Toe 39

[F2036] You've arrived in the city on floor 2036 and had some time to rest and settle in. Harino had some run with some familiars, Sohl got some quality trade going on, Wrench probably got up to some legally-adjacent business, Yin made some calls, you know, the usual.
Shuu has mostly been letting people do their thing. A bit of rest has been useful
Yin lounges around near the inn everyone has been staying, generally being comfortable and people watching, oddly looking… the same? ((weird))
PseudoGM: The morning spread at the inn you stayed at is a bit heavy on meats; more brunch than breakfast really.
Sohl ran to and fro, finding the best areas to sell their mechanical spoils. Cheese, sausages, pot roast soup- a solid, protein brunch!
Shuu has been taking a bit lightly on the food this morning "See you're liking that one, Yin"
Harino is more than happy with more meats in the brunch, ears perked up and tail wagging, especially after smashing that robot.
Yin: "This shape is usefull." Yin piles meats onto her plate, "And just fun really."
PseudoGM: About halfway through the meal, the door opens up and a Maxwellian - gun metal tint, with red strip along his sides - enters and looks around a bit, before spotting Shuu and giving a big wave. "Heeeey!"
Sohl: "Not that the dungeon crystal light wasn't pretty-" he says, before dipping some bread into the soup and cleanly eating it "-but not much beats this kinda' breakfas-"
Shuu blinks, looks up at the newcome "H-hi?"
Shuu stands up- Still startled
Yin tenses, trying to assess the new-comer "Someone you know, Shuu?"
PseudoGM: "Name's Kyo." He says, while pulling out the chair next to Shuu and taking a seat next to him. "Old war budy."
Shuu nods, sitting back down "Yeah, that's him alright. Wasn't expecting to see you at all"
Sohl tenses at -that- too, and tries not to shine any sudden lights at him.
Shuu: "How've you been doing all this time?"
PseudoGM: "Brother, I have been doin' GREAT. How about you? Heard a big ol' dirty golden maxwellian came into town and figured it had to be you." He grins, slapping Shuu on the back.
Shuu chuckles "Hey, i'm not dirty" he shakes his head slightly "But doing as fine as can in those circumstances. Still doing some maitenance work"
PseudoGM: "Well sure, but ya sure as hell don't shine the way Lenna does. Heh."
PseudoGM: "Stationed anywhere in particular these days or stillin' driftin' around like a vagabond?"
Sohl: "Y'know, we never have seen him bathe," he stage whispers.
Shuu: "Driftin', what else…" he looks at Kyo "Well, not so aimless that is, but no station as it is"
Shuu slowly turns to Sohl "I've never seen you bathe either. I don't plan to, however"
PseudoGM: "Oh? Got somewhere in mind for once?"
Shuu nods "Up"
Shuu: "Kinda vague, but where i'm going"
PseudoGM: "Up… well I suppose that's not *technically* aimless."
PseudoGM: Kyo shakes his head.
Sohl: "It ends eventually." he says with a shrug.
Sohl: "…right?"
Shuu: "That it does, that it does"
Shuu: "We're finishing what we started, Kyo, all that time ago"
PseudoGM: Kyo turns his head in Sohl's direction, wiggling his fingers mysteriously with an eyebrow raised.
PseudoGM: "What, that uh… weird signal pulse?"
Shuu nods "Yeah"
Shuu: "Can't leave work unfinished"
PseudoGM: "Ah… you're still chasin' that?"
PseudoGM: "You know that thing drove Ryu crazy since he couldn't leave well enough alone, right? And I've completely lost track of Lenna at this point, too."
Shuu: "Of course…. Someone has to, after all"
Shuu: "Honestly, i'm sure it's a bad idea. Doesn't mean it doesn't need to be done"
Sohl: "A weird, sorta nobility to it."
PseudoGM: He sighs, shaking his head. "Does it really, though?"
Shuu: "Of course. With all the strange things going on in the Tower, it's slow degradation"
Shuu: "Do you honestly believe any possible cause could be left unexplored?"
PseudoGM: "Ehh…"
PseudoGM: "I think it's just general wear and tear on the lower floors, to be honest. The upper ones are fine."
Shuu: "That's why we got people checking on that one too, right?"
PseudoGM: Kyo folds his arms over his chest, before glancing around and tilting his head towards the door. "You busy right this second?"
Sohl quickly starts shoveling the rest of his brunch into his mouth.
Shuu takes one last bite of his food "Not anymore, no"
PseudoGM: "Cool, I wanna show you somethin'." He waits for you to finish, then stands up and heads outside.
Yin catches Shuu's arm before he stands "You sure this guy is ok?"
[OOC] Yin: She asks under her breath
Shuu starts heading outside "Given the state the other two were? No" he looks at the door, then back at Yin "That's why you're coming along, right?" he answers in a low tone, before following after Kyo
Sohl finished his brunch and downed his coffee before hustling to catch up.
Sohl: "Yeah, you know we got y' back."
Yin follows as well "Of course. It was just starting to get boring in the inn anyway."
PseudoGM: He quirks an eye as the group heads out. "New crew?"
Harino grabs a last sausage before following after them.
Shuu: "Yep. Can't do this sort of thing alone"
PseudoGM: "Yeah, fair enough I guess."
PseudoGM: "Anywho it's a bit of a walk, but I take it you're used to that anyway."
Sohl: "Mm-hmm," he nods. "We've covered quite a bit of ground, relatively speakin'."
Shuu: "Given how much we've been walking, i'd be surprised if we didn't need to"
PseudoGM: "Haha. Yeah I haven't seen you since… what was it, 1609?"
Shuu thinks "Was it that far down? I've lost track of space after some recent misadventures, to be honest"
PseudoGM: "I think it was, at least. I know we went pretty far down, since we wanted to rule out it being a structoral thing on the lower levels or the mutants breaking past 500 or something."
Shuu: "Man… It was a journey, wasn't it?"
PseudoGM: "Yeah…"
PseudoGM: "Honestly a lot of the time I wish we'd never found that wire in the first place, though."
Shuu looks up at the ceiling "Isn't it?" he takes a deep breath "That's why I didn't seek you guys out when I decided to go out"
PseudoGM: "Heh. Yeah."
Yin: "Out of pure curiosity, where are we going?" Yin interjects. "Or will that ruin the surprise?"
PseudoGM: "Ah, nowhere special. Just the control hub for this region of the tower."
Shuu: "Interesting"
Sohl: "Sounds, uh… important!"
PseudoGM: "I mean kind of? If you like reading meters and crap."
PseudoGM: He rolls a shrug, before patting Shuu on the shoulder. "Which our good friend does."
Shuu chuckles "Chose this job for a reason"
PseudoGM: You eventually wind up passing through the better part of town, before hitting the back wall and a large building that juts out from it. He holds up a small gem pendent he's been wearing around his neck near the door, and after a moment a light turns green and the door opens up. He jerks his head towards the entrance, then steps inside.
Sohl trundles inward!
Shuu follows along… The gem is the same sort of gem that was used by a noble to open the elevator, isn't it?
PseudoGM: Inside it's - well it looks like a massive server room. There's gigantic computers built into the walls themselves, along with rows and rows of racks of storage drives and miles of cables connecting everything. The cooling system for the space is working just fine though, so it's not overwhelmingly hot.
Yin looks at the pendant, then at Shuu, and back
PseudoGM: Now that you think about it, it DOES look the same, just a different color.
Shuu looks at Yin, then looks over at the computers. He already expected something, somehow. Either way, let's entertain him for now, he's curious of what is going on
PseudoGM: Kyo heads all the way inside, past most of the various racks into a bit more of an open space, then turns to one of the computer monitors and flips it on.
Sohl attempts to appraise the cost of all this equipment!
PseudoGM: It's… well it's a hell of a lot of data, really. Readings on just about every system in the tower, with more specific and detailed ones for the 2000-2050 range.
Shuu carefully looks over the data, or as much as he can anyway. This is interesting! Also, a good chance to apprise if there's anything… Irregular going on in the higher floors
PseudoGM: Sohl… it's probably be best not to figure out the exact number. It would make it harder to hold yourself back.
Sohl unconsiously starts holding his breath as he staggers at the idea, and then distracts himself by trying to make sense of what's on the monitors.
PseudoGM: It's about what you expect. And like Kyo said, the further down you go the worse the problem seem to be, but for the most part everything is within acceptable operating perimaters. Around where you are now it seems to stablize, and looks… about as perfect as it can higher up. Well, not counting the strange readings it recorded the other week near where you found that void tunnel, of course.
PseudoGM: …And then there's some really strange readings about four floors up above the capital that you can't really make sense of. But other than that, it's all green.
Sohl: "Looks like mostly a good job, fellas!"
Shuu stares at the readings "Hrm… Actually as I expected"
PseudoGM: "Yeah, that's what I've been sayin'!"
Harino: "Oh, that's really good to hear!"
Shuu: "Maitenance being done where I expect and this" he points to the readings "About where I expected it'd be"
Shuu: "We're not that far, after all"
Shuu was pointing to the strange readings, of course
PseudoGM: "Yeah that's…"
Shuu: "?"
PseudoGM: "That's a Known Thing, basically. It's not really something you gotta worry about."
Yin: "What kind of 'Known Thing?'"
Shuu: "What kind of thing?"
Sohl: "Ya'll don't know the Thing?"
Harino: "Well, I certainly don't."
PseudoGM: Kyo gives a 'go ahead' gesture to Sohl.
Sohl: "Oh I don't know the Thing."
Sohl: "I was reaching a Unknown Known-Thing Consenus."
PseudoGM: "Ah. Well."
PseudoGM: "I'm not exactly at liberity to explain exactly but… suffice to say that it is a sort of energy source, and more than likely what drove Ryu crazy and made you super obsessive."
PseudoGM: "As it's not really… supposed to directly interface with people."
Shuu: "So it is what I thought it was"
Shuu: "And if that bit of information is correct, the fact that it is both dangerously unstable AND in danger might as well both be true"
Yin: "At liberty…? Are you still a soldier then? Or maybe a mercenary." She nods at the signet he's wearing
Sohl: "So… did it do anything to you?"
PseudoGM: "As far as I could tell me and Lenna were both fine but I mean, she did kind of vanish without a trace a couple months ago so who can say, really." He shrugs, before glancing back to Shuu and Yin.
Sohl: "If'n you don't mind me sayin' so, she's fell in with a more… uh, Dantali crowd."
PseudoGM: "I'm actually in charge of maitence for the upper stratums now! And the crew that was in charge of watching over the… thing we're talking about before I showed up were kind of… idiots. It wasn't supposed to be directly hooked up to the tower, but they thought it was a good idea for some reason."
PseudoGM: "…Dantali, huh? Huh."
Shuu: "Well, I was considering witholding that information. Was just going to cause some excessive tension"
Yin elbows Sohl
Sohl: "Oh, heh, I screwed that one up. Sorry." He slightly rolls with the elbow.
Shuu: "But yes, she has. And through her we've learned that thing, well… It's apparently being abused"
PseudoGM: "For sure, my boss wouldn't really like that but I mean… I guess there's not really a reason to tell 'em, so long as she's not leading them up here or anything."
Sohl doesn't say anything this time.
Shuu: "As long as it doesn't wind up on you two fighting… That's enough for me"
PseudoGM: "And I mean, I know they hooked it up to the tower that one time in a sort of ill advised test, but I've made sure that hasn't happened since then, so I wouldn't really say it's being abused."
Shuu: "More abused to the lines of 'It could be safely utilize to clear vast swathes of miasma off of the surface but they would rather keep everyone holed in the tower' kind of abused"
PseudoGM: Kyo scratches at his head.
PseudoGM: "Clear misama…?"
Shuu: "Yes"
Shuu: "Crazy, isn't it? Something I expect to know whether true or not"
PseudoGM: "They must be out of their gords, I've never seen that thing do anything other than subtle luck manipulation."
Shuu: "If they are…"
Shuu: "I need to make sure of that as well"
Shuu: "Too many unknowns"
PseudoGM: He sighs.
PseudoGM: "I could maybe see about getting you in there if you wanted to work for my boss, but I duno about the rest of your crew…"
Shuu crosses his arms, thinking "Don't"
Shuu: "You'll just draw more trouble upon yourself"
PseudoGM: "Alright but…"
PseudoGM: "Part of my job involves keepin' other people from goin' in there, you know?"
PseudoGM: "So I can't exactly just turn a blind eye and let a group sneak on into it."
Shuu nods "I realized when I saw you carrying that thing. Which… Is why I was kind of hoping to get out of your sight without giving the impression of what I was expecting to do"
Shuu: "So don't jeopardize the living you found over us, okay?"
PseudoGM: "Bro, I was hopin' you had, but absolutely knew you weren't giving up on finding it."
PseudoGM: "But like…"
Sohl 's eyes shift between Shuu and Kyo and back again.
PseudoGM: "That's why I brought you HERE, you know? Let you see the important numbers, let you know shit's under control. You can stop chasing this shadow, now."
Shuu: "You know how I am, Kyo. Plus, when i've heard such disparity of information, when I see stranger things the higher up I go, I can't leave it well enough alone"
PseudoGM: "Uugh."
Shuu: "I can at least tell you that if the truth i'm seeking is as you think it is, i'm absolutely leaving the devil stone alone"
PseudoGM: "And I'm saying, I can't exactly let you just walk in there…"
Shuu: "And I can't not go in there"
Yin changes her posture. "No wait Shuu, he's right. Looks like he's got it under control here. There's no need for us to go look. We can take other jobs… right Harino?"
Shuu crosses his arms, listening to Yin
PseudoGM: "Listen to your new friend, brother. She's got the right of it."
Harino blinks, tilting her head for a moment before nodding. "Mhm! It's not like we've been short on jobs from the phonebooths."
Yin: "I mean, there'd obviously be a fight. We can't just waltz up. There's alwaysanother wayto finish your mission."
Shuu bites his lower lip, and sighs "I guess…" he sighs "I guess we can stick around at least for a few more days"
Shuu: "I don't want to get in a fight, I need time to think"
PseudoGM: "Yeah… I'm not really feelin' it right now either."
PseudoGM: Kyo rests his hands behind his head, then starts heading back out of the building with a nod of his head.
Shuu nods, heading after
Yin: "It was awfully nice of your friend though, letting you know which floors are under control." Yin meanders along.
Sohl adjusts his hat and follows out, eyeing the server racks but not doing much else.
Shuu: "Yeah. At least we know where problems are"
Shuu is definitely going to return to town, perhaps to the inn, hopefully with party in tow. It's important, at some point he's parting ways with Kyo
PseudoGM: Once everyone's outside, he locks everything back up. After a moment, he rolls another shrugs, then kind of half nods at Shuu. "Well… if you're in the area we'll catch up again, yeah? Maybe even with less foreboding in the air. Hopfully the next time we meet back up won't be on 2067."
PseudoGM: He then gives a wave, and heads back into the city.
Shuu waits until he's way away "…It's going to turn into a three-way the way it's going"
Sohl waves goodbye to the ominous Maxwellian!
Shuu looks at the direction Kyo's gone "Good to know he managed to put it behind him, though"
Sohl: "Works in our favor though, dunnit?"
Shuu: "Three-way engagements are easier to manage, indeed"
Shuu: "… I'd rather it didn't involve Kyo and Lenna. But the way things are going? It's going to"
Shuu: "Further reason I can't stay here"
Yin: "Maybe. I'd say best to avoid any engagements at all and just sneak in if we can"
Shuu: "Of course
Sohl: "Yup yup."
Sohl: "Gonna take all our resourcefulness to snake around the mess."
Yin: "Good thing we have resources!"
Sohl: "…but it's a convenient mess! Heh!" He tips the brim of his hat downward.
Shuu nods "That it is… First plan of action is going to the floor above without being noticed… It's obvious we're going to be observed for a while"
Sohl strokes at his beard as he turns back to the brunch table- but it's already well past lunch. He frowns, and resumes stroking at his beard with a hint of disappointment.
Sohl: "Mmm…"
Sohl: "Scout out the city layout for a few more days… make an exit plan… and try 'n execute."
Shuu: "Sounds like a good idea"
Yin: "Or even head down a floor and camp out? Really throw them off."
Harino: "We'd still need to somehow get up a couple floors though…"
Shuu: "Hrm… Let's scout the city and possible paths upwards first. Then we might circle back down"
Sohl: "Mmm-hmm." He nods!
PseudoGM: Pathways other than the stairs…? That's probably a job for an Alloci or a Giant Rat Hundred.
Shuu: Good thing we have a rat
PseudoGM: Quite. So that might be a good note to end on for tonight then, and then pick that back up next week when Peter's around again?
[OOC] Shuu: Good idea

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