Obscurati Covers

Each constable chooses one of the following “covers.” Share this page with the players. It has the mechanics for handling their temporary bodies.

Going Undercover

Note the difference between your Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity scores and those of the vessel you have been implanted into. For every two points of difference, you have either a –1 penalty or +1 bonus to skill and ability checks and attack and damage rolls using that stat.
Adjust your Armor Class, Fortitude, and Reflex based on your new stats and gear. You use your normal Will defense. You’ll have to choose which if any magic items you wear or carry, which may adjust these at the risk of possibly arousing suspicions. It would not be unusual for Obscurati officers to wear magic items, but a librarian wearing a flaming cloak would stand out.
You can use all your old powers that are granted by classes, and if you are in gestalt (see below) you can also use one or two powers possessed by your host. You cannot generally use racial powers.

Contest, Crisis, and Rejection

Normally while inside the bodies of these Obscurati officers, you have full control. However, each day when you go to sleep, when you first become bloodied in an encounter, or when you attempt to enter gestalt (see below) there’s a chance the host’s mind will try to take back over. This is called a contest.
When a contest occurs, the game master rolls an attack in secret against your Will defense. The hosts’ attack bonuses are known only to the DM, listed on page 110.
If the host “hits,” it regains partial control, which is called a crisis. Each round you are in crisis you are dazed and may make a saving throw at the end of your turn to get back in charge. In the meanwhile, the host can stammer and take a move action each round, which might be enough to cause trouble.
If you fail three consecutive saving throws while in crisis, the host gets full control. This is called rejection. The host becomes aware of what happened and can act of its own free will. You can attempt a new saving throw once every five minutes, and a success puts you back in charge.


Even while in control of your host’s body, you cannot normally access his memories. You can attempt, however, to enter gestalt. Doing so is a free action, wherein you make an attack against the Will defence of your host’s body. The attack bonus is equal to half your level + your Wisdom or Charisma modifier +6.
If you fail, you trigger a crisis. If you succeed, you gain access to the host’s memories and can flawlessly mimic his personality for five minutes. You also can use the listed “gestalt powers.”

Mindmaker Aid

Alexander Grappa can recognize the signs of a psychic crisis brewing, and his mind magic can let him subdue a vessel’s soul before it can gain control. As long as he’s nearby you generally don’t have to worry about the officer personalities rising to the surface. You can safely travel to the convocation, at least, but thereafter he cannot guarantee he’ll always be around. He encourages you to be cautious and only attempt gestalts when necessary.

Obscurati Officer Profiles

Ken Don

Head research inquisitor of the Clergy’s Jenevah Library in Alais Primos.


Ken helps Obscurati researchers delve into forbidden topics without being noticed. He has interacted in the past with Obscurati agents named Ottavia Sacredote and Caius Bergeron.
Quiet and macabre, Ken has a deep well of knowledge regarding the occult and is fluent in the infernal language of the Demonocracy. His preferred method to deal with unwanted disturbance is to recite religious poetry, though not in any language the listener will recognize.
Also, he thinks that the dead owe a debt to the living, and so using undead as labour is justifiable.

Gran Guiscard

Head of Gorgeous Cell in Beaumont, with spy network of artists and entertainers.


A famous half-Risuri opera baritone from Danor, Gran initially used his international tours to deliver messages between different cells, including Mayor Reed Macbannin in Flint. Now he recruits other performers as couriers or spies. His greatest mistake, he believes, was trying to recruit Rock Rackus. Gran could not manage to explain the subtleties of the missions to the man, so he passed Rock off to Caius Bergeron to use as an adventurer and treasure hunter.
Gran always carries a pen and a book of songs so he can tear out pages, sign them, and hand them to fans.

Livia Hatsfield

Spies on the king of Risur in Torfield Palace, researching fey titans and the rites of rulership.


Though nearly two hundred years old, Livia only moved out of Risur’s rural forestlands twenty years ago, and she was only recruited to the Obscurati after Duchess Ethelyn’s failed bid to seize control from her brother last year. Previously an aid to the duchess, Livia feeds the conspiracy state secrets on the nature of the Rites of Rulership, that they might weaken the power of the king and place someone else on the throne.
Livia is eager to know the conspiracy’s ultimate plans, but worries she may have read too many romantic novels, because she recognizes she’s far more excited by this “adventure” than is probably safe.

Kiov Hetman

Drakran specialist on tower magic, tasked with bringing down old dwarven defences.


Drakr’s towers — impenetrable monoliths of stone or polished steel that dot the landscape and notably line the border with the Malice Lands —keep the chaotic energy of the Great Malice from reaching Drakr, and Kiov is one of the few who knows how.
Hired by prison magnate Ramos Zoltan, Kiov finished his copious research and recently delivered his report to the eerie undead leader of Lantern Cell, Vicemi Terio. Now Kiov coordinates parties of adventurers whose mission is to negate the enchantments of these towers.
Kiov is a scientist, not an idealist, and he styles himself as enigmatic as the towers he studies.

Oscan Ligurio

A snitch in the Family, tasked with creating shell personalities and businesses for international smuggling and money laundering.


A lifetime of loyalty to The Family crime syndicate earned Oscan a crooked nose and a twitchy demeanor. Loyalty is important, and so is honesty, so Oscan’s made sure he can fake those convincingly.
He once earned a lifetime pardon for his sins, courtesy of a bishop he was holding at knife-point, so he figures he may as well make his life on this world as fun as possible. After his fifth or sixth murder he stopped really sweating the day-to-day morality stuff, and looked for grander ways to transgress.

Xavier Sangria

Malice Lands knight tasked with monster slaying.


Xavier’s is the usual story of a kid whose parents were eaten by monsters, and who decided someone should really stop that kind of stuff from happening again.
Thirty years ago he signed on as a bodyguard for some Ob scholars researching the magic in the Malice Lands. It was his insight that helped them discover that Malice magic responds to emotions. They helped educate and train him. Now he has a band of several dozen adventurers trained in numerous unorthodox techniques for killing horrible creatures large and small.
He prefers operating in the wilderness, away from civilization, since he’s not comfortable with lying

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