Name: Zephyr Aldebaron
Race: Human
Level: 5

HP: 80 / 80
MP: 60 / 60
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 10
Drive: 0 / 18
Initiative: 1d6+10

R: Air
W: Water

Will (+10 Max MP, recover 5 MP upon winning a battle)
Deep Pockets (+1 Item Slot)

[Weapon] Rifle (40 Lucre) - 1d6+10 damage, M-Pin, Ranged, 2 Ammo, 6 WGT
[Implement] Grimoire (30 Lucre) - Spells cost -1 MP, and increase the potency die of spells by one size. If you cast a Spell with no MP cost with a Grimoire, recover +1 MP. 2 WGT
[Armor] Backpack (30 Lucre) - +1 Item Slot, +10 Max MP, 2 WGT

0 Lucre
(notes: keep some battle items on hand, and always drought. USE THAT SHIT. LATER ON THE GOLEM CAN USE THAT SHIT, OH MY GOD HOW COOL IS THAT. flashbangs!)
(personal notes: buy Mystic's Beads, probably)


[P] Pep: Gain +2 drive at beginning of battle.

[Q] Magnum Opus: Grant Long Focus to any target.

[S] Reconstruct: 4MP. 100CoS. Restore 1d8+10HP to a a single target, and the Golem gains +1 Fuel. M-Recovery.
C Air: Restore the same amount of HP to the Golem, as well.
C Earth: Grants Long K-Guard.

[S] Program Install: 5MP. 100CoS. Swap out one Program installed on the Golem for another that isn't. Remove a single negative condition from the Golem, and it gains +2 Fuel. M-Air.
C Recovery: Swap out both Programs.
C Fire: Grant the Golem Short K-Power II & Short E-Power II & Short H-Power II.

[S] Analyze: 3MP. 100CoS. Inflicts Short K-Shatter II on a single enemy. You also gain knowledge of its current and maximum HP, MP, LP, elemental weakness and resistance, as well as the names of its attacks. M-Supreme.
C Water: Inflict Short E-Shatter II as well.
C Air: Inflicts Long Chill as well.

[S] Suffuse: 6MP. Restores 1d6+5HP to a row of targets. M-Recovery.
C Rush: +5HP Restored.

[S] Smaragdina: 3MP. 100CoS. Grants Long E-Power to a single target, and the Golem gains +1 Fuel. M-Fire.
C Fire: Grants Long E-Power II instead.

[OD][S] Overdrive: 777th Gear: 100CoS. Restores 1d6+8HP to the entire party, then grants the Golem Long Liberation II. M-Recovery.

[OD] Overdrive: Double Up: You can perform any normal ability you have slotted, and ignore any MP costs when doing so.

[D] Jury-rig: Dazed. 70CoS. The Golem gains +1 Fuel. M-Air.

[D] Reroute: Dazed. Grants a single ally Short Liberation. (No Momentum)

(note: took Smaragdina at level 3)

Veteran - from the war room to wargames to actual war to this weird proxy war
Double Life - my nemesis ARIA ZELPHATOL and their golem TITANOCRISIS are the evil twins!!

Survival 2
Operation 3
Insight 3



[P] Golem: While a Golemologist is an adequate support units on their own, their true worth lies in their ability to command strange robot creatures called "Golems".
Golems act semi-independently from the Golemologist in battle; they have their own turn marker (they always start combat at the bottom of the initiative list), are effected by statuses, and even have their own HP Bars!
A Golem has 40HP, and automatically recovers 10HP after each fight in which it was not destroyed. If your Golem is destroyed in battle, it can't be used again for the rest of the fight. As soon as you're not in combat, however, the Golemologist can spend 10MP to perform repairs, which restore it to max HP and gets it working just fine for the next fight.
Golems do not have their own MP pools - instead anytime a Program consumes MP, deduct it from the Golemologist's pool.
Golems don't have their own LP, but the Golemologist can spend their LP things affecting the Golem as well as themself.
Golems also do not equip gear, or benefit from the Golemologist's gear.
Golems start battle with 0 Fuel, and lose any unspent Fuel when the fight ends.
The only actions Golem can perform are Programs which have been installed into it. Each Golem has 2 Program slots with which to load in combat abilities, and the Golemologist starts knowing 6 different Programs. Which programs are installed can be changed anytime the Golemologist is not in combat. Programs otherwise are identical to normal Active Abilities. Golem Techniques following normal melee weapon targeting restrictions.

[P] Basic Programs: You know all six of the following basic golem programs:
[T] Slam Punch: 2MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal 1d6+6 physical damage.
C Rush: +4 damage and Push the target.
C Fire: +2 damage, Inflict Long E-Shatter.

[T] Rotary Hawk: 2MP. True Strike a single target three times for 2 physical damage. This attack ignores row restrictions.
C Air: Roll 1d6 damage per hit.
C Pin: +2 damage per hit.

[S] Hex Lock: 2MP. 100CoS. Convert a single Short status effect on an enemy into a Long status.
C Supreme: Upgrade the status from I to II, as well.
C Earth: If this status is cleansed, the enemy loses 10HP.

[S] Cover: 2MP. 100CoS. Select a single ally. Next round, anytime that Ally is targeted by an enemy, the Golem can choose to be the target instead.
C Recovery: The Golem recovers 1d6+10HP.
C Earth: The Golem gains a Barrier (5).

[S] Philosophy Cannon: 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d6+4 air damage.
C Earth: +5 damage, inflict Long K-Shatter.
C Fire: +5 damage, inflict Long Burning.
C Air: +5 damage, inflict Long Shock.
C Water: +5 damage, inflict Long Chill.

[S] Cluster Bomb: 3MP. 100CoS. Toss a Bomb with 20HP into either enemy row. When the Bomb's HP is depleted, it explodes and deals 1d10+10 fire damage to every other enemy in the row.
C Fire: Inflict Short Burning II on explosion.
C Launch: +5 damage.

[P] Merkade: Learn programs that help your Golem heal: "First Aid" and "Use Item".
[S] First Aid: 3MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d6+6 HP to a single target.
C Recovery: +6HP restored.
C Air: Grant the target a Bubble (8) as well.

[P] Use Item: The Golem can use a single item from the Golemologist's inventory on its turn, rather than executing a programmed action.

start with either Philosophy Cannon or Rotary Hawk, other one can be whatever. later on, when Use Item is available, keep that on deck for battle item usage.
setup golem with Smargmadina and fire away with philo cannon, or if people are weakened, heal 'em up a bit and have the golem do whatever
if anticipating a boss, Analyze into Hex Lock setup, follow with Rotary Hawk
A GOOD ALTERNATE, REALLY, IF THE HEALING ISN'T KEEPING UP, is take Inoculation with level 3, instead of smargmadina- 2x heals from golem and ologist means 2x the drive and +6 the heals from passives
it's not -ideal- but whatever
mace is good for the golemologist just taking a swing every now and then if they're solid on fuel (had to program switch) or heals
it can be a gun I guess but I mean come on get in there you fuck
program switch in Cover if you really care
keep golem in back row? you can, really
just back row the both of 'em
at the time of writing it was a mace but I mean lol
HOWEVER if you get the scratch for it, mace+buckler is probably good enough to be in the front row and still wear the backpack
so I mean Do That after a few fights

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