Zg Session 48

Ekossigan: "You do not realize the child that sleeps in the mountain. Your nation's womb will birth a monster! He shall not be awakened. He must not be awakened!" He snaps his fingers to the side, and two fey snow leopards materialize in the branches to either side of him.
Aleith|DM: The drizzle of rain has turned to driving sleet. Surfaces across the tree are slowly coating in ice. All exterior surfaces count as <span style="font-weight: bold" >difficult terrain</span>. <span style="font-weight: bold" >Ranged weapon attacks</span> and <span style="font-weight: bold" >Perception checks</span> take <span style="font-weight: bold" >-4 penalty</span>.
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Ekossigan | 29:Gerald | 29:Phyllis | 28:Snow Leopard B | 26:Garrett | 23:Gale | 22:Snow Leopard A | 20:Chandrasekhar | 20:Ernst | 19:Zane |
Gerald: "It's okay Lord Lunatic, we uh. We already know the Ob is building a giant robot. And we're gunna break it."
Phyllis: "Why are we at such odds if our goals are aligned?"
Zane: "Because we dont want to let him kill kids to get into the Bleak Gate."
Gerald: "Because he wanted to kill thrity little kids to open a portal and overthrow our nation as a distraction…?"
Ekossigan exhales, and frigid air blasts you away. [Cone of Cold]
Gerald: "His methods are complete shit. And so he's goin' down -"
Phyllis: "Of course we disagree on the means."
Aleith|DM rolled 4#d20+19(1) and got 3 ( Total: 22.0 ) for vs Fort, Chandrasekhar, Ernst, Garrett, Gerald
Also rolled 4#d20+19(2) and got 13 [Total: 32.0 (High), Avg: 13.00]
Also rolled 4#d20+19(3) and got 18 [Total: 37.0 (High), Avg: 18.00]
Also rolled 4#d20+19(4) and got 7 [Total: 26.0 (Low), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 117.0, Avg: 10.25
[OOC] Gerald: Disruptive Shot
Gerald‘ rolled 2#d20+12(1) and got 9 ( Total: 21 )
Also rolled 2#d20+12(2) and got 6 [Total: 18]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 39
Aleith|DM: On who’s hit?
Aleith|DM: Yours I guess
Aleith|DM: I see
Aleith|DM rolled 6d7 and got 6, 5, 6, 2, 3, 5 ( Total: 27 )
Aleith|DM rolled 6d6 and got 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6 ( Total: 33 )
Aleith|DM: I'll take the 27 for you >_>
Aleith|DM: 27 cold damage to Gerald, Garrett, and Ernst! 13 cold damage to Chandra!
Phyllis: "CLEARLY we have a better counter-proposal."
Aleith|DM: You're all pushed back against the wall!
Gerald: "…Nngh."
Aleith|DM: He then dashes forward and claws at Chandrasekhar! [AP]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+21 and got 3 ( Total: 24 )
Aleith|DM: But they pass through him ineffectually.
Aleith|DM: He starts glowing, and an area in the branches to the west starts glowing.
Aleith|DM: Gerald!
Aleith|DM: Phyllis!
Phyllis: "And we've shown ourselves, so far, to be more competent."
Chandrasekhar meets his gaze, nods.
Ekossigan: "So many screams! How many were sacrificed to fuel this thing? How many souls consumed to create this abomination? What are a few more to stop it? You would do the same if you could hear it."
Zane: "You are so wrong it passes from funny to tragic."
Gerald‘ takes a couple of steps back, sighs, then swings his shotgun around to Leopard B. "Hail is complete horseshit by the way." [Mark The Boss] [Biting Volley]
Garrett: "I’d invest in thicker earplugs."
Gerald‘ rolled 2#d20+12(1) and got 6 ( Total: 18 ) for vs Ref at least
Also rolled 2#d20+12(2) and got 12 [Total: 24]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 42
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+12(1) and got 6 ( Total: 18 ) for vs Ref at least
Also rolled 2#d20+12(2) and got 5 [Total: 17]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 35
Aleith|DM: Misses.
Gerald` rolled d8+11 and got 2 ( Total: 13 ) for one hit
Aleith|DM: Oh, Leopard B, okay
Aleith|DM: Your bullets swerve in mid-flight and aim at Ekossigan! Misses!
[OOC] Phyllis: trying to think. hm
Gerald: "…What."
Garrett: "That’s a, uh… nice trick shot?"
Gerald: "Wasn't me."
Phyllis peers to the right to try and make out what that glowing spot could be. [Perception? Arcana? also what action would that even be)
Aleith|DM: Arcana, minor
Phyllis rolled d20+20 and got 9 ( Total: 29.0 )
Phyllis stage right not map right obviously.
Aleith|DM: Ekossigan slowly seems to be fading out, and appearing at the glowing spot.
Aleith|DM: Seems like it'll take several seconds at the rate it's happening.
Phyllis constructs an [Illusory Wall, Minor] to the west and ambushes Snow Leopard A with an [Illusory Ambush]!
Phyllis rolled d20+15 and got 9 ( Total: 24.0 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: It misses Gale!
Aleith|DM: Wait
Aleith|DM rolled d2 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for 1 Gale, 2 Ernst
[OOC] Phyllis: … i thought that was for weapons
Aleith|DM: Sorry, it HITS Ernst
Aleith|DM: The -4 penalty to attack rolls was…
Aleith|DM: That was for weather
Aleith|DM: This is from Ekossigan's Aura
Aleith|DM: Snow Leopard B sends a blast of despair at Gerald! [Despair of the Hunted]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+16 and got 1 ( Total: 17 ) for vs WIll
Aleith|DM: But misses!
Phyllis looks at her orb in confusion. "How does an illusion spell careen that wildly? It's all in one's -head-, I can't jump heads…"
Aleith|DM: And leaps across the gap to the branch in front of Garrett.
Phyllis rolled d6+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15.0 ) for also sorry ernst :(
Aleith|DM: Ah yes. 15 damage to Ernst
Zane does a flawless Chandrasekhar impression. "Mystic fey bullshit."
Phyllis: "Mohya," she corrects.
Aleith|DM: And -2 to Ernst's attacks UEoPNT
Zane: "That's what I said."
Chandrasekhar: "…hmm."
Aleith|DM: Garrett?
Garrett‘ sneers at the Snow Leopard B and strikes at its legs! [Low Slash]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+18 and got 2 ( Total: 20 ) for vs Ref
Aleith|DM: Miss!
Garrett` still tries to trip it up though. [Piercing Strike]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+18 and got 15 ( Total: 33 ) for vs Ref
Garrett` rolled 1d4+11 and got 3 ( Total: 14 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 14!
Phyllis: "Oh. He’ll teleport and re-orient himself where the glowing spots are, by the way."
Chandrasekhar: "Aha."
Phyllis: "Zane, you have a golden, um. Garrote. Yes?"
Garrett: "It's boiled and magjicked leather, actually."
Garrett: "Oh, garrote."
Zane: "Yes."
Zane: "These are not… optimal conditions for its application though."
Aleith|DM: Gale summons a small whirlwind nearby, spraying dust and debris away from it at dangerous speed. [Warding Vortex]
Aleith|DM: Any creature that ends its turn within 2 squares of a vortex takes 10 damage from flying debris, unless it is behind cover.
Aleith|DM: She then sends a blast of lightning out through the Vortex at Gerald! [Touch of Summer Storms]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 6 ( Total: 23 ) for vs Fort, melee
Aleith|DM rolled 3d6+12 and got 1, 4, 2 ( Total: 19.0 )
Gerald: "Gods I didn't even shoot you yet!"
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 19 thunder damage and knocking him prone!
Gale: "It's not like you haven't threatened to before. Sorry!"
Aleith|DM: Snow Leopard A runs around the giant barrier and leaps over the gap on the other side to end up behind Phyllis before trying to Maul her!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+16 and got 18 ( Total: 34 )
Aleith|DM rolled 3d8+6 and got 8, 1, 1 ( Total: 16.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 16!
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar! Ernst!
Chandrasekhar reaches out towards Gale as a ray of golden sunlight hits her. [Hands of Retribution] "Both of you! Remember our Goddess." * 5 fire and radiant damage
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 5!
[OOC] Phyllis: Illusory Wall] only affects enemies, by the way! Allies have full Line of Sight through it. <3
[OOC] Phyllis: just in case anyone else wasn't clear
Chandrasekhar prays for [Virtue], [Challenge]s Ekossigan, and clangs his sword into -something- midair. [Astral Thunder]
Chandrasekhar rolled 3#d20+13(1) and got 14 ( Total: 27 ) for hits eko and both sneps I think
Also rolled 3#d20+13(2) and got 9 [Total: 22]
Also rolled 3#d20+13(3) and got 12 [Total: 25]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 74
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: vs. fort
Aleith|DM: Miss, hit, hit!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: -2 for cover from 2nd snep but you still hit it
Chandrasekhar rolled 2d8+7 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 14 ) for thunder, -3 attack penalty on sneps ueont
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 14!] [14!
Aleith|DM: Ernst!
Ernst [Shifts] back a square, gives himself +1 AC [Resistive Formula] and drops a [Punishing Eye] on the field.
Phyllis stares off blankly for a moment, gears turning in her head. Then something seems to snap.
Chandrasekhar knows that look…
Aleith|DM: Zane!
Zane looks around at the battlefield, gears turning. And then springs into action, trying to shimmy between boards to get into the house… [Acrobatics to get inside, gonna Stealth to Hide once I break Line of Sight]…
Zane rolled d20+17 and got 10 ( Total: 27 ) for DC 25
Aleith|DM: Managed to squeeze through!
Zane rolled d20+17 and got 18 ( Total: 35 ) for Stealth, and get hype for the AP
Aleith|DM: Hidden!
Zane takes a deep breath to gather his focus before slipping through the house like a ghost, only to emerge from the doorway with his hands flashing towards Ekossigans throat. [AP Silent Stalker -> Garrote Strangle]
Zane rolled d20+19 and got 16 ( Total: 35 ) for vs Reflex, CA from hidden
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Zane rolled 2d4+6 and got 1, 2 ( Total: 9.0 ) for grabbed, silenced, -2 to attacks against me EoNT. Also gold wire, no teleporting.
Also rolled 1d8 and got 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 10.0, Avg: 1.33
Zane bears down on his throat with the gold cord. "You have the right to remain silent."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 10!] He stops fading out, suddenly fully-solid again. [20!
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 32:Ekossigan | 29:Gerald | 29:Phyllis | 28:Snow Leopard B | 26:Garrett | 23:Gale | 22:Snow Leopard A | 20:Chandrasekhar | 20:Ernst | 19:Zane |
Aleith|DM: Ekossigan claws in silent fury at Zane!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+17 and got 12 ( Total: 29 ) for marked, -2 to attack Zane
Aleith|DM rolled 2d8+22 and got 5, 5 ( Total: 32.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 32!
Aleith|DM: But also getting zapped with Divine Challenge!
Gerald‘ quickly fires a shot to deflect some of that. [Defensive Shot] [-10 damage]
Zane roars! [Bloodied, +5 THP. Also Teakwood can do a thing]
Chandrasekhar sends another ray of light at Ekossigan! [5 fire and radiant]
Aleith|DM: Oh right, Zane, you also took 5 cold damage. It’s like trying to grab a frozen river. Any creature that hits Ekossigan with a melee attack takes 5 cold damage as he radiates intense cold.
Aleith|DM: He then…loses this property until the end of his next turn due to the fire damage….
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 10! 5!] and slowed!
Aleith|DM: Gerald! Phyllis!
Phyllis buckles over for a moment, gritting her teeth and clenching her fists in speechless rage. She turns to face Asrabey, looking him dead in the eyes, making no motions to actually attack -yet-, first wanting to say her piece. "What's a few more? Is that how you justify this? If you go down this path, where does it end?" Image after image after image of dead Eladrin women accompany her
Phyllis words, an impaled image of Srasama, a mutilated Gale, a world robbed entirely of the fairest of his fair race. A lone candle, finally snuffing out. "What's. One. More?"
Phyllis: "Why the HELL do you think I wanted to spare Gale and leave her be?!"
Phyllis: "We want the same goddamned thing!"
Chandrasekhar half-closes his eyes- and the illusions of Srasama glow with true light.
[OOC] Phyllis: Suggestion, Glib Tongue].
Phyllis rolled d20+25 and got 9 ( Total: 34.0 )
Phyllis: Ekossigan rather, not Asrabey.
Phyllis shifts away from the Snow Leopard next to her just to get away from it. [Shift, and end turn]
Aleith|DM: Well, I mean, he'd say something, but…he's being strangled at the moment and still trying to claw at Zane, if that's any indication. His eyes burn with the cold fury of the sleet storm raging around you.
Aleith|DM: Gerald?
Gerald‘ attempts to crawl through the wall to avoid getting killed by the vortex.
Gerald` rolled d20+17 and got 12 ( Total: 29 )
Phyllis: "… Don’t say I didn't try."
Gerald: "Okay Garrett…"
Garrett: "Yeah?"
Gerald: "Time for some magical science. Apologies if this doesn't work!"
Garrett: "Give it a shot."
[OOC] Gerald: Mark Leopard B] [Twin Shot Into Garrett
Phyllis: "Or did the wind twist my words, just as it did my spells?
Aleith|DM: Acrobatics passed!
Gerald‘ rolled 2#d20+10(1) and got 2 ( Total: 12 ) for -2 more from prone, all the penalties. These should hit the leopord tho…
Also rolled 2#d20+10(2) and got 12 [Total: 22]
Aleith|DM: To be fair, Asrabey is here to kill the fey lord….
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 34
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+10(1) and got 10 ( Total: 20 ) for -2 more from prone, all the penalties. These should hit the leopord tho…
Also rolled 2#d20+10(2) and got 16 [Total: 26]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 46
Gerald` misses all around, but should figure out if that bonces off Garrett’s armor or misses the giant cat!
Aleith|DM: The pellets swerve around Garret, striking at the leopard! 1 hit!
Aleith|DM: Oh wait AC 27. Yes, all misses
Chandrasekhar shouts, speaking of whom: "Asrabey! Any help would be rather appreciated!"
Garrett‘ shudders a little bit.
Garrett: "Man, so -that’s- what that feels like."
Gerald: "Did what I thought it would at least!"
Aleith|DM: The walls protect Gerald from taking 10 damage as the debris hits the wall instead.
Aleith|DM: Snow Leopard B tries to Maul Garrett!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+16 and got 14 ( Total: 30 )
Aleith|DM rolled 3d8+6 and got 4, 5, 4 ( Total: 19.0 )
[Swift Parry] [+4 AC]
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 19! The good old claw/claw/bite-or that.
Aleith|DM: Garrett!
Garrett‘ smirks. [CA against Snow Leopard B UEoNT]
Garrett` sends a series of jabbing knife strikes against Snow Leopard B! [Piercing Strike]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+20 and got 4 ( Total: 24 ) for vs Ref
Garrett` rolled 1d4+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13 ) for god bless CA
Also rolled 2d8 and got 2, 7 [Total: 9]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 22
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 27! Bloodied!
Garrett` keeps up the pressure because god they need it! [Free Action - Press the Advantage]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+20 and got 11 ( Total: 31 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Garrett` rolled 2d4+14 and got 2, 2 ( Total: 18 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 23!
Aleith|DM: It’s barely standing, but still snarling at you.
Asrabey shouts back, "I'm a little occupied with fighting off an army of fey lest they overwhelm us!" But still, he tosses his shield around the building. The shield roars as it bites at Snow Leopard A! [Lion Shield]
Aleith|DM rolled d10+5 and got 5 ( Total: 10.0 )
[OOC] Ernst: Eye
Aleith|DM: 10 damage, and the snep is restrained!
Garrett‘ doesn’t let up! [AP] [Piercing Strike]
Aleith|DM: hmmm yes
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+20 and got 9 ( Total: 29 ) for vs Ref
Aleith|DM: Hit!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Garrett` pushes through the rough terrain! [Move]
Gale waves her hand, and a dense bank of fog materializes around Gerald, undeterred by the buffeting storm. [Cloudwood Fog; Provides total concealment until the end of the encounter]
Gerald: "Uh…"
[OOC] Phyllis: Oh Right I guess Illusionary Wall goes down because I didn’t sustain it
Aleith|DM: True
Aleith|DM: She then sends a series of Wind Bolts at Phyllis, Ernst, and Ekossigan!
Aleith|DM rolled d3 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for Chandrasekhar, Zane, Garrett
Aleith|DM rolled 3#d20+19(1) and got 9 ( Total: 28.0 ) for vs Fort, Ernst, Phyllis, Zane
Also rolled 3#d20+19(2) and got 6 [Total: 25.0 (Low), Avg: 6.00]
Also rolled 3#d20+19(3) and got 3 [Total: 22.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 75.0, Avg: 6.00
Aleith|DM rolled 2d6+8 and got 1, 3 ( Total: 12.0 )
Aleith|DM: All three take 12 damage and are grabbed UEoNT (Escape DC 24). The wind lifts you up 20 feet (4 squares) in the air!
Aleith|DM: Snow Leopard A growls and tries to break free.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+9 and got 7 ( Total: 16 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 15!
Aleith|DM: as it takes its turn
Aleith|DM: And it tries to weigh down Phyllis with Despair of the Hunted!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+14 and got 15 ( Total: 29 ) for vs Will, -2 restrained
Aleith|DM rolled 2d8+10 and got 5, 7 ( Total: 22.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 22 psychic damage! Phyllis is marked until end of the encounter (or the leopard drops to 0)! At the end of any turn in which she is not either adjacent to the sentinel, or closer to the sentinel than where it began its turn, she takes 5 psychic damage and is weakened until the end of its next turn.
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar? Ernst?
Chandrasekhar shifts one space over, nodding to Ernst, and then hits Ekossigan with a Righteous Smite!
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+17 and got 13 ( Total: 30 ) for vs. AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Chandrasekhar rolled 2d8+8 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 15 ) for grants 8 T.HP to Phyllis, Ernst. Zane, and Garrett
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 20!
Aleith|DM: Ernst!
Ernst starts off with a [Gale-Forced Infusion] on Zane. [+5 AC, Burst 2 attack on Eko]
Ernst rolled d20+16 and got 11 ( Total: 27.0 ) for reflex
Aleith|DM: MIss!
Ernst sighs before setting Stocke down. He then has him walk off the edge and fire a [Magic Weapon - AP]
Ernst rolled d20+16 and got 17 ( Total: 33.0 ) for CA, Magic Weapon, -4
Aleith|DM: Hit!
[OOC] Ernst: Targetted on Zane for the redirect of course
Aleith|DM: of course
Ernst rolled d8+9 and got 2 ( Total: 11.0 ) for [Transposing Carbine swap]
[OOC] Ernst: +3 to hit +2 dmg to Chandra, Zane, Garrett
Aleith|DM rolled d20+20 and got 4 ( Total: 24 ) for Athletics
Aleith|DM rolled 10d10-12 and got 1, 4, 4, 4, 8, 5, 4, 6, 6, 10 ( Total: 40.0 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 16!] [40 falling damage!
Garrett: "It was one funny-ass thump."
Ernst: "I kicked him out of the treehouse."
Zane: "Pretty good thump."
Gerald: "Dammit, I can't see shit."
Gerald: "I'm mad."
Aleith|DM: Asrabey jumps off the stairs and starts running down the tree. Yes, he has slippers of spider climb.
Garrett‘ chuckles heartily, looks at the remaining tiger and Gale, sort of peters off a bit, and then goes "ahahahaha" all over again.
Chandrasekhar: "Wait, wh-"
Aleith|DM: The leopard just snarls as it’s trapped under the shield still.
Chandrasekhar: "-hahahahahahha!"
Aleith|DM: Gale puts up her hands and starts airwalking backwards.
Gale: "I'm just going to let your good friend deal with Mr. Winter down there."
Chandrasekhar: "Sounds wise."
Aleith|DM: The fey army down there starts backing away, making space for the clash between the two fey.
Gerald: "I guess you can justify that to the geass by saying if you stay up here, you're preventing it from being six verses two and he has better odds one on one…?"
Gale: "Sure, let's put it that way."
Garrett: "More like two on one." And he walks over and gives Stocke a shove with his foot.
Ekossigan hears a whistling noise and looks up…just in time to get clonked
Aleith|DM rolled 10d10 and got 5, 3, 2, 8, 10, 3, 2, 1, 8, 4 ( Total: 46 )
Aleith|DM: Both take 46!
Aleith|DM: Bloodied!
Ernst [Energy Infusions] his robot for good measure.
Asrabey stumbles as he runs down, taking a brief glance upwards.
[OOC] Ernst: Err conversion
Phyllis: "One fey lord for our ends. What's one more?"
Garrett: "Don't worry, he's fine!" he calls out to Asrabey.
Garrett: "…Stocke that is, not Eko!"
Stocke makes a few *beep boop* noises from below.
Gale snaps her fingers and the restraints release, and Zane, Ernst, and Phyllis slowly float down.
Aleith|DM: The larger branches begin to creak, and the southwest dorm shudders as the branch supporting it splits down its length.
Zane nods at Gale. And then hurls himself off the platform at Ekossigan, while he's reeling from the robot strike. [Air Assassinate]
Aleith|DM rolled 10d10 and got 8, 10, 7, 4, 9, 9, 2, 2, 1, 10 ( Total: 62 )
Aleith|DM: Okay. Roll to hit. If it hits, you crit, otherwise normal damage.
Zane rolled 4d10+68 and got 4, 1, 1, 4 ( Total: 78.0 ) for [Katana, Furious Assault, Assassinate, Death From Above]
Also rolled 1d8 and got 2 [Total: 2 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 80.0, Avg: 2.40
Zane rolled 1d20+17 and got 2 ( Total: 19.0 )
[OOC] Zane: of course lol
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 80!
Zane rolled 8d10 and got 7, 10, 6, 2, 5, 4, 5, 2 ( Total: 41 ) for now me…
Aleith|DM: Asrabey finishes running down the tree and puts his flaming sword to the fey lord's throat.
Phyllis -could- deign to say "well, he lives through it, narratively, i guess"
Phyllis doesn't.
Zane rolled d20+17 and got 15 ( Total: 32 ) for Acrobatics
Asrabey: "Your rebellion ends here, Ekossigan."
Arabey: "Now, what was that about Kasvarina?!"
Phyllis: "She's with the Ob, isn't she?"
Phyllis: "It adds up, given what Ethelyn said way back at the island."
Ekossigan whispers, "I saw her, in a steel cage lined with tapestries, beneath Cauldron Hill in the Bleak Gate."
Phyllis: "You were even there with us."
Asrabey: "And?"
Ekossigan: "That's all."
Zane took 9 damage from that fall.
Asrabey: "I pronounce you guilty of betraying the Unseen Court, for trying to start a war with Risur over your attempt to fight the conspiracy in the shadows."
Phyllis glances at Chandra.
Gerald‘ shouts from above.
Asrabey pulls out a dagger, and presses it into Ekossigan’s hand, guiding it up to his own throat. "Carry out your sentence."
Ekossigan shudders, then slits his own throat.
Garrett: "(Full disclosure,)"
Garrett: "(I wasn't expecting that to work.)"
Aleith|DM: His body crumbles away into a mass of dead leaves which are carried away on the wind. A surge of natural energy spreads out from his body, as plants begin to sprout and smaller trees begin emerging from the ground around the tree. The crack in the large branch mends, and <span style="font-weight: bold" >all of you are restored to full health</span>.
Gerald‘ glances up at Gale a moment. "Okay I wanna shoot you more than I ever wanted to before right now, but. I’m gunna let you fly away and prepare to help us blow up a giant machine god in a few days instead. Deal?"
Chandrasekhar finally lets out a breath he's been holding in, watching from above, actually slumps and staggers a bit as the Lord disintegrates, taking a deep breath.
Zane takes a deep breath. "Ahh, I needed that."
Gale: "You want me to come with you to the Bleak Gate? If so, I'll come."
Phyllis: "Please."
Asrabey: "And I as well. I must find Kasvarina."
Garrett: "It's a date." He nods knowingly at Gerald.
Zane: "It'll look good for when I try and get you clemency for a reduced sentence later."
Gerald: "I mean, you turned into one of the cities dumbest motherfuckers precisely because you were scared of what they have in there and wanted to break it, right?"
Phyllis: "Chandra. Would it be worth it to visit Ethelyn again?"
Gale sighs. "I guess you could put it that way."
Chandrasekhar: "…I've been considering it for some time, with the benefit of context and hindsight."
Chandrasekhar: "Not sure if she knows anything we don't, at this juncture."
Gerald: "Who the hell is Ethelyn?"
Phyllis: "… The king's sister?"
Chandrasekhar looks like he wants to ruffle Gerald's hair.
Phyllis: "But if both her and Ekossigan are any indication, Asrabey's going to have his hands full with stopping rogue factions of the Unseen Court."
Gerald: "Oh. I don't make it a point to remember the name of every moron I've shot and then thrown in prison."
Garrett: "You should- it sounds impressive when you rattle off a lot of high-profile names."
Asrabey: "Technically you didn't shoot her, just me, back then."
Chandrasekhar: "I believe we've just turn out the root, for what it's worth."
Gerald: "Close enough!"
Phyllis: "Well, yes. But if we keep acting at cross purposes for the same goal, this will end poorly. We end up cannibalizing our own."
Asrabey: "I'll be busy dealing with some of these fey," -who've scattered, by the way- "Until you're ready for my assistance."
Gerald: "Okay lets…"
He motions at Gale. "And she'll help me. Whether she wants to or not."
Asrabey: "Call it community service."
Zane smiles. "So, who is up for burning down the theater of scoundrels next?"
Garrett: "That's fine… this day a'int even over yet."
Garrett: "Give me a minute to catch my breath and warm up a bit, make it seem like we didn't just go through a certain level of fae-hell."
Zane: "Yeah, I definitely need coffee and a muffin on the way. I'm just saying."
Chandrasekhar: "All in a day's work."
Zane: "On the plus side we're having a nice dinner this evening."
Aleith|DM: You get a report via messenger wind from Sgt. Macon that they managed to get some information out of the various people they've arrested that Kell has a safehouse in northwest Parity Lake where he's holed up. There's not much other than the address, and you may be able to get some more info from the guildies at the Theatre.
Aleith|DM: Going to Assault the Theatre of Scoundrels?
[OOC] Zane: You know it! With every single TFT we've got, unless its another assault on the safehouse rather than a map combat raid
Aleith|DM: Nah, it's map combat for that…
Aleith|DM: So yeah, you have…13 TFTs left?
Aleith|DM: -5 for only minimum forces, instead of optimal
Aleith|DM: So…that's still a +21 modifier to your Intimidate check…
Aleith|DM: which is base +15…?
[OOC] Zane: so +36 all told…
Aleith|DM: Yeah, that's an auto-pass…
Zane swings by the station. "Just a minute…" And comes back out wearing a tactical harness positively dripping with grenades. "OK, we ready?"
Gerald: "Yup."
Garrett‘ shows up in his proper dress, wearing rank bars and ropes and whatnot. "We’re going to the same party, right?"
Zane: "Mmhmm. Anything that moves when I'm done, you all can arrest."
Chandrasekhar spent a moment polishing his armour real nice.
Garrett: "Heheh. I figured this was one time I wouldn't mind being in the press. That and when Kell officially goes down and in."
Garrett: "Little mad."
Garrett: "Anyway."
Zane doesn't even draw a weapon for this raid. Just shouts "You're under arrest!" every time he pitches a grenade through an open door as he strolls through the theater.
Icecylee: "You think? I was giving it decent odds he was gunna catch a lethal attack in the chaos and confusion of the raid."
Garrett: "I get the feeling he'll go down swinging."
Aleith|DM: Well, damn. When you start doing that, after walking through a bit of the Theatre, people are practically begging you to be arrested before they get blown up.
Zane: "The line to NOT get killed resisting arrest starts outside, face-down on the pavement."
Aleith|DM: After the first few outbuildings get blown up, there's a veritable line down the sidewalk in front of the Theatre.
Garrett‘ juggles freshly polished manicles. With a little slight of hand, he gets them slapped behind and on with slick efficiency.
Zane binds the last half-dozen grenade pins together with a rope, yanks them all at once and tosses the belt on the stage before heading back outside.
Garrett: "You really brought the house down."
Chandrasekhar applauds.
Gerald: "Man."
Gerald: "I’m SO not explaining this one to Delft, bossman."
Chandrasekhar: "I'll talk him down. That's why Zane keeps me around."
Zane walks outside as the ceiling collapses behind him. "All you on the sidewalk, listen up. You're gonan have a lot of time to think, while you're in prison. You're gonna start thinking 'I gut unlucky. I could take those asshole cops…' Every time you think that, I want you to then remember exactly what this building behind me looks like."
Zane: "And maybe think again."
Aleith|DM: After interrogating those who've survived, you find out that Kell's safehouse is on the fourth floor of a tenement in northwest Parity Lake, and Kell's let loose the fact that he got some sort of charm from his Ob contact-some kind of 'gatecrasher charm', that lets him slip into the Bleak Gate-though not painlessly-for five minutes before getting pulled back forcefully into the natural world as a getaway plan.
Aleith|DM: He's got a couple of bodyguards with him-Nick Reder, a big burly grappler in full-plate, and Kate Glenn, a corrupt priestess.

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