Name: Zylani
Race: Familiar
Class: Sage
Level: 5

HP: 100 / 100
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 8
Drive: 0 / 16
Initiative: 1d6+8

R: Water
W: Air

Steadfast (+20 HP and +10 MP)
Zealous: When you Burst, you automatically roll maximum with your dice, and reduce its MP cost by -2 rather than -1.

[Weapon] Staff (20 En) - 1d6+6 damage, M-Launch, gain +1 MP on a hit, and if you cast a spell next round it's -1 MP. 2 WGT.
[Implement] Wand (30 En) - Spells gain +2 potency, and increase the potency die of spells by one size. 2 WGT
[Shield] Standard Shield (25 En) - Reduce all incoming damage by 5. Three blocks per battle. 4 WGT
[Accessory] Dragon Feather (25 En) - The user Quicken 2s.

0 En (editor's note: Mystic's Beads a pro choice too)


[P] Stuffed Body: As long as you still have Drive, you can act normally while at 0 health, rather than being limited to your Dazed Actions. When you take a turn, you lose 1 Drive rather than gaining +2, and each time you're stuck for any damage, lose 1 Drive as well.

[P] Trade Secret: Anytime you take a turn without casting a recovery spell, you next recovery ability gains +2 Potency, which is stackable until you use a recovery ability.

[P] Glorify: Anytime the Sage ends a turn in the front row, they recover +1MP.

[Q] Undo: Select a single negative status of specific length and power, then cleanse it from the Sage and all allies.

[T] Conjuration: 4MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and the next spell the Sage casts hits an additional target. M-Rush.
C Water: The Sage gains Short Lucky II at the start of their next turn.
C Air: The Sage also gains Short Focus II at the start of their next turn.
C Supreme: Rather than gaining +1 target, the Sage's next spell targets an entire row!

[S] Solace: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+12 HP to a single target, and grants a Barrier (6). If the target has been hit since your last turn, the Barrier is (8) instead. M-Recovery.
C Earth: +8HP restored.
C Rush: Also gives +2 Drive to the ally.

[S] Purify: 4MP. 100CoS. Cleanse a single negative status from the target and grant them Long Energize. If target is Dazed, restore 1d8+12 HP and end Daze. M-Fire
C Earth: Grant Barrier (8).
C Air: Cleanse all statuses, rather than one.
C Fire: Quicken the target 4.

[T] Evocation: 3MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage, and the next recovery Spell the Sage cast grants a Bubble (8) as well. M-Pin
C Water: The Sage gains a Bubble (8) as well.
C Launch: +4 damage.

[OD][S] Overdrive: Perfection: 100CoS. Restores 1d10+15 HP to a single target and cleanses all negative statuses from them. M-Recovery

[OD] Overdrive: Miracle Star: Transfers the amount of Drive you have to an ally, then grant then any Long status (other than Liberation or Absorb) you wish. M-Recovery

[D] Encourage: Dazed. 100CoS. Grants an ally +2 Drive and a Barrier (3). M-Rush

[D] Preparation: Dazed. The next non-Dazed action the Sage performs has +1 Potency. Stacks. M-Rush

Thorn in the Side

Mechanisms 2
Operation 3
Experimentation 2

steadfast because everything else was kind of whatever. you can take anything else, just I had no particular feelings one way or the other
an extra item slot might be good and just hurl battle items if/when you need a damage spike
glorify + staff is probably overkill but eh, go nuts.
i took a shield because *shrug*
the key is being a soft-voke because healer+familiar=it will probably take a lot to kill you
conjuration -> evocation -> stall until you absolutely have to heal and then BOOM
as a note, purify is like, the only daze curing ability they have
purify and undo being the only cleansers
purify is actually pretty MVP but it only plays at certain times

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