Zg Session 07

Aleith|DM: Gerald and Chandrasekhar have a few hours to kill before heading to the tavern to meet up. Do you want to try to make some Streetwise checks to try and track down Dr. von Recklinghausen and/or Officer Porter, or recruit a police officer to help you do the legwork?
Chandrasekhar is inclined to do the work himself at this point. Somehow a police badge wound up in enemy hands, and he's paranoid about security right now. That said, Gerald could probably talk him down from that crazy idea?
Gerald‘ is probably leaning towards getting some officer help, he’s not exactly good at asking the right street urchans the right questions.
Gerald: "I mean, we both kinda suck at this part."
Aleith|DM: Which - yes, your Streetwise checks are not anything to write home about.
Gerald: "If we had a real trail or if he was dealing with officals that'd be one thing, but." he rolls a shrug.
Chandrasekhar: "Mmm. Okay. You are correct. Thank you."
Chandrasekhar gets some help, then. And alerts whomever to tighten up the damn security.
Gerald‘ nods, does the same.
Aleith|DM: After a few hours of legwork, you and the police officer-one of Officer Bellastair’s men-manage to track the doctor through an erratic southward route from North Shore to Parity Lake. He started to head toward Bosum Strand, then went deeper into the industrial district. The last anyone saw of him was in a very bad part of town, near the turf of local crime lord Lorcan Kell.
Aleith|DM: And after that, you have just enough time to head back to Bosum Strand to meet up with everyone at the Thinking Man's Tavern
Gerald: "Hum. Yup, gunna want Garrett for this."
Gerald: "To the pub?"
Chandrasekhar: "Of course he would scamper off into the absolute shittiest part of town. Then again perhaps he has connections there. Yes, I suppose."
Gerald‘ invites the officer along too, he’ll buy him a pint for the assist!
Aleith|DM: The man thinks for a few seconds, then nods. He's just about off-duty now anyhow.
Aleith|DM: The Thinking Man's Tavern lies a few streets off from the main docks of Bosum Strand, memorable for the cobbled-together statue that stands by its rear entrance, an assortment of flotsam and jetsam assembled into the shape of a sitting man deep in thought. You all meet up in front of it just after 6 PM.
Phyllis: Not that one of us can judge substance abuse while on-the-clock.
Garrett‘ hops off the roof, into a pile of straw, then rolls out of it. (No not really.)
Gerald: "Porter went deeper in the shit hole." Gerald loosely gestures with a hand further into the district, before heading inside the pub.
[OOC] Zane: *gives Garrett the obligatory eagle-noise*
Aleith|DM: That was not Porter, you couldn’t find him.
Aleith|DM: The Doctor did
Zane: "Ah, good."
[OOC] Gerald: Er. Right. Goddamn fingers.
Zane sounds strangely pleased by this news.
Aleith|DM: Entering the tavern, the bar and several tables like in front of you. Through a door to the right is the common room, a larger area with more tables; further down the hall is a games room with a pool table and some seating. A stairway between the rooms leads upstairs to an upstairs balcony above the common room.
Aleith|DM: The place shakes a bit shortly after you pass through the door. Patrons freak out as glasses topple off tables and crack. An orc sailor with a Beran accent cries out, "Earthquake!" but the tremor stops almost immediately.
Aleith|DM: People are momentarily nervous until a dwarf at a table by the bar speaks up, loud enough for the whole place to hear: "Don't listen to the porcine panic. Flint has been geologically stable since it was founded. We could no sooner have an earthquake than a blizzard! It was probably just the ground settling."
Aleith|DM: Soon, the clientele return to their drinks and food.
Garrett: "Auspicious."
Zane: "Definitely not an earthquake. Now, a large enough explosion…"
Chandrasekhar mutters 'the ground settling?' under his breath.
Gerald: "Man, I'm glad we hadn't started playing darts yet."
Phyllis: "Settling from what? An upset stomach?"
Ernst is already seated at the bar tapping his finger on the counter. He seems rather restless.
Aleith|DM: The bartender, tall like a ship's mast, looks over as you sit down. "What can I help you with?" He looks well-travelled.
Garrett: "Lager, nuts, and enough to go around."
Gerald: "We're with dark and brooding!" Gerald gestures towards Ernst as he begins walking over.
Aleith|DM: There's an open table near the bar if you want to settle down there.
Garrett‘ settles in at the table.
Ernst glances over his shoulder at Gerald. "… and your leads?"
Aleith|DM: A couple of waitresses come by with some mugs and a couple bowls of nuts and set them down. They’re older than most places on average.
[OOC] Garrett: The waitresses or the nuts?
Gerald: "Doctors deeper in, towards Lorcan Kell's turf."
Aleith|DM: The waitresses. The staff there are a bit better educated and lean more towards discussion than eye-candy.
Gerald‘ shoves a handful of nuts into his mouth after taking a seat.
Phyllis: "Also has a penchant for necromantic magic. I suspect he’s the one responsible for attempting to heal the impaled victim, Ernst."
Phyllis: "Necromancy and lightning."
Zane: "And anatomy-focused medical training."
Ernst chews at his lip before popping a nut into his mouth. He chews on that too for a bit before finally speaking up. "I found out a few things of interest. Our dead criminal was living with Sechim, who paid her bail for one. He paid a fair sum given the conditions of the factories in the district to get her out. Living in his factory to be more accurate. She was an employee there if I'm not mistaken. I was going to go give him a visi
Ernst: <span style="color: #800080;"> to go give him a visit after this.</span> "
Zane looks like he's contemplating something really unpleasant.
Garrett: "Proper idea."
Ernst: "Her bail of course being related to her being captured in a raid that happened prior to this incident."
Zane opens his mouth a time or two to ask a question, then stops and has a peanut.
Phyllis gives a sidelong glance at Zane. "You're refraining from a 'working girl' comment, aren't you?"
Zane: "God if only."
Zane: "No, I am contemplating something much less funny and much more weird and disturbing. And hoping its not possible."
Ernst: "I'd wager he'd have a pretty good idea what she was up to prior to her stunt at the embassy. Whether she was using the factory to acquire acids for sinister purposes is certainly a possibility as well as his involvement. If our victim had relations to Gale he would also likely know."
Ernst: "Given she was living there."
Garrett: "Well, I had a chat with her," he starts, before taking a drink.
Phyllis: "Okay, though what does Gale have to do with this case? Should I start tossing in a theory about how Porter is secretly the Ragman with a fancy mask?"
Garrett: "By her own words, she was there to get her hands on any documents having to do with Danoran business."
Ernst: "We're on this case because the modus operandi of flying out the window was similar to Gale. I know nothing happened in the last three weeks but that is still our primary case right now. We've been investigating Gale all month."
Garrett: "She didn't name anything specific, so… she must have gotten or gone after -something- particular for LeBrix to make the cover story."
Ernst: "If there's even the slightest possibility that this victim had relations to her I want to wring out the truth."
Zane: "For all the good its done us. I hate competent criminals. I have to actually work for my pay."
Chandrasekhar: "Could be as simple as 'they called in a favour'. Still would give us a lead."
Garrett: "And her killer, the third man-in-black as described to us by the witnesses?"
Gerald‘ nods towards Zane.
Garrett: "Turns out she didn’t get a good look at him either. All in black, possibly a shadow."
Phyllis: "… I'll cover that problematic line of thought later." She turns to Garrett instead. "Something juicy enough for the Doctor to take the ill-gotten documents and head back to Lorcan."
Ernst: "I'd imagine as soon as she turned around she suffered the blow to the scalp."
Garrett: "This bit's a bit of the black humor- she couldn't see, with blood running down her face, so she -deliberately- jumped out of the window, 'using her necklace,' but misjudged the distance of the fence."
Garrett: "That mystery's solved, at least."
Garrett: "But, I mean, if you want to get all docker-level thematic about it… necklace that lets one jump really far? On the winds? Eh?"
Zane: "Not the majestic getaway she was aiming for."
Phyllis: "Then two shots from the window, after she landed. According to street witnesses, if I recall."
Garrett: "And finally, she gave the Doctor the documents and necklace, and told him to take it all to 'Nevard.'"
Garrett: "Really she said she -forced- it on him, but I mean there's only so forceful you can be hanging from a fence."
Zane sips his beer. "Hopefully things will get a little clearer when Braden and his captain show up. That or one of them will try and kill us. Or the consulate superiors will try and kill us and LeBrix all in one fell swoop."
Chandrasekhar: "I might enjoy that."
Zane: "I get an answer either way, really."
Gerald‘ reaches over, pats Chandrasekhar on the shoulder.
Ernst chews on another nut before drumming his fingers along the counter again. It’s rather annoying honestly. "… they're late."
Garrett: "Not used to getting stood up?"
Aleith|DM: One of the waitress-around 60, little more than wrinkles, a toothy smirk, and two handfuls of silver rings at first glance-comes up. "I hope you boys aren't planning on any trouble here with that talk. Anything I can get you?"
Ernst: "I try to keep to punctual contacts."
Zane smiles at the older waitress. "No trouble from us, at any rate. We like the atmosphere here."
Phyllis: "A bottle of red wine, perhaps? Or if you have any literature."
Waitress: "Your friend from the precint," she nods towards the officer, "sticks out a bit around here." To Phyllis: "I'll bring some over. Any preference? There's some shelves in the common room over there. Lots of philosophy, various other subjects. Mostly non-fiction."
Phyllis: "One of my comrades could stand to engage in some philosophical pursuits, as academically gifted as he is."
Gerald: "He's just frustrated since chasing down our suspect has been a pain today and he wears really, heavy armor." Gerald offers a friendly smile.
Chandrasekhar snorts amiably.
Zane: "You'd better not be talking about me with those four-silver words, Phyllis. Everybody knows us half-orcs eat books."
Garrett: "We're expecting two others at least, miss."
Phyllis: "A pinot noir, given the genre of our work. And - " she says almost jokingly: "- anything by Miller?"
Waitress: "Well, try not to let on about your line of business and you should get along fine with most here. Much of our clientele has a bit of a problem with authority."
Zane grins. "Half the people in positions of authority have problems with authority, really."
Waitress: "Oh, Miller? He's mentioned in some at least. Sadly anything more is a bit out of our price range unless you're willing to make a donation. I'm Barb, by the way."
Ernst glances around at the others mulling over something before speaking up. "… I'm going to give this long enough to eat a light snack. If they don't show up by then I'm going to go after my lead instead."
Aleith|DM: It's then that Braden and Chief LeBrix make their way over to your table. "Sorry we're late. Got held up a bit before we left," Braden supplies.
Phyllis: "Ah, maybe in the future. Pleasure to meet you, Barb. Name's Phyllis."
Barb nods and heads off to grab a glass of wine.
Zane: "Gentlemen. A pleasure to see you again."
Aleith|DM: After grabbing the orders for the two gentelmen, anyway.
Phyllis: "Held up with what?"
Julian sighs. "More paperwork regarding our problem this morning."
Zane: "Mm. A real shame, that."
Julian: "I'll get straight to the point. How much of my earlier story do you know is bullshit by now?"
Zane: "Pretty much all of it."
Garrett: "Yeah, I was going to wait until my second drink to drop the hammer on that one, but if you want…."
He nods. "Yeah, about what I figured. Braden, you didn't hear any of this if someone asks, alright?"
Zane: "I do have some points that need clarifying. Who actually attacked the maid before she went out the window?"
Braden swallows, then says, "yessir."
Phyllis: "My guess is the esteemed guest, who's now traipsing around as Porter."
Julian: "As you heard from the staff, Consular duNadria was meeting with someone this morning. It was him."
Gerald: "Yow."
Garrett: "What's he look like? I'm setting him up for a date."
Phyllis swirls her glass of wine. "duNadria or the 'someone'?"
Julian: "He happened to notice the staff, including most of the security, was distracted, and caught her on the fourth floor after she'd grabbed a bunch of documents off the Consular's desk after breaking into his room."
Julian: "The 'someone'. I didn't catch a name, and…" He frowns in thought. "He seemed remarkably average? Brown hair, average height and weight."
Phyllis: "Fey pepper in the chocolates, if you're curious."
Phyllis: "Pencil thin mustache?"
Julian: "Mustache? No, clean-shaven."
[OOC] Zane: Then he could be in pictures too…
Phyllis: "(Not that I don't think it's pencilled on.)"
Julian: "Makes sense for the chocolates. Most everyone was a bit too cheery this morning."
Garrett: "Don't worry, we won't but you for it."
[OOC] Garrett: *bust
Phyllis: "Why take the hit?"
Zane leans his chair back slightly, thinking. "Mm. And did duNadria happen to mention what the stolen papers were about?"
Julian: "Mostly reports of assets and business dealings. He didn't say much else about them."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *Danoran assets in Flint
Phyllis: "One of those assets was a boat, if I recall. One of the papers was in the alleyway."
Phyllis: "A literal paper trail."
Chandrasekhar nods to Phyllis, beaten to the punch.
Phyllis: And the punchline.
Zane: "Mm. I'll have to look into that at some point. Maybe tonight."
Julian: "Anyway, he caught the girl in the act, then afterwards had us clean up after his mess. Working together with the Consular, we all came up with the story I gave you. Which is all our reports will say happened. He had one of our healers mend the wound on her forehead, and had him sent home before you got there."
Phyllis: "Your healers?"
Phyllis: "Not the doctor that ran off with the papers?"
Ernst: "I'm not sure the doctor running away from her murderer would want to cover up how she was murdered by said murderer? Especially since that takes a bit of time and he couldn't afford to spend it doing that with potential pursuers on the upper floors."
Julian: "There's a couple on staff. As for the Doctor, I heard he was there for some visa troubles, but he didn't hang around after that. The man took off after him but came back wounded. He shrugged it off but it looked like the doctor can use the rapier he carries. Oddest thing though, he came back smelling like burnt engine grease."
Ernst: "Unless I'm misunderstanding something."
Zane: "Mm. You dont say."
Gerald: "Makes sense."
Phyllis: "What did the wounds on her head look like, Ernst?"
[OOC] Ernst: Was it blunt? I can't even remember last week. Halp
[OOC] Aleith|DM: a slash like claw marks
Garrett‘ thinks this over, looking a bit into his mug, before taking a shallow drink.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: a couple of slashes, even, parallel
Ernst refers as such to Phyllis.
Phyllis: "Hm. Actually, I may be mixing the nature of the wound with the healing method. Necrotic … something is in play."
Aleith|DM: Braden has started quietly sobbing as the details of Nilasa’s death are brought back up.
Garrett‘ slides a mug over towards Braden.
Zane nods at Phyllis. "The good doctor was lightning and anatomy. The nectoric is our ’third man' at the meeting."
Aleith|DM: He nods slightly and takes a big pull from it.
Ernst: "The shadow that slashed Nilasa's face also caused some necrotic damage to her head."
Phyllis smirks. "Better to bring it up and be corrected."
Ernst: "The prior was left there post mortum the latter was covered up. I'm presuming there was multiple attacks."
Aleith|DM: Barb comes back with a couple of mugs for the Danorans and a glass of Crisillyir. "What's this about Nilasa? Braden, did something happen?
Phyllis: "Get him … get him the house's choice. Just get him a drink."
Braden sobs. "She's dead, Barb! Somebody killed her this morning, and…" He starts crying harder.
Phyllis gives Barb A Look.
Garrett: "(We're out of those chocolates?)"
Phyllis: "(I only had the one.)"
Aleith|DM: Barb freezes for a few seconds, before crying out, "No! What happened?!"
Zane looks like the very picture of innocence. Also there is now a chocolate by Braden's drink.
Garrett‘ gives Zane a subtle nod.
Julian LeBrix pats Braden on the shoulder. "I’m sorry to say that there was an incident at the Consulate today while she was visiting Braden. These fine people are investigating the matter."
Phyllis gives Julian a cheery, plastered-on smile. "The finest are on the case."
Ernst stares at the crying man before speaking up again. "Can you tell us anything of import at all that we haven't found out on our own? You knew the victim better of us, perhaps your impressions on why she did what she did?"
[OOC] Ernst: *than us
Barb: "Did what? Nilasa is-was-a wonderful girl who would never hurt anyone."
Garrett: "And she hasn't."
Ernst glances at the waitress. "Can you go put in our orders?"
Phyllis: "Ernst."
Aleith|DM: She just glares at Ernst.
Phyllis: "She, too, knew the victim."
Ernst nods in agreement. "I'm sure she did. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm hungry and she's on the clock. Some bread please?"
Gerald: "You'll have to excuse him, he works more with books and machines than, uh, people." Gerald scratches at his cheek, before shoving another handful of nuts into his mouth.
Garrett: "To be honest I think he pisses off the machines, too."
Phyllis splashes her drink in Ernst's face.
Phyllis: "I appear to be out of wine."
Zane manages not to laugh, but only barely.
Gerald: While chewing: "Wow I wonder where it went?" Hands Ernst some napkins.
Aleith|DM: She starts to call over one of the other waitresses before glancing at Phyllis and Ernst. "Well, then. I'll be right back with some more wine and some bread."
Phyllis hands Ernst a napkin so he can at least clean up.
Zane: "I dont think I say this enough. I really like working with you people."
Chandrasekhar stayed out of that. Ernst has to learn some things the hard way.
Ernst chews at his lip before staring at Phyllis. "Yes. Very professional. If you have a problem with what I'm doing use your words." He takes the napkins. "Otherwise I'll have to mention this in the reports."
Zane: "Look on the bright side. Your bread will be here shortly."
Julian: "Have you asked about the chocolates yet? Though I don't think angering someone who seems like their head waitress is going to earn you any points."
Gerald: "The waitress? Don't think anyone did."
Phyllis: "We'll have words later. Needed a quick symbolic gesture to undo the damage you did, though."
Garrett‘: "Anyway."
Phyllis: "Anyway. To his credit, he did ask Braden a question."
Ernst begrudgingly nods.
Braden: "No, not really. The Chief says she was probably using me to get access, but all I really did was have fun with here. We came here sometimes, though and there were a couple groups she hung out with."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *have fun with her
Zane: "’A couple groups' like…"
Ernst: "Was one of them the group that got caught up in that raid last month?"
Braden: "That group over there singing in the common room with the bad…Elvish I think?…they call themselves the Band and they're anti-industrialists. Mostly just sing rude songs though."
Braden: "Raid?"
Chandrasekhar figured everything'd been going through whoever paid off her bail, but…
Phyllis: "Like he'd know of a - exactly."
Ernst is mostly just killing time before going to talk to his lead, yes. He just figures there is a chance it could be dangerous and he can't go by himself.
Phyllis: "Continuing off of his poor ability to close mental gaps, know of a Mr. Sechim?"
Braden: "The other one's the one that dwarf who talked about stability is sitting with at that table there" - a couple tables away - "They're the 'Professors' and mostly spend time discussing philosophy. She only started hanging out with them recently."
Chandrasekhar turns in his chair and looks into the common room. Probably nobody he recognises, but he did lead chants of the Dirge for a while, so.
Aleith|DM: Not really anyone you recognize, no, but you hear some bad pidgin Elvish from the room.
Braden: "Yeah, Heward is a pretty good guy. He's Nilasa's employer and lets her sleep in a room above the factory. He's pretty nice, though a bit odd. Sometimes experimenting with his chemicals in a side room. Treats his employees better than most, I think."
Chandrasekhar winces. Wannabes.
Aleith|DM: Definitely wannabes.
Gerald: "Not hard to do, out there."
Phyllis: "We hear he paid bail for Nilasa, continuing onto Ernst's mention of a raid."
Garrett‘: "Yeah if anything that makes him -more- suspicious."
Phyllis: "Thick as thieves, one might say."
Zane: "What sort of chemicals does he deal with?"
Ernst: "Acids mostly, if my research was accurate. I was going to check it out in person after this."
Zane: "Not a bad idea."
Braden: "Yeah, and he’s pretty big on safety. Nilasa said they don't have a lot of accidents."
Ernst: "That's rare for the area."
Braden: "So I've heard."
Garrett‘` drinks to that.
Zane looks around for Barb. Just testing a theory.
Aleith|DM: Barb comes back with another glass of wine and some appetizers: some bread with spinach dip, chicken fingers and mustard, and some nachos with salsa. "Now, here’s a little extra if you'll tell me what happened with dear Nilasa."
Ernst: "This man treats his workers like gold in an era where filling ones purse is the only concern of factory owners. Pays for a workers bail and suddenly she's found dead stealing important documents from an embassy shortly thereafter. I'm sure I don't need to say anything else."
Phyllis: "But what of justice, Ernst?"
Phyllis also glances over at Bard. "I think he just did."
Garrett‘: "Dead, I’m afraid."
Garrett‘: "The investigation is ongoing."
Gerald` goin’ straight for the appetizers with absolutely no shame.
Ernst glances at Phyllis but he stuffs his face first before responding. "I don't think he's the head player if he was involved for what it's worth. But he's going to need to be questioned. Thoroughly."
Gerald: "We got a couple of suspects and leads, and we're definitely gunna find out who did it and why."
Phyllis: "I didn't think he is, either. Just trying to get you to think a little."
Barb: "She was stealing documents from the Danorans? Huh. Maybe the Band was…no, they'd never be brave enough to do something like that."
Phyllis: "If I wanted to be hamfisted about it I'd bring out another puzzle with portals and rings and string."
Gerald: "Yeah. And passed 'em off to some doctor."
Chandrasekhar: "I imagine they have bravery to spare, but… competence? If anything they are another tool, a go-between." And -that- gives him a few ideas…
Garrett‘: "So to anyone who heard that one… we will be looking for him. If I have to run it’ll just be worse."
Phyllis dips a nacho in some salsa. "What kind of pepper is in this, by the way? Red? Ghost? Fey?"
Gerald: "Man,"
Ernst: "Did anyone want to come with me to speak to Sechim after this by the way? I know you still have that other lead to follow."
Barb: "Doctor…? Anyway, the Band mostly just talks big, loud songs, bad jokes, think they're part of some imminent revolution against the industrial powers…"
Gerald: "Never make Fey Pepper nachos. Just. Uh. Sayin'."
Chandrasekhar snorts helplessly.
Phyllis: "The chocolates came from here, though, if I recall."
Zane: "I will, Ernst."
Garrett‘: "The lads who cry ’bollocks,' yeah."
Ernst nods to Zane.
Chandrasekhar may have been snorting at the band, may have been snorting at the idea of an infinite recursion munchies loop.
Barb: "Mostly chili and some red peppers. Don't even joke about us serving Fey Pepper. Some of our patrons like the Professors are into that, but we don't sell it here."
Garrett‘` looks between Ernst and Zane.
Barb: "And chocolates? Are you talking about the brigadieros we sold to her a couple nights ago?"
Chandrasekhar nods.
Garrett`: "That’d be them."
Zane: "Yeah.
Garrett‘: "Special order?"
Chandrasekhar: "Anything special about that batch?"
Barb: "No, just a standard box. She said she was going to bring it when she went to see Braden next. Wasn’t anything else." She rubs Braden's shoulder a bit as he hiccoughs a bit.
Phyllis: "I can confirm, by experience, that they had Fey Pepper in them. But if you're correct, it may be the Professors behind that part. Yes?"
Barb: "Not sure. You'd have to ask them. I know they use it about once a week at the end of their weekly 'meetings', and that she'd been talking with them recently, but I think they do more buying than selling of that."
Phyllis: "Second point of order: do we really care when there's a bigger fish to fry? I almost regret bringing it up."
Garrett‘: "Pulling at threads."
Phyllis: "It’s easy to do."
Ernst: "I assumed we were mostly filling the void in discussion since we could avoid finishing the rest of our meal in silence."
Zane: "I care purely on the throughness level, but I'm not really about to go interrogate a bunch of bar-crawlers for suspicion of high treason, no."
Garrett‘: "More or less the same. At worse, they’re a patsy? I suppose we could get a name, but…"
Gerald: "Yeah no one gives a shit about fey pepper consumption."
Garrett‘: "Really, catching up with the Doctor, questioning Heward, and figuring out ’Nevard' are kind of the key points."
Gerald: "Yeah."
Aleith|DM: Barb thanks you for your time and heads back to make a round of the tables.
Garrett‘: "The Doc disappeared around Parity Lake, right?" :
Aleith|DM: The officer nods after finishing a chicken strip. "Right into Kell-Guild territory." Yes, he’s still there.
Garrett‘: "I figure I’ll start there, then. Who's with me?"
Ernst: "Not I."
Aleith|DM: They're both in Parity Lake, so it's up to you if you want to split up or head to one, then the other.
Phyllis: "I think Ersnt and I could use some, uh. 'Away time.'"
Garrett‘: "Right, you’re on the factory guy. You and Zane."
Gerald‘ DID say he’d treat the officer, so that's not surprising.
Garrett‘` looks at the party, as if begging the question.
Gerald: "I’ll go with whoever's most likely to run into people that need to get shot." Downs the remainder of his drink
Zane: "Go with Garrett."
Gerald‘ salutes with one hand while shoveling chicken into his mouth with the other.
Phyllis shrugs at Garrett. "That works too."
Julian: "Ah, right, that reminds me." He passes on a small sheaf of notes to Gerald. "You looked like you can handle yourself around a gun. Here’s some notes on some ammunition I came up with while serving in the War. Vengeance bullets. Gives your shot a boost if you're out for some revenge."
Gerald: "Oh man, I love gimmick magic bullets!"
Gerald‘ wipes his hands off and starts leafing through the notes.
Aleith|DM: Property: When you fire this bullet and are targeting the creature whose name is etched on the bullet, if you hit, the attack is a critical hit. If you miss, you instead get a normal hit. If a vendetta bullet has been used against a given target in an encounter, no other vendetta bullets will be effective against the target for the rest of that encounter, even if they’re fired by other people.
Aleith|DM: Vendetta bullets can only be created by someone who owes fierce vengeance to an enemy, and even then that aggrieved person can only create one vendetta bullet per enemy, and only if he knows the enemy’s name. He can never create a second vendetta bullet against the same person, and if he passes the bullet to someone else, a given shooter can only ever benefit from one such bullet per target. These bullets can be created by people with no magical training; their creation only requires an intense will for revenge.
Garrett`: "That sure is a present."
Zane: "Guns dont kill people. People with guns kill people."
Julian: "They sure do."
Gerald: "Mostly the bullets in my opinion."
Gerald` lets out a low whistle.
Phyllis: "What, you haven’t heard tales of animated gun golems stalking the abandoned villages of old Danoran fishing islands?"
Gerald: "W-what?"
Aleith|DM: LeBrix just gives Phyllis a Look.
Gerald: "That was fiction!"
Aleith|DM: But them smiles and chuckles.
Phyllis: "Was it, now?"
Gerald: "I mean,"
Phyllis: "Yes."
Zane: "Golems. Heh."
Phyllis: "Yes it was."
Gerald: "I'm pretty sure it was?"
Gerald: "oh, okay."
Chandrasekhar: "She almost got me with that one, if it's any consolation."
Phyllis takes a ginger sip of her newly refilled glass. "… this time."
Garrett‘` finishes his drink.
Garrett`: "We on this first thing tomorrow or after ’im right now? How you two feeling?"
Gerald: "Not much sense in picking up the trail tomorrow, he'd probably be long gone."
Phyllis: "Gerald's right. I regret even sitting through that lecture."
Garrett‘: "I agree. Let’s go before his bleedin' stops."
Gerald‘ slaps down a couple copper to cover part of the tab, stands up.
Aleith|DM: Alright, so you guys head out, then split up in Parity Lake. Looks like Chandra, Ernst and Zane are heading to Sechim’s Alkahest & Etchings, while Garrett, Phyllis, and Gerald head to Lorcan Kell's territory?
[OOC] Garrett‘: yes
Zane: "Be careful. If we know where he is, Porter might as well."
Gerald: "He did mention getting stabbed and smelling like oil, so probably, yeah."
Aleith|DM: Okay, Team Garrett takes a carriage and heads towards eastern Parity Lake, where some of the slightly better-off factory workers live. It’s still a seedy neighbourhood.
Aleith|DM: As you're stopped at an intersection, someone knocks on the carriage door.
Garrett‘ uses a handmirror to angle his view. Who is it?
Aleith|DM: He’s a bit scruffy, and a lot shady.
Aleith|DM: Not someone you know, but looks like he's a street rat.
Gerald‘ unslings his shotgun, rests it on his lap, nods to Garrett.
Garrett` cracks the window. "Help you, lad?"
Aleith|DM: The guy asks, "you’re the ones looking for Dr. Wolfgang, right?"
Phyllis: "Who? And who said we would be?"
Garrett‘ immediately scans the background for anyone else gathering about.
Guild Member: "Look, I’m from Kell. I can take you Wolfgang's location."
Aleith|DM: It's obvious there are other eyes on you since you entered the neighbourhood.
Gerald: "What's the catch, we don't mess with anything else?"
Guild Member: "Something like that."
Gerald: "Sounds fair to me."
Garrett: "Works for us."
Phyllis: "Fair enough. I'll defer to you while we're here." She nods to Garrett.
Garrett: "Hop in and give the driver his way."
Guild Member: "Alright. I'll let your driver know the way," he says, before getting in.
Aleith|DM: The carriage takes you into the heart of the area. Then, just before you turn onto a new you hear angry threats, a man’s grunt of pain, and a woman scream. A hundred feet down the side road sits a stopped carriage, its driver reeling on the ground from an apparent blow to the head, its single horse nervous. A woman kneels over the driver, screaming "Someone stop them!" and pointing down the street. Two thugs wearing bright red scarves look over their shoulder as they sprint away.
Gerald: "That uh something we're ignoring or…?" To their escort.
Aleith|DM: He just shrugs.
Aleith|DM: The woman shouts, "they kidnapped my baby! Stop them!"
Garrett‘ sighs. "Gonna make me run."
Garrett` bursts from the carriage after them!
Phyllis: "Duty calls." She ambles after Garrett - the best she can with her legs, at least.
Gerald: "Okay we’ll be back in a tick then." Hops out of the carriage after Garrett.
Gerald: "Also I feel like."
Gerald: "This is almost definitely a set up,"
Gerald: "But whatever."
Aleith|DM: You chase the thieves, and they duck into an alley right as you turn another corner. They manage to stay just ahead of you, opening a door into a building before dashing inside.
Garrett‘ draws his knife before dashing inside.
Phyllis nods at Gerald, slowing down near the doorway to take a look around.
Gerald: "SERIOUSLY THOUGH STOP RUNNING." Gerald fires off a warning shot into the ground as they enter. Can’t imagine they're used to getting shot at with as poor as they are, one of 'em'll probably yelp.
Aleith|DM: As you step in, you run past some curtains onto a wooden platform, when-some bright lights flash on, blinding you for a second.
Aleith|DM: When your eyes adjust, you find yourself on a stage in a theatre.
Aleith|DM: In front of you is a large audience.
Gerald: "Uh."
Aleith|DM: Every single one of them is pointing a pistol or crossbow at you.
Gerald: "Hahah. Nice."
Garrett‘ points his dagger right back.
Aleith|DM: From a box seat up top comes some applause.
Aleith|DM: The man in the box stands up. From various reports, you recognize him as Lorcan Kell.
Kell: "Welcome to my Theatre of Scoundrels, constables."
Gerald: "Hello!"
Garrett: "Nice of you to have us."
Garrett: "Where’s Doctor Wolfgang?"
Phyllis: "Evening."
Gerald‘ shoves another slug into his gun before slinging it back over his shoulder.
Kell: "Now, why don’t you come up and join me, then we'll get down to business."
Gerald‘ hops down off the stage and heads towards the box, not paying the crossbows and pistols much mind.
Aleith|DM: A couple of the audience nod in the direction to the stairs as they keep their firearms trained on you.
Phyllis: "Sure. Promise not to riddle us with lead if our friend here lowers his aim?"
Garrett` sheathes his dagger and likewise casually hops down and towards the stairs.
Kell: "Provided you don’t try anything funny, of course. If I wanted you dead, it would have already happened."
[OOC] Garrett: are the guys we chased also in the audience
Aleith|DM: Yep.
Garrett‘ specifically points at the two of them as he passes, then taps his temples.
Aleith|DM: They just grin back at you.
Aleith|DM: As you head towards the box, Kell asks for some of his men to perform a comedy.
Phyllis: "Yeah. And we aren’t really … after anyone here."
Phyllis: "The doctor has a mutual enemy."
Aleith|DM: In the box, Kell is seated and eating a sandwich. "And that's for the better, really."
Phyllis: "Of ours. I guess."
Aleith|DM: He's got a bit of an ugly mug, but he's well-dressed, including a suit and top hat.
Gerald‘ plops down into a seat. "Nice duds."
Phyllis: "… Really glad Ernst isn’t here, for that matter."
Gerald: "Yup."
Kell: "Thank you. It's good to meet someone who can appreciate a nice suit. My men are sitting on that northerner doctor, and we're looking for a way to make a profit on him. I can have my men lead you to Wolfgang for the low price of 1,000 gold pieces. Then you can have him with no resistance from my guild members."
Phyllis: "Eh."
Kell: "Ah, Mr. Gohin? I'd call him a momma's boy, but he's not even her kid, so…"
Gerald‘ scratches at the side of his face. "I wonder if we can write that off as a business expense."
Garrett: "Even so, 1000?"
Garrett: "He’s not even the killer. He isn't worth -that- much."
Phyllis glances over at Garrett. "Do you think we'd actually have information to extract from him? Or is his only use as bait for our real quarry?"
Garrett: "The latter, really."
Phyllis: "And it doesn't matter whose hands he's in for that."
Aleith|DM: Kell glances at you. "Your armour," he points at Gerald, then Phyllis, "and your necklace should cover the price adequately."
Gerald‘ frowns, leans back, then forward, rocks from side to side in consideration.
Phyllis smirks. "Though I don’t think our friend here is in the mood to hear a 'no.'"
Garrett: "No deal, Kell. Have fun with Daenorian saboteurs, next."
Aleith|DM: Up on stage, a docker stumbles onto the stage, drunk.
Aleith|DM: A scandaleously-dressed seductress starts flirting with him.
Aleith|DM: She makes a show of picking his pocket while he's distracted by her advances.
Gerald: "Yeah I'm not really in a hurry to hand over magic armor if I'm expecting to need to go toe to toe with that weird shadow blob vampire guy."
Aleith|DM: Another thief walks up onto the stage, pretending to be a jealous boyfriend, and starts chasing the docker around.
Phyllis shrugs. "I get the hint, at least."
Phyllis: "If they won't comply, what else can I give besides the amulet?"
Phyllis: "A small favor in the future?"
Kell: "As long as I get the thousand gold, I don't really care. Those together just add up to the right amount."
Aleith|DM: The grabs various props lying around-a wooden sword, a cushion, a squeaky hammer, amongst others-and hits the drunk as he acusses him of trying to steal his girl.
Kell: "I don't think a 'small' favour would cut it."
Aleith|DM: The drunk stumbles and trips on the stage, and both the thief and the woman start kicking him.
Kell: "Look, if you pay up, they'll let the man go. If not, well…"
Phyllis: "I think you're overestimating how much he's worth to us. And what, you'll kill him? Or just keep him locked up?"
Kell: "Oh, no, I was talking about the poor sod on stage. The doctor's fine."
Kell: "The doctor and I have an agreement."
Garrett: "Oh!"
Garrett: "Even better."
Phyllis: "Like the harlot and her accomplice on-stage, I suppose."
Aleith|DM: He shrugs.
Gerald: "What's with you and the Doc anyway? He one of your smugglers?"
Kell: "Nah. He just came to us to hide him and arrange transport to Ber. You heard he was trying to get a passport, I'm sure. If he can't get there legally, then…"
Kell: "It's just costly. And your offer would be more than his, so…"
Gerald‘ nods.
Phyllis: "If it’ll keep him safe from his pursuer, sure. But the idiot left a literal paper trail. What'd you need documents on Danoran assets for?"
Kell: "I don't care about some documents."
Kell: "It's all about the gold."
Gerald: "Hmm."
Garrett: "We'll have a bake sale."
Kell: "He hid them or something anyway."
Phyllis: "Assets."
Gerald‘ glances at Garrett. Still not biting, right?
Garrett` shakes his head. Not biting, but he’s got a glint in his eye.
Aleith|DM: The docker's looking pretty bad.
Kell: "So, what? Deal or no deal?"
[OOC] Phyllis: wait is he extorting us for the doctor or the docker
Aleith|DM: Both?
[OOC] Zane: the docker, apparently
Aleith|DM: THe docker's a bonus
[OOC] Garrett: can we back up a bit
[OOC] Garrett: is this guy actually getting his ass thrashed on stage
Aleith|DM: Yep.
Aleith|DM: It's not an act.
[OOC] Phyllis: you sold it like some punch and judy show gosh
[OOC] Garrett: ^
Aleith|DM: Well, that's the base for it.
Aleith|DM: IT's just a bit more…real.
[OOC] Zane: yeah it started out funny and now this dude is getting curb stomped. So still kinda funny…?
Garrett: "No deal. And I insist on taking out the trash." He nods toward the stage.
Kell: "Alright, fine. Get out. You can take the slob with you if you want." The woman gives him a last vicious kick, and sounds like his arm just broke.
Gerald: "We'd definitely have to care if you killed him, yeah."
Garrett‘ heads back down from the box to the stage, nods at one of the others to help him with the guy.
Kell: "Can’t have that with constables in the house, of course."
Gerald: "Sorry the deal didn't pan out! But at least this way no one in the biz'll think you're the sort of guy that rolls over on a job you accepted, so it kinda works out for you anyway." A friendly smile.
Aleith|DM: He smirks back. "Good luck finding him!"
Gerald: "Thanks! Keep safe out there." He goes to help Garrett‘.
Phyllis: "Not after him if you’ve taken care of him. Though - "
Phyllis: "Garrett, Gerald, if our man comes as a higher bidder."
Gerald: "Hmm…"
Aleith|DM: The crossbows and firearms come back up as you step off the stairs from the box, but you're able to get the docker out without any further trouble and take him back to your carriage.
Gerald: "I see where you're coming from, but, like, still kinda reluctant to hand over the stuff keeper porter from killing me."
Garrett: "Eh well… " Back in the carriage, he goes. "The thing is… the bit about 'he's not really worth all that much to us' is more or less true."
Phyllis: "Kell just cares about the gold. The doctor probably just made arrangements to be smuggled. Our quarry cares about the doctor and probably has gold to spare."
Phyllis: "Without the doctor, do you think we're letting go of a potential trap?"
Gerald: "Yeah I mean."
Gerald: "I don't care about giving him money, we can write it off, just."
Garrett: "We know a name of where Nilasa told the doctor to go, we know he's trying his damnest to get to Ber."
Gerald‘ scratches at the back of his head. "If you think it’d be the best course of action I guess I could hand it over though…?" To Phyllis.
Phyllis: "It's the principle of the matter, yeah? And as Garrett points out, we've got other avenues to explore."
Garrett: "Also I didn't really just save this guy because it's the right thing to do-"
Garrett: "Dockers are pretty good at spreading word around."
Garrett: "We just have to make the doctor a better offer."
Garrett: "Let's get him a -real- passport, one that holds up, and official transportation."
Phyllis winces. "…we should probably get this guy -to- a doctor, as well. That arm needs attention."
Garrett: "Oh, yes, right." He sticks his head out to the carriage driver, 'Triage care,' he says.
Phyllis: "But I like your plan better."
Aleith|DM: The doctor nods, and heads for the nearest clinic.
Garrett: "I guess we better get to work on that paperwork tonight, then."
Aleith|DM: I mean, the arm's the worst of it, but he's got a bunch of bruises and cuts on him, too.
Aleith|DM: Okay, Chandra, Ernst, Zane. You head into Parity Lake towards Sechim's Alkahest & Etchings. It's right near the shoreline, with a short dock behind it. This whole section of lake-side factories all contribute to Risuri military and naval resources, and many of them have a few scattered protestors in front-mostly because it's getting late. There's more during the day. Heward's is the only one not being protested.
Garrett: "And be ready to be around when our friend here sobers up."
Aleith|DM: If you do wait around, the docker was just pulled off the street and doesn't really know what happened, and is super confused.
Ernst makes his way through the district. He knows his way around well enough. "Gotta love the new industrial age, eh?"
Garrett‘ will wait around for/with the guy. Because he doesn’t really care for paperwork.
Zane strolls along, taking in the local flavor. "It is fascinating."
Chandrasekhar: "Things are not what they could be."
Zane: "So I think Porter is some kind of weird inverse golem. Just putting that out there."
Chandrasekhar: "That seems likely."
Aleith|DM: There's a few guards outside each of the factories, but it looks like the ones in front of Sechim's are actually there for security, and not to keep out protestors like the others.
Chandrasekhar: "How do you stop a weird inverse golem? The usual methods?"
Ernst waves down a guard asking them if Sechim is in. He obviously shows his badge.
Aleith|DM: The man looks at it breifly before giving a sharp nod and heading inside. He comes back out a moment later offering to show you to the man.
Ernst: "How does an inverse golem differ from a golem exactly?"
Zane: "With a golem, you take a bunch of metal, do some magic, and shove a bunch of souls inside, right?"
Zane: "With Porter I think he took a person, did a bunch of magic, and shoved a bunch of metal inside."
Zane: "Hence the burning machine oil blood."
Chandrasekhar makes a hilariously yucked out face at Zane for a split second. "Wh…"
Ernst: "Kind of fucked up, but I should be prepared for anything."
Zane: "Well, his medical focus was anatomy. His magical focus was lightning. And the body runs on electricity."
Zane: "Like, your nerves and brain."
Zane: "Bzzt."
Aleith|DM: The guard leads you to an area on the main floor sectioned off by a low wall. Heward Sechim comes out after a minute. "Sorry, I just had to wash my hands first. Was busy doing some trials and don't want to get anything on you. I'm Heward Sechim. How can I help you, constables?"
Ernst: "We're here to talk to you about Nilisa. She's a worker who lives here, correct?"
Heward: "Yes, she does. One of first employees, actually, since I opened five years ago. Is something wrong?"
Ernst glances at the others not entirely sure if he should tell him that she was dead or not.
Zane: "Unfortunately there has been an incident, and she has passed away. We're looking into the events surrounding her death and wound up here, since this is her de facto home."
Aleith|DM: Heward grimaces, then nods. "My uncle warned me about this."
Zane: "Oh?"
Chandrasekhar watches his face for grief- or for fear.
Heward: "My uncle's a skyseer. He's getting on in years and doesn't have many visions anymore, but just last week he told me that 'an adopted daughter will blindly ride the wind to her demise."
Zane: "That is uncomfortably accurate."
Chandrasekhar: "I'm sorry for your loss."
Heward: "I knew her getting involved with Gale would lead her into trouble."
Zane: "What can you tell us about that?"
Aleith|DM: He grimaces again. "Nilasa had been trying for years to befriend the fey terrorists and, more recently, Gale. I blame myself, because she listened to me a bit too much when I would talk about how how horribly the other factory owners treated their workers."
Heward: "I just wanted to instill a sense of pride and alligience in my worksers, but I think Nilasa wanted to punish the harsher owners."
Chandrasekhar: "…don't blame yourself. You are trying to do the right thing for the city's people."
Zane: "Well, you certainly do seem to hold yourself to a higher standard in that regard."
Aleith|DM: He sighs. "I cared too much for her to try reporting her."
Chandrasekhar: "Did she speak to you about her goals, or their plans?"
Ernst: "It's not cheap to run a factory like you do. How can you manage the budget running so differently from everyone else?"
Heward: "I try. They're all just trying to make their own way in life, right? My uncle made a challenge to me to start my own factory and see if I could run it better than the others."
Heward: "He's the one that put up the costs for starting my business."
Ernst: "Your uncle, does he know Gale personally?"
Heward: "The acids and etching business is pretty profitable, since the materials are dangerous to work with. I could make better profits if I cuts corners in the factory, but I couldn't do something like that."
Zane nods. "I commend your standards, from what I have seen so far. I will see if we can't steer a little more work your way."
Heward: "Uncle Neward lives in a henge in the Cloudwood. I'd actually like you to speak with him. He has the respect of radicals like Gale, but he's not violent, and maybe he could arrange a peaceful meeting between you and Gale."
Heward: "I hope that could prevent any other misguided kids from getting themselves killed."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *Uncle Nevard
Zane: "That would just be… lovely."
Ernst: "And you can confirm on the record that the victim had relations with Gale which likely led to her demise, correct?"
Chandrasekhar: "We would appreciate that. It'll be… better for everyone involved if the current situation de-escalates."
Chandrasekhar: "…Nilisa had a necklace."
Heward: "I can, yes. She's been working closely with them ever since the former Duchess made her attempt last season."
Heward: "Oh? Yeah, the gold one with the canary on it. She got that from the Cloudwood."
Zane: "'Take it to Neward.'"
Chandrasekhar nods.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: *Nevard
[OOC] Zane: whatever! THAT GUY
Ernst glances at Zane and Chandra. "While Gale is definitely our primary case at the moment, I'm not too keen on how the other party has been covering everything up thus far. Gale picked a fight that could turn very bloody very fast."
Chandrasekhar: "I imagine that was the intent, yes." Frowwwn.
Heward: "There are some problems with the factory though. Like the protests around, as you can see. I've increased security in case the neighbours decide to do something about my lack of people outside the door."
Zane nods. "I was thinking much the same." he looks at Heward. "Any idea why she might have been taking papers from the Danoran consulate?"
Heward: "The government's been pushing me to lower my price so they can get arcane etchings for the next Coaltongue-class ship. And there's been some strange men hovering around who might do worse than my neighbours."
Heward: "Wait, papers from the Consulate? That sounds exactly like something Gale would want."
Heward: "It'd make picking targets easier, I'm pretty sure."
Ernst: "If we check out your inventory and ledgers I'm sure we won't find any unregistered acid purchases in there on a cross check, right?" He smiles.
Heward: "No, that's exactly what they wanted me to do. I told them no. You're welcome to go over the books in my office if you'd like."
Zane: "What sort of strange men?"
Ernst: "The sort that would want to purchase off the book alchemy items."
Heward: "They smelled odd. Sort of like scorched engine grease? Wanted to buy a few cases of alkahest without me reporting the sale. Since I sell to the government and it's a hazardous product, I have to account for all of the materials. When I told them no, they got angry, made some heavy allusion to the fires that have been striking around the district, and left, saying they'd be back."
Zane: "…"
Ernst: "…"
Zane: "Son of a bitch made more than one."
Heward: "They headed south aftewards, toward the Nettles? I had a couple workers follow them, just in case, but that's as far as they were able to follow them."
Chandrasekhar: "…good time to beef up your security. Good to know."
Zane: "Mr Heward, I strongly advise you to increase your security even more. As you seem to be one of the few employers that acts with ingreity, I would be very upset of something bad should happen to you or your business."
Heward: "I'll keep that in mind, constable. I'd hate for that too."
Chandrasekhar: "Might be able to get some extra patrols to pass through here as well."
Zane nods. "Speaking of which. There was an incident a while back, Nilisa was picked up in a raid, and you paid her bail…"
Ernst glances at Zane. "I'm assuming we're going to go to the cloudswood and meet with the skyseer in the morning so we can organize a meeting with Gale. Tonight though we should definitely see if we can get someone to keep an eye on the factory district though."
Aleith|DM: Heward grimaces again. "Yeah, that. Also last week. She was hanging with a couple of her, uh, former associates when they raided the place and arrested the both of them."
Zane: "Former associates? The terrorists?"
Aleith|DM: Heward shakes his head. "She got into a bit more direct trouble in the past, though that stopped a couple years ago. Though really she just went from criminal to terrorist… She's told me about her past, how she was involved in some…what's the word…petty larceny and cons?"
Heward: "Ford and Travis said she didn't have anything to do with them though, so she's got a minor hearing scheduled…had."
Zane: "Ford and Travis?"
Heward: "The two that were actually arrested."
Zane: "I see."
[OOC] Aleith|DM: mentioned on the criminal file Ernst of course hasn't shown you
Ernst: "Right. Can you take us to her room? I'd like to have a look around it. No need to show us the ledgers, I trust that you're a man of integrity."
Aleith|DM: Heward nods. "Sure." He guides you upstairs, then shows you to one of the rooms up there.
Aleith|DM: It's a small room, but looking through it, there's not much to find: just some clothes, incidental money, and a lesson book for learning Elvish.
Aleith|DM: You can roll Perception if you like.
Zane rolled d20+1 and got 3 ( Total: 4 )
Ernst rolled d20+8 and got 14 ( Total: 22 )
[OOC] Zane: hot damn y'all. She had clothes and shit… she musta lived here!!!
[OOC] Zane: *gonna be detective in no time*
[OOC] Ernst: *Thumbs up*
Chandrasekhar rolled d20+3 and got 2 ( Total: 5 )
Aleith|DM: Looks like there really isn't much here.
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: she had clothes… and… and also CLOTHES. oh my GOSH.
Ernst nods. "Right. Nothing to see here. We'll let the city know to keep an eye on the factories in your area. How will we contact your uncle?"
Heward: "Best to meet him in the Cloudwood. He receives visitors hoping for visions, so it's not that odd. I'll give you directions to his henge."
Zane: "Much obliged."
Heward: "He's really getting on in years. I'm worried he won't live for much longer, and I hope you hurry. If he dies, your best chance at reconciliation with the terrorists probably dies with him," he says sadly.
Ernst deadpans with a flat stare. "You're suggesting your uncle is so old that he can't wait until tomorrow for a meeting in the cloudswood and we have to traverse the forest tonight?"
Ernst: "In the dark?"
Zane: "yes, yes, Ernst. You need your beauty sleep. We understand."
Heward: "No, not that old. But his health is bad."
Heward: "It's definitely better to go in the woods during the day."
Zane: "And with friends."
Chandrasekhar: "Hmph. You just need to know how to get the monsters that lurk in the dark off your trail." Is he joking???
Aleith|DM: He nods. "There's brigands in the woods, too, so be careful. But if you do run into them, try and tell them I sent you to go speak with my uncle."
Zane grins at Singh. "I dont have to outrun the jabberwocky. Just the slowest of my friends."
Ernst smiles back. "Did you see me book it to that control panel at the wall? I'm pretty fast."
Phyllis sneezes, from afar.
[OOC] Phyllis: curse you, dwarf 5 speed :(
[OOC] Aleith|DM: it's those short, stubby legs
Zane: "It was very impressive, yeah. Anyway, I think we have bothered Mr. Heward enough. Tomorrow, 9 AM, at the station."
Ernst: "At any rate thank you for your time."
Ernst: "Yes."
Ernst nods to the others. "Let the others know if you see them."
Heward: "And a good night to you, constables. I'll talk to my security company."
Zane: "Also what was the address of that boat? Do one of you have the paper on that?"
Aleith|DM: It's a deed of ownership, but no address is listed.
Aleith|DM: The closest thing is the Danoran Consulate's seal.
[OOC] Zane: Useless. Unless you have a contact that runs the ports… :O
Aleith|DM: Well, I guess if you swing by his place tonight….there'll be a letter waiting for you on your desk tomorrow morning.
[OOC] Zane: yuss
Aleith|DM: -End Session 2 of The Dying Skyseer-

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