ToE-Wrench VII

L13 Hundred Gear-Head

A mangy, long-snouted, messy-fanged mongrel of a Hundred. Wrench is a technician doing little psuedo-illegal fixes for people in her city. She does sloppy, ugly work, but hey, she's a sloppy, ugly girl. The two-barreled cannon she wields is custom-built from a destroyed defense emplacement on the tower edge. Her tail is bald and rat-like, her ears pointed, and her sneer has a hell of a lot of teeth.

HP: 67/90
MP: 12/45
LP: 8/13
Weight: 10
Drive: 10/18
Initiative: 1d6+10
EXP: 71

1. Grappling Hook (+1 Climbing)
2. Toolkit (+1 Mechanisms)
Rations: 8

R: Air, W: Water

[A] Patient: When Defending, +3 damage next round.
[A] Lucky: +3 LP
[P] Roar: When you spend LP, gain MP and Drive equal to the LP you spent.
[P] Clean Barrel: With first attack, and after reloading, deal +4 damage.
[P] Reclaim: Anytime the Gear-Head discards their attachment parts, they may select a single one and keep its effect.
[P] Running Hot: +1 damage per attachment.
[C] Slayer: When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP. [3G]

AA Gun 6WGT 1d8+10 damage 2 ammo. 10 Critical. +2 Drive on Defending. M-Pin [Power Shot 5/5 - +2 damage]
Dragonhunter 4WGT - Armor 3. +15 HP. Burning Protection.
Lion Bracelet - Q - The users next non-Overdrive ability has +4 potency.
Slayer's Charm - When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP.

[T] Semi-Auto: 4MP. 80CoS. 1d8+10 and has +20 Critical. M-Rush.
Attachment: +20 Critical. When you score a critical, deal an additional +2 damage.
C Rush: This attack consumes no Ammo.
C Fire: Deals +4 damage.

[T] Roaring Carbine: 5MP. 80CoS. 1d8+12. M-Launch.
Attachment: +3 damage.
C Launch: Inflicts Short K-Shatter II.
C Recovery: Inflicts Short Toxin II.

[T] Bunker Buster: 3MP. 80CoS. 1d8+10 + Discard: +3 Damage per Discarded part. Next Desperado deals +1 damage per discarded part. (Ferocity +2 per.) M-Launch.
C Pin: +1d8 per discarded part.
C Earth: +5 damage.

[T][!] Magnetic Stake: 4MP. 80CoS. 1d8+11 and Slow 1s the target. M-Pin.
Attachment: Slow 1.
C Air: Quicken 3s the Gear-head.
C Earth: Slow 2s the target, and Slow 1s all other enemies.
Combo is usable twice.

[T] Canister Shot: 4MP. 80CoS. 1d8+10, and True Strikes another enemy for 5 physical damage. M-Rush.
Attachment: True Strike another enemy for 5 physical damage and Short K-Shatter I them.
C Water: True Strike two other enemies rather than one.
C Launch: +4 damage.

[T] Laser Sighted: 4MP. 100CoS. 1d8+10. M-Pin.
Attachment: +20 Accuracy. When landing a hit with a roll of 81 or higher, recover 1 LP.
C Air: The Gear-head recovers +1LP.
C Pin: This attachment counts as two attachments when discarded, or laser sighted's effect is granted to all with Switch Strike.

[T] Meltdown: 4MP, 80CoS, 1d8+10. Discard: Suppress 1 per. M-Pin.
C Fire: +4 Damage
C Rush: Push/Pull the target.

[Q] - Lion Bracelet: Non-OD action has +4 Potency.
[Q] - Clip Explosion: Reload this turn true strikes all targets for 5 physical.
[Q] - Trick Shot: Next technique is -30 CoS, T: Triple.

[OD][T] Desperado: 80CoS. 1d8+10 to a group. M-Rush.
[OD][T] Ferocity: 90CoS - 3d8+10. Short K&E Shatter. M-Launch.
[OD] Jormungang: 100CoS - Scan (HP, MP, LP, Elements, Abilities) an enemy. Choose an element: Grant Short Element Saber to all allies. Attachment: Long Element Saber. M-Element.
[D] Read the Manual: Dazed. Select a single enemy. Gain a listing of their abilities, then pick a single one. The Gear-head then learns exactly what that ability does. M-Recovery.
[D] Working On It: Dazed. 80CoS. Attach a part from an ability the Gear-head has slotted. On a roll of 30 or low, put on two attachments, rather than one. M-Rush.

Mechanisms 2
Operation 2
Strength 1
Agility 1
Survival 1
Navigation 2

Rat - Yeah, I can get that hooked up.
Street-cunning, the cracks of society, forgotten places.
Di - +1 die to actions in slums, or when dealing with the dregs of society.
Fa - Authority hates you.
Sp - When you have the opportunity to root around, find a Forgotten Place. The amenities are poor, but it's a safe-house, of sorts.
Sp - When you spend a night sniffing about, learn anything any servant in the city knows about a topic of interest.
Sp - Find a Secret Entrance to anywhere in a city. What it takes to get in there is up to the GM… but it's better than going in the front.

Ranger - What, are you lost?
At home in the wilderness.
Di - +1 die to camping, hunting, and dealing with any hazard presented by a natural obstacle - including natural beasts.
Mo - Animals and plants - natural foes.
Sp - When foraging, you gain an additional success option: 'Cure a condition'.

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