The Avery Coast Railroad

First Class

Damata%20Griento.jpg Damata Griento
Sightseeing with his family: his wife Ejaka, his daughter Dabo, and son Tarro.
Took out a loan from The Family for an investment and then the conman skipped town with the money.
Supposed to be meeting them in Nalaam on Winter 14 at 8 PM with stolen family relics for repayment.
Elanor%20Yanette.jpg Elanor Yanette
A broad woman, well-dressed in a flowing silken gown, with a constant expression of disdain on her jowls.
Shrouded%20Traveller.JPG Shrouded Traveller
Wrapped from head to toe in black fabrics. Cuffed by a golden chain to Elanor. Hums errantly.
Luc%20Jierre.jpg Luc Jierre
Nephew of Danor's sovereign Han Jierre, and brother of the Minister of Outsiders, Lya. Stutters when speaking. Apparently a bit of a shut-in usually according to gossip.
Seems to have designed something called a Wayfarer's Lantern which can manifest planar properties in the area around it depending on the oil burned within it.
Ottavia%20Sacredote.jpg Ottavia
A Crisillyiri elf with geometric patterns tattooed on her neck and hands marking her as an oracle of the Clergy. Deaf, speaks with Luc through sign language.

Second Class

Bree.jpg Brianne 'Bree' Kaldeckis
Danoran war vet. Dresses to show off the scars on her right arm and leg. Lost them in the 4th Yerasol War. 'New' limbs attached through surgery performed by Dr. Wolfgang von Recklinghausen.
Bodyguard of Luc's. Says she was originally hired by a Mr. Bergeron.

Olivert Boone
Tiefling lady's man. Already seen spending time with a few different women after only one day. Bodyguard of Luc's.
Ritually sacrificed a prostitute during the second night. Blood seeped into his gun.

  • Arrested in Trekhom, discovered as a serial murder by police investigations.
Verzubak%20Tantalovich.jpg Verzubak Tantalovich
Studied mathematics. Frequent gambler. Looks perpetually tired.

Cardiff Hengehill
Risuri businessman working for Stray Manufacturing Ltd.'s Danoran branch. Travelling to a business deal. Keeps his business materials in a suitcase attached to his wrist.

  • Business materials apparently mean 'Danoran military secrets with their 5-year build-up plan'.
  • Got off the train at Trekhom.


Mister%20Mapple.jpg Mister Mapple
Scruffy, shabbily dressed, wearing a long overcoat with multiple patches. Acrobatic.


Locomotive%20Conductor.PNG Xorin Marchand
The train's conductor.
Locomotive%20Engineer.PNG Steeg Leon
The train's engineeer.
RailwayGuard3.PNG Vodyarika Lerkem
Head of the train's militia. Deceased.
MaliaBaccarin.PNG Malia Baccarin
Guard liaison for first- and second-class. Offered to procure rifles in Cherage for those wishing to participate in a 'safari' of sorts while travelling through the Malice Lands.
RailwayGuard2.PNG Grason Wasson
Guard between second-class and first-class.
Piano%20Player.PNG Doris Gavagne
Piano player in first-class lounge.
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