Wait Out The Rain

Wait Out the Rain (With Me Until the Sun Shines)

There's fairy tales they tell on the island. I think I knew them all by heart when I was younger, but now…
…Only bits and pieces. Like:
The girl in the abyss said, "I can't get married before seeing the ocean! You understand, right?"
Um, anyway, don't forget your sword today.

Wait Out the Rain (With Me Until the Sun Shines) is a Seed Overdrive game, set on Buga Island.
It's the year 2000! About 1400 years ago, the world was like, a fantasy RPG. Now it's just ordinary.
Um, except there's still monsters, and stuff, so if you don't know magic, you should probably carry a weapon when you go walking around town.
It's just that it's not like anyone's trying to conquer the world or anything.

The game begins with a certain person inheriting their late uncle's detective agency. He retired to Buga Island and ran it, basically, as a vanity project, taking seven cases, all unsolved. After passing away, he left those cases (and his premises downtown) to a PC. The heir takes on the mantle of following up on these cases and seeing if they can be solved. These cases - and the mysterious dream illness that the detective contracts in inheriting them - form the framework of the game, with other players playing helpful friends. Sometimes you just wander around and go to the aquarium or something though. You can't just drop everything to play detective. That's kinda silly. You know?

I know you probably haven't seen the whole island, so, I'll try to fill in what I remember about it here.

Fairy Tales

The Spire Observatory Woods Hilltown Crater Bay Hanazyuna Estate
Rocky Coast The Quarry Shrine Street Fountain Street (Dead) The Residences Artillery Park
The Beach Mountain Road The School Fountain Street (Cool) Mostly Warehouses The Plant
Ocean World Convention Center Market Street (Touristy) Market Street (Regular) The Marina Lighthouse Walk

The Spire

The island's most famous dungeon. Stay out! You could die.


An observatory on the mountain-top. The scientists are a reclusive sort - they haven't come down for weeks.


The backwoods. You can go camping!


The older part of town - now, sort of fancier. There's a pottery museum.

Crater Bay

An inlet bay formed by an ancient meteor.

Hanazyuna Estate

…They pretty much own the island…?

Rocky Coast

The Quarry

An old crystal mine. It's pretty much been dug up.
It's a crazy monster nest though.
Also Scorpion Man episodes get filmed here a lot.
Hmm, are you too old to cheer on Scorpion Man?
I think part of growing up is deciding that for yourself.

Shrine Street

Normally pretty quiet, but fills up for festival days.

Fountain Street (Dead)

This end of fountain street isn't doing so well.
Repair shops.
Um, and an office of the Peace Society.
The mall never actually got finished, except for the food court.

The Residences

Just your regular old suburbs. There's a little playground park. And a neighborhood grocery store.

Artillery Park

A park (baseball field! outdoor movie theater! A botanical garden!) in the shadow of a historic fort. One piece of it is maintained as a tourist attraction, but other ruins are strewn about the part. One tower even rises out, just off the shore.

Mountain Road

A twisting mountain road. Sometimes people try racing on it, but… not that often.

The School

The school! (With the old building, the new building, and the athletics building.)
Also there's a convenience store across the street.

Fountain Street (Cool)

Boutique stores (including the really slick armor shop!)
Stop by the movie theater on Tuesdays, and don't forget to bring your favorite bowl! The concession stand will fill it with popcorn for free when you buy a ticket!

Mostly Warehouses

Also, like, the car lot? And the inventor's workshop?

The Plant

The power plant.

Ocean World

An aquarium park. Its mascot is a seal!

Convention Center

The convention center! And a resort hotel. And the dock for cruise ships. And a really overpriced restaurant.

Market Street (Touristy)

Souvenir shops — including traditional artisanal glassblowing — and sorta pricy ice cream and cinnamon sugar pastries. Sculpture art. A playground that's shaped like a boat. the Sea Museum.

Market Street (Regular)

Consignment stores upon consignment stores. The cheap weapon and armor shops.

The Marina

Fishing boats. (And the tackle shop.) And the ferry dock.

Lighthouse Walk

A causeway bridge to the lighthouse isle. It's swept over with water in storms.

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