Home country


Country with many monstrous races; used to be ruled by dragons before they died off.


Country based on science and reason since an antimagic field encompasses it.


Country to the north


Main country for the Clergy.


Previously the home of the eladrin empire, now the subject of colonization after the Second Victory.

Border States and the Malice Lands

Risur, Ber, Crisillyir, Danor, Drakr, and Elfaivar are the largest and most prominent nations in Lanjyr, but by no means are they the only ones. Some regions on the continental map are marked as “border states.”
Other areas surrounding Danor are called the Malice Lands. When Danor had its magic stripped away during the Great Malice, these lands were at the edge of the effect’s radius. The magic there was left fractured and unstable. While Danor was able to restore itself in the relative stability of its dead magic zone, the wild magic of the Malice Lands has led to irregular catastrophes and small cataclysms that tend to wipe out any nation that tries to establish itself there.
Most people in the Malice Lands live in small villages or as nomads in order to avoid the more deadly manifestations of this wild magic. These war-torn lands tend to become havens for criminals who cross into their neighbouring countries to pillage and plunder. One noteworthy exception is the city-state of Orithea, which has managed to prosper in a small pocket of stable, albeit weakened magic.
In general, the border states between Risur and Ber are little more than mountainous tribal lands that refuse to join either larger nation. The border states between Crisillyir and Drakr are fairly autonomous and stable, while the border between Drakr and Danor is near anarchy. North of Drakr, a few minor nations stay out of the politics of greater Lanjyr, while beyond Elfaivar lie powerful protectorates of a distant empire, still recovering from the fall-out of the collapse of Elfaivar centuries ago.

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