Zg Session 31

AveryCoast: 12 Winter, 500 AOV
AveryCoast: The train is set to depart at 7:30 AM on the dot again from Cherage, travelling for Orithea.
Jeremy: "So I was wonderin'," Jeremy idly muses as he takes his seat at 7:20, "Do they make ya pay for the hotel rooms in the little pseudo cities too?"
Jack: "Sure do, unless you want to sleep in the train." He heads off for the dining car.
ChefBatali is already there, finishing final prep for the breakfast rush.
Jeremy: "Do you reckon anyone actually does that…? What a scam, man."
AveryCoast: While in the crowd waiting to board the train, there's various gossiping about the things people did last night, or what they're planning to do when they stop today, but a couple of things stick out-apparently one of the passengers from coach died choking on his food during lunch yesterday on the train in the common food car; and one of the woman passengers was found brutally murdered late last night outside the enclave in an alley in Cherage
Ananth: "The down side to being a tourist. Everywhere you go knows they can get you to pay through the nose for everything."
AveryCoast: First- and second-class passengers can have porters bring their luggage down from the hotel, by the way. It's covered.
Jeremy: "Guess it's a good thing it ain't my money."
AveryCoast: Speaking of luggage, Malia, the train guard is followed by a pair of men carrying a huge chest marked with a logo-Gerald, you recognize it as a prominent gun manufacturer.
AveryCoast: She orders the men to load them into the first class lounge car's supply room, passing by Chef Batali as they do so.
Hilda: "You can just thank your patron, you know. He's in earshot."
Jeremy: "Wonder who that's fo… oh right the safari."
Jack: "That's going to be a hoot and a half."
Jeremy: "Seems like."
Jeremy‘ very casually and with the grace of a nearly-an-adult ignores Hilda’s comment in favor of anything else at all.
AveryCoast: Just as the men head off, a tall, handsome man with a briefcase strapped to his wrist by a leather cord pushes through the crowd, grabs Malia by the arm, and drags her aside for a private conversation.
Ananth‘ chuckles.
Jeremy: Like that pair! How curious.
AveryCoast: They’re speaking in hushed tones so you can't make out what they're saying.
AveryCoast: She speaks free of his grasp, then after a brief exchange of words he walks off to board onto car 14.
AveryCoast: As you get ready to board, a couple of the other new passengers catch your attention-a flat-faced tiefling man with an air of boredom about him walks arm-in-arm with a sternly beautiful elf woman. Geometric tattoos are visible along her hands and neck. They are both dressed in quite high fashion, and their luggage is carried on by private servants. Onlookers are abuzz with speculation about them.
Jack: "(Well then.)"
Hilda tilts her head at the pair. "Huh. No surprise the tattooed one would be on a train for Crysillyir."
Jeremy: "Why's that?"
Ananth: "I -knew- I'd seen tattoos like that somewhere before."
Hilda: "Those markings mean she's a part of the Clergy."
Elanor speaks up loudly, telling the person beside her that she recognizes the tiefling as Luc Jierre, and he's reputed to be something of a shut-in, since he hasn't been seen in town for a few years. "That lady with him is probably a bought bridge. It's unfortunate that I wasn't the one to arrange their pairing."
Hilda: "High up, that is."
[OOC] AveryCoast: bought bride*
Jeremy: "Aha."
Hilda: "How do you figure?"
Hilda: "I mean, you sound like you have some sort of familiarity with such arrangements. Pardon my ignorance."
Jack: "I reckon the matchmaker would make a commission."
AveryCoast: Just before they get on the train, the woman waves her hands in very precise gestures. The tiefling pauses, responds with a few gestures of his own, and the woman laughs. She makes one more volley of hand signals, and then Luc thanks the porters, stuttering, "Th-th-the lady s-s-says th-th-thank you." They then head inside.
AveryCoast: They board on to first-class.
Elanor: "The man-Jack, was it?-has the right of it."
Hilda: "Um. Sure. I meant more, 'how could you tell'?"
Hilda: "Like, at a glance?"
Jack: "You -saw- her, right?"
ChefBatali: "A tiefling lord and a painted Clergy elf… its either arranged or a scandal."
Elanar: "Well, I mean. The nephew of the sovereign marrying an elf?"
Jack: "(That's probably a better explanation.)"
Jeremy‘ nods towards Jack.
Elanor: "Crysilliri to boot-it’s rather an unusual pairing."
Hilda: "Oh. They didn't even register to me as a couple. Just two nice-looking people."
Ananth: "Someone in that family's got big plans."
Elanor shrugs. "Possible. I'll be sure to ask later, maybe over lunch."
Jeremy: "Speaking of big plans,"
Jeremy: "What with your own, uh, baggage?"
Jeremy‘ nods towards the shrouded traveller.
Elanor raises an eyebrow at that phrasing. "Well, a lady has her secrets. If you’re really interested, I'll invite you to our little event in Nalaam the night we get there. Riding that far?"
Jeremy: "Goin' all the way!"
Elanor: "I'll be sure to give you an invitation then."
AveryCoast: The Griento family seems to be a bit subdued as they board the train, Mr. Batali. He orders breakfast for the family, but the two kids seem to be a injured. The son Tarro's got a black eye, and the daughter Dabo's has a few visible bruises.
Jeremy: "Right on."
ChefBatali frowns at the battered half-orcs. "Rough night?" The kids probably get a little bit extra honey and jam on their biscuits.
Damata sighs. "Ran into some militia on the way back from sightseeing last night. They called us a bunch of savages and the like-I'm sure you've heard the same. My daughter threw a bit of a tantrum and, well-they didn't appreciate it."
[OOC] AveryCoast: As you know, in orcish culture, a girl's temper tantrums tend to be aggressive.
ChefBatali scowls. "Any man that would beat a child has no room to call anyone a savage."
Damata: "And even worse calling us savages when their country is run by a bunch of people seemingly cursed by the gods themselves."
Hilda shivers. "This place does have kind of a chill to it."
ChefBatali shrugs. "Everyone has a stone to throw, and a window or two in their own house. Here." He mixes two small cups of tea. "Tell the children to hold their nose and gulp it. It tastes like the devil, but it will help with the bruising."
Ananth‘ smiles at Hilda. "I’m sure you can find some '''traditional''' tchotchke of a shawl in the next tourist trap over."
Damata: "Thank you. You're too kind."
ChefBatali makes a balancing-scales gesture. "Only when others aren't kind enough."
ChefBatali: "Besides, if we don't watch out for each other, who will?"
Jack‘ raises his coffee cup to that and takes a drink.
AveryCoast: Alright. Any plans for the day? Malia tells those of you that signed up for the safari that the first part will take place later this afternoon after they’ve crossed the border into the Malice Lands.
Hilda: "I was referring to the curse - it's the worst, I actually had to spend time and effort in bathing instead of just using a cleansing ward."
ChefBatali is definitely going to spend the day hard at work, and watching all the passengers as they filter back to eat and drink.
Jeremy‘ is gunna let Ernst know to watch that guy in 14, probably slip him a note while exploring, but otherwise just wander around the train until then.
Stocke has all the time in the world to watch someone. He hasn’t been doing much besides read.
AveryCoast: Nothing much interesting is happening in coach. The most interesting-and by that I mean loudest-part is the group of militia members in the front of your car.
Ananth‘ makes a little tch sound and shakes his head. "Cleansing wards just mean you miss out on hot showers and lovely things like that. So many shortcuts! That’s why traveling's good for you."
Ananth‘ will wind up following along with Jeremy, of course. The safari didn’t sound interesting at first but he DOES want to see these monsters.
Hilda: Likewise, as Ananth.
ChefBatali tries to subtly find out if this is the same militia group that tangled with the Grientos.
Jack‘ spends a little bit of time between the 1st and 2nd class cars, taking in the scenery, having a smoke. Casually looking left and right, though not going into coach, he’ll pause between cars to just let the wind whip past him from time to time.
AveryCoast: Sadly you are way in the back of the train, but, yes, after a few hours of asking a couple of the attendants, and comparing their descriptions over lunch with Mr. Griento, they do seem to be the same group.
ChefBatali: "Hmph. Very well then."
AveryCoast: It's mostly pastoral land, wooded hillsides, and the like.
AveryCoast: At lunch time, Luc comes up to you with the order for him and his companion. "Go-good day. Wh-what do you su-su-suggest for lunch?"
ChefBatali nods politely. "If the journey is unsettling to your stomach, or that of your lady friend, I have a good hearty stew of beef cubes and seared vegetables in broth along with fresh bread. If you are feeling a little more robust I have a recipe I picked up… Hm. I don't remember where. A hot sandwich of thin-sliced venison and a sharp yellow cheese, with a creamy horseradish sauce for dipping."
Hilda smiles at him. "Heyyy, you and that woman made quite the entrance earlier. We were wondering what's up with you two."
Luc: "Oh, uh…." He trails off before exchanging another of those sets of gestures with the elf seated at one of the smaller tables.
Luc: "I'll t-try the sandwich, and a bowl of the s-s-stew for the lady."
ChefBatali: "Excellent! And you can share to compare flavors, if the mood strikes."
ChefBatali wasn't kidding about the venison. It comes off the haunch as thin as parchment.
ChefBatali: "I do not mean to pry, and you may of course tell me to mind my own business. But are you related to Lya Jierre?"
AveryCoast: While waiting for the food to be served up, he turns to Hilda. "We're ju-just t-t-travelling together."
[OOC] Hilda: Whoops I thought he was solo
[OOC] Hilda: so just 'you two' instead of 'you and that woman'
[OOC] AveryCoast: haha, sure
Luc: "Oh, Lya? She's my si-sister. Why d-do you a-ask?"
Hilda: "Small world!"
ChefBatali smiles. "I read her treatise during my time at the academy. It was very interesting. My studies have led me in a different direction, hence the job as a chef."
Luc: "Another scholar? What was your disserta-tation about? Hopefully not as g-g-gruesome as my sister's."
ChefBatali: "Oh no, not at all. It's a work in progress, comparing nutritional meals and finding the most effective way to feed soldiers. Different foods to excite and quell different humors of the body. That sort of thing."
Hilda tilts her head at the elf. "… You and I might be ideologically opposed on the debate floor, but I hope we can be civil."
Ananth‘ sidles into a seat. "You’ve managed to put up with me, so far. I'd say you'll be just fine."
ChefBatali grins. "I promise, I am not experimenting on the passengers. I truly enjoy cooking, and this is a welcome break to travel and see new places."
Luc: "Oh, I see. Working as a ch-chef makes sense for that." He turns to Hilda. "I'm sorry, but Ottavia is d-d-deaf. I hope you don't mi-mind me relaying the question."
Hilda: "Oh, sure! Sorry."
ChefBatali serves up the bowl of stew, a chunk of steaming-hot bread, and a venison sandwich with horseradish sauce & some fried potato slices.
AveryCoast: He grabs the two platters of food and sits across from the elf.
AveryCoast: Before grabbing a bite, he and Ottavia have a short signing exchange. "The lady sa-says that she'll try not to c-c-convert you in that case."
Hilda chuckles. "Ah, it wouldn't be new to me."
Jack‘ shows up for lunch, and orders something meaty to prepare for… The Hunt.
AveryCoast: The clocks on the train show 4:51 PM before it reaches a station at the base of a hilltop fort. According to your pamphlet, this stop marks the border between Danor and the Malice Lands.
AveryCoast: Numerous soldiers disembark, leaving the coach section fairly empty. A boisterous band greets them, creating a festive atmosphere for a few minutes before the train moves on.
Stocke will be thankful for the peace and quiet if nothing else.
AveryCoast: Malia comes through and reminds people that while magic can work, because of the risks it poses the railroad must insist that none be used until the train reaches Orithea. An assistant with her sets the clock in your room forward one hour-you’ve entered a new time zone.
Jeremy: "Hey - what was with the band at that last stop?"
AveryCoast: Outside the train, the terrain south of the track is a bog with jagged rocks rising out of it; to the north is a flat sheet of ice with cactuses sticking out of it.
Hilda: " - wait, I could have cast my cleansing ward earlier today? UGH."
Jack‘ lightly laughs.
ChefBatali whistles at the terrain outside. "That’s something you don't see every day…"
Doris: "It's certainly a sight, even after seeing it this many times…"
Jack: "I guess they already have a word for it- 'tundra,' right? 'The Other Kind Of Ice Desert' was too much of a mouthful."
AveryCoast: Malia comes back after making her rounds, gathering those interested in the safari.
Ananth‘ glances out a window, trying not to shudder slightly.
Malia: "The band? Something about keeping morale up, I think. The air’s kinda weird and can shift temperature and humidity based on one's emotions."
AveryCoast: The air seems to tingle, especially as she leads you up onto the roof of the lounge car.
Jack‘ finishes off his drink and gathers to Malia.
AveryCoast: So, all four of you are coming, right? Ananth, Hilda, Jack, Jeremy?
Hilda: Yuo!
Hilda: Yup rather.
AveryCoast: Joining you, Malia, and four guards are Damata Griento and his son Tarro, Bree, Boone, and the man with the briefcase.
ChefBatali is keeping an eye out through a window, just in case some extra help is needed. Or something comes from the other direction.
Ananth` tags along.
Jeremy: "Weird."
Malia: "Now, I’m used to walking across the top here, but I suggest you sit yourselves down on the edge here and plant your feet on this lip along the edge. It'll give you some stability."
Jack‘ does as told.
Hilda does what she says. She’s not keen on falling off.
AveryCoast: She hands out rifles to the other 5 along with Jack, since Jeremy brought his own. "We've only got about half an hour before we have to come back down and get ready for arrival, but have at 'er."
AveryCoast: Hilda, Ananth, there's a keg of beer and pitchers of hot spiced cider for refreshments if you like.
Jack‘ scans the horizon for threats. Big ones.
AveryCoast: The other man detaches his briefcase and reattaches it to his ankle as he sets up his shooting position.
Jeremy: "So what exactly were these dinosaur things you guys were talkin’ about earlier?"
Ananth‘ definitely goes for the stable option, after pouring some beer for himself and anyone else who wants any. (Seems like a good thing to do before shooting rifles at giant monsters, right…?)
[OOC] ChefBatali: the deafening cries of ’Hey y'all watch this shit…' across the land.
Hilda takes some cider instead.
AveryCoast: As the train goes by, several beasts of various shapes and sizes loiter out in sight, a few hundred feet away.
AveryCoast: Tarro takes a couple of potshots but they barely even startle the beasts. The others hold their shots.
Jack‘ inhales deeply, finds some horned beast, trains his sights………
AveryCoast: After a few minutes, a couple of ones that the front of the train drives past start running up, and approach the train as your car starts getting closer…
Jack` looks up a bit, at the approaching ones.
AveryCoast: They’re fairly large-one could almost be a deer if it weren't for the fact that it was nearly double the size and has several spikes running down its back.
AveryCoast: The other one almost seems to be half-rock as it clambers toward the train on four outward-stretching legs.
Jack: "-There- we are." He aims and fires at the almost-deer! (Intentionally missing.)
AveryCoast: Boone snorts as Damata and his son both miss as well, before lining up his own shot and firing. The beast gets hit in its shoulder and staggers, but keeps running.
Jack: "Hrm… my aim's off." He takes a swig of his beer.
Boone: "I'm sure that'll help!"
Jack‘ works to reload his rifle!
AveryCoast: Bree takes a shot at the stony beast and her shot hits, but bounces off the hide. "Damn."
AveryCoast: The other man doesn’t do much better.
Jack‘ hefts his rifle again, and takes aim at the almost-deer once more. [actually trying this time]
Hilda: "So three mathematicians go on a hunting trip. When they find a beast, one fires their rifle too far to the right. The second fires too far to the left. The third doesn’t fire, but jumps in triumph. 'YEAH! On average, we got 'im!'"
Ananth‘ is here to stare at the beasts, not shoot at them! In fact, he probably didn’t even get a rifle. He leans back a bit, glancing over at briefcase guy, in between shots: "So, where're you headed?"
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+11 and got 16 ( Total: 27 ) for okay okay it’s not granting ca
AveryCoast: Hit!
[OOC] Jack: I have no idea how much damage a rifle does
AveryCoast: He grunts, reloading his rifle. "None of your business, sorry."
Jack‘ rolled 1d8+5 and got 8 ( Total: 13 )
AveryCoast: That’s okay, the beast stumbles and hits the ground as you hit it just below the throat.
AveryCoast: The Grientos both holler a bit, then take aim at the stony beast, but one misses while the other just chips it.
Jeremy‘ seems to have been spending a while fiddling with a large scope attached to the top of his rifle. He then glances over at the orcs, grins a bit, then fires a shot at the under side of one of the leg joints as it runs.
AveryCoast: The other man whistles as the leg collapses under the beast, in an explosion of blood and debris. "Nice shot. Fancy piece of hardware there."
Ananth` chuckles slightly. "Fair enough. Usually ’being attached to your work' is a metaphor, is all."
Jeremy: "Oh yeah. Brand new, they just startin' makin' 'em at the factory. Little spy glasses that attach to larger combines, with notches in the glass so it's easier to line up a shot."
Jack: "I'm just saying… that earlier joke -almost- threw me off."
Jack: "You sure know how to time 'em."
Cardiff: "Risuri, right?" Said to Jeremy. "Same here. Hengehill. Cardiff Hengehill. Just on a business trip. Don't want to lose my materials."
Jeremy: "Yeah. Jeremy Smith. On uh… what's the word for 'sent away to stop making your family look bad'? Right, holiday. With supervision." He nods towards Ananth.
Hilda tilts her head over at Ananth. "You know, I wonder if these beasts' forms were influenced somehow. We've seen something similar, right?"
Jeremy‘ mouths ’yeah I know what this really is' at the Eladrin while nodding.
Jeremy‘ then turns back to Cardiff. "Business must be good if you gotta cuff yourself too it though. Some kinda new invention?"
Cardiff: "Oh, you the black sheep or something? Live it up a little, it’s a good excuse to try some new things while you're on the trip."
Jeremy‘ grins a little while nodding.
Ananth` gives Jeremy a slightly goofy thumbs-up, glancing over to Hilda: "I’ve certainly heard stories."
Cardiff: "Just some materials for my business deal. Trying to avoid any corporate espionage, you know?" He grins back.
Jeremy: "Ah, yeah. I think telling people about the spy glass before it was ready for sale is part of why I'm here, come to think of it." He laughs.
AveryCoast: A few more beasts approach, these ones a matched trio of wolves with a pair of horns on their heads and a series of spikes on their tails.
Jeremy: "Would it be too much to ask who ya work for? I'm kinda curious now, but I guess I can wait to see what it winds up being, whenever it's ready."
Jack‘ finishes his beer and starts reloading.
Jeremy` takes aim at the furthest one out as they start closing… missed one shot, then the second shot, before nailing it in the chest. "Okay it’s actually kinda hard to use this when moving this fast, haha."
Cardiff: "Just the Danoran branch of a manufacturing business. Stray Manufacturing, based in Flint."
Cardiff: "What does your family do?"
AveryCoast: He lines up a shot, just winging the right-most lupine.
Jeremy: "Pops owns a factory, mostly makes parts for cooler things."
Cardiff: "Sounds similar."
AveryCoast: The Grientos shoot at the closest one, the son managing to barely hit it. A shot from Bree stops it in its tracks.
Jeremy: "Nice shot!" When the kid finally lands a hit. "Yeah. Managing the thing sounds incredibly boring though."
AveryCoast: Damata congratulates his son, then speaks up, "managing a business takes a lot of work, it's true."
Cardiff: "I'd rather deal with the paperwork and the customers than do the actual drudgery, though."
Ananth: "Hey, Hilda."
Jeremy: "You guys are crazy. I can't handle running money numbers all day, Rather be slapping gears together and making things that do things."
Jack: "A people person! That's the best part."
Ananth: "Have I told you the Vekeshi story, of the little village and the well?"
Damata: "It's a great feeling when you manage to match up a person's expectations with the right product, isn't it?"
Hilda: "No, do tell?"
Ananth: "So, once upon a time there was a little village with a single well. One day a girl went to the well, distraught, and the well heard her crying, and asked her what was wrong. The girl immediately stopped crying and said, 'what in the world, you can talk?'"
Jack: "That was the shortest shaggy-dog story I've ever heard."
Ananth: "The well responded that long ago, a witch that lived in the town gave it life, and the girl said, 'oh! I'm her daughter! We lived in peace for many years, but the new mayor turned the townsfolk against us, and they burned her at the stake! I'm young, know little magic, fear their wrath, and worry I'll never be able to avenge her death.'"
Ananth: "Hold on, I'm not done."
Jack: "Oh, sorry."
Ananth: "The well told her not to be afraid. It'd handle this. Next morning, the mayor heard an odd yowling coming from the well when he went to fetch the morning's water! An arm reached up, out of the well, grabbed him, and pulled him in!"
Ananth‘ makes a bunch of really horrible-sounding chomping and crunching sounds.
Ananth: "Nobody ever saw the mayor again. The townsfolk apologised to the witch’s daughter, and they all lived happily ever after."
Ananth‘ pauses, for effect.
Ananth: "The moral of the story is: living well is the best revenge."
AveryCoast: The Grientos howl with laughter.
Jack` snorts, snickers.
AveryCoast: Cardiff just stares at you wordlessly.
AveryCoast: Boone snickers, while Bree just facepalms. Malia too.
Hilda finishes the rest of her cider and pours herself more, giving Ananth a dour look. (But her eyebrows betray some hint of amusement.)
Jeremy` sighs, he remembers that one.
Malia: "I don’t-I don't even know how to respond to that."
Ananth‘ grins.
Damata: "That’s great! Do you mind if I steal that for myself."
Jack: "Alright, alright, that was good."
Jeremy: "That's his favorite reaction, you're just going to inspire him to tell more of those, with that." To Malia.
Malia just sighs. "Please don't." She mock-glares at Hilda. "And you're no better, honestly."
Bree: "I'm going to have to agree. Those jokes were both terrible."
Ananth‘ chuckles. "You can’t steal a story, you know. By which I mean, be my guest."
Damata grins.
Hilda: "Very true. I'm mad I didn't think of it first."
AveryCoast: There's a few more beastly encounters of the half hour as you share some laughs and conversation over some drinks.
AveryCoast: Malia starts herding everyone back to their rooms as a couple of attendants gather the rifles again to maintain them for tomorrow's longer outing.
AveryCoast: The evening sky is streaked with the brilliant colours of gold, violet, red, and blue. More than just a sunset, the heavens warp and change the sun's light into an aurora, painting the sky with streaks of iridescent, chaotic colour and ribbons of ethereal light.
AveryCoast: Like the day before, fifteen minutes outside of Orithea the train guard Malia asks everyone to please return to their seats to keep an eye on their personal effects. The enclaves are always busy, she reminds you, and it's easy for thieves to hop on board in the commotion and nick unattended valuables.
AveryCoast: As you roll into Orithea you can spot people mingling atop the odd wobbling spires that rise above so many of the buildings in this city. Almost no structures have straight edges. Out on the coast, even the beam cast by a lighthouse seems to curve on its way out to sea.
AveryCoast: Then you enter the Danoran-operated rail enclave, and it's all perpendicular and parallel lines. The layout here is the same as every other nightly stop, with one fancy hotel, one common hotel, and plenty of entertainment. But there's no curfew like in Cherage, and out there await the oddities of Orithea, this one safe oasis in the Malice Lands.
AveryCoast: The train arrives on schedule at 6:04 PM. The train from Trekhom is already here.
AveryCoast: What are all of your plans for the night?
ChefBatali is going to unobtrusively shadow Elanor and her quiet companion.
Hilda: "Ananth, I'm flagging a little. You take lead tonight, hm?"
Jack‘ will hang back a bit and sort of watch where everyone disperses to. In particular he’s tracking Boone.
Ananth: "I'll do my best." He sketches an overly-elaborate bow for Hilda.
Hilda follows Ananth while setting out plans in her head to follow up on later.
AveryCoast: Asking around, Orithea’s city center is smaller than Cherage, but dozens of idiosyncratic suburban farming towns surround it. Once you get outside the rail enclave there are a few places that tourists tend to gather. A series of high towers on hills north of the city give spectacular views of the constant aurora, and the Night Market near the docks is full of crafters hawking their wares and spellcasters promising safe rituals in the dim orange-green light.
Ananth‘ wanders around checking out the architecture a bit, taking Jeremy to the marketplace, making sure he doesn’t get into -too- much trouble.
Jeremy‘ will take Cadriff up on his advise and live it up a bit, especially since he’s on someone elses dime. Time to cruise the night market and look for Cool Stuff. (and see if any familiar faces turn up).
AveryCoast: Alright, Mr. Batali. Shortly after 7, Elanor and her companion head out of the hotel, heading south. Perception to keep up, Stealth to stay unobtrusive.
ChefBatali rolled d20+16 and got 2 ( Total: 18 ) for Stealth
AveryCoast: Surprisingly, they don't see you.
ChefBatali rolled d20+9 and got 13 ( Total: 22 ) for Perception
AveryCoast: And you keep up with them as they wander the Night Market.
AveryCoast: After several minutes of browsing, where the other shoppers are giving her a wide berth-which, honestly, makes it easier to keep tabs on her as you slip through the periphery of the crowd.
AveryCoast: She eventually stops in front of an apothecary, purchasing a few after some haggling.
AveryCoast: Taking a look at the wares as she passes by again, they seem to deal largely in potions of charm and domination.
AveryCoast: A bit after she and her companion leave the Night Market, they are stopped in their path by a somewhat-wild looking man some rumpled clothes and a jacket with several holes and patches in it.
ChefBatali hangs back and observes. There's more to this mission than his suspicions, but some confirmation will help with future plans.
AveryCoast: The man tries to strike up a conversation with the shrouded traveller, reciting a love poem about a troll who desired a princess, all the while wholly ignoring Elanor's attempts to get rid of him.
AveryCoast: The traveller doesn't respond other than humming a little bit.
AveryCoast: He tries to reach for her veil, but Elanor reacts by reaching for her pouch.
AveryCoast: The man grabs her wrist and squeezes, instead. "Do you really want to risk fighting me here…?"
Elanor starts shouting. "Help! GUARDS! This man is accosting me! HELP!"
AveryCoast: The man startles, backing away a few steps before running, jumping at the side of a nearby building and scampering away across the rooftop, out of sight.
AveryCoast: A few guards show up and Elanor starts explaining what happened.
ChefBatali nods, impressed, and stays well away from the yelling woman. He's just shopping, pay him no mind.
AveryCoast: Looks like she's beelining for the hotel now, guards in tow
ChefBatali keeps trailing, the mass of guards even easier to spot. Once they get to the hotel, he'll have to find a spot to watch and wait in case they try to leave later.
AveryCoast: You find a nice spot in the lobby where you're shaded by some of the greenery on display, while still managing to keep an eye on the entrance, the desk, and the stairs.
AveryCoast: It's not long before Elanor comes back down, making a commotion about the state of her room-looks like it was vandalized. The staff profusely apologizes, has someone clean her room up again under supervision, and stations a guard outside her door from the night.
AveryCoast: Alright, Jack. Your turn.
ChefBatali nods to himself and slips back on outside, time to go enjoy the sights.
Jack‘ rubs his face and steps off the train.
Jack` rolled 1d20+16 and got 20 ( Total: 36 ) for stealth
AveryCoast: Perception to keep up?
Jack` rolled 1d20+12 and got 12 ( Total: 24 ) for perception
AveryCoast: In the lobby, you notice Verzubak playing dice with one of the enclave guards, sometimes writing something in his notebook after a roll.
[OOC] Jack: I’m tracking Boone
AveryCoast: About half-past 7, you see Bree heading out. Shortly afterwards, Boone picks up one of the other ladies at the bar just off the lobby, heading outside with her.
[OOC] Jack: ah okay
AveryCoast: Just noting people you see.
[OOC] Jack: so noted, carry on
AveryCoast: Boone heads to the northern bridge in the enclave, dallying while he whispers sweet nothings in her ears for a while.
AveryCoast: He certainly doesn't notice you hanging out at the edge of an alley near the bridge.
AveryCoast: A few of the other passengers pass by on the bridge as you watch Boone, including Luc and Ottavia, and later Verzubak.
AveryCoast: It's a bit after 8 when Boone and his girl stop flirting-momentarily, anyway-and head inside the nearby bar, the //Effervescent Cup.
AveryCoast: //Heading in, or hanging around outside?

Jack‘ follows them in.
AveryCoast: Alright. The fare’s a bit different than Cherage's, closer to standard pub fare, if still a bit nicer.
AveryCoast: Boone and his lady friend grab a couple seats at a small table. Looking around, you spot Bree at the bar, Luc and Ottavia at their own table, and Verzubak doing some more gambling at a table near the back.
AveryCoast: Still being unobtrusive and just keeping to yourself?
Jack‘ continues to keep a low profile, orders a beer and pays for it ahead of time. Keeping his head down and still watching out.
AveryCoast: Alright.
AveryCoast: Verzubak makes another toast around half past eight, similar to last night’s.
AveryCoast: Several minutes later, Boone heads out with his lady friend. Stealth check?
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+16 and got 20 ( Total: 36 ) for stealth
AveryCoast: Wow. Okay. Perception again?
Jack` rolled 1d20+12 and got 3 ( Total: 15 ) for perception
AveryCoast: Alright, you fall a bit behind, but you manage to barely keep him in sight as he heads south towards the Night Market.
AveryCoast: He doesn’t head into the Night Market, but heads into an alley just off the road, where he and his companion move a bit beyond 'flirty' and into 'frisky' territory.
Jack‘ . o O (Well, at least he likes his foreplay…)
AveryCoast: They’re at it for a while before they straighten up a bit and start heading off to a nearby inn.
AveryCoast: Looks like he's going to be in there for a while. Another perception check as you wait for him to get out.
Jack‘ rolled 1d20+12 and got 18 ( Total: 30 ) for perception
AveryCoast: He leaves the hotel just before 11. Sure was going at it for a while. Stealth check to follow unobtrusively?
Jack` rolled 1d20+16 and got 16 ( Total: 32 ) for stealth
AveryCoast: After heading out, he wanders around for a bit, picking up a prostitute as they head into the seedier part of town.
AveryCoast: He heads into another alley with her, and….stabs her through the heart with a knife.
Jack` !
AveryCoast: He takes a pistol out of his jacket, and using some of the prostitute’s hair to coat the gun with her blood.
AveryCoast: He then takes the knife and starts disembowelling her.
AveryCoast: He stretches her limbs spread-eagle, puts her liver in her right hand, her heart in her left, then pulls her intestines into a ring around her.
AveryCoast: He then walks away. The blood splattered all across him slowly seeps into his pistol, turning the metal crimson.
AveryCoast: Looks like he's headed back to the hotel. Doing anything in particular, Garrett, or just following?
[OOC] Jack: gonna keep shadowing him
AveryCoast: Alright. He gets back to the hotel a bit after midnight.
AveryCoast: Back in the Night Market, Ananth, Hilda, and Jeremy do spot Elanor and her companion as they wander the stalls around 7:30 to 8:00 before leaving.
AveryCoast: There's all kinds of stalls around if you guys are looking for anything you might have forgotten, though it leans towards the arcane here more.
Jeremy‘ is mostly looking for greasy stall food! "You’d think they'd want to avoid attracting attention, but I guess Elanor couldn't care less."
Hilda stops by one of the stalls Elanor did. Mainly for the, uh. Charm potions.
AveryCoast: Haha. Sure. If you say so.
Ananth‘ is mostly looking for odd little things - souvenirs, probably-fake emblems of forgotten religious traditions, that sort of thing. Window shopping, honestly.
AveryCoast: And yes there’s definitely greasy stall food here.
Hilda: I mean, this is Phyllis we're talking about.
AveryCoast: I know, right?
AveryCoast: It's the Malice Lands. There's all kinds of things like that here. Some of them claim to be selling relics of Pala, along with ones from Danor while it was still the capital of the Clergy, and even one stall claiming their goods are from the Demonocracy.
AveryCoast: Close to 9:30, you spot Luc and Ottavia heading into the Night Market. Luc's carrying a large metal case. They head for the carriage rental place inside.
Jeremy‘ gunna need to swing by and check some of that out! Curious if demons were more into magic, tech, or some kind of fusion of the two.
AveryCoast: Oh, definitely magic.
Jeremy: "Guess this place used to be real different, huh?" Side long glance at the carriage place. Keeping an eye out to see if it’s just the two of them that wind up leaving on it.
Ananth: "Wonder where they're off to…"
Jeremy: "Home? I mean, big shot Danorian probably lives in Danor."
AveryCoast: Well, it might be hard to remember, having grown up in Flint, but aside from Danor and parts of Risur, the rest of the continent is still pretty much in the Renaissance, if not late Medieval times.
AveryCoast: By the way, it's just the two of them renting a carriage, heading towards the docks.
Jeremy: "I could trail 'em if you want though."
Ananth: "I'm a little curious."
Jeremy: "Alright. Keep an eye out for anyone else that turns up for me then!" And he's gone, lost in the crowd.
Hilda: "Will do."
AveryCoast: Renting a carriage, or just running after them?
Jeremy: Just run, I think. It should need to stop enough that it's not *too* difficult, and if I catch up I can probably hop onto the back and catch a free ride.
AveryCoast: Alright, Athletics check.
Jeremy‘ rolled d20+7 and got 12 ( Total: 19 )
AveryCoast: Stealth check
Jeremy` rolled d20+14 and got 16 ( Total: 30 )
AveryCoast: There’s a bit of a commotion at the docks as some of the workers drop some crates at the entrance shortly before you get there, but being on foot, you just kinda swerve around through a nearby side street. You can barely see the carriage stop at the base of the lighthouse nearby, but nobody spots you as you head up to it.
AveryCoast: They head into a small support building adjacent to the lighthouse. There's a crowd of twenty armed guards around the building as they usher the pair inside.
AveryCoast: Staying back, or heading up to take a closer look?
Jeremy‘ coincidentally has a little device with him that lets him see things from a great distance! He just gets close enough to where he can kind of sort of hear sounds form the buildings, but doesn’t really have any ready excuses for twenty armed guards, so he's not going to get too close.
AveryCoast: Alright. Luc and Ottavia appear to be talking to some official. Not sure if he's just well-to-do or actually with the government, but he's definitely upper-middle class. Out of the metal case, Luc pulls out a…lantern?
AveryCoast: It seems to be octagonal in shape, with each of the different caps depicting various symbols. From some of Phyllis and Chandra's talks, and that brief trip to the ziggurat, you think they have something to do with the seven planets and the sun?
Jeremy‘ isn’t really sure what to make of that. He's not super good at lip reading but he *does* have a little bit of practise with it. Is mostly focused on that after taking a good solid look at the lantern.
AveryCoast: There's eight brass arches beneath, but no glass seems to be under them.
AveryCoast: Alright, Perception check?
Jeremy‘ rolled d20+13 and got 18 ( Total: 31 )
AveryCoast: You get the general gist of the conversation.
AveryCoast: Luc seems to have designed something he calls a ’wayfarer's lantern'.
AveryCoast: There's various questions about how it works, and Luc explains-a bit haltingly, the stutter makes it a bit harder to read, actually-that depending on the special oil used in the lantern, and how strong the oil is made due to the mix, it can bring forth effects from the other planes in the area nearby.
AveryCoast: As a demonstration, he takes a vial of deep blue oil and feeds it into the lantern. The flame burns cerulean.
AveryCoast: He mentions Mashiva?
AveryCoast: While he's explaining, the flame in the lantern flares briefly.
AveryCoast: A patch of the sea nearby bursts into flames for a moment.
AveryCoast: At the same time (10:14 PM by the way, Jack, on your watch), all the flames in the city turn into water.
AveryCoast: Jack, Hilda, Ananth, Batali-all the residents see this happen and just shrug it off, by the way, attributing it to the wild magics of the Malice Lands.
[OOC] AveryCoast: and Stocke, whatever you're doing
AveryCoast: Anyway, following the demonstration, there's some questions from some arcane-looking assistants about how to recreate the lantern, and to scale it up to lighthouse size.
Ananth‘ definitely freaks out a little, but if this sort of thing is just Normal…? "Goddess, how do people -live- here."
AveryCoast: Afterwards, Luc packs up the lantern, and he and Ottavia head back their carriage.
AveryCoast: The discussion goes on for about an hour, all told
AveryCoast: Their carriage looks to be heading back towards the hotel.
Jeremy` eyes hurt like hell after all that, but follows the carriage back in just case since that turned out *way* more interesting than he ws expecting.
AveryCoast: Haha, okay. Another Athletics check?
Jeremy` rolled d20+7 and got 2 ( Total: 9 )
AveryCoast: Nope, you lost them.
Jeremy` wasn’t trying especially *hard*.
[OOC] Jeremy: Is double checking to make sure they went to the hotel though!
AveryCoast: Sure. Asking at the front desk, or…?
AveryCoast: Ananth, Hilda, how late are you staying at the Night Market?
Jeremy: Yeah. Or anyone really, the couple's hard to miss.
AveryCoast: They showed up around 11:30, a fair bit before you got back, and went up to their rooms apparently.
Ananth‘ heads back after a little while of taking inane hypotheticals to extreme conclusions and playing devil’s advocate, because Jeremy's probably on the way back eventually…
AveryCoast: Nobody else from the train shows up while you're there.
AveryCoast: Stocke, doing anything in particular?
AveryCoast: Alright. Winter 12 comes to a close in the Malice Lands.

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