Toe 23

[F2013] After a much deserved rest after you encounter with a large sheep, it's time to resume hiking up the tower. It's not long before you hit the stairwell leading up, though the dot matrix seems to be on the fritz, and you make it to [F2014].
PseudoGM: There's a gentle breeze (how long has it been since you've felt one of those?) passing from one end of the floor to the other as you step inside of it. It's pretty wide open, much like the floor below. Unlike the floor below, though, there's an awful lot of water and sand here. A beach floor…?
Wrench: "Hope I wasn't the only one that packed their swimsuit."
Sohl: "Who uses one in this day and age…?" he muses.
PseudoGM: Yeah, that seems to be the case. Most of the floral and fauna in the area's a bit different from what you're used to running into - palm trees, coconuts, brightly colored birds and the like. Most of the floor's take up by a wide lake which appears to be deeper than is possible, with smaller sand barges peppered through out it. There's a longer beach that wraps around the lake at the far edges of the floor.
Yin begins pulling her shoes off to walk in the surf break, "I think you might be alone in that one, Wrench."
Wrench snorts a little, stretching her arms behind her head as she strolls along. "Guess I better scout ahead, right?"
Shuu chuckles as he looks at the shore "Haven't seen a beach floor in a while…" he nods to Wrench "Go on ahead… Just don't forget to return"
Wrench: "What, y'ain't giving me a vacation?" She slips ahead to scout a bit. [Navigation]
Wrench rolled 5d6 and got 2, 4, 3, 4, 1 ( Total: 14 ) for 2 + 2 + 1
Harino giggles softly, shaking her head. "I certainly didn't think to pack one…"
Wrench calls out as she slips into the brush: "Tie a few knots in mine and I bet it'll fit ya!"
Sohl: "See?" He nods. "Swimsuits are outdated."
Wrench: Anyway, she'll be gone for a bit.
Yin spends the time waiting to hunt the shore for shells or pretty stones- keeping the party in hearing distance
Wrench returns, after a while, with a hot dog in a little wax paper wrapper. She eats it. (In one bite.)
Wrench: "Anyway, let's get goin."
PseudoGM: There actually are a fair number of sea shells on the beach; not so much on the stones, though.
Sohl: "Alllllllll-right!" He rolls to a stand off of a towel that was just there, somehow.
Shuu stares in Wrench's eyes as she chomps down the hotdog
Shuu: "Yes"
Shuu: "Let's"
Shuu then lets her take the lead because clearly she found something interesting
Yin: "There's a vendor nearby?" Yin pockets the shiniest of the shells.
PseudoGM: Not so much a vender as a… vending machine! There's a small deck set up with a few tables and chairs in one of the corners of the floor, along with a huge vending machine that looks like it dispenses burgers, skewers, noodles and other beach-y foods. The hotdog button is conspicously highlighted in red and reads "OUT" .
PseudoGM: It's probably not the worse place to stop for a lunch break, all things considered.
PseudoGM: (There's a few grill pits set up a little ways from the deck, as well.)
Sohl: "Whoa-ho! What a nice setup all the way out here!" He half-circles the machine, and gives the sitting area an appreciative once over.
Wrench: "Last one," Wrench says, leaning up against the side of it.
Yin: "This has to mean there's a town a floor up. No reason to make a vacation spot that no one would come to." She scans the area for signs of other beach-goers. "…right?"
PseudoGM: …Completely deserted.
Shuu: "You never know" he looks at the vending machine, contemplating "Do you want to rest up a while? I wonder if the skewers are any good"
Sohl: "Mmmmm… I -do- wonder who's stockin' the machine, aside from some put-upon familiar."
Harino: "Honestly, I'd put my money on the latter, the poor thing."
Wrench: "That's definitely a familiar job." She licks the ketchup and relish and mustard off the wax wrapper.
PseudoGM: More than likely. There's a familiar size access hatch nearby, now that you're thinking about it.
PseudoGM: Speaking of: it starts to rustle a while after you've settled in and started in on your lunch.
Sohl: "Mm-hmm. I mean the money. Though I guess 'faceless Alloci vanity company' is probably the end path of that."
PseudoGM: And shortly after, it pop open and somehow, inexplicably, a large-for-even-them Maxwellian crawls out of it.
Wrench: "Wait," she squints and looks over at Sohl. "You put money in?"
Shuu stares at the access hatch
Shuu stares at whoever is coming out
Sohl snorts amusedly. At Wrench, and the hatch refugee.
Yin plops into one of the lounge chairs to relax before nearly falling out at the appearance of the newcomer
PseudoGM: Lenna slowly stands up, brushing sand off herself while looking around. "…It's floors like this which remind me how weird this place REALLY is."
Shuu: "Now that must have been some effort" he turns to look at the beach "It's incredibly nonsensical, I agree. It's a nice place, though"
PseudoGM: "Debatable." She glances over at the vending machine, attaches her cred stick to it, then hits a button and pulls out a plate of ribs. "Though I guess this was a good place to catch up with you guys."
Sohl: "Hello again!"
Sohl: "How's the hole?"
PseudoGM: "It's all good now."
Shuu: "Knew I could count on you" he offers her a seat "Nothing trying to kill you, it's a pretty good place for a meeting"
Shuu: "What happens?"
Sohl: "I guess takin' the hatch would be a bit faster than running across the beautiful field… but it's such a nice field, you should really check it out when you get the chance."
PseudoGM: "Well, we didn't get much of a chance to actually talk before, what with the whole death fog and all." She takes a seat and stars tearing into her food.
Sohl sips at a lemonade that bears a little paper umbrella.
Shuu: "Indeed"
PseudoGM: "So."
PseudoGM: "You said you were goin' after the core, right?"
Shuu: "Yes. At minimum to figure out what it is and what is it doidng"
PseudoGM: She does little air qoutes with one hand when saying core.
Sohl: "Yeah, that's still a real puzzlin' statement, but I guess it does exist…?"
PseudoGM: "Oh yeah, it definitely exists."
Sohl: "And so we're goin' there!"
Shuu: "You're heading there as well, yes?"
PseudoGM: "What really trips me up is you guys going up there with no idea what the hell you were getting yourselves into."
Sohl: "If'n I'm bein' fair, I sorta assumed Shuu'd work it out."
Sohl: "He /should/, right?"
PseudoGM: "Sssort of. Not directly. We don't really have a pinning down location, and they kinda wanna get a foothold somewhere in the tower first before trying to make a move on the Alloci, since, like, they're probably the only ones that know where exactly it is."
Wrench cleans out her ear with a claw.
[OOC] PseudoGM: pinned^
Shuu: "Hey, if you have no idea what you're getting yourself into, it's just because you're trying to figure that part out"
Shuu: "Hrm… I see. That'd make sense, they created the tower"
PseudoGM: "I mean, it's also liable to get you killed. Just because you don't know what a high voltage wire looks like doesn't mean it won't shock the Maker outa ya if you cut into it with a blade."
Wrench: "That's why I use my teeth, babe."
PseudoGM: "But yeah, those fuckers stole the devil rock and used it as a base for the tower, yeah. So we figure there's gotta be ONE of those damn 'nobles' that knows where it's tucked away."
PseudoGM: She gives Wrench a look, not sure if that was a joke or not.
Wrench grins, fangedly. "So, like, who had a devil rock in the first place?"
Sohl: "A devil rock!"
Wrench: "Just askin' questions."
Shuu: "Hrm… Good question"
PseudoGM: "Alright so…"
PseudoGM: "Little known fact but the alloci and the dantali actually used to be a single tribe. Just elves."
PseudoGM: "The tower is actually what causes the split. The alloci were part of a group that stole the devil rock away from its shrine, then contracted with a corpes of demons to build the tower."
PseudoGM: "The dantali where the elves that got left behind, in the shelters that were being built to safe house humanity until the barrier had cleansed the death fog."
Shuu: "Hrm… Make sense, they
Shuu: "Hrm… Make sense, they're sort of alike"
Wrench paces this way and that. "And how's life back in those shelters?"
PseudoGM: "From what they tell me, it's not great. They were only designed to be used for like two, three centuries tops. And it's been, well, how many thousands of years since there? Stuff constantly falling apart and failing, barely any food, hard to obstain new resources for anything, etc etc."
PseudoGM: "I haven't been down there myself but I've seen pictures, and they don't tell a super pleasent story."
Wrench: "And if you had the rock all along, the world would be clean by now, is the story?"
PseudoGM: "Yup."
Shuu: "With how bad the tower is, those shelters much be far worse" he sighs "We should probably see if we can find any alloci willing to share their half of the story with us"
Wrench: "Here's my guess."
Wrench: "…How was anyone supposed to know whether the shelters would have made it? How was anyone supposed to know how many would be alive for that?"
Wrench: "The tower's basically livin'."
Shuu: "If by that you mean failing slowly"
PseudoGM: "How was anyone suppose to know that a tower made from a devil rock, some mortal construction crews and a demon corpe with impossible geometry would have even stood in the first place, much less for the rest of eternity?"
Shuu: "But either way we only have a part of the story, not all of it"
PseudoGM: "Each plan was capable of failure and killing everyone in hilarious and unexpected ways, if you wanna paint it like that."
Shuu: "Also, right, it's made from a demon's corpse?"
Sohl: "Yeah… and one'a them is a dizzying construction filled with resources and life…"
[OOC] PseudoGM: er. Corp, not corpse. No e, im bad
[OOC] Shuu: Oh, a demon corp
[OOC] Shuu: Ookay
Shuu: "Either way"
Shuu: "This particular argument of what side took the correct action really isn't relevant right now"
PseudoGM: Lenna sighs. "Yeah we don't usually have a lot of luck convincing the locals they were in the wrong… haha."
Shuu: "Because the tower is still breaking down slowly, if anything even if the tower was the best possible solution and the devil rock is right where it should be, something still upset it and the tower is still degrading"
Shuu: "So we can have an argument and maybe even a fight about where it should go after we figure out where it is and what is going on with it"
Sohl: "And none of y'all remember what happened at the 'core'?"
Sohl: "Still?"
Shuu: "This would have been a lot easier if I did"
PseudoGM: "We weren't really… *there*, per se."
PseudoGM: "It was more like…"
PseudoGM: "We hit some weird line, and then like… I don't even know. Some kind of weird, mass hallucination?"
PseudoGM: "Effects us all in different ways. Hit Ryu particularly hard. Wonder how he's holding up these days."
Shuu: "Badly, but getting a bit better"
PseudoGM: "Oh you see him recently?"
Shuu: "Ran into him at 2007 on my way up, he was… Well, worried, seemed like he was being chased by some form of shadows"
PseudoGM: "I was considering trying to bring him in with the dantali a while back but… well…" She rolls a shrug. "Didn't seem like it'd be super healthy for his mental health."
Shuu: "It was… Hard to know wether it was truth or just his mind, but I chose not to doubt him"
Shuu: "No, it wouldn't be. I think he'd do best where he is, just visit him now and then"
PseudoGM: "Oh man, he's still on about the shadows?"
Shuu: "He is"
PseudoGM: "I wonder if he saw some of the old guard demons in his vision and that's part of what had him so spooked -"
PseudoGM: She pauses, squinting into the distance towards the lake.
Shuu: "Hrm… It's a possibility-" he turns to look where she is looking at
Sohl rubs a gloved hand against his bearded chin in thought.
Yin: "So…" Yin pipes up into the conversation, "How'd you get wrpped up with the Dantali anyway? They seem fairly… insular. And they seem to have given you an awful lot of information"
PseudoGM: "I kind of ran into one was scavaging on a dump floor and - seriously what the fuck is that?"
PseudoGM: There's some kind of black mass forming on the beach.
Yin turns to look as well
PseudoGM: Those of you more mystically inclinded are feeling some particularly Bad Vibes coming from it.
Shuu stand up and closes his right fist "Something that's going to try to kill us"
Shuu: "As tends to be the case every floor"
Yin: "Definitely not a vacationer."
PseudoGM: "…Nice to see your problem magnet schtick hasn't let up since we split I guess…" Lenna sighs, licking barbeque sauce off her fingers before standing up and grabbing her sword.
PseudoGM: "Guess I can help you out with this one, since I'm already here and all."
Sohl finishes his lemonade and rumbles a low groan. "That's just ruinin' my appetite."
Shuu: "That'll bring me joy, Lenna" he brings his right foot back, readies his gravity punch
PseudoGM: The mass of black shimmers and distorts a bit, before taking the form of a dragon, then let out a loud, bone shaking roar, before it begins to charge in your direction.
[Round 1]
PseudoGM: Yin?
Yin rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for GED vs the Dragon (Earth, 80)
Sohl: "Eaguh. And a big beastie too…
PseudoGM: Neutral!
Harino scarfs down the rest of her skewers before getting her katana out. "Of course we can't ever get a break for a single floor…"
PseudoGM: "Literally never went for more than three days without something trying to kill us when Shuu was around."
Yin rolled 1d10r1+15 and got 7 ( Total: 22.0 ) for Yin calls out a quick spell causing the sand to shape into sharps spines beneath the beast, leaving a faint shimmer of residual magic in the air.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 22]! K-Shattered!
Shuu: "Hey-" no he's not going anywhere with that
PseudoGM: The dragon distorts as Yin's spell connects, and a small shadow of the pillar flies back in her direction, True Striking her for 8 water damage.
Yin: It catches her entirely off gaurd- Ouch!
PseudoGM: Shade 1 follows that up by casting a spell in Yin's direction as well. [Black Light]
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 47 ( Total: 47 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d8+16 and got 3 ( Total: 19 )
PseudoGM: Connecting for 19 water damage.
PseudoGM: The Shadow Dragon skids to a stop as it closes in on the party, before opening its mouth and spewing out a [Dark Breath] attack.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d10+18 and got 5 ( Total: 23 )
[OOC] Sohl: someone please make that not burst
PseudoGM: Bursting for 23 water damage against Harino, Shuu, Sohl and Lenna.
PseudoGM: Wrench?
PseudoGM: Oh right, the dragon also gained +2 drive at the start of the round.
Lenna forcefully redirects some of the damage! [-1 LP]
Shuu turns around and takes the brunt f the strike with his back "dammit!" [W: Water]
PseudoGM: 20 damage, then!
Harino partly blocks the attack, shining her shield's light in it's face! [-10, Long Shock]
Wrench slams a stake inside her gun - it hums with electricity, and she fires it down into the Dragon. [Magnetic Stake]
Wrench rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for C80/10
PseudoGM: It lets out an annoyed groan at Harino's shield.
Wrench: A rippling magnetic field explodes out - [C-Earth!]
Wrench rolled 1d6+15 and got 2 ( Total: 17.0 )
Wrench: Hits for 17 physical damage! The Dragon is Slowed 2! Shades are Slowed 1!
Wrench: Oh, 20 damage with Shatter.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 20]!
PseudoGM: Shuu?
Shuu takes one step back and disappears- He appears again behind the Shade 2, right fist covered in dark energy, and punches it from behind into the ground, bouncing it back up and into the front row [From Beyond]
Shuu rolled 1d100 and got 31 ( Total: 31 ) for 80/20
Shuu rolled 1d8+10 and got 6 ( Total: 16 ) for Physical, Long K-Shatter, Pull
Shuu strieks for [16] as he walks back to the front row "Let's start, then"
[OOC] PseudoGM: 16]!
PseudoGM: Sohl?
Sohl rolled 3d4 and got 2, 4, 3 ( Total: 9 ) for f w e a
Sohl grabs the errant Water mote, clasps it tight within his palm, and then expels it with a burst of healing towards Yin! [Q, Direct Heal, E-Water] [+16 HP True Healing]
Sohl drinks a Potion! [Item]
Yin: "Thanks! I really needed that."
PseudoGM: Shade 2 casts [Black Light] on Wrench!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d8+19 and got 6 ( Total: 25 )
PseudoGM: Bursting for 25 water damage!
PseudoGM: Lenna?
Wrench takes a whopping [30] damage as the darkness sizzles against her.
Wrench: "You little…!"
PseudoGM: Also Harino Can Go Too
Lenna taps her Dragon Feather [Q, Quicken 2] and then hastens her metabolism! [Chronometabolism]
Sohl rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 25
Sohl rolled 1d8+17 and got 4 ( Total: 21 )
Harino frowns at the Shadow Dragon [Overdrive Read] before smashing it in the face. [Strike Down, C-Launch]
Harino rolled 1d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 ) for 80/10
PseudoGM: That was certainly an init increase.
Harino rolled 1d10+14 and got 5 ( Total: 19.0 ) for -2 Drive
PseudoGM: Trick question! It's got TWO overdrives! One of them probably creates another Shade, while the other is a self heal/buff.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 19]!
PseudoGM: And suppression.
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round one!
[Round 2] The Shadow Dragon generates the +2 Drive it just lost, much like it definitely did in round one and I didn't forget to mention in here.
PseudoGM: Yin?
Yin rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for AUM vs Shade 1 (Air, 80)
PseudoGM: Neutral!
Yin rolled 1d10+12 and got 1 ( Total: 13.0 ) for Yin shakes of the dark water and turns toward the Shade that doused her while pulling static from the air. With a shouted syllable she lances a bright bolt of energy into the shadow stuff that makes up the shades form! (Long Shock)
[OOC] PseudoGM: 13] and Shocked!
PseudoGM: Wrench?
Wrench fires a blaze of Semi-Auto shots at Shade 1!
Wrench rolled 1d100 and got 35 ( Total: 35 ) for 80/30
[OOC] Wrench: -1 LP!
PseudoGM: Crits!
Wrench rolled 2d6+15 and got 2, 4 ( Total: 21.0 )
[OOC] PseudoGM: 21]!
Wrench: Hitting for 21 physical damage and Slow 1!
PseudoGM: Lenna!
Wrench: Lenna slams her sword down and extends her wand, staring down the dragon. Probably! [Nemesis] [Unfettered Dream]
Wrench: Dragon is marked!
Wrench rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for burst 25 right?
PseudoGM: Yup, and wand so +5 from bursting.
PseudoGM: AND,
PseudoGM: you Hit The Weakness.
PseudoGM: on all three.
Wrench rolled 1d8+24 and got 7 ( Total: 31.0 )
Wrench: Burns the field for 31 fire damage (after weakness, before that E.Shatter) and Short Challenge!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 31][31][34]!
[OOC] Wrench: 3 Marks
Shuu: "Definitely dong as good as ever, Lenna"
PseudoGM: There's an exceptionally loud groan that comes from the dragon as the fire begins to burn away as the shadows.
PseudoGM: "Hangin' out with you got me a lot of practise, yeah."
PseudoGM: Shuu!
Shuu draws out his axe and throws it towards the enemy formation. He runs after it and suddenly jumps, landing with both feet on top of Shade 1 for [8] damage and bouncing off into the spatial tear his axe ripped [Q - Crashing Exit] [Distort]
[OOC] PseudoGM: 8]!
PseudoGM: Which is close but not quite.
PseudoGM: Shade 1 cast [Dark Light] on Lenna, responding to the challenge!
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 62 ( Total: 62 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d8+16 and got 4 ( Total: 20 )
PseudoGM: For 20 water damage.
PseudoGM: The Shadow Dragon lurches forward, attempting to [Bite] her.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 38 ( Total: 38 ) for 80/20
Wrench: Dropping her to 89!
PseudoGM rolled d8+20 and got 1 ( Total: 21 ) for Combo 2 also
PseudoGM: Dealing 21 physical damage, and inflicting Long Curse, K-Shatter, and Toxin!
PseudoGM: Sohl?
PseudoGM: Wait,
PseudoGM: oh wait no that's right Harino fucked up the drive carry on
Sohl rolled 1d4 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for f w e a
Wrench: Did you include the Nemesis damage increase? Probably not
PseudoGM: I did not.
Sohl grips his Lion's Bracelet [Q] before conjuring a healing [Breeze] for Wrench and Yin! [Breeze[
Sohl rolled 1d100 and got 70 ( Total: 70 ) for 25
Sohl rolled 1d8+16 and got 5 ( Total: 21 ) for healing
Also, Lenna smelled blood in the water! [The Contract is Formed]
PseudoGM: Shade 2 blasts Lenna with another [Dark Light]! Since everyone else is a bad target right now.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 5 ( Total: 5 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d8+19 and got 6 ( Total: 25 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 25 water damage!
PseudoGM: Harino?
Harino races forward, slashing both Shades! [Dashthrough, C-Air]
Harino rolled 2d100 and got 77, 8 ( Total: 85 ) for 80/10
PseudoGM: Hits, crits!
Harino rolled 1d10+13 and got 8 ( Total: 21.0 ) for hit and additional crit damage
Also rolled 1d10+4 and got 7 [Total: 11.0 (High), Avg: 7.00]
Total: 32.0, Avg: 7.50
[OOC] PseudoGM: 21][32]! … Double [KO]!!
PseudoGM: A good way to end the second round.
[Round 3]! The Shadow Dragon gains +2 Drive.
PseudoGM: Yin?
Yin rolled 1d100 and got 44 ( Total: 44 ) for IX vs Dragon
Yin rolled 1d10r1+18 and got 3 ( Total: 21.0 ) for Yin takes her cue from Lenna and terminates her spells: LOD-GED-AUM-IX! The shimmer of magic in the air colalesses around her and hits the dragon, bursting into fire on impact! (LOD stressed, damage and M- Fire)
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness!
[OOC] Yin: 24!
PseudoGM: A dark mirror the flames fly back in Yin's direction as well, True Striking her for 8 water damage.
PseudoGM: Wrench?
Wrench defends and reloads!
PseudoGM: Lenna!
[OOC] Harino: no Clip Explosion?
[OOC] Harino: Oh I guess the damage trade-off
[OOC] Wrench: No, because there's only one target, it might counter, and there's adds expected later
[OOC] Shuu: Oh my there's a fire up for grabs
[OOC] Shuu: Time for immense damage
Wrench: Lenna levels her sword. Light hisses out of her joints. [Overdrive - Cereberus]
[OOC] Wrench: , Probably? Back Me Up Here, Julian
[OOC] Shuu: Backed up, good choice
Wrench rolled 2d100 and got 84, 68 ( Total: 152 ) for 80/20
[OOC] Wrench: -1 LP for the hit
Wrench rolled 1d10+19 and got 1 ( Total: 20.0 )
Also rolled 1d10+19 and got 5 [Total: 24.0 (Low), Avg: 5.00]
Total: 44.0, Avg: 3.00
[OOC] PseudoGM: 22][24]!
Wrench: Glowing sword slashes through for 20 and 24 physical damage! She places both hands on her sword, and a tremendous blade of light emanates from it. My Revenge, [Monte-Cristo]! [Burning 4 Marks]
Wrench rolled 1d100 and got 60 ( Total: 60 ) for 80
Wrench rolled 5d10+29 and got 10, 10, 2, 3, 10 ( Total: 64.0 )
PseudoGM: A massive [64]!
PseudoGM: The dragon reels back, the shadows distorting and rippling from the force of the blow.
PseudoGM: After a moment it shakes it head and seems to recenter itself. [OD][Eb].
PseudoGM rolled d10+20 and got 6 ( Total: 26 )
PseudoGM: +26 HP, +3 MP, +2LP. Short K/E-Power II!
PseudoGM: It then leans forward, letting off a [Dark Breath - Combo 2]
PseudoGM: ok
PseudoGM: I GUESS Shuu can go first.
Shuu grins "Still a monster with that sword, Lenna" he throws his axe up in the air as the residual flames in the air gather on it. He takes a step back and disappears. He reappears above the Shadow Dragon, grabbing the axe in the air "Now my turn!" he spins in the air and throws it down at the dragon's neck with tremendous force [Warp Strike] [C-Fire]
Shuu rolled 1d100 and got 87 ( Total: 87 ) for 90/20
PseudoGM: Hits!
Shuu rolled 2d8+31 and got 6, 4 ( Total: 41 ) for Includes K-Shatter
[OOC] PseudoGM: 41]!
PseudoGM: "You know what helps?
Shuu lands back on the ground, raises his right hand and grabs the axe as it falls out of the neck of the dragon "What?"
PseudoGM: "NOT SITTIN' ON A FUEL TANK OF GAS. Can't believe you're still doin' that, man!"
PseudoGM: The Dragon NOW uses Eb, which also Cleanses, before letting off the breath attack all over Harino, Shuu, Sohl and Lenna.
PseudoGM rolled d100 and got 92 ( Total: 92 ) for 100/25
PseudoGM rolled d10+15 and got 10 ( Total: 25 )
PseudoGM: Dealing 25 water damage apeices.
Shuu: "Hey! You never know when you're going to actually need it"
Lenna forces that out of the way! [-1 LP]
[OOC] Yin: -1 LP to miss or can I not do that since i wasn't targeted?
Shuu: "Between Yin and Wrench I tend not to"
PseudoGM: Only stuff that targets you, but that'll do.
Sohl: "Phew-!"
PseudoGM: "You need it when a giant ass dragon is tryin' to eat you!" She swings the massive sword as the breath attack, dispelling the shadows.
PseudoGM: Sohl!
Sohl rolled 1d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for f w e a
Sohl waves a hand to the ceiling, and his four motes that he's been stockpiling fly up until you lose them in the lights… he brings his hand down, sending a wave of healing through the air, and the motes add to the wave- amplifying it! [Essence Rain]
Sohl rolled 1d100 and got 55 ( Total: 55 ) for 25
Sohl rolled 1d6+17 and got 5 ( Total: 22 ) for HP healing TO EVERYONE
PseudoGM: Harino?
Wrench: "Appreciate it!"
Harino twists her Soldier's Beads [M-Pin] before slamming her blade into the dragon! [Whallop, C-Pin]
Harino rolled 1d100-15 and got 79 ( Total: 64.0 ) for Revenge Drive
Harino rolled 1d10*2+10*2 and got 7 ( Total: 34.0 )
PseudoGM: RD Scores Another Hit.
[OOC] PseudoGM: 34]!
PseudoGM: And that's the end of round three!
[Round 4] maybe a lot of misses will happen in a row…? The Dragon gains +2 Drive and Short Absorb: Fire!
PseudoGM: Yin?
PseudoGM: Wait
PseudoGM: Scratch that, it can't get the short status from comboing,
PseudoGM: if the move missed……….
[OOC] Sohl: rofls
Yin rolled 1d100 and got 83 ( Total: 83 ) for LOD vs the Dragon
[OOC] Yin: -1LP to hit
PseudoGM: Hits the weakness!
Yin rolled 1d10+14 and got 7 ( Total: 21.0 ) for Yin makes a small note in her chronicle before sketching a word into the air. It shimmers for a moment before bursting into flames and wreathing around the dragon!
[OOC] PseudoGM: 21]! A shadow returns to Yin for 8 water damage!
[OOC] Yin: 26 with weakness
PseudoGM: Almost!!
PseudoGM: Wrench?
Wrench: "Eh, lemme leave this one to you guys." Wrench defends to save her Overdrive.
PseudoGM: Shuu?
Wrench: "Oh, but lemme-"
PseudoGM: Oh?
Wrench kicks a [Clip Explosion] at the Dragon for 5 physical damage.
PseudoGM: Yeah, that'll do. The clip lands directly in the center of the shadow, and the resulting explosion disperses it into the wind.
[OOC] PseudoGM: KO
[OOC] PseudoGM: +30 XP
Shuu sighs, putting his axe back on his back "Well, what was that?"
[OOC] Harino: Welcome to level 7
Sohl: "A great showin', that's what it was!"
Sohl: "Now I'm even more glad we didn't scrap back at the hole." He sheathes his wand, hands happily on his hips with a big pearly-white grin.
PseudoGM: "Some kind of giant ass shadow dragon? I don't know."
PseudoGM: She then laughs at Sohl.
Harino lets out a breath, sheathing her katana. "At least it's dead. Gone? Whatever."
PseudoGM: "You pick some things up when you're hearding a bunch of idiots around, yeah."
Shuu: "Hey now"
PseudoGM: "Just saying."
Shuu crosses his arms, then up at the sky (or ceiling as the case may be), then towards the direction of the stairs up, thinking
PseudoGM: "What's up?"
Shuu: "Just thinking on the next step… I do wanna keep going up before the sun sets down…"
Shuu: "And just… Thinking too much, as always"
Shuu: "Nothing good ever comes out of that"
PseudoGM: She pats Shuu on the shoulder.
PseudoGM: "Well. I should probably get going too, especially if you guys need to get a move on. I'll try and check in with you later, see where things stand and all that."
Shuu: "Good idea" he nods to her "And do try to not make any more holes, alright?"
PseudoGM: She pulls her hand back into a sharp salute. "Only holes no one notices."
Sohl: "Heh! Good luck with the familiar hatches."
PseudoGM: Lenna tosses her sword into it first, before somehow managing to squirm her way into it. "Yeah this part is always the worst. Later!"
Shuu chuckles "Alright, alright" he looks at the rest of the party "Well, shouldn't we get going? Before we attract any more weird demons"
Sohl: "Hm? Oh, right."
Harino: "If that's common here, I guess that might explain why no one comes here."
Yin: "Yeah, before the lights go down. The water seems like it would be much less friendly in the dark."
PseudoGM: The rest of the walk across the floor is pretty pleasent. None of the animals here bother you, and the nice gentle breeze seems to continue on uninterrupted.
Yin: "You have interesting friends, Shuu. Were they always both that intense?"
Shuu: "You kind of have to be in this line of work"
Sohl enjoys the sights, particularly the view of the sparkling water.
Sohl: "Sure does take us places."
Shuu: "When they're working, the tower's environs are actually works of art"
Shuu: "Too bad they rarely are"
Harino: "I have to say, I'm kind of glad it's not the same old stuff all the time."
Sohl: "It's alright, Shuu."
Sohl: "You promised you'd fix everything. You promised you'd make it all better. You promised that you'd save us all."
Shuu: "Oh, dear"
Shuu: "Now you're going to hold me up to it"
Sohl chuckles. "Heh, or well you said -somethin'- like that with your recruiting speech."
Sohl shuffles along the beach.
Shuu chuckles "Guess I did, didn't I?" he heads on along
Yin: Camping on the beach by the stairs?
Sohl: "Beach campfire? Oh ho ho yes!"
Sohl rolled 6d6 and got 3, 5, 4, 1, 3, 5 ( Total: 21 )
[-1 LP]
It's a beautiful, cool night, and the dunes flicker with dancing shadows in the light of the campfire. [The night passes uneventfully.] There's some spices for rations, and even a way to lightly toast some of them. [+4 MP] [+4 MP]
Yin eats her leftover sheep shank [-1 rations]
Harino also has her leftover sheep meat, quite happily.

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