Zg Session 100

Aleith|DM: Winter 64
Aleith|DM: You've arrived in Favela, a small mining town in the Anthras Mountains. The town doesn't have much in the way of leadership now, since many officials and miners evacuated after all of the town's chlidren went missing, most tools and machines have broken down, and shiny objects of all sorts have started disappearing in droves.
Aleith|DM: The next most-respected figure was Katlin Eisner, but you had her arrested earlier on suspicions of treason (with due reason, after she copped to being an agent of the Voice of Rot and was planning to get Granny Allswell to break the nearby dam).
Aleith|DM: The people that remain have all had children stolen from them and are hoping to get them back. The miners report that the earthquakes after the Great Eclipse started from Redcap Mountain, an iron-rich peak nearby.
Zane rubs his hand over his face. "Hoping against hope, I realize it is indeed sheer foolishness but… Gerald, do you by any chance carry a weapon on you that is *not* a gun?"
Phyllis: "Heh heh heh." Her laugh carries an unctuous smugness to it.
Zane: "I genuinely don't remember."
Gerald: "Nope."
Gerald: "Well."
Gerald: "I mean I got a shitty little dagger but at that point I might as well be unarmed."
Zane: "Being unarmed isn't all that bad…"
Phyllis: "For a war scientist, maybe."
Gerald: "Not if you've spent years tempering your fist, I suppose."
Zane smiles slightly. "Which I have."
Gerald: "My hands are all dainty and delicate so as to perform more dexterous feats, though."
Gerald: "Worst comes to worst I can borrow the arsenal from you and you can run around karate chopping people?"
Zane: "It doesn't do guns. I checked."
Gerald: "It can do bows though, yeah?"
Phyllis: "… why not just get a bow now?"
Gerald: "I *did* go to a war colledge too, y'know."
Zane: "Because the arsenal is magic. My regular bow is not."
Gerald: "You think they got bows with enchantments powerful enough for the stuff we're fighting just laying around out here, Phyllis?"
Phyllis: "You have an enchanter."
Phyllis wiggles her fingers.
Gerald: "My blaster's transferance thing only works with guns so…"
Zane passes the small glowing stone stone to Gerald. "Treat her with respect."
Gerald‘ takes it with one hand, then makes a fist and pressed it against his other open palm while nodding.
Gerald: "Anyway this’ll save your residum for more important things, Phyllis!"
Phyllis: "Like controlling the weather or speaking in gremlin tongues!"
Gerald: "Exactly like those things, yeah!"
Zane nods and turns, a dagger falling into one hand while the other rests on his sword hilt. "Just like the good old days. I knew there was a reason I kept carrying all this stuff."
Phyllis: "Let's hope diplomacy or … other means are still an option."
Chandrasekhar: "Ah, the elusive 'other means'."
Aleith|DM: The entrance to the Redcap mines is a lonely grouping of temporary dwellings spaced between shafts leading into the mountain. The buildings were once the homes of dozens of miners, as well as support shops, meeting areas, recreation, and lavatories. All of the buildings are abandoned, their interiors stripped clean.
Aleith|DM: No metal remains here. Doors have hinges crudely removed, fences picked clean save for the wood mounts, and even the handles on the latrines are missing.
Aleith|DM: Each of the entry shafts save one are broken beyond mundane means of repair. Crashed elevators and broken cabling tell stories of destruction for each, while the sole working elevator has a crude wooden sign post erected at the entrance. Written in haphazardly splashed blood is the following:
This mountain is ours. Come and play. Play and be ours too.
Zane: "Well. That's quite an invitation."
Chandrasekhar starts laughing.
Gerald: "Really does make a statement, yeah."
Zane: "I'm not sure I am ready for this kind of commitment in my life."
Phyllis: "Sure, sure, we can play."
Garrett senses a gremlin in a small cubby in the wall of the elevator shaft, just at the end of his 100-foot tremorsense range. The gremlin seems to be resting.
Aleith|DM: The shaft goes down farther than that.
Aleith|DM: A 15-ft. square platform acts as the elevator, with support ropes on every corner and a central rope that connects to a pulley 20 ft. above the entrance. The elevator looks like it can be turned on from a lever on the platform.
Zane: "Aha… Take the elevator, get hexed by the gremlin."
Phyllis peers down the shaft to see if she can at least see the bottom.
Aleith|DM: Nope.
Aleith|DM: It's very dark in here.
Zane has darkvision. Can he see the bottom?
Aleith|DM: I hope someone's got a torch.
Phyllis: Well, that's what we have the Light cantrip for. OH WAIT, Nicodemus turned off the sun!
Aleith|DM: It's very deep.
Zane: "Hm. This goes… way down."
Phyllis: "I never thought I'd have a user for Tenser's Elevator."
Phyllis: "… which is why I never bothered to transcribe it."
Gerald: "That's a thing?"
Zane: "I could climb down."
Phyllis: "It's a thing."
Ernst shrugs. "Just give me a torch. I can fly down there and take a look if you want."
Zane: "I do have a sunrod. Not that I need it. Do they still work?"
Gerald: "Huh."
Aleith|DM: Alchemical light is temporary and still works.
Gerald: "And yeah probably, it's not true magic."
Zane: "Want me to tell everyone we're here?"
Gerald: "Hmm. Well. If we can kill or clear out all the gremlins before engaging the titan that would definitely help me, at least."
Phyllis grimaces. "Is that really necessary, though?"
Zane: "Done and done." There is the sound of glass breaking. "Well shit. I guess they don't work…"
Aleith|DM: It lights up, dimly. Doesn't look like it will last the full hour.
Zane: "Oh hey, there it goes." And he drops it down the hole.
Gerald: "I mean…"
Gerald‘ glances back at Phyllis.
Gerald: "You saw what they did to the place and people that used to live here."
Aleith|DM: It takes less than 5 seconds to hit the bottom. Probably under 400 feet deep?
Zane: "Abduction, murder, vandalism. These goblins are all under arrest."
Phyllis: "You mean I saw what the people did to the gremlins’ domain."
Phyllis: "We're colonists, at best."
Phyllis: "You were in the Dreaming. You saw how they actually perceive metal and machinery."
Gerald: "Sure, it's annoying as shit. Chandra manages to live with it without going on a murder spree every couple of weeks, though."
Gerald: "These things have no dang impulse control."
Zane: "Well, then, *you* can go and explain to all those people that they'll never see their children again because gosh darn it they should know better than to squat on soverign land."
Chandrasekhar: "There was a compact between the Titan, and Risur. They have broken it. A new one will be formed."
Zane snorts and starts climbing down the shaft. He makes it look entirely too easy.
Phyllis nods at Chandra. "There was peace before, and there will be again."
Chandrasekhar: "Understandable or no, there are consequences to breaking one's word and trying one's luck, even in the face of a disintegrating world."
Aleith|DM: It only takes you half a minute to get down to the little cubby the gremlin is in. They seem to be napping.
Zane debates. A lot.
Zane does not take the Renegade Option of snatching it by the heel and dropping it down the shaft.
Zane instead doses it with Carrion Crawler Brain Juice. [immobilized until extended rest]
Aleith|DM: That works pretty well. The gremlin groans.
Aleith|DM: You take a look around, but it seems there was only the one gremlin waiting in the shaft.
Zane nods and heads back up. "Alright, that sentry isn't going to be doing much of anything for the next few hours. Shall we go down?"
Gerald: "Alright."
Phyllis: "Yeah, let's get to it."
Aleith|DM: The elevator starts up loudly when you pull the level-there's no way that wouldn't have woken up the gremlin. It decends at a steady rate of 30 feet per round, taking you a bit over a minute to descend down the mine shaft.
Zane smiles faintly. "I didnt even kill it. Aren't you happy, Ursinho?"
Phyllis: "Thank you. Really."
Aleith|DM: At the bottom, you find four unusual gremlins waiting for you:
Aleith|DM: - A stunted (for a gremlin) blue-skinned creature with a perpetual look of frustration on his face. He wears a finely tailored suit that is clearly sized for a child along with an appropriately sized bowler hat.
Aleith|DM: - A humorously obese gremlin with orange-tinged flesh riddled with freckles and drooping ears of a basset hound. He dresses in rags that are a patchwork of quilts and blankets each of which is inscribed with a different name.
Aleith|DM: - A gremlin garbed in an elaborate crimson dress. Her purple hued skin meshes with the dress, but a close inspection of the fabric reveals it to be originally a white dress now covered in blood.
Aleith|DM: - A gray-skinned gremlin with a full head of disheveled white hair who constantly shakes. One of his two eyes is milky white, while the other is slit like that of a cat, constantly blinking open and closed.
Aleith|DM: The grey-skinned one speaks first. "Welcome, visitors, to Granny Allswell's domain!"
Gerald: "Hi."
Zane: "Good afternoon."
Aleith|DM: The blue-skinned one scoffs. "They don't look like much."
Phyllis shrugs. "Sorry to disappoint."
Aleith|DM: The orange-skinned one laughs. "Huh huh huh! We're here to show to Granny. Eh?"
Chandrasekhar: "Appearances can be deceiving." Said the mirror-masked…
Zane shrugs slightly. "Easier to work that way."
Aleith|DM: The grey-skinned one speaks up again. "I'm Tremble. The unimpressed one is Glower, my pleasant brother is Guffaw, and my sister here is Pout."
Zane: "Zane."
Tremble: "Alright, just follow me now. It's quite the trek. Have you travelled much?"
Zane: "We get around when needs must."
Tremble: "What's the best place you've been to?"
Aleith|DM: The gremlins begin to lead you through a long series of tunnels, filled with twisting turns and narrow passages. Phyllis probably knows that it's necessitated by Risur's druid-overseen mining practices, which favour appeasing nature spirits instead of strip-mining.
Gerald: "I liked the transcontinental train."
Aleith|DM: Each section of the mine is reinforced with wooden struts and every 100 feet or so there's a secured bunker complex where miners could seek shelter in the case of a collapse. There are no lights, and the winding tunnels are typically 4 feet wide and 5 feet high, with only occasional openings into larger chambers that once contained profitable veins.
Zane: "Other than home? Cuz I mean, I've been to some cool places, but family is best. Beyond that… Hm. That's a tough one."
Phyllis: "I have a pocket dimension that I've crafted in the form of a mansion."
Aleith|DM: Tremble points to the wooden tracks for the mining carts underfoot. "That's like one of those cart thingies, but way bigger, right? With all of those whirlygigs on it and the loud whistle?"
Zane: "Yeah."
Glower: "I bet they're not that big."
Aleith|DM: Tremble idly stabs a large insect on the wall with a rusted kitchen knife as he walks past it.
Tremble: "What's your favorite colour then?"
Chandrasekhar: "Hmmm. Either Risur, or the jungles back home. And I suspect I could never pick, between those two."
Phyllis: "Octarine."
Guffaw: "Huh huh huh! What kind of colour is that, eh?"
Gerald: "Color…? Hmm. … Huh! I've never really thuoght about it before."
Phyllis: "It's said to be the color of magic."
Chandrasekhar: "Purple. Rich, lush, velvety royal purple. It's the colour of authority."
Pout preens a bit.
Phyllis: "I haven't actually witnessed it myself, but there is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in our philosophy."
Zane: "Green. Plants and the deep ocean and the sky right before a really good storm."
Tremble: "Oh, cool. Who's your favourite celebrity then?"
Gerald: "Rock, all the way."
Tremble: "Me too! He's the greatest of all humans." He nods sagely.
Gerald‘ nods along with Tremble.
Phyllis nods along too.
Tremble: "So what do you want with Granny?"
Zane: "To get the kids back to their parents and have you all stop murdering the miners, mostly."
Gerald: "I guess Garrett needs to renegotiate terms of peace or something?"
Aleith|DM: The group comes to a ladder that decends thirty feet. A couple of the gremlins slide down quickly. "Down we go!" says Tremble.
Zane doesn’t bother with the ladder. 30 feet is childs play.
Gerald‘ doesn’t engage in goofy acrobatics while holding a torch.
Phyllis gestures to Gerald. With a [Mage Hand].
Gerald‘ hands it over.
Phyllis descends the ladder.
Gerald: "Uhh watch this rung here, seems like it was made with bad wood."
Chandrasekhar is here, and then he’s there.
Phyllis: "…"
Phyllis: "It occurs to me I could have just cut open a gate."
Ernst does in fact just float down.
Aleith|DM: You get down the ladder without a mishap, avoiding that rung.
Tremble: "So why do you want to take the kids back? Granny loves them and treats them all well. Just like when she raised us!"
Phyllis: "Were you such kids once?"
Guffaw: "Huh huh huh! Yeah, we were, eh?"
Zane: "Sure, but they aren't really hers. They have parents, its their responsibility to raise them. It would be different if she was just taking in strays and orphans, but kidnapping? That's a bit much."
Glower: "What's so special about parents, anyway?"
Zane: "Family is a tricky bond to explain. I'd be a very different person than I am today if I hadn't had my mother and father."
Aleith|DM: After some more inane chatter, you come to another spot that sticks out: Wooden planks form a simple bridge over a 10-ft. wide ravine. Bundles of mining supplies dangle from it.
Phyllis just cuts an [Arcane Gate] over this. She isn't taking chances.
Gerald: "Yeah that's… easier than side stepping all the various traps."
Gerald‘ follows Phyllis through. "
Pout’s pout deepens slightly.
Phyllis: "It's a delicate situation, at least. We don't know how true that is or not."
Zane shrugs.
Aleith|DM: About half an hour and several tunnels later, you come to yet another supply bunker.
Aleith|DM: This one, however, is filled with racks of picks and other metal implements line the walls of the 20-foot wide, 100-foot long chamber. Any large force would cause a lot of sharp things to fly through the air.
Aleith|DM: The gremlins blithely continue walking through it.
Chandrasekhar side-eyes Phyllis.
Phyllis: 100 feet sounds like 20 squares.
Aleith|DM: Yes.
Phyllis: Good thing Arcane Gate is Encounter now!
Aleith|DM: It sure is. The gremlins startle a bit when you're waiting for them at the other end but continue onwards. ( "Man, you're kind of taking the fun out of this." )
Phyllis shrugs again. "Again, sorry to disappoint."
Gerald: "I find that being stabbed tends to hurt. Not a huge fan."
Zane: "(Sorry guys, I'll see about doing the next one for you.)"
Phyllis: "(I mean, it's fun for me.)"
Aleith|DM: About 60 feet past the bunker, the corridor slants upwards.
Gerald: "So…"
Chandrasekhar grins. "(Oh, I don't know. This is fun for -us-.)"
Gerald: "Little gremlins reach up from the tiny holes and latch onto our legs and scare the shit out of us when we get too close, right?"
Aleith|DM: Garrett doesn't detect anything in the holes with his tremorsense, they're just empty.
Gerald: "Or some kind of boulder trap and you duck into them to hide…? Hrm."
Aleith|DM: He does sense something unusual about the incline up ahead but isn't sure what.
Gerald: "Yeah that's the ticket."
Gerald: "So… just dig out a couple larger ones for us I guess, Garrett."
Garrett makes a couple of larger spaces in the walls with narrow entrances.
Gerald‘ claps his hands together, then steps forward and into one!
Zane: "I got it." And he blithely strolls onward. He’s a polite guest.
Aleith|DM: There's a faint 'click' as you step onto the incline, and a 10-foot boulder drops down from the ceiling at the top of the 60-foot incline, filling the corridor.
Aleith|DM: It starts rolling downwards, quickly picking up speed.
Aleith|DM: The gremlins, of course, duck into the little nooks in the floor.
Zane throws his hands in the air, wails in mock horror and runs back the way he came.
Zane: "Nooooo~!"
Phyllis: "(Thank you for humoring them.)"
Aleith|DM: Everyone else is sane and ducked into a cubby provided by Garrett, but Zane attempts to outrun it.
Aleith|DM: It catches up to him by the time he makes it to the bunker full of pointy things…
Aleith|DM rolled d20+25 and got 6 ( Total: 31 ) for vs Ref
Aleith|DM: And knocks him prone for 30 damage, clipping him as he tries to dive out of the way.
Aleith|DM: And then all the dangerous items in the bunker explode through the air.
Aleith|DM rolled d20+27 and got 1 ( Total: 28 ) for vs AC
Aleith|DM: …as he catches, parries, deflects, or dodges them. From the ground.
Zane is just a blur of motion, ending on his feet with his back to the wall, a pick-axe in each hand that he plucked out of the air. "I hope that was satisfying enough."
Aleith|DM: Guffaw is laughing loudly, while a couple of the others are snickering, at least.
Zane politely hangs the pickaxes back on the wall, bows to the goblins. "Shall we, then?"
Aleith|DM: The shrapnel continues ricocheting for a dozen or so more seconds, but you manage to block the worst of it.
Chandrasekhar just… grins.
Gerald‘ pulls himself up. "That was incredibly silly."
Zane: "Kinda fun though. I might have to put something like that into the RHC training course."
Phyllis: "Something of the sort can probably be arranged."
Aleith|DM: After being suitably led through the mine by your gremlin guides, you hear a murmur of dozens of tiny voices, accompanied by the hearty but somehow off-putting smell of a stew cooking. The tunnel grows taller, and scaffolding on the left leads up to a small air vent. Beyond it, the passage opens up into a vast chamber, lit only by a dim fire-light emerging from a pit to the north.
Aleith|DM: The chamber is filled with various lesser fey gremlins, most of which stand less than a foot tall in height, though their coloration is that of a sickly rainbow. In all there are over a hundred gremlins of differing sizes and shapes who cower in front of the wall at the opposite end of the chamber.
Aleith|DM: Through a hole in the wall, you can see Granny Allswell’s head poking through, two mismatched eyes peering down at the room.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: feel free to place yourselves on the map
Aleith|DM: At the foot of the wall lies a pile of tons of shiny (and not-so-shiny) metal doodads acquired by the gremlins. The mining cart rails run directly into the pile.
Gerald‘ tilts his head, squinting at the wall around the fey Titan.
Aleith|DM: On the right side of the room, a mass of makeshift metal cages hold dozens of children, ranging between infants and twelve years old. Behind the cages sits a huge pile of red barrels marked with a fiery icon to warn of explosions; these hold firedust used for blasting. Several of the children have their wrists tied to the bars of the cages with twine, and wooden signs hang around their necks, painted in blood with the word ’Naughty.'
Aleith|DM: Tremble steps forward to address Granny, whose eyes—previously pointed in different directions—spin to lock onto the party, then twitch independently to examine each PC.
Granny: "Settle down, children."
Aleith|DM: At first the gremlins around the chamber don't seem to listen, but a forceful shout of "BE QUIET NOW!" causes them gremlins to freeze in their tracks and slowly slink to the edges of the room. Even the four named gremlins retreat back in response to Granny's outburst.
Aleith|DM: Once the gremlins are settled, Granny asks, "can you come closer, please, so I can get a better look at you?"
Zane looks at the hundreds of goblins. "Not without a promise of safe passage."
Phyllis acquiesces, herself. She's not particularly afraid, but for good reason.
Phyllis: "Is this close enough, or closer still?"
Aleith|DM: She's still waiting
Phyllis moves forward more.
Granny: "Why don't cha tell Granny what this is all about now?"
Gerald‘ .oO(By the way, something’s off with that wall around her head. Made up of a different kind of stone, and there's a whole mess of tiny holes in it.)
Chandrasekhar positions himself between the party and the goblins so he can keep an eye on Phyllis.
Zane .oO(Oh, great.)
Phyllis: "We're here to retrieve the children. Maybe come to terms with some sort of negotiation."
Phyllis: "Things have been … strange, lately. The world has undergone a major shift. The other titans have made life difficult for us, though we already struck renewed deals with the Ash Wolf and the Father of Thunder."
Phyllis: "What is it you want, here? What are you trying to do?"
Granny: "What kind of shift? It hasn't changed much down here."
Chandrasekhar asides to Zane: "(Emphasis on 'struck'.)"
Zane snorts. "(A difficult trick to repeat." )
Phyllis: "It's difficult to explain. The Dreaming is inaccessible to us now, for one. The path to other worlds and stars have opened up again, however. Interlopers from Jiese killed the Ash Wolf's pup. Agents of discord sought to aggravate and enrage you."
Phyllis: "All we seek is the return to the life we had a few weeks ago, or at least some semblance of peace and safety."
Phyllis: "The sun itself is also replaced by one giant whirligig. Take that as you will."
Chandrasekhar shudders.
Granny Allswell grins and chortles after hearing about the sunless world, but then demures and coos, "Risur's children must be so scared of the dark." She looks over to the corner with the children in the cages. "Look how safe they are in there."
Phyllis: "Other stars have similarly been replaced or shifted. Av occupies a different spot in the sky."
Zane: "(Safe. Right by the barrels of firedust.)
Granny: "I want control of the Anthras Mountains, and I want a steady stream of children - just the naught ones, of course - to make part of my family."
Gerald‘ mouths ’told you', mostly to himself.
Granny: "I even have a proposal: have all of the miners move out of the mountains, and instead send me all the children old enough to sing a song or swing a pick. I'll keep 'em until they're twelve, teaching them obedience if I can, or making gremlins out of the ones who won't behave. Then on their thirteenth birthday, I'll send them back to civilization with whatever they mined."
Granny: "Before all that, though, I want all the children the people of Favela are hiding from me. My gremlin dears have heard kids playing, so I know there are more they're keeping from me, and I do not appreciate the rudeness."
Chandrasekhar shifts around, weight going foot to foot.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: You know that before she was arrested, Katlin was using illusions to make it sound like there were kids still playing around Favela.
Phyllis shakes her head. "We can revisit the other terms, but please bear in mind that the aforementioned 'agents of discord' were deceiving you with illusory sounds of children. As I said, they were deliberately trying to provoke you."
Granny frowns. "Agents of who?"
Phyllis: "The Voice of Rot."
Phyllis: "What does he have to gain by pitting us against each other?"
Aleith|DM: Her frown deepens. "Bring me these 'agents'. I will have the truth from their mouths."
Phyllis: "We will have to leave and return. Is that alright?"
Granny: "Yes. Those miners better be singing whenever they dig, though, or else I'll collapse the tunnels on 'em."
Phyllis: "Will you agree to different terms in exchange for this information, if it turns out to be true?"
Granny: "We'll see."
Aleith|DM: She growls that part out, full of displeasure.
Phyllis: "You have an interest in it, at least. We will not give up something for nothing. But with that understanding, by your leave."
Aleith|DM: She nods.
Phyllis bows and turns around. "Let's get the siblings that were in league with the Voice of Rot."
Zane: "I'm OK with that."
Chandrasekhar nods.
Aleith|DM: You return a few days later, both Katlin and Ochran Eisner in tow.
Aleith|DM: Nothing has happened to Favela in the meantime.
Aleith|DM: And this time you know what to expect from the mines, and it's relatively quiet after a few more arcane gates.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Just in case, of course.
Phyllis: Of course.
Aleith|DM: When you drag the struggling siblings in front of Granny Allswell, the fey titan compels them to speak the truth about their plans. She's not happy about it.
Granny: "King Woodson! You can keep your children if you bring me the Voice of Rot's tongue, delivered within a year!"
Zane: "(Ooh hell yeah…)"
Phyllis: "And the mountains?"
Granny: "Until you deliver it, the miners better keep singing while the dig."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *they dig
Zane: "Its hard to sing and mine at once. Would you let some sing and some mine?"
Granny: "They better be signing near the digging. Up to the miners to figure that out."
Zane smiles. "Not a problem."
Phyllis: "I assume that includes these children here."
Granny: "Bah, fine. You can have 'em back." She stands up, and the wall around her collapses…into three huge earth elementals. She waves a hand, and the door to the cages swing open.
Aleith|DM: She slowly stalks away deeper in to the room.
Gerald: "Huh, earth elementals. Would not have been my first guess."
Phyllis: "Within a year, then."
Granny: "I can't wait to see that white tongue."
Chandrasekhar: "I daresay we'll enjoy obtaining it for her."
Phyllis: "What happens if we fail to meet those terms?"
Phyllis: "Not that that should come to pass."
Granny: "I better start seeing some kids, or…"
Phyllis: Or we'll have to put the Granny in another headlock. But she doesn't say that part out loud.
Gerald‘ starts ushering out the newly freed kids,on that note.
Aleith|DM: The people of Favela rejoice and treat you to as best a party as they can provide when you bring their children back to the town.
Chandrasekhar is gracious, friendly, and teaches them all a few songs that you could sing while keeping up a rhythm with a pickaxe. Until the dockers get here.
Aleith|DM: Chief Inspectress Shaiaila Lundquist is thoroughly impressed with your dealings with the Titans, and the mayor of Bole congratulates you and offers you the hospitality of the city (and a few awards). The people rejoice at the new King saving their fair city.
Aleith|DM: All that’s left of the fey titans awaits you back in Flint…
Aleith|DM: Well, aside from the missing(?) Voice of Rot…

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