Name: Harino Yasuya
Race: Driftin
Class: Ace
Level: 7
Experience: 583

HP: 90 / 100
MP: 24 / 40
LP: 6 / 10
Weight: 16
Drive: 2 / 24
Initiative: 1d6+16

R: Water
W: Air


Sharp: +10 Critical
Agile: Increase the damage die when using melee weapons by one size, and when you miss a target it loses 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) HP


Type Name Effect Special Charges Weight
Weapon Greatsword 1d10+10 damage, On a hit, you take -3 damage from the target until your next turn. M-Launch 4 damage on misses 0/0 6
Armor Heavy Armor Armor 5, +20 Max HP 0/0 6
Shield Lantern Shield 3 blocks, reduce each by 5 Inflicts Long Shock on the attacker 4/4 4
Accessory Soldier's Beads [Q] Generate a single momentum from one of the following types: Rush, Launch, Pin, Recovery. 0
Charm Slayer's Charm When you spend LP on an ability, gain +1 Potency per LP. 0


[1] Grappling Hook - Thrown and hooked on high, provides +1 die to Agility and Strength rolls to traverse a gap or climb a wall, and allows your allies to follow you with ease.
[2] Camping Gear - Tents, bedding, and other necessities for camping: each is enough for three party members. If sufficient gear is brought, +1 die to Survival rolls to establish camp.
[3] Part worth 9C
Rations x21
Credits: 354
Free Knight Points: 1

[17:16:31] <Serenity‘> There is one, as is customary… doesn’t look like the receptionist is in at the moment, and the only one looks relevant to your interest is pretty vague. A posting about some group of monster bandits near the sanctuary a few floors up…?


[P] Speed: At the start of battle after turn order is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself.

[P] Indomitable - As elite warriors, Aces are capable of wading through dozens of fights without slowing down.
- Recover 15HP at the end of each battle.

[P] Revenge Drive: Anytime an enemy performs an Overdrive, the Ace gains Short Lucky at the start of their next turn. If multiple enemies Overdrive before the start of your next turn, gain Short Lucky II instead.

[Q] Overdrive Read: The GM describes the target's Overdrive to you.

[Q] Guard Breaker: Convert physical damage you deal to Supreme this turn.

[Q] Full Attack: The next attack the Ace makes deals +4 damage and rolls an additional damage die.

[T] Rally Strike: 4MP. 80/10 CoS. Deal 1d10+10 damage to a single target, and the Ace gains +2 Drive. M-Rush
C Air: Every ally in the Ace's row gains +2 Drive.
C Pin: The Ace gains +5 Drive, instead.

[T] Hero Saber: 4MP. 80/10 CoS. Deal 1d10+10 damage to a single target, then True Heal the Ace for +10HP. M-Recovery.
Field: Restores 12 HP to the Ace.
C Rush: True Heal an ally for +10HP.
C Earth: Change the damage from physical to supreme, and deal +4 damage.

[T] Strike Down: 3MP. 80/10 CoS. Deal 1d10+10 damage to a single target, and suppresses -2 Drive. M-Pin.
C Launch: Deal +4 damage.
C Water: You remove -5 Drive from the target instead of -2.

[T] Dashthrough: 3MP. 80/10 CoS. Dash, then deals 1d10+10 damage to a single target in each enemy row. M-Rush
- Upgraded, can combo twice per battle.
C Air: Deal +3 Damage.
C Fire: If you used this from the back row, +3 damage and damage and momentum is Fire.
C Launch: The target in the front row is Pushed into the back, and the target in the back row is Pulled into the front.

[T] Whallop: 3MP. 40/10 CoS. Deals 2d10+18 damage to a single target. M-Launch
C Pin: +30 CoS
C Water: M-Launch+6, rather than M-Launch. This combo can be activated and take effect, even if the ability misses.

[T] Precision Strike: 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d10+10 damage to a single target. The Ace has +10 critical against this target for the remainder of this battle. This bonus increases each time that target is struck by Precision Strike again. M-Rush
C Rush: Quicken the Ace 3.
C Pin: M-Rush+4 instead.
C Launch: +4 damage.

[OD][T] Overdrive: Spinkick: 80/10 CoS. Deals 1d10+10 damage and Slow 3s a single target. The Driftin can then Quicken 3. M-Rush []

[OD][T] Overdrive: Admiralty Sword: 80/10 CoS. Deal 1d10+10 damage to two targets, and suppress -2 Drive on both. M-Rush. []

[D] Shout: Dazed. Grant an ally Short K-Power & Short E-Power, and +1 Drive. M-Air

[D][T] Grit: Dazed. 60CoS. Deals 1d10+10. Momentum is based on weapon. (M-Launch)


Free Knight: Though she calls herself a ronin, she seems to have fallen into this profession during her wanderings by asking for monsters to test her skills against.
A hired arm, but a respected one.
Sp - When you ask around in a town, you'll often be offered a contract - often killing monsters. Payment's never in advance. When you complete it, gain a Knight point. And the pay.
Sp - Spend a Knight point to meet another Free Knight in the area - they're good for swapping tips about local monsters and hazards.
Mo - Legendary monsters, especially dragons.

Battle-Reader: Part of her style relies on getting a bead on her opponent's capabilities.
Qu - Overdrive Read: The GM describes the target's Overdrive to you.
(Quick: 1-6. Normal: 7-10. Slow: 11+)


Skill Level Description
Agility 3 Running, dodging, leaping
Determination 3 Stamina, endurance, and willpower
Strength 3 Smashing, lifting, throwing, cutting


Only a little shorter than average, Harino is a driftin with fox-like ears and tail that matches her black hair, and red eyes that shine with delight during battle. She often wears dark red and black clothing in the former Far Eastern style that's rare but not completely unseen in the Tower, and weilds a pair of long, curved blades she insists are called 'katanas'.


The eldest child of the Yasuya family, Harino shows the most promise to inherit the family's sword style and dojo, but she left on a journey to 'refine her swordsmanship' before her parents could tie her down with an arranged marriage she didn't feel she was ready for. She wanders between the various floor-towns as a sword-for-hire, ready and willing to test her skills against various foes, avoiding her home floor-town until she's ready to settle down.

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