Zg Session 132

Aleith|DM: As your ship lands on Iratha Ket, as directed by Catahoula, one of the court wizards from the royal court there, your arrival is greeted by song.
Aleith|DM: Catahoula sings your praises about driving off Obliatas, and how you convinced him to devote his efforts against a 'true undead threat'.
Aleith|DM: With seemingly perfect coordination, disparate groups of townsfolk throw miles of red carpet down to create a guide-path, then cajole you through the city as they sing of the history of the plague, show off the headstone-filled graveyard, introduce the two current lovers Pookie and Bunk (still in the early stages of the disease), and pause outside the palace to look up at the black curtains drawn across the window of the king's chambers, before finally surging up the stairs where Queen Atchafalaya awaits.
Garrett: "(Did we ever ask if the plague was… contagious…?)"
Aleith|DM: The song ends, and the queen—her bony wrists jangling with cat-shaped red bracelets, her white skull dotted with black paint to give her a dubious smirk, her dress slinky and provocative even though she has no flesh anymore—invites them to dine with her and the still-living couple.
Aleith|DM: She's not hungry, of course, but there is plenty of food—beans, corn tortillas, peppers, and cheese mostly—for guests. Plus enough tequila to last until the world is ground to dust.
Zane: "(Eh, I could stand to lose a few pounds…)"
Chandrasekhar is not even PRETENDING not to like these guys' style, holy shit.
Zane would never insult a hosts hospitality by not enjoying the tequila. And the food. And the tequila.
Gerald: "Oh hey, haven't seen tequila in a while."
Zane: "Oh man. Hey Garrett how functional do I need to be for the next twenty four hours?"
Garrett‘ appropriately stands and applauds and goes "BRAVO!" to the performances, and is chowing hard on some tostadas. Or tacos. Or burritos. Depending on the size and hardness of the tortillas.
Garrett: "I figure even if you were have a five-percent hit-rate, you’re still a great guy to have around."
Garrett: "So… eh, live a little, for those who can't."
Ernst isn't going to turn down free food.
Atchafalaya: "Alas, my husband is not here to join us, for he is also sick."
Atchafalaya: "Not in the flesh, of course, because he has none, but in his soul."
Atchafalaya: "We are already in debt to you for your services in driving away that fake sun. It had already killed many of our people, since not everyone could get indoors fast enough."
Phyllis: "How so, do you figure? The soul thing."
Atchafalaya: "The fishermen, especially, had trouble since there's no cover in the water."
Bunk: "Oh, that's okay. I'm not really a big fan of fish anyway…"
Aleith|DM: …he hasn't actually eaten anything on his plate.
Aleith|DM: Neither has Pookie, for that matter.
Phyllis: "Feeling peckish, you two?"
Atchafalaya: "This seemingly endless cycle of lovers awakening, but still dying, has driven him into despair, it seems. Obliatas' attacks on us haven't helped matters."
Pookie: "I just…don't feel hungry." She shakes her head slowly with a sad smile.
Zane is definitely savoring the tequila as he eats. All joking aside, there's drunk and then there's useless and tequila makes that a very fine line.
Phyllis: "Common symptom of the disease? Something wrong with the food? Or just not into it tonight?"
Atchafalaya: "It's a common sympton."
Gerald‘ is here to make sure none of that food goes to waste, at least.
Chandrasekhar: "One must find joy in the day, even as you know the day will have an end." On that note: helping himself to the food, yeah, and loudly enjoying it; a full stanza of compliments to the chef, set to melody.
Phyllis: "The pressure and spotlight must be something, too."
Atchafalaya: "It has certainly been some trying centuries."
Atchafalaya: "Do you have any questions about the disease? We’ve tried many things, but none of them have worked so far."
Zane: "How did it get started? I've never heard of anything like it before."
Phyllis: "Well, what have you tried, for one? Let's rule out ground that you've tread before."
Gerald‘ doesn’t respond, at least. Not like you can shoot a disease with bullets.
Zane is trained in Heal, can say that with a straight face now.
Atchafalaya: "It's been a long time since then. I don't quite recall."
Zane: "Mm."
Aleith|DM: The royal physician, Opelousas, speaks up: "I don't think about what happened so long ago, and unfortunately the king took all of the record books to his private quarters. He's been dwelling in the past ever since."
Aleith|DM: The physician has a bottle of tequila tucked inside his rib cage.
Zane: "So… can we go get them? It's difficult to try and figure out a cure when we dont know what we are up against."
Opelousas: "As to the specifics of the the disease…"
Atchafalaya: "His guards keep everyone out. Even I can't force my way inside."
Chandrasekhar: "Would he keep outsiders out who had a credible history of doing the impossible and a stated interest in curing or, at least, understanding the disease?"
Garrett‘ looks over to Zane, mimes a bottle in his hand, and then mimes putting it down.
Zane sighs, puts the shotglass down.
Opelousas: "Under the disease, they lose their sense of hunger, as our current couple is experiencing. Eventually, their lungs or heart stop working and they just die. We usually turn them into undead before that happens."
Atchafalaya: "The orders are for everyone to be turned away."
Zane: "Mm."
Opelousas: "Rituals to remove the disease don’t seem to do anything. Despite seeming magical, we can't actually detect any magic affecting them."
Opelousas: "We've tried herbal medicines, prayers, trials of faith, bleeding, burning, various poisons, moving the victim to nearby planes…"
Atchafalaya: "That usually leads to the destruction of numerous bodyguards-the neighbourhood isn't very friendly."
Phyllis: "Does the king actually want his people to get better, do you think?"
Opelousas: "…and even resurrection magic."
Atchafalaya: "Of course!"
Opelousas: "The last option didn't work at first, but when we tried waiting for a few months it was a temporary success. However, even without any other living people to reinfect him, he still got sick again within a month."
Opelousas: "Efforts to block compulsions or charms had a confusing result - the patient seemed to get sicker."
Garrett: "Curious."
Phyllis: "Good to know."
Opelousas: "Divinations reported that it's a parasite, but autopies didn't reveal anything."
Phyllis: "Garrett, can you detect anything?"
Chandrasekhar: "There are parasites of the mind, and parasites of the soul."
Garrett: "Well," he starts, and then pauses, taking a long pull from a bottle.
Garrett: "The undead are undead,"
Garrett: "And the lovers are living,"
Garrett: "And to a soul, they all seem perfectly… regular?"
Gerald‘ finishes shoving a taco into his mouth before downing it with a shot. "Y’all ever consider it's the land that's gone bad, and not the people?"
Phyllis: "I think they did, in trying to move elsewhere."
Gerald: "I guess, but maybe wakin' 'em up here first was the problem? Just spitballin' ideas."
Opelousas: "Waking them up on a neighbouring plane didn't help, either."
Phyllis: "We'll keep it in mind."
Phyllis: "How did the notion of waking up one couple at a time start? You say you don't remember that far back, but have you tried having more of the living up and about at the same time?"
Opelousas: "Yes. It didn't seem to change things, so we used the one-couple system to try and keep as many people alive as possible if-"
Atchafalaya: "Once."
Opelousas: "-once we find the cure."
Phyllis: "Was there something else that happened with the king? Because otherwise, this seems … inexplicable."
Atchafalaya: "The king's despair is relatively recent."
Chandrasekhar: "Has he been told that the false sun has gone for good?"
Atchafalaya: "Yes. But I fear it has more to do with our failure to find a cure as of yet."
Zane frowns.
Zane: "I still think the key is in those locked away books."
Atchafalaya: "If you can find a way inside past the guards, then feel free, as long as you don't hurt anyone."
Phyllis: "Potentially."
Phyllis: "And, child's play for us, I'm sure."
Gerald: "Haha… yeah. I'll hold down the table while ya get on that." Gerald reaches across the table to grab another burrito.
Phyllis: "We will try, at least." With this, she exhales and mutters to Chandra the best their disparate heights will allow for. "(You may want to prepare a sermon on the dirge of Vekesh.)"
Chandrasekhar: "(When do I not have one composed in the back of my mind for the occasion?)"
Phyllis: "(Just saying.)"
Zane: "Well that… does add a layer of complexity. But its not impossible."
Garrett: "Ah, it's easy. Especially if we have more than one of us."
Zane: "You and I, at the very least."
Garrett: "Leave me a tostada, okay?" He sips from a pitcher of water before pushing away from the table and standing.
Gerald: "Alright."
Atchafalaya: "Good luck."
Garrett‘ casually asks for directions from a random person as he passes them as to the directions of the king’s quarters.
Zane stands up, sways for a moment, and follows Garrett.
Phyllis: "Think they're good on their own?"
Aleith|DM: There's a couple of huge skeletal guards standing on either side of the door to his chambers. Inside, Garrett can sense one person, seated.
Zane looks at the skeletal guards. "Wow."
Aleith|DM: It's admittedly a bit harder to sense these people when they're not moving much, since there's no heartbeat or anything to send additional vibrations through the ground.
Gerald: "Can't think of any reason they wouldn't be/"
Zane: "Well, we could always ask first."
Garrett: "It's the proper thing to do," he says, and approaches the guards.
Zane: "We definitely should be polite, that was some really good food. And tequila."
Phyllis shrugs at Gerald. "I'm worried about getting bored while we wait."
Guards: "Halt and desist! No one is to enter, the king insists!" They even sign it in harmony.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *sing
Ernst lets out a quiet sigh.
Gerald: "That's what the tequila's for."
Garrett: "Hi, King Garrett Woodson here, and my associate, Constable Zane Bieito."
Garrett: "We moved the sun and have also brought tequila, as requested."
Zane bows politely.
Zane: "Will your king speak with outsiders? We are trying to cure the affliction that plagues his people."
Guard A: "He said no one enters."
Garrett‘ focuses on the person inside the chambers, and mentally connects.
Garrett` . o O (Hi! King Garrett Woodson here, and my associate, Constable Zane Bieito.)
Garrett` . o O (Can we come in?)
Zane: "Of course. Would he, perhaps, come out? Or might we converse through the door?"
Aleith|DM: There’s a sense of startlement beyond the door.
Guard B: "Well, he hasn't come out for some months now…"
Aleith|DM: And yet, the door opens.
Zane: "Mm, so we heard. But this is pretty import- Aha."
Calcasieu: "Who are you?!"
Garrett‘ suppresses a mutter under his breath, and says:
Garrett: "Hi! King Garrett Woodson here, and my associate, Constable Zane Bieito."
Zane: "A pleasure, Your Majesty."
Calcasieu: "You already said that part…sort of?"
Garrett` suppresses another mutter, and continues:
Calcasieu: "King of which nation?"
Garrett: "The kingdom of Risur, not entirely of this… plane, or collection of planes."
Chandrasekhar snorts under his breath.
Zane: "We’re visiting dignitaries, if you like."
Aleith|DM: You're not quite sure how a skeleton sighs, but he does.
Calcasieu: "What do you want?"
Garrett: "We're also universal problem solvers."
Garrett: "And having dealt with one so far- the screaming star that blighted Iratha Ket,"
Garrett: "We wish to try our minds at the plague."
Calcasieu: "Ah, that was you…?" He does seem to be a bit wonderfully baffled at that statement.
Garrett: "For that, though, we are woefully underequipped."
Zane: "It's a talent. We understand you have the records of the origins of the affliction in your chambers. We would like permission to study them."
Phyllis is still out in the dining area, contemplating if the real problem is that this really is an 'if' and not a 'once.'
Aleith|DM: He thinks for a minute before giving a shrug. "Come inside. I've been pouring over them. I can give you the highlights."
Zane: "Thank you, Your Majesty."
Aleith|DM: The guards, still a bit surprised, salute the king as he heads back inside. They close the doors behind you.
Garrett‘ nods to Zane. "Gather the rest, or whoever’s interested."
Zane: "Yes, sir." And he heads back to the dining room. "We've got an audience with the king. Come on if you're coming."
Zane snags another shot while its handy.
Aleith|DM: The undead king grabs a few of the books, and shows you some relevant passages. "The texts record how shortly before the plague sprung up, there were many reports of people having strange dreams, like they were being watched from the stars. There were reports from many more that saw swooping colours in the sky one night."
Phyllis comes along with Zane on the return trip. "I take it your efforts were fruitful."
Zane: "Mm. So far at least."
Garrett‘ greets the others as they come in, and turns back to the texts, guided by Calcasieu.
Calcasieu: "All the signing we do only started after that, as well. I may have been a great musician before our transition, but people never spontaneously broke into musical numbers before the plague. Ever since it struck, though, we’ve all felt somehow more connected to each other."
Phyllis: "Was this before or after you were in the Gyre?"
Zane: "…"
Garrett: "This is all on the edges of familiar, ain't it?"
Calcasieu: "Before. It wasn't until most of us became undead and the youngest generation was put into slumber that we entered the Gyre."
Zane: "Phyllis might I borrow a pinch of residuum?"
Calcasieu: "It was certainly jarring to have our nation suddenly reduced to the capital and the surrounding countryside."
Calcasieu: "Let alone the entire world."
Zane: "Mm. The Gyre is not gentle with the lands it consumes."
Phyllis pulls out an almost comically-oversized pouch. "Go nuts."
Zane really only needs a pinch.
Gerald: "Maybe it's the song that's killin' people."
Zane rolls the little ball of residuum between his fingers, slowly breaking it down and letting the energy flow into him. After a few minutes he steps away from the others and sniffs the air quietly.
Phyllis: "Hm. Before you were in the Gyre, did your astronomers take a look at the stars in your system?"
Calcasieu: "System…? We were between the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos."
Calcasieu: "There were numerous stars in the sky."
Phyllis: "Of worlds and motes like the ones devoured by the Gyre?"
Calcasieu: "The domains of the gods."
Phyllis: "The dreams you mention were common in our world, as well, but only due to the influence of a nearby plane. It's joined us here in the Gyre."
Zane curls his lip. "And the Gidim."
Zane: "I can smell it."
Garrett‘ groans inwardly.
Garrett: "I’d really like to be done with them."
Zane: "You and me both."
Chandrasekhar: "Always making everything more charming wherever they end up…"
Gerald: "Ahaha."
Calcasieu: "Gidim?"
Gerald: "I guess… I *can* solve this disease by shooting it after all."
Zane shakes his head. "Not sure. Theres a little bit of it on the king and the guards… A fair bit more around the two lovers. Especially the head. Shooting them might not be the most politic option."
Garrett: "There's something here for everyone," he warmly says, placing a hand on Gerald's shoulder.
Zane: "I'm going for a walk."
Chandrasekhar: "Parasites of the mind and soul."
Garrett: "Oh."
Garrett: "Yeah no I was hoping more that it was all going to one place."
Zane: "Thats what I'm going to go find out."
Gerald: "Right, not before we push it out of them. I figured thta went without saying."
Aleith|DM: The various trails…follow peoples' movements around for the past day or two.
Aleith|DM: And everyone has at least faint Gidim energy around their heads.
Zane frowns.
Aleith|DM: But it's only really noticeable around the awoken lovers…and the ones in stasis.
Chandrasekhar: "Like they set up a farm."
Gerald: "Man they really would be a pain in the ass to deal with if we hadn't run into one that tipped its hand way the fuck too early."
Zane: "Like larva infecting prey."
Zane: "I'm not sure how to expel it, but there's the infection."
Gerald: "Alright, well, one of you think the things solid and out of their minds and I'll turn 'em into paste."
Ernst: "I'm not complaining they made it easier."
Garrett: "I was going to propose attacking it the way one would mentally do so towards a Thoughtform,"
Garrett: "But, I mean, I wanted everyone to be ready and relatively sober before trying it."
Calcasieu: "Thoughtform?"
Zane: "That's definitely… a better option than what I was rolling around. We'll go for that."
Calcasieu: "You've dealt with this before?"
Gerald: "Oh, yeah."
Zane: "Yeah."
Phyllis: "This would be at least encounter number 3."
Phyllis: "Or further."
Gerald: "They thought they were going to invade our planet. It did not work out very well for them."
Zane: "Well. They did manage to invade. We just destroyed them afterward."
Phyllis: "And I've refrained from drinking so far, Garrett."
Chandrasekhar chuckles at Gerald.
Gerald‘ waves dismissively at Zane.
Zane: "I’m just trying to be historiclly accurate, man."
Garrett: "I suppose we should also do it in an area with a bit of space."
Gerald: "Long story short they're not entirely corporeal, eat brains, can haunt people not unlike ghost, and do some weird mind linking shit. All in all pretty annoying if you don't know how to deal with them. They're kind fo weak to particularly strong thoughts about destroying them, though."
Aleith|DM: The king nods. "Very well. We have a plan now, at least." He opens the door to his chambers again, leading you back into the palace. The startled guards snap a quick salute as you departs, expressing their joy in song.
Aleith|DM: As he enteres the dining room, the queen gasps, and they start up a duet, with verses as they profess their love for each other again mixed with verses about practicing 'healthy thinking'.
Aleith|DM: The servants and the court jester join in for the chorus as background singers.
Aleith|DM: You may feel the urge to join in as well.
Zane immediately starts focusing on the room, working on pushing the energy into a corporeal form to Gerald can shoot it.
Garrett: "Okay, I guess this is one way to help gather all the energy."
Chandrasekhar extemporaneously works in the Dirge of Vekesh quotes he was working on earlier.
Aleith|DM: Well…it's still inside their heads…though you can make out a small wormlike figure through the empty eye sockets of the various skeletons.
Phyllis focuses her thoughts into a scalpel, ready to perform surgery on the citizens still in stasis.
Zane: "There you are…"
Gerald: "Uh… ones inside the skeletons are probably all yours, I'd probably just break their skulls."
Aleith|DM: As you think thoughts like this at the lovers, Zane notices the Gidim residue noticeably decreasing from their heads until it disappears.
Zane scowls and starts trying to pull the worms out. Fucking Giddim. Goddamn parasites.
Garrett‘ joins in on some of the dancing, and as he does, he slyfully thinks of daggers cutting the sky, severing, piercing the worms.
Aleith|DM: As you reach for one of the skeletons, the parasite in its skull shrivels up and dies.
Aleith|DM: Soon, the dinging room is empty of the Gidim presence.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *dining
Zane: "A good start. I’ll see to the sleepers."
Garrett‘ nods.
Aleith|DM: The song rises to a crescendo, and the royal procession moves outside, where they start proclaiming the good news to the masses. Soon, the triumphant song begins to rise from around the city.
Gerald: "…Hm. These one’s don't seem particularly powerful. Maybe they're civilian gidim? Dying either way, but."
[OOC] Zane: Oh wait, Ursinho already got that.
Zane trails along in the wake of the royal procession instead, the sword to Phyllis' scalpel.
Chandrasekhar: "Or they weren't expecting the farm animals to suddenly fight back. It's the curse of a parasite- you grow weak feeding off of the assumptions you make of your hosts."
Garrett: "In a way, we are a bit of an out-of-context problem, yeah."
Gerald‘ nods, not using to fighting these things by thinking at them himself but slowly getting the hang of it.
Aleith|DM: There’s a still quite the number of people in stasis, but Phyllis eventually has the room cleared before the royal couple comes down to begin waking up all of the remaining lovers.
Aleith|DM: Thousands of citizens of Iratha Ket are jangling their bones in jubilance to the beat of the song.
Aleith|DM: If you thought the performance when you arrived was extraordinary, you hadn't seen anything yet, as a massive carnival atmosphere grips the plane.
Aleith|DM: You feel a strong bond with Iratha Ket now.
Garrett‘ is parading and carousing down the streets with the best of ’em.
Zane makes sure the parasites have been burned out root and branch, then gets back to the food and drink.
Phyllis: "Hey. Zane."
Phyllis: "Good catch."
Zane: "Fool me twice… and I figure out a way to go for the throat."
Zane: "Man I hate the damn Gidim though. Its almost a shame we cant go to their house and burn it down to make sure they can't pester anybody else."
Chandrasekhar: "That would be nice."
Aleith|DM: The celebrations go on and on and on…
Gerald: "Well, the seal *is* currently open…"
Aleith|DM: And Pookie and Bunk seem in much better spirits now.
Gerald: "So if we *really* wanted to before fixing it…"
Zane: "Hmmm. You raise a valid point."
Garrett: "We'll burn those bridges as we come across them!" he sing-songly calls, a bottle in one hand and elbow in elbow with a nearby dancer, circling about and about.
Phyllis: "Okay, now that we're no longer doing brain surgery."
Phyllis takes a bottle of tequila for herself. To start.
Phyllis: An empty bottle can be the token she uses for the plane's icon. Why not.
Aleith|DM: It's a very musical and festive couple of days…
Aleith|DM: Afterwards, you fly back across the gap towards the further planes in the Gyre, meandering your way back, stopping first at Dunkelweiss.
Aleith|DM: Dunkelweiss is a thirty-mile mountain range of soaring snow-capped peaks, majestic forests, and brisk mountain lakes.
Aleith|DM: Celestial goats frolic on its grassy hills, and bearded eagles soar over the mausoleum, keeping watch of the king’s rest.
Aleith|DM: …possibly the most eye-catching thing is the dark brown streams running down the mountain sides before they run into the clear lakes.
Zane: "… Is that… rivers of ale?"
Garrett: "I have a strange compulsion to drink odd waters in faraway lands."
Garrett: "Let's land!"
Aleith|DM: As your ship approaches the plane, one of the eagles soars up to the Coaltongue's deck.
Phyllis rubs her eyelids. "Okay. That … that is something."
Bearded Eagle: "What do you want, visitors?"
Gerald: "Just getting a lay of the land. …s."
Garrett: "Is that a river of ale, or otherwise alcoholic drink?"
Garrett: "Because if so, some of that is what I- we, want."
Zane reaches under his cloak and produces the twin axes. "And I have something to return to the king."
Phyllis: "I was merely hoping to visit out of curiosity." And she's curious if this plane has a Water aspect, although … this might be best left to a simple mote.
Bearded Eagle: "Dear visitors, you may partake of the beer streams if you wish, but, alas, none may visit King Ron the Grand's tomb until-" The eagle squawks.
Bearded Eagle: "The royal axes!"
Zane nods. "Stolen, or lost. But now returned."
Bearded Eagle: "Please, honoured guests, come this way. I will lead you to the tombs."
Garrett: "Coaltongue around, follow our escort!"
Bearded Eagle: "Aye, stolen they were, by the Pirates of Hunlow. They snuck onto the plane one day many years ago and plundered many of the treasures."
Garrett: "Yes, they have recently experienced… a death event."
Aleith|DM: The eagle's eyes go wide. "Truly? You have done us a great service."
Aleith|DM: The eagle leads you to a large lake nearby the tomb where your ship can easily land for you to disembark.
Aleith|DM: The tomb could be said to be the epitome of dwarven craftsmanship as the eagle leads you inside.
Aleith|DM: Though many of the nooks now appear to be empty, there still remain various statues and larger objects that are harder to carry off.
Garrett‘ suppresses the urge to run his hand along its exceptional craftsmanship.
Aleith|DM: The eagle leads you to the centre of the tomb, where one of the finer statues of the king stands, its hands empty.
Phyllis peers around. "… I have no memory of this place. So no asking."
Zane looks around appreciatively and places the axes into the hands of the statue.
Aleith|DM: There aren’t any tales of Ron the Grand in the annuls of Lanjyr, no.
Bearded Eagle: "Thank you kindly, travellers. At the very least the king's radiant axes are now once more where they belong."
Aleith|DM: You feel a strong bond with Dunkelweiss.
Aleith|DM: Planar Trait: Alcohol is good for you. It produces the same intoxicating effect as before, but does no damage to long-term health. Indeed, hangovers are easily held at bay with a brisk workout, meaning the heaviest drinkers tend to be the most fit. A night of intense carousing functions as a remove affliction ritual, with a +5 bonus to the skill check.
Aleith|DM: Energies: Earth, Life
Phyllis is stunned to find out that alcohol does damage to long-term health. "?!"
Garrett: "The universe is vast and wonderous," he snorts, hands on his hips.
Gerald: "Huh."
Phyllis: "Clearly we need to make an alternate material plane so we can attach eight more planes to a central one."
Aleith|DM: You're more than welcome to take your fill at the streams of beer before departing.
Garrett‘ is going to take a hale and hearty drink! By scooping some into a stein, he isn’t some sort of barbarian.
Aleith|DM: So! Nearby lie the planes of Wilanir (Air, Water) and Amrou (Death, Earth).
Aleith|DM: Amrou is unusually large and takes up both the area to the south and southeast.
Aleith|DM: Wilanir lies to the southwest.
[OOC] Garrett: WILANIR
Aleith|DM: Winter snow sits sullen on Wilanir, and although herbivores like rabbits, deer, and birds still roam the landscape, all predators have perished. A low range of mountains in the center of the plane is home to a series of ruined forts.
Chandrasekhar: "…the end comes for planes, too, then."
Aleith|DM: Nothing particularly leaps out at you from the Vortex Array's scans. Thick fog covers parts of the plane, slowly moving about.
Aleith|DM: Arcana and Insight checks?
Aleith|DM: Well, Insight really, since Arcana is an auto-pass…
Phyllis: That'd be … Chandra or Gerald?
Aleith|DM: Aaaaand Chandrasekhar auto-passes Insight at level 30 now…
Aleith|DM: Planar Trait: Guilt weighs heavily, like a fog. Fog appears more readily and more thickly, especially around those who have committed wrongs. The first time each encounter that a creature hidden in fog strikes another creature unaware of it, it gains temporary hit points equal to the amount of damage it deals, which last until the end of the encounter.
Garrett: "Implementing this would make for a really foggy world, I'd say."
Zane rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Gerald: "That would limit how dangerous flight could be, I guess." Gerald shrugs.
Phyllis: "Not entirely sure about this one."
Chandrasekhar: "Nor… am I."
Aleith|DM: Apet, a storm of dust, lies to the southwest. To the south is Avilona, mostly empty but for a large mote of rock near the centre. Amrou's vast expanse of desert lies to the southeast.
[OOC] Garrett: AMROU
[OOC] Garrett: APET
Aleith|DM: From afar, Apet is just a ball of whirling dust cloaking any solid surfaces.
Aleith|DM: Once on the world, though, it becomes more bizarre than
Aleith|DM: one would expect, for it is not a place of stone and rock, but of pure
Aleith|DM: solid force, as you find out when the Coaltongue bumps into one of them while trying to manuever for you to land.
Aleith|DM: The ground consists of scattered platforms akin to walls of force – translucent sheets, impossibly thin and completely impenetrable. Most of these platforms are slightly off kilter from being horizontal, and they span a few dozen feet, always assuming simple two-dimensional geometric shapes with perfect symmetry like circles, triangles, squares, and on, up to octagons.
Zane: "This place is weird. Kinda cool though."
Aleith|DM: The force platforms have a slight static charge to them, causing the gritty dust that swirls around Apet to stick to it and provide traction enough to walk. Visibility is fair out to about thirty feet, beyond which everything has concealment out to sixty feet. Beyond sixty feet, everything is fully concealed.
Aleith|DM: There isn't much reason for you to explore much since you already have a strong bond to the plane, but you do need to land to get close enough to make an icon.
Gerald: "Yeah."
Aleith|DM: The Vortex Array is able to map out the dizzying maze-like structure of the force platforms after some slight adjustment, but you also pick up a windskiff slowly making it's way across a distant part of the plane.
Gerald: "…There's someone here?"
Zane: "Huh. We should see who it is."
Garrett: "Wouldn't hurt."
Garrett: "…well, no, it could, but we can hurt them more, so."
Aleith|DM: It takes you a bit to make your way through the maze of Apet, but once you finally get close, you find a dead Golden Legionnaire lying dead in the dust-sand, with strange tracks made by tentacles pointing in a slightly different direction from the ship.
Zane scuffs at the tentacle tracks. "I'm so tired of dealing with these assholes."
Garrett‘ leans on the railing and rubs his forehead.
Gerald: "So one kind of asshole killed another."
Gerald: "Don’t think I care too much and am ready to move on."
Phyllis: "It may be the site of an old encounter. Apet was where they came from in the Ancients' time."
Zane: "Yeah. Lets keep moving. The windskiff is still out there right?"
Garrett: "Not once we get within cannon range…"
Aleith|DM: A faint set of several devil tracks lead in the direction of the windskiff.
Garrett: "Let's clean them off and then leave."
Aleith|DM: The windskiff itself is definitely of Golden Legion make, but empty when you arrive. The engine is still a bit warm.
Garrett: "By which I mean kill. Then leave."
Aleith|DM: There's some…captured Gidim warbeasts in the hold in…cages made of force.
Gerald: "Yo! Someone that isn't a asshole out there?"
Aleith|DM: You'd probably have to follow the tracks from that corpse leading the other direction
Gerald: "Uugh."
Gerald‘ pulls the collar on his coat up, lowers his hat, and continues trudging through the dust.
Chandrasekhar: "At least it’s a problem you can shoot?"
Garrett‘ lightly flies over the dust.
Gerald: "Unless it’s some former slave that stole it and is hiding and in need of help or something." Gerald grumbles.
Aleith|DM: After a short trek, you come across a small group of devils led by a pit fiend, trying to wrangle a few dozen of the gidim flying things.
Phyllis: "Hi."
Gerald: "Oh thank the Gods it's shootable assholes."
Aleith|DM: The pit fiend's eyes go wide. "Slaves! Capture them!"
Gerald‘ draws his blaster, opening up with a rocket into the center of the group and then unleashing a hail of bullets.
Garrett: "That was an easy decision. Open fire!"
Zane just unloads with the Cyclopean Revelation.
Aleith|DM: A legionnaire company, two horned devils, and a succubus are quickly defeated, along with the pit fiend.
Aleith|DM: …many of the flying things are erased by the Cyclopean Revelation as well, and a number of the force platforms in the path of it.
Gerald: "Once I get some time in my workshop I need to figure out how to match that…"
Zane: "I’m not sure you can, unless you stuck the eye of a different Fey Titan in there."
Aleith|DM: A few of the flying things manage to fly towards you, though, and though most of them are caught along the way, a couple of them manage to crash into-and through-Phyllis and Zane as they retreat.
Gerald: "Rot does have a second."
Aleith|DM: Their passage deposits a thought in both of their minds: the Gidim homeworld, represented by a sphere of purple f lesh with infinite eyes and tendrils reaching out to the stars, has a tiny black leech stuck to its side, siphoning its power. The emotional sense conveyed is revulsion and violation, mixed with intention to avoid the source of the leech in the future.
Zane: "I'm putting money on them not working after we kill it."
Aleith|DM: There's not much else to do on the plane, and it's easy enough to make an icon from the plane.
Aleith|DM: Planar Trait: Planar travel is limited to the local system. In the Gyre, that restriction is redundant.

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