Zeitgeist - Dramatis Personae



Inspector_Delft.jpg Chief Inspector Stover Delft
A local Flinter in his early 40s, Delft is your direct superior. Generally good-natured to his subordinates, he has a penchant for grousing about people behind their backs. A much better manager than investigator, Delft has advanced this far in the Constabulary by finding good agents, supporting them on difficult missions, and sharing the accolades from their successes.
Delft chews tobacco, and thinks he looks charming if he grins while sucking on tobacco juices. He walks with a cane because a mimic tore a chunk out of his leg fifteen years ago. He has a habit of poking inanimate objects with the cane before he gets too close to them, and spitting on them when he wants to be extra sure.
Captain_Smith.jpg Captain Rutger Smith
Captain of the R.N.S. Impossible, one of the RHC’s vessels. Smith earned his first command five years ago. Now 37, he has never led his ship into battle. That, combined with his fondness for the Malice-era philosophical writings of the pacifist monk William Miller, has made him the target of mockery by more established naval officers.
Gale%20Soliogn.jpg Hana “Gale” Soliogn
According to an interview she gave when she first arrived in Flint a year ago, Hana is a high elf woman just over 100 years old. She spent most of her life as the property of House Soliogn, a family of Danoran mine owners. Having always felt an affinity to the fey history of Risur, she fled and found her way to Flint, where she was sheltered by druids in the Cloudwood. Soon she manifested the ability to fly, a power latent in the dead magic zone of Danor.
She professed a hatred toward Danor, and shortly thereafter witnesses began to place her at scenes of factory and ship sabotages, a massacre of railroad surveyors, and a botched assassination attempt against tax collector Kane Westman. After Duchess Ethelyn’s treason against the king three months ago, Gale sent a letter to several papers supporting the duchess, and condemning Danor, but also denying her responsibility in the surveyor massacre. Though her acts of sabotage increased in frequency during the spring, their frequency and tone have decreased since Macbannin's downfall.
Rock_Rackus.jpg Rock Rackus
A one-time dock worker, Rackus stumbled his way to national celebrity through his wild stories and rowdy behavior. He claims to have looted treasures in the Malice Lands, travelled to the moon, and cuckolded the fey king of the Unseen Court. Conservative elements in society view him as a menace, while the dockers see him as a rising star, but no one knows his personal politics.
Arrested for accidental manslaughter during the accidental summoning of several monsters at the Kaybeau Expo, he was released a few weeks later with a large fine and some minor penalties.
Thames_Grimsley.jpg Thames Grimsley
A grizzled sailor, Grimsley acts as head of a nascent dock workers guild in Flint. Though he only worked the docks in his youth, Grimsley spent decades sailing—primarily as captain of a ferry service in Flint’s harbour, but with a stint in the navy during the last Yerasol War. He took a gash from a policeman’s knife on the side of his face in the last big docker riot. A couple of months working at a theatre as a child gave him a very stylized public speaking voice, one full of unnecessary, melodramatic pauses.
The head of a new dock workers union in Flint, Grimsley is working with Governor Stanfield to improve dockers’ conditions. Grimsley is alleged to be negotiating with Parity Lake factory workers to develop a union for them. He is courting the support of docker celebrity Rock Rackus.
Heward_Sechim.jpg Heward Sechim
Using wealth he received from his prestigious skyseer uncle Nevard, Heward Sechim spent the past two decades developing a reputation as a crafter of pure and potent acids, a critical component for devices that combine magic and technology. Five years ago he was challenged by his uncle to open a large factory that would treat its workers with respect; most such operations are wretched and dangerous.
Heward has to rein in his natural exuberance for experimentation in order to keep his promise to his uncle. His main business just mass produces liquid acids and corrosive glazes, and he keeps separate his arcanotechnical work-room separate from the main floor, to cut down on the chance of a kid getting incinerated in an incomplete enchanted forge. Indeed, he tends to only have child workers handle cleaning and maintenance, and not work with actual acid. A few times each week, Heward takes the hardest workers out for drinks at the Thinking Man’s Tavern, and he makes a point of keeping the windows open to let out noxious fumes. By Flint standards, the factory is an almost pleasant workplace.
Benedict_Pemberton.JPG Benedict Pemberton
Owner of experimental arms manufacturer Pemberton Industries, this man looks only about fifty, and has the verve of a young man, but he jokingly exaggerates his infirmities. Though on the cutting edge of mechanical warfare, Pemberton plays up his homely country roots, speaking slowly in a deep voice and often leaning back and tucking his thumbs in his belt loops.
Secretly, Pemberton is actually Gradiax, draconic lord of the Cult of the Steel Lord in Ber, and has been hiding in Risur under the guise of the Pemberton family, using his hoard to finance a go at land investment and later starting up his industrial company, before starting a plan for the domination of Ber several years ago.
Foiled by the constables of the RHC, he has fled for parts unknown, his plans thwarted.


King_Aodhan.jpg King Aodhan
Now in his 70s, the current king of Risur looks rather unassuming, and was a common warrior before the previous king chose him as a successor after the Third Yerasol War. He prefers to resolve disputes by being coolheaded and rationally persuading those who will listen to his side. Despite all this, though, he trains regularly to keep his stamina and swordplay robust, and the rites of rulership grant him daunting magical powers.
Minister_Lee.jpg Principal Minister Harkover Lee
Perhaps the most powerful mage in Risur, Lee acts as King Aodhan’s bodyguard and chief of staff. Straight-backed and virile despite being in his 60s, Lee has a slight Ber-tinged accent, and was said to be quite the ladykiller in his youth. He always dresses in reds and golds and carries a solid gold wizard’s orb tucked into his robes. He never eats or drinks in public.
Lord_Nigel_Price-Hill.jpg Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill
The Lord Viscount fought in the Third Yerasol War, and served as an investigator by rooting out profiteering during the war. He later helped thwart several plots to embarrass the new king Aodhan. His most famous success, however, was defeating a group of Drakran necromancers who were trying to animate dragon corpses in the Anthras mountains. Publicly disdainful of corruption, the Lord Viscount has outed several subordinates for putting personal greed ahead of the needs of their country.
Lauryn%20Cyneburg.jpg Director of Infiltration, Lauryn Cyneburg
Though over seventy years old, as a half-elf Lauryn only betrays her age with the weariness of her eyes. She has traveled, almost literally, everywhere on the continent of Lanjyr. As the RHC’s Director of Infiltration, her expertise in teleportation has seen her delivering agents to missions around the world, and she’s tired of seeing them not return when things go wrong.
Though she shows little respect for anyone, not even her superiors, she long ago decided that she had to pick something to care about, or else she’d just end up teleporting around to no purpose. So she chose Risur, because its people don’t take themselves too seriously.
Geoff_Massarde.jpg Geoff Massarde
A 40-something tiefling with an airy voice and a fondness for wine that outmatches his ability to handle his alcohol, Massarde is one of a handful of Danoran tieflings working for the Risuri military to help construct warships and other weapons. He has few kind words for his homeland. He is fascinated with ice, and carries a wand which can chill small objects with a touch. Mostly he just uses it as a novelty to cool beverages.
Xambria_Meredith.jpg Professor Xambria Meredith
Xambria was a rising star in the academic world of archaeology, and at 28 she’s the youngest professor at Mitchell University in Slate. She has always had a particular interest in Ancient relics, since the golden treasures were so wondrous to behold. Xambria preferred a hands-on approach to unearthing the secrets of history, and frequently put her life in danger, either on digs in hostile lands, or because the excavations themselves were filled with traps.
Her most recent dig at the Ziggurat of Apet in the High Bayou went horribly wrong when one of the workers panicked and accidentally broke the warding around the golden seal deep in the ruin, unleashing beings trapped behind it into the ziggurat. The rest of the team was killed by the Gidim warbeasts, but Xambria herself was possessed by the last remaining Gidim, Sijhen.
Although now freed from the grasp of the otherworldly being, Xambria’s long time fusion with Sijhen has left marks on her psyche, making her prone to rapid mood swings. She is obsessed with bringing down the Obscurati, who she blames for the deaths of her dig team and many others.
Catherine_Romana.JPG Catherine Romana
Descendant of one of the previous queens of Risur, Catherine has long sought to rise in power herself, though the traditions of her nation deter any hereditary rule. After the Fourth Yerasol War she got into trouble for harshly criticizing war veterans, implying that cowardice led to Risur losing ground in the war.
Though she believes magic is superior to technology, she desires progress, and has pushed the Risuri parliament to pursue grand civil projects of arcane engineering, to little success.


Sovereign_Han_Jierre.jpg Sovereign Han Jierre
The ruler of Danor. Travelled in his youth and experienced the grand diversity of life, both good and bad, so that he would not be complacent with the sheltered prosperity his family enjoyed. He returned from his travels still devoted to the supremacy of science and reason. Today Han is sympathetic to the needs and perspectives of others as the ruler of Danor. He still keeps in touch with the families of those he lived with during his youthful travels.
Luc%20Jierre.jpg Luc Jierre
Nephew of Danor's sovereign Han Jierre, and brother of the Minister of Outsiders, Lya. Stutters when speaking. Apparently a bit of a shut-in according to gossip.
Designed something called a Wayfarer's Lantern which can manifest planar properties in the area around it depending on the oil burned within it. Travelled with Ottavia Sacredote to Vendricce to deliver it to the Obscurati. Lost the lantern, but was able to escape the RHC ambush to deliver the plans.

The Malice Lands

Dr_von_Recklinghausen.jpg Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen
A distinguished, intelligent, and poised gentleman in his late 30s, Dr. von Recklinghausen speaks elegantly with a hard-to-place accent from the Malice Lands. He appears fairly innocuous, though his sharply-groomed goatee and the rapier at his hip give him a hint of menace. Trained in medicine and magic, he learned surgery in Danor and spellcraft in Risur.
After being rescued from Kell's clutches and preventing Creed from kidnapping him, the doctor has been provided with a visa to visit Ber, and has departed for the country mid-autumn.


Vlendam_Heid.jpg Vlendam Heid
What can be said about the world’s most famous philosopher that has not already been written in hundreds of other books? Born into a family of well-to-do thinkers and soldiers, Heid’s interests focused on mythology and how people perceive the world. His famous “On the Proper Endings of Things” secured his prosperity, as he regularly gives speaking tours around the continent. A wholly decent and wise man, Heid wants only to spare people undue suffering.
Kvarti_Gorbatiy.jpg Kvarti Gorbatiy
A dwarven locksmith-turned-mercenary, Kvarti found a book of Heid Eschatol philosophy in the hands of a man he had assassinated. Though he presents a weary face to maintain his reputation, he tries to go through life content.
He's turned his locksmithing skills towards firearms, having several custom-built firearms, including an enchanted, rifled musket, Reason. The words read, “Cry out / for at the end of time / I rise.” are engraved on the stock, which is made from thighbone of an ancient frost giant lich, written in the long-forgotten abyssal language.
Kvarti was originally hired by Tyler Starke to hire Rock Rackus, but didn't follow through when the man tried to help out at the Kaybeau Arms Fair incident. Later he was hired by Grundun Zubov, but flipped on them when confronted by Constable Lenz after the terrorists bombed the University. Was last seen in Trekhom, after being captured in Knütpara and put to work mining meteorite fragments while trying to investigate it.
Grandis_Komanov.jpg Grandis Komanov
Grandis traces her bloodline to the oldest dwarven warlords from before Drakr, before the Clergy, and before even the Demonocracy. Raised a common metalsmith by her bitterly poor father, she studied magic so she could make her fortune.
Once, while trapped in a massive winter storm, Grandis read a book of the teachings of Vlendam Heid on the nature of endings. Her interpretation of his philosophy was markedly unorthodox, and she cultivated her own radical branch of eschatology based not on preparing for how things end, but in actively ending things.
By delving into forbidden lore over the years, what was once mere greed and narcissism has been corrupted into a genuine insane longing for the end of the world. Since Grandis believes truly nothing is more important than her, and some day even she must die, it is merciful to kill everyone, lest they have to endure a world without her.
Verzubak%20Tantalovich.jpg Verzubak Tantalovic
A bleary-eyed dwarf who only lights up when he’s winning at dice, Verzubak has studied the magic and mathematics of luck. Unfortunately, his calculations didn't work as well in Danor’s dead magic zone, so he owed a few hundred gold pieces to a gambling den in Keskay.
He used his job helping to escort Luc Jierre to bet boldly in the Nalaam casinos, which tested his theories to the limits, since magic is forbidden at the betting tables. To him, this bodyguard mission was just a way to get seed money for his “research.”
Though he looks perpetually tired, he loves to drone on to anyone who’ll pay attention. A genuinely nice dwarf, he can find a way to pay a stranger three compliments in a single sentence, and if someone looks like they’re getting bored with his talk about numbers and science he’ll let them talk and make them feel far more interesting compared to him.


Arch_Secula_Degaspare.jpg Arch Secula Natalia Degaspare
Secular head of government in Crisillyir.
Ashima-Shimtu.jpg Ashima-Shimtu
Once the seneschal of the old Demonocracy, Ashima-Shimtu was captured by the Clergy and would have been executed like thousands of other fiends, tossed into the volcano Enzyo Mons. But she knew a ritual which could give physical form to a belief, and the Clergy hierarchs greatly desired the secret. She was unwilling to share, and they were unwilling to lose a chance to learn the ritual, so they imprisoned her in the Crypta Hereticarum, a vault of curses and heresies on the isle of Odiem, where she has remained for a thousand years.
Initially vengeful, she has turned to meditation and detachment to endure her endless incarceration. She speaks as if narrating events, never referring to herself in the first person, and in general has little interest in the world, except when she senses a chance for freedom.


Bruse_Shantus.jpg Bruse Shantus
Shantus took over from Ber’s previous ruler, Vairday Bruse, eight years ago. Though he was instrumental in the early growth of the revolution, after a few years of bearing the weight of a nation on his shoulders, and of seeing how slow and embarrassing progress was, Shantus has begun to slip back into the traditional patterns of power. Though he hasn’t betrayed the principles of his predecessor, he has come to believe that Ber has made enough progress for one revolution.
Shantus thinks of himself as mischievous, using his power to force petitioners into silly situations to get what they want. He tells himself this endears his people to him, though in truth many see him as petty and decadent. He's trying to make himself better, however, and is taking less time for frivolous expenditures and more time for actually ruling his country instead of having his advisors do it for him.
Cavallo%20de%20Guerra.jpg Cavallo de Guerra
An orcish warlord and self-proclaimed Champion of the Riven Sea of Gold, Cavallo de Guerra joined the first king of Ber, Vairday Bruse, in kickstarting the revolution toward civilization. He worked alongside Shantus, the current ruler, but Cavallo always thought the minotaur wasn’t willing enough to simply kill those who stood in the way.
When Vairday Bruse chose to pass the crown to a minotaur rather than an orc, Cavallo refused to pledge fealty. It took the Risuri constables, as part of the Bruse's challenge to them, to convince him to listen minotaur’s overtures and work with him once more.
Glaucia%20Evora.jpg Glaucia Evora
A female gnoll from the unincorporated southern tribes, Glaucia joined Executores dola Liberta fifteen years ago after gnolls in the Cult of the Steel Lord attacked her village and tried to kidnap the children to convert them. The raiders let her family go with the justification that she would tell of the cult’s might.
Instead, she trained herself and her surviving children to defend themselves. She pledged herself to the Executores and was bestowed with divine power. Among the notoriously hierarchy-adverse sisterhood of the Executores, Glaucia is one of the most respected, famous for her piercing blue eyes and her lack of sympathy for those let themselves be controlled.
Zarkava%20Ssa%27litt.jpg Zarkava Ssa’litt
While Shantus is the head of state and final arbiter, most of the daily affairs of Ber are run by this female lizardfolk. She has a cool reptilian demeanour, and pursues her duties with no tenderness or sympathy. However, she neither feels any great pride or ambition, and so she holds fairly stark views on the role of Ber’s government, believing its foremost role is to protect the citizens from death.
She cares not for workers’ comfort, for landowners’ wealth, or for tribes’ honour, except in how these encourage or discourage the security of the nation.
Kenna%20Vigilante.jpg Kenna Vigilante
A dragonborn general in the Beran army, Kenna assumed the political position of Minister of Dragon Affairs with Shantus’s rise to the Brusedom. Her ministry was originally tasked with handling groups who still identified with the dragon tyrants, but over four decades it has morphed into a responsibility for the treasures of rediscovered dragon lairs, and today is mostly just the nation’s official bank. Still, all members of the ministry are given ceremonial training in historical dragon-slaying tactics.
Kenna still has close ties to the military and is pushing Shantus to make military service more encouraging. She admires the structure and loyalty it instills. Every morning she and several of the court’s bodyguards go for fitness runs outdoors, from the summer court to the nearby military base. She’s still somewhat plump because she constantly grazes on the court’s various fine foods.
El_Extra%C3%B1o.jpg El Extraño
The spymaster of Ber is always known as El Extraño (The Strange One), and traditionally they adopt bizarre personalities so that their true intentions are harder to intuit. Indeed, some say the actual spymaster only works behind the scenes, and that El Extraño is just a mask he hides behind. (The rumour's false, though El Extraño thinks that would have been a great idea.)
The current spymaster is a kobold wizard with uneven eyes, finely-tended fleshy whiskers, and exceptional skills at legerdemain. He casually mentions ridiculous and unlikely events that he participated in, and will legitimately expend powerful teleportation magic to make dramatic exits. He prefers to give directives, or at most offer two options that he will pursue, and is no fan of actually discussing things, at least not until someone can actually surprise him. He has a bit of dragon blood in him, and smokes pipes of cinnamon-laced cloves.
Pardo.jpg Pardo
The current leader of the Cult of the Steel Lord, this gnoll teaches his followers that mortal flesh is weak, and to achieve the strength of the great dragons of old they must live pure. Pardo wears simple clothes with no decorations. He refuses to use metal tools, and carries a handkerchief for things like door knobs.
He used to represent the unincorporated tribes as honorary Minister of Rebellion, until the Cult really did rebel and was put down by the Beran military. Pardo's current location is unknown, as his last sighting was in a duplicant body working with his master, Gradiax..
Brakken%20of%20Heffanita.jpg Brakken of Heffanita
A minotaur from the nation of Ber, Brakken’s ambassadorship in Orithea helped end that nation’s civil war and bring on unprecedented prosperity. Recently Brakken became ambassador to Risur, and was tapped by the rulers of Risur and Danor to mediate their peace talks, which ultimately failed. Canny yet outgoing, his mere presence tamps down on people’s worse tendencies. He once even got a raging bear to back down with a single disapproving glare.
Brakken is actually a telepath, and has had such success in negotiations because he can hear the surface thoughts and, if necessary, nudge people toward compromise. He’s genuinely driven by a desire to help people live in harmony, though raising his own prestige is certainly a bonus.
He dresses in simple tribal clothing and refuses to travel without his most trusted friend, a dire bear named Feroz.
Damata%20Griento.jpg Damata Griento
A middle-aged half-orc family man and would-be railroad tycoon, Damata nearly ruined his whole clan’s livelihood when he was tricked by con men into taking out a massive loan he could not repay for a railroad through the Anthras Mountains. Desperate to avoid his debtors, he stole his clan’s stash of magic weapons and would have delivered them if not for the unlikely intervention of dwarven philosopher Vlendam Heid and a group of strangers who helped him instead kill his debtors.
Surtan%20Liss.jpg Surtan Liss
Though this lizardfolk entrepreneur lacks any real talent for technology, he is drawn to it, and he has the money to afford it, inherited from his late father who according to rumors was one of the greatest bandits of Ber’s river lands.
Surtan bucks Beran standards—both traditional tribal beliefs and newer culture that looks to Danor or Risur. He’s rude, smug, and spends great effort to appear weird and novel. He has had small garnets set along his cheekbones, which sparkle in the light, a permanent adornment like tattooing but far more expensive. He’s also learned to waggle his crest, and he likes to swallow small animals like mice whole, pretending to be a snake.
Melissa%20Amarie.jpg Melissa Amarie
A droll half-orc woman with mismatched eyes—one red, one green—Melissa operates independently as a journalist. The educated daughter of an orc sea captain who raided Risur for a wife across the Marrajado de Oro (see Cavallo de Guerra), Melissa attended the Dyal Revolutionary Institute in Seobriga and quickly found a home with the nascent Panoply movement. With their support she finds and interviews unusual individuals and delivers her reports to several newspapers around her country. Her dark sense of humour and casual writing style earned her an audience among common labourers, who will often gather when one of their literate coworkers gets a copy and reads it to the group.
Melissa has asked Zane Bieito to speak to the masses at the next Civilized Progressive Rally on Summer 8th, and has offered to cover the (unclassified) exploits of the constables during their stay in Ber for the masses.
Sor_Daeron.jpg Sor Daeron
A celebrated war hero among the eladrin, Sor fought on the front lines during the Perang Devar. His arm was turned to animated salt during a battle with Prime Cardinal Richelmont during the siege of Alais Primos, and in the immediate aftermath of the war he coordinated the massive retreat of tens of thousands of grieving eladrin men. He served as military advisor for the famed Triad of Endurance—three eladrin matriarchs who continued to wage war for nearly a century after the Great Malice. Every eladrin of Elfaivar today knows his name, and they believe he died in the Betrayal of Rilego nearly four hundred years ago.
In truth, Sor survives in a small eladrin community in Ber, going by the name of Abuelo Juhu. He has not manifested his artificial arm for centuries because he’s been hiding from Kasvarina. He was complicit in the death of her daughter Launga, and he felt it better to fake his death. Though senility is taking its toll on this eight-century-old eladrin, he is the only living person who knows that the matriarch Latika was encouraged to enact the betrayal by a human with a habit of smoking leaf of Nicodemus.

The Unseen Court

Thisraldion.jpg Thisraldion, Monarch of the Unseen Court
The enigmatic monarch of the Unseen Court. Each onlooker will somehow sense that Thisraldion’s mirrored mask looks different in a way they cannot describe.
The fey use the titles ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ along with the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ seemingly at random when referring to Thisraldion. The monarch’s melodious voice hovers somewhere around an androgynous alto/tenor, but for emphasis can shift much higher or lower (and certainly much louder).
Atsla.jpg Atsla the Ice
Appearing just as a dress of snow, a mask of ice, and handprints or footprints of frost from whatever she touches, Atsla stoically refrains from speaking unless truly necessary. Her most common form of interaction is to glare and cause the air to chill significantly to express her displeasure.
She can be won over with shows of sisterly affection between women, and she reacts poorly to threats or innuendo. Honestly the less one talks to her, the more she likes them.
Karrest.jpg Karrest the Fire
Karrest dresses in heavy black cloaks, a black cowl, and a charred stone mask with seams of glowing lava, but adorns his whole body with firegems, including rings on several of his fingers. He wields a sword of ruby.
Karrest responds positively to aggression and intimidation, which earns his respect.
Furg.jpg Furg the Toadstool Sage
Visible as a mound of mossy and moldy clothes dotted with mushrooms, a mask of brittle cracked turquoise hangs low beneath the figure’s shoulders, and vivid blue frogs occasionally crawl across or through its cloak.
Furg seems to be manoeuvring for a better position, or maybe just a bit of an easier time in life.
Sallin.jpg Sallin the Dryad
Sallin the Dryad’s passage is marked by flowers and grass blooming with each of her steps, but she is naked save for her mask, composed of tree bark framed with feathers.
She talks a bit like a cheery old grandmother, and wants the war to end.
Asrabey_Varal.jpg Asrabey Varal
A diplomat of the Unseen Court, Asrabey wields a flaming sword and a lion-design shield in defence of the Fey. Before his attack on the Duchess at Axis Island, the fey warrior was last seen rescuing an eladrin woman who was captured by a Danoran general in the First Yerasol War, 200 years ago.
Copperhat.JPG Copperhat the Headless
Copperhat the Headless is a somewhat infamous fey who acts a mix of trickster and jester for the Unseen Court. Like actual members of the court, Copperhat has no face, at least none that anyone can see.
He normally travels between fey enclaves trading knick-knacks and favours, with a particular fondness for telling stories about the human world. People find him amusing in small servings, but are quick to suggest new places for him to go after a day or so.
Olazdor.jpg Olazdor, Archfey of Winds
Olazdor has a humanoid torso and arms with an athletic build, with raptor talons for feet. Though not a formal member of the Unseen Court, he sought to prove he was mighty enough to be among them, and so he severed his own eagle-like head and replaced it with a wooden mask, which now floats above his torso. He burnt his old head and scattered the ashes on the winds, and it is said that he cannot be killed until each mote is recovered and reassembled.
Olazdor presides over the winds and feathered beasts of the Dreaming, and has grown increasingly dissatisfied with the way that court turned a blind eye to the horrid technology that mortal world is starting to embrace. He saw Ethelyn as the last real friend they fey had, and after learning that the Court sent Asrabey Varal to kill her, he began gathering allies for an eventual war against Thisraldion.
Olazdor passionately believes in his cause, and though he recognizes that his side is losing he has his own uniquely fey code of honour, one where romantic questing and bold combat are superior to deceptions and politicking. When enthused he’ll thump his chest, and when like-minded allies quail at the thought of danger he’ll loudly denounce them and question their bravery and heroism.
Beshela.jpg Beshela, Archfey of the Sea
Lady Beshela serves as steward of the domains of the fey titan She Who Writhes. Though not a member of the Unseen Court, Beshela bears the title Archfey of the Sea and controls most of the waters along Risur’s north shore. With armies of sea creatures at her command, the beautiful fey is like a queen of her own land, though there are other threats that lurk deeper than her domain descends.
Beshela feels she owes a great debt to Risur. Forty years ago Ethelyn, sister of the current king, rescued her from a pirate sorcerer, giving birth to a long-lasting friendship and military pact. Beshela even aided Ethelyn’s coup attempt against the king. Proud and spiteful, Beshela holds a grudge against those who thwarted her friend’s efforts. Her moods are seemingly aqueous, but she is merely a clever charmer, fond of long schemes that depend on her enemies not knowing how dangerous she really is.
Of late, she has allied with the Hedgehog Court to try to renegotiate the pact between the fey and Risur, for she and her allies loathe the technology King Aodhan has ushered into their once pristine realms.


Athrylla_Valenar.jpg Athrylla Valanar
Though a few dozen small enclaves of eladrin survive in Elfaivar, each with its own matriarch, Athrylla is the only matriarch to have survived the five centuries from the fall of Srasama. Today she rules over the enclave of Sentosa, which she fears has been endangered by the arrival of Kasvarina.
When the Great Malice occurred, Athrylla was in battle, polymorphed into the shape of a dragon. She was one of the first to advocate for the path of Vekesh, using restraint rather than seeking suicidal revenge. Centuries ago she had many arguments with Kasvarina, who took a far more active role in sending forces to attack the Clergy. Though Athrylla wished to pursue peace with the Clergy, Kasvarina’s hard-line stance made it impossible for her to find any leaders of the Clergy who would negotiate.
Betronga_Sidhon.jpg Betronga Sidhon
A leader among the growing population of eladrin weretigers (called bagheva in the local tongue), Betronga seeks to unify his people and begin rebuilding the shattered eladrin nation. Betronga knows most other eladrin see his clan of weretigers as nothing more than vicious beasts, but he thinks spreading the blessing of lycanthropy will strengthen his race and help them reclaim their empire.
Betronga wishes only to cleanse his nation of the Clergy’s remaining presence, and then create a true home for his people. Prone to being overtaken by his animalistic nature, the desire to rebuild the shattered nation drives Betronga, and he is willing to make any sacrifice for his people.
Aulus_Atticus.jpg Aulus Atticus
Sent at a young age from his monastery to the jungles of Elfaivar, Aulus has spent much of his life battling the eladrin. Trained as a godhand by an ascetic order, Aulus rose in the ranks due to the heavenly power of his fists and the loyalty of his men, rather than any skill at church politics. As commander of a Clergy outpost, Aulus holds out against a growing tide of inhuman creatures that stalk the jungles and seek the blood of humans.
Despite his overwhelming combat prowess, Aulus is a quiet man who looks out for those under his command. He directs the camp orchestra, and himself plays a circumspect cello he has proudly lugged through two decades of deployment. He thinks it is important to maintain civilized practices even when one’s business is violence, but civilization does demand order, and he demands unquestioning loyalty from his men.
As for the eladrin, he has no particular disdain for them, but he values protecting his people above all else. He has no sympathy for savages who are still fighting a war they lost five centuries ago. This did not stop him and his forces from being driven away from their camp at Vigil Longis by the were-tigers in a raid supported by the RHC.


Nicodemus.jpg "Nicodemus"
Leader of the Obscurati, and often seen smoking cigarettes (leaf of Nicodemus). Seen inhabiting several bodies by the constables. Currently he resides in the body of Andrei von Recklinghausen, and he’s thinking of staying.
Kasvarina_Varal.jpg "Kasvarina Varal"
Wife of Asrabey Varal, taken away to Elfaivar by him after she was recovered in the assault on the Cauldron Hill Facility. Alexander Grappa wiped her memories back in Summer 500 AOV, and while her memories are still coming back, she can't remember anything before the Second Victory yet. Recently discovered to be one of the Obscurati's leaders.
Tinker_Oddcog.jpg The Gearbuilder
Tinker Oddcog was reported to have helped design and construct the interior of the colossus for the Obscurati according to engineers from their Bleak Gate facility.
Now working with Risur on various technological advancements.
Bree.jpg Brianne 'Bree' Kaldeckis
47-year old veteran of the Fourth Yerasol War, Bree lost her right leg and arm to a Risuri summoned jaguar. The same druid who took her limbs kept her from dying, and after the war she was given a peg leg and sent back home to languish in a veteran’s community. There she was approached by Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen, who used experimental magical science to attach a recently-dead woman’s limbs to Bree. He enchanted a girdle to help with the mending process, which Bree wears to this day.
World-wise and granted a second life, Bree sold her services as a bodyguard. She came to the attention of Caius Bergeron after a clever ploy to thwart a pursuer; she detached her arm and set it across the room with a crossbow. Since her girdle let her control her limb at range, she was able to shoot the foe when he crossed its path.
Before his death, Cauis hired her escort him and Luc Jierre to Vendricce from Danor. She brought on Olivert Boone and Verzubak Tantalovich to help with security, and managed to escape with Luc from the RHC's raid on their meeting site in Vendricce on the last day of the trip.
Amielle_Latimer.jpg Amielle Latimer
A hundred years ago Amielle brought her one-of-a-kind rifle to Flint and lent her keen marksmanship toward defeating the witches of Cauldron Hill. That olive branch opened up the city to investment by industrialists from Danor, which had by that point fought two painful wars with Risur. Amielle proposed the plan, and it worked like clockwork.
It is then fitting, perhaps, that Amielle promotes the Watchmaker faction of the conspiracy, and has designed a plan for a thousand year destiny that will lead the world to prosperity and peace. A grandiose woman with grandiose plans, she is only stymied by the fact that she died eighty years ago, and while she endures as part of the Ghost Council her influence is weak compared to Vicemi Terio. She still remembers life fondly, and she often disagrees with her fellow ghosts, showing her disapproval with piping sarcastic laughter.
As a ghost, she still has her rifle.
Cula_Ravjahani.jpg Cula Ravjahani
Cula has served as an aide to Kasvarina Varal for over a century, but only a few years ago was recruited into the Obscurati. While Kasvarina directs policy, Cula undertakes missions, leading groups of Vekeshi mystics on raids or assassinations. Now that her mistress has disappeared, Cula has been forced to keep control of the many threads she controlled. She maintains a perpetual expression of kindness which is not hard to tell is fake, though it keeps her from showing exactly what emotion she’s really feeling. That emotion is usually disdain.
In Kasvarina, Cula saw a woman truly devoted to fairly helping who suffer from the vices of others, and she finds few of the Obscurati officers live up to that ideal. While her opinion of Kasvarina glosses over some of her darker misdeeds, Cula is nevertheless motivated to help the weak, and to ensure the cruel fall. At the convocation she represents the Miller’s Pyre faction.


Duchess_Ethelyn.jpg Former Duchess Ethelyn of Shale
The king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn was a commoner before earning her title in the Third Yerasol War. She dislikes industry and used to lead a coalition of powerful individuals with strong ties to the Unseen Court. She is now held in prison at Bridge Tower in Slate for treason after trying to have King Aodhan assassinated.
Nathan_Jierre.jpg Nathan Jierre
Cousin of Lya Jierre and nephew of Danor’s sovereign, Nathan avoided politics and pursued science. After years studying theories of magic and astronomy, he came to Axis Island to understand how the two are tied together. His attention easily drifts to cerebral topics, and so people often have to repeat things to him. But he has a knack for seeing what most people miss, and his enthusiasm for understanding complex interactions helps him unearth things that others are interested in hiding.
Once he realized his people were building new weapons, he went to the duchess, hoping to avoid another war. He did not expect the duchess to attack. Now branded a traitor, he sought shelter with Risur, but is now effectively under house arrest as the guest of a minor noble in Flint.
Lady_Margaret_Saxby.jpg Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby
A former superstar investigator who cracked many famous cases in her time, Saxby was promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector and transferred to take over Flint operations a decade ago. Lady Saxby was a darling of the public when she married a much younger veteran knighted during the Fourth Yerasol War. People say the marriage was meant simply to improve her standing, and Lady Saxby’s fierce emphasis that she be the face of the RHC is well known among constables.
Imprisoned in Flint for treason after her involvement with Macbannin and the Obscurati was revealed. She believed she was providing coverage for a critical secret military project, but performed various tasks for the former mayor, including signing off on the team that performed the repair work in the RHC's Flint Headquarters basement that likely saw the installation of the rusted ring used by their agents during the attack on the building.
Ottavia%20Sacredote.jpg Ottavia Sacredote
A Crisillyiri elf with geometric patterns tattooed on her neck and hands marking her as an oracle of the Clergy. Deaf, prefers to use Crisillyiri sign language to communicate, but can speak with difficulty.
Worked for the Obscurati in Crisillyir to disgrace corrupt hierarchs and replace them with more generous priests. Reassigned to escort Luc Jierre to Vendricce in Winter 500 and developed a crush on him. Captured by the RHC on the Isle of Odium near Sid Minos. Still believes the Obscurati to be more benign than evidence suggests, likely due to compartmentalization.
Quentin%20Augst.jpg Quentin Augst
Lorcan Kell’s lawyer, and the guy who handled the guild’s affairs. Augst started off just representing Kell’s toughs in court, but eventually grew frustrated with the guild’s inefficiency and promised Kell he could make both of them a lot richer if he could handle logistics.
Arrested while attending Rock Rackus' show at Sunset Beach during Spring 501. His information greatly helped dismantling the Kell-Guild, and helped lead to Kell's arrest.
Lorcan_Kell.jpg Lorcan Kell
Formerly the head of a thieves’ guild based out of a “theater of scoundrels” in eastern Parity Lake. The Kell guild was said to be responsible for industrial smuggling, petty theft and extortion, burglary, and murder for hire; however, it was dismantled by a task force led by the RHC in Spring 501. Kell was working with Reed Macbannin to supply materials for the Obscurati's colossus, but was arrested by a small team of constables and provided information on infiltrating the Bleak Gate.
Grundun%20Zubov.jpg Grundun Zubov
Leader of a radical sect of eschatologists, Zubov is a man of few words. While his underlings chatter and philosophize, Zubov simply smokes his pipe, carved from glacial ice that will never melt. He knows his purpose, and talking won’t change anything.
Zubov’s clan back in Drakr has been long trampled upon by the rich and powerful, and after nearly dying in a pointless war against an equally pointless border state, Zubov felt nothing but hatred for his country. In the teachings of Heid Eschatol he saw a reason for his suffering: to prepare him for an uncelebrated death, but one necessary to bring about the end of the world. His plans failed when the RHC arrested him and disarmed his bomb before it could blow up the Hotel Aurum.
Kaja_Stewart.jpg Kaja Stewart
Kaja was recruited as an arcanoscientific researcher by Reed Macbannin. When she realized she might be arrested for her involvement in his project, she hid, taking a collection of magic items from a laboratory located away from Macbannin’s primary manor. An expert in theoretical planar physics, Kaja devised the way to refine witchoil from the veil between the real world and the Bleak Gate.
It was later discovered that she was working for Lorcan Kell afterwards, and in the intervening months since her flight she had focused on crafting pocket dimensions for the purpose of concealing weapons and contraband. Arrested by the RHC for questioning when found as the source of the Ancient Staff which caused the Incident at the Kaybeau Expo, she was killed later that night. Though likely killed by an Obscurati agent, they later revived her to continue her research in their Bleak Gate facility. She was arrested by the RHC and is continuing her research for Risur under close supervision.


Nilasa_Hume.jpg Nilasa Hume
Nilasa left home as early as she could and spent her teenage years living off petty crime, with occasional stints of incarceration. Several years ago she tried to reform, and found work in Heward Sechim’s alkahest factory. Her bold personality earned her many admirers in the streets near the factory.
But she was drawn to the rebellious rhetoric of Gale, and so she joined up with the so-called “terrorist,” performing reconnaissance for acts of sabotage and using her old criminal connections to acquire illicit magic weapons and defenses. Shortly after Duchess Ethelyn’s failed attempt to kill King Aodhan, Gale decided to take a different approach, and recruited Nilasa to infiltrate the Danoran consulate. This ended tragically when she attempted to steal a stack of documents from the Consular's desk and was caught by Cillian Creed.
Skyseer_Nevard.jpg Skyseer Nevard Sechim
For decades Nevard was one of the most prescient and respected skyseers in Risur. Then with the rise of industry and the fading power of the skyseer’s visions, his star waned, and he withdrew into the Cloudwood east of Flint to focus on keeping his order alive.
He passed away in his sleep early on the morning of Summer 6, 500 AOV, after delivering a warning at Dawn Square the previous day about his last vision from atop Cauldron Hill.
Cillian_Creed.jpg Cillian Creed
Creed served as an overseas operative of the RHC, but took an early retirement after suffering a disfiguring facial wound in the last war. Willing to follow any orders to defend his homeland no matter how heinous, Creed was recruited by Reed Macbannin to help keep a weapons research program secret. One experiment in refining the essence of the Bleak Gate into an oil form went awry, and Creed was infused with shadow magic.
Tried and executed for murder, organizing smuggling operations, attempted cover-ups, and likely other criminal activities on behalf of Macbannin.
Caius_Bergeron.jpg Caius Bergeron
Caius Bergeron comes from a wealthy Danoran noble family with a reputation for philanthropy. Caius was constantly reading, either books or correspondence from archaeologists who benefit from his philanthropic donations. He kept his fingernails and tail tip sharpened, and tended to leave deep scratches in furniture when impatient. He had a love for the Crisillyiri dish polip alla infanti, or live octopus, sliced and eaten while the tentacles still squirm.
Caius was killed at the hands of the Gidim Sijhen, who devoured his brain for more information on the seals, in his room at the Silver Swan, late on Autumn 7th, 500 AOV.
Boone.jpg Olivert Boone
A tiefling with a smile that women swoon for, Boone went adventuring in the Malice Lands at an early age. He charmed many a woman and had to defend himself from jealous husbands. He developed an amazing knack with a pistol, and eventually while exploring burnt-out ruins he stumbled upon a magic urn. When opened, it released a demon that possessed his pistol, granting him nearly unparalleled accuracy, but at a price. His demon pistol demanded blood. Already a misogynist, it wasn’t hard for him to switch to killing women after he loved them.
Boone was caught red-handed in Trekhom by their police after witness reports on the night of Winter 13th, 500 AOV. He was soon interrogated and his serial killings unveiled. He was executed after a short trial within days.
Ekossigan.jpg Ekossigan
A fey lord of the Unseen Court, Ekossigan appeared as a slender male, draped in robes adorned with leaves, his face concealed by a wooden mask with empty eye sockets. Ekossigan’s magic and demeanor were tied to the seasons: chill and bleak in winter, spirited and hopeful in spring, and so on. When he was swayed by strong emotion, though, his nature may change, and his mood could manifest in the world around him.
Defected from the Unseen Court when he looked into the Bleak Gate and was driven mad by what he saw. He nearly sacrificed 31 orphans at the Gallo's School for Boys before being stopped by the RHC, and forced to kill himself by the Unseen Court's enforcer, Asrabey Varal.
Merton%20Goncala.jpg Merton Goncala
RHC investigations found that Merton Goncala once served in the Beran military as a beast-trainer. He then started travelling with a Danoran performer showcasing various acoustic tricks for lessons, moving from tutor to tutor until he assembled a sonic weapon five years later. Though Ber’s military was interested, it could not afford to produce the weapon, so Merton went to Danor, where he seems to have caught the attention of Lya Jierre.
Merton was travelling with Lya as her bodyguard (and occasional animal trainer) before dying in an attempt to ambush the constables in Ber north of Seobriga.
Leone_Quital.jpg The Steelshaper
An aristocrat from Crisillyir, Leone was recruited into the Ob for his unusual, innate ability to manipulate and shape metal without having to actually learn or cast spells. Contacts groomed him and encouraged him to acquire skills that the conspiracy would need, but he only gained the leadership’s trust after he helped rescue Kasvarina Varal eight years ago during a Risuri raid on Cherage. A cannon bombardment collapsed a factory she was touring, and Leone nearly killed himself with exertion to tear apart the crumpled steel and pull her to safety.
A few years later he was placed in charge of constructing the colossus. When it broke free he fled, and eventually he was contacted by Nicodemus himself, who knew Leone could still be of use.
Though he prefered to appear refined, romantic, and honourable, Leone was flamboyant and short-tempered. He sometimes imagined himself a conductor, waving his hands to imagined music as he telekinetically manipulated metal. He had a fondness for fine bromago cheese, and often enjoyed the wine from his family’s vineyard.
Alexander_Grappa.jpg The Mindmaker
Alexander fought for Risur in the Third Yerasol War four decades ago as a mere foot soldier. After losing too many friends he devoted himself to learning magic of golem-crafting, hoping his homeland could field an army of automata instead of shedding real soldiers’ blood. But his interest slowly drifted from golem construction to the crafting of minds for these artificial warriors, as well as enchantment magic and other ways to end a conflict without anyone dying.
He helped train and educate the colossus, but once he got an inkling of its actual purpose he rebelled. His first attempt earned him a geas to keep him from talking. His second attempt got him killed, though he managed to transfer his mind to a golem body. His third attempt got that body killed, and was then is stuck in the body of his murderer, Leone Quital.
Grappa looked on life with casual aplomb, and was a bit of a bumbling professor, full of clever ideas and bubbling with enthusiasm, but not properly grasping the dangers involved. He was killed by Macbannin's ghost at the Convocation, in revenge for the Steelshaper getting him involved in the Obscurati's plans.
Ghost_Macbannin.JPG Mayor Reed Macbannin
Macbannin studied all manner of defensive magic, as well as a fair share of proscribed dark arts, in order to earn the role of mayor of Cauldron Hill. He protected the city from the mountain’s curses for over a decade, but then was tricked into aiding the Obscurati, believing he was working on a secret Risuri military project. After being captured, he was contacted by Nicodemus, who offered to let him join the Ghost Council. Macbannin, always a shrewd politician, agreed, but he wasn’t surprised to discover he did not really agree with the conspiracy’s goals.
Despite being dead, Macbannin came across as high-energy, with a rascally sense of humour. Since his previous life’s work was devoted to keeping secrets, none of the Obscurati suspected his disloyalty until he killed three officers during their Convocation before destroying Vicemi Terio's along with his own.
Vicemi_Terio.jpg Vicemi Terio
Head of the Ghost Council, and leader of Lantern Cell, Vicemi cultivated his creepiness. He enjoyed unsettling people, and consciously crafted his withered appearance. He respected the leaders of the conspiracy—Nicodemus, Kasvarina, and Han Jierre—because they are unfazed by his undead proclivities, though he scoffed at the time they waste on pleasantries, etiquette, and sympathy.
Vicemi was one of the first members of the Ghost Council, recruited for his unparalleled intellect and his undying hatred of the Clergy. His main desire was that in the new world the Obscurati create, religion would perish and reason would reign. Still, he admired creativity because it inspires innovation, and he had hoped to survive as a ghost forever so he can watch civilization develop in ways he could not possibly imagine.
Reed Macbannin's final curse was to extinguish both of their souls forever.
Vitus_Sigismund.jpg Vitus Sigismund
After the city of Vendricce was disrupted by fighting between the constables and the Ob on Winter 16, 500 A.O.V., Vitus investigated, looking for evidence of demonic influence. He found instead a far more insidious, man-made plot, one he knew he could not simply fight to submission.
A geneu credeto (literally “spirit of belief,” but more colloquially known as a “godhand”), Vitus’s flesh and faith are one, and in battle his fists carry the weight of the combined devotion of tens of millions of adherents to the Clergy. He grew up in a monastery, then spent two decades travelling across Lanjyr defeating and capturing evil remnants of the Demonocracy. Now he works alone, not trusting the hierarchy of his church.
Serene yet imposing, Vitus believes everyone has within them the potential to transcend mortal frailty and the temptations of sin, and he humbly strives to be an example of that path. Curiously, he has a great fondness for board games, which he justifies as being an encouragement for mental improvement. One of his bracers unfolds into a game board, which can be played with simple stones.
Alas, he lacked the necessary skills at subterfuge to infiltrate the Obscurati on his own. Caught trying to sneak into their convocation on Mutravir Island, he was interrogated and then executed.
Minister_Lya_Jierre.jpg Minster of Outsiders Lya Jierre
An ambitious tiefling in her late 20s, Lya is the niece of Han Jierre, the Sovereign of Danor (her father is Han’s brother). She graduated top of her class from the prestigious academy of war, the Jierre Sciens d’Arms, and many students of other war colleges have read her thesis, Field Study of Melee Effectiveness and Foe Debilitation through Focused Limb Severance Techniques Contrasted with Mainstream Opportunistic Techniques, which she wrote near the end of the last Yerasol War.
Despite her youth, she was awarded the position of Minister of Outsiders, giving her great leeway to travel and make alliances. For the past three years she has worked with King Aodhan to keep the peace between their two nations, and as they began making plans for a formal alliance, she accepted the king’s offer of marriage as a symbolic union.
Those plans were dashed when she was discovered as a member of the Obscurati at Vendricce once the peace conference was cancelled. Officially working for the group when she met up with the constables again in Ber trying to find Tinker Oddcog, she went home without the gnome when the party outfoxed her multiple times and took out one of her bodyguards. Killed in action during the Battle of Flint when she tried to thwart the constables' plan to stop Stanfield's ritual.
Rush%20Munchausen.jpg Rush Munchausen
Wiry and scrappy with huge forearm muscles, Rush works as one of Lya's bodyguards on her travels. He fought the party with a pair of extendable platinum immovable rods and has a Drakran accent.
Killed alongside Lya Jierre.
Governor_Stanfield.jpg Flint City Governor Roland Stanfield
Stanfield witnessed the fall of the eladrin goddess Srasama five hundred years ago and died soon thereafter in the chaos of Elfaivar’s fall. But he reincarnated, and has for centuries served as Flint’s governor.
Secretly working for the Obscurati as the leader of Colossus Cell, Stanfield was killed not once but twice at the hands of the constables, first to stop his ritual, and the second time as a Rakasha after one of the last stars fell on the keep they were in.
Morgan_Cippiano.jpg Morgan Cippiano
Apparent head of the Flint branch of the burgeoning “Family” criminal syndicate, which is based in Crisillyir. Fond of fashion and fine foods. The Family is attracting a reputation of primarily targeting more violent criminal groups, winning the support of previously oppressed locals who then look the other way as the syndicate smuggles and gains footholds in police and politics.
Died of a broken neck after falling down the stairs in his home a few days after the stars fell from the sky.
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