Zg Session 109

Aleith|DM: Evening, Winter 88
Aleith|DM: Heading over to a bridge from the northern district to the eastern one, the guards are especially interested in you. "Hey, your foreigners, right?" It's not really hard to guess when half of you are human…
Zane: "Of course not."
Zane is obviously not foreign.
Police: "Really? Because Lord Cadagyr wants to speak with people like your friends."
Gerald: "What about?"
Police: "Policy set by the Governor."
Zane: "Are we talking about the Lord Cadagyr at the Red Peacock? Because that's where we are headed…"
Garrett: "We're not really good at setting governing policies, though…"
Police: "You'd only find the governor's son there. Come with us to the Estate."
Garrett‘ glances at Zane and very casually rests his hands near where his hidden daggers are.
Aleith|DM: They don’t notice that, Garrett, but nonetheless some of the police are starting to look nervous, while others are starting to get annoyed.
Zane: "Well that's good, because the governors son is who we are looking for! Thanks for the help, gentlemen."
Police: "You're coming with us, first."
Zane: "Can we come with you second? I'd like to talk to the son, so I know what hot topics to avoid with the father, yeah?"
Zane: "You can even tag along. Make sure we stay out of trouble. Unless you have some other pressing duties, which we completely understand. Don't let us keep you."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Bluff or Diplomacy check?
Zane rolled d20+21 and got 7 ( Total: 28 ) for Bluff!
Police: "Hmmm, fine, if you're going to come back here anyway, we can give you an escort on the way back."
Aleith|DM: They wave you through with a stamped note for the guards on the other side.
Zane: "Fantastic! Thanks, officers."
Garrett‘ smiles and nods and follows after Zane.
Zane heads on through, leading the others to the Red Peacock. "Look, most of these guys aren’t in on the con. Just regular guys doing their jobs. So I didnt really feel like painting the wall with them, y'know?"
Aleith|DM: Some minutes later, you arrive at the Red Peacock Café. There's several people there, but it's fairly quiet. Well, mostly quiet. Up on the stage, a couple of bards - a minotaur and a goliath - seem to be arguing. At the bar sits a twenty-something orc, about Zane's age, wearing impeccable fasion with a well-manicured beard.
Phyllis: "I - yes? That's my default mode of thinking."
Garrett: "Yeah, of course."
Zane grins. "I know. Caught you off-guard for a minute didnt I?"
Phyllis: "I'm going to see what the bards are arguing over. You guys can handle the son, right? Right."
Zane: "Right."
Garrett‘ nods. "May as well secure a perimeter of sorts."
Zane slips onto a stool at the bar near the young lord. "Place seems kinda… quiet."
Phyllis walks over to the stage, hands ready to weave a [Suggestion] if need be.
Gerald` gives Garrett a look as if he’s unsure of if that was a joke or not.
Garrett‘ nods at Gerald. "Really."
Garrett: "You don’t have to draw your gun or anything, just keep eyes and ears open."
Gerald: "Shouldn't that be a thing we just kind of do all the time at this point…?"
Garrett: "Yeah but we're also trying to be sort of inconspicious."
Aleith|DM: The bards - Ganillo Ducera (the minotaur) and Tekla Sixeves - can't seem to coordinate and are blaming each other for their previous performance, which didn't mesh together very well.
Garrett: "We stand out enough being human, here."
Garrett: "Well, three of us. And the floating mask and armor."
Gerald: "Sounds we should go grab a drink then." Gerald tips his hat and moves towards the bar.
Dieter: "Things haven't been well in town. Did you just arrive?"
Dieter takes a large sip from his drink.
Zane: "Of course not. Because if we had, we would instead be immediately hustled off to go see your father. For some strange reason."
Phyllis waves from below. "Oy oy, while you're between sets, may I get a word in? Perhaps you two can use your differing styles to your advantage? Instead of trying to play in concert, maybe you can try a bit of a musical duel?"
Dieter frowns at the mention of his father. "Of course. Some of them don't come back."
Phyllis: "Play small segments, trying to one-up each other."
Tekla: "Well, that's a lovely thought and all, but…hmmm."
Ganilla looks at the goliath and shrugs. "It's not quite the same. I sing, he plays the guitar."
Tekla: "And we don't know each other's music. All our sheet music's locked up in Triunfo Vida while the renovations are going on."
Zane: "Mm, an unpleasant thought to be sure." He rubs his chin. "So… any idea why he suddenly got all strange and murder-on-foreigners-y?"
Phyllis: "Ah, lyrics are harder to improvise than notes."
Phyllis nods and frowns. "Shame, that."
Dieter: "Well, it hasn't been blatant, the mudering part, at least. No public executions or anything. But he's been getting worse and worse since those lights in the sky showed a week after the Great Starfall."
Dieter: "The police did break up a rally I put on a few days ago rather roughly."
Zane: "Aha. Yeah… How much do you actually know about those lights, anyway?"
Dieter shakes his head. "Not much, I'm afraid. I came out to see them when people started making noise about it, but shortly afterwards they just disappeared out of the sky."
Zane: "Mm. And the lock-down on industry, that started about the same time?"
Aleith|DM: The man didn't just suddenly open up to you, for the record-he did see Salome and they nodded to each other discreetly.
[OOC] Zane: And here I thought it was my rugged good looks and animal magnetism
Dieter: "It's not so much a lock-down as the materials aren't coming in. There's still a few merchant ships arriving, but word seems to be getting out, at least about the fact that nobody's leaving."
Phyllis: "From what I can tell, this place is the new makeshift hub of the arts now that the Triunfo Vida's inaccessible. You two might be out of luck, but perhaps a composer or another musician may be around that has some spare sheet music."
Zane: "Mm. Well… there's no way to really explain it that doesn't sound insane, so we'll settle for 'the lights are a symptom of what is afflicting your father'. Which glosses over many salient points, but is still fairly accurate."
Dieter: "That's about what I would have guessed. Do you know anything about them?"
Aleith|DM: Diplomacy, Phyllis?
Zane: "Yeah… How much have you had to drink? There's probably a fine line between drunk and sober that makes this sound a little more believable."
Phyllis rolled d20+39 and got 11 ( Total: 50.0 ) for [Suggestion]
Phyllis jerks a thumb behind her. "My eladrin friend back there may have a copy of the Chant of Vekesh, or I can poke around here some so you don't have to leave the stage."
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar walks over at Phylis' prompting, explaining that he's been in Ber for a time before, and knows some excellent songs they could perform together…
Aleith|DM rolled d20+20 and got 13 ( Total: 33 ) for Charisma Check (since there's no Perform skill)
Aleith|DM: After a few minutes of discussion, Chandra starts leading them in a rousing song and the mood starts picking up.
Dieter: "Somewhere around that line, I'd imagine. I'm trying to keep it a bit down for…later tonight. Meetings, you know."
Aleith|DM: The last bit is said more quietly, furtively.
Zane: "Oh good. The bottom line is your city is being invaded by creatures from another plane. Mind-manipulators. Lots of eyes, tentacles, the whole cosmic horror bag. I'm pretty sure they have turned your father into their puppet."
Dieter's eyes go wide. "That's…worse than I had imagined."
Zane nods. "There's some good news though."
Phyllis gives a slight curtsy and returns to listen to Zane and Dieter.
Dieter: "That might explain the rumours I've heard about plans that my father might be re-instating the old blood sports at Jaula de Oso. Though Pili Roque hasn't been buying beasts…."
Zane: "Why use beasts when you can use people?"
Zane: "More emotional impact that way."
Dieter: "Quite." His mouth twists in distaste.
Dieter: "That might have something to do with the other strange happenings."
Zane: "Anyway these things are very… environmentally sensitive. Unfortunately I'm still working on a decent way to aerosolize something that will ruin their day without also giving this entire town the black lung. I'll get there though."
Dieter: "Like talk of graves being robbed, fountains going dry for a few moments and voices coming out before the water restarts, and the police being brutally violent in pursuit of some masked vigilante who's vivisecting criminals. I thought it might have been Salome at first, but she's more of a blunt instrument. No offense," said in her direction.
Phyllis: "Like Triunfo Vida being 'renovated,' yes? Or the police - yes."
Zane blinks. "Vivisecting… I don't suppose the vigilante is harvesting parts from said criminals?"
Dieter shakes his head. "I couldn't say."
Dieter: "So why are you here, anyway? Your from Risur, right? Your friends are a little out of place, and to be honest, if it wasn't for Salome backing you up, I'd assume you might have some part of this, just like with the Great Eclipse."
Zane: "We were trying to *stop* the Great Eclipse, in all fairness."
Garrett‘ chooses that moment to slide up to the bar on the other side of Zane.
Dieter: "That’s not the word from around town."
Zane: "Much like we are here to try and stop these cosmic horrors from eating your constituents."
Garrett: "Yeah, well, things get muddled in the fog of war."
Dieter: "I'm a bit more willing to believe that, at least. Provided the cosmic part is right."
Dieter: "Terrifying, but makes sense in a frightful kind of way."
Dieter: "So, what did you plan to do?"
Zane: "Imagine that. It's almost like an organization that has admitted being a world-spanning conspiracy has started spinning the rumor mills to paint its opposition in a bad light…"
Phyllis: "The guilty party may reside in Risur, but their actions certainly aren't aligned with the nation as a whole."
Zane sips his beer. "Fucking Obscurati pricks."
Garrett: "Smoke out all the extraplanar beasts, and kill 'em."
Phyllis shrugs. "He may actually be mistaken."
Dieter: "…ah. Yes, they are your enemies. I'll reserve judgement on that part, but if you can help me save the city, then I'd gladly take your word over theirs. The Obscurati haven't been much help here."
Phyllis: "And yes. After scanning the area for the influence of Gidim, we've noticed that they don't like smoke. They don't seem to hang around the open-air market. Particularly around the alchemists."
Ernst sips on his drink. This guy seemed agreeable enough.
Phyllis: "Strong concentrations are in the north, east, and south districts."
Zane: "I'm working on something I can salt the clouds with, but really, cranking the factories back up would work fairly decently."
Dieter: "Hmmm. They're not concentrated around the docks or the markets? Interesting."
Dieter: "We'd need a shipment or two of firegems for that."
Zane: "Mm. I'll work on it then. In the meantime, I expect we are probably about to go be taken captive by your father so we can learn further details about his master plan."
Dieter: "Hmmm. You're going to confront him, then?"
Phyllis: "Wonder how quickly we can arrange that. We pacified She Who Writhes, so the trade routes should be open again."
Zane: "Well I did tell the guards that's where we are going next, and I do hate to be a liar."
Garrett: "I was thinking about giving them the slip until we're ready to meet him on our terms, really."
Dieter: "I'm torn on whether I should go with you, or if I should stay here and continue organizing things for later, just in case."
Zane: "Almost certainly option B."
Dieter nods. "Alright. It's the safer option in the short run, and you definitely seem capable of handling yourselves."
Salome: "I'll stay here and help him."
Zane: "An excellent plan."
Phyllis: "Just to check - how much is a shipment?"
Zane: "We could just send the ship to get some. I mean, its not like we'll need it for a little while."
Gerald: "Judging from the size of 'em, they'd probably need [The Rough Number Of Gems], Phyllis."
Phyllis: "I'll shoot a [Sending] to our friends to get a delivery from … Bole or somewhere, then."
Phyllis does so at the next opportunity! To Gradiax, if he's on the ship (otherwise the highest-ranking gnoll?): "Firegems needed for factories at Ursalina. Will help cause immensely. Can you make a round trip delivery? Approach from docks."
Pemberton: "Will do. Try not to get into too much trouble while we're gone. Good to get industry going again. Will land on water for return."
Zane stands up off his stool. "Well, good luck organizing the Resistance. We've got a meeting to go keep. Hopefully we'll see you in a day or two."
Dieter: "Good luck to you. We'll see what we can organize among the populace when you want to make your move."
Aleith|DM: The guards are (mostly) pleasantly surprised when you show up again a couple hours later, and they're more than happy to follow orders and lead you to the governor's estate in the northern district.
Aleith|DM: They send someone ahead with word.
Zane gives a small shrug, hands spread. "I try to be a man of my word."
Garrett‘ takes a deep breath.
Garrett: "Alright," he says, exhaling. He hardens his stare, preparing for the worst.
Aleith|DM: Cadagyr’s estate has a wide, poorly-guarded wall painted with ornate images of epic heroes. Within, gardens lead up to a threestory manor with various satellite buildings. The garden is thick with flowers, slightly withered due to the lack of sunlight and the absence of gardeners. A meager detachment of four guards keep watch on the gate in the wall, with no patrols.
Gerald: "…Kind of loses the effect when the flower's half dead."
Zane . o O (Man, if I didnt know about all the monsters floating around in the air, I'd say this place looked amazingly undefended…)
Aleith|DM: Everyone but Chandrasekhar and Phyllis notice that the estate is thick with that mesh-like matrial you found at the Executores Lodge, that looks like a cross between spider silk and ivy.
Aleith|DM: You can hear wheezing groans in the air above the garden, and dark figures watch your approach from unlit windows of the manor house.
Aleith|DM: The front door, however, is open and illuminated, and a prim goblin butler meets you at the door.
Trugido: "Welcome, lady and gentlemen, to Cadagyr Estate. I am the head butler, Trugido."
Zane bows politely. "A pleasure, Trugido. I am Zane, and these are my friends. Gerald, Garrett, Phyllis, Chandrasekhar, and Ernst."
Ernst nods.
Garrett: "We heard the governor was entertaining foreign tourists."
Gerald‘ tips his hat.
Trugido: "Your appointment is both sudden and late, so he is just getting himself ready. It will be just a few moments. Please wait here in the foyer."
Zane: "Of course, of course. We appreciate his courtesy in seeing us as such a late hour."
Trugido: "Orders are orders, and he did recently put forth the order to meet newcomers to the city."
Zane: "And thus, here we are."
Garrett` nods and enters, giving the foyer a glancing over.
Aleith|DM: A few moments later, Lord Cadagyr, looking much like a twenty-years-older Dieter, comes down the stairs from the second floor. "Ah, you must be our guests. Let us move to the drawing room to discuss things."
Gerald: "Sounds good."
Zane: "Perfect."
Garrett: "Thank you."
Aleith|DM: Garrett: The whole manor house feels fairly negledcted and undity, but you get the sense there’s always someone just around the corner.
Phyllis shrugs. She's trying to keep an eye out for anything else off. Counterspells at the ready and all.
Cadagyr: "Welcome to Ursaliña. What have you come to our fair city for?"
Aleith|DM: It seems like the room was recently occupied-5 of your seats are still depressed from the previous occupants.
Garrett‘ immediately stares at Cadagyr and attempts to discern his name. [Crown of Risur]
Zane: "Sightseeing. Checking out the local wildlife. We heard that there was a lot of remodelling going on."
Garrett` . o O (Lord Cadagyr is having one heck of a sleepover.)
Cadagyr: "It seems like a good time to move forward some plans that had been sitting on the backburner."
Garrett: "There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of burning with the factories shut down, if you don't mind my saying so."
Cadagyr: "With the uncertainty of these times, public projects can help keep things going."
Cadagyr: "Trade from other lands is still slow to resume, even after She Who Writhes has been subdued, according to the news."
Cadagyr: "It's been hard getting supplies from merchants."
Garrett‘ . o O (There’s a number of groups of people in this estate all over, just out of view. Mostly on the other floors but in… what I think may be a kitchen?)
Garrett: "Mm. So if only more goods could come in, the industry could resume."
Garrett: "Out of curiosity, what plans are you instituting in the meantime?"
Cadagyr: "Mostly long-overdue renovations to Triunfo Vida, and some safety inspections at Jaula de Oso."
Garrett: "Ah yes, some bards did mention their acoutrements were stuck inside while renevations were happening."
Cadagyr: "Oh dear. I hadn't heard about that."
Cadagyr: "I'll have to see what can be done about that in the morning."
Phyllis: "You can't be importing beasts in, what with trading slowing down. Wonder what the Jaula de Oso is being inspected for."
Cadagyr: "As I said, just a general safety inspection. The last reports were a bit meager, so they're taking their time on a detailed report."
Phyllis gives the least-convinced "Ah, okay," ever.
Zane: "A shame. I was looking forward to showing my friends both of these places, only to find them closed. I do not suppose there is a way we could get access…?"
Cadagyr: "It might take a couple of days. I'll have to speak with the officials about them. I think the inspection at the Jaulo is going to take another week?"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *Jaula
Zane: "Well, we do have some time. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will open early enough that we can see it before we go."
Cadagyr: "Is a week too long?"
Cadagyr: "The renovations on the College will take longer, I'm afraid."
Garrett‘ . o O (Even more people showing up, out on the back lawn. They just dropped in..)
Phyllis: "It might be, we have other obligations to attend to. But it can’t be helped."
Zane: "Unfortunate indeed."
Phyllis: "Is there anything else you wish to ask us, or may we be on our way?"
Garrett‘ . o O (Heavies from the feeling of them.)
Gerald` .oO(These poor bastards have no idea what they’re in for…)
Garrett‘ . o O (…and the kitchen people just moved -through- a wall. Get ready.)
Aleith|DM: There’s sparks visible from the lawn out back, visible through the windows and the glass door…
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 41:Zane | 36:Gidim Oculus | 36:ShockTrooperDE | 34:Infiltrator B | 34:ShockTrooperFG | 33:Ernst | 33:Garrett | 33:ShockTrooperABC | 32:Phyllis | 31:Gerald | 27:Infiltrator D | 26:Infiltrator C | 22:Gidim Overseer | 20:Chandrasekhar | 17:Infiltrator A | 15:Flying Horror AB |
Garrett: !Roll 1d20
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20 and got 15 ( Total: 15 )
Ernst rolled 1d20 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
Gerald: "…Oh are we done pretending to be civilized now?"
Zane: "I *am* civilized."
Zane promptly throws a grenade through the window.
Gerald: "I thought the only civilized violence was fisticuffs…? That was an explosive."
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 46:Ernst | 41:Zane | 36:Gidim Oculus | 36:ShockTrooperDE | 35:Garrett | 34:Infiltrator B | 34:ShockTrooperFG | 33:ShockTrooperABC | 32:Phyllis | 31:Gerald | 27:Infiltrator D | 26:Infiltrator C | 22:Gidim Overseer | 20:Chandrasekhar | 17:Infiltrator A | 15:Flying Horror AB |
Aleith|DM: Ernst actually goes before you!
Ernst drops a [Punishing Eye] down outside. Fires a [Magic Weapon] at Shocktrooper A and then a [Prismatic Strike] at A.
Garrett: "So, Lord Cadagyr, are you aware that a number of extraplanar horrors are slowly eating your city?"
Ernst rolled 2#d20+33(1) and got 3 ( Total: 36.0 )
Also rolled 2#d20+33(2) and got 11 [Total: 44.0 (High), Avg: 11.00]
Total: 80.0, Avg: 7.00
Aleith|DM: Lord Cadagyr panics as the shotgun rings out, twice. 1 hit!
Ernst rolled 2d8+25 and got 6, 8 ( Total: 39.0 ) for +5 to hit, +6 dmg, brutal 1 to all. -1 AC to A
Ernst rolled 2#d20+31(1) and got 6 ( Total: 37.0 ) for Prismatic
Also rolled 2#d20+31(2) and got 4 [Total: 35.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Total: 72.0, Avg: 5.00
[OOC] Ernst: Heroicing that since why not. Double hit
Aleith|DM: The shock troopers on the lawn lumber like apes, with massive shaggy fur coats that teem with electrical energy.
Garrett: "…I’ll take that as a no?"
Ernst rolled 3d8+28 and got 5, 7, 1 ( Total: 41.0 ) for Fire, Force, Thunder
Also rolled 3d8+28 and got 2, 2, 1 [Total: 33.0 (Low), Avg: 1.67]
Also rolled 3d8+28 and got 3, 7, 4 [Total: 42.0 (High), Avg: 4.67]
Total: 116.0, Avg: 3.56
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Aleith|DM: Zane!
Zane rolled 6#1d20+24(1) and got 11 ( Total: 35.0 )
Also rolled 6#1d20+24(2) and got 17 [Total: 41.0 (High), Avg: 17.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+24(3) and got 1 [Total: 25.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+24(4) and got 7 [Total: 31.0 (Low), Avg: 7.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+24(5) and got 13 [Total: 37.0 (High), Avg: 13.00]
Also rolled 6#1d20+24(6) and got 9 [Total: 33.0 (Low), Avg: 9.00]
Total: 202.0, Avg: 9.67
Aleith|DM: Make another roll
Zane rolled d20+24 and got 17 ( Total: 41 )
Aleith|DM: 6 hits! Misses Trooper D!
[OOC] Zane: also like… +11 to all of those rolls because Im an idiot :D
Zane rolled 6d6r2+33: (1, 3), 4, 6, 6, 5, (2, 2, 3) [Total: 60.0 (High), Avg and got 4.50
Also rolled 3d8r2 and got 4, 4, 3 [Total: 11 (Low), Avg: 3.67]
Total: 71.0, Avg: 4.22
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 71! Bloodied! * 6!] [35!
Aleith|DM: The hallway to the south of the drawing room fills with ice.
Garrett: "Is that a renevation you did?"
Aleith|DM: Lord Cadagyr collapses backward, gibbering.
Aleith|DM: Shock Troopers D and E lumber into the room, swinging their arms twice at both Chandrasekhar and Gerald! [Abduct]
Aleith|DM rolled 2#d20+29(1) and got 11 ( Total: 40.0 )
Also rolled 2#d20+29(2) and got 10 [Total: 39.0 (Low), Avg: 10.00]
Also rolled 2#d20+29(1) and got 1 [Total: 30.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Gerald: "It's like he's never had a squad of extra-realm terrors try and kill him out of no where before -"
Also rolled 2#d20+29(2) and got 15 [Total: 44.0 (High), Avg: 15.00]
Total: 153.0, Avg: 9.25
Gerald‘ [Disruptive Shot]s E as it goes to grab him.
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+36(1) and got 15 ( Total: 51 )
Also rolled 2#d20+36(2) and got 2 [Total: 38]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 89
Zane: "Not everybody is as worldly as we few, Gerald."
Aleith|DM: 2 hits!
Gerald` rolled 4d8+35 and got 1, 3, 4, 2 ( Total: 45 ) for 8 to D, too.
Gerald: "Aha."
Gerald: "I just kind of assumed, what with them flying all over the place…"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Aleith|DM: 10 damage plus 5 lightning damage, twice, to Chandra, and he’s dragged off to the north by the shock trooper!
Aleith|DM: The shock trooper's Crackling Cascade seems to be intensifying…
Aleith|DM: Garrett!
Garrett: "Hmmph. Hands off." He focuses on the ground outside, and the earth below springs up to batter the Gidim Shock Troopers! [The City Comes Alive] [hits all of them, burst 2]
Garrett‘ rolled 5#1d20+33(1) and got 4 ( Total: 37 ) for vs Reflex, shock trooper B, C, D, F, G
Also rolled 5#1d20+33(2) and got 12 [Total: 45]
Also rolled 5#1d20+33(3) and got 1 [Total: 34]
Also rolled 5#1d20+33(4) and got 3 [Total: 36]
Also rolled 5#1d20+33(5) and got 20 [Total: 53]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 205
Garrett` rocks his head about. [Sly Fortune’s Favor the 1]
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20 and got 9 ( Total: 9 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: you have +5 to hit, remember
[OOC] Ernst: (Is that with +5 from MW for the 36/37?
[OOC] Garrett: oh wait
[OOC] Ernst: Also +14 dmg brutal 1 for damage
[OOC] Garrett: ok so yeah that should have been higher by 5
[OOC] Garrett: so it hits naturally
[OOC] Aleith|DM: okay so everything hits
Aleith|DM: And one crit
Aleith|DM rolled d20+0 and got 17 ( Total: 17 )
Garrett` rolled 2d6r1+38: (1, 5), 5 [Total: 48.0 (High), Avg and got 5.00
Also rolled 5d8 and got 6, 7, 6, 4, 5 [Total: 28 (High), Avg: 5.60]
Total: 76.0, Avg: 5.43
Garrett` rolled 5d6r1+50: 4, (1, 5), 6, 6, 3 [Total: 74.0 (High), Avg and got 4.80
Garrett` then moves forward to scope out the kitchen… [Move]
Aleith|DM: …that kills all but D, and the Sneak Attack kills that trooper too!
Aleith|DM: A pair of pale, mammoth-sized fleshy dragonflies appear, only for one of them to crash to the ground. [KO!]
Aleith|DM: The remaining one has a sharp beak at the time of a nimble elephantine trunk on its head, and a tail that seems to consist of independent floating segments ending in a sharpened hammerhead stinger.
Aleith|DM: One of the figures from the kitchen moves past you, Garrett- [OA]
Garrett` rolled 1d20+37 and got 4 ( Total: 41 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: Hits!
Garrett` rolled 2d4r1+34 and got 3, 3 ( Total: 40.0 )
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 20!
Garrett: "Ah-!"
Garrett: "Yeah, more invisible ones. Move that eye on over when you get a chance."
Aleith|DM: It then strikes at Phyllis’ mind, reappearing in sight as it does! [Ego Whip]
Garrett: "Lord Cadagyr, please take cover."
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 1 ( Total: 34 ) for vs Will, +4 bonus for being near Cerebral Mesh….
Aleith|DM: But Phyllis shrugs off the mental assault!
Ernst: "I'll get right on that."
Phyllis: "You are like little baby. Watch this."
Aleith|DM: Looking similar to Sijhen, it lashes out at Phyllis with a much-more-physical whip! [Living Steel Spiked Chain]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+31 and got 11 ( Total: 42 )
Phyllis would Shield but that would be 1 too low…
Aleith|DM rolled 4d4+21 and got 3, 4, 2, 4 ( Total: 34.0 )
Aleith|DM: Hitting for 34 damage!
Ernst fires off an energy conversion for good measure there. [-9 damage, +14 THP]
Aleith|DM: Phyllis!
Chandra [Demands Respect!]
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+33 and got 7 ( Total: 40 ) for vs Will against gidim infiltrator b
Garrett` rolled 2d10r1+18 and got 4, 5 ( Total: 27.0 ) for prone, blinded UEONT
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 27!
Phyllis compels the Infiltrator back to the room. [Tome of Readiness: Expend Chain Lightning to use [Charm of the Defender]]
Phyllis rolled d20+28 and got 18 ( Total: 46.0 ) for vs will, CA from blind but also prone against a ranged attack so it cancels out
[OOC] Phyllis: Also AP incoming
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Phyllis slides it 3. [Immobilized UEoPNT. If an enemy starts its turn adjacent to the target, target makes MBA against said enemy as a free action with +2 to-hit and damage.]
[OOC] Ernst: +6 dmg brutal 1 and +5 to hit if you forgot it for your next action
Phyllis follows up with [Slumber of the Winter Court] at the entire west room!
[OOC] Phyllis: what’s damage
[OOC] Ernst: If my eye was there it'd do 8 :'D
[OOC] Garrett: lol
Phyllis rolled 5#d20+33(1) and got 7 ( Total: 40.0 ) for though i'll take the +5 tohit
Also rolled 5#d20+33(2) and got 1 [Total: 34.0 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+33(3) and got 4 [Total: 37.0 (Low), Avg: 4.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+33(4) and got 19 [Total: 52.0 (High), Avg: 19.00]
Also rolled 5#d20+33(5) and got 6 [Total: 39.0 (Low), Avg: 6.00]
Total: 202.0, Avg: 7.40
Phyllis rolled d20 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for oh right sage of Ages
Aleith|DM: Hit, miss, miss, hit, miss!
[OOC] Phyllis: what if I replace that 1 with that 11
Aleith|DM: Hit!
[OOC] Phyllis: also did it hit B
[OOC] Phyllis: er the infiltrator
Aleith|DM: that was the 1
Phyllis: Slowed (SE) to all! To the ones it hit: First failed save = unconscious for 1d4 hours. To the ones it missed: unconscious (SE). [Orb of Mental Dominion] [Orb of Imposition] [Amulet of Elegy] Infiltrator B has -11 to first save, -2 to subsequent, and rolls twice and takes the lower for all of them. The others just have -2 to all of them.
Aleith|DM: Gerald!
Gerald‘ moves a bit so his can [Quarry] the Flying Horror, then [Twin Shot]s it.
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+36(1) and got 10 ( Total: 46 )
Also rolled 2#d20+36(2) and got 7 [Total: 43]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 89
Gerald` rolled 2#d20+36(1) and got 3 ( Total: 39 )
Also rolled 2#d20+36(2) and got 4 [Total: 40]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 79
Aleith|DM: Hits!
Gerald` rolled 4d8+20 and got 1, 7, 3, 1 ( Total: 32 ) for full damage
Also rolled 4d8+20 and got 6, 4, 8, 5 [Total: 43]
Also rolled 3d8 and got 7, 1, 7 [Total: 15]
Also rolled 2d10+16 and got 2, 10 [Total: 28]
[OOC] Sugarlips: Grand Total: 118
[OOC] Aleith|DM: KO!
Aleith|DM: Infiltrator D appears as he sends an Ego Whip at Garrett!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 8 ( Total: 41 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: 10 psychic damage, and Garrett is dazed UEoNT! If Garrett attacks while dazed, he becomes stunned UEoNT!
Aleith|DM: The threat of pain appears in the most primitive parts of your mind.
Aleith|DM: It waves one hand, and Garrett suddenly feels the world twist and throw you across the room! [Telekinesis]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 7 ( Total: 40 ) for CA, vs AC
Aleith|DM: But Garrett manages to resist.
Ernst snaps his fingers swapping Garrett and B’s positions. [Surprising Transposition - vs Fort for the Dazed attack]
Ernst rolled d20+29 and got 17 ( Total: 46.0 )
[OOC] Ernst: All that attack hits B instead
Aleith|DM: The telekinsesis definitely misses then
Aleith|DM rolled d20-2 and got 19 ( Total: 17 )
Aleith|DM: And it shrugs off the sleep.
Aleith|DM: Infiltrator C takes a step back and throws another Ego Whip at Garrett!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 8 ( Total: 41 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: 10 psychic damage, and Garrett is dazed UEoNT! If Garrett attacks while dazed, he becomes stunned UEoNT!
Aleith|DM: And then hits him Telekinesis as well!
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 8 ( Total: 41 ) for Vs AC, CA
[Shielding Girdle - +4 AC]
[OOC] Aleith|DM: is that a free action or immediate?
[OOC] Garrett: II
[OOC] Garrett: can I not II dazed
[OOC] Aleith|DM: nope
[OOC] Garrett: o
Aleith|DM rolled 3d4+16 and got 4, 2, 2 ( Total: 24.0 )
Aleith|DM: 24 force damage, and Garrett is thrown against hte wall! [Prone and held immoblized UEoNT]
Aleith|DM rolled 4d8 and got 6, 7, 4, 7 ( Total: 24 )
Aleith|DM: Whoops, 24 more force damage from [Sneak Attack]
[OOC] Garrett: But that's my gimmick D:
Aleith|DM: :3
Aleith|DM rolled 6#d20+35(1) and got 5 ( Total: 40.0 ) for vs Will, CA, +4 from cerebral mesh
Also rolled 6#d20+35(2) and got 2 [Total: 37.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+35(3) and got 8 [Total: 43.0 (Low), Avg: 8.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+35(4) and got 3 [Total: 38.0 (Low), Avg: 3.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+35(5) and got 15 [Total: 50.0 (High), Avg: 15.00]
Also rolled 6#d20+35(6) and got 2 [Total: 37.0 (Low), Avg: 2.00]
Total: 245.0, Avg: 5.83
Aleith|DM rolled 3d6+25 and got 4, 2, 1 ( Total: 32.0 )
Aleith|DM: You've felt these things in your mind before, but now it's done something different. You can hear all the thoughts of your allies screaming at you. Garrett and Phyllis take 32 psychic damage, and until the end of the encounter they grant combat advantage and take a penalty to attack rolls equal to how many of the target's allies the overseer can see, to a maximum of -5. [Telepathic Feedback]
Phyllis: That's perfectly fine.
Aleith|DM: It then Ego Scourges Ernst.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+33 and got 1 ( Total: 34 ) for vs Will
Ernst isn't having that shit.
Aleith|DM: Ernst is now immune to Ego Whip/Scourge this encounter.
[OOC] Phyllis: remember to roll saves
Aleith|DM rolled d20+0 and got 20 ( Total: 20 )
Aleith|DM rolled d20-2 and got 6 ( Total: 4 )
Aleith|DM: Infiltrator C is still slowed
Aleith|DM: Chandrasekhar!
[OOC] Phyllis: You mean unconscious.
[OOC] Phyllis: Hit or miss merely changes the duration.
Aleith|DM: ….oh right.
[OOC] Phyllis: Hit: 1d4 hours or damage, miss: SE.
Chandra leaps back through the window and brains Gidim Infiltrator B! [Discipline the Unruly]
[OOC] Phyllis: Note: if it's the miss SE kind, damage does NOT break the sleep. Coup de Grace with abandon.
Garrett‘ rolled 1d20+38 and got 9 ( Total: 47 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Garrett` rolled 3d8r1+18 and got 6, 7, 2 ( Total: 33.0 ) for UEoNT any enemy within 5 squares of you that hits or misses any ally takes 4d6 radiant damage and is blinded until the end of your next turn
Chandra hisses [AP] and continues the assault! [Castigating Strike]
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 33!
Garrett` rolled 1d20+38 and got 19 ( Total: 57 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Garrett` rolled 3d8r1+18: (1, 6), 7, (1, 2) [Total: 33.0 (High), Avg and got 5.00
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 33!
Aleith|DM: One of the infiltrators floats through a couple walls before leaning into Ernst’s mind. [Infiltrate Thoughts]
Aleith|DM rolled d20+35 and got 3 ( Total: 38 ) for vs Will
Aleith|DM: Ernst is dominated UEoNT
Aleith|DM: The gidim is still invisible.
Aleith|DM: Ernst, throw your shotgun into the hall to the west.
Aleith|DM: Battle Order: | 46:Ernst | 41:Zane | 36:Gidim Oculus | 36:ShockTrooperDE | 35:Garrett | 34:Infiltrator B | 34:ShockTrooperFG | 33:ShockTrooperBC | 32:Phyllis | 31:Gerald | 27:Infiltrator D | 26:Infiltrator C | 22:Gidim Overseer | 20:Chandrasekhar | 17:Infiltrator A | 15:Flying Horror AB |
[OOC] Phyllis: but does it fall night-night
Aleith|DM: Round 2!
Aleith|DM rolled d20-2 and got 16 ( Total: 14 )
Aleith|DM: It does not.
Aleith|DM: It does, however, take damage from sanction/Discipline
Aleith|DM rolled 4d6+22 and got 1, 6, 6, 2 ( Total: 37.0 )
Gerald: "…Ernst you don't have the flying shotgun anymore why the hell did you just chuck it?"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 37!
Aleith|DM: Zane!
[OOC] Garrett: also blinded UEoNT
[OOC] Garrett: also the attack is weakened but
[OOC] Garrett: it didn't deal damage
[OOC] Aleith|DM: yeah…
Ernst: "Invisible asshole outside the window outside is currently dominating me. It's shimmering just above the eyes radius."
Gerald‘ sighs loudly.
Zane flicks the Arsenal into the shape of a rapier and coats the blade with Dark Reaver Powder before lunging at Infiltrator B
[OOC] Phyllis: b’s likely going to fall asleep for a few hours, we should probably focus on the others?
[OOC] Zane: its in my way
Aleith|DM: A is like, right there….
[OOC] Zane: Oh I didnt see that
Zane rolled 1d20+31 and got 13 ( Total: 44.0 ) for too close to charge, sadly.
[OOC] Garrett: zane did tho
Aleith|DM: Hit!
Aleith|DM: Stupid blind-fight
Zane rolled 5d8+19 and got 3, 8, 1, 4, 1 ( Total: 36.0 ) for halved from insubstantial, then 19 more Poison damage, and it is Dazed until the end of my next turn.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: 55!
[OOC] Aleith|DM: To Be Continued] [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-eNmyulni4 ]

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