Zg Session 134

Aleith|DM: You just finished discussing Nicodemus' threat of a scorched earth policy if you continue to fight against his plans today. The last day before the Obscurati is ready to redo their attempt at changing the Axis Seal, and nearly the last day before your world is swallowed by the Gyre.
Aleith|DM: The source of the howling you heard during the fight, the titanic Ash Wolf, rushes up and stops before you, warily looking around. He calls out to Garrett, "Your Majesty, I sensed trouble. Did you need help?"
Garrett‘ nods. "A lot."
Aleith|DM: The massive wolf sniffs the air, then nudges the giant form of the slain malice beast. "They seem defeated."
Garrett: "Oh, not with them, no, no."
Garrett: "But there’s a lot of interlopers in Risur."
Phyllis: "Our problems are somewhat larger in scale. We need to get to Axis Island."
Garrett: "And Axis Island- yes."
Phyllis: "The problems are -planar- in scale."
Phyllis: "If we fail, we're as good as dust. Every last one of us."
Ash Wolf: "Yes. However, my powers have waned since the Dreaming was torn away."
Zane bows politely to the Ash Wolf, and lets the two pups run over to visit.
Ash Wolf: "I have had some of my own troubles with these people since you disappeared on your quest to the stars, and my wounds heal slowly now, even resisting magical recovery." You can hear disappointment in his voice.
Ash Wolf: "You have taken good care of them, pup."
Gerald: "Well, on the bright side."
Gerald: "Either we kill some assholes and everything gets better,"
Gerald: "Or we all cease to exist. So problem there solved."
Zane smiles at the Ash Wolf. "They have been invaluable. I look forward to many more seasons of hunting with them.
Aleith|DM: There's movement from one of the inert duplicants. "Well, you should be able to get to Axis Island, at least. Your ship seems find," Pemberton opines.
Gerald: "That's good."
Aleith|DM: Your crew has started working on righting the ship, as well.
Garrett: "That's -amazing- considering how long we've been… out? Lost? Gone?"
Phyllis: "Your subordinate yet lives, I hope? His actions were not his own. Nicodemus' control is tight."
Garrett: "I'm still not entirely sure."
Pemberton: "Pardo is…healing. Apparently you managed to find a way to snap him out of it?"
Phyllis: "Severing the link with means either psychic or divine, yes."
Pemberton motions to the unconcious bodies of Lauren Cyneburg and Kaja Stewart. "Did you snap them out of it, yet?"
Garrett: "Yeah- the thing about the Obscurati somehow coopting control of hivemind mess means that if you give them enough of a psychic blow, they're gonna feel it on their end."
[OOC] Phyllis: I can't remember, but if not, I kind of want to make sure of it somehow.
Pemberton: "That does sound like the kind of things the Ghost Council wouldn't like."
Zane regards the collection of automaton bodies with a tremendous scowl, absently tossing a dagger in his hand.
Garrett‘ shrugs. "That’s why they're going to wake up in binds and then we'll evaluate from there."
Phyllis: "I lost track in the din of things. If so, they're bound, and you know the means with which to snap them out of it."
Pemberton: "So, what happened after I left, other than your usual massive beatdown?"
Garrett‘ casually gestures toward the Ash Wolf.
Pemberton: "It’s been quite some time since I saw a fey titan in the flesh." He bows.
Garrett‘ also casually gestures to the crew readying the Coaltongue.
Garrett: "And Nicodemus also gave us threats and ultimatums."
Zane: "I *still* dont know how to kill him, and it frustrates me greatly.
Pemberton: "That sure sounds like him. Anything in particular?"
Garrett: "It’s the 'join me or die' bit but with added 'if you just go to sleep for a day and wake up this will all be over.'"
Garrett: "He outright threatened every city to burn, which is… well, kind of weird now that I think on it."
Gerald: "I figure if we keep killing him, it'll stick eventually."
Gerald: "Worst comes to worst,"
Gerald: "Ernst makes one of those seed worlds and we lock him up in there."
Phyllis: "How? If we hinder him without an alternative plan, the Gyre consumes us all."
Garrett: "I figure even with us gone and the Obscurati having taken over, even all that still isn't enough for him and so it's going to be planar alignment or bust."
Gerald: "I have full confidence in your ability to do whatever he wants to do, but better."
Phyllis: "That's all I ever wanted to hear, Gerald."
Gerald‘ nods seriously.
Garrett` warmly smiles.
Pemberton: "So, if you show up on Axis Island, the cities burn? Hmmm. He probably could do it. It wouldn’t be hard for him to send out orders, and he's basically had complete control for months now."
Phyllis: "We'd need icons to do so, Garrett. We'd better hope there are some just lying around."
Phyllis: "Which, given what we saw at some temples, did seem to be the case."
Garrett: "I don't believe he couldn't do it, but…" He crosses his arms and tilts his head to the side, a contemplating concentration across his brow and thinned lips.
Zane: "Theres an Apet icon back at HQ. ANd there is no way we are putthing things back togehter without the seal that kept the Gidim out."
Pemberton: "And even if you do plan to stop him at the source, whether we try to stop his 'scorched earth policy' first or not, you still need some way to protect yourselves from all that destructive energy at the site of the Seal."
Garrett: "We're really threading the needle with time remaining."
Zane rolls his shoulders. "And I need to go have a conversation with Inacht about proper government."
Garrett: "Needs to be done, though!"
Pemberton: "Most of my information's over a month out of date, but I can fill you in on what's been happening."
Phyllis: "Shoot."
Garrett: "Please do."
Pemberton: "As I said before, Inacht the Hex-Eater has been placed in charge of Risur, and the seat of power's been moved to Flint."
Pemberton: "Slate, which has no industrial sector, was not useful to the Obscurati. Flint, by contrast, was set to begin producing enchanted machinery."
Pemberton: "A lot of cargo ships from Flint have been going to Axis Island, laden with what I presume to be parts to repair the colossus."
Pemberton: "Rural Risur seems to be more contentious, and I've seen military units march onto farms in order to domineer people into a hivemind, since the new dark world is struggling to produce enough food."
Pemberton: "In Ber, it seems the more savage races like goblins and my beloved gnolls have proven resistant to hiveminds that are based on the idea of civilization, so the Beran military has been rounding up 'primitives' in camps. I don't know what happens to them after that."
Phyllis: "The same thing that happens to any faction that doesn't march in lock-step with Nicodemus. You were there when he said the other voting blocs that lost the vote were to be killed, right?"
Pemberton: "More than likely similar, yes."
Pemberton: "Speaking of Crisillyir, I had few spies there, but the Clergy was effectively out of power. There was a rumor that Nicodemus was looking for a female eladrin who was held in a Clergy prison, not to punish her but to recruit her."
Pemberton: "Danor was already loyal to the Ob, but they were releasing some ludicrous propaganda trying to convince people that everything was going according to plan. I can't help but wonder if maybe there was some secret core of resistance causing them trouble."
Pemberton: "Drakr is producing gargantuan anti-aircraft cannons to be delivered and installed at Axis Island."
Pemberton: "As for Elfaivar, that's the one place where I have absolutely no information."
Pemberton: "The day after you left, the strange phenomenon that had been happening atop Cauldron Hill stopped. Now the mountaintop is bare stone, but still no one goes there. Even the ghosts that were once drawn there and which could be seen in mirrors now seem listless, because they no longer have a way to reach the Bleak Gate and find their eternal rest."
Gerald: "Hm."
Pemberton: "Now, I'm sure you could teleport around from city to city, stopping who ever's in charge in fairly short order, but all it would take is one sending to alert dear old Nic about that, and then the other cities might well be doomed."
Gerald: "We probably don't care too much other than one or three of those places anyway…"
Garrett: "We care on principle."
Phyllis: "Are you suggesting we have no other option than to zip straight to Axis Island?"
Gerald: "Sure, if we had the *time* to care about everything."
Pemberton: "Well, there was that ritual you heard about from that chained demon, right? You might be able to use that to help protect you from the dangers of the Axis Seal, and the more people you helped, the more people would be backing up your temporary rise to godhood."
Pemberton: "As for the time problem, I have what I call a 'two-headed solution'."
Gerald‘ scrunches up his face, turning to look at Pemberton as if not sure if he’s joking or not.
Phyllis: "It's been … how long since we were out?"
Phyllis: "A year?"
Pemberton: "Most of a year. It's been basically a year since we lost the sun."
Pemberton: "My suggestion is as folllows:"
Pemberton: "The Obscurati had magic items that could intercept spells like sending, but their area of coverage was limited."
Phyllis: "And they've been ramping up mechanical industry in cities. And they have aims to rearrange the planes again to fix the problem. Our solution is the same, but with … some disagreement on which planes."
Pemberton: "However, your very own cursed mountain on Flint, Cauldron Hill, has always had a strong sway over the city."
Pemberton: "With a bit of creative spellcasting, one of those devices placed atop the mountain should blanket the entire city. That would let you deal with your home city without news reaching the Ob; at least, not right away."
Pemberton: "And you could have that talk of yours with Inatch, Mr. Bieito."
Phyllis: "Clearly, they have the means to move the seal again. Either they've reconstructed Borne or another colossus or something similar. Temporary godhood may be one solution, but it might be best if we can subvert their means to move the seals as well."
Pemberton: "Sadly, the other cities don't necessarily have that kind of handy site to focus a powerful ritual, so while you might be able to take your time to do Flint right, the other cities would need to be done simultaneously."
Gerald: "Wasn't our plan to use the ritual on Nico himself and murder the shit out of the very concept of him for good…?"
Pemberton: "I have a handful of duplicants stashed around the world, and I could into each major city."
Phyllis: "One that would end the lives of his followers, which is … most of the plane at this point."
Zane: "I have been thinkng along those lines yeah."
Pemberton: "I can jury-rig the magic neccessary to let you control the duplicants, and after you deal with Harkover Lee and free Flint, each of you can take control of a duplicant in a different city."
Pemberton: "Acting via telepresence, you'll be able to strike the leadership at up to six cities simultaneously."
Gerald‘ very pointedly does not look surprised at Phyllis mentioning this wrinkle in that particular plan again.
Pemberton: "I suppose killing the very idea of Nicodemus and the Obscurati could work as a final solution for him…"
Garrett: "Unless there’s a sunset-hour inspiration, it is increasingly looking like that will be the the course," he says, shaking his head.
Pemberton: "So, what do you thing of 'Operation Ettin'?"
Gerald: "If we have the time for it its seems reasonable. I know it wouldn't take most of us that long to kill a couple of Ob officers, at least."
Zane thinks. Pulls a pouch off his belt, passes it to Pemberton. "Make sure my automaton has this. Do. Not. Open it."
Garrett‘ inhales through his teeth. "There’s still a lot of danger to many of those not in those six particular cities. But at this point those are the risks I am willing to take."
Gerald: "As for the Nico thing I am more than willing to do whatever needs be done, but I'm not the decision maker in either case." He shrugs.
Pemberton: "I can't get it to your duplicant from here, sadly. But some creative sourcing on-site of somewhat-similar materials should carry over the effects through the duplicant. Much like Mr. Cooper would need a gun of some sort to use his Blaster through the duplicant, and not just a metal bar."
Garrett: "Procurement on-site. Just like old times."
Gerald: "Dibs on Danor then."
Phyllis: "It sounds good, but do we have time? What does this gain us, strategically?"
Zane rolls the white stone of the Arsenal across his fingers, a miniature star winking in his hands. "When I was given this, I agreed to fight evil in all its forms. If we can find a way to finish Nicodemus without having to kill thousands of brainwashed followers, that is my preferred method. But if I have to…" His grip tightens on the stone. "I will kill them without hesitation."
Phyllis: "That isn't rhetorical, I'm sure there's some reason. Just trying to get on the same page."
Garrett: "Well…"
Garrett: "…I can't think of many ways to get the reagents needed for the godhood ritual." He pointedly looks at Pemberton.
Garrett: "Let alone for… six? Seven people?"
Pemberton: "Six, I would say. I'm not really here in body, merely spirit, and I doubt people would put their trust in me like they would for you."
Garrett: "Oh not casting it on you, no."
Pemberton: "Unless you had anyone else in mind?"
Gerald‘ .oO(Did he ever figure out one of the reagents was dragon parts?)
Phyllis: "There might be a -reason- I am trying to point the discussion about moving the seals from temporary godhood to subverting whatever assets the Obscurati has to do the same."
Zane: "I’m with Garrett on this one."
Pemberton: "Blood and entrails from a lion, a whale, and an eagle aren't that hard for Risur."
Zane smiles. "Missing one."
Pemberton: "Ostea is still in the sky. I'm sure Inacht could be conviced to part with a few. And…I could supply my own share as well, I suppose. You do have a teleportation pad on your ship, do you not?"
Pemberton: "I did have some time to study it while working on retrofitting your ship."
Garrett‘ . o O (…I almost wanted to ask why multiple dragons seem to hoard dragon hearts, but then I remembered that the answer is ’dragons' on both sides of the coin.)
Gerald: "You…"
Phyllis blinks. "Oh. We hadn't considered that the regenerative powers of Ostea would mean you don't need to give your lives."
Gerald: "Okay I'll ask out loud: you know the secret ingredient is dragon insides, right?"
Zane: "I admit, I am impressed that you would offer."
Pemberton: "Yes. And if I give you them when you take off, I'll be…mostly right-as-rain after some sleep."
Garrett: "If it makes you feel better we did not-… well, -most- of us did not immediately think that step 1 needed to be eviscerating you."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Take off for Axis Island
Garrett: "Maybe not even most."
Gerald: "Fair enough."
Garrett: "Or, well, even maybe a third…?"
Zane: "I probably stand alone on that hill, yes."
Zane: "I dont expect the rest of you to ever understand."
Zane: "But Gradiax does."
Garrett: "I was scaling back my expectations, actually."
Garrett: "But, anyway."
Phyllis: "How many hearts -do- dragons have, biologically speaking? Given that we thought they were long gone, it hasn't been covered in scholarly works for probably some time now."
Gerald: "It was a lot higher up in the priority list until he chilled out and started giving us cool shit while making mostly funny jokes, admittedly."
Pemberton: "Just the one. But I think the ritual just calls for some of the guts, actually. And we have a lot of them, compared to an eagle."
Garrett: "Of course the danger in combatting the idea of Nicodemus directly with our own godhood selves is that we too, stand to be annihiliated completely and utterly, but that at least might have a lower body count if we lose…?"
Chandrasekhar: "…if we lose, is there any hope for this world? I am loath to use the ritual, for any purpose. My people know full well its cost. And yet…"
Garrett: "I would hope that should we fail, life perserveres, even if under the yoke of ideological insanity. But really, I doubt it'd be a place where people would want to live under for long."
Gerald: "S'why I'm not too hung up on the idea of Nico's followers going down with him."
Gerald‘ shrugs his shoulders.
Phyllis: "Which is why. We subvert. The means they have to move the seals."
Zane: "Civilization can always rebuild from the ashes. Its what Nicodemus is counting on if we call his bluff, I am comfortable using it to counter it as well."
Gerald: "I’m also definitely not objecting to breaking Borne, again."
Garrett: "We can do both?"
Garrett: "I don't see why we can't, at least."
Zane: "If we can do it your way, Ursinho, I am for it. But if I must, I will carry the weight of the dead on my shoulders."
Phyllis: "Agreed."
Gerald: "So."
Phyllis: "We work in order from least risk to most."
Zane looks at Pemberton. "Does the Bruse still rule Ber? Has he fallen to the hivemind, or has he been supplanted?"
Gerald: "The game plan as it seems to be forming: we enact Pemberton's plan. Then, we stomp into Axis Island in godforms. Then, we crush Borne while fighting off whatever Ob agents are present. Next, we attempt to… I guess seal Nico in a pocket dimension? And if that doesn't work, we fall back on deifing him and then kill hiim instead. Does that sound about right?"
Pemberton: "The Bruse is still in control there, but under the weight of the Obscurati's ghost council, much like Inatch."
Zane: "Unfortunate. That will be my desination, then. After Flint"
Garrett‘ clicks his tongue. "Eliminating the ghost council cells is almost the most important thing we can do, too…"
Pemberton: "While you are freeing Flint, I will be working on betting some Witcholi from Cauldron Hill and assembling duplicant controls on it."
Garrett: "But who knows how they’re structured or located or…"
Phyllis: "Let's try and talk with Borne first. Or see if the Ghost Council truly has a hold on him or not."
Pemberton: "Inatch might know. Failing that, we can try some divinations once we see what they had in store for Flint."
Garrett‘ sighs through his nose. "Well, however." He nods at Phyllis. "It would be easier if we had the colossus on our side, yes."
Gerald: "I *suppose* that only adds another couple minutes to the plan, so okay."
Gerald: "He’s on my shit list after fucking over us and Kasva like that, though."
Aleith|DM: The Coaltongue has been righted and is ready to fly again.
Gerald‘ floats up on deck, then goes to make sure his gear and bullets are in order.
Chandrasekhar: "…speaking of which, have we heard what befell Kasvarina?" He frowns. "If nobody’s heard from Elfaivar…"
Zane: "I am assuming she's the eladrin woman in prison Pemberton mentioned."
Chandrasekhar: "Tch…"
Pemberton: "I don't know the details on that, unfortunately."
Zane makes his way back to the Coaltongue. "So whoever gets the Cryssilyr job might want to check on her while they are at it."
Gerald: "You can take robobody over there and find out yourself, I guess."
Chandrasekhar: "Unfortunate. If she's imprisoned… it would be good to find her."
Gerald: "Garrett gets Slate, Zane Ber. Where do you want me, Ernst and Phyllis?"
Phyllis: "Anywhere in particular well-stocked with magical implements?"
Garrett‘ deeply inhales and looks to Gerald. "Drakr, perhaps."
Pemberton: "I had some rifles with the duplicants in Drakr."
Gerald: "Yeah that’s fair, Phyllis would be worthless there and Ernst is a lot more magic than I am, too."
Zane thinks. "Ernst in Danor, Phyllis in Cryssilyr, and you in Dr- Yeah."
Phyllis: "Home sweet home."
Zane: "Precisely."
Zane: "Chandrasekhar with Phyllis, so that one of them can free Kasvarina while the other one tends to the hivemind."
Garrett‘ nods. "It would take the most resources to pursue both goals."
Gerald` nods,
Chandrasekhar nods. Grins at Zane. "I don’t think you'll need to be discouraged from wanton murder on your mission…"
Zane grunts. "Only one person needs to die. Sadly I lack the resources to break him free, so I'll have to do it the old fashioned way."
Chandrasekhar frowns.
Garrett‘ frowns but nods all the same.
Aleith|DM: As you fly over the countryside, at first glance, everything seems serene and positive. Everyone has their heads held high. No one squabbles. All affairs proceed in an orderly fashion.
Aleith|DM: Farmers erect arcanoscientific gas lamps to shed dull red light over their crops to keep them warm, and then with the aid of soldiers begin to operate a steam-powered autoplow to till the field.
Aleith|DM: Streets are swept and faintly-lit by brown gas lamps, all the houses and buildings are in good order, and police take the time to visit every house and ask if anyone needs assistance.
Aleith|DM: In addition to the freight cars, passenger cars look to have been recently assembled in order to manage the increase in travel demand, and seats are comfortable and clean, with each car lit up with the dim blue glow of gas lamps.
Aleith|DM: But no one speaks, except when necessary to coordinate action. Food is unseasoned. No one seems to be daydreaming, or preoccupied, or bored. Everyone functions like a cog in a machine.
Zane: "Well, at the very least Risur will be more organized when we are all said and done."
Gerald: "This kind of reminds me of that shitty clockwork plan."
Pemberton: "Yeah, it’s like a play with all the exciting parts removed."
Garrett: "Y'know, I was just about to say the same thing, Gerald."
Pemberton: "What are you planning to do once we get close to Flint?"
Garrett: "Low-altitude glide in, stay unseen."
Zane: "Try not to kill too many of the people in my way."
Garrett: "Figure out where Obscurati is keeping some magical gear and pray some of it is sending jammers."
Garrett: "Then teleport our way up Cauldron Hill and see what we have to work with."
Aleith|DM: The most obvious change in Flint since you've left is that each of the city's eight 'civilized' districts has a sixty-foot-high tower capped with a massive version of the wayfayer's lantern, shedding unhealthy-looking brown light across the city.
Aleith|DM: Other changes are spread throughout the city. Wherever the Ob have changed things, instead of Flint's eclectic style of architecture inspired by a cosmopolitan mix of neo-classical and druidic designs, the new buildings are drab and functional, like something out of the most dystopian visions of Soviet Russia.
Zane scowls. "I'm going to need more grenades." His thumb brushes over his bandolier. "No, I won't." A dry chuckle.
Gerald: "I could - oh."
Zane: "At least we have a good idea where to start looking for their equipment."
Aleith|DM: You're pretty sure the cannons on the ship could wipe one out easily, too.
Gerald: "Should we send Delft a message and see if he's, like, functional still or?"
Garrett‘ shakes his head.
Garrett: "Too risky."
Garrett: "Best to stay silent and in the shadows until we need to not be."
Pemberton: "I would definitely suggest setting up the scrying block before you go loud, yes."
Pemberton: "Where do you want to set down? Someone might eventually notice the smoke from the engine."
Zane: "You know, a thought occurs to me."
Gerald: "Lets just roll into HQ, that’s clearly where they'd be storing their shit for maintaining civil order."
Zane: "Took the kinds sister prisoner. That bit us in the ass. Took Luc prisoner. That bit us in the ass. Took a bunch of people prisoner and put them in jail, we all remember how that ended."
Zane: "I think I might be done with prisoner taking."
[OOC] Zane: *the kings sister
Gerald: "I don't know if I'd say it ever really bit us in the ass too hard, but. It certainly didn't keep any of them from not dying in the long run, so no sense in wasting the effort avoiding vital areas at the moment. Time limit and all that."
Gerald: "No good place to hold prisoners at the moment anyway."
Zane points at the lanterns. "Luc. Evelyn challenged for the rites of kingship. A bunch of prisoners got murdered and now work for the Ob."
Gerald: "He already had the designs more or less done by the time I could have killed him. She lost. Last one was exactly my point anyway."
Aleith|DM: Cloudwood Forest is being clear-cut for farms, which are lit by gaslight lanterns.
Garrett: "So what you're saying is…"
Aleith|DM: The Bridal Veil waterfall (where the party first met Gale) was detonated, because dissidents in this district had found a way to use it to cast 'veils' that would shield them from hiveminds. Now an ugly tumble of boulders forms rapids, rather than the serene and beautiful falls.
Garrett: "Destroy the lanterns."
Zane: "Yeah."
Aleith|DM: A scar of a rail line cuts its way from Central to the Cloudwood Lantern Tower, where lumber is loaded for construction purposes.
Phyllis: "Gee, we haven't seen that gimmick before."
Aleith|DM: In Central, the royal docks have been expanded into a towering airship construction yard. The frame of a dirigible is complete and partially coated with the pressure vessel.
Aleith|DM: The former RHC headquarters has been renovated, and the Central Lantern Tower rises from it.
Chandrasekhar: "…like they systematically set out to remove all beauty from the world…"
Aleith|DM: In Bosum Strand, the docks are busy as ever, and Stanfield Canal is being widened. Freight rail threads through the district, with a major hub just beside Dawn Square.
Aleith|DM: The square is the site of the Bosum Strand Lantern Tower, and the buildings around the field have been converted into lodging for the city’s reeducation camps. Tall brick fences capped with barbed wire surround the whole area, and a riflery detachment keeps watch from atop the lighthouse tower.
Aleith|DM: The subrail lines connecting Central District and North Shore have just been bored out, and track has been laid, but lighting has not been installed, leaving miles of black tunnels under this district.
Aleith|DM: While the beautiful beaches are open to the public, no one feels any need for recreation, so they are empty. The North Shore Lantern Tower rises like a beacon from atop the lower of the two 'ears' of the Great Horned Mountain at the northwest tip of the district. The higher of the two peaks has been cored and flattened at its top so immense turrets can aim skyward and at the harbor.
Aleith|DM: Industrial fishing has overtaken what were once luxury homes on the islands of The Ayres. Every piece of land that could sport a pier now hosts a fishing trawler. Where once these isles were refuge from the industrial stench wafting out of Parity Lake, now the odor of tons of fish and whales drift on the sea breeze.
Aleith|DM: The Ayres Lantern Tower rises from a magically extruded rock island in the central lagoon of the islands.
Gerald: "I
Aleith|DM: The factories in Parity Lake are going faster than ever. One of the few actual improvements in living conditions in Flint is that workers have been moved from tenements to slightly safer housing, and are able to take subrail to work. The Parity Lake Lantern Tower rises from the center of the (somewhat toxic, marginally flammable) lake.
Aleith|DM: The factories along Alchemy Row (such as where Sechim's Alkahest and Etchings operated) now all serve as a single immense munitions plant. Here, at least, the firegems and firedust are warded to prevent runaway explosion.
Gerald: "I'll admit, I am a little amused and pleased by the sight of all shitty mansion island being converted into a fishery hub if nothing else."
Aleith|DM: The Pine Island district is viewed as less economically useful, so most of its residents have been 'suggested' to join the military. Barracks and training fields dot the area. The Pine Island Lantern Tower sits near the northern tip of the district.
Aleith|DM: This middle class district of Stray River has been little changed, though a new rail station is under construction meant to service rail lines that will eventually stretch westward across all of Risur. The Stray River Lantern Tower sits on the east bank.
Gerald: "Can't imagine why the fuck they set all the factories to munitions when they're supposed to be eliminating war though."
Garrett: "Guess that makes them liars, too."
Zane: "There's a shock."
Phyllis: "It's a deterrent."
Phyllis: "Amass a force so powerful that no one ever wants to oppose you."
Phyllis: "They didn't set out to destroy beauty, this -is- beauty to them."
Gerald: "You don't need a dedicated bullet line as a deterrent, just what was left over in your horde."
Zane: "You'd think, as much of history as Nicodemus was around for, he'd know that never works."
Gerald: "He has pretty consistantly fucking got his head so far up his own ass he can't see anything, yeah."
Garrett: "Let's set 'er down past the Cloudswood. We'll ride in with a set of logs."
Aleith|DM: Your ship sets down in a large clearing in a portion of the still-standing forest. You make your way past the newly-built farms to the rail line.
Aleith|DM: A couple dozen people wait at the train station for it to arrive.
Garrett‘ . o O (Act natural. Er, unnatural.)
Aleith|DM: When does, passenger cars are behind the freight cars.
Phyllis: What Phyllis doesn’t say is that this was once beauty to -her-. The idea has long lost its lustre, but it still seems a bad idea to mention it out loud.
Aleith|DM: As the logs and other material is loaded, passengers begin to board-until something interrupts them.
Gerald‘ Doesn’t Shoot Anyone Or Say Anything Weird.
Gerald‘ yet.
Aleith|DM: A gnome mage suddenly appears in the midst of the passengers, trying to get off the train.
Aleith|DM: He panics and glances at the people around him, when one of the bystanders says, "he’s wrong. We must help the listtle bastard."
Aleith|DM: The gnome tries to cast a spell, but as one everyone nearby converges on him, and they grab and hoist him off the ground.
Aleith|DM: The gnome cries out, "Let me go! I'm not causing any trouble!"
Aleith|DM: Another local says, "you shouldn't hid. That's so old-fashioned. Cooperation is the new thing."
Aleith|DM: The gnome keeps yelling, and so someone muffles his mouth. He bites the person, who frowns but ignores the pain.
Gerald‘ glances over at Garrett.
[OOC] Phyllis: Time Stop].
Phyllis walks over to the gnome and extracts him from the arms of the people. She places the [Codex of the Little People] in his hands and places him as far as she can get before the spell ends.
Aleith|DM: The crowd is confused when the spell ends, but quickly continues boarding the train.
Phyllis: And the gnome?
Aleith|DM: Also confused, but he quickly casts another Invisibility spell and disappears.
[OOC] Zane: little bastard stole your book!
[OOC] Phyllis: It was a gift!
[OOC] Garrett: meh it was only +4……….
Phyllis gives a satisfied nod.
Garrett` . o O (Let’s ride with the freight.)
Gerald‘ nods, and does so.
Aleith|DM: Riding by rail is a pretty quick trip compared to walking, and you don’t have much of a problem hiding yourselves from watchers.
Phyllis . o O ( Thought I should do something, but didn't want to go loud. Who the hell's gonna audit us now? )
Zane . o ( You do all the paperwork anyway. Nobody will know unless you tell them. )
Aleith|DM: Once you make your way from the Central train station towards RHC HQ, you find an unwelcome surprise: The logo has changed to a subdued text stating 'Secret Police HQ'.

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