Zg Session 05

Aleith|DM: As the scene comes back into focus, we have some wounded constables, a hand-cuffed duchess, an unconcious eladrin, a trembling tiefling, and an ongoing battle outside.
Zane seems to be in almost physical discomfort at this whole 'no killing the helpless traitor to the crown' thing. But he'll live. As will the prisoner, sadly.
Gerald‘ is pretty sure Garrett is cuffing the unconscious Eladrin, too. Sort of makes way to a window and out it while talking to the tiefling. "So uh do you know umm… what was her name again?"
Chandrasekhar is glaring daggers himself, but he has his own reasons for wanting to make sure she makes it back to Risur alive.
Nathan: (The Duchess called him Nathan) "Do you mean Kasvarina Varal? Not really, just that she visited here before."
Ernst clutches at his side. "Geeze. I seriously thought that asshole was going to finish me off there. Good thing he missed."
Phyllis: "No, no, Lya Jierre, I think."
Zane: "What no I d- Oh. Him. Right, yes."
Gerald: "No uh, the Commander Lady that liked the dumb logic puzle."
Gerald: "Yeah! Her."
Nathan: "Lya? My cousin?"
Phyllis: "Please excuse our friend; he’s good with firearms but not so much with object permanence."
Nathan: "Why do you ask?"
Zane: "Well, shit. I thought we'd find you in the prison."
Gerald: "Oh, she asked to make sure we found you and kept you safe!"
Nathan: "Oh, okay. Um…" He glances at the Duchess. "Can you take me with you? I probably don't want to go home. Can't go home."
Nathan: "IkindagavetheDuchesstheteleportkey."
Zane: "…"
Aleith|DM: Yes, he does say it that fast.
Zane: "You should probably take it back while she's handcuffed, then?"
Nathan: "It's the inscription for the circle, not a physical key. Not a caster, I take it?"
Gerald: "Hahah wow."
Chandrasekhar: "Hm. Where does that teleporter -go-, anyways?"
Nathan looks at Phyllis. She seems smart. "It's a key for a Linked Portal ritual."
Zane: "What gave it away? The tusks? The armor? The obvious ignorance of all things mystical?"
Gerald: "But uh we kinda told your cousin we'd find you for her so she wouldn't start a war so…" Gerald gestures vaguely, watching the battle outside. Pauses, shouts. "YOU GUYS KNOW WE HAVE THE DUCHESS IN CUSTODY RIGHT? REBELLION'S OVER."
Phyllis: "I'm sure you had your reasons."
Chandrasekhar: "You should probably come with us anyways, yes."
Ethelyn: "You should probably bring me to the roof first and actually shout that where people can hear you."
Zane: "… Yes, lets do that…"
Nathan: "They were building weapons here! In some of the factories in the villages. I was hoping to stop another war. I didn't know she'd invade herself…"
Chandrasekhar gives Zane a Look.
Gerald: "No kicking defenseless people off roofs, Zane!" Puts two fingers to his eyes, then points the at the half orc.
Gerald‘ starts heading up the rest of the tower.
Phyllis: "Do I need to summon Tenser’s Floating Disc to play goalkeeper with him, Gerald?"
Zane smiles innocently at Singh. And then, "Gerald you dont kick them off of roofs. You get way more distance and control if you push."
Chandrasekhar: "Mmm… now the question becomes, who within Danor ordered -that-. I don't suppose either of you know."
Gerald: "Huh is that really a concern if you're just concerned with them going splat?"
Gerald: "Maybe if you were aiming for a target…"
Zane: "Absolutely. Gotta control your landing zone. They might hit a bush and survive."
Gerald: "Oh! I guess that would be a concern here yeah."
Nathan: "Uh, not really, no. I just researched things."
Nathan: "But it's a pretty big project."
Ethelyn: "We hadn't had a whole lot of time to sift through things yet."
Phyllis: "Curious."
Zane: "Wait. Who was building weapons? Your cousin?"
Zane has been distracted with trajectory and physics.
Phyllis peers down at Ethelyn. "Given your brother's news."
Nathan: "The factories were building them. Probably ordered by my uncle or someone he knows?"
Chandrasekhar: "Someone within Danor ordered weapons to be constructed here. Ethelyn… thought she was saving Risur by attempting to gain control then preemptively attacking here."
Chandrasekhar: "As far as I can tell."
Gerald: "And yeah someone should bring her up with me so they know to stop killing each other down there, walk and talk people, walk and talk!"
Ethelyn: "I was trying to find evidence that supported Nathan's claims, yes. Since the first move didn't go as planned."
Zane gleefully hoists the prisoner. "Alright then."
Aleith|DM: The stairs in the southwest lead to the roof. Nathan unlocks the door leading to it.
Zane: "I like this guy, he's a helper."
Zane marches up to the roof.
Chandrasekhar shakes his head, stopping himself from making a -series- of choice remarks to Ethelyn. Too busy making sure Zane doesn't huck her over the edge, you know?
Phyllis … just starts preparing Tenser's Floating Disc down below.
Gerald: "Yeah trying to blow up a boat with lots of officals on it probably wasn't the best starting move to defusing a potential war." Gerald nods, then dashes up the stairs
Chandrasekhar: "So who's your uncle, again?"
Zane: "I have a casual interest in war. What sort of stuff were you researching?"
Nathan: "Sovreign Han Jierre."
Phyllis shakes her head and goes upstairs so she can at least converse while preparing this.
Nathan brightens up at the question. "So you know how Skyseers and others long ago noted how the planets affect major types of elemental magic?"
Zane: "I do now."
Nathan: "We were tracking an unusual interaction. What magic is affected by much more distant stars."
Zane: "Mm. How'd it turn out so far?"
Chandrasekhar listens in with interest. Not his field, but it's still rather interesting.
Nathan: "The one I was focusing on is a bright blue one. There's a glass case downstairs with a frog from there."
Zane: "… You brought a frog? From another star?"
Nathan: "Haven't found out too much, to be honest."
Gerald: "Woooooooaaaaahhhh."
Nathan: "Well…more like it found us. The island's…weird."
Phyllis: "I brought some water on the hem of my robes."
Chandrasekhar: "…isn't that rather impossible? Or- oh! Yes. This island."
Zane: "Oh, OK. Yeah, we've done the swamp thing."
Gerald: "Wait, you mean we were on another star and not hallucinating illusions??"
Phyllis: "From what I presume was the same star."
Nathan: "The fortress is fine since it has a lot of iron, but most of the island isn't. Strange planar pockets appearing and such."
Phyllis: "… how many times do I need to repeat myself, Gerald? Planar. Influences."
Gerald: "Neato. Wait I thought that was impossible though?"
Phyllis: "We noticed. One of them caused a cave-in on the advance party."
Chandrasekhar: "To be fair, planar influences aren't supposed to work that way."
Gerald: "Aren't you only supposed to be able to get into the feyland and uh… the… dark one?"
Phyllis: "It's only impossible for sustained periods of time."
Gerald: "Oh."
Nathan: "5 minutes at most, and only within the system."
Nathan: "You shouldn't be able to travel to the distant stars like that."
Ernst glances out of the nearest window and watches the situation outside.
Phyllis: "Oh. … <span style="font-weight: bold" >Oh.</span>"
Nathan: "Well, have them appear here, anyway. I know the island's on the edge of the wild magic zone from the Malice Lands, but…"
Nathan: "We're still trying to figure it out?"
Zane: "Well, hopefully that can continue. It sounds neat."
Chandrasekhar: "I've never heard of anything like this. Chalked it up to the island itself having some weird mohya. Can see why you'd have an interest in studying it…"
Zane: "Got any copies of your notes, just in case someone tries to kill you?"
Aleith|DM: Nathan just kinda stares at Zane for a few seconds.
Gerald‘ nods, then runs to the edge of the towers once they reach the roof and starts shouting for people to stop fighting and kinda pointing to the duchess on Zane’s shoulder and what not.
Zane doesn't quite dangle the Duchess over the ledge like a baby. But man is he ever thinking about it.
Chandrasekhar: "Clearly you've never met a student of a war college."
Phyllis assists Gerald, dictating what he says in sparkling letters with some sort of cantrip.
Nathan: "Uh, there should be some downstairs, and I can show you the other labs later."
Zane: "Great!"
Ernst stares at Gerald. "I'm… not sure they can hear you from there let alone see who that i-… ah, yes. That helps." He nods at Phyllis.
Ernst: "You would think they would have given us a flare or something of the sort to save us the trouble of literally shouting from a roof."
Aleith|DM: You do still have another scroll of Pyrotechnics though
Ernst was being sarcastic, yes.
Gerald: "I know, right?"
Aleith|DM: Just being me.
Ernst mutters under his breath before getting to work on the signal flare.
Phyllis instead uses that scroll instead of whipping out cantrips. That might pack more of a punch!
Aleith|DM: The soldiers on the nearby walls notice. Some of them start throwing down weapons, while others start heading towards the keep.
Ernst: "In all seriousness I hope our fighting is done. I'm almost bleeding out."
Gerald: "You can probably do that thing with the urn now."
Phyllis: "I've got enough vitality to spare, if you need to borrow some."
Chandrasekhar: "Let me know if I can help."
Phyllis: "So, Ethelyn."
Phyllis: "Is your brother getting played?"
Zane: "Hey, whats a little blood between team mates?"
Ethelyn: "I certainly hope not. But I don't trust the Danorans. There was a vision from a skyseer which prompted me to action: 'A globe spins on its axis, and a steel ship sets off to war on a sail of shadows. The world passes into night, and blackness grips all of Risur as the stars fall from the sky. The king’s eyes turn a soulless white, and he moves as a puppet, his strings pulled by a man who has already died a thousand times.'"
Ernst spends the next while patching himself and anyone else up to working condition. He's half paying attention to the conversation but he hasn't found much need to chip in yet.
Ethelyn: "I've tried to convince him to go back to the old ways but he won't listen."
Zane: "Well, OK, yes. Blindly trusting the Danorans, no offense Nathan, is goddamn stupid."
Zane: "That being said."
Ethelyn: "Asrabey even told me the Unseen Court would view Risur as an enemy if we made an alliance with Danor."
Phyllis: "So is trusting a skyseer, at least in these times."
Ethelyn: "I figured I would rather betray my country than my nation's history."
my brother
Zane: "Trying to assassinate your brother… almost certainly *more* stupid."
Chandrasekhar makes a note of all of that. He's seen too much to be skeptical of Skyseer prophecies, although it's all in the interpretation. "Ah yes, because the Court is so fond of speaking with one voice."
Gerald: "I heard their gate keeper has like a hundred mouths and none of them agree on anything!"
Ethenlyn: "They all revile technology though. It physically bothers them. And what is Danor but technology?"
Ernst: "I always figured most of their prophecies were bogus. And yet here we are using them as a foundation."
Gerald: "Technology is super cool though."
Chandrasekhar shakes his head in disappointment. "There's no 'going back to the old ways' at this point. It's impossible. And besides, doing that would be letting Danor rule our actions just as much as blindly responding to a threat."
Zane: "Well, they are creatures of magic and such. And there is an awful lot of cold iron involved in machines. So… yes obviously they would in general dislike it."
Chandrasekhar: "Nobody has even tried to explain to the Court what technology even -is-. Do you think cold iron and the widening gyre make -me- feel comfortable?"
Gerald: "What's a gyre?"
Zane: "I kinda do, yeah. Wearing all that armor makes you a total hardass."
Chandrasekhar: "I am able to look past my fear, because I have walked without and seen what things are. The Court… has not. I do not blame them for their ignorance, and nor do I seek to gain from it."
Chandrasekhar: "Setting them against Danor is a short-sighted, human thing to do." Beat, glance around. "No offense intended."
Zane: "Only half taken."
Phyllis: "None taken."
Chandrasekhar glances at Gerald and makes a turny spinny gesture with his hands. "Wheel, gear, gyre. They're…" -and he just makes a hilariously disproportionate ick face.
Garrett: "Are we casually insulting the mortal-plane bound? Because I have some jokes that don't translate well."
Zane: "Do the punchlines really knock 'em dead?"
Gerald: "…What's wrong with wheels? They're pretty cool too."
Garrett: "Yeah well it's never a good idea to wander in the woods on feyweed."
Garrett: "But the joke requires it, so…"
Chandrasekhar: "It is a Fey… thing, I suppose. It is hard to explain."
Zane: "I wouldn't even get out of bed, much less wander the woods."
Phyllis: "Anyway. It's all in interpretation, right?"
Chandrasekhar: "Now we know to look for a man who has already died a thousand times, at least."
Phyllis: "… Nathan, was there an orb that your research had anything to do with? And is it important for someone to retrieve it?"
Zane: "Pick a coward, any coward."
Nathan: "An…orb?"
Nathan: "Other than the shapes of the planets, not that I know of."
Phyllis: "Hm. In our pursuit of Asrabey, he seems to have been able to channel travel to your distant star through the use of one."
Nathan: "Oh, that. I don't think that was the same star. It seemed like a different plane. But I think he used an immurement."
Ethelyn: "It looked like a fragment of the Dreaming, actually."
Phyllis: "Different frogs, then?"
Phyllis: "They cause enough problems as it is, let alone just taxonomy or astronomy…"
Garrett‘ blankly stares at Phyllis.
Nathan: "There were some weird pockets in the fragment, but I think that has to do with Axis Island."
Zane: "Speaking of. How come he wanted to kill you?"
Zane addressed the Duchess again.
Ethelyn: "The Unseen Court didn’t agree with me trying to assassinate the king."
Garrett‘ kind of gives a surprised look.
Ethelyn: "And didn’t want to be associated with that. Killing me would send the message that they disapproved."
Chandrasekhar makes a 'like I said' gesture.
Garrett: "This is a real loop of emotions, here."
Phyllis: "But they also didn't want a potential alliance between Risur and Danor."
Chandrasekhar: "It is almost like the Court does not appreciate being used as a game-piece in human politics. Imagine that."
Garrett: "Nobody -likes- it but it happens anyway. Taking it so personal."
Zane: "Yeah, it sucks being put on the same playing field as everyone else."
Chandrasekhar: "In any event, there are clearly factions within Danor and the Court just as clearly as there are factions within Risur itself. I am not sure why this is such a surprise."
Gerald: "'Cause rich people always think they're right, duh."
Chandrasekhar: "Some within the Court were clearly receptive to her suggestions. Others-" -and he gestures at Asrabey- "-were not."
Gerald‘ leans over the side of the tower, still just kinda watching things. "Oh, we should… probably go meet back up with the Commander, huh?"
Garrett: "Next you’re going to try and convince us that people are dumb, stupid, panicky animals but a person is smart."
Aleith|DM: It takes a couple of hours, but eventually the army manages to finish surpressing the Duchess' forces and finish rounding them up and start transporting back to the ships to take them back. Captain Smith meets you to help take custody of the Duchess and Asrabey, and offers you some cigars if you want one.
Zane: "Only the occasional person, Garrett."
Smith: "That was gutsy back there. When you went off after that Eladrin I didn't think you'd follow him through the enemy forces."
Gerald: "Well, I mean."
Gerald: "You guys said to take her alive, he wanted her dead so…"
Garrett: "Hey, if we hadn't…"
Aleith|DM: Nathan has started gathering up his notes with a small escort of guards.
Chandrasekhar looks at Garrett and grins out of the corner of his mouth.
Phyllis shrugs. "Who else would?"
Smith: "True. Good job. Looks like you got roughed up a bit but not too bad."
Gerald‘ takes one of the cigars, kinda inspecting it. Don’t see a lot of these down in the slums!
Zane chews on the cigar. "Not gonna lie, I wanted to hang back. But I couldn't let them go in without me."
Garrett‘ will take a cigar, smells it, all those faux moves that people do when they look like they know what they’re doing. Does Garrett? Who knows…
Smith: "Hanging back would have been the smart decision, to be honest. But sometimes you have to go with your gut."
Smith: "Some talk about a hole opening in the wall, full of jungle? Limited time frame? You guys are kinda crazy running through that."
Garrett: "Figured it was like Passwall, just more jungle-y."
Smith: "True enough."
Chandrasekhar doesn't know what to do with things that don't give you weird mohya dreams, will politely decline. "Mmm. The smart decision is the decision that wins. That said, things did get rather strange."
Phyllis: "In effect."
Smith: "Sadly we only have several hours before the Danorans want the island back, so we're not gonna be able to look around much. Most of the army's occupied getting everything back on board ready to leave. Just some papers and the words of the captured forces to go by."
Garrett‘ nods. "Right. There’s just a little bit I want to see south of here. Bunch of spirits."
Smith: "What're we doing with Jierre, by the way? Giving him back to his cousin, or letting him turncoat?"
Zane: "Well I mean, he did ask for political asylum."
Garrett: "Whatever won't provoke a war, I say."
Gerald: "Uhh. I duno, is that really even our call?"
Smith: "It is, actually."
Garrett: "If she just get put off but doesn't fight it, then I guess we can put him up for a few nights."
Chandrasekhar: "I imagine his cousin will understand if he needs to take a few days to recover from his ordeals in our protection."
Chandrasekhar: "She seems an agreeable sort."
Garrett: "Otherwise…?" He shrugs. "Don't feel strongly one way or the other."
Zane: "Yeah, I'll talk to her."
Gerald: "Well, we should let her know we rescued him at the very least."
Smith: "Okay. As long as you know it won't be a few days. He'd probably get put on trial back in Danor."
Chandrasekhar: "Mm, yes."
Garrett: "There's that 'don't feel,' bit."
Chandrasekhar: "Oh, the 'few days' is just to try and figure out what his cousin will want from us in exchange for his asylum not causing an international incident."
Smith: "Yep. You want an escort when you head out? We can get a small squad for you."
Chandrasekhar: "Hopefully it won't be that big of a deal."
Smith: "Hopefully."
Garrett‘ nods.
Ernst: "We took out over fifty men when we sent that beacon on the wall. I think we’re good."
Zane: "It's important not to rush a fortified position through zero cover, yeah."
Garrett: "They thought they were dealing with a sofa fort."
Garrett: "They were right… but."
Smith: "And you had a fortified position to hide in."
Zane: "Sturdy sofas."
Smith: "If you don't want an escort, you don't have to take it. Figured I would offer."
Gerald: "I figured we were probably getting a ride back with you guys anyway…?"
Phyllis: "We'll take it. They're just educating the cocky upstart about false confidence."
Zane: "Likewise."
Gerald: "I didn't bring my own boat, anyway!"
Smith: "Oh, the Impossible will be waiting. Just be back by sundown. That's when our time runs out."
Smith: "I'll round up a few men."
Garrett: "Right, right." He begins to make his way out of the fort.
Zane: "Sunset, you got it."
Aleith|DM: A Sergeant Glassman and 5 other troops meet you on the way out with some supplies, including some breakfast to eat on the road.
[OOC] Aleith|DM: http://i.imgur.com/ahOrBL4.jpg
Aleith|DM: Where to?
Gerald: "Oh man, good call on the foodstuff, thanks!"
Zane tucks into breakfast with relish. "Thanks."
[OOC] Gerald: hachi wanted to go to the mass grave pit
[OOC] Garrett: I, personally, am at least going to the wooded area to the SW of the fort, where I sensed all those voices
[OOC] Phyllis: nothin' better to do than follow garrett
Aleith|DM: Heading back there takes about half an hour before you come around the area. There's no voices or other strange noises at the moment, but there's some large tracks meandering through the area.
Garrett: "Hmm…"
Garrett: "Should have been around here, unless our timing is just really bad."
Zane obviously has to watch Garretts back.
Aleith|DM: Looks like something bipedal, but the feet are considerably larger than the size of a man's.
Aleith|DM: Going to track it, or leave off?
Garrett‘ gonna follow it a bit yeah.
Aleith|DM: The trail’s not hard to follow, and after about 15 minutes you hear the metallic grindinng and thumping footsteps again. As well as the voices, Garrett.
Garrett‘ grits his teeth. "Well, if nothin’ else, this'll make a more detailed report." He continues to follow- carefully.
Aleith|DM: Approacing closer, you find a huge iron golem lumbering through the woods, missing its head, and leaking some kind of black oil with motes of white light floating inside it.
Aleith|DM: The head seems to be missing from a combination of magical rust and an explosion.
Garrett‘ tries to focus his listening. Are the voices coming from the golem?
Aleith|DM: They certainly are.
Aleith|DM: At least a few dozen.
Phyllis: "(Garrett… Are you, um, satisfied?)"
Garrett: "(Yeah… nothin’ I can do about the sods, now.)"
Garrett: "(Let the Danors deal with it.)"
Gerald: "Woah that is super weird."
Aleith|DM: Anything else you want to check out?
Zane: "… We should maybe to untie that guy back at the mine."
[OOC] Zane: *go
Phyllis: "We didn't particularly explore that village before. Probably safer by now?"
Aleith|DM: You're not that far from there, so it takes you another 30 minutes to get back to the mine.
Aleith|DM: The miner glares at you as you approach. "Back to kill me, are you?"
Zane: "Let you free, actually. Kinda the opposite."
Zane cuts the ropes. "Also the Danor military will be here in a few hours, best scarper off to the harbor if you want to catch a ride to Risur with the Navy."
Nicolas: "Why would I do that? I done nothing wrong."
Nicolas: "Appreciate you coming back to let me free first, though."
Zane shrugs. "Makes no difference to me if you stay or go, really. Just giving you the facts."
Garrett: "We won, for the record."
Phyllis: "We were on the same side!"
Zane: "Didnt want you getting forgotten here and left to die."
Chandrasekhar lets Zane and Zane's Grouchy Face handle this one.
Nicolas looks skeptical. But his stomach growls. "…got some food?"
Ernst is still kind of pissed that the guy attacked them in the first place but he stays quiet.
Zane does not have a grouchy face mr 'eternal baby cheeks' over there.
Zane passes him part of a biscuit from breakfast.
Zane: "Aint much, but it'll keep you moving to find your own."
Nicolas: "Thanks. I'll head down to the village if the other Risurans are gone now."
Gerald: "Yup just packin' 'em up to ship 'em out."
Nicolas: "You're not too bad. Sorry for tryin' to kill you and all."
Zane: "Its OK. Not like you managed."
Chandrasekhar heroically resists rolling his eyes.
Zane slugs him in the arm.
Aleith|DM: Heading down to the village, the only thing that really sticks out is a factory on the outskirts that seems to be run off of local magical energies rather than mill or steam power.
Aleith|DM: This one seems to be an adamantium refinery, combining iron and rare gems into the metal.
Gerald‘ tilts his head to one side.
Aleith|DM: You’ve got about 8 hours left by this point. Anything else you want to check out?
Phyllis: "As I thought. Outside of the influence of Danor's dead zone, they're … able to combine magic with their already impressive technology. I don't think they intend to set their sights on Risur, but may the stars help whoever they do aim at."
Zane: "Well. Thats going to make things exciting."
Chandrasekhar: "This island in particular… they're doing things I don't think one could do even in Risur. Seems the Yerasol Wars were about more than just lumber and mining operations, perhaps."
Phyllis: "Should we return the coins to the temple, by the way?"
Gerald: "Oh. Can we swing by that weird tree that set itself on fire on the way back? Probably still not anything else, but."
Zane: "Yeah, probably."
Garrett‘ was humored, so he humors in return.
Phyllis: "I’m pretty sure that was Asrabey's handiwork."
Aleith|DM: No, Smith managed to debrief you on that a bit. Looks like Asrabey had hidden himself onboard one of the ships.
Phyllis: "Or swamp gas refracting off of Jiese…"
Gerald: "Yeah probably nothing just. Weird is all."
Aleith|DM: The tree's burned but you don't find much else about it when you check it out.
Gerald‘ takes a small peice of bark if there’s anything else, but otherwise seems content ater spending a minute or two looking around.
Chandrasekhar snickers at Phyllis.
Zane makes the side trip to put his magical token back while they're at the mine untying whatshisface.
Chandrasekhar drops his off, too. They'll probably be worthless off the island, or he'd bring it back as loot for the loot go- er, bureaucracy.
Garrett‘ subtly puts his back as well.
Aleith|DM: The other ships have started departing by the time you get back.
Aleith|DM: Eventually only the Impossible remains behind.
Aleith|DM: Near sunset, a steam-powered Danoran warship named Lux Profectusque—squatter and slower than the Coaltongue, but sturdier for open seas travel—coasts into the Axis Fortress harbor. Lya Jierre disembarks, flanked by a pair of bodyguards.
Zane waves.
Aleith|DM: One’s a half-elf with a couple of elaborately-decorated platinum rods, with two golden buttons near the grip, holstered in his belt. The other's a half-orc with a thick helmet but no other armour, carrying a thickly-wrapped overlong walking stick. The head is twice as thick as where he holds it, wrapped in white cashmere.
Aleith|DM: Lya smiles as she walks up. "Can I have my island back now?"
Garrett: "Keys are under the mat."
Zane: "It's not quite as clean as you left it, but nothing that wont come out with a little polish."
Lya: "Good, good. We'll cover what happened in a bit, but first…" She produces a pair of matching documents, minor treaties that plainly state that Risur condemns the duchess’s attack on the island and will not press a claim to it on account of this particular military event.
Phyllis: "Um. Hm."
Chandrasekhar reads the damn fine print, that's for sure.
Zane: "We'll certainly pass these to our superiors, not being authorized to negotiate on behalf of the kingdom and all."
Smith: "Nope. You're authorized."
[OOC] Phyllis: <Aleith> "Actually, you are."
[OOC] Phyllis: sjgldkgfjkldh
[OOC] Chandrasekhar: owned.
Aleith|DM: Lya just smiles a bit wider.
Gerald: "Dang, we have a lot more authority than I thought we did for being the back up crew."
Zane: "Smith. You are *really bad* at this."
Chandrasekhar: "Big leagues now, Zane."
Garrett: "I think when we sign this we get a raise, too."
Zane: "I have a hell of a fastball. But nooooo, cant let me demonstrate off the roof…"
Smith: "You'll have to talk with Saxby about that. And by that I mean Delft, I'm sure."
Chandrasekhar: "Indulge a man's idle curiosity, if you would."
Zane: "Eh what the hell." He smiles at Lya. "If this comes back to bite me in the ass, I'm coming for you." And signs.
Phyllis: "Currently, we do condemn her attack, but I can't help but - "
Gerald: "He's like that with everyone, I think it's a cultural thing."
Lya takes one. "You can pass the other one over to your supreriors though."
Chandrasekhar: "The factories on that island are terribly impressive. Making good use of the island's peculiar properties, I am sure. I think Risur would be able to sleep much more soundly at night with these treaties signed if we knew what was being produced."
Zane rolls one up. "Of course."
Chandrasekhar: "I understand of course that it is not really our business." He smiles. "It just might make things easier to smooth over with our superiors, you understand?"
Lya: "That you already looked at those is enough, I think. I do thank you though for your help to stop this turning into a war, however."
Zane: "Yeah, nobody likes it when the war starts early."
Chandrasekhar shrugs a 'well, it's your shot to throw away' shrug. "I would like to make sure it continues to not turn into a war in the future, yes. Do let us know if we can assist in that particular endeavour."
Chandrasekhar waits a beat, then: "My apologies, he has not been house-trained yet."
Garrett: "See you around the ambassador's lounge. Or not."
Lya: "I don't know much of the particulars of this island yet, so I can't really tell you much."
Chandrasekhar will almost certainly pay for that later in some hilarious fashion, regrets nothing.
Lya: "Are you able to tell me much about what happened here, though? Whatever you wouldn't mind my superiors hearing, of course."
Zane: "I have so been house trained. 'Feed the guard dog a steak, go in through the window, people like bedrooms on the second floor…' Basic first year course. jeez."
Gerald‘ poke Chandrasekhar on the shoulder, then gets on his tip toes. "(Should probably mention her cousin…?)"
Chandrasekhar: "Mm. Yes. We did find your cousin. He’s being taken back to Risur to recover from his ordeals. He has… also… requested immunity and asylum."
Chandrasekhar: "Will this be a problem?"
Garrett: "(Wow, all in one breath.)"
Lya frowns a bit. "Asylum? Why? …if he wants to go, he can, but…"
Phyllis: "The reason -I- would have been hesitant to sign your treaty immediately as-written - " she pauses to give Zane a look " - is due to what we witnessed on the island, your cousin's motivations for his actions, and a different understanding of Ethelyn's actions. But it's signed now, so why bother posturing?"
Lya: "At least he's safe."
Lya: "The document is merely to acknowledge that yes, you helped take back the island, but no, you're not using that to lay claim to it."
Phyllis: "Fair enough."
Chandrasekhar nods, and looks a bit relieved. "I'm sure you could arrange to speak with him at some point in the near future. As for what we saw - we will provide an official report to you after we have returned to Risur. I am sure you understand."
Gerald: "Oh uh."
Gerald: "If anything important got burned,"
Gerald: "That was totally the unseen court assassin, not us, by the way."
Lya: "'After it's been whitewashed', okay. I understand."
Zane: "Jeez, Phyllis. its like you think I don't check to make sure the t's are dotted and my eyes are crossed…"
Lya raises an eyebrow. "Really? I haven't heard that excuse very often."
Garrett: "Risurians, am I right?"
Gerald: "You can ask anyone! He was kinda hard to miss."
Lya: "I'm sure I can read all about them in the report. Eventually."
Zane: "Nah, he's playing is straight. There was actually an Unseen Court warrior here."
Chandrasekhar: "It's in both of our interests to be as truthful and forthcoming as possible. Please do not worry. That said- there was an agent from the Unseen Court who seperately undertook an assault on the Duchess."
Zane: "A couple of them, actually."
Lya: "I will keep that in mind, then."
Chandrasekhar: "I plan on doing my own research into this. Right now, our report would have an unconscionable number of question marks, to be honest; I would like to remedy that."
Lya: "Very well."
She turns to face Zane. "By the way, I read your thesis. An Analysis of the Traditional Arms Of The Far East And Their Superiority In Comparison to the Weapons of Lanjyr, was it?"
Phyllis: "How rife was it with dotted t's?"
Gerald‘ glances at Zane, goes a little crosseyed.
Lya: "Very. It was practically unreadable. Glorified the weapons entirely too much. A good rapier-" She pats the handle of hers. "-or a longsword serves perfectly fine."
Zane grins. "Yeah, that was it. Also, thanks, now I’m going to have to tell them it was ghost written or they'll never believe the 'I'm a gormless idiot half-orc act again."
Chandrasekhar: "You are not a very good actor, my friend." He grins.
Gerald: "Don't worry Zane, if you say you're an idiot, I'll believe you!" Big smile.
Zane: "God you're actually going to make me defend my thesis? When I cant even get a decent daisho set imported?"
Lya: "Maybe next time. See if you can find one by then."
Zane: "Just because you've been trained to tout the virtues of that oversized knitting needle…"
Zane is grinning.
Lya grins back. "Oh, believe me, it's more than that."
Zane: "Hm. I have read your work…"
Lya: "Ah. Not that gormless then."
Phyllis: "Sorry about my brash statement earlier. It feels like something I agree with on the surface but something out of sight compels me to revise it."
Zane shrugs slightly. "Sometimes I get entirely too accustomed to the role. It is rather fun. I'd be happy to accept if you were to offer a demonstration."
Lya: "Next time. It's nearly sunset, after all."
Lya: To Phyllis: "Probably wise. One never fully knows what their government is up to. And this island certainly does seem full of mysteries. I might have to take a bit more a look around myself."
Zane: "Of course. When we aren't so pressed for time."
Ernst glances at the time now that it's been mentioned.
Aleith|DM: Sunset is nearly here, the sun is maybe a handspan above the water now.
Lya: "Could I trouble you to tell Nathan he's still invited to the wedding? Shouldn't be hard for him to attend since it will be in Risur."
Gerald: "Sure!"
Zane: "Of course."
Chandrasekhar nods. "Certainly. And… I do recommend taking a look around the island."
Lya: "If the king doesn't invite you, I'll be sure to make sure you have invitations as well, if you'd like. In about a year."
Phyllis: "Is this the king's wedding, or yours? Or - "
Lya smiles widely. "Both."
Zane: "Hm. I think we'll need to have our meet before the wedding. I might be forbidden by law to duel my queen."
Gerald: "Oho!"
Garrett: "Hah! What are the odds!"
Lya: "True, I don't think calling it a sparring match would quite cut it."
Zane: "Well. Maybe on paper."
Phyllis: "Spoken like a true Constable, Zane."
Zane grins.
Lya glances towards the sun. "Alright, it's almost time. You, the captain, and his ship should probably start leaving. As much as I'd like you to stay, not all of my fellow countrymen are as fond of Risur as I am."
Zane: "Well I mean, I have to lose regardless His Majesty would be cross if his new bride got scuffed up…"
Gerald‘ gives a salute, then heads back for the ship!
Zane gives her another friendly wave and heads back with the others.
Garrett` turns back and heads for the ship.
Chandrasekhar returns to the ship, eyebrow raised in… amusement? Something like that. Perhaps.
Phyllis: "Likewise, ours of Danor. As one of your future in-laws has already demonstrated."
Zane: "Well sure. But I’m not going to fight the King, that's just silly."
Lya: "Not much respect for familial bonds there, huh? I couldn't imagine trying to do that to my brother."
Phyllis: "Keep an eye on your countrymen. I think you and I wish for the same, but - at least Ethelyn's transparent."
Lya: "Certainly. Peace is a worthy goal. And not everyone wishes for it." She bids farewell to you all.
Phyllis gives a wave and returns to the boat.
Aleith|DM: The ride back to Flint is uneventful. Back in Risur, Ethelyn is stripped of her title, and imprisoned in Bridge Tower in Slate. Nathan becomes a guest of a minor noble in Flint, though he doesn't exactly get much leeway to get out. Asrabey, as a diplomat of the Unseen Court, is otherwise allowed to leave with no consequences.
Aleith|DM: Your pile of paperwork afterwards is considerable, and you spend a few weeks crossing all the t's and dotting the i's.
Zane keeps trying to wrangle one of the reclaimed estates.
Aleith|DM: Sadly it is denied.
Aleith|DM: Afterwards, you're assigned to investigate the terrorist Gale, but it isn't until a couple of months later, at the start of Summer, when you get a lead…
Aleith|DM: Over the next three months, you earn 1,072 gp in a combination of salary and stipend.
Aleith|DM: The party is now Level 2.

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