Kingdom of Risur
Capital: Slate
Government: Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary federal republic
Head of State: King Aodhan
Official Language: Primordial
Common Races: Human 86%, Elf 6%, Halfling 5%, other 3%

Risur is a subtropical country, possessed of vast forests and fertile fields fed by hundreds of rivers and streams which flow from the southern Anthras mountains to the northern shore of the Avery Sea. Temperatures are warm but comfortable year-round, though a rainy season strikes near the end of what the northern nations consider summer.

Even the poorest Risuri can enjoy fresh fruit year-round. Wealthy foreigners cherish Risur’s pineapples, limes, bananas, and massive jackfruit, but most prized are its cocoa and sugarcane, and alcohols made of each. A typical Risuri meal consists mostly of fruit, beans, bread, and fish, with the occasional beef or pork. Factory workers in Flint seldom can afford quality meat, and instead make savoury stews by soaking bones and sausages in dark beans. Holiday celebrations often include steaming milk flavoured with either chocolate or honey.

Notable Locations


The industrial powerhouse of Flint sits nestled among dozens of granite peaks along the eastern stretch of Avery Coast. With a rapidly-growing population of over half a million, slums for factory workers have begun to clump along these steep hills, while builders work to clear large sections of rain-forest from within the city limits. Small satellite towns cling to the islands outside Flint’s harbour, and many foreign nations and businesses have flocked to the city to gain influence in the past forty years.

  • Extensive details on the city are presented in Section Three of the Player's Guide


Risur’s capital of Slate lies on the banks of the Great Delve River, in verdant plains fifty miles from the Avery Sea. It is by far the largest city in the country, with a population of nearly a million people. A half-dozen major highways converge on Slate, including the King’s Road. Slate is still the heart of Risur’s internal trade and business, though more and more international trade goes through the next-largest city.

For people used to living in the bustle of Flint, the city of Slate appears stately, calm, and perhaps a bit doddering. The Great Delve River, with its steep banks turning it almost into a man-made channel, generally separates the city into the noble west bank and the common east bank.

Six antique castles sit along the inside of a wide bend on the river’s west bank, arranged in a pattern originally designed to defend against invasion. Each castle acts as a nexus of a community of elite gated villas, and here live the nobles descended from the many kings and queens Risur has had throughout history. Today the district resembles an overly-manicured flower garden, more pretty than practical.

Across the shore lie dozens of less affluent neighbourhoods surrounding the Grand Weft, a massive square where three highways intersect. Wealthy businesses clump along the Lowland Highway, which leads from the square to docks along the river. The king’s residence, Torfeld Palace, sits atop a broad grassy hill a mile south of the weft. It is symbolic of the government of Risur that the king lives with the people, and only once he steps down or dies does his family move to the west bank.


On the western coast near the war-wracked Yerasol Archipelago, where druids keep wary watch from sandy barrier islands and shipyards assemble the mightiest sailing vessels in the world. The only major city of Risur's that is fortified, and home to most of its navy.


The streets of Bole weave confusingly through a tangle of rolling hills, neighbourhoods, and old thickets. The city centre lies in the lowlands where most of the trees have been cleared to make way for riverside factories, lumber mills, and the last large station of the Risur railroad.
Bole is an old, relaxed city in contrast to the booming speed of Flint. The local RHC headquarters don’t have much crime to worry about, and mostly serve to resolve disputes between loggers and the forest fey.


A town of barely two hundred people, Agate sits at the where the foothills of the Anthras Mountains meet the marshlands of the High Bayou. It mostly serves as a nexus for gem miners in the hills, as well as silk trappers who collect threads from huge spider nests in the swamp. A small cadre of veteran monster hunters guard the town from giant spiders and the eerie alligators that crawl from stream to stream amid the web-shrouded hills.

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