Following the eladrin’s catastrophic defeat, the Clergy established several garrisons throughout the nation, ensuring an eternal presence to keep the eladrin from regaining any military might. In the past few centuries, other nations have looked to the resource rich remnants of Elfaivar, and have begun establishing formal colonies. While the Clergy frowns on these new colonists, they have neither the military nor inclination to get involved in political strife with these new settlements.

Described below are several colonies that exist within modern Elfaivar. Even within these colonies, the region is still only sparsely populated, with vast swaths of land still controlled by the eladrin.

East of the colonies lie thousands of miles of lands that are effectively uninhabited. Risur, Danor, and Drakr each control one major colony, while Crisillyir has three:

  • Angelus. The oldest colony in Elfaivar, located across the strait from Vendricce, controlled by Crisillyir. The largest colonial city is Santi Simone, over the ruins of Elfaivar’s original capital Bharata. In an uncharacteristically sympathetic move, the Clergy built a giant memorial to the countless dead eladrin women, interring their bodies in tombs carved into a massive rock that sits along the city’s river. Though safe and established, the colony’s largest city still only has a population of twenty-five thousand.
  • Kellandia. A Risuri colony along the western coast, including the large island Titania. Many Risuri who feel uncomfortable with the technological direction their nation is taking have emigrated here, and while no colony is precisely welcomed by the local eladrin, the people of Kellandia are at least on friendly terms. The capital city Sawyer provides magically-resonant timber for shipbuilders, and is home to an orthodox druidic circle known as the Ford, which hopes to earn the trust and loyalty of the eladrin people.
  • Otto. A Drakran colony along the northern coast of Elfaivar.
  • Rationalis. A Danoran colony in the southeast, separated from the Risuri colony by Tropaeum. Has a strong military presence to retaliate against native attacks, since the eladrin are very hostile to the mining and industry. The capital city Valence is a technologist’s paradise, combining a stready stream of engineers and scientists with arcane scholars who are free to experiment in ways the more structured society of Danor would not approve of.
  • Tropaeum. The second Crisillyiri colony in Elfaivar, located along the western coast. It was the launch point for many attacks against the dragon tyrants of Ber over two centuries ago, and its churches showcase many trophies from these conquests.
  • Vigilia. Crisillyir’s youngest colony in Elfaivar, stretching along the eastern half of the north coast. No major cities exist yet, and the country is still in the process of clearing out the natives.

Minor Sites

Described below are several minor settlements throughout Elfaivar.

Bloody Stump Trading Posts (population <50 each): More mistakes than genuine settlements, the Bloody Stump trading posts were established by Captain McGraken — a troll from the Anthras Mountains — and his indentured crew of Beran prisoners after their ship was forced ashore by a storm. Leaving some men behind as a base camp, McGraken personally took to exploring the jungles at night, returning each morning with one of his hands bitten off by some jungle creature, but slowly regenerating. He’d take most of his men and march them until they found his hand, then nail it to a tree and have them build another camp while he went out scouting again at night. After six days and sixty miles, he found a spot with the supplies necessary to repair his ship.
He sailed back to Ber and asked for permission to reinforce his settlements with trolls from his home tribe, plus more orc, dragonborn, and goblin prisoners. Bruse Shantus agreed and named McGraken ‘regional overlord’ of Ber’s ‘colony’ in Elfaivar. Today the various bloody stumps — now numbering in the dozens — serve as trading posts throughout the region. All criminals and villains are welcome, except thieves, who are punished as one might expect.

Macdam (population 3,200): Eldest of the non-Clergy Elfaivaran colonies, the settlement of Macdam lies on the massive isle of Titania, technically within the Risur colony of Kellandia. Founded during the Second Yerasol War when Risur was particularly hostile to the idea of technology and industry, the town became home for misfit technologists.
Located along a river and backed by high cliffs riddled with cannons, Macdam is excellently defended and serves as a safe haven against pirates. With Risur’s recent adoption of more technology, Macdam has begun to seek stronger connections with the homeland. Pemberton Industries is in the process of building a factory here.

Port Perrault (population 947): Not officially recognized as a Danoran colony, Port Perrault was established by a Danoran commodore tasked with hunting pirates in the region. Chosen for nearby hills that provide coal for refueling steam engines, the port is slowly expanding its tendrils into Elfaivar’s natural resources, and might eventually become a fullblown shipyard.

Shaha (population 4,340): A city founded by an eastern border state of little regional power, Shaha is infamous as the capital of the modern slave trade. Peoples from the far southeast can be bought here, and the leader of the colony — known as ‘daimyo’ — has used slave labor to construct extravagant architecture, believing these great edifices will aid in taming the nearby jungle.

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