ToE- Yin

Name: Olu-ja-Yn "Yin"
Race: If-ys
Class: Maverick
Level: 13

HP: 59 / 90
MP: 24 / 55
LP: 7 / 10
Weight: 8
Drive: 0 / 16
Initiative: 1d6+8

R: Air
W: Earth

Type Name Effect Special Weight Cost
Armor Back Pack Gain +1 Item Slot. Gain +10 Max MP 2WGT 30
Ranged Weapon Pistol 1d8+8 [Pin] (Agile) Ranged, +10 Accuracy, 4 Ammo. Reliable: Roll an extra damage die with the attack- 3 charges (1 used) 2WGT 200
2nd Ranged Weapon Shotgun 1d8+10 [Pin] (Agile) Ranged, +10 Critical, 3 Ammo. Type D: Instantly reload the firearm after firing- 1 charge 4WGT 250
Accessory Mystic's Beads [Q] Generate a single momentum from one of the following types: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. 30
Charm Majesty's Charm When missing no more than 10 HP: gain +2 potency with damage and healing rolls - - 20

Charm effect applied to weapon damage as a reminder
[1] Bestiary
[2] Elixir (Grants +5 Drive and Quicken 5s a single target. M-Rush.)
[3] Drought (Restores +20MP to a single target instantly, then grants them any Short Status I you choose (other than Liberation or Absorb) at the start of the next round. M-Recovery.
Non-slotted inventory: Rations: 7. Small, leather-bound notebook with a strap to tie it closed. A necklace with a purple gem.
Money: 301

Agile: Increase the damage die when using weapons by one size. Additionally, anytime you miss with a Technique, Scratch for 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) damage.Shotgun S=3/ Dagger S=2.
Cunning: Whenever you activate a combo, regain +3 MP.


Racial: [P] New Day, New Face: After you take a Full Rest, you may change form, re-choosing any of your class, your learned abilities and your attributes, as it pleases you.

Lv 0: [P] Maverick's Endurance: The Maverick gains +10 Maximum HP, and +5 Maximum MP. Additionally, when not engaged in battle, the Maverick may spend LP to recover HP, +10HP per LP spent.

Lv 0(Upgraded Lv 7): [P] Follow My Lead: Mavericks are at their best at the head of the pack, leading the attack. Anytime the Maverick generates Momentum, it's +3 better than listed.

Lv 0: [P] Switch Up: Flexible and prepared, Mavericks start with four separate "Switch" quicks. You can only use two of these four in a battle, but can use a different one every battle.
[Q] Speed Switch: Swap the initiative of a target in your party with another ally.
[Q] Row Switch: If one combatant in your party dashes, another can retreat.
[Q] Status Switch: Transfer a status from one combatant onto one of its allies
[Q] Drive Switch: Transfer 2 Drive from the Maverick or an ally to another target.

Lv 1:[P] Double Switch: When the Maverick actives their Switch Quick ability, they can activate two of them at once, rather than once.

Lv 4: [P] Forward Thinking: At the end of each round, select a single momentum from the player's pool. Save it, and carry it into the new round rather than destroying it with the rest.

Lv 6: [P] Further Preparations: The Maverick learns a new set of Quick abilities with Hold in the name. Hold Quick abilities work much the same way that the Switch Quick abilities do; the Maverick learns all four of them at once, but may only use one of them per battle.
[Q] Hold That Thought: Momentum doesn't dissipate at the end of this round.
[Q] Hold It Together: Allies can't be Dazed this round (they can only be reduced to 1 HP)
[Q] Hold On A Second: A single target enemy can't OD this round.
[Q] Hold Up: A single target enemy chooses: It gives you 3d10 money, or it's inflicted with Short K-Shatter II

Lv 10: [P] No Quarter: When you generate momentum, increase its bonus by twice the current round number. (ie. During the first round, +2. During the second round, +4. During the third round, +6. etc.)

Lv 13: [P] Revolution: At the start of each round of combat, the Maverick may choose any type of momentum and generate it immediately. This free momentum does not benefit from the Maverick's other passives, and cannot become momentum+.

Lv 0: [T] Keep It Up: 5MP. 80CoS(90CoS with pistol). Deals weapon damage to a single target, and Cleanse a single status from an ally. M-Air.
C Rush: You can select a Dazed target with the cleanse, and revive them with +15HP.
C Air: Cleanse all negative statuses from the ally.
C Recovery: +4 damage

Lv 0: [T] Spirit Strike: 4MP. 80CoS(90CoS with pistol). Deals weapon damage to a single target, and grants Short E-Power and Short E-Guard to an ally. M-Rush.
C Pin: Short II for both statuses.
C Water: +4 damage.

Lv 0: [S] Secret Weapon: 4MP. 100CoS. Grant an ally a Long Element Saber. When this ability is used, pick the element to grant - but you can only have one of each element on the field at once. Further applications of the same element remove the first from the ally it was previously used on. Generates momentum equal to the type of element saber deployed.
C Same Element: True Strike the enemy group for 6 damage of the same element.

Lv 2: [T] Pacesetter: 3MP. 80CoS(90CoS with pistol). Deals weapon damage to a single target, then the Maverick Quicken 1s either themselves or an ally. M-Rush.
C Rush: Quicken 1 three targets, rather than one.
C Recovery: +4 damage.

Lv 3: [T] Interrogate: 4MP. 80CoS(90CoS with pistol). Deals weapon damage to a single target, and learn the target's elemental weakness. Generate a momentum+5 that aligns with the targets weakness.
C Enemy's Weakness: Grants an ally Short Element Saber of the same element. Remember, you can activate combo effects after the ability is used and you see its effects!

Lv 5: [T] Yield Not: 4MP. 80CoS(90CoS with pistol). Deals weapon damage to a single target, then grants a Barrier (6) to an ally. M-Launch.
C Earth: Targets two enemies and two allies, rather than one of each.
C Air: +4 damage, and the ally may Dash or Retreat if desired.

Lv 8: [S] Molotov Cocktail: 5MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d6+8 fire damage, dispels a positive status, and inflicts Long Burning. M-Fire.
C Earth: If possible, sets something in the battle environment on fire. At the end of the next round, enemies in the back row are True Struck for 6 supreme damage.
C Launch: +5 damage potency.

Lv 11:[S] Supercharger: 5MP. Restores 1d8+12 HP to a single target, and allows them to Refresh the use of a single Quick of their choosing. M-Recovery.
C Air: Grants Long Energize to the target as well.
C Recovery: +5 HP restored.

Lv 12:[S] Barricade: 5MP. 100CoS. Grant a target a Bubble (6) and Long K-Guard. Until the Maverick's next action, whenever an ally under K-Guard is attacked, True Strike the attacker for 6 earth damage. M-Earth.
C Rush: True Strike for 18 earth damage, rather than 6.
C Fire: Any enemy you True Strike with this ability is inflicted with Long Challenge, with the ally you granted Bubble to as the Challenger.

KD combat notes:
Damage Dice increased by 1 size for Agile.
If the [T] roll is 10 or lower(shotgun) you score a Crit! Critical Hits add +4 damage to the attack, and allow you to roll an additional damage die.
If the [S] roll is 25 or lower you score a Burst! When a spell Bursts add +3 potency and reduce the cost by -1MP.
If a technique allows you to hit multiple targets at once with it, roll to hit/crit/miss with it separately for each enemy.
If 10+ damage is taken rolls are at -2 potency

Racial: [OD] War-Body: You gain Long Liberation II, Short E-Power II, Short K-Power II, and Short H-Power II M-Recovery OD THEME

Lv 0: [OD][T] It's Go Time: 80CoS Deals weapon damage to a single target, then grants Short K-Power and Short E-Power to the Maverick and all allies. Scratch 6 on a miss. M-Rush

Lv 9: [OD][S] Fireworks: 100CoS. Restores 1d8+12 HP to a single target. Generates Launch+3, Rush+3, Pin+3, Recovery+3, Fire+3, Water+3, Air+3 and Earth+3.

Lv 0: [D] Secret Defense: 100CoS. Grant a single ally Short Element Absorb, with the element chosen when the ability is used. Generates momentum of the same element.

Lv 0: [D] Free Energy: 100CoS. Grant an ally Short Liberation. No momentum.

Spy- Send reports, get favors. And gadgets.
Di - When performing a mission for your agency, +1 die.
Sp - When you file a report on your actions to the agency, receive a Support point, and possibly, a mission. Don't file reports when you have an outstanding mission.
Sp - Spend a Support point to gain a useful gadget or tool… agency's choice.
Sp - When you're in trouble, spend a Support point- someone nearby is secretly an agent!

Undying- Death is something that happens to other people.
Sp - You cannot die. If you are ever separated from the party in perilous circumstances, you will eventually return to them, no worse for wear. Even being buried 10,000 miles beneath the earth or confined to another dimension can't stop you.
Sp - Outside of battle, you can spend 1LP to recover 8HP.
Sp - Once, when the entire party is dazed, instantly defeat all enemies.

Points Skill Description
Agility Running, dodging, leaping
1 Charm Likability and social finesse
1 Coercion Intimidation and leverage
Determination Stamina, endurance, and willpower
Experimentation Identifying and analyzing something through experimentation
2 Insight Seeing to the heart of things, piecing things together
Lore Knowledge
2 Lying False pretenses, disguises, forgery
Mechanisms Opening locks, sabotaging devices
Mysticism Spirits and the protocols of the unreal
Navigation Reading the weather, finding the way, steering a ship or caravant
Operation Use and understanding of complex machines
2 Sorcery Solving a problem though magic
3 Stealth Avoiding attention, sneaking into places, detecting alarms, stealing
Streetsmart Fast talking, bribery, underworld politics
Strength Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting
Survival Foraging, hunting, tracking, you roll it when resting in the wilderness
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