Zg Session 38

Last time, you escaped from being trapped on some alternate plane as the train neard Sid Minos at the end of the fifth day on your trip.
Right after the train pulled into the enclave there, you saw Luc and Ottavia running with most of their luggage out of their car. They just headed into the carriage house nearby.
Stocke heads up to the roof of the locomotive engine to take a look at the glow he saw just before it winked out.
Jack‘ bolts from the train in pursuit!
Jeremy` is rounding up the others while Garret leads the innitial persuit
ChefBatali will corral a pursuit carriage. "" I’m going to need to you to chase someone for me. There's money in it for you if you do it well and with a minimum of fuss. "
AveryCoast: They left before you got there, but…
AveryCoast: The man in charge asks: "You mean the ones that just left?"
Hilda follows behind the chef. A carriage is good.
Man: "For a fee, I can even tell you where they went."
ChefBatali: "That sounds like money for you and information for me. Deal."
Hilda: "Is it cheaper than how much it'll cost me in ritual components to figure it out myself?"
Hilda waves a hand. "Eh. Nevermind, don't care enough to haggle."
Jeremy: "Faster, almost certainly."
He hands you a note. "This is what the lady gave me." It reads: 'Please take us quickly to the harbor, to a boat that will take us to the Isle of Odiem.'
He calls to another one of the drivers, to get them to give you a lift. "You'll need to find a boat, but we can get you to the docks."
Hilda flips the note over, inspecting it for otherwise secret writing. … though odds are, she's just being paranoid. Secret Page is one of -her- tricks.
ChefBatali passes the man a stack of coins. "Appreciated." Another stack. "This conversation never happened, of course."
Man: "Of course."
Ananth‘ makes sure he hops the next train to chase-the-badguys-ville. Or carriage, as it were.
ChefBatali: "You wouldn’t happen to know if that island is relatively close, would you? I'm not from 'round here."
Man: "Pretty close. Think it takes a half hour or so by boat."
Hilda: "Is the isle known for anything?"
Jeremy: "Bet its got a night light house."
Hilda: "… Jeremy, hon, those are just called 'lighthouses.'"
Jeremy: "Nice, whatever."
Man: "It does have a lighthouse, but it's gone to ruin now. Good luck trying to find a ship to go out there, lads. It's a damned place. Ships that sail too close at night are said to be caught in a current of blood that dashes them against the shoals. They even say that the drowned sailors rise and devour any who linger on the island past sunset."
AveryCoast: Religion check?
Hilda rolled d20+14 and got 1 ( Total: 15.0 )
[OOC] Hilda: … teak help
AveryCoast: I guess you didn't hear that bit of Clergy lore…
Ananth‘ is listening in?
AveryCoast: Sure.
Jeremy: "Wooah."
Ananth` rolled d20+9 and got 7 ( Total: 16.0 )
Jeremy: "Cool."
AveryCoast: Okay let’s say Ananth assisted and you got 17 with +2
AveryCoast: You recall with a bit of nudging that the island was converted nearly a thousand years ago into a vault by the Clergy. There they kept the most dangerous items found by their godhands, including creatures possessed by demons, since killing the creature would only unleash the fiend within.
Ananth‘ knows all SORTS of tiny little vindictive details about the Clergy, really.
Hilda whispers as she confers with Ananth. "(… really. Really? Did I sleep through - )"
Ananth: "(Nobody can be expected to remember -all- the places they’re alleged to have stored their ill-gotten gains.)"
Hilda: " - The Miller case!"
AveryCoast: Anyway, you head on the carriage to the docks.
AveryCoast: Stocke joins you after you sent him a note with the Messenger Wind, presumeably.
Jack‘ uses his natural agility to hop on the back of the carriage as it goes by.
AveryCoast: He shows up with a broken lantern in his bag, mentioning that he found it built into the chimney of the locomotive.
Jeremy: "Oh, that’s what that was."
AveryCoast: Alright, how're you getting to the island, once you reach the docks? Buying a row boat, trying to rent something, or borrowing a row boat from the Roscommon?
Jeremy‘ scowering the docks to figure out if Luc found a ship out. Can’t be more than one ship headed towards a cursed isle of the damned.
AveryCoast: Perception?
Jeremy‘ rolled d20+13 and got 4 ( Total: 17 )
AveryCoast: There’s a sailboat heading away from the docks towards the island.
Jeremy‘ doubles back in short order. "They took a sailboat, haha. This is the city we parked our ship engine in, right?"
AveryCoast: Technically, yours is also a sailboat.
AveryCoast: Just a lot bigger.
Jack: "It’s a bit… conspicuous…"
Jeremy‘ probably forgot that because why the fuck would they trade in their good boat for a bad one :(
Jeremy: "Huh? Naw they got plenty of tech out here, not that weird."
Jeremy: "Also I mean he’s going to know its us following regardless, so…"
Ananth: "May as well show up with bright lights and bells on, yeah."
Jack: "I'm saying it's big and probably keyed to the RHC, which, admittedly, we haven't done particularly well on covering, but all the same…?"
Ananth: "You have a point."
Jack: "We can probably borrow one of its rowboats though."
Jack: "Unless the rowboats also talk."
AveryCoast: They're not linked to the ship.
Jeremy: "Row boat. A row boat. Fuck, man."
Jack: "Even though they know they're in deep shit, it'd be good to keep them guessing until we get the drop on them."
Jeremy: "Well lets get to it then if we're taking the slowest possible option."
Jack: "Don't worry, you'll be the scout-lookout, no rowing needed from ya."
Hilda: "So here's a thought: Would they still stink of whatever planar energy we were just soaked in ourselves?"
Jeremy: "Uh… I don't see why they would, but I also have no idea how that works."
Jeremy: "But it's not like they were there."
Jeremy: "Or… really know why that's relevant any…?"
Hilda: "Just in case the trail goes cold otherwise?"
Jack‘ makes tracks for the Roscommon.
AveryCoast: You can always cast it on the rowboat, the ride over will take over 10 minutes.
Hilda: "I only have guesses, and if I’m right they'd need to have recently been exposed to its planar energy themselves, but - right, less talking, more rowing."
AveryCoast: Alright, you head over to your ship and borrow a rowboat to head out to the Isle.
AveryCoast: The island's surface looks rocky from a distance, but up close there are countless tiny outcroppings of rusted and pitted metal.
Ananth‘ definitely keeps an eye out for HORRIBLE SUDDEN BLOOD DASHING AGAINST THE ROCKS adventures.
ChefBatali: "… Did they honestly ward the entire island with iron?"
Hilda takes a few moments to Detect Planar Energy (Nem).
Jeremy: "Oh. I guess that would explain it."
AveryCoast: The sailboat heads around the other side of the island as you pull closer to head back towards the city. You can spot a couple figures making their way from the shore towards the ruined lighthouse.
ChefBatali: "Well, at least we know where they are headed."
AveryCoast: There’s some Nem energy clingning to all of you (and the lantern in Stocke's bag), but there doesn't seem to be any other trails.
Jeremy: "Figured it was a safe bet."
Jack: "Interesting hideout. Y' figure there's a basement involved?"
Ananth: "There's always a basement."
Ananth: "There's probably like, thiiiis much lighthouse and thaaaaaat much basement, to be honest."
Jeremy: "…on the edge of an island?"
AveryCoast: As you pull ashore, powdered rust mingles with gray mud to coat the ground. Footprints head towards the highest end of the island with the lighthouse, each print churned to reveal rust red wet footprints.
Jack: "Sure, it could leave to a cove entrance, like for smugglers, or go further inland."
Jeremy: "Hmm."
ChefBatali: "Anybody else find it slightly weird that Luc and his woman are running into what looks like a corner?"
Jack: "Teleportation circles are also on the docket."
Jeremy: "A little but he doesn't really… strike me as the sort to make good, sound, rational decisions when in a panic."
ChefBatali: "Which imples 'prepared escape' which implies 'eading into a trap'. OK good glad we're on the same page."
Hilda: "You think he's the one calling the shots?"
Jeremy: "So I reckon he reckon's a busted up light houe is a good place to turn on his artifact, or maybe he knows where one is stashed here, or there really IS some kind of club house here or…" Gerald gestures vague while following the trail.
Jack: "I've only been talking about the possibilities for the past few minutes."
Ananth‘ looks distastefully at the rusty mud. "The possibility that this is a trap has been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now, yes. That or this is where he needs to be to do whatever it is he’s trying to do."
AveryCoast: The footprints lead to a tall structure at the southern edge of the island; it was once a lighthouse, but it has rotted out in many places, and parts of the wall have fallen away.
ChefBatali: "Por que no los dos…"
Jeremy: "What's a los?"
Ananth‘ facepalms.
ChefBatali: "The opposite of a gain."
Hilda: " - Hell. They did mention a lighthouse, didn’t they? Scaling up the lantern's design?"
ChefBatali heads towards the ruins.
Jeremy: "Yes."
Ananth‘ nods to Hilda. "Exactly. Although this lighthouse wouldn’t be my choice…"
AveryCoast: There's a figure standing on the top floor of the lighthouse.
Jeremy‘ pulls out his spyglass to take a closer look.
Jack: "Probably bumps up the range by a number of kilometers, so… good thing we’re here, eh?"
AveryCoast: It's Ottavia. She's wearing a thin silver circlet you haven't seen on her before.
Jeremy: "Costume change…?"
Jeremy: "Probably some kind of magic item."
Jeremy: "Priestess probably gettin' ready to do something."
Jeremy: "Want I should shoot her?"
ChefBatali: "We should probably do the polite thing and give her a chance to kill us first."
AveryCoast: You hear a voice in your minds. "I am Ottavia Sacredote, oracle of the Clergy, and my task is to protect the man you pursue. He acts for the betterment of civilization, and he has deemed you a threat. But unlike some in my faith I do not rush to judgment. If you can defend your aggression, do so, and I shall listen. If you cannot, let he who is willing to risk his life to harm my charge be the first to step across the lighthouse threshold."
Jeremy‘ rolls a shrug towards the top of the tower, then Zane.
Jack: "We’re mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!!"
ChefBatali: "Ooh oooh. Anybody else want this or can I field it?"
Jeremy: "Out of interest, how'd he peg us as a threat to him?"
Ananth: "How easy it must be for him to sleep at night, acting for 'the betterment of civilisation'."
Hilda: "I. I might, but I'm also curious what you'd say, sir."
Ottavia: "I received a sending warning of you."
Jeremy‘ makes a ’go on' motion.
Ananth‘ does like her style, at any rate. He motions towards Zane, nods.
Ottavia: "Between Ms. Kaldeckis’ sudden unconciousness, Mr. Batali's veiled warning, and your own bungled tracking of us, we figured it was likely you."
Jeremy: "Oh man did you threaten them? I totally missed that."
Ottavia: "Mr. Alistel we were unsure of, but it appears our suspicions were correct there."
Jack: "Speed it up a bit, get to the part where this guy is actually doing something good."
ChefBatali: "The man you protect seems to be wrapped up in a conspiracy that is responsible for murder, the creation of monsters and abominations, trafficking in extra-planar artifacts, and possibly trying to start another war. Regardless of if he claims to be working for the good of civilization, it must be stopped. That said, I'm not here to kill him. I need information, not bloodshed. On the other
ChefBatali: hand he did just use a lantern to banish me and my friends to the land of the dead, so I am *very cross* at the moment. "
Jack: "Otherwise you're just stalling."
Jeremy: "Well, actually she's answering my question. Which I appreciate!"
Hilda: "Likewise, I'm curious how he acts for the betterment of civilization. I mean - genuinely curious."
Jack: "(I could have told you all that in the cab!)"
Ottavia laughs. "He's not actually in the conspiracy, yet." She holds up her left hand, and a flash of silver can be seen on it in the light of the setting sun. "My mission is to protect him until he gets to Vendricce, where he'll meet the leaders and show off his invention to them. I'm afraid you won't be making that meeting, however."
ChefBatali shrugs. "Hold that thought then, I'll be right there."
Jack: "(Anyway yeah you can shoot her now.)"
Ananth: "The Church has always had some interesting ideas about the betterment of civilisation, hasn't it."
ChefBatali is going to be the first into the lighthouse.
Jeremy: "Bet you a commerative coin I do, though."
AveryCoast: The door's barred.
Jeremy‘ shrugs his rifle, starts lining up a shot. The transition into battle inits is always so awkward :(
Hilda: "Can you all just - give me a second. How does this make the world better?"
ChefBatali: "See now, how am I supposed to risk my life and be first across the threshold if the door is barred? You didn’t think this through."
Jeremy: "I figured that was code for 'fuck ya'll don't get to know secrets', personally."
Jack: "She doesn't have an answer!"
Ottavia: "The lantern will be used to shield and illuminate the weak when the inevitable reckoning comes for those ruining society."
Ananth: "Obliterating the boundaries between planes of existence and letting unthinkable horrors through is clearly the first step towards lasting world peace; didn't you get the memo?" Anyways, being first across the threshold is -his- job, dammit,
Jack: "That's such a lie though! We've experienced what happens to those under the lantern's power first hand!"
Ottavia: "There are many uses for the lantern. I can explain a few of them to you." [Enthrall]
AveryCoast rolled 5#d20+16(1) and got 8 ( Total: 24.0 ) for vs Will
Also rolled 5#d20+16(2) and got 8 [Total: 24.0 (Low), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+16(3) and got 2 [Total: 18.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+16(4) and got 2 [Total: 18.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+16(5) and got 3 [Total: 19.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Total: 103.0, Avg: 4.60
ChefBatali stops messing with the door. "Wait wait wait. *Your* people are messing with the portals and letting in horrors from other worlds. How do you figure other people are the ones ruining society?"
AveryCoast: Sadly, you're Enthralled.
AveryCoast: The only one that was, in fact.
AveryCoast: You're Stunned as long as she continues talking and not attacking.
AveryCoast: Battle Order: | 28:Phyllis | 27:Zane | 22:Garrett | 20:Gerald | 18:Ottavia | 9:Chandrasekhar |
AveryCoast: Phyllis?
Jack: "Didn't think so."
Ananth: "Shoot her." He sounds a -little- regretful. There's a nobility and purity to, at least, her stance on this conspiracy that he can appreciate.
Jeremy: "Yeah gettin' there it's weird lining the target up from this distance."
Hilda: "It makes sense from their perspective. We may disagree initially, but right now we don't even -have- their perspective."
Hilda: "We'll keep fighting battle after battle, but until we can understand their conviction, we can't truly disarm it and win."
Hilda: "But that must wait for another day, it looks like."
Jack: "You don't have to consider the perspective of the enemy, especially one that uses mind-altering spells to have you view it." Pause. "No offense."
Hilda steps up and tries to force open the door.
AveryCoast: It's very-well secured
[OOC] Hilda: No STR check or anything doing?
Ananth: "Imagine a crowd wanting to burn down a city's factories because of mistreatment of the workers there. The telos is noble, I can't deny that."
AveryCoast: Well, you can try it, but it's weathered bronze and seems to have been barred on the other side.
[OOC] Hilda: Mage Hand] to sneak around to the other side and blindly fiddle with it?
AveryCoast: Not really, no.
AveryCoast: The roof's a wreck though, so best you could do is climb over and open it from the other side.
Hilda gets to climbing.
AveryCoast: Athletics?
Hilda rolled d20+8 and got 8 ( Total: 16.0 ) for +5 from using [Bracers of Mental Might] to substitute STR with INT
AveryCoast: You manage to find some hand- and footholds.
AveryCoast: The walls aren't very hard to climb with all their weathering. [DC 13]
AveryCoast: Zane is stunned. Garrett?
Jack‘ clambers up the wall. [Athletics] [Double Move]
Jack` rolled 1d20+12 and got 11 ( Total: 23 )
Hilda grumbles to herself as she does so. Someday she just wants a philosophical battle without her more trigger-happy companions, but that’s going to be more of a war.
AveryCoast: You manage to climb up.
AveryCoast: Gerald?
Jeremy‘ backs up enough that he has a clear shot over the wall and then fires a [Twin Shot] at the Priestess.
Jeremy` rolled 2#d20+14(1) and got 16 ( Total: 30 )
Also rolled 2#d20+14(2) and got 4 [Total: 18]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 48
AveryCoast: 1 hit!
Jeremy` rolled d10r2+6 and got 6 ( Total: 12.0 )
d8: 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Total: 13.0, Avg: 3.50
Ottavia flinches from the shot, then sends a burning sunbeam lancing out at Garrett. [Searing Light]
AveryCoast rolled d20+16 and got 4 ( Total: 20 ) for vs Reflex
AveryCoast: Missing!
AveryCoast: Zane is no longer stunned.
Jack: "Hah! My bro’s a better shot!"
AveryCoast: She ducks down behind the wall around the edge of the tower.
Jeremy: "Anyway the half orc had a point,"
AveryCoast: Chandrasekhar?
Jeremy: "What's the point of taunting us with a threat of crossing the threshold, when you've made it so damn difficult?"
Ananth‘ just teleports right through the wall. Screw your thresholds. [Fey Step]
AveryCoast: Sure.
Ananth` waits a beat for something horrible to happen before hightailing it towards the stairs, taking a moment to pray for [Virtue] along the way.
AveryCoast: The stairs are broken at floor level to about 15’ up.
Hilda weakly interjects. "Can you - can you get the door. (Oh, nevermind.)"
Jack: "I'll get it."
AveryCoast: The sun finishes setting.
AveryCoast: Battle Order: | 28:Phyllis | 27:Zane | 22:Garrett | 20:Gerald | 18:Ottavia | 9:Chandrasekhar |
AveryCoast: Phyllis!
Hilda: "Thank you, but I think I've got it."
Jack: "Ok~"
Hilda clambers over. [Double Move] - one to get up top, one to drop down.
AveryCoast: Zane?
Hilda also opens the door if she can?
AveryCoast: Standard action to move the bar.
[OOC] Hilda: nevermind then :(
ChefBatali is gonna hang out with his good buddy Garrett, because this Wall Crawlers feat isn't going to use itself. [Climbing with Athletics, which should grant Garrett a +4 bonus if he continues to do so]
ChefBatali rolled d20+13 and got 10 ( Total: 23 )
AveryCoast: Sure.
Jeremy: "So uh anyone feel like poppin' that open for me or?"
[OOC] Jack: can I shimmy down with one action, acrobatics DC 15 to 'hop down', then use my standard to open the gate?
AveryCoast: 'Hop Down' is only for 10 feet
AveryCoast: but you can deliberately jump down and reduce 3d10 by half the result of your Acrobatics check
[OOC] Jack: I was hoping you wouldn't notice
[OOC] Jack: how much damage do I take if I jump from 15 feet
AveryCoast: d10
ChefBatali: "What, you can't hit her from there again?"
[OOC] Jack: jumping down is free action?
AveryCoast: yeah, you're basically letting go
Jack‘ shimmies down 15 feet [athletics] and then [jumps down].
Jeremy: "I love that you have full confidence I could punch a bullet through a solid stone wall and into my target with enough momentum to actually mean fuck all,"
Jeremy: "But I don’t."
AveryCoast: it's like falling prone but you're trying to land well
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+16 and got 8 ( Total: 24 ) for athletics
Jack` rolled 1d20+15 and got 2 ( Total: 17 ) for Acrobatics, roll your damage
AveryCoast rolled d10 and got 2 ( Total: 2 )
AveryCoast: You land fine.
Jeremy: "Hard to hit her when she’s ducking."
Jack‘ unlatches the door! [Standard]
AveryCoast: Okay, it’s open
AveryCoast: Gerald?
Ananth: "Listen, you shot the length of a train just a little while ago. Not much surprises me any more."
Hilda: "The only spell I could hit her with from that distance is Sleep, which would just make her even harder to hit, I imagine."
ChefBatali: "Gerald, take this as the most sincere compliment. The things I have seen you do with guns are already leps and bounds beyond what I was prepared for in school. So yes, I fully expect you can do things that make absolutely no sense, on a regular basis."
Jeremy‘ hauls ass into the building, throwing his rifle back over his shoulder as he goes. [Double Run]
Jeremy: "Oh yeah I mean if it was a tiiiny bit thinner it wouldn’t be shit but I imagine she's not pokin' her head back up to get shot again."
AveryCoast: Ottavia stands up, pops a Searing Light down at Gerald through a hole in the roof, then ducks back down.
AveryCoast rolled d20+18 and got 3 ( Total: 21 ) for vs Ref
AveryCoast: Missing
AveryCoast: Chandrasekhar?
[OOC] Ananth: Do we have any bright ideas as to how we can get to her?
[OOC] Jeremy: I'm running and will jump the gap in the stairwell and if worst comes to worst grappling hook
Jeremy: "SO HEY quick question."
[OOC] Jack: taking the stairs probably
Jeremy: "Is Luc up there with you…"
Jeremy: "Or down in the basement, which you are no longer between it and us?"
Ottavia: "He should be back in the hotel."
Ottavia: "He was never here. It was all an illusion prepared by me."
Ananth: "Someone might want to consider shutting the door behind us. I have a hunch." Anyways, meanwhile, running… towards the stairs, I guess?
Jeremy: "Neat!"
Jack: "That carriage driver is -so- in trouble for not being able to see through that ruse."
AveryCoast: Sure.
ChefBatali: "Oh, well that's good to know, yeah. Means when I'm done here I can go chit-chat with him."
Hilda: "And Bree?"
AveryCoast: Another voice-feminine, sultry, and breathing heavily-whispers into your minds. "The priestess's actions will see her foes dead. Her rivals, visitors to this island, are welcome below, where it is safer."
AveryCoast: Battle Order: | 28:Phyllis | 27:Zane | 22:Garrett | 20:Gerald | 18:Ottavia | 9:Chandrasekhar |
Ottavia: "Guarding him."
AveryCoast: Phyllis?
Ananth‘ raises an eyebrow.
Jeremy: "GUYS!"
Jeremy: "GUYS!!!!"
Ananth` looks around for… hmm. A staircase leading down.
Jeremy` points at Garret behind him, "*Don’t* fuck it though!"
Jack: "You must be thinking of someone else."
Hilda: "Ananth."
Ottavia: "Demon?"
ChefBatali: "Nah he's a paladin, he can get away with it."
Jeremy: "Fiend, whatever."
Jeremy: "I don't know what ~words~ you people use."
Hilda runs ahead. [Run, Double Move]
AveryCoast: Her mental voice seemed confused.
AveryCoast: Zane? From atop the wall, you can see numerous figures clambering onto the shore from the water.
Ananth: "Yes, Hilda~?"
Hilda points downstairs. "Chrysanthemum. Yes?"
Hilda gestures flusteredly. " - I mean I'd wear one but I don't have one on me."
ChefBatali: "… Company coming from the waters edge. Sneaking suspicion those 'dead sailor' rumors were more spot-on than anybody actually knew."
Jeremy: "I mean,"
Jeremy: "They don't seem like they're big fans of the Clergy."
Ananth: "What sort of creature gets itself locked up in- yes, precisely."
ChefBatali drops down and runs into the church, headed for the stairway down. "if its not a friend of the Clergy, that's a good start…"
Hilda nods at Zane.
AveryCoast: Garrett? Gerald?
Jack‘ makes hand signals showing that he’s going to follow Gerald.
Jeremy‘ continues running for all its worth.
AveryCoast: You hear some movement up above.
AveryCoast: Chandrasekhar?
Ananth` frowns at Jack and Jeremy, but, they should be fine, right? Right? Down the stairs he goes.
AveryCoast: Battle Order: | 28:Phyllis | 27:Zane | 22:Garrett | 20:Gerald | 18:Ottavia | 9:Chandrasekhar |
AveryCoast: Phyllis? Zane?
ChefBatali nods at Garrett and hustles for the stairs. [Double Move]
AveryCoast: Garrett? Gerald?
Jeremy: "Try and make the jump, rope, climb…?"
Jack` mimes a climbing action. "
Jeremy: "Uuugh."
Jack: "If you think you can’t, we should probably join the rest."
Jeremy: "Oh fuck that, it's just the most boring part of PE is all."
Jack: "Hurry up then." [Move, Move + begin to climb?]
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+12 and got 18 ( Total: 30 ) for athletics
Jeremy` gets to climbing with a double move as well. :(
Jeremy` rolled d20+7 and got 20 ( Total: 27 )
AveryCoast: You both manage to climb up.
AveryCoast: Chandrasekhar?
Hilda double moves up to Chandra.
AveryCoast: Alright. The stairs head down a bit. THere’s no light, but your sword glows enough for you to see. At the bottom of the stairs lies the entrance to a large vault.
AveryCoast: Warnings in archaic language cover the walls, but most have been defaced. A pair of bronze doors hang open, their warding sigils scraped or melted off. A makeshift iron door-bar leans against the wall, formed from three swords melted together.
AveryCoast: Battle Order: | 28:Phyllis | 27:Zane | 22:Garrett | 20:Gerald | 18:Ottavia | 9:Chandrasekhar |
AveryCoast: Phyllis? Zane?
Ananth: "Hm." He tries to make out some of those markings, but they're probably too old and smashed…
ChefBatali follows Singhe down the stairs and looks at the damaged vault. "OK…"
Hilda continues in, pushing aside the bronze doors. She [Lights] her own orb as she goes.
AveryCoast: Garrett? Gerald?
Jack‘ continues to scramble upwards. [Double Move]
AveryCoast: You get to the top of the lighthouse after climbing, scrambling, and heading up any intact stairs after about half a minute.
Jeremy: "Okay."
Jeremy: "Last chance to decide to stop and not get shot!"
Ottavia hides behind one of the columns on the top floor, waving a white hankerchief around the edge. You hear the voice you associate with her in you minds again. "Already the undead move to surround the lighthouse. My job here is done. Escape before the morning should be difficult, if not impossible."
Jeremy` head up towards the end, "Okay just to clarify that means we’re basically arresting you and you're going to stop fighting, right?"
Ottavia: "I surrender. I wish to die as little as you do, so I will help against the undead, if you'll let me."
Jeremy: "Well. Okay then."
Jeremy‘ glances back at Garrett, before shrugging and moving to cuff her. "Not… not used to people actually giving up when I warn them about bullets."
Jack: "I admit it’s a first."
Jeremy: "They tend to want to get shot a few times first."
Ottavia places a hand on herself and whispers a short prayer. [Cure Light Wounds]
Hilda looks at Ananth, gives a glance up towards the ceiling, makes an exasperated gesture and even more exasperated face in that direction -
Hilda throws her hands up and continues perusing the vault.
Jack: "What was your plan, then, to get rid/away from these creatures?"
Ottavia: "Hole up at the top here and knock of any getting close to the top. They should leave when the sun rises."
Ananth: "If they've got any sense, they'll follow us."
Ananth: "So… they probably won't."
Jeremy: "Huh well."
Jack‘ chuckles. "Sadly, we have a train to catch."
Jeremy: "Good thing Anath had us close the door behind us I guess."
Jack: "So we’re gonna do this the hard way, or the third way while we still can."
Jeremy‘ scratches at the side of his face. "Reckon the others are gunna set the fiend or whatever free?"
Jack: "If they have any sense, they won’t parley with it and will just force it to help us out of this mess."
Jack: "So… they probably won't."
Jack: "Guess it's up to us after all, eh?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, lets go catch up." HE wraps an arm around Ottavia to guide her back down and begins walking.
Jack‘ produces some rope, looks at Ottavia. "I do promise that I won’t let you fall, at least."
AveryCoast: She follows you back down, willing to go with you, but a bit incredulous that they'd be willing to risk entering the Crypta Hereticarum.
Hilda flashes Ottavia a grin as she enters. (If she enters. Y'know. I'm assuming a gap of time here.)
AveryCoast: I assume you guys looked around a bit and they caught up after a few minutes.
Jeremy: "Okay so - get this -"
Jeremy‘ is looking at Zane as they finally catch up -
Jeremy: "I go ’so this is your last chance to give up before you get shot' as we climbed the stairs -"
Jeremy: "And she actually surrender, it was SO WEIRD."
Ananth: "Wise choice."
Hilda nods at Ottavia. "I was sincere about that offer for discussion earlier, for what it's worth. I really am curious how you see things."
ChefBatali: "… Congratulations, Ottavia. You may be the first person to ever actually do that. Color me impressed."
Ananth: "I'm not one to judge anyone for having a faulty self-preservation reflex, all things considered, but it's still refreshing."
Ottavia's voice enters your mind. "My mission was accomplished, more-or-less. I had no wish to get myself killed. Your comrade is a good shot."
AveryCoast: The area seems to split into various sections. To your right (B), several broken statues line the wall. A couple of broken magic circles lie to the left (C). The section ahead of you (A) has various inscriptions on the walls.
AveryCoast: The inscriptions are damaged and vandalized, but the general gist of the remaining pieces is that this vault houses creatures, items, and people that contained evil, and that rather than destroying them and releasing their evil back into the world, the Clergy entombed them here. The inscriptions warn that those who enter must be strong in the seven virtues, and that they must resist temptation of the seven vices, for those who enter will be judged, and those found impure will never be able to leave.
Jack: "We've totally got this."
ChefBatali: "I hope they dont mean we have to be strong in all seven virtues at once because…"
Ananth‘ manages, heroically, not to roll his eyes.
Jeremy: "So."
Jeremy: "What… are the seven virtues?"
[OOC] Hilda: Religion check probably? or is that just kinda assumed at a certain point
AveryCoast: The walls briefly detail the Clergy’s seven virtues.
AveryCoast: ••Honesty. Purity of word and thought.
AveryCoast: ••Temperance. Restraint and moderation.
AveryCoast: ••Charity. Generosity and self-sacrifice.
AveryCoast: ••Diligence. Zealous, steadfast, and careful worth ethic.
AveryCoast: ••Mercy. Resolving conflicts with peace.
AveryCoast: ••Humility. Modest and selfless behavior.
AveryCoast: ••Bravery. Courage to undertake dangerous tasks for the good of
AveryCoast: others.
AveryCoast: And then its seven vices.
AveryCoast: ••Hubris. Ambition and a sense of superiority.
AveryCoast: ••Gluttony. Obsession with physical pleasures.
AveryCoast: ••Greed. Rapacious want of material possessions.
AveryCoast: ••Sloth. Failure to do as one is required.
AveryCoast: ••Wrath. Uncontrolled hatred and anger.
AveryCoast: ••Envy. Bitter desire to deprive others and take what they have.
AveryCoast: ••Melancholy. Lack of joy toward life.
ChefBatali: " Gi, rei, yu, meiyo, jin, makoto, and chu."
ChefBatali: "Gi, rei, yu, meiyo, jin, makoto, and chu."
Jeremy: "Okay do that again but in a language I speak."
Hilda stands in front of the walls and gestures exasperatedly at the text for Gerald to see.
Hilda: Well there goes Hubris.
Jeremy: "Oh hmm."
Jeremy: "Humility…"
Jeremy: "Yeah they got us there."
AveryCoast: The doors at the far end (leading to F) are bronze plating over a rotted wooden core. Embossed on them is a layout ( http://i.imgur.com/NiQu2oQ.jpg ) and a description of each room.
AveryCoast: 1. Main Gallery.
AveryCoast: 2. Heretical Texts.
AveryCoast: 3. Unholy Arms & Armor.
AveryCoast: 4. Blasphemous Artwork.
AveryCoast: 5. Accursed Items.
AveryCoast: 6. Afflicted Innocents.
AveryCoast: 7. Damned Souls.
AveryCoast: 8. Beasts of the Infernal Horde.
AveryCoast: 9. The Prison of Ashima-Shimtu, Lady of the Forked Tongue, Last of the High Fiends, Seneschal of the Demonocracy, Keeper of the Secret Which Must Not Be Lost.
Jeremy: "What happens if we’re lacking in a virtue?"
AveryCoast: You appear to be in (1)
Jack: "We should probably skip that room then, huh…?"
ChefBatali: "I'm gonna take a wild guess that the sexy-sounding voice is in room 9."
Jeremy: "Same."
Ananth: "Well, then."
Ananth‘ smiles.
Hilda: "I would love to take a stop by 2."
Jeremy: "Not… sure where they’d put a back door though."
AveryCoast: You actually have to pass through 2…
Jack: "Just so you all know, there's a horde of zombies that'll go away during daybreak."
Jack: "So if there's anything here that'll help us bust through them early, holla."
AveryCoast: Ottavia uses the makeshift iron bar-of-swords to bar the bronze doors leading into here shut, speaking of.
Ananth‘ looks like a kid on christmas morning, honestly. He and Phyllis could probably get lost here forever- "…make sure Hilda and I don’t wander off, please."
Jeremy: "Alrighty."
Jack: "We'll put bells on y'all."
Jeremy: "Hmm what did we even do the last time we were fighting thousand of zombies anyway…"
Jeremy: "… oh right. Yeah that's… probably not a practical solution this time."
ChefBatali: "A very large snake ate them."
Jeremy: "Yeah that guy."
Hilda: "No idea what you're talking about."
Jack‘ -searches for traps-.
Hilda jerks her head in Ottavia’s direction.
AveryCoast: Perception?
Jeremy: "This is a super cool interrogation technique,"
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+16 and got 6 ( Total: 22 ) for +4 [gadgeteer’s goggles]
Hilda goes to inspect those magic circles and try to discern what their original purpose was.
Jeremy: "Where in you let slip tiny little interesting details to get the suspect interested in what you're saying,"
Jeremy: "And more willing to open up to having a conversation!"
AveryCoast: No traps, a lot of things seem to be broken, stolen, or already tripped here.
Jeremy: "That's how people that aren't wizards do it."
Jack: "Good news, we weren't the first."
Jeremy: "(Wizards cheat.)"
AveryCoast: They're all damaged, Hilda, but they appear to have been designed to hold items. Creatures inside them would have found it hard to escape them.
AveryCoast: One of the circles supports a book on a stand.
Hilda: "Hey, now. We play entirely within the rules. We just aren't beholden to the gentlemen's agreement you seem to handicap yourselves with."
Jack: "Hey, I'm just saying Jeremy has 'Honesty' on lock."
AveryCoast: There's a long-decayed human corpse beside it that seems like it was mauled.
ChefBatali: "So… How much do you know about this place, Ottavia? Because this looks like a lot of stuff that your people didnt want broken… very broken."
Hilda glances over at the others. Then over at the wall where it says 'Temperance.'
Ottavia: "I don't know much directly, but it hasn't been watched very carefully since the Second Victory. Looks like many of the items have been pilfered by now."
Hilda glances at the book. And the corpse next to it.
ChefBatali: "Yeah."
Ottavia: "Not that everyone seems to have made it away with their ill-gotten gains alive."
Ananth: "Clearly they didn't care -that- much about anything in the outer rooms. I imagine this is more of a honeypot to draw avaricious eyes away from the inner sanctum than anything else."
Hilda peers over to at least see what text it contains.
AveryCoast: The book is open to a story about a cat that taught mankind fire. An illustration actually moves as if it is a portal into another world, showing a small cookfire next to a tiny house in the woods, though there's no sign of the cat.
Jeremy: "For real though do we think there's another way out from in here because - this is probably a horrible place to spend a night."
Hilda glances over at the corpse again. Yes. Yes there certainly -is- a sign of the cat.
Hilda leaves it alone, though, and returns to the others. It's not what she was hoping for.
Jack: "Are you saying that the Lade of the Forked Tongue, Last of the High Fiends, Seneschal of the Demonocracy, Keeper of the Secret Which Must Not Be Lost, Ashima-Shitu,"
Jack: "Doesn't know if there's a backdoor through the kitchen?"
AveryCoast: The doors leading further in are stuck and need to be pushed.
ChefBatali: "Well, we'll ask her when we get there."
Jeremy: "What did I *just* say about not fucking demons, man."
Ananth: "'ask'! Ask is a different word than 'fuck'."
Jeremy: "It was a euphamism and we all know it!"
Jack: "First of all fey and demons are two different things,"
Ananth‘ snickers.
Jack: "Second you keep acting like it’s me!!"
Jeremy: "Well it's not *me*."
Jack: "We'll see about that won't we!"
Jack: "Anyway are we doing this?"
Jeremy: "What!"
[OOC] Ananth: Did we look in all the rooms we can get to or do we have to like, explicitly do that or
Jack: "Room 2, Heretical Texts, someone get another pair of shackles for Hilda and Ananth."
AveryCoast: The doors open into a seemingly empty chamber, the vaulted ceilings of which rise up 40 feet. Magical darkness shrouds the ceiling.
[OOC] AveryCoast: section I
Hilda [Lights] her orb and has her [Mage Hand] float upwards. Still nothing?
AveryCoast: This chamber's prisoner plummets as the mage hand floats up, screaming. Then her descent snaps to a stop just at eye level, as she reaches the end of her chains. Six golden chains descend from the ceiling, ending in silver hooks that dig into her arms, legs, and back. Sinewy and starved, she thrashes and screams again, reaching out desperately. Blood stains her feathered wings the color of rust, and her eyes have sunken so deep they appear to be black pits.
AveryCoast: Ottavia jumps, some weak noise coming from her throat.
Jeremy: "Woooooooaaaah."
Jeremy: "Okay, maybe it WAS Ananth, what the actual fuck."
ChefBatali found knives for each hand from somewhere.
AveryCoast: She moans, "He travels in your breath, on your words, in the rustle of your hair in the breeze. You are not possessed. Don’t believe the voices in your ears. Believe only the voice in your head. You have no torches. You’ll go blind. You’ll die of thirst, but drink with the left hand! Please leave now and beg them to cut me down. I’ll agree to their lies. I’ll call them gods. Please let me die."
Hilda extinguishes the light. "… Does anyone else have a response to that?"
Ananth‘ breathes in sharply, tilting his head to the side, overwhelmed by the thing’s pain, reaching out halfway before realising there's little he can do in the face of centuries of torment. "…Who are you?"
Jeremy: "Nope this is way the fuck out of my field."
ChefBatali looks at Singh and Phyllis. At the thrashing… whatever that is. Back to Singh and Phyllis. "Not me."
Jack‘ doesn’t really move aside to dryly reply with, "…just that we should probably listen and remember it."
Ananth: "…what are you?"
Jack: "And wonder who 'he' is"
Linia: "Once upon a time, they called me Linia. I helped them, long ago, and then those that came after locked me up here. Please, just kill me."
Hilda: "Out of mine, too." She nods towards Chandra.
Ananth: "Whom did you help, Linia? What was their task?" He speaks softly, calmly- trying to give the sufferer something to latch onto, stepping closer.
AveryCoast: Diplomacy?
Ananth‘ rolled d20+15 and got 19 ( Total: 34 )
Linia: "Trigenes! I helped him drive off the demons, but then they killed me, and locked me up with the remaining demons! I’ll do what they tell me now, please, just let me go!"
AveryCoast: Religion check?
Ananth‘ looks pale.
Dicebot:// Multiple Dice Error: Unable to parse s20+10 in s20+10
Ananth` rolled d20+10 and got 9 ( Total: 19 )
Hilda rolled d20+14 and got 3 ( Total: 17.0 ) for although i know who trigenes is so
Jeremy: "That name sounds familiar for some reason but I can’t place it."
AveryCoast: //You recall that one of the causes of the First Victory was the death of the angel Linia.

AveryCoast: Ottavia seems pale. "By the gods, Triegenes among them. I knew some of my superiors are depraved, but to think-they would lock up an angel just because she didn't agree with them?!"
Ananth: "…you're an angel. Ottavia, I want you to burn this image into your mind. This creature, whom Triegenes used, whose victories he claimed as his own, whom he imprisoned and tormented to keep his secret safe."
Jack: "If we hadn't stepped in some world-breaking shit before,"
Jack: "We're neck-deep in it now."
AveryCoast: Note that the First victory was -50 BOV, and Triegenes lived in -500 BOV
Jeremy‘ rubs at the back of his neck. "(What’s an angel?)"
Hilda: "There is a reason I fled our country."
The angel thrashes in her chains. "No! Triegenes was good! Those that followed did this! Please, please, let me free to help him!"
Jack: "(…who wants to tell her.)"
Ananth: "He has long since passed from this world, and his descendents are theocides who would rule the hearts and minds of man with an iron fist."
Ananth: "I am sorry."
The angel sobs. "Please, just kill me. Free me from this torment."
Hilda: "If he were still around, how would you help him?"
ChefBatali inspects the hooks, pursing his lips and weighing his knives.
Hilda: "Although I'm pretty sure we're cutting you loose one way or another. Right, Ottavia?"
Ottavia nods, shakily.
ChefBatali: "Let me… see what I can do."
ChefBatali moves to the angels left arm. "If she kills me after this, I'm going to haunt *all* of you. Just so we're clear." And he removes the first hook.
AveryCoast: The knife bounces off her as if she were stone.
ChefBatali: "… That complicates things."
Jeremy: "Uh."
Ananth‘ looks into the angel’s eyes. "If you could be free from this place… would that be your wish? To live on and spread your light and truth? Sometimes the pain is too great, and there is no shame in this."
Jeremy: "Pretty sure I could fufill her request, at least."
Jeremy: "If that's how we wanna play it."
Linia: "The light? It's been so long since I've seen the light…"
Hilda: "I … I may have an esoteric solution."
Hilda: "As per usual."
Ananth: "I'm listening."
ChefBatali: "Go ahead."
Hilda: "I have - a manner of turning the hooks to dust for a time. Possibly. I think."
Hilda: "Ananth, if you'd strike me with your sword once or twice, please."
Ananth‘ raises an eyebrow curiously, but complies. -carefully.
Jack` crosses his arms and stands back a bit.
[OOC] Hilda: by which I mean ’i have to be bloodied so roll damage some until I am'
Jack: "Isn't there a better way we can do this…?"
Jeremy: "Pretty sure I can't free, just kill."
ChefBatali: "Ditto."
Ananth‘ has Lay On Hands for aftercare, this’ll be fine.
Ottavia has Cure Light Wounds as well. It's Encounter.
Ananth‘ rolled d8+7 and got 4 ( Total: 11 ) for as many times as is appropriate
Hilda is a Dwarf and has like a million surges, so.
Jack: "Well, here’s to Generosity."
Ananth deals 25 damage and makes 'Hilda' [Bloodied].
AveryCoast: Let's make it easy
Hilda shoos Ananth away. "Now, uh, keep back. Ten, fifteen feet away."
Ananth‘ steps way the hell back and hopes this works.
Hilda conjures - no, ’conjures' isn't the right word for it. Some manifestation of her beliefs - or maybe now just a small part of her beliefs, kept in an array of others to utilize at-will - forms in the area around her, freezing the air, hastening the end of things, making the seemingly-permanent impermanent. [Icy End of the Earth] - with [It Will All Turn to Dust] in particular
Hilda hopefully treating the hooks as if creatures in them can move as if they had Phasing.
AveryCoast: The chains are still there. Either they're older than a thousand years, or the enchantments on them are too strong. The crypt itself seems to fall under the effects, but it's fitful as it's several hundred years old. Linia is still chained up.
Hilda frowns. "… it was worth a shot."
Jeremy: "Uh - okay. That. That wasn't creepy at all."
Jack‘ nods. "We might have to take this place at face value, thinking of the virtues and vices."
Hilda: "Do as you will."
Jack: "But I mean, -I- was convinced it’d work, honestly, watching it."
Jeremy‘ tilts his head towards Zane. "My way takes a single slug. Yours?"
Ananth: "…Linia."
ChefBatali: "My knife didn’t seem to do much earlier."
Ananth: "There may be a way, in the world outside this dungeon, to free you from this prison. It may take time."
AveryCoast: The cold doesn't seem to have fazed her much. She lifts her head, looking at you, making an inquisitive noise.
Jeremy: "Protective wards tend to be really amazing at stopping thins from getting through them, but don't tend to do much if you go into the inside through a gap."
Ananth: "I will vow to you that I will not rest until I find a way to set you free, if you choose. And I vow to you that I will end your suffering here and now, if you choose. I cannot decide this for you. I wish I could give you a better option."
Linia: "Kill me now or kill me later. Please, as long as you kill me."
Hilda steps beside Jeremy again. "That's, um. That's not a wizard thing, for what it's worth. There are people that adhere to a belief so strongly that the world around them simply gives up arguing and agrees with them. As if by sheer force of will. That, in particular, is from the lessons of the lecture you dodged earlier."
Jeremy: "Yeah not creepy at all," To Hilda, before giving a questioning look to Ananth..
Jack: "Ananth," he starts, and doesn't have a finish.
ChefBatali shrugs and spins the knife in his hand. "It's what she wants…" He raises an eyebrow at Anath.
Ananth‘ takes a deep breath. Why does it have to be his decision. "…living is the best revenge, Linia. I vow before you and in the name of Fallen Srasama that I will find a way to free you from this hell wrought by human hands."
Hilda: "I thought it was ’a life -well- lived'. But what's another few years if you actually do manage to return?"
Jeremy‘ opens his mouth, closes his mouth.
Jack` shrugs in a ’what can you do' way, and sheathes his daggers. "He's completely serious too, and at that point there's no moving the skies and mountains to stop it."
ChefBatali shrugs. And his knife buries itself where the angels heart should be.
AveryCoast: It bounces off.
Jack: "Hang loose." He attempts to pass.
ChefBatali: "Tsk."
AveryCoast: You can move around her to the door into the next area.
Jack‘ does so, at the door now.
Jeremy: "Wow," Following after Jack
ChefBatali sheathes his knife and shakes his head, moving for the door.
Ottavia casts Cure Light Wounds on Hilda, healing her for 20 HP.
Ananth` looks… a little disappointed that Zane’s knife bounces off. He takes another moment to look at Linia. "…I will return for you." …slowly, he follows the others.
Jack‘ looks back, already reading the air. He nods once. "Had to break the tension somehow."
Jack: "Diligence is what I’m good at."
Jeremy: "Fair enough."
ChefBatali: "It's the only mercy I had to offer."
Jeremy: "I suspect applying the weapon, uh, internally may've done the trick for what it's worth but."
Hilda whispers to Ottavia as they pass through. "Thank you. And yes, it is not necessarily your faith I oppose, but its … corruption. I imagine you and the more purely faithful do not twist the image of Triegenes' 'humble hook' into what you just witnessed."
Jeremy: "That was my plan: shotgun sandwich."
AveryCoast: The door opens into a long hallway. Parts of it have crumpled, and water seeps into pools in sunken spots.
AveryCoast: Small cubbies and side tunnels lead off, but they appear to be empty or contain something that looks fairly useless.
Ananth: "That was an honorable thing you did. Thank you for making the attempt."
Jeremy: "OH MAN."
Jeremy: "I just got how fucked up the imagry back there was, thanks Hilda."
ChefBatali smiles at Singh. "Well one of us needed to do it."
Ottavia broadcasts a message back to Hilda. "I oppose the corruption within the Clergy as well. The Obscurati seeks to reform society. I've been working with them to remove corrupt hierarchs and promote more generous priests. You could work with us to stop them."
Jeremy: "Uh should I - go back and try real quick? This place ain't exactly big."
Jack‘ rubs at his face.
Jack: "The moment’s over, Jeremy."
Jeremy: "Okay."
AveryCoast: The hallway ends after a few hundred feet, with another set of double-doors leading into another vault.
ChefBatali: "So far its 'reforms' seem to involve making witch-oil monsters and golems, killing innocents, and unleashing horrors from other worlds. You can see why we are skeptical."
Hilda: "In the short term, sure. Those are noble goals. How can I be sure the Obscurati itself isn't corrupt?"
Ottavia frowns. "I don't know anything about that."

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