opportune moment to arise."
Alonsa nods. "Well…he'll be a bit stubborn about it, but provided you give him something to work with I imagine you'd have a better chance of convincing him than Ms. Jierre will. Cavallo would rather have Risuri ships or weapons than go to war with them…especially without the same."
Phyllis: "I do wonder. I'd like to have a word with Ms. Jierre, myself."
Phyllis: "About something tangentially related."
Chandrasekhar: "Heh. From recent experience, it won't be very productive."
Gerald: "Declaring war on Risur definitely isn't going to end well for him when he's got Risur Spec Ops in his backyard anyway." Gerald shrugs, plopping down on the side of a bed after he's done sweeping the room.
Alonsa: "Constables, right? We've heard about your business some."
Chandrasekhar: "Anyways, we'd rather have him - and Ber - on our side, too. I certainly can't fault him for being bitter about anything coming from the capital. It's good to know -someone- in power is keeping the fire."
Gerald: "Yeah."
Phyllis: "From a more - philosophical standpoint, let's say."
Alonsa: "Of course. I'll let you settle in. Just ask one of the servants if you need anything."
Phyllis: "A word with his daughter won't go amiss, either, from what I hear."
Alonsa: "She can be found in her office, more likely than not. I'll give you directions."
Phyllis nods. "Much appreciated."
Aleith|DM: Over the next few hours, wandering around the latest talk is of a huge dragon's hoard that was recently recovered from near Lago Fuego, a volcanic caldera a few miles from the city. The servants gossip about it being under constant guard in the dining hall while it's appraised, and the dining room table's been moved out to the courtyard.
Aleith|DM: You also find out a bit of the navy's command structure, though not by choice, as representatives of the four sea chiefs stop by, either hurling insults and questioning your bravery, or eyeing your more valuable possessions and asking how much you think your lives are worth. (Cavallo's 2nd-in-command is Barbaro, while the other three are Perorroso, Thrag Vidalia, and Danovio)
Chandrasekhar trades delicately-crafted barbs with the captains and seems to be enjoying himself. It's /somewhat/ of a Beran tradition, after all.
Aleith|DM: You do seem to leave a good impression with them, on the plus side.
Gerald‘ doesn’t really get the subtly and is more or less his normal blunt self, but with the same about of respect he shows Delft.
Chandrasekhar basically doesn't discourage him. It works, honestly.
Phyllis just gives them a level stare, trying to show them she's unperturbed.
Phyllis taps on Chandra's shoulder. … or wherever she can reach, given their height difference. "Shall we go to her office beforehand?"
Chandrasekhar: "Probably wise. I'd like to have her read on his character."
Aleith|DM: After looking around a bit and finding your way to her office, your polite knock is answered and you're allowed to enter. The middle-aged orc looks up from her work, her spectacles perched on her, yes, rather-flat nose. "Guests? What can I help you with?"
Chandrasekhar smiles, bows fluidly in a (slightly, quaintly out-of-fashion) Beran style. "A pleasure to meet you. We're here on a diplomatic mission of sorts from Risur."
Corta Nariz: "Ah. Here to introduce yourselves?"
Chandrasekhar: "Call it… keeping the peace by preventing the Bruse from foolishly provoking conflict to suit his own ego." He smiles wryly. "Chandrasekhar Singh, of the RHC."
Phyllis: "Phyllis Lenz."
Gerald: "Gerald Cooper."
Corta Nariz: "That does sound like a terrible idea. Pleased to meet you, constables."
Corta Nariz: "I'm Corta Nariz de Guerra. I oversee the logistics of the fleet for the Adalid and the Bruse."
Chandrasekhar nods. "Mm. We met with the chiefs earlier. It's quite the fleet."
Chandrasekhar: "Would you say it's the Adalid's fleet, or the Bruse's?"
Corta Nariz adjusts her spectacles. "Thank you. We'd like some more steamships, but we're slowly building the whole thing up."
Phyllis: "Would you have anything to do with how funds are allocated, as well?"
Corta Nariz: "A little of both. My father runs the fleet, but the Bruse funds it."
Corta Nariz: "Sadly that funding has not been spreading as much to the rest of the region as it used to."
Phyllis: "Ah, I meant more than just the fleet."
Phyllis nods. "Infrastructure for transportation could be useful for the region, yes?"
Chandrasekhar: "The proposed railroad might allow your father to take more direct control of the region's prospects, don't you think?"
Corta Nariz: "The reason for the lack of funding is because my father and the Bruse are both idiots."
She sighs.
Chandrasekhar raises an eyebrow. "Well, we knew one half of that equation already, at least. Mind filling us in on the other?"
Corta Nariz: "My father was never Shantus' biggest fan, during the revolution or afterwards. And he's digging in his heels to avoid paying lip service to someone he doesn't respect, even if it would benefit us."
Corta Nariz: "I only manage the fleet, but the railroad would give us access to materials manufactured in the capital faster and cheaper than by ship."
Chandrasekhar: "I can't say I blame him. I'm glad -someone's- keeping the fire burning. Did you know I used to live here, for some time? Worked as a diplomat. Things -have- changed."
Chandrasekhar: "Has your father spent any time in the capital lately?"
Gerald: "The Bruse can't really, like, take his position here away right? Why not just work with him when it's beneficial and call him an idiot when it's not instead of being stubbon the entire time?"
Corta Nariz: "Hmmm. Your name is familiar, now that you mention it."
She shakes her head. "Not for a couple years. I've been down there some, but I can only help so much when the Bruse and the Adalid keep snubbing each other."
Chandrasekhar: "The fire in his heart lives on, too, in the hearts of Ber's citizens. He should see for himself. Unannounced visit, perhaps."
Corta Nariz: "It's a hereditary position here, and the Bruse doesn't have that much authority to say who's in charge of which region. Revolution wouldn't allow that much."
Phyllis: "It seems he follows pride more than sense, then?"
Corta Nariz: "A lot of people do, sadly. It's not practical, but try telling them that when it carried them through the revolution."
Chandrasekhar: "'Bruse' is a title one can only claim with strength, and the mandate of the Beran people. It's a title that should carry pride and respect."
Phyllis: "I meant Cavallo, but yes."
Corta Nariz: "So what are you aiming to do here, exactly?"
Corta Nariz: "We didn't have any diplomatic sessions scheduled with Risur to my knowledge, but neither are you trying to be sneaky about it."
Chandrasekhar: "Personally? Orchestrate trade deals with Risur contingent on the development of the railroad that'll put your father in a dominant position within Beran politics."
Chandrasekhar: "There, that's my hand on the table."
Chandrasekhar: "In the short term, all I want is Jierre, talking to a cold stone wall that doesn't echo." He shrugs.
Chandrasekhar: "And, needless to say, the avoidance of a pointless war."
Phyllis: "The Bruse has pitted our cause against another's from Danor. To satisfy the Bruse, he's stated that he'll only be satisfied if Cavallo takes his forces and attacks Manhill - on Risuran soil - or if he pays for the construction of railroad in the region."
Corta Nariz: "Hmmm." She glances at Gerald. "My father's interested in guns, especially if you can somehow get a factory or two setup here for them. If you've got a spare gun you could give him, that's probably peak his interest too."
Corta Nariz: "Jierre, you said?" She frowns. "What about them?"
Corta Nariz: "That would be….Lya Jierre, right? Their foreign minister or whatever the title is there?"
Phyllis: "Her or her entourage should be here today as well, yes. As far as I'm aware."
Chandrasekhar: "She's involved with… unsavory sorts. Not -solely- speaking as the mouthpiece of Danor, unfortunately, and inasmuch as she -is-, well."
Chandrasekhar: "She's here to convince your father to- what Phyllis said. It's not a very good idea for anyone other than her."
Corta Nariz: "Manhill's got some good defences, though they've built out recently. Some of the captains have been grumbling about not being able to pillage to make up for lack of funds…"
Gerald: "Uhhh not really both of these things are excessively customized and sort of the tools of my trade. Could probably get ahold of one and do some touch ups if you think it'd help though. Any kind in particular he fancies?"
Chandrasekhar: "But, one imagines, 'twould be a fine game for the Bruse to watch from his position on high."
She shakes her head. "A costly method, but they wouldn't listen to that."
Corta Nariz: "We don't have many examples here, so anything would probably be fine. But the bigger the better, likely."
Gerald: "Hmm. Probably a musket then, they're a lot easier to get a handle on than the rifles are…"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: carbine vs musket you mean
[OOC] Gerald: er yes.
Chandrasekhar: "It's possible our shipbuilders could coordinate with yours as well, were we reassured in our confidence we wouldn't wind up staring down the broadsides of those selfsame ships in the future."
Gerald: "Or a shotgun… hard to miss with one of those and I imagine not hitting the target would take some of the fun out of the gun…" He mostly just mumbling to himself at this point and going over some designs in his head.
Corta Nariz: "As fascinating as trying to manage the logistics of a war would probably be, it'd also be a exercise in frustration with dwindling resources. No, I'd rather strongly argue against the loss of life that'd incur for everyone involved."
Phyllis: "So, Chandra. The narrative we concoct should align with Cavallo's sensibilities, yes? Would it be beneficial to present the railroad investment as something the Bruse fears would give Cavallo too much of an edge in politics and trade? Reverse psychology?"
Corta Nariz: "For what it's worth, I'm not worried about my father trying for that option. He's more likely to play Lya against you to get a better bargain for him."
Gerald: "Well I mean, no matter how you spin in they're both using each other rather than really seeing eye to eye so I'm not sure why pride would even be a factor."
Chandrasekhar: "Frankly, I'm interested in giving your father as good a deal as Risur can bear in the first place." He glances over to Phyllis, tilts his head to the side, looks back at Corta Nariz. "Think that'd be a good tack?"
Corta Nariz: "Probably a good start. He'd need something politically sound in your offer so he wouldn't look bad in front of his officers. Be prepared for him to ask for something of a more personal favour, however."
Chandrasekhar: "Interesting."
Corta Nariz: "That way he both personally owes you something to accept your request, but also gets something in return."
Chandrasekhar nods.
Phyllis: "Politically sound like the guarantee of trade? I can tug on someone's ear to send out a few feelers. And as for a favor, we might be amenable to that, depending on the request."
Corta Nariz: "He'll likely have some suggestions on both of those, and you can see what you can arrange. He's got a better idea of what's happening at large, not just at sea."
Chandrasekhar nods again.
Chandrasekhar: "A mutually beneficial arrangement. The best kind."
Corta Nariz: "Now, I should probably stop setting you up for success and get back to these reports. I'll certainly be rooting for you over Ms. Jierre, given the alternatives."
Aleith|DM: After some more wandering around, one of the servants comes by to inform you that Adalid de Guerra has asked for your presence for lunch in the courtyard.
Gerald‘ has Phyllis send a message back home for them to send over a shotgun first, He’s got all the other parts and tools he needs with him.
Phyllis does so!
Phyllis: Also, maybe, Reverse Portal to get a shotgun, I'd guess?
Aleith|DM: You can do that if you want to receive it in your room, or they can send it over with linked portal if you want to grab it at the teleportation circle outside instead. Depends on how much of a surprise you want.
[OOC] Gerald: Not picky, whichever's easier for phyllis - actually probably through the circle so someone doesn't start wondering why we're portalling weapons into the city with no inspection >_>
Phyllis: Oh, that - works too.
Aleith|DM: haha okay
Aleith|DM: A large table is set up in the castle's courtyard, near a sunken pen where Alonsa stands nearby, directing her dire bear in training against magic summoned monsters. Cavallo is laughing at a comment from Lya as your being seated. Corta Nariz starts to bring out some of her children, but you see Cavallo glare slightly at her and wave them off. Corta has a handservant take one of the children away, but her and the others sit down with you.
Cavallo: "Welcome to Citado Cavallo, constables. The rooms are fine?"
Gerald: "Was pretty nice yeah."
Phyllis: "Quite."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: You do notice a wound-up splint on the child's leg as they leave, like the sort used to extract dragon worm. [Heal Check Succeeded]
Gerald‘ tilts his head to the side, giving the kid a glance.
Cavallo: "What can I help you folks with? Ms. Jierre here mentioned some kind of contest, but she’s being coy about it until you got here."
Lya: "I wouldn't want you calling me out on an unfair advantage like with the Bruse."
Gerald: "Wouldn't blame you, you've definitely got the shittier position to take since it's dumb for everyone involved instead of just frusturating."
Lya: "I suppose I may as well get it out in the open now." She turns to face Cavallo. "The Bruse, in his wisdom, as asked us to compete for your attentions."
Lya: "He wants me to get you to attack Risur, or at least Manhill across the Sea."
Cavallo barks a laugh. "Ha! That old bull. I'm going to kill him."
Corta Nariz: "Killing him probably won't get you the throne instead of jail, Father."
Cavallo: "Yeah, yeah. That'd ruin me either way."
Lya: "Your turn, constables."
Chandrasekhar: "He wants us, in turn, to help convince you that it's in everyone's interests for you to publicly assuage his ego with fealty and support, and commit to the construction of the rail line through your territory."
Chandrasekhar glances at Phyllis.
Cavallo: "Oh, is that all?" He sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose. "And what are you competing for, exactly? What's his game for?"
Phyllis: "What he doesn't realize, I believe, is what position this would put you in in the long-term. You've been under his thumb for too long, yes? This is your way out."
Gerald: "That engineer that's been in all newspapers lately."
Lya: "His new pet gnome."
Gerald: "Lya wants him to fix their giant killer automaton, we want him to… do the opposite of that." Gerald leans back in his chair.
Cavallo: "That Tinker fellow, eh? I see why Risur and Danor would both be interested."
Cavallo: "That big thing leaving footprints in the countryside after it blew up half of Flint? Great…"
Gerald: "Ayup."
Lya gives you a Glance but refrains from making a comment.
Chandrasekhar: "I suspect we can sweeten the pot with the guarantee of certain advantageous trade deals to the favour of your region, collaboration with Risur's shipyards…" He smiles at Lya like it's a weapon.
Cavallo: "Alright. Now, I might be willing to play along with this game of his… But. I'm going to need a couple of things. First, for me to even consider it, you'd have to do me a major favour so I'd owe you. And second, I need something politically or militarily useful in exchange so that I won't face a revolt from my sea chiefs."
Cavallo turns to Lya. "And your deal would probably have to be about two or three times sweeter for me to even think about pissing off my neighbours."
Phyllis: "Trade and weapons, for the latter. Gerald?"
Gerald‘ pulls out a shotgun from the inside of his coat, complete with his patented Ammo Feeder attached to it, then slides it across the table towards Cavallo.
Phyllis: "We can talk about the former."
Cavallo’s eyebrows go up as he takes the gun and begins looking it over. "This is a pretty nice gun. What's this box here sticking out?"
Gerald: "Alright so you know how the absolute worst part of using a gun is spending like two minutes preparing for the next shot?"
Gerald: "That box makes it so that it can fire five times, without reloading."
Cavallo: "Aside from the costs for firegems and the like, yeah…. That's seriously impressive."
Gerald: "And when you do reload, you just swap it with another box instead of bothering with powder measurements and pellet packing."
Cavallo: "So all of that can be done ahead of time."
Gerald: "Yup. It's a lot more practical to run around with a single firearm and a handful of ammounition clips than it is ten preloaded loads, or a single one and a powder bag."
Lya: "Not that the lack of it slowed you down much, Mr. Cooper."
Gerald‘ wiggles his fingers. "Fast hands."
Phyllis: "Always in the pursuit of progress and incremental improvements and optimizations, you see."
Lya: "It certainly is impressive. Some firms in Danor are still working on how to mass-produce that kind of technology."
Lya: "Of course, I could get you in contact with one of them."
Cavallo: "I’ll probably have to look at some companies a bit closer to home first, you understand."
Cavallo: "Provided you can provide a contact…?"
Phyllis: "Psst. Gerald."
Gerald: "Hmm?"
Cavallo: "Now, as much as I'd like some of these offers, there's no time pressure on me. If you'd like to help out on something more pressing, I've got a problem with some dangerous goblins holed up in some caves nearby that are harrassing my people." He motions to one of the servants, who runs off.
Phyllis: "Who should he contact if he wants your kinds of guns?"
Phyllis: "And that … sounds simple enough."
Chandrasekhar: "That's a language we're fluent in, as well. It'd be a pleasure to help you."
Phyllis: "Harassing how?"
Gerald: "Oh! Yeah I'll get a list of some factories to him, it'll take me a few to sort out who'd be up for that kinda stuff though."
Cavallo: "Attacking some of the settlements near them."
Gerald: "So… basically just so squash some bandits? Easy."
Aleith|DM: The servant comes back with a greasy, wrinkled letter. "We also received this from a foreign hostage being held by the goblins."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: http://i.imgur.com/Qye62nP.jpg
Chandrasekhar: "Oh, dear."
Gerald: "Hostage rescue of… a Risur citizen? How could we possibly refuse?"
Phyllis: "That's quite eloquent for someone in captivity."
Phyllis: "But yes, this seems mutually beneficial."
Cavallo: "As the letter mentions, they've been attacking with the villages with the assistance of large insects recently."
Phyllis: "Hm."
Gerald: "This would probably be a little easier with Garrett or Zane here… but… eh I'm pretty sure we can handle it just fine as is."
Phyllis: "I'm curious if they're from Gidim. I recall … changes in local flora and fauna the last time they were involved."
Chandrasekhar: "Only one way to find out, my friend."
Cavallo: "Are you planning to head out today, then, or tomorrow? I can lend you some horses if you need transportation."
Gerald: "Nothing to be gained by putting it off."
Phyllis: "I see no reason to tarry."
Cavallo: "Excellent." He gets a some servants to get horses and some supplies for the trip together for you while you finish your lunch.
Phyllis at least makes notes of the coordinates for the teleportation circle in Citadel Cavallo for an easier return trip. Or at least she did earlier.
Aleith|DM: It'll take you several hours to ride out, but the option to teleport yourselves and the horses back should cut down any travel time back.
Aleith|DM: Anything else you want to bring up at the luncheon?
Gerald‘ wasn’t really given a reason to start making threats, and kept them to himself for now and just enjoyed the food.
[OOC] Phyllis: "I find it humorous that you espouse the ideals of deterrence, Lya, but face a situation where you must convince Cavallo to heedlessly attack superior forces. Almost as if deterrence wasn't foolproof as a strategy."
[OOC] Phyllis: but no
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: lol
[OOC] Phyllis: probably not wanting to say that in front of Cavallo but actually if they do get a chance alone, I DO want that as a parting shot
Aleith|DM: Maybe when you get back from your bug hunt
Aleith|DM: As said earlier, it takes you about 6 hours to ride out there. It's summer, so the sun is getting low on the horizon and starting to duck behind the mountains as you arrive near the caves the settlements pointed you to on your way out here. Roughly in the direction the doctor pointed you.
Gerald: "I forget, do you have any spells for scouting or is that my job with the vanguard gone?"
Phyllis: "I could magically sense someone, given an accurate enough identifier, like their name."
Gerald: "Hmm. Oh, the doctor did mention his name in the letter."
Gerald: "Pointing us in the right direction would be helpful. Extraction's probably a priority over elimination."
Phyllis: "Cavallo wants the goblin attacks to stop, at least."
Gerald: "Oh yeah I'm not sayin' DON'T kill a shit ton of bandits. Just that we should get the hostage out of the line of fire first."
Phyllis: "Or if the epidemic is what's driving their attacks, we assist them in curing them. If."
Gerald‘ tilts his head back in Chandra’s direction.
Chandrasekhar: "Hmm~? My tricks only work if I can see the target to begin with."
Gerald: "Duno how many blatent miracles his Goddess' been performing lately… and we sort of left our doctor on the other side of the country…? My medical knowledge is mostly centered arounds wounds, not esoteric diseases."
Chandrasekhar: "Or- oh."
Chandrasekhar: "Hm."
Chandrasekhar: "I doubt Her fire could purge their sickness except in the unfortunately final fashion."
Phyllis picks up a scroll of [Comprehend Languages] in the most reasonable manner. Probably just buying one at the Citadel? [-50 GP] Additionally, when they get near enough, she casts [Hunter's Blessing], naming Dr. Elias Malapropism as the target.
Gerald‘ pulls out his rifle and uses the scope to get a better look at the entrance to the caves while they deliberate, in either case.
Aleith|DM: The trail leads to a stretch of caves nestled throughout a horse-shoe shaped valley. There do seem to be a couple of goblin patrols out-and-about, several goblins and a couple of large ants in either. The doctor’s trail seems to lead into one of the caves deeper within, though it's an old trail about a couple weeks old that probably wouldn't have been visible without Hunter's Blessing.
Phyllis … also performs a Sending. To Ernst. "Say some words to me in the goblins' language. Could be anything."
Aleith|DM: You get some words back to you. Who knows what they are…?
Gerald: "Magic sure is complicated."
Aleith|DM: Arcana check?
Phyllis confers with her familiar on the finer details for this one. [Insightful Councilor]
Phyllis rolled 2#d20+21(1) and got 20 ( Total: 41.0 ) for roll twice, take higher
Also rolled 2#d20+21(2) and got 1 [Total: 22.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 63.0, Avg: 10.50
Aleith|DM: Looks like you can speak Goblin for the next 24 hours, too.
Phyllis: Fluently, even!
Aleith|DM: Alright, now that's out of the way. Going to try to sneak in, or walk in openly?
Phyllis: "You should see the solutions to puzzles in the wizard olympics, Gerald. 53 uses for a portable hole."
Chandrasekhar: "How they can get past the first score without breaking down into uncontrollable giggles or violating international diplomatic protocols is beyond me."
Gerald: "That's a lot of uses."
Gerald: "Anyway uh I suppose with all that preamble you want us to walk in with our hands in the air, and if things go sideways you conjure up a shit ton of illusions and I make a break to go rescue the doc?"
Phyllis: "Pretty much the plan as usual, yes."
Gerald: "Right-o." Gerald slings his rifle over his back and starts heading for the camp in as non-threatening a manner as he can muster.
Phyllis: "Choose your words carefully and I can convey them, Chandra."
Aleith|DM: As you walk into the valley, one of the patrols heads over to intercept you, pointing spears at you as one of them speaks. "‘What do you want, humans? You’re invading our clan's territory.‘"
Phyllis: "`Your hostage sent a missive for aid regarding your epidemic.`"
Phyllis: "`We’ve come to respond to it.‘"
Phyllis: She hasn’t specified -how- they're going to respond. Just. Facts are facts.
Aleith|DM: A couple of the goblins look at each other. "‘Alright. You’ve got the supplies?‘"
Phyllis: "`They did not specify supplies to bring, nor what you were ailing from. None of us are medically proficient, either. But transport can be arranged, if you would tell us what to find.`"
Aleith|DM: The goblins confer a bit before getting back to you. One of them runs ahead as they respond. "`Come with us. We’ll bring you to the healer. But if you try anything funny like the filthy orcs….‘"
Phyllis relays this to the other two.
Gerald` nods, keeping his hands where they can be seen as they’re lead on in.
Chandrasekhar certainly doesn't LOOK like he's up to any funny business, at any rate.
Phyllis: "Rather not risk a fight with, ah, diminished combat capacity by half. While our hostage may not take their plight seriously, I think -treating- it as such will help us convince them to stop their attacks. We maybe have a chance to legitimately help them."
Aleith|DM: The goblins lead you into the caves. You pass a few dozen goblin warriors, several large ants, and several dozen noncombatants as they lead you to a larger cave, where a goblin with a large ant head mounted on a pole awaits you, an umber hulk behind him, and who appears to be Dr. Elias Mal-wait, no, that'd Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen!
Gerald: "I'm always game for trying the solution without bullets first, yeah."
Gerald: "…"
Gerald‘ opens his mouth, closes his mouth.
Phyllis: "Good to see Ber’s treating you well, sir."
Chandrasekhar: "For some reason, I had a feeling."
Gerald: "Man, you just can't stay out of trouble, can you…?"
Shaman: "‘You’re here to help the healer out?‘"
Gerald: "Yes."
Wolfgang: "Evening, Constables. I’m afraid I heard about their affliction and ended up captured trying to help them."
Phyllis: "‘Yes.`"
Wolfgang: "Oh, you can speak with them? Excellent. That should make things faster. You didn’t happen to bring some residuum with you…?"
Shaman: "‘I am Willigu, leader of my people. What does he need?`"
Willigu: "`We brought him many stones, but we do not have any of this dust he uses up.`"
Phyllis: "`Residuum. If those are the supplies you need, I happen to have a substantial amount.`"
Phyllis: "About 2000 gp worth. Roughly."
Phyllis: "Could always acquisition more if that isn’t enough. What's your intent?"
Willigu: "‘Excellent. We have managed to avoid reinfection with the healer’s help, but a few are still affected by the Dragon Worm.‘"
Wolfgang: "I need some help with curing their dracuncialisis and ran out of my residuum stores for remove affliction. It normally resists magical treatment, but I’ve devised a method that works."
Phyllis tosses a dust-filled pouch over at Wolfgang, then nods. "I can requisition more, or disenchant something if needed. How much do you need?"
Chandrasekhar blinks… and then looks briefly but profoundly ill. "Phyllis, let's… do everything we can to help them. I'd not recognised the affliction…"
Gerald: "Oh, is it the same thing that fucked up that kid's leg?"
Phyllis nods. "If you return with us to Citadel Cavallo, we've seen a few that still suffer the same affliction."
Chandrasekhar: "It would seem so. I… you say you've discovered a magical treatment? You're a hero, then."
Wolfgang: "There's four cases left, so 1,000 gp worth should cover it. I can pay you back once I can get back to civilization and contact my bank."
Wolfgang: "I'm afraid my host hasn't been very willing to let me leave, so you may have to work that out with him first."
Phyllis: "I am -never- without a sizeable store of residuum."
Phyllis: "About half that pouch should do."
Wolfgang: "Excellent. I'll start treatment right away." He makes some motions towards the shaman, who grunts and waves him away.
Phyllis turns to the shaman. "‘If he cures your peoples’ remaining infections, will you release him?‘"
Willigu: "`He’ll tell the orcs where we are and they'll come and wipe us out.‘" He spits on the ground. "`They already drove us from our lands once.`"
Phyllis: "`Hmm. From the lake of fire, yes?`"
Phyllis: "`And … he says he came to help cure you in the first place. Why would he tell the orcs about you if his original intent was to take sympathy on you and treat you?`"
Willigu: "`If they even found out a trace of where he came from…and you found your way here…they’ll come and finish the job. The lands of Furioso near the caldera were ours.‘"
Chandrasekhar: "All that they care about is that the goblins stop raiding the nearby villages, yes? I suppose that’s not contingent on their disease being treated after all, though, so, hm."
Phyllis: "The gold hoard at the Citadel is from the same place. Do they care for the land? Or is that enough of a prize for them?"
Gerald: "Uhh given general humanoid nature I'd say… probably just the money at this point? Location seems kind of out of the way and they're not exactly pressed for land."
Chandrasekhar: "…ahh, right. The hoard."
Phyllis: "‘Hmm. I’m a stranger to these lands, so I can't say for sure. But I do not think the orcs were after land. Having claimed what they were after, I wonder if there's some way to convince them to let you return. … with repayment for the trouble you must have had to go through.‘"
Gerald: "But I mean. If they’re worried about retaliation or whatever, the cities' more than capable of following our tracks here. So probably press the life and let live angle, I guess. Don't start shit and no one will be inclined to finish it."
Phyllis: "‘The orcs want the attacks against them to stop. Though from what I’ve witnessed, it's … understandable.‘"
Phyllis: "`Your perspective, I mean.`"
Willigu: "`The return to our lands and assistance returning it to what it once was would go a long way… But you would have to ask them first, I suppose.`"
Phyllis pesters Wolfgang for the residuum pouch, pouring the half he doesn’t need into an empty one. "‘It’s a good thing I can find out relatively quickly.‘"
Aleith|DM: Alright, what’s your sending and who's it to?
Phyllis: To Cavallo: "Goblins want their land back. Some restitution, as well. In return, the attacks stop and a doctor can cure your grandkid's foot."
Cavallo: "What? I'm busy with my grandkids… Ugh, fine. We can sort that out if that covers both. They'll need to join the Revolution though."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: +'Bring-' on the end
Chandrasekhar: "You're better at this than he is."
Phyllis turns to Willigu after hearing their reply. "‘Their leader agrees if you agree to join their revolution. I assume he wants us to bring the healer, though … I should ask to clarify.`"
Phyllis sighs at the potential waste of residuum this might be. "Bring what? You cut off. You only get 25 words."
Cavallo: "Bring the goblin leader by. I should talk with him. But make sure he’s presentable. I'll cover the costs."
Phyllis: "‘Oh. He wants you. I assume you’re the leader.‘"
Willigu: "`Will you escort me to make sure the orc doesn’t just kill me? We can leave tomorrow, since the healer will probably be done late tonight.‘"
Phyllis nods. "`Of course.`"
Aleith|DM: Alright. I guess you’re sleeping with the goblins and the bugs tonight…? And then back to the castle for a quick shopping trip before your audience…
Gerald` has slept in worse places before.

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