Zg Session 124

Aleith|DM: You landed the Aurum Treasure nearby the Coaltongue not far from the Thistle Palace, and Rock states that your scouts from the ship have come back with reports that there are still some devils in the palace. In fact, some of the devils making up the companies appear to be recently-enslaved fey, such as satyrs, gremlins, and centaurs who show only the slightest tait of infernal transmogrification while wrapped in golden chains.
Gerald: "Should be easy enough to sweep out, they aren't exactly tough."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/537097790023532563/538163561239674903/unknown.png
Garrett: "-Normally- I think a few of you would find this fun for definitions of very moist fun."
Phyllis: "Or liberate."
Garrett: "But I gather there wasn't a lot of consent here, so."
Garrett‘ nods. "Yeah don’t -cripple- them or anything, just the chains and unconsiousness and whatnot."
Garrett: "Devils, though, fair game."
Zane shrugs. "The captives are to be freed, the devils are to pay the dearest cost."
Gerald: "That goes without saying, doesn't it?"
Zane: "Just letting the king know his orders are heard."
Garrett: "I sort of wonder if, while under whatever domination they're… under," he says, not finding a great synonym, "-that they can kind of still see or understand what's going on. And if that's the case I want to assure them at least a bit that we're not about to paint the walls with 'em."
Garrett‘ then sharply whistles through his teeth before swaggering down the halls.
Zane rolls his shoulders, the Arsenal flicking through shape after shape. "I will play as nice as they let me." He follows behind Garrett.
Gerald: "Fair enough."
Aleith|DM: Which way do you enter from?
[OOC] Garrett: area 5 to 6, we’re going straight into the middle
[OOC] Zane: gonna make me work for my supper
Aleith|DM: As you bang open the doors and stroll into the room, a company of legionnaires followed by one of their large golden steam golems come running towards you, most screaming in defiance with a few enslaved fey shouting only half-heartedly.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: There's 25 devils per company
Zane: "Right then…!"
Gerald: "Dib on the big thing." Gerald shouts as he produces his blast and begins sending a barrage of bullets into the Golem's core.
Aleith|DM: Having taken a few of these down as they flew up to the Legion's airship earlier, you know exactly where to shoot, and the collapses into a scrap heap.
Zane flows forward with a feral smile, side-stepping at the last second to engage the company on a corner. Twenty five of them means he has to use their own numbers against them, placing them in each others way, circling into unexpected openings and in general never being where he is supposed to be. He drops a few when the window presents itself but mostly he's sowing fear and confusion
Zane as he works to conscripts.
Garrett‘ darts forward, rolling around a few wide fey blows before flashing steel from his hands, striking towards the chains and collars, threading the needle to where a flick of the wrist twists the rings to break, sending them scattering across the room like Sonic the Hedgehog taking a hit. And there’s another flash, and another, and another- three thuds as he administers a few kicks
Garrett‘ and a knee to the head of a fey that got too close, and he flips away from the staggering crowd.
Phyllis probably [Mass Charm]s a bunch of them to at least hinder any real opposition from crowds..
Garrett: "Reserves, your time is now! Drop your cocks and grab your socks!"
Aleith|DM: Many of the fey are unused to fighting in this kind of formation, and with the Mass Charm interferes with their ability to coordinate. The devils in their midst are hindered by this, and go down more quickly than the ones you fought previously due to this. Removing the chains on a devil seems to stun them momentarily, and makes them easier to knock out.
Aleith|DM: As you finish wrapping up with that group, another two companies, each followed by a steam golem flying on ornithopter wings, comes rushing in, each from either side of the hallway.
Aleith|DM: A loud mechanical siren (not unlike Stocke’s) starts ringing out from the eastern hallway.
Gerald: "Wings, huh. Ernst, why doesn't Stocke have wings?"
Ernst frowns at Gerald. "Stocke already flies. Why does it need wings?"
Gerald‘ quickly swaps to his rifle and begins to pick the golems out of the sky.
Garrett` nods toward one of the flying steam golems, and the ceiling punches downward, sending them right into a mass of a company.
Gerald: "What? Since when??"
Phyllis compels one to fly as high as it can before stopping its rotors. Cue slide whistle noise.
Ernst: "Around two years ago…?"
Ernst: "I upgraded him to fly the same time I could."
Gerald: "Why doesn’t he ever fly around then?!"
Aleith|DM: The one company scatters almost like bowling pins as the golem crashes into their midst.
Ernst: "I need to be beside people to let me enhancements work on them. If I'm in the air I need something on the ground to do it."
[OOC] Ernst: *my
Aleith|DM: The other golems cracks the ceiling of the hallway before the wings break, causing it to crash back down and shattering the floors tiles.
Zane moves to the narrowest point of the eastern hallway, the arsenal flicking through varieties of dagger and short swords he draws a plain steel dagger from his harness. Anything that gets by him does so bloody and unhappy about it.
Gerald: "I guess that makes sense."
Garrett‘ rubs his nose as he then begins to casually wander about, listening (or, well, whatever you would call tremorsensing) for remaining shuffling entities.
Aleith|DM: As you’re in the middle of dealing with both groups, a fourth company and golem make their way into the brawl from the eastern hallway.
Aleith|DM: Garrett: Within your range, you notice a bunch of entities in rooms to the east and south (8 and 11), but they seem to mostly be huddling in fear. You can see into room 11, the Diplomatic Reception, and it's a bunch of cowering few, mostly servants.
Gerald: "Oh good I like when they come to us because that means they all have to group up near the doorway, and you know what that means." Gerald doesn't wait for a responce before switching back to his blaster and unleashing another hail of bullets.
Phyllis: "Take a number, we'll be with you in a few hours." She has a couple of sleep spells up her sleeve, still.
Gerald: "Ah - or that."
Gerald‘ turns it off before it interrupts Phyllis’ spell.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *cowering fey
Aleith|DM: Still, your blaster knocks a good amount of the other company's devils off their feet, or out of the fight entirely.
Zane was waiting for them. And as they close in on him, his wolves make their appearance again. The children of the Ash Wolf drag off the conscripts as they fall to Phyllis' spell, and the half-orc dispatches the devils with cold efficiency.
Aleith|DM: There doesn't seem to be any more devils coming, at least in the next minute or so.
Aleith|DM: All-told, the companies are about half-devil, and half-enslaved-fey.
Aleith|DM: The fey who you manage to break the chains off of manage to stay back, but can't bring themselves to attack the actual devils.
Garrett‘ leans into the Diplomatic Reception, calling out- "Most’ve the devils are clear, but I recommend you all stay put until we get ready for an easy extraction, yeah?"
Aleith|DM: Hmmm. Garrett, you're pretty sure that wooden statue in the room wasn't there before. It looks like a praying monk…?
Garrett: "…huh. New art?" he asks, half leaning into the room, jerking a thumb towards the statue.
Aleith|DM: The fey shake their heads as they nudge themselves away from it as much as they can.
Garrett‘ leans back into the main foyer, calling to the party. "Everyone, we got weird art here."
Zane: "Put a knife in it. Delft would approve."
Gerald` pulls out his match book and gestures towards the statue menacingly with it.
Zane is pulling the chains off of conscripts as quick as he can.
Garrett: "Good point." He kicks up a nonmagical dagger from the inside of his boot and hurls it into the statue.
Aleith|DM: One of the conscripts tries to stab a devil with his spear, but as soon as he does, he starts bleeding. [Takes healing surge damage while performing an action counter to the Golden Legion]
Aleith|DM: There’s a bright flash of light as the dagger flies towards it.
Phyllis tries to see what the deal is with the statue. With, y'know, more magical senses. [Arcana]
Aleith|DM: When the light clears, one of the Enslaved Supplicants is in its place, the large insectoid with jagged forelimbs wrapped in golden chains having knocked the dagger away and advancing on the party.
Aleith|DM: It not unlike a giant praying mantis.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *It is not
Gerald: "Weird little things these are." Bang bang.
Aleith|DM: And it goes down with large holes in its abdomen.
Garrett: "Why the hell would it…"
Aleith|DM: One of the fey comes up to you Garrett. The hag thanks you for taking care of the monster that was guarding them.
Garrett‘ nods in return. "Same message as before, we’re gonna make sure the area's clear. Anything else out of place you can think of?"
Aleith|DM: She touches your arm. "They're still looking for all of the Courts, but they've taken at least a couple of them being held by some more of the devils in the Chamber of the Unseen Court." (Room 17)
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 1 ( Total: 34 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: And you know that she's not what she seems, as she attempts to bite the nape of your neck.
Garrett‘ does that motion he was doing with the gold chains, but this time it’s the hag's arm
Unfortunately this means it sprays everywhere.
Aleith|DM: Her form changes into that of a succubus as her arm is torn off, and she screams in pain.
Garrett: "Close but no Marshal."
Garrett‘ looks around the rest of the room, gauging the huddled fey. Can’t be the last one. [Insight?]
Aleith|DM: It does in fact appear to have been that way.
Garrett: "…okay!"
Aleith|DM: A giant insect and a hidden succubus is probably more able to handle a group of scared fey than you might otherwise expect…
Zane: "It occurs to me we might want to take one alive. For interrogating purposes. I'm not volunteering though."
Garrett‘ tries really hard not to glance at Phyllis, but, well.
Garrett: "Eh, free game." He shrugs as he walks back into the main foyer and starts heading down the east hallway, to check on room 8, and also to expand his senses a bit. The succubus might have been telling the truth…? All will fall to the all seeing eye.
Aleith|DM: Room 8 also has more servants, and another wooden statue.
Garrett: "Tch." He immediately charges forward and savagely stabs the statue right in the head.
Aleith|DM: There isn’t a flash of light this time as the 'statue' collapses into a corpse of one of the giant praying mantises.
Garrett‘ backs up a bit from the corpse and waits a second, purposefully.
Zane speaks before anybody else moves. "Don’t touch the king."
Zane shifts the Arsenal into a long, curved saber.
Chandrasekhar moves about the room with a careful eye (though it's hard to tell between the mask and the invisibility) before rapping one of the cowering fey on the back of the head. They fall unconcious as their form changes back into that of a succubus. "Captured one."
Garrett‘ waits, and waits, and… "Okay! Stay put, we’ll be back."
Garrett: "East wing next," he says, casually sidestepping, tiptoeing, and shuffling over, around, and across the strewn about chaos, bodies, and corpses.
Aleith|DM: As you head into the eastern hallway, there's more of cowering fey in the Mask Gallery (room 15). There's another succubus and a soon-dead enslaved supplicant of Elofasp with this batch, too.
Zane follows behind Garrett. "I don't like the size of this assault. It's not a casual raid, and that bothers me."
Garrett: "Someone else is attemping to make their own universal golden stopper, yes."
Gerald: "Or they just wanted a nice base to set up shop in."
Ernst: "It's a nice base, I'll give you that."
Aleith|DM: The succubi does appear to have been telling the truth: the mechanical siren is coming from the Chamber of the Unseen Court, getting louder as you get next to it
Garrett: "'cept for all the noiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIISE!"
Zane: "Everybody trying to copy our steez."
Garrett‘ stalks off faster towards the Chamber of the Unseen Court, determined to stop the disturbance!!
Aleith|DM: Inside you find Furg the Toadstool Sage, Sallin the Dryad, and Olazdor, Archfey of the Winds. And 20 Golden Legion Elite Stars, a Horned Devil, and beast you haven’t seen before guarding them.
Aleith|DM: Chains of gold stitch together dozens of old scars across the burly body of this bizarre creature. It runs with lithe agility, but at the approach of danger it compresses its form so natural armor plates slide into place to protect it. Its forelimbs have massive scooping claws fit for tearing through stone, while slits on its back reveal what appear to be a set of folded wings which heave like auxiliary lungs.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Enslaved Elofasp Ravant
Zane: "Oooh, that one's gonna be fun!"
Garrett: "That…" He stops to put his hands on his hips.
Garrett: "-That- would turn some heads at the tech expo."
Garrett: "Holy hell."
Aleith|DM: It's still a creature, not a construct…
Zane steps in front of Garrett and sinks into a slight crouch, blades extended forward. "Yeah." A pause for reflection. "I'm gonna kill it."
Aleith|DM: The horned devil shouts, "kill the intruders!"
Garrett‘ speaks, as if answering an unseen statement. "I mean like how the plates all shift into place, and- eh? Oh. Please do, Zane."
Gerald: "Well, if you say so."
Zane: "We are, yes."
Aleith|DM: The ravant compresses for a second before it leaps at at Zane, claws flashing.
Gerald` loads a rocket, before firing into one of the hordes of devils, then shifts his focus onto the massive target with his blaster.
Zane springs forward to meet it, blades whirling.
Aleith|DM: That’s gonna leave a mark on the room's floor….
Zane duels it back and forth, blade against claw, turning it away and giving Gerald a shot at its back.
Aleith|DM: It takes considerable effort with both blades to parry the massive claws, and even when you do, its armoured beak snaps at you, forcing you to turn your head to the side to avoid it.
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar works to keep several of the Elite Stars at bay.
Aleith|DM: Some stagger as he raps a thunderous beat on his shield, but the Ravant just keeps coming. [Implaceable - Dazed and even Stunned effects do not prevent it from taking its full complement of actions.]
[OOC] Zane: damn that's wild
Aleith|DM: Even when you do score blows, the beast does not bleed. [Immune to untyped ongoing damage]
Garrett‘ stops lollygagging at the back and draws his daggers, circling about to the beast’s flank.
Zane stays on the defensive, his eyes focused on nothing as he moves and parries. "It's… tougher than I thought."
Aleith|DM: Even as you whittle away at the Elite Stars, and take down the Horned Devil, the Ravant is still fighting-even though you're pretty sure you should have killed it by now. But it's hard to tell as it seems to compensate nearly-immediately from any wounds inflicted on it.
Aleith|DM: Eventually, it staggers and falls…
Aleith|DM: …but picks itself back up, slowly, still ready to attack. [At 0 HP it is…dazed, but not dead.]
Phyllis tries to avoid eye contact with Furg.
Gerald: "Should get one of these things to watch Garret's new house. Shit, man."
Phyllis assaults it with some illusions.
Garrett: "It-" stab "-is-" stabstab "-really-" stabstabstab "-persistant!"
Zane keeps pressing the assault. "I am impressed…"
Aleith|DM: It's easier to fend off, but it takes a while before one of you manages to land a lucky blow and slay it. [At 0 HP, it doesn't die automatically, but does when hit by a critical hit below 0 HP]
Gerald: "Just keeps going…"
Gerald‘ shakes his head while scooping up all the spent ammo clips.
Gerald: "Anyway."
Furg: "Thank you for saving us, heroes of the Dreaming, Your Majesty, but our King has already been captured and taken away."
Garrett: "The King is in another castle?!"
Zane shakes his head. "Taken where?"
Olazdor shrugs. "The demons carried him away on one of their smaller ships, off into the sky, as far as we can tell."
Ernst frowns slightly.
Zane: "Lovely."
Garrett: "Definitely not a casual raid, but actually disappearing people?"
Sallin: "They’ve been taking anything and everything made of gold besides, but yes, they've been enslaving all the warriors they captured…but Thisraldion is the only one they made off with entirely."
Garrett: "Good thing we've got a captive, at least. And maybe some documents from the giant flying ship we commandeered…?"
Garrett: "Assuming they weren't vaporized."
Zane: "Hn."
Gerald: "I guess if they could get ahold of whatever passive perception warping.. thing… your King has that would make invasions easier."
Furg: "We'd best be moving quickly, because the Dreaming is about to be destroyed."
Garrett: "Tbffffffffffffff- yes that is also happening."
Garrett: "Time for extraction!"
Aleith|DM: Rock Rackus follows in from behind with some of your men. "You guys wrapped this up quite nicely as usual-"
Aleith|DM: There's a roar and a flash of light from outside the palace.
Rock: "Uh, Constables? Is that an asteroid I do spy?" he asks, with awkward solemnity.
Aleith|DM: It disappears from view, but a moment later light flashes through the darkened forest from where it landed. The ground leaps, and only then comes the ear-shattering explosion of the impact.
Ernst: "Huh."
"Son of a bitch!" Rackus abandons all attempts at civility. "There's more of 'em! Follow me!"
Aleith|DM: He runs outside, heading for the Coaltongue.
Gerald‘ sighs, shouldering his rifle as he jogs after Rock.
Aleith|DM: The Gyre fills the sky in all directions, but massive dark shapes herald potential meteors.
Phyllis: "There’s a shortcut underneath a trapdoor of this room, yes?" [Inexplicable Narration
Garrett‘ doesn’t lose footing, and swiftly follows afterwards, before remembering that he has flying boots and so he -glides- after!
Gerald: "Good thing the blast doesn't need physical ammo, there sure are a lot of things that need to get shot today."
Aleith|DM: I'm not sure an underground escape is the best idea right now, Phyllis.
Aleith|DM: The ground keeps shaking, and cracks begin to form – truly gaping rifts that reveal that the ground is a massive hollow shell of crystal.
Phyllis: Fair enough. Well, she has [Time Stop] and [Arcane Gate] to assist in getting across any holes that form in the ground.
Aleith|DM: A few asteroids fall within the span of each minute.
Aleith|DM: Soil and trees tumble into the chasms, where they incandesce from the white-hot fire of the asteroids that have shattered the surface and ignited the interior.
Aleith|DM: The crew waves several torches from the deck of the Coaltongue in your direction.
Gerald: "Huh…"
Aleith|DM: Moving in parallel with your group is a small band of devils, trying to reach the ship before you do.
Aleith|DM: They run at full speed, occasionally teleporting to avoid obstacles.
Gerald: "Suckers."
Gerald‘ starts picking them off with his rifle as they run.
[OOC] Phyllis: Chain Lightning] can probably get them if they’re still within range of each other.
Aleith|DM: The devils are quickly put down between the combination of lightning and force blasts.
Aleith|DM: When you get about two hundred feet away from your ship, the ground in front of you shatters, creating a 30-foot chasm, hundreds of feet long.
Aleith|DM: The rift widens another 5 feet every round as the two pieces of the world literally fall away from each other.
Aleith|DM: Fire roars in the chasm, and it is joined by psychic screams of souls trapped in Bleak Gate witchoil as the explosion consumes them.
Phyllis: And this is what [Arcane Gate] is for!
Phyllis does that.
Zane doesn't slow down, vaulting the chasm and landing on the other side. He spins to throw back a rope, but Ursinho has that handled.
Aleith|DM: The fey running behind you all head for the Arcane Gate as well.
Gerald: "Ahahahahaha."
Gerald: "Ahahaha. It's - ahaha - it's just like in the vision! I remember this part."
Phyllis: Max range of it is 40 squares (200 ft) apart, so they have a few rounds of leeway, most likely.
Gerald‘ shakes his head as he flies up to the airship.
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar, in his plate armour, is the last one to head to the gate, but before he reaches it, another meteor strikes the palace itself. The blast annihilates the building and most stragglers, and the explosive concussion hurls the eladrin through the Arcane Gate, tumbling through on the other side.
Garrett` hangs onto a railing as the shockwave rumbles through!
Zane picks the Eladrin up, Chandras arm over his shoulder as he helps the fey lord on.
Aleith|DM: Both of you manage to stagger aboard the Coaltongue as the as last of the group, while the whole planet begins to be riven by cracks in the ground.
Aleith|DM: In under a minute chunks, forty feet across or smaller, start flying away as the world is torn apart under your ship as you begin taking off.
Aleith|DM: Then the Gyre overhead is blotted out, eclipsed by thousands of massive, pitted stones, some of them hundreds of feet across, all of them etched with veins of gold.
Zane: "…"
Aleith|DM: A cry of terror goes up from across the whole plane of Av as it strikes those asteroids and is utterly destroyed.
Gerald: "So…"
Garrett: "…"
Gerald: "Considering gold used to block teleportation,"
Aleith|DM: An entire world worth of magical energy blasts outward, and each of you is rendered unconscious by the collision. For a time, they dream.
Gerald: "And the underside of the earth looks like it was a golden cage…"
Gerald: "What do you think we had sealed under the Dreaming…?"
Garrett` really has no response to that. Because he’s unconsious.
Gerald‘ tumbles over as he finishes his thought.
Aleith|DM: You awake, scattered across the ground in a forest. Embers of blazing thistles drift by on a wind, briefly providing enough light to make out the devastated debris of your ship, nearly crippled but otherwise lying without even a hushed whisper in this night-time wood. Your injuries won’t kill you, and the damage wrought by heavenly hailstones on your vessel can be repaired, but as your gaze drifts upward through a crooked slit in the canopy, you see a starry abyss looking back, its nebulous teeth poised to crush your world, as they have crushed Av.
Aleith|DM: You're back in Risur. Your mission has failed. Your path to the Gyre has been cut off, and what little hope you had left has, like a candle reaching the end of its wick, guttered and turned to smoke.
Aleith|DM: Then you awake, gasping in pain, disoriented by the roar of explosions and the thunder of shattering stones. You shake the dream away and take stock of your quite-real peril.
Zane looks at the sky and takes a deep breath. "Tick tock, tick t-" And then jerks awake with a hiss.
Gerald‘ furrows his eyebrows.
Garrett: "Urrrrrrrrrgh…" he twists about on the… ground(?) and after a few exploratory coughs, he goes "-sound off…?"
Gerald: "Not dead yet."
Zane: "Agent Bieito, present and accounted for."
Aleith|DM: You’re scattered across various asteroids, orbiting each other haphazardly, strung together by strands of golden webbing.
Aleith|DM: The webbing glows with phosphoresence.
Gerald` rolls onto his back, then sits up and looks around.
Phyllis holds a finger up, her face still buried in the floor, and mumbles something that resembles acknowledgment. "Chumble … fuzz."
Ernst quietly gets up before patching himself up and assessing his surroundings.
Zane forces himself to his feet with a groan. "I do not… like this mission anymore."
Aleith|DM: Separated from you by an expanse of over a hundreed feet, the Coaltongue and some of the fey that you managed to get aboard your ship before the destruction of Av has crashed onto a larger asteroid.
Aleith|DM: Fields of jagged, glassy debris from the dead plane of dreams make the air nearby hazardous, as do the devils of the Golden Legion who have also been marooned here.
Aleith|DM: You level up to 29.

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