Thomas Conversation

Scene Context: Thomas and Rosine are standing on the rooftop of Trista when you approach them.

Rosine: '…' (Rosines eyes are closed and hands folded.)
Instructor Thomas: 'My, my… Who would've imaged even more marvelous mysteries still lurked within the old schoolhouse?' (Thomas puts his hand to his chin.)
Instructor Thomas: 'What a delight! Why, I can hardly stop myself from heading in there to take a little peek.'
Rean: 'Uh… that might not be the best idea right now. There's no telling what could happen in there.' (Rean Shakes his head.)
Instructor Sara: 'Yeah… I'm gonna suggest you take a hard pass on that.'
Instructor Thomas: 'Ahaha! Come, now. I was only kidding! I wouldn't DREAM of rushing in to steal the thrill of discovery for myself.' (Thomas lowers hand)
Instructor Thomas: 'But, all joking aside…'
Instructor Thomas: 'I take it you've finished reading those deciphered passages from the Black Records I gave you, Rean?'
Rean: '… Huh?'
Rean: 'Well, sure, I looked through them, but… why do you ask?'
Rean: 'And what's Rosine doing here, anyways?'
Rosine: 'Well…' (Opens her eyes.)
Instructor Thomas: 'Heehee. Questions, questions. So many questions! Please, allow me to elucidate.' (Thomas's expression shifts to a serious one as he snaps his fingers. Suddenly he, Rean and Rosine are in a sea of blackness. Rosines attire has switched.)
Rean: 'Wh-What's going on?' (! mark)
Rean: 'This is just like when I called out to Valimar that first time…'
Instructor Thomas: 'To put it simply, I've created a 'partition' of sorts.' (Henceforth Thomas is talking in a different tone matching his voice as the hooded man.)
Instructor Thomas: 'The three of us standing here within are the only ones who can even sense it. Meanwhile, those outside remain blissfully unaware of its existence.'
Instructor Thomas: "We have all the time in the world for a little heart to heart.'
Rean: 'Just who the hell are you? And you, too, Rosine…'
Rean: 'Why are you wearing your habit all of a sudden!?'
Rosine: '…' (Eyes are closed again)
Instructor Thomas: 'Heh… Starting off with the basics, I see! Perfectly fine by me.'
(Camera zooms in on Thomas's face. Smug look.)
Instructor Thomas: 'Who the hell am I, indeed? My formal ties are to the Septian Church as a member of the Gralsritter.'
Instructor Thomas: 'Second among the Dominion, in fact. I stand at the right hand of our leader and am known by some as the 'Partitioner'.
Instructor Thomas: 'But you already know my real name, of course. I've never hidden that from you. I am and shall always be Thomas Lystander!'
Rosine: 'I'm a squire, tasked with supporting him in the execution of his duties.'
Rosine: 'You could say I'm an apprentice knight of the Gralsritter.'
Rean: 'Wha…? Hold o—what?'
Rean: 'The Gralsritter? Do they have something to do with the Congregation for the Sacraments Scarlet was talking about?'
Instructor Thomas: 'That they do Rean. We're a secret sect of the congregation. An unseen face.'
Instructor Thomas: 'Our organization's existence isn't known to the wider world…nor should it be.'
Rosine: 'Our primary purpose is to gather and seal away dangerous artifacts.'
Rosine: 'But every once in a blue moon, it becomes necessary to undertake covert operations like this one.'
Rean: '…'
Rean: 'I guess I shouldn't be surprised. To be honest, I've felt like there was something off about you for a while now.'
Rean: 'You were able to decipher the Black Records for one. And your knowledge and abilities go way beyond the average instructor's…'
Rean: '… but even still, I never would've guessed you were connected to something THIS large-scale.'
Rean: 'And with all that in mind… what do you want with me?'
Rean: 'Why tell me all of this now? Have you finally decided to step out from the shadows and interfere?'
Rosine: 'That's not quite it…'
Instructor Thomas: 'Perish the thought, Rean. What happens in the old schoolhouse is out of our jurisdiction. Always has been.'
Instructor Thomas: 'The way things stand brings to mind a few parallels with Liberl's Phantasma trouble, but I doubt this is nearly as dangerous.'
Instructor Thomas: 'After we're done here, I'll be glad to let you tackle that on your own. Me? I'm only here for a little talk with you.'
Instructor Thomas: 'After all, you ARE an Awakener, possessor of a fragment of the Great Power. And that means we have matters to discuss.'
Rean: '…!'
Instructor Thomas: 'This should come as no surprise, but the trouble facing this land is far from over. Oh, it may seem to have passed for now…'
Instructor Thomas: '… but this peace is merely a simple respite. The most crucial moment stands silent in the wings, waiting to unfurl before us.'
Instructor Thomas: 'The chancellor never stops spinning his webs, and while he may have repelled Ouroboros for now, they WILL be back. Mark my words.'
Instructor Thomas: 'And there's not a doubt in my mind that you'll have an important role to play in what's to come.'
Instructor Thomas: 'That's why I thought it'd be worthwhile to make a formal introduction and ask for your cooperation. So, what say you?'
Rean: '…'
Rosine: 'Sir, if I may… you might want to ease him into this a little more gently. It's quite a lot to take in at once.'
Rosine: 'Rean, I want you to know we're not here to scare you or make an enemy out of you. We don't mean to pressure you into a response, either.'
Rosine: 'For now, our intent is just to remain here and keep an eye on things.'
Rosine: 'So if there's ever anything you need our help with, we're here for you. Just ask and we'll do whatever we can.'
Rean: '… Thanks, Rosine.'
Rean: 'You're right, too. This IS a lot to take in at once, I'm not really sure how to respond…'
Rean: 'I guess at the very least, I can tell you're not my enemies.'
Rean: 'But by the same token, that doesn't necessarily make you my allies, either, so…no promises.'
Rosine: '…'
Instructor Thomas: 'Haha. I understand completely, Rean! And for the time being, that's perfectly fine.'
Instructor Thomas: 'But to return to an earlier topic, those Black Records you found are actually of particular interest as historical artifacts.'
Instructor Thomas: 'As far as I can tell, their purpose was to record the true history of the Divine Knights.'
Instructor Thomas: 'Given that recovering artifacts like those is our job, well…if you happen to find any more, do pass them along to us, would you?'
Instructor Thomas: 'I'll give you transcripts of everything I can decipher, of course. Given what you've read so far, I'm sure you must be curious.'
Rean: '… I'll give it some thought.'
(Instructor Thomas snaps his fingers bringing them back to the roof.)
Princess Alfin: 'Huh…?'
Elliot: '???'
Fie: '…?'
Instructor Sara: '…?'
Sharon: '…' (She has a flat stare)
Instructor Thomas: 'Well, do take care, everyone!' (Thomas has shifted back to his goofy voice.)
Instructor Thomas: 'I'll be praying for you!'
Rean: '… Of course you will.' (Flat stare)

(Leave the area and a new scene plays with Instructor Thomas and Rosine still on the roof.)

Rosine: '… Are you really sure that was for the best?'
Rosine: 'I'm afraid you might have made him even more wary of us…'
Instructor Thomas: 'Ahahaha. Oh, that was EXACTLY my intent.'
Instructor Thomas: 'I need him to start acting with a little greater awareness of his place in a world that's more precarious than he takes it for.'
Instructor Thomas: '… That is, if we intend to unravel the mysteries of the two Sept-Terrions that once graced this hallowed land.'
Instructor Thomas: 'And beyond that, the secrets of the system fashioned by the witches and gnomes—the seven Divine Knights…'
Rosine: '…'
Instructor Thomas: 'Osborne being dead set on locking down our activity certainly doesn't help matters, either.'
Instructor Thomas: 'The Roaring Lion should be able to take care of western Erebonia on his own.' (Editors Note: Dominion number 8, Barkhorn Gaius's Sunday School Teacher and the man who saved Sara from the pillar of salt incident.)
Instructor Thomas: '… but there's certainly no harm in working to strengthen our foothold on this side of the Empire as well.'
Instructor Thomas: 'Our work will not be easy, Rosine. Be mindful of that.'
Rosine: '… Yes, sir.'
Rosine: 'Well, if you'll excuse me. The children are waiting.' (Rosine Bows and leaves.)
(Camera zooms in on Thomas looking out as the sunset.)

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