Zg Session 51

Aleith|DM: 8 PM, Spring 12
Aleith|DM: All of you have had some rest after dealing with the terrorists, and between Minister Lee, Phyllis, and Ernst, they've managed to reverse-engineer the enchantments on the rusted amulets and the broken wand that Kell's Guild had before you confiscated them.
Aleith|DM: You assembled at the east end of the Stanfield Canal, along with Asrabey Varal, Hana 'Gale' Soliogn, Alexander Grappa in his bronze golem body, and a unit of Captain Dale's men (Minister Lee figures the wand will run out of charges before another unit can be brought through). Chief Delft sees you off, wishing you luck, reminding you to come back with any evidence of what the Obscurati is up to, and telling you to come back alive so he can take credit for training you.
Aleith|DM: You walk along the Canal as a group, and under each bridge you pass, the world seems a little quieter, a little less bright.
Ernst: "Talk about going into uncharted territory… Not really sure what to expect."
Garrett: "It'll be a little darker, a little more dreary, but the air is probably the same, if not better?"
Zane: "Flayed panthers."
Icecylee: "I mean… weird magic assassins and giant golems, really."
[OOC] Zane: Spirits!!!
Chandrasekhar: "'The forest has shadows, and as we walk amongst the shadows we keep the moon cupped in our hands to guide the path.'"
Zane: "Keep your hands to yourself, Singh. We're working."
Chandrasekhar snickers.
Phyllis: "I think he means me. And what else do you want me to grab onto? I'm only so tall."
Aleith|DM: After passing under the fifth bridge, the transition is complete. Sounds do not seem to echo, and otherwise the air is silent but for a a dull hiss that can be heard to the southeast. The river beside you lies tranquil. The sky is black, cloudless and starless. The smell of burnt engine oil fills the air.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 19 ( Total: 36 ) for vs ref
Garrett: "I take back what I said about the air."
Aleith|DM: An arm swoops down from above, grabs Ernst, and hoists him up to the bridge. A massive lanky creature opens its fanged mouth, eager to devour you.
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+12 and got 4, 1, 3, 3 ( Total: 23.0 )
Ernst does not seem impressed. "Lovely way to start. A bit of help!?"
Aleith|DM: Ernst takes 23 necrotic damage, and is weakened until the end of the Shadow Troll's turn that grabbed him.
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Garrett | 31:Zane | 28:Chandrasekhar | 27:Phyllis | 27:Shadow Troll B | 22:Shadow Troll A | 19:Cauldron Guard A | 19:Cauldron Guard B | 15:Cauldron Guard D | 14:Gerald | 9:Ernst | 9:Cauldron Guard C |
Gerald: "Okay but I mean. That was pretty funny, right? Right."
Aleith|DM: Ernst is also grabbed (Escape DC 24), hoisted up under the bridge between the trolls.
Aleith|DM: And can't spend a healing surge until he creates a light source.
Chandrasekhar is a light source, dang it!
Aleith|DM: Garrett!
Aleith|DM: Which is why you can all see here, yes.
[OOC] Garrett: aight so they are standing on the bridge and we're technically underneath it?
Aleith|DM: They're clinging to the bottom of the bridge and you're underneath them
Aleith|DM: so reaching them isn't a problem
[OOC] Garrett: oh so I can melee the sucker??
Aleith|DM: but none of the enemies are surprised
Aleith|DM: yeah
Garrett‘ stabs upwards at whatever Shadow Troll he is under! [Opening Move]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+22 and got 14 ( Total: 36 ) for still First Strike
Aleith|DM: He acted in the surprise round though.
[OOC] Garrett: which one did, the one above me or behind me
Aleith|DM: Is what I meant
Aleith|DM: All of them did
[OOC] Garrett: okay
[OOC] Garrett: +20 then still hits
Aleith|DM: Just most ’waited'
Aleith|DM: Yep.
Garrett‘ rolled 2d4+16 and got 2, 4 ( Total: 22 ) for cold damage, shadow troll is vuln 5 cold UEoNT
Garrett` then cuts at the troll’s legs! [Low Slash]
Phyllis: "One wonders how the boxes and shipments arrive intact."
Chandrasekhar: "Presumably they're trained bridge trolls."
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+22 and got 16 ( Total: 38 ) for CA against vuln cold enemies with frost keyword powers
Chandrasekhar: "If only we’d solved the riddle. Or carried the proper coin."
Garrett‘ rolled 1d4+21 and got 4 ( Total: 25 ) for slide 1 to drop onto the ground, Slowed UEoNT
Also rolled 3d8 and got 4, 8, 3 [Total: 15]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 40
Aleith|DM rolled d20+2 and got 14 ( Total: 16 ) for save to avoid falling
Garrett: "Good lord you’re beefy." [AP] [Sly Flourish]
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+22 and got 8 ( Total: 30 ) for vs AC
Garrett` rolled 1d4+25 and got 2 ( Total: 27 )
Also rolled 3d8 and got 1, 8, 8 [Total: 17]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 44
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 22!][40!][44!
[OOC] Garrett: and +6 AC/Ref UEoNT
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Garrett | 31:Zane | 28:Chandrasekhar | 27:Phyllis | 27:Shadow Troll B | 25:Asrabey | 22:Shadow Troll A | 22:Gale | 19:Cauldron Guard A | 19:Cauldron Guard B | 15:Cauldron Guard D | 14:Gerald | 9:Ernst | 9:Cauldron Guard C |
Aleith|DM: Zane!
Zane watches Garret go *absolutely apeshit* with that knife. "Tiny gods, that was a work of art." And then his hand blurs as he snaps a pair of arrows at the two trolls. (2 RBA, -1 combat die)
Zane rolled 2#1d20+20(1) and got 2 ( Total: 22.0 ) for vs AC, I have combat advantage because its the first round. [Superior Reflexes]
Also rolled 2#1d20+20(2) and got 5 [Total: 25.0 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 47.0, Avg: 3.50
Zane rolled 2d8+10 and got 4, 1 ( Total: 15.0 ) for the undamaged troll
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 15!
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar!
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: Sorry had to look something up
Chandrasekhar points. "Guards! Look out!" And then he charges Guard A! after praying for [Virtue]! [Charge - Ardent Strike]
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+19 and got 9 ( Total: 28 ) for v. AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Chandrasekhar hits, and the strike of the hit resonates, sending the guard and Chandrasekhar both flying backwards from the impact!
Chandrasekhar rolled d8+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 9!
Aleith|DM: Phyllis?
Phyllis doesn’t have time for this. She conjures a [Mage Hand] near the lower walkway, [Shifts] one east, and tries to compel the troll beneath her to swing at the proned one. [Tome of Readiness: Burning Grasping Shadows to cast Charm of Misplaced Wrath instead]
Phyllis: but first, an OA, I think?
Aleith|DM: Yes. [Shadow Claws
Aleith|DM rolled d20+15 and got 1 ( Total: 16 ) for vs Ref
Aleith|DM: But it misses.
Phyllis: "Do better next time. Just not against me." [Charm of Misplaced Wrath]
Phyllis rolled d20+19 and got 7 ( Total: 26.0 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Phyllis: The troll scoots a square west [Slide up to 3], makes a basic attack against the other troll with +2 to the damage roll, and is dazed UEoPNT.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+15 and got 12 ( Total: 27 ) for vs Ref, Shadow Claws
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+14 and got 1, 2, 5, 2 ( Total: 24.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 26, and weakening it UEoNT!
Aleith|DM: well, 16 necrotic, after resistance.
[OOC] Phyllis: Is that including +2?
Aleith|DM: Bloodied!
Aleith|DM: yers
Phyllis: The allied unit of soldiers stab at the troll under the bridge!
Phyllis: Or above? I still don't know what's up.
Phyllis rolled d20+16 and got 7 ( Total: 23.0 ) for vs AC, with CA
Aleith|DM: Hit! [12!]
[OOC] Phyllis: and end turn
Aleith|DM: Troll B regenerates 10 HP!
Aleith|DM: And then swipes at both Ernst and the Allied Unit! [Double Claw]
Phyllis sighs and tries to recall some [Dungeoneering[ knowledge about trolls. Do they -need- fire…
Aleith|DM: Roll it?
Aleith|DM rolled 2#d20+15(1) and got 3 ( Total: 18.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 2#d20+15(2) and got 13 [Total: 28.0 (High), Avg: 13.00]
Total: 46.0, Avg: 8.00
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+12 and got 6, 4, 1, 2 ( Total: 25.0 )
Aleith|DM: Dealing 12 necrotic damage to the Allied Unit!
Phyllis rolled d20+13 and got 6 ( Total: 19.0 )
Aleith|DM: And then it drops Ernst.
Phyllis: It's weakened and ALSO does half damage to the unit, corrent?
Phyllis: Because the unit takes half from melee/ranged.
Aleith|DM: no, A is weakened
[OOC] Phyllis: klfgjdlkgfj trolled by - well
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: I GET IT
Aleith|DM: Asrabey's shield roars and flies from his hand at Cauldron Hill Guard B, fangs bared. [Lion Shield]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+23 and got 12 ( Total: 35 ) for vs Ref
Aleith|DM rolled d10+5 and got 3 ( Total: 8.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for [8!] and restraining the guard! [Escape DC 25] Asrabey grants CA without the shield.
Aleith|DM: He then runs under troll A!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+13 and got 18 ( Total: 31 ) for OA
Aleith|DM: That barely hits with +2…
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+12,50% and got 1, 1, 5, 3 ( Total: 11.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 11 necrotic!
Aleith|DM: He then slashes at it with his Vekeshi Blade of fire!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+25 and got 14 ( Total: 39 )
Aleith|DM rolled 2d10+10 and got 4, 9 ( Total: 23.0 )
Aleith|DM: Dealing 23 fire damage and blocking it's regeneration UEoNT!
Aleith|DM: Troll A picks itself back up and then swipes at Garret twice! [Double Claws]
Aleith|DM rolled 2#d20+15(1) and got 4 ( Total: 19.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 2#d20+15(2) and got 16 [Total: 31.0 (High), Avg: 16.00]
Total: 50.0, Avg: 10.00
Aleith|DM: Missing both!
Aleith|DM: Gale flies upwards and back a bit, before sending a blast of Chain Lightning at Troll B, which jumps to Troll A, and then to Cauldron Guard A!
Aleith|DM rolled 3#d20+19(1) and got 19 ( Total: 38.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 3#d20+19(2) and got 20 [Total: 39.0 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Also rolled 3#d20+19(3) and got 3 [Total: 22.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 99.0, Avg: 14.00
Aleith|DM rolled 4d8+14 and got 4, 7, 4, 7 ( Total: 36.0 )
Chandrasekhar: "…that's a neat trick."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 36!] [46!] [Miss!
Gale: "I try."
Aleith|DM rolled d10 and got 6 ( Total: 6 ) for falling damage for Ernst
Aleith|DM: Guard A charges Chandrasekhar while B shoots him with their Pistol!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+18 and got 12 ( Total: 30.0 )
d20+15: 20 [Total: 35.0 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Total: 65.0, Avg: 16.00
Aleith|DM: 26 damage to Chandrasekhar from the pistol!
Aleith|DM: Guard D shoots at Asrabey!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+15 and got 11 ( Total: 26 ) for -2 for cover
Aleith|DM: Missing!
Aleith|DM: Gerald?
Gerald‘ drops down to the ground out of the reach of the troll, then points his shot gun up at the corner of the bridge. A moment later a grappling hook it shot from it, and it drags Gerald along before pulling him up and onto the bridge! [Mobility Shot] A moment later the grapple is gone, and he points th blast at the troll, before pulling the trigger and firing a [Shrink Ray] at it after
Gerald` marking it as his [Quarry]
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+18(1) and got 9 ( Total: 27 )
Also rolled 2#d20+18(2) and got 2 [Total: 20]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 47
Gerald` rolled 3d8+12 and got 4, 6, 4 ( Total: 26 ) for drop three size categories and fall into the water since lol how are you going to grab the edges of the bridge now!!!
Gerald` actually just dropped to the ground after doing the hookshot thing, parks Hill Guard C as his quarry, and then let off a twin fang strike and will keep that roll for one hit.
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+19(1) and got 2 ( Total: 21 ) for the other
Aleith|DM: Sure.
Also rolled 2#d20+19(2) and got 3 [Total: 22]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 43
Aleith|DM: 1 hit total!
[OOC] Phyllis: Are you including CA? The Mage hand is there
Aleith|DM: It’s not beside the guard…
[OOC] Gerald: not by the guard
[OOC] Phyllis: oh the guard not the troll
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 26!
Aleith|DM: Ernst?
Aleith|DM rolled d20+10 and got 20 ( Total: 30 ) for Guard B escape check
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 10!] from the shield but it returns to Asrabey's grasp.
Ernst starts off by healing himself. [Free Action, Infusion] He then stands up [Mv] and snaps his fingers sliding Garrett beside him [Slick Concoction]. He then fires a GMW [Opportunity Attack?] at Troll A.
Ernst rolled 2#d20+22(1) and got 17 ( Total: 39.0 )
Also rolled 2#d20+22(2) and got 11 [Total: 33.0 (High), Avg: 11.00]
Total: 72.0, Avg: 14.00
Ernst rolled 4d8+10 and got 7, 4, 4, 7 ( Total: 32.0 ) for +5 to hit, +4 dmg, brutal 1 for Garrett, Phyllis, Asrabey
Aleith|DM rolled d20+15 and got 19 ( Total: 34.0 ) for vs Ref, OA
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+12,50% and got 1, 3, 3, 6 ( Total: 12.5 )
Aleith|DM: OA hits for 12 necrotic!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 32!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Aleith|DM: Guard C shoots at Gerald!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 14 ( Total: 31 )
[OOC] Gerald: Disruptive Shot
Aleith|DM: Missing!
Gerald‘ rolled 2#d20+19(1) and got 11 ( Total: 30 )
Also rolled 2#d20+19(2) and got 4 [Total: 23]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 53
Aleith|DM: 1 hit!
Gerald` rolled d8+12 and got 7 ( Total: 19 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 19! Bloodied!
Aleith|DM: Grappa’s golem ducks.
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Garrett | 31:Zane | 28:Chandrasekhar | 27:Phyllis | 27:Shadow Troll B | 25:Asrabey | 22:Shadow Troll A | 22:Gale | 19:Cauldron Guard A | 19:Cauldron Guard B | 15:Cauldron Guard D | 14:Gerald | 9:Ernst | 9:Cauldron Guard C |
Aleith|DM: Garrett?
Phyllis: "So Gerald's got the two on the right. I suppose us …" She counts for a moment. " - nineteen can finish the rest off."
Garrett‘ pitches his dagger at Shadow Troll B! [Sly Flourish]
Gerald: "Ayup."
Garrett` rolled 1d20+27 and got 19 ( Total: 46 ) for vs Ac
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Dicebot:// Dice Sides Error: Unable to parse 4r1 in 1d4r1+20
[OOC] Phyllis: sugar it
Garrett` rolled 1d4r1+20 and got 3 ( Total: 23.0 ) for now vuln 5 cold
Also rolled 3d8 and got 7, 4, 3 [Total: 14 (High), Avg: 4.67]
Total: 37.0, Avg: 4.25
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 37!
Aleith|DM: //Zane?

Zane draws his bow, aims at the troll for a second, and fires. [Brute Stance, RBA]
Zane rolled 1d20+18 and got 10 ( Total: 28.0 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Zane rolled 6d8+10 and got 5, 5, 7, 6, 7, 1 ( Total: 41.0 ) for [Damage, Attack Finesse, Furious Assault, 2d8 from Brute Stance, Assassin Strike. -2 Combat Dice]
Also rolled 3d10 and got 2, 5, 6 [Total: 13 (Low), Avg: 4.33]
Total: 54.0, Avg: 4.89
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 54! BLoodied!
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar?
Garrett: "Under here with us is about the worst place these guys could be, eh?"
Garrett: "Shame that we’re kicking them out of their homes."
Chandrasekhar closes his eyes and opens them again, shining brilliant gold, as lines of fire trace themselves over suddenly-visible scarifications on his skin; he stiffens and arches his back in pain and horror, and utters a shout that carries with it the antithesis of the beauty and poetry of the Dirge of Vekesh; a profane expletive, the truth of the Vekeshi teachings in a single syllable that carrie
Chandrasekhar s with it an indelible image of the memory of the loss of one's Goddess, one's culture, one's lodestar, in a single, searing, awful moment. [Vision of the Fall] after [Shift]ing, and then [Call of Challenge] to mark both A and B.
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+16 and got 14 ( Total: 30 ) for vs. Will
Chandrasekhar rolled 2d8+8 and got 3, 1 ( Total: 12 )
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: Fire/Radiant damage against A, then 5 fire/radiant on anything I can see
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: Oh and I'm pulling them both in towards me)
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 12!] [5!] [5!] [5!] [5!
Garrett‘ shudders. "N-nice."
Aleith|DM: Phyllis and the Allied Unit!
Aleith|DM: Troll B’s regen is blocked UEoNT!
Phyllis: The Allied Unit fires an Alchemist's Fire barrage at B anyway!
Phyllis rolled d20+14 and got 1 ( Total: 15.0 ) for vs Ref, with CA
Aleith|DM: Miss!
Aleith|DM: Ongoing 5 fire damage [SE!]
[OOC] Phyllis: Ongoing 5 fire damage SE] any - yes
Phyllis follows up with an [Illusory Ambush], figuring the other troll isn't much longer for this world either.
Phyllis rolled d20+20 and got 9 ( Total: 29.0 ) for vs Will
[OOC] Phyllis: Oh +25 with GMW
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Phyllis rolled d6r1+17 and got 5 ( Total: 22.0 ) for psychic damage, -2 tohit UEoPNT
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 22!
Aleith|DM: Shadow Troll B clambers over before taking swings at Ernst and Phyllis! [Double Claws]
Aleith|DM rolled 2#d20+15(1) and got 11 ( Total: 26.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 2#d20+15(2) and got 5 [Total: 20.0 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 46.0, Avg: 8.00
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+12 and got 3, 5, 4, 6 ( Total: 30.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting Ernst for 30 necrotic and weakening him UEoNT!
[OOC] Ernst: Nope my Reflex is 27 I forgot to update the drow armor on the pog :D
Aleith|DM: Oh
Aleith|DM: well
Aleith|DM: Miss!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+2 and got 6 ( Total: 8 ) for save vs ongoing
Aleith|DM: Still on fire, and took 5 fire damage at the start of its turn!
Asrabey steps forward in front of Ernst and slashes at the troll with his Vekeshi Blade!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+25 and got 20 ( Total: 45 )
Aleith|DM: Critting for [34!] fire damage!
[OOC] Ernst: Is that with GMW's +4
Aleith|DM: yes
Aleith|DM: Gale sends another Chain Lightning coursing through Troll B, Guard A, and Guard B!
Aleith|DM rolled 3#d20+19(1) and got 6 ( Total: 25.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 3#d20+19(2) and got 7 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 3#d20+19(3) and got 10 [Total: 29.0 (Low), Avg: 10.00]
Total: 80.0, Avg: 7.67
Aleith|DM rolled 4d8+14 and got 2, 8, 2, 8 ( Total: 34.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting each for 34 lightning damage!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 34!] [34!] [KO!
Aleith|DM: Guard A slashes at Chandrasekhar!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 4 ( Total: 21 )
Aleith|DM: Missing!
Aleith|DM: Guard D shoots his pistol at Gerald, then reloads!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 8 ( Total: 25 )
Aleith|DM: Miss!
Aleith|DM: Gerald?
Gerald‘ moves a bit further east, before shifting his [Quarry] target to D and unloading a [Biting Volley]
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+19(1) and got 7 ( Total: 26 )
Also rolled 2#d20+19(2) and got 14 [Total: 33]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 59
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+19(1) and got 3 ( Total: 22 )
Also rolled 2#d20+19(2) and got 18 [Total: 37]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 59
Gerald` rolled 3d8+12 and got 4, 2, 7 ( Total: 25 )
Also rolled 3d6+36 and got 5, 4, 5 [Total: 50]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 75
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Aleith|DM: Ernst?
Ernst finishes off that Troll in front of him. [Magic Weapon]
Ernst rolled 2#d20+19(1) and got 15 ( Total: 34.0 )
Also rolled 2#d20+19(2) and got 7 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 60.0, Avg: 11.00
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Ernst rolled 3d8+10 and got 6, 8, 5 ( Total: 29.0 ) for +2 to hit, +4 dmg, brutal 1 to Hachi and NPCs
Aleith|DM: Guard C shoots Gerald!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 7 ( Total: 24 )
Aleith|DM: but misses
[OOC] Ernst: Can I see him?
Aleith|DM: Nope.
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Garrett | 31:Zane | 28:Chandrasekhar | 27:Phyllis | 25:Asrabey | 22:Gale | 19:Cauldron Guard A | 14:Gerald | 9:Ernst | 9:Cauldron Guard C |
Aleith|DM: Garrett?
Aleith|DM: Actually, this is mop-up with 7 allies going next…
Aleith|DM: The two remaining guards go down swiftly!
Garrett` hustles out from under the bridge and up the hill at towards Guard C… he never saw it coming.
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: Now it’s time for an all-out attack!
Garrett: "Welcome to the Bleak Gate."
Phyllis uses the repaired Obscurati wand to finalize the transition for the soldiers before they phase back out of the Bleak Gate.
Phyllis sure does.
Grappa: "The nearest entrance to the facility should be on this side of Cauldron Hill facing us," he taps out over half a minute.
Phyllis: "Should we try and detect traces of the material plane while we're here?"
Grappa: "Why?"
Gerald: "She's always looking for an excuse to cast that spell."
Phyllis: "Among others."
Asrabey: "I suppose most people travelling here would leave that trace…including Kasvarina."
Phyllis: "I mean - to narrow down Obscurati influence."
Grappa: "You might find some people in the factories around the hill, but I'm not sure if people will still be there."
Phyllis: "Fair enough. Shall we move?"
Grappa: "Kasvarina? Yes, she would like be there. The…rival…who followed me likely took her back to the facility when he killed me."
Grappa: "She's the one I tried to escape with, and, I'm sorry to say, she won't remember you, Sir."
Asrabey: "What?!" He's seething a bit as he waits for Grappa's reply to be transcribed.
Garrett‘ shifts from foot to foot over the uncomfortable morse wait.
Chandrasekhar frowns.
Gerald` glances between Grappa and Asrabey, shrugs as he rests in shotgun on his shoulder, then begins approaching the mentioned building.
Grappa: "She’s….involved. I can tell she was a good person, but her actions made their mark. I'm hoping that another chance to experience her life might return her to her original self."
Grappa: "She'll regain her memories at a rate of a year's worth every few days, but it'll take a while since she was born before the Second Victory."
Phyllis: "I'm curious if she's the bird in Nevard's prophecy."
Phyllis also begins moving along with Gerald.
Gale: "Which bird? Macbannin looks like he was the first one."
Chandrasekhar murmurs something in the Eladrin tongue; a quotation from the Dirge about patience and the long now, just loud enough for Asrabey to hear.
Phyllis: "Or - hm. The woman segmented into thirds, rather."
Phyllis: "It's been a while. I had to recall the exact text of it."
Aleith|DM: After about half an hour you get close to the foot of Cauldron Hill. Grappa shows you, and over the top of a nearby smaller hill you spot several guards and some monsters near a large set of steel double-doors, twenty feet wide and 12 feet high.
Phyllis: "This automaton might be the second bird."
Gerald: "I guess we would have to fight our way in…"
Gale: "They're building something, so whether it's a giant golem like you think, or something else, you could be right about a 'bird of black steel'."
Asrabey sighs, but nods at Chandrasekhar.
Garrett: "This path didn't begin quietly and it sure isn't going to end quietly,"
Garrett: "So the middle's gonna be loud too, yeah."
Zane looks at the surrounding area for a way in that doesn't involve fighting a small battalion.
Phyllis: "Arcane gate is still an option if we can spot a window."
Chandrasekhar: "Looking for more, Zane? Don't be greedy."
Zane grunts. "Don't want them to raise an alarm."
Phyllis: "Though we should scry before we - or hm."
Aleith|DM: The only kind of window you can see is a small slit in one of the doors about eye level.
Garrett: "I can bind about half of them with a good shot."
Phyllis: "I can get all of them gathered together."
Garrett: "Then I can bind all of them with a good shot."
Phyllis: "But - do we want to go quietly?" Can she see anything of the contents behind that slit?
Gerald: "If you guys lemme go around to the side I can shoot through four of them at once, too."
Aleith|DM: It's closed.
Aleith|DM: Much like the doors.
Phyllis: So no LoS even?
Aleith|DM: Nope.
Grappa: "I don't know of other ways in. There's a couple of other main gates on other sides of the mountain."
Garrett‘ grins. "I think it’s okay to use excessive force right now."
Phyllis: "Oh, no, don't get us wrong. This pack shouldn't be much of a problem for us."
Phyllis: "We try to go the extra mile to, ah, avoid unnecessary effort."
Aleith|DM: The soldiers make sure their equipment's okay, with small grins.
Zane starts planting arrows into the ground. "Mmmf. Alright, Phyllis. If you can pack 'em tight, I think we can clear them out pretty fast."
Phyllis glares at them slightly, with an unspoken directive to behave.
Gerald: "Let me get a minute to get on their flank just incase something goes wrong."
Phyllis: "Of course."
Zane nods at Gerald.
Gerald‘ tucks his shotgun away into thin air and slinks off.
Chandrasekhar: "…those monsters won’t last long."
Zane: "That is the plan."
Phyllis: "Fusillades at the ready."
Garrett: "When it all collapses, I'll take that as my sign."
Zane: "Alright Phyllis. On your mark. Give 'em hell."
Phyllis: Surprise round? Or what?
Aleith|DM: Yeah, surprise round to start with.
Phyllis begins with [Visions of Avarice]. Whatever their hearts lust after, whatever they desire - it's there, just in front of the door! Like the tale of Maeterlinck's caged blue bird, happiness is closer than they thought!
Phyllis rolled 6#d20+17(1) and got 17 ( Total: 34.0 ) for Guards A-F
Also rolled 6#d20+17(2) and got 7 [Total: 24.0 (Low), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(3) and got 9 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 9.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(4) and got 15 [Total: 32.0 (High), Avg: 15.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(5) and got 10 [Total: 27.0 (Low), Avg: 10.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(6) and got 15 [Total: 32.0 (High), Avg: 15.00]
Total: 175.0, Avg: 12.17
Aleith|DM: Hits all 6!
Phyllis rolled 6#d20+17(1) and got 2 ( Total: 19.0 ) for Creepers AB, Crawlers AB, Serpent-Maned Lions AB
Also rolled 6#d20+17(2) and got 9 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 9.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(3) and got 13 [Total: 30.0 (High), Avg: 13.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(4) and got 18 [Total: 35.0 (High), Avg: 18.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(5) and got 18 [Total: 35.0 (High), Avg: 18.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+17(6) and got 4 [Total: 21.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 166.0, Avg: 10.67
Aleith|DM: Miss, 4 hits, miss!
Phyllis: For those it hits: Pull 4 closer to the 1-square zone in the center. For those that end inside or adjacent to the zone: Immobilized (save ends).
Aleith|DM: Alright. 5 left! And the Allied Soldiers.
Garrett‘ reaches out a hand, and to those allies around him, they feel a slight nudge in their heads- a single word, a command, but not a word as spoken and understood by man, but spoken to the world around them. Clearly, they hear it as from Garrett.
The walls of the tower themselves reach out to the guards, the ground underneath them heaves and twists into tendrils and grasping hands and peaks and valleys that attempt to bludgeon, engulf, and crush those within! [The City Comes Alive]
Chandrasekhar: "…Goddess."
Zane watches it all unfold. [Total Defense. +3 combat dice]
Garrett` rolled 6#1d20+22(1) and got 8 ( Total: 30 ) for vs Ref, Guards A-F
Also rolled 6#1d20+22(2) and got 12 [Total: 34]
Also rolled 6#1d20+22(3) and got 6 [Total: 28]
Also rolled 6#1d20+22(4) and got 2 [Total: 24]
Gerald: "Huh."
Also rolled 6#1d20+22(5) and got 16 [Total: 38]
Also rolled 6#1d20+22(6) and got 11 [Total: 33]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 187
Aleith|DM: Hits!
Garrett` rolled 5#1d20+22(1) and got 4 ( Total: 26 ) for vs Ref, crawler A B, lion, creeper A B
Also rolled 5#1d20+22(2) and got 4 [Total: 26]
Also rolled 5#1d20+22(3) and got 10 [Total: 32]
Also rolled 5#1d20+22(4) and got 17 [Total: 39]
Also rolled 5#1d20+22(5) and got 10 [Total: 32]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 155
Aleith|DM: Hits!
Phyllis: The illusion of a blue bird. Garrett, the cage-builder.
Gerald` is just waiting for a better moment to strike, after seeing what uh, what Garret did. [No Action, top of the initss]
Garrett` rolled 2d6+14 and got 3, 2 ( Total: 19 ) for restrained (save ends)
Garrett` rolled 3d8 and got 3, 2, 2 ( Total: 7 ) for sneak damage on creeper A
The Allied Unit fires on the center pack!
Phyllis rolled 6#d20+14(1) and got 16 ( Total: 30.0 ) for vs AC
Also rolled 6#d20+14(2) and got 4 [Total: 18.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+14(3) and got 18 [Total: 32.0 (High), Avg: 18.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+14(4) and got 20 [Total: 34.0 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+14(5) and got 10 [Total: 24.0 (Low), Avg: 10.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+14(6) and got 8 [Total: 22.0 (Low), Avg: 8.00]
Total: 160.0, Avg: 12.67
Phyllis rolled 2#d20+14(1) and got 17 ( Total: 31.0 ) for the rest
Also rolled 2#d20+14(2) and got 1 [Total: 15.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 46.0, Avg: 9.00
[OOC] Aleith|DM: please hold
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 19!] [26!] [KOs!
Aleith|DM: Hit, miss, hit, crit, hit (CA +2), miss, hit, miss (I think that thing was dead anyway)
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 12! * 4] [17!
Aleith|DM: Okay! Next?
Aleith|DM: Zane, Chandra, Ernst?
Zane watches it all unfold. [Total Defense. +3 combat dice]
[OOC] Zane: actually wait no, just holding until last. I think I won’t actually need those dice becuase lol)
Chandrasekhar steps out from behind the rocks, and then again, utters the Word, eyes burning with light and anguish. [Vision of the Fall vs. Creeper B]
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+16 and got 9 ( Total: 25 ) for vs. Will
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Chandrasekhar rolled 2d8+8 and got 7, 8 ( Total: 23 ) for fire/radiant vs. Creeper B, 5 fire/radiant on everything else
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 23! KO!] [5! * 8] [KO!
Aleith|DM: Zane? Ernst?
Ernst takes a pot shot at Creeper A [Great Magic Weapon]
Gerald‘ rolled 2#d20+24(1) and got 14 ( Total: 38 )
Also rolled 2#d20+24(2) and got 7 [Total: 31]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 69
Aleith|DM: Hits!
Gerald` rolled 3d8+10 and got 6, 7, 1 ( Total: 24 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Zane begins snatching arrows out of the turf and firing them into the guards. [-2 combat dice, attack becomes ranged Burst 1]
Zane rolled 6#1d20+20(1) and got 8 ( Total: 28.0 ) for vs AC, Combat Advantage
Also rolled 6#1d20+20(2) and got 20 [Total: 40.0 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+20(3) and got 4 [Total: 24.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+20(4) and got 17 [Total: 37.0 (High), Avg: 17.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+20(5) and got 3 [Total: 23.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+20(6) and got 2 [Total: 22.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 174.0, Avg: 9.00
Aleith|DM: Hits A, B, and D!
Zane rolled 3d8+10 and got 7, 2, 6 ( Total: 25.0 )
[OOC] Zane: Death Attack
Aleith|DM: 3 [KOs!]
Aleith|DM: Gales blasts the remaining 3 guards with Chain Lightning!
Aleith|DM rolled 3#d20+19(1) and got 15 ( Total: 34.0 ) for vs Ref
Also rolled 3#d20+19(2) and got 20 [Total: 39.0 (High), Avg: 20.00]
Also rolled 3#d20+19(3) and got 17 [Total: 36.0 (High), Avg: 17.00]
Total: 109.0, Avg: 17.33
Aleith|DM rolled 4d8+14 and got 3, 3, 7, 4 ( Total: 31.0 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Gerald: "…I didn’t even get to show you guys the laser!"
The walls and ground withdraw their grasp and return to normal as their grapplees get knocked out one by one.
Asrabey aborts his movement. "Well, that went quickly. Good work."
Zane: "A little planning goes a long way."
Garrett: "I'm sure you'll get another chance, Gerald."
Gerald: "Probably."
Phyllis: "Glad to have you along, Gale."
Aleith|DM: There's still a door between you and the facility.
[OOC] Garrett: it wouldn't happen to have an obvious lock or a smaller, regular door embedded in the giant doors would it
Phyllis walks up to it and just stares at it for a few moments.
Gale: "Rather this than jail time for abetting a would-be murderer, so thanks for bringing me."
Phyllis: "Geases. At least I know how it goes."
Aleith|DM: Any lock seems to be on the other side. The doors appear to lock by bars going up and down into the stone above the door.
Phyllis: To the door and its myriad locks, a command: "Open." [Pathos of the Inanimate]
Aleith|DM: You hear some loud 'clicks' as the bars slide back into the door.
Aleith|DM: It takes some effort, but the whole lot of you manage to swing open the doors.
Gerald: "That was easy."
Garrett: "Well that was nice of it!"
Phyllis: Moments of intense focus. Her will reaching out, rewriting otherwise indelible laws of this world.
Gerald‘ wanders on over to help with the shoving, then peers around as it opens up more fully.
Phyllis: A metaphysical sledgehammer to drive in a tiny physical nail, perhaps.
Phyllis: "Physics is now in the ’fiction' category in the library."
Chandrasekhar: "I… what? Who… what? How! That's… _dangerous_! You're dangerous!"
Gerald: "…? Was she ever not?"
Zane: "Of course she is. I wouldn't have her in the unit otherwise."
Zane smiles slightly.
Aleith|DM: Beyond the door is a simple foyer for the former guards on the right, and the hydraulic mechanism on the left that would close the doors again.
Garrett: "That's a risky thing to call someone…" He chuckles.
Aleith|DM: Beyond the foyer, a 10-ft. wide tunnel continues into the mountain. Two sets of light rail tracks run into the tunnel, and a small hand-cranked vehicle sits on each track. Convenient.
Gerald: "Dibs on the one stocke's ridin' on."
Zane: "No sirens. … Yet."
Garrett: "Tickets, please. Tickets. Sir, sir-" he's chasing after the first person who passes him.
Gerald: "Oh yeah I just don't wanna manually crank it." Gerald pulls himself up onto one.
Phyllis conjures up a [Mage Hand], stares at it for a moment, then just considers talking the vehicle into cranking itself.
Garrett: "Right, well, pile on, you louts, get cozy with your neighbors."
Zane hops up onto a cart. "Oh my gods you people are lazy. Lets go."
Phyllis hops onto one, as well, at least opting for the [Mage Hand] option.
Garrett: "Keep all hands and feet inside the cart while it's underway and please look forward to a daring, possibly explosive escape on the way back."
Aleith|DM: Well, a half-mile of something cranking the carts, you all arrive in front of another set of doors much like the first ones. Two other tunnels lead out of the mountain.
The unit probably follows her.
Chandrasekhar: "No mortal ought be forced to do what a construct can do instead."
Gerald: "Two…?" Gerald glances back at Phyllis.
Phyllis: "What?"
Garrett‘ looks to Chandra and nods at Grappa. "How does he fare?"
Gerald: "Two paths. Which one is the right one?"
Phyllis looks at Grappa as well. "Which way, do you know?"
Gerald: "This feels like a wizard riddle."
Grappa: "The doors lead into the facility. The other tunnels just lead to the other entrances on the mountain."
Garrett: "The alternate ways in, I figured, yeah."
Zane shakes his head at Singh. "That way lies indolence and sloth. Fat and lazy masters spreading across cushions while servants do the real work."
Chandrasekhar: "Tch. Like building constructs is easy, whether out of will or steel."
Garrett: "So… Phyllis. Can you just keep asking doors to open or was that a one-shot thing for the day?"
Phyllis instructs these doors to "Open," as well. [Pathos of the Inanimate]
Phyllis: "As long as there are empty vessels in this world to fill with my will,"
Phyllis: "as long as there are blank canvases to scribe my desire,"
Aleith|DM: Well. The soldiers get to work opening the door after some more ’clicks'.
Phyllis: "I can keep going on like this."
Phyllis: "No one stops."
Garrett‘ nods… nods.
Garrett: "A lot, then, gotcha."
Phyllis: "There’s a reason I asked if your weapons had names."
Phyllis: "It is a small protection."
Phyllis: "A fragment of will, one I can't overwrite."
Aleith|DM: As you all step into the doors, there's a long hallway beyond it.
Gerald: "Aha."
Garrett: "I'll be sure to christen my doorknobs or somesuch." He says it with a wink.
Aleith|DM: And the doors slam shut behind you as mechanisms on the wall start spraying oil into the room.
Garrett: "Messy!" He sprints for the doors on the far side.
Aleith|DM: It's shut.
Zane: "And flammable."
Asrabey: "That might be next, yes."
Zane heads to the far doors with Garrett. "Shall we?"
Garrett: "Let's hit it."
Phyllis: "Ernst. What do you make of this?"
Gerald: "I wonder why it does that automatically."
Grappa: "Security measures."
Zane looks at the door, points Garrett at one handhold, and takes the other himself. [Kords Strength - Athletics check]
Zane rolled 1d20+19 and got 18 ( Total: 37.0 )
Gerald: : "They're… already in the bleak gate, and behind another barrier and guards? This seems kind excessive."
Chandrasekhar: "Tch. I need to keep my armour oiled, but it's a much more delicate process than this, thank you."
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+23 and got 16 ( Total: 39 ) for athletics assist
Gerald: "Guess that just means we’re close and on the right path though."
Chandrasekhar: "Anyways, they knew we were coming and baked a cake. I expected such."
Aleith|DM: ….well then. It's a herculean effort, but you manage to pry the doors open, DESPITE the bars locking it into the surrounding metal and stone.
Zane slips through the opening and leans against the wall, panting lightly.
Garrett‘ scrambles through the opening, limbs akimbo, and scurries out of the way for the others to get through.
Aleith|DM: As the others run and follow behind you, several seconds later, sparks fly into the room and the hallway bursts into flames.
Phyllis strides through, as if she never had anything to fear.
Aleith|DM: Not too close, there.
Zane: "I need to stop being right all the time.
Chandrasekhar: "Good timing!"
Gerald: "Whew."
Gerald: "I think the encroaching icy death trap from before was cooler that this make shift oven."
Zane: "Heh. ’Cooler'."
Garrett: "Heh."
Gerald: "Huh? Oh."
Aleith|DM: There's a double-doorway in front of you, and hallways to the left and right. Doors appear to lead into rooms down the hallways they curve around towards.
Phyllis: "How much further?"
Aleith|DM: How loud or quiet are you trying to be?
Grappa: "These are just the main barracks. Engineers, most of the guards, kitchens, et cetera."
Grappa: "Around the hallways to basically the other side for next checkpoint."
Zane is quiet. "And the double doors here?"
Grappa: "Offices, supplies, kitchen, commissary."
Garrett: "(Dinner'll have to wait.)"
Zane grumbles and pulls a piece of jerky out of a pouch. "Around we go then."
Garrett‘ starts to creep down a hallway and listens at a door for noises.
Aleith|DM: The soldiers step quietly. As you get partway down the corridor, several guards run at you from behind, and a general alarm seems to go up in the building.
Garrett` exhales. "It was a good run."
Aleith|DM: Various guards pour out from the side rooms, but you manage to dispatch them pretty quickly, even if it is a bit of an effort.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: -2 healing surges from everyone
Phyllis shrugs it off.
Garrett` cleans off his blades, and his armor.
Phyllis: "A construct made of ’will.' Is that what you think of me now, Chandra?"
Chandrasekhar: "When did I ever imply that, old friend?"
Phyllis: "I don't think you did. I was just curious what you actually meant by that."
Aleith|DM: Through the door on the other end, there's another hallway, and this leads into another large checkpoint. Large doors can beee seen at the far end, and another set of doors are open to your left, leading into a large hallway.
Phyllis: "If not by steel, then by what?"
The bronze golem points down the open hallway. "That way."
Chandrasekhar: "What -is- your Mage Hand, then?"
Phyllis: "Conjuration, not a construct. There are semantics, though we don't have the luxury of time to unpack them all right now."
Garrett‘ nods, cautiously moving along- may be another trap in this hallway.
Chandrasekhar rolls his eyes the tiniest, tiniest bit. Can’t be -too- pedantic while you're keeping an eye out for traps.
The doors slam shut, and the gas lights along the walls flicker off. A familiar disembodied voice echoes in the hallway, speaking with an aristocratic Crisillyir accent.
Quital: "I don't know whether to be impressed with you getting past my security, or disappointed in the men who were supposed to stop you. But men, after all, are weak. That's why we build machines, why we have progress! All we’re good for is thinking. That, and enjoying the pleasures in life."
You hear a soft sip, as if from a wine glass, then a contented sigh.
Quital: "Best to leave the violence and physical labor to the steam and steel. Now I leave it to you to decide whether to go the easy way or the hard way. Throw down your weapons and have a drink with me, and I’ll explain what it is we’re doing here. Would you believe the engineers we had working on it thought this was a Risuri military project? They were fools, and I’d like to hold out hope that you’re not fools."
Quital: "So yes, throw down your weapons and we can think, and talk, and enjoy life. Or be foolish, and see which breaks first: your flesh, or my steel."
Garrett‘ scoffs.
Ernst glances at the others.
Gerald: "I mean I’m willing to hear you out BEFORE shooting you, but you're high as a kite if you think we're disarming."
Gerald: "This is a pretty bad neighborhood."
Garrett: "Yeah, I mean… can we at least -see- the giant robot first?"
Chandrasekhar: "It's a shame. I -was- looking forward to hearing your arguments. I was, funnily enough, saying much the same thing just a moment ago."
Garrett: "It's a giant robot, right?"
Zane smiles. [Darkvision]
Garrett: "They've been talking it up like it is."
Aleith|DM: That's okay, Chandrasekhar's sword glows brightly anyway.
Aleith|DM: It's not actually dark in here…
Zane: "Did you bring enough wine and cheese for everyone, Quital?"
Chandrasekhar: "If it's -not- a mechanical giant, I'm going to lose a bet, and then be even more dissapointed than I already am."
Phyllis: "There are a few theories floating around, at least."
Phyllis: "Are you so sure you'll convince us? What if we don't change our minds, regardless of any peaceful discussion?"
Chandrasekhar: "Hypotheses, really."
Gerald: "He just mentioned making constructions to do work, it's definitely the giant fucking automaton."
Phyllis eyerolls slightly, just as he did earlier.
Chandrasekhar smiles.
Quital: "Yes, but it's a shame. It sounds like we're going to do this the hard way, and I'll have it all to myself." The doors to the north open, reavealing another short hallway and several golems, 4 man-sized and another 12 feet tall.
Gerald: "NAILED IT."
Zane smiles beatifically. "I am going to kick your ass *and* eat your lunch. Its just like being back in highschool."
Phyllis: "It's only the hard way because you can't guarantee peace."
Garrett: "Oh man."
Garrett: "We need to figure out a way to get the big one back to HQ."
Phyllis: "Linked portal."
Phyllis: "… I think."
Phyllis: "I'm not sure how the specifics work across planes like this."
Garrett: "I believe in you, Phyllis."

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