Name: Shuu
Race: Maxwellian
Class: Shifter
Level: 7

HP: 81 / 95
MP: 34 / 40
LP: 9 / 10
Weight: 10
Drive: 22 / 18|36
Initiative: 1d6+10
Burst: 25%

R: Earth [-5]
W: Water [+5]

Sharp: +10 Critical
Combo Master: Activating a Combo makes the ability cost -1 MP

Type Name Effect Special Charges Weight
Weapon Firewheel 1d8+10 damage, Accuracy 10, Critical 10 True Strike a target in each row for 5 Fire 2/2 6
Armor Medium Armor Armor 3, +15 Max HP 0/0 4
Accessory Wrought Clover [Q] Double the effects of LP expenditure until start of next turn Q 0
Charm Slayer's Charm Gain +1 potency per LP spent when attacking P 0

[1] Fortune Cookie - Recover 1d6 LP to target, if used in battle reroll a 1. M-Recovery.
[2] Drought - Restores +20MP to target, grants any Short Status I (except Liberation or Absorb) at the start of the next round. M-Recovery.
[3] Camping Gear - Provides +1 to survival rolls when camping if two in party.
Credits: 100
Rations: 6


[P] Shroud: Hide within a spatial distortion when using an ability that makes you enter Hidden or when you Defend. While Hidden double the effect of LP expenditure to defend. When attacking lose Hidden, using an attack with a Dash component grants the Unhidden bonus in the ability and ignores row restrictions.

[P] Gravity Drive: Drive gauge can charge twice. Can execute the Overdrive on command rather than being forced to, expend the normal value. A golden halo appears on his back when an overdrive is charged, it sometimes gets in the way.

[P] Reactive Cloaking: Starts battle Hidden

[Q] Crashing Exit: If you become Hidden this round, True Strike a target for 8 physical damage.

[Q] Chronon Charge: Shuu's next non-OD attack deals +1 damage for each position between their turn marker and the targets. Double the damage bonus if he started the turn Hidden.

[S] Distort: 2MP. 100CoS. Retreat, then become Hidden. The Shifter gains Short Lucky at the start of the next round. M-Air.
C Recovery: Shifter recovers +1LP.
C Launch: Immediately grants Short Lucky to all allies in the Shifter's row, as well.

[S] Options, Options: 4MP. 100CoS. Retreat, then become Hidden. The Shifter gains Short Liberation at the start of the next round. M-Water.
C Rush: Gain Short Focus at the start of the next round as well.
C Fire: Gain Short Stalwart at the start of the next round as well.

[S] On the Mend: 2MP. 100CoS. May only be used while Hidden. The Shifter recovers 1d8+12 HP, then grants an ally Short H-Power II. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 6 HP
C Wind: Another ally is targeted by the healing effect.
C Pin: Grants another ally Short E-Power II.

[T] Warp Strike: 3MP. 90/20CoS Dash, then deals 1d8+12. M-Launch
Unhidden: Instead deals 2d8+22 damage
C Fire: Deals +3 damage. If Unhidden, deals +6 damage.
C Pin: Inflicts Short K-Falter. If Unhidden, inflicts Short K-Falter II instead.

[T] From Beyond: 3MP. 90/20CoS Dash, then deal 1d8+10 and Push the target. M-Launch.
Unhidden: Long E-Shatter the target, and can Pull rather than Push if desired. M-Launch+5 instead, can be generated at start of next round if desired.
C Earth: Inflicts Short K-Shatter as well. If Unhidden, inflicts Short K-Shatter II.
C Launch: Slow 2s the target. If Unhidden, deals +2 damage and Slow 4s.

[T] Explosive Entry: 4MP. 90/20CoS. Dash, then deals 1d8+10 damage. True Strike a different target for 5 physical damage. M-Rush.
Unhidden: Deals 1d8+10 to two enemies, rather than one. (also True Strikes a third for 5 physical)
C Air: True Strike a second target for 5 physical damage. If Unhidden, deal 1d8+10 weapon damage to a third target instead.
C Fire: Deals 1d8+13. If Unhidden, deals 1d8+16 damage.

[OD] Overdrive: Dimension Cutter: 90/70CoS. Dash, then deals 1d8+10 supreme. The Shifter then Quicken 1s M-Rush+4. []
Unhidden: Instead deals 2d8+20

[OD] Overdrive: Degeneration Cannon: True Strike the entire enemy group for 12 supreme damage. M-Launch. []

[D] Wormhole Pistol: Dazed. 100CoS. Enter Hidden. If already Hidden True Strike a single target for 4 physical damage. M-Rush.

[D] Remote Deployment: Dazed. Use an item from the inventory.

Old Hand: Shuu has been doing this maintenance thing for a long time. I wonder where Ryu, Lenna and Kyo went.
Special: Starts with the Firewheel (Greataxe: True Strike for 5 Fire a second target, 2 Charges)
Special: When someone makes a mistake retroactively warn them, and they can choose to have acted differently. Don't use again until you tell the tale of a similar problem you've lived through in the past
Fate: Shuu'll meet his three friends Ryu, Lenna and Kyo, his old maitenance crew, somewhere in the adventure. One will become corrupt and complacent, one will become a champion of change, the other will turn out just like him.

Thorn In The Side: He shouldn't have been wandering too far from where he's been assigned, quite a few people are displeased at that.
Special: When you strike a blow against the enemy's plans, spend 1 LP and enter a scene of them cursing your name. Enter High Tide.
Special: When you infuriate someone that cursed your name, they become Hexed (K-Shatter II)

Skill Level
Operations 4
Insight 2
Agility 2
Mysticism 1

With a particularly larger amount of hard plating than most maxwellians, Shuu's plating is a dull and dirty golden color, the sort of color metal can only take after seeing much wear and tear. The inner coat, more elastic for his joints, is at first glance black but upon closer inspection it's such a dark shade of purple none could blame you for mistaking the colors. Shuu's most notable traits are a pair of retractable jets on his back, no longer do their work full capacity now barely able to hold on for a couple of seconds, and golden halo that appears behind him once he has enough charge- It is bothersome sometimes, so he carries a cloak in his belongings just in case.
When armed he carries two distinct weapons on his back, the large axe Firewheel, a relic found lost within the tower, and his own particular greatsword, the Dimension Cutter, which he only uses in special circumstances.

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