Toe 44

[F2063] Morning arrives with something you're not used to: background noise. There's a lot of hustle and bustle to be found on this floor, with all of the people living here. The entire floor is party of the city, rather than a small section of it with wildness taking up the rest.
Sohl almost doesn't want to wake up, but then hears the noises of civilization- the HEIGHT of civilization- and he springs into action! Breakfast is eggs and potatos with sliced ham, and some fruit to go as he heads out to hit up the markets! Such a wide availability of goods! Of all legal statii!
Shuu has been up for a while now, mostly waiting at the inn as the party goes about to get their business resolves. He's thinking, a lot. What about, cannot be certain
Shuu decides, however, to wait outside. Just at the door of the inn (provided it doesn't look too suspicious, hopefully there's a nearby bench), people-watching as he thinks
Harino is definitely glad to have slept on a lovely bed, as well as getting proper meals (no offence, Sohl, but camp food only goes so far), hitting up the shops and then checking if the job board has anything for them while they're heading up anyway.
Yin looks bizarrely, unchanged, mostly just a pallette swap of sorts. Any jewel tones have been muted down and there appears to be a light dragonfly wing patterining across her arms. Outside of that, the shiny new weapons on her hips make up for the lack of color as she digs into breakfast!
Gerald: One guys standing around in the huge swaths of people isn't going to raise any eyebrows, though a Maxwellian probably will regardless of what you're doing.
Shuu: "A bit more subtle today, Yin"
Yin shrugs her shoulders, "I guess I didn't sleep well. Not used to the beds anymore. Besides, it feels like everything is going to get more serious soon." She waves her hands in the air vaguely.
Shuu: "No doubt" he nods, seriously. But adds "We'll need to get you used to bed again, though. You shouldn't miss out on those"
Wrench catches up, smiling greasily. "Mornin'."
Harino: "Beds are really nice, it's true!"
Sohl comes back differently equipped, a longcoat over his dragonscale armor, the dragontooth spear slung over his back, a buckler clinking at his side. His pack is full and he settles in for some brunch!
Gerald: Om nom.
Sohl: "These here have gotta be the fluffiest ones I've ever slept on!"
Sohl: "Everyone still got shoppin' to do?"
Shuu: "Done it last night. Didn't think i'd find a momentum capacitor out there, but that was a nice addition"
PseudoGM: As for the city itself: it's beyond massive. You didn't notice when you came in last night, but the capital actually extends past one floor - the ceiling between here and the next floor up, and possible the one above that even - seem to periodically have holes in them, allowing one to gaze from one floor to another. There's also a number of escalators heading up and down between the floors. And the stores! You can find pretty much anything you'd ever want here, with a little asking around.
Shuu: "Hrm… Never seen a city so big, to be honest. I thought it'd be quite smaller given who supposedly lives here"
Shuu: "Then again, they probably have a large support network"
Harino is in a new set of armour made of various bones and carapace, while her katanas seem to have been touched up, cleaned and sharpened after all of that wear and tear between here and now. And enchanted. "I think I'm mostly done shopping?"
Sohl nods. "I'd never heard of the sky havin' holes in it, with stairs that reach the heavens."
Sohl: "It's the kinda thing you put in a paintin' and bring elsewhere, and they'd say-"
Sohl: "No way- no way it's that big!"
Yin: "That's some poetry right there Sohl" Yin says as she takes a last bite of buttered roll.
Sohl: "Mmm." He says, taking a sip of coffee. A drip falls onto his beard and vanishes.
Sohl: "So…" He motions with his mug to Shuu.
Sohl: "What's the next move?"
Shuu closes his eyes for a moment "Going, as expected, further up. Until we finally reach the core"
Shuu: "There will certainly be someone, or something, waiting for us as we try to leave the city, i'd be better if we get by unnoticed, i'd rather delay any engagement with guardians until we reach the core itself"
Wrench puts a little swagger in her stance as she turns to Shuu.
Sohl: "So…"
Wrench: "Oh, y'wanna go unnoticed, huh?"
Sohl: "I don't figure we take the escalators, then, yeah?"
Sohl: "Do we… do we go up the inside of the buildings??"
Shuu: "There is such a thing as hiding in plain sight, Sohl" he nods to him, but turns to Wrench "Indeed"
Sohl nods in return.
Sohl: "Well, it's certainly easy enough to get lost, should be just as easy to blend in."
Wrench: "Alright so anyway," Wrench gestures follow-me and ducks into a little convenience store.
Sohl finishes his coffee and trundles after!
Shuu follows after!
PseudoGM: It's mostly empty; the guy at the counter sizes up the party for a moment as Wrench enters, then quickly returns his attention to the small radio that's airing some kind of drama at the moment.
Wrench nods to the guy, lifts up the counter, and heads into the back, through a non-descript door that, until opened, looks like it probably led into a closet. She has to turn sideways to fit in.
Shuu raises an eyebrow, carefully follows after
Sohl easily fits into small spaces! (Tight spaces, well… the pack is malleable.)
Harino is glad she's one of the smaller people in this party, even with her armour.
Yin follows in th rear, looking around at the shop and it's keeper before heading into the back.
PseudoGM: After a tight squeeze the passages open up into a larger room with a few various small huts set up, each manned by different seedy looking people trying to hawk various things; one some Just Like New blenders, another some Toasters That Are Just Missing The Lever But Still Totally Work, another old looking vaccumes and the like…
PseudoGM: It continues with things like that for a bit, until it reaches a ladder in the very back.
Sohl chuckles, rubbing his hands together.
Wrench just heads right over to the ladder without skipping a beat and heads up.
Shuu looks at what's for sale as they walk over, not really stopping. Entirely as expected, yes. He follows behind Wrench
Sohl: "Heeeeeeeeere we go!"
Sohl: "(Ladders are a lot rougher than stairs, though…)"
Sohl clambers!
PseudoGM: It heads up to the next floor, with another level of this… Free Market. Another ladders leads up to the floor above *that*, where the people get a bit shadier looking, and there's more things in crates and people makes deals in whispers.
Yin looks around with a bit more interest.
PseudoGM: In one end of the room there's a little slide that leads up to the ceiling, and a thick access hatch with massive bars on it that's tightly sealed shut.
Shuu just passes by, although he keeps looking around. One must wonder, what is changing on the outside as they go up, for the deals to change in nature such?
Shuu looks at Wrench, is she taking charge, or is heh eading on first?
PseudoGM: Taking a closer look, you can see symbols from a couple different well known companies, and even one or two with Alloci House Seals on them. … More than likely stolen goods from shipments.
Wrench heads up to the access hatch.
PseudoGM: You get a couple stares as you head up, but most turn to whatever they were doing quickly. Except for one Hundred, who cups a hand over their mouth and shouts up at you: "Hey, you know the protocal for shuttin' that thing back up, right?"
Sohl has complete and unwavering faith in Wrench.
Shuu looks up at Wrench, looks back at the Hundred "Remind me, please"
Wrench turns down and - "No, I'm literally from Floor 1998."
PseudoGM: The Hundred makes a very 'are you fucking kidding me' before giving an exasperated sigh. "Goddamn boonie newbies. Alright."
PseudoGM: They stomp across the market, closer to the slide and hatch.
PseudoGM: "…Wait what're you doin' with him?" A nod towards Shuu.
Shuu lets Wrench respond, that might give some better impression
Sohl represses the urge to slyly say 'wouldn't YOU like to know' with an eyebrow waggle.
Wrench looks at the Hundred. Then she looks at Shuu.
Wrench: "Goin' up a goddamn ramp."
Yin: "Tra-" Yin sees Shuu's patience and holds her tounge, side-eying the new Hundred.
PseudoGM: "Listen. Those guys - they tend to gives repair reports that are… way too detailed."
PseudoGM: "And this ramp needs to remain unreported."
Shuu: "It's well in my interest it remains so"
PseudoGM: Some grumbling and eyerolling, before a shrug. "Fine fine whatever. Make sure it stays that way so trouble don't find us, then you by extention yeah?" A pause, then an explanation on how to lock, unlock and open the access hatch.
Wrench: "Oh, well,"
Wrench: "If he's writing reports," she unlocks it.
Wrench: "Nobody's still reading em."
Shuu: "Not after what went down already, no"
PseudoGM: There's a loud hissing noise as the hatch swings open.
Sohl braces for steam/wind/odors as the hissing happens, bringing a gloved hand up to shield his face.
PseudoGM: It's…
PseudoGM: Pleasently Piney.
Sohl: "…oh!"
Wrench gets everybody through and, y'know. Locks up.
Sohl: "Smells better than I thought," he remarks, once he's up through the hatch.
Wrench: Including herself obviously. This isn't a Top 10 Anime Betrayals type deal.
[OOC] Sohl: not yet anyway
Shuu helps Wrench out locking up, because this sure is a big door "Doesn't looks like a bad floor"
[F2067] The hatch opens up into a field of rocks. Actually the top side of the hatch looks like a large boulder, and in order for Wrench to get it closed and locked up again she's got to remove segments of it to evenreach the bars, which takes a few minutes, but once it's all locked up you can't even tell where the hatch was.
PseudoGM: The rocky field extends out a little ways - looks like at one point it probably functions as a dump site before it was moved else where - and beyond that it's lightl forested. There's a handful of builders scattered around every couple of miles at all.
PseudoGM: buildings^
PseudoGM: Similar to the maitence sheds on the others floors, there's just… a lot more of them.
Shuu takes in the fresh air for a moment "Let's take a roundabout way to the next set of stairs, not to give up this place, but let's move quicker"
Sohl wipes his brow.
Wrench sniffs the air.
Sohl: "Any idea how much further?"
Shuu: "Another ten floors"
Shuu: "Ten?" he thinks "Eight"
Shuu: "Wait"
Shuu: "How many floors did we go up again through that passage?" he thinks "I hate when I lose track"
Sohl looks like he was going to say 'Right on' but then pauses as Shuu finds his words. Golden eyes shift back and forth as he waits.
Shuu: "Hrm… No… Nom we're in 2067 right now"
Shuu: "Which means, we're exactly where the unusual readings were coming from"
Shuu starts looking around "Let's check the maitenance sheds for now, but this is where the abnormal readings were from, I can't imagine where in here they were, not from that data though"
[OOC] Shuu: Hrm… To find What Is Weird About This place would require a skill check? If so, I do believe Insight might be a skill that applies, otherwise it's time for a search party!
Sohl: "Sure thing!"
PseudoGM: You could definitely do it with an insight role, that's the skill for Figuring Things Out.
[OOC] Yin: I can give that a shot if no one else has points in it
[OOC] Sohl: I got nothin'
Shuu is on the search! [Insight] What is it that those unusual readings pointed to?
Shuu rolled 6d6 and got 3, 3, 5, 6, 5, 3 ( Total: 25 )
[OOC] Shuu: That's 3 successes
PseudoGM: After searching a few of the nearby buildings, you start to get the feeling that a lot of them… almost all of them actually are kind of… pointless?
Yin: "Looks like decoys"
PseudoGM: Like, they have machines in there and they're getting readings and the like, but there's an AMAZING amount of overlap and redundancy, which is weird since you've definitely passed a few floors that didn't even have their own dedicated building.
Shuu: "This is either severe fault resilience they're going for, or obfuscation"
Shuu looks at the readings, are they more random or do they all point towards a singular system? Any hint there is some equipment concealed here?
PseudoGM: And after a few of them you and Yin start to get a feel for which ones seem more and less like decoys and, eventually, pin-point your search down to one specific building near the middle of the floor that is your most likely sus[ect. It's also one the few buildings thta has been properly locked up with more than a simple padlock.
Shuu looks at the lock of the central building, he shakes his head slightly "It makes sense, but that's some bad obfuscation, now that I look at it this just looks obvious"
PseudoGM: Got a nice looking electronical one with one of those weird pendent readers.
Yin gestures around, "It's not like there's too many people to be hiding from. Needs to be secure, not hidden. How are people normally supposed to get in here afterall."
Shuu inspects closer. Is it possible to bypass the lock? Alternatively, would it be possible to bypass te locking mechanism entirely by sabotaging a side of the building?
Sohl: "Through the super-secret passageway?"
Wrench: "Yeah, I can spring that." [Mechanisms, yeah? Yeah!]
PseudoGM: You could *probably* do either one, though the latter's bviously going to be a louder option.
Shuu would rather bypass the lock first!
Yin: "We don't really know what's inside. Quiet is probably better."
[OOC] PseudoGM: The Lock's Pretty Tough Though, You'll Need Three Passes To Crack It Open Without Messing Something Up
Wrench rolled 5d6 and got 3, 1, 6, 1, 3 ( Total: 14 ) for good thing I own at this game
[OOC] Wrench: -4 LP for a full success!
Yin looks around the area while Wrench lockpicks. "It feels very quiet overall…"
PseudoGM: There's a pretty tense moment there where you feel like you're a half second away from setting off some kind of alarm - and then you manage to disable the lock entirely. Then you just need to give a hard enough shove, and the door pops right open.
Shuu watches carefully- He tenses- Thankfully Wrench is good at her job "It IS pretty quite" he looks inside cautiously
Sohl releases a breath he was holding as the door opens!
PseudoGM: Inside: a few racks of hardrives, two terminals and… not much else? A cabnit with some spare wirings, another with a small electronic tool kit and some replacement parts. And then, uh, like… ten different doors along the wall.
Sohl: "…I know we just left the capital, which, instinctually, I knew had a lotta doors-"
Sohl: "But I gotta say this is a lotta doors just to be here."
Shuu looks at the bunch of doors… He looks at the terminals, goes to inspect. Do they shed any light about what's in this… Shed?
PseudoGM: Pretty standard monitering equipment. Different ones for air, water, waste, electricity, all the stuff you're used to. With a bit of search around you do find access to some camera feeds that observe different parts of the capital, but nothing that seems particularly relevant to you.
Shuu raises an eyebrow "Pretty standard… If not centralized" he looks at the doors, any hint of where they go? Otherwise inspecting one at random
[OOC] Sohl: do all the doors look the same
PseudoGM: Clicking around a bit you realize you can access the records and reading from the other floors here too, and there's all *kinds* of reports detailing all the incidents that occure and get reported. And some where in there you find a weird meter that reads: "More Magic: 31%"
Shuu blinks, inspects closer "Ah… Tower-wide? This is definitely a central location"
PseudoGM: Sohl: they do, other than having the word "Storage" written in different colors. As you start going through them it's mostly that - dusty old storage rooms that don't seem like they've been opened in years…
Shuu: "More Magic?"
Sohl: "Eh? You want some more?"
Shuu: "No, here" he points to the screen where it shows the meter "No idea what this is about"
PseudoGM: Until you open the purple door, that is. Beyond that is a wide, open field, as far as the eye can see. You can't see any walls of ceiling, in fact.
Sohl: "………." He sputters, unable to find the words.
Shuu looks at Sohl, looks past the door. He walks over, looking around
Shuu: "Now isn't this… Something else"
PseudoGM: With a bit of squinting, you can see some kind of shack in the distance.
Shuu: "… I mean"
PseudoGM: Needless to say, there's absolutely no way this should be able to fit inside the small building you're in now, and the other side of it certainly didn't look like this.
Sohl: "W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-"
Sohl: "Where the heck does this go?!"
Shuu: "This is really unusual. Definitely fruit of spatial distortion of the highest degree"
Sohl stumbles backwards and flops down on his butt.
Shuu looks far ahead, he holds Sohl so he doesn't falls
Wrench peers in. "The hell. Like that weirdass…"
Shuu: "This is definitely the most reckless acton to take, but there, look" he points in the distance, towards the building in the horizon "We should check that place out"
Shuu: "Like that what, Wrench?"
Yin: "I'd say" Yin says walking up to the doorway, but not out into the open, "This feels like a trap."
Shuu: "It definitely feels like a trap. On the other hand, I don't think it quite is a trap"
Shuu: "Just that it can function as one b y the nature of… Whatever this is"
Wrench: "The dark space."
Wrench: "Like that."
Shuu: "Ah, yeah"
Shuu: "Just like that, the Void, except not… Quite as bleak"
Sohl: "Yeah… yeah I guess it's kinda like that," he says, while collecting himself.
Shuu: "Almost as if someone built something in it"
Sohl: "Y'know, teh dark space was… almost less intimidating, yeah? With just darkness that goes on forever. Small points of light. Not all that different from the tower."
Sohl: "This…"
Sohl moves forward, and he's gonna take a step through the door!
Shuu is coming right after, yah
PseudoGM: There's a like breeze! It's kind of nice, actually.
PseudoGM: Though unlike the void tunnel, it's very bright.
Sohl takes a few more tenative steps, and digs a finger into the ground.
PseudoGM: And there's this kind of… light blueish, sometimes white… thing far, far in the distance above you rather than a ceiling.
Shuu looks up, at the blue thing "Is that the 'devil stone' in some form?"
Sohl: "Hope not, 'cause I don't think we can get up there."
Sohl: "But isn't there… can you see that, way far out?"
Shuu: "There's a structure, off in the distance"
Shuu: "Only hint we have right now, i'm willing to pursue"
Harino wags her tail, shielding her eyes as she looks over in that direction. The small, animalistic part of her thinks this place feels 'right', but it's kind of hiding under the rest of her that grew up in the tower.
Harino: "As good of a place to start as any?"
PseudoGM: The little shake… it's not really a shack, perse. More like to pillars with a couple of yards of space between them, connected by a lightly slanted roof. There's a picnic table and bench located next to it, with a poll set in the center of it, and some flair canvas covering it to provide some shade. Looks like someone's sitting there.
Shuu takes a deep breath as they start approaching. No use being aggressive, though, even if he's slightly on edge. He comes closer "Hello"
PseudoGM: ^shack
Sohl follows, and he tips the brim of his hat to the stranger.
Yin heads over, bows slightly to the figure, but doesn't speak.
PseudoGM: Under the weird little hut thing there's one of those fancy vending machines with all kind of snacks, drinks and boxed foods inside of it, flanked by a large refridgerater. In between them is a small counter, with a microwave and a hot water dispenser.
PseudoGM: It looks like Kyo's the one that was sitting at the table, eating a cup of noodles as he glance up and towards the party.
Sohl: "It's-!"
Sohl: "…what's-his-name!"
PseudoGM: "Yeah, didn't think so." He sighs, before going back to slurping up the rest of his noodles.
Shuu: "Huh. Figured i'd meet you somewhere, Kyo. Not quite here"
Shuu: "It's a pretty neat place, I have to say"
PseudoGM: "It's pretty weird, yeah."
PseudoGM: "Man I was really hoping you would have stayed away, though. How'd you even get in here? Don't see a sefaragis on you."
Shuu: "Despite what it might look like, I am very adept at dealing with locks"
Shuu: "Coupled with my companions' other expertises, it certainly wasn't easy, but plausible"
PseudoGM: "Mm. Guess I'll have to look into that when we're done here then."
Sohl: "Alright, but-"
Sohl: "Who do you get to restock the vending machine?"
Sohl: "Like I get why -you're- here, but…"
Shuu: "An important question"
Harino: "I think the more important question is, 'where is here'?"
PseudoGM: Kyo pauses for a second, then points the chopsticks in his hand at Sohl, "You know, it never actually run out? Anytime you look away and back again it seems to have refilled itself."
Shuu: "I would imagine there's a compliment of staff designated to maintain this place, though"
Shuu: "That is more impressive"
PseudoGM: He then shrugs at Harino. "I duno, where do you think we are?"
Harino: "Umm… I almost want to say 'outside' but there's no miasma in sight?"
PseudoGM: "None at all yeah."
Shuu: "Hrm… I'll be honest, this place doesn't seems like it's 'outside' at all, but a replica of it" he says, crossing his arms "Some form of spatial distortion generating a pocket of space, crafted into the image of what the outside should be"
Shuu: "But that's a wild guess"
PseudoGM: "S'what I'd put my money on too, but I don't rightly know for sure. A lot of this mojo is master class and out of my league." He brings the cup back to his mouth and tilts it up, emptying whatever was left in it.
Shuu: "Suppose we might meet whoever created this once we get past"
Shuu: "Guessing you've probably got a powerup in the interim time, haven't you?"
PseudoGM: "I can get up to four bits runnin' simultanously now."
Shuu whistles "This isn't going to be easy, I bet"
Harino: "Is it ever, lately?"
Shuu: "I imagine yours are a lot more independant than mine too."
Shuu: "Never, of course"
Sohl: "I'm guessin' a 'bit' is more trouble than it sounds?"
PseudoGM: "Mmhm."
Shuu: "It's certainly more than a bit of trouble"
Yin: "Hey wait Kyo! You work for one of the Alloci now, right?" Yin interrupts. "Before we get started, what'd they tell you that makes it worth guarding now, instead of your previous mission?"
Sohl perks up, and turns to look at Yin, somewhat surprised at the question, and then turns back to look at Kyo.
PseudoGM: "If I'm being weazely with my words, I could say that guarding it *is* doing my old job."
PseudoGM: "If I'm being honest… the big ass pay check and minimal amount of actual work play a huge role in it."
Shuu chuckles "Of course"
PseudoGM: "And I mean, I got nothin' against you guys really, but. I'm not supposed to let anyone in, so…" He shrugs. "Ain't gunna get paid if I don't stop ya."
Harino grins as she draws an over-sized, fixed-up katana. "Let's see if you're worth what they pay you, then."
Shuu: "OF course"
Sohl: "Heh. Some things are just… universal!"
Shuu: "Is just how it is, honestly. You won't stop being you, I won't stop being me and all that"
Yin nods, thoughtfully. "Makes sense. I guess they wouldn't really overshare with the guard dog."
Shuu: "Well. Shall we get started, then? Perhaps move a bit over not to cause any collateral, there's a lot of open space here"
PseudoGM: Kyo gets up from the table, opens one of the doors under the counter and tosses his trash into a can inside of it, then shuts it back up.
PseudoGM: "Man, what is even the point of trying to provoke me right now, lady?"
Sohl: "Sets the mood?"
Yin shrugs with a small grin, "No point, just makes me feel better is all."
PseudoGM: "Well, whatever get it up for ya, I guess." Kyo brushes his hands together, then claps twice before snagging his fingers. A moment later four floating drone looking things with wands imbeded into them appear out of thin air with a crackling noise.
PseudoGM: "Was waitin' for you in here so we wouldn't have to worry about collateral, anyway."

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