Federated Drakran States
Capital: Trekhom
Government: Federal parliamentary republic
Head of State: : Chancellor Dmitra Takhenov
Official Language: Dwarven
Common Races: Human 67%, dwarf 30%, other 3%

Before the rise of the kingdom of Triegenes, dwarven warlords in Drakr subdued the undead titans of the land, encased them in crystal, and buried them deep beneath the earth. The dwarven warlords made alliances with the demonocracy in the east, trading the lives and souls of their mostly-human subjects for infernal power. Each warlord erected a tower as a symbol of his power, and from these bases they marched unnatural armies to battle for territory and supremacy.

Later Triegenes assailed those towers, toppling each as a stepping stone toward the demonocracy itself. The tyrants fell, and dwarves became an oppressed minority in what had once been their homeland. When the Great Malice shattered the kingdom of Triegenes, several clans of dwarves overthrew the priests who had ruled over them. They prepared for war, intending to recreate new dwarven kingdoms, but the deadly threat from the Malice Lands forced them to band together, even unite with humans to keep newly-birthed abominations at bay.

The dwarven clans and fractured human provinces that survived the collapse of the kingdom of Triegenes created a loose federation that has grown ever more united. Regional governors, mostly human, handle normal farming and trade, while dwarven lords direct grand mining operations and command the nation’s army and navy.

Once again the nation has grown fond of towers, not just as symbols of power but as strongholds against intermittent waves of monstrous incursions from the Malice Lands. Dark magic is not precisely endorsed, but it is tolerated as a necessary evil for the nation’s defence. Criminals convicted of any great crime vanish into mountain prisons to serve in hellish mines, until the day they are sacrificed to empower a magical ward or weapon.



Trekhom is low and flat, but exists more underground than above it. Factories and a truly vast railyard dominate the aboveground landscape, surrounded by squat buildings and dotted with a few towers that rise into the smoggy air. Most people live in tunnels, or in homes that extend two or three stories into the bedrock.
Locals don’t care much about outsiders unless they’re buying or building something. Elite police use borderline-evil magic such as mind control and pain-wracking necromancy to deal with lawbreakers, but criminals in exchange feel few compunctions with sucking policemen’s souls or turning their enemies to stone and leaving their severed head next to a smashed pile of rock that had once been their body.


A hub for rail traffic in northern Drakr, and home to mighty factories where thousands of dwarves toil to craft industrial marvels.


Heavily militarized city on the inland sea, across from the Malice Lands.


Central farming city.


Far north-western city, famous for its whaling practices.


Eastern forested city.

Bhad Ryzhavdut

North-eastern city that guards traffic along the Volgir River, flowing from the Shawl Mountains to the eastern sea. 200-foot tall tower fortress that protects from frost giant incursions.

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