Sunken Kingdom


A fallen, dignified state. Its manors abandoned. Its tombs lost. Its artifice displayed in marvelous little trinkets, sold in markets by bickering philosophers.
Amonata was once great…

…Now, it is a protectorate of the sea empire, Tenmen. This deal was the only way the country could see to survive a brutal civil war against rebel forces known as the "Red Clothes".

Its current regent, Dulo Amon-Ree - the uncle of the young queen, who was sent abroad for her education - has announced that the tombs and ruins of lost Amonata are to be officially opened to fortuneseekers, amonologists, and hunters from all across the world, with the only requirement being that Amon officials may inspect and seize any relics of historic interest, in exchange for an appropriate fee.

Players will get one of five setting books. This will constrain the choice of race you can play. Tell Peter which book you would like and he will discuss what's in it with you, and, if you lock down your choice, you can get whatever version of the book exists already!


Silk, gold, and the dead. (Knowledge of Amonata society, where the game takes place.)

Human (Tenmen)
Hundred (Ancients)
Alloci (Shangri-La)

(This one is a little written.)


Guns, drugs, and the law. (Knowledge of Tenmen society and world history.)

Human (Tenmen)
Driftin (Tenmen)
Dwarves (Ancients)

(This one is a little written.)


Machine heroes from a distant star. (Contains almost no information)

Maxwellian (Shangri-La)

(This one is like, three sentences long.)


A secret paradise of milk and perfume. (Reveals the entire secret history of the world! Modern detail not so much.)

Dantali (Shangri-La)

(This one isn't written yet.)


The land, the territory, the pulse of life. (Gives you a full map.)

If-Ys (Ancients)

(This one isn't written yet.)


The Tenmen storyline concerns worldly politics, blood and war.
The Shangri-La storyline ends with a battle against a powerful enemy.
The Ancients storyline reveals the lost history of Amonata.

Characters can dabble in any of the routes' events, but the themes of the races may push you towards certain of them.

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