Zg Session 126

Aleith|GM: Over the past several hours, you've managed to get the Coaltongue back into mostly-working order, and Calily has filled you in on some of the nearby planar motes.
Aleith|GM: She hasn't gotten around to exploring the worlds from your home system yet, though she has for where Avilona, as Phyllis described it, could be, and one shaped like a silver ring was dragged away by something like a comet, white and serpentine, toward the mouth of the Gyre.
Aleith|GM: Her map of the Gyre is back in the remains of the monastery back on Caeloon, however.
Phyllis: "Oh. So the Voice of Rot has commandeered the arc of Reida."
Phyllis: "Lovely."
Gerald: "Was that one we needed?"
Phyllis: "At least that's what it sounds like."
Phyllis: "Personally? I could do without it. But it's bad news in his hands."
Phyllis: "You remember the Clockmakers' proposal? From the Obscurati summit."
Gerald: "Well, he's on the kill list anyway so."
Gerald: "Hmm. That was the shitty diorama world one, right?"
Phyllis: "That doesn't narrow it down, but it was the one where things went according to plan for exactly 1000 years. Reida would be the workhorse in that setup."
Gerald: "Yeah that one."
Garrett‘ crosses his arms. "That was a wild act to try to play, yeah."
Gerald: "With them watching from the moon or whatever."
Zane idly tosses a spinning dagger from hand to hand. "Hm. If we can study Calily’s map it might save some time."
Phyllis: " - Yes, that's probably a better use of our time. No use worrying about the Voice of Rot if we can't navigate."
Zane: "He is what I like to consider a long-term problem that I plan to solve with a knife. The ship is a short-term solution that people will have to solve with a wrench, so that I can get close enough to solve my long-term problem with a knife."
Aleith|GM: The crew gets the ship ready to depart, and you head southwest (with the end of the Gyre as Due North, anyway, and your compasses do point in that direction anyhow) towards the remnant of Calily's home plane.
Calily gives a little laugh. "I take it you know this foe, then?"
Zane: "He has vexed us sorely for entirely too long."
Garrett: "Old enemy of neccessity."
Calily: "Where did you come from, anyway? I know there was a mighty crash into those asteroids, which brought me running, but…"
Garrett: "We got here from Av, but how we got -there-, well."
Phyllis: "We're originally from a plane connected to eight others. I don't think we have a name for it, though."
Calily: "Is Av the world that crashed into the Gyre?"
Garrett‘ gives a half-nod to Phyllis. "(Yeah, that’s why I didn't finish that sentence,)" he chuckles.
Phyllis: "The most recent one, possibly?"
Garrett: "And yes, it's the one that got ground- assuming you haven't seen any others bite it recently."
Calily: "No, the last several were a few months ago."
Phyllis: "We were unconscious for some time just before you reached us."
Calily: "Your plane was connected to eight others?"
Zane pulls a few shards of Av-mirror out of a pouch. "I would like to restore Av, at the very least, to its previous position in our cosmology. If not all the others."
Garrett: "I'm assuming from that question, that's not a typical thing?"
Garrett: "At least, there don't seem to be any notes that there's other planes chained to each other out here."
Calily: "No. There hasn't been many people here to speak with, but most are adrift in the multiverse, between the Astral Sea above, and the Elemental Chaos below."
Phyllis: "There might be, but beyond the Gyre, who can say?"
Garrett‘ tilts his head back and stares at the sky. After a few moments, he speaks: "…hm. Really makes one feel like the center of the multiverse."
Zane: "Garrett, you have *always* felt like the center of the multiverse…"
Garrett` grins. "Yeah, but it’s good to have that backed up by the lore."
Zane: "Of course, Your Highness."
Calily: "Oh, so you are a King? I was wondering about that crown…"
Garrett‘ tilts his head back down to level. "It’s true. And I had thought, out here, titles and positions would mean really little."
Calily dips a deep bow. "A pleasure to be at your service, Your Majesty." She laughs softly.
Garrett: "Mingling with the stuff that forms our world, that gives it motion and definition."
Garrett: "But then the Voice of Rot is out here, and well, the title will come in handy once more."
Garrett‘ returns the laugh in kind. "Rise, and good job with your observations and perserverence."
Gerald: "Yeah I really don’t get what that dumbass thinks he's accomplishing."
Zane: "I expect he will tell us."
Phyllis: "Solitude."
Gerald: "He's going really far out of his way to provoke us if his gola is to be left alone."
Phyllis: "A single mind, puppeteering the bodies of his slain enemies and minions."
Phyllis: "At least that's my interpretation of what he's stated so far."
Aleith|GM: Calily's home is a land of rolling hills covered with pines, where a light breeze constantly wafts between still tree trunks. No animals live here, and only a few bushes and weeds grow on the forest floor. A handful of great pines survived the fires that burnt the world to death seventy years ago, and they rise high above their neighboring children.
Aleith|GM: As you cross the boundary between the various asteroids of Urim to the forested mote, Calily quiets for a moment to meditate. "Come, our monastery is towards the centre of the plane. My home is humble, but I would like you to see it."
Zane looks around with a small smile. "There is unrest in the forest. There is trouble with the trees. For the maples want more sunlight, and the oaks ignore their pleas."
Gerald: "Alrighty."
Calily: "Is that a saying from your world?" she asks, curiously.
Garrett‘ pauses.
Zane: "Its an old poem."
Garrett: "That was very lyrical of you, Zane."
Calily: "We don’t have much left other than pine trees, I'm afraid."
Aleith|GM: The plane appears abandoned at first glance, but a small ruined monastery, consisting of just a handful of rooms, lies in a clearing upon the highest hill.
Garrett‘ squints to see if he can see anyone.
Aleith|GM: There’s plenty of space in the clearing around the monastery for your ship to land, though the levitationals are starting to run out of energy as you set down.
Aleith|GM: The wind whistles through cracks in the wall and flutters paper shutters scribed with calligraphic meditations. The walls are nothing more than stiff paper as well, and what at first appears to be an irregular texture of vertical stripes are actually, on closer examination, thousands of lines of text, written directly onto the
Aleith|GM: building. Outside the building the breeze spins a brass wheel cylinder attached to a small windmill, clattering as the prayer embossed in the metal endlessly repeats.
Garrett‘ nods in approval. Would have been a shame to use the cannons to clear a space for landing.
Aleith|GM: A few monks are working around the building, or meditating.
Zane: "What an interesting design."
Garrett: "That’s for… true."
Aleith|GM: Calily shows you inside, leading you to a room off to the side, showing you her map before starting to brew some pine needle tea for you.
Ernst takes a seat.
Garrett‘ can’t help but run his hand over some of the wall calligraphy, attempting to read it, even if it's in a language he doesn't know.
Aleith|GM: It is indeed in a language you can't read. You sense that Calily isn't actually speaking in Common or Primordial, but instead speaking in some kind of tongues.
Gerald: "Hmm."
Phyllis: "[Can you understand this?]" She says, in Ancient.
[OOC] Aleith|GM: The map is on http://storagebin.wikidot.com/zg-skill-challenges
Calily: "…[yes]?"
Garrett‘ takes a seat and a sip of tea.
Phyllis: "Fascinating. I wonder how? That’s a dead language from where we hail."
Gerald: "At a guess, ring with that spell that lets you speak any language on it."
Calily: "As you can see, we're on Caeloon, here," she says, pointing at plane #50 on the map…
Calily: "No, we are practiced in the tongue of the sun and moon, and can speak with all living things."
Zane raises an eyebrow.
Gerald: "The what now?"
Calily: "It's one of our teachings."
Ernst: "Sounds handy."
Calily: "It's one of the advanced lessons, so it would require many years of study, however."
Zane squeezes some lemon into his tea and sips. "Hmm."
Garrett: "Mmm… maybe when everything's finished," he says, knowing that nothing is ever finished.
Phyllis: "Anyway. Av, the newest plane, is a realm of dualities. It had two halves, and each of them were a reflection of our home plane."
Calily: "Despite it's grand crash into the Gyre, it's likely that even now it's already materialized into a mote of its own in the Gyre, at the southern end here."
Garrett: "I was about to ask how that worked, yes."
Calily: "The other six recent ones, as I said, I haven't explored yet. That was my first time visiting the field of golden boulders you called Urim."
Calily: "But I know of their locations and a bit of what they look like from afar."
Phyllis: "Urim was also connected to our home plane as well, yes."
Calily: "The rest here…" she points to the ones in the southern half, from 25 and up, "I've explored those at least somewhat."
Calily: "And are the other five then?"
Zane: "They were."
Calily: "Can you tell me about them? I might be able to figure out which ones of the new ones they are."
Zane gestures at Ursinho, that's more her department than his. "
Zane is watching the aescetics more than he is looking at the map.
Phyllis: "Likely so. Avilona is a damaged plane of air, where sustained flight isn't possible. Mashiva was a plane of water involved in keeping secrets. Nem was a plane of death but we had little information on it. Apet was a plane of space that made distant travel difficult. And Reida, a plane of itme, is the arc of silver you saw being dragged up to the Gyre's teeth, and made prophecies more
Phyllis: accurate on our plane. "
Phyllis pauses. "If I may have some time to observe Caeloon?"
Phyllis: "And determine if this is a suitable plane to restore flight to our vessel." Among other things.
Calily: "Hmmm. So Reida's the one that was dragged away. That would probably put Mashiva as the new water plane beside Shabboath; Avilona as the vaguely-bird-shaped rock beside it, and Apet the dusty plane beyond that… And Nem is probably the plane between Paedyr and the Plain of Rice, as it's pretty dead-looking…"
Calily waves you off. "Feel free to stay and rest as long as you like."
Calily: "If anything, I'd like to travel with you as your guide when you leave, if you'd like."
Gerald: "There's a plane of rice?"
Phyllis: "I hope our explanation was helpful so far. And I'd be okay with that, if the others also agree."
Calily: "Yeah. It's just flat and covered in water, a couple planes West of here."
Garrett‘ nods. "Attuning, and then some remote scouting will help."
Phyllis: "Anyway." She heads outside to observe the plane to determine its traits. [Arcana, Nature? or what skills are appropriate here]
Aleith|GM: You wind down for a bit as the levitationals start recharging. Calily tells you a bit about each of the planes she’s been to…
Aleith|GM: Phyllis: Insight and Arcana
Phyllis rolled d20+42 and got 7 ( Total: 49.0 ) for arcana, screw your 40 DC
Phyllis confers with the eladrin. "Chandra, what do you make of it? I've noticed … {whisper whisper whisper}"
Phyllis rolled d20+38 and got 18 ( Total: 56.0 ) for chandra rolls insight
Aleith|GM: Between Phyllis and Chanrasekhar, you can determine that Caeloon's planar trait is: People are more resilient in the face of tragedy.
Zane spends the downtime brewing up a few nasty surprises… until he sees the monks practicing. Then its time to carefully put away the toxins and ask to spar.
Aleith|GM: The plane has both Air and Life energy, as pointed out by the Gidim Vortex, but it feels like you need a more solid bond with the plane before you can make the icon in an hour rather than taking an entire month.
Aleith|GM: Calily and some of the other monks are more than happy to spar with you, Zane.
Aleith|GM: Their style, the Paper Wind, is quite resilient and maneuverable.
Zane: "This art is fascinating!"
Garrett‘ spends more time wandering about the monastery, studying the grounds, but mostly the building.
Aleith|GM: Thankfully, you’re able to hold your own, especially since you examined Calily's bearing earlier.
Zane is a quick study. Its what he went to school for, after all.
Phyllis: "I don't know what else I was expecting."
Phyllis: "Anyway, it seems we can attune our vessel to this plane, yes? I think it'd be a better choice than our … alternatives."
Gerald: "I'm okay with our skyboat taking on the property of resiliance."
Phyllis: "As opposed to one that limits flight to five minutes or one that prevents too-distant travel, yes."
Garrett: "I'm gonna call this 'providence.'"
Phyllis heads up to the engineers, telling them her findings and asking if they can re-attune if we later find something more suiting.
Aleith|GM: Gonna need a planar icon first before the ship can run off its energies.
[OOC] Phyllis: Oh.
[OOC] Phyllis: That wasn't entirely clear, I don't think
Aleith|GM: I tried to make that clear more than once.
Aleith|GM: But I guess this was the time it came through.
Aleith|GM: Gerald: To the north, past some plundered ruins, you scan some Water and Death energies from what Calily labeled as Hunlow.
Phyllis comes back from the engineers somewhat disappointed.
Aleith|GM: To the southwest, past Paedyr, you can sense Death and Life energy in a spot that Calily doesn't know of a plane being.
Garrett: "Calily, if I may ask."
Calily: "Yes?"
Garrett‘ gestures toward the monastery. "What’s engraved upon the walls?"
Aleith|GM: Past the empty void to the northwest, you can distantly sense both Air and Time energies.
Aleith|GM: And straight to the west, you can distantly sense Death and Time energies from what Calily guesses is Nem.
Gerald‘ jots notes down on some paper for Phyllis’ to read through.
Phyllis almost asks Calily something but reads what Gerald has, first. Probably the results of some scans.
Calily: "Those? Our scriptures are inscribed on the walls. It's all paper, after all."
Phyllis: "Mmm. Nem was part of the duo that kept extraplanar invaders out of our plane. The Ancients used it as part of a defense against Gidim invaders."
Phyllis: "As loathe as I am to visit the plane, we could stop at it to recreate an icon."
Garrett: "There's definitely something special about paper," he muses.
Zane: "Probably should. I endorse almost any plan that keeps the damn Gidim out of our world."
Calily: "The Gidim?"
Gerald: "Turns out that was actually pretty important yeah."
Zane describes Sijhen to Calily.
Phyllis: "How does one describe the incomprehensible?"
Zane: "It had tentacles for a mouth and ate brains."
Zane: "Easy."
Phyllis: "And a ship like ours that was made of flesh." She goes into more detail about what they saw in Ber.
Calily: "Yuck. That sounds at least as bad as the Golden Legion."
Zane: "I was exceptionally happy to kill it, and not just for personal reasons."
Phyllis: "Speaking of, are they still a thorn in your side?"
Zane: "Guess we're getting a two for one mission since we're going there for Thisraldion anyway, we can pick up your master while we're at it."
Calily: "They still come occasionally for lumber for new ships. But capturing Master Chyak was the only recent kidnapping."
Phyllis: "I entirely forgot about Thisraldion. I wanted to stop by just to put them down for its own sake."
Garrett‘ lightly laughs.
Phyllis: "What can we do to help you in exchange for being our guide?"
Phyllis: "We would be having a much more difficult time of it if we were left to our own devices, I’m sure."
Calily: "Hmmm. I'm not sure about this icon business, but you're looking to do us a favour, some of my friends were taken by the pirates of Hunlow early on before we were attacked by the Golden Legion."
Garrett: "The Pirates of Hunlow! Sounds like the start of a chapter in a book."
Zane: "Captain Jack Hunlow."
Calily: "They're a bloodthirsty lot. There's a number of worlds they have under their thumbs."
Calily: "Etheax and Drozani are both firmly under their control."
Zane: "I think we can fix that."
Phyllis: "Worth a shot."
Gerald: "Can do yeah."
Garrett: "Allow us this task. We'll see the extraplanars right as we tear across the universe."
Calily: "That would be a great help if you could find out what happened to them. Even better if you could 'deal with them' as you say."
Gerald: "Sort of what we do."
Phyllis: "Quite so. We can do that first, and swing around to re-icon nearby planes we're familiar with."
Phyllis: "I don't know if … this plane is suitable for travel, even." She points at 52, the spot with Padyer. "So instead, let's go … " 42, 33, 37, 41, 49, 53.
Calily: "Hmmm. You probably could land on Padyer. But you'd want to be careful of where you landed if your ship isn't fixed up yet."
Calily: "The tides are pretty complex."
Gerald‘ pauses.
Gerald: "Hey Phyllis if you can’t make the icon in a timely manner for this plane, couldn't we just have Calily here do it instead?"
Gerald: "I would really like our vehicle to not be a broken pile of shit if we're going raiding."
Phyllis: "Hence." 42, 33, 37, 41, 49, 53.
Calily: "I'm…not really sure what would be involved in that."
Gerald: "I don't either, s'why I was asking."
Phyllis thinks of five different responses and bites them all down before uttering, "I was about to say. She wasn't on our plane, so she doesn't know about the Axis Seal."
Phyllis: "Any suggestions or alterations to the route? Yes, no?"
Phyllis: "We could possibly stop … here first - " she points to 41 " - if you're concerned about wanting our ship to be in better shape before we hit Hunlow."
Gerald: "Honestly I am a bit out of my depth here so I'll go with your suggestions."
Calily: "You could check out Etheax after Hunlow, the goblins there are friendly enough. If you manage to deal with the pirates directly, Drozani's also beside it-I believe they keep most of their slaves there."
Zane growls. "We're going there." It's not a request.
Phyllis: "We're going there!"
Phyllis: "Get a good rest, we embark on the morrow."
Phyllis: "… Whenever the morrow is in here."
Calily thinks for a bit. "I think it's almost time for the it…"
Aleith|GM: You suddenly hear a large sound like thunder rippling through the monastery.
Garrett: "THAT!"
Gerald: "Is that normal?"
Garrett: "Okay, so what IS up with the monastery!"
Calily nods. "That's the closest thing we have to marking a new day."
Calily: "There's a clock or something way to the north that chimes out like that every twenty-seven hours."
Calily: "You can hear it from anywhere in the Gyre."
Phyllis: "Even inside a Urim spider's vacuum?"
Garrett: "That makes things fairly… clean, I guess."
Calily: "Well, maybe not then."
Gerald: "Aha."
Zane: "Honestly if I'm stuck in one of those fucking spider's vaccuums I have bigger concerns than what time it is."
Phyllis: "Was just curious. Either way."
Calily: "But when you get closer to the north, there's a couple of other things as well. From Hunlow, you'll be able to notice a light that flashes every few minutes from Ascetia, and there's something almost like a miniature sun a bit past it circling around one of the other planes."
Aleith|GM: You rest up and depart about a half day after you arrived. Calily explains that the light from the Gyre is basically constant, so it's always more brightly lit than a full moon, but still a fair bit less than actual daylight.
Aleith|GM: You make a pit stop for several hours amidst some plundered ruins. Amongst the wrecked buildings, you find solemn monuments to some forgotten gods, but these remnants have no energies remaining to craft a planar icon from.
Aleith|GM: When you take off, Chandrasekhar warns you that there is one god in the Gyre, and you're heading straight towards what seems to be its domain.
Gerald: "Exciting."
Garrett: "If they know what's good for 'em, they'll stay out of our way."
Zane: "Mm."
Aleith|GM: Hunlow appears to be an ocean plane, a thirty-mile sea of water dotted with a skull-shaped chain of islands.
Aleith|GM: As you skim over the water, you can see the waves turn blood red at their crests.
Aleith|GM: There seem to be quite a number of settlements on the islands, and ships of various sizes can be seen on the waters.
Gerald: "Hmm."
Aleith|GM: The good news is that you can land as soon as you get over the waters and save yourselves some juice for the levitationals.
Phyllis: "Now that we're here, I don't … particularly know the next step. Scout first, or go in guns blazing?"
Gerald: "Scout, there's a number of settlements and they might not all be assholes that need to get shot."
Gerald: "And if they are we probably want to know ahead of time."
Aleith|GM: How are you planning to infilitrate?
Zane knows a thing or two about disguises.
Aleith|GM: I was more commenting on your ship…
Gerald‘ just needs to find some place high and with a clear line of sight to get a good estimate…
Phyllis: "I do have a slight concern about… I don’t know. Weaponized conversion of some sort?"
Phyllis: "But that isn't founded in fact."
Gerald: "Hm?"
Garrett: "How do you figure?"
Phyllis: "I don't. Paranoia. Nevermind me."
Garrett‘ nods. "Alright. So normally, I think we’d try to catch any lone ship."
Garrett: "If there are any."
Garrett: "We can try to parley and talk it out with them, or if they're hostile, just beat 'em up and take their ship."
Aleith|GM: Well. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. Looks like a few pirate ships are headed in your direction.
Garrett: "Or we're already spotted, so everyone to their stations."
Zane: "Well, good. This'll save time."
Gerald: "So we're attempting a non-violent solution?" Gerald asks, rifle at the read as he climbs into the nest.
Zane: "They keep slaves."
Gerald: "Don't look at me he was the one talking about parley."
Garrett: "My previous statement was based on the idea that maybe, someone out here with a ship might not have been a pirate."
Aleith|GM: They raise some signal flags in your direction as they sail closer, but the code isn't one you know.
Oh yeah? [Thievery]
Gerald‘ takes a glance at the people sailing/captianing the ships through his scope.
Garrett` rolled 1d20+27 and got 18 ( Total: 45 ) for THIEVES CANT IS A THING
Aleith|GM: They’re signalling for you to hold ground while they approach.
Garrett: "Just a general hold signal, ready cannons anyway, keep on climbin' into the nest, Gerald."
Garrett: "Let's hold and see how much they'll talk before we blow them skyward."
[OOC] Garrett: how big are the ships in comparison
Garrett: "Also there might be slaves aboard the ship, so, y'know… collateral damage avoidance."
[OOC] Aleith|GM: About Galleon size
Phyllis: "Does an Arcane Gate and a massive charm spell count as enough of a cannon?"
[OOC] Aleith|GM: So maybe about 1/3 of the size of your ship
Garrett: "Radical composition and radical ammunition, but I think it still counts."
Aleith|GM: Amazingly enough, they speak Common. Go figure.
Pirates: "Ahoy there! What you be doing here, invading Hunlow's domain? Your ship don't seem like Golden Legion work."
Garrett: "It is part of the Risurian Navy and…air… force." That's a good enough name for what they do in the air, right?
Garrett: "We're here for some monks. They may have been pressed into slavery."
Pirates: "Risur? Are you from the new world that showed up yesterday, then?"
Garrett: "Yes, however that works."
Phyllis: "We were in the area at the time."
Pirates: "What d'you want then?"
Garrett‘ looks to the side, and then back to them.
Garrett: "We’re here for some monks."
Garrett: "They may have been pressed into slavery." "
Garrett: "We learned they were captured from a planar island and we wish to retrieve them."
Garrett: "Do you know anything about this?"
Zane can be heard puttering about down belowdecks.
Pirates: "What?! Men, let's gut these landlubbers. Prepare to be boarded!"
Garrett: "I guess that's a yes."
Gerald‘ instantly puts a bullet in the Pirate’s head.
Garrett: "All stations, attack!"
Phyllis: "Ohhh, that's cute."
Ernst: "You weren't kidding about the pirate thing."
Garrett: "Gerald, do a quick sweep scan of the decks, all pirates or do we have some pressgangs?"
Aleith|GM: If there's any pressgangs, they're well-integrated into the crew.
Gerald: "Yyyy… no you're good open fire."
Garrett: "Cannons, fire!"
Zane: "Aye!" *there is a terrible ghastly noise*
Gerald‘ meanwhile takes his time picking off anyone with the presense of mind to attempt to lay down the gangplanks.
Garrett: "Surrender your weapons, you curs, and you might still float!"
Aleith|GM: The closest ship just crumples, breaking in half as both sides start slipping into the water.
Phyllis: "… Well, there goes my plan."
Garrett: "There’s always a bigger armada."
Aleith|GM: The other two ships' crews begin chanting in unison, bringing unified spellcasting might down on the Coaltongue.
Phyllis: "I was planning on taking that ship. Though if they dare to board …"
Aleith|GM: They lack cannons, it seems.
Phyllis: Are they the pirates of penance?
Zane: They will be in a minute.
Aleith|GM: Thankfully, the protections of the ship bear the brunt of the spells' energies.
Gerald: "…They're trying to fling coordinated spells…? That's funny."
Aleith|GM: They're actually pretty effective.
Garrett: "Crew, keep one ship aloft!"
Garrett: "We'll be boarding -them-."
Gerald‘ shifts in his nest and starts picking through the ranks of mages. Which is a lot easier than destroying cannons with a rifle.
Aleith|GM: Your ship heads towards one of them, while the other one starts taking on water as the cannons start pouring fire onto it.
Phyllis: "Non-lethal means for information?"
Aleith|GM: The combined spellcasting does begin to take a toll on the shielding, getting through in a few places, but you manage to sink the second ship while getting within boarding distance of the third.
Garrett: "Yeah, but only for a few, go nuts on the rest."
Gerald: "Okay."
Phyllis: "Well, in that case." [Chain Lightning]
Aleith|GM: It’s easy to take out the priests from a distance, considering there's only two of them. Otherwise, there's about 50 crewmembers aboard-
Aleith|GM: And quite a number of them are electrocuted now.
Aleith|GM: Gerald knocks down another squad with blasts of force, while Zane does a number on some of them with a flight of arrows.
Phyllis: The rest, she tries to take out with more psychically-oriented means, with illusions and charms.
Aleith|GM: Calily whistles. "You weren't kidding about your strength. This ship is pretty damn impressive too."
Garrett‘ does the captainly/kingly thing and simply waits on the deck, crossarmed, until the Coaltongue looms close to the remaining pirate ship. He then lightly steps from railing to railing and darts about the remaining fighters, delivering precise stabs.
Zane: "I didnt even break out the really big gun…"
Garrett` starts calling out for a crew to come over from the Coaltongue to their newly-commendeered ship.
Garrett: "Repairs and recharging for the Coaltongue, the rest of us are sailing to port." He pauses. "Provided we figure out what direction that is"
Gerald` checks the direction the ships came from.
Aleith|GM: Interrogation check?
Phyllis sees if there’s a living soul left on the ship.
Aleith|GM: You did leave some of them alive.
Phyllis: "Zane. Do your thing?"
Zane smiles and picks the first pirate up, holding him over the edge of the ship with a straight drop to the water. "Which way to your port?"
Zane rolled d20+25 and got 5 ( Total: 30 ) for Intimidate
Zane: (I suppose I should be happy its not a 1)
Aleith|GM: The pirate spits in your face and snarls, "you're going to be sorry when Hunlow rolls over your plane!"
Zane: "Right then."
Garrett: "It's a plane -and- a person?"
Gerald: "It's kind of impressive that after getting completely demolished like that he's still got it in him to be that boisterous."
Zane drops the pirate into the water and picks up the next prisoner. "Did you hear the question or do you need a refresher?"
Aleith|GM: The priest you left alive intones a phrase for the poor pirate. "May Hunlow carry you beneath his waves forever."
Garrett: "It's the -water-!"
Garrett: "Okay."
Aleith|GM: Zane, you feel like you can reroll any d20 roll once for the next day.
Phyllis [Spook]s this one, for extra oomph. "Surely there's worse fates. Have you seen what I've seen?" Images of phased-out creatures from Gidim accompany her words.
Phyllis rolled d20+42 and got 13 ( Total: 55.0 ) for fine then
Zane: "Oh, no wonder your friend wasn't afraid. I'm going about this all wrong."
Zane tosses him in the ocean, too. "I think thats what he meant. It sounded like it, at least."
Aleith|GM: Sorry, only one reroll per day.
Aleith|GM: The remaining pirates start blubbering up information.
Phyllis: The images fade. "That's better."
Zane: "Anyway, having found the error of my ways…" He picks up the priest. "You dont get to swim. You just get lots of pain, until you tell me what I want to know."
Garrett‘ asides. "(Do you think we’re going to meet any relatively normal people while doing this planar hopping? Like, just some farmer or shopkeeper, or are they all going to be zealots on some level?)"
Gerald: "Uh…"
Aleith|GM: Their god, Hunlow, who is in fact the entire ocean of this plane, sensed that a new planet just crashed into the Gyre and their leaders, Captain Thrusty and Admiral Taracle (the god's demigod son), are planning to invade shortly.
Zane: "Aw, your boys spoil all my fun."
Zane: "Also. Captain Thrusty? Really?"
Gerald: "I Reckon the average person survives the apocolypse only to find themself in a small chunk of their homeworld but otherwise in a desolate, voidy hellscape…"
Garrett: "Dibs on not fighting that guy."
Gerald: "And they're probably going to go a little crazy. Especially with multiple other groups raiding them."
Aleith|GM: Once the sun in the distance, Obliatas, sets tonight, they're going to throw a huge party, and sacrifice hundreds of slaves to Hunlow, and then the ocean will crash across planes, carrying the fleet to the new plane, where they'll capture all the slaves there.
Garrett: "I guess the monks are as close as it'll get, yeah."
Zane: "Oh so… slavery is sort of a divine mandate for you guys?"
Gerald: "They stopped eating and decided to live like grass and die, man."
Garrett: "'Close' is relative."
Zane slams the priest to the deck and drowns him with the Grey Rain Cloak.
Aleith|GM: That's certainly one way to go
Zane: "So just there is no misunderstanding, I am going to kill every single one of these pirates. Hopefully with your assitance."
Gerald: "No skin off my nose, they're actively hostile to what's left of our nation."
Zane: "That is also a fine reason, yes."
Calily: "I don't have any problems dealing with slavers, whether they be pirates or devils."
Phyllis: "We're in agreement."
Aleith|GM: There's 10 more ships left in Admiral Taracle's fleet, with the flagship being the Adversary's Favor'.
Zane ducks below and comes back up with the Cyclopean Revelation over his shoulder. "Ten ships, you say."
Aleith|GM: Other information you get from the pirates is the fact that Captain Thrusty used to be a member of the Golden Legion, but was subdued by the pirates and was freed from his curse and converted to Hunlow's service.
Aleith|GM: He's a hybrid of man and demon now, and mostly manages the pirates' logistics.
Garrett: "Logistics? He doesn't even thrust anymore?!"
Garrett‘ snorts. "We’ll be doing him a favor."
Gerald: "Logistics are pretty important.
Zane: "True."
Garrett: "His name isn't Captain Supply Chain, though." Pause. "Captain Supply Golden Chain, because Golden Legion."
Gerald: "Won't matter in a few hours either way."
Aleith|GM: It's true, Thrusty's a large reason why the pirates haven't killed all their slaves and starved…
Aleith|GM: It seems that this god is out for your blood, because you encounter a few more ships along with choppy waves and weather, including some lightning bolts aimed straight for your ship along the way
Gerald‘ has multiple bigger guns, though. :E
Aleith|GM: It’s true.
Aleith|GM: Those ships do sink.
Phyllis at least tries to spend some of that time figuring out this plane's deal, traitwise.
Aleith|GM: Arcana you auto-pass….
Aleith|GM: Religion?
Phyllis rolled d20+37 and got 14 ( Total: 51.0 )
Aleith|GM: Planar Trait: The ocean is literally a blood-thirsty god who loves villains. An offering of the blood of someone you have victimized, dripped into the sea, grants you the ability to reroll any d20 roll once in the next day.
Phyllis: NOPE
Phyllis: That is. Phyllis definitely checks this off the list of viable candidates in the Axis Seal.
[OOC] Zane: plz no bully, unless u roll bad
Aleith|GM: After about an hour, long enough for Phyllis to figure out how badly she doesn't want to attune to this plane, you come across the main portion of the fleet. There's some trading of spells and cannonfire, and then the pirates close enough to board while shouting curses at you…
Zane waits until the ships line up juuuust right, and then pulls the trigger on the Cyclopean Revelation.

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