Name: z3r0m3g4
Race: Maxwellian
Class: Stigma Blade
Level: 5
Drive Theme: Four Noble Devils [ ]

HP: 100 / 100
MP: 70 / 70
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 10
Drive: 0 / 36 (18)
Initiative: 1d6+8

W: Fire
R: Water

Will (+10 Max MP, Recover 5 MP upon winning a battle)
Steadfast (+20 Max HP / +10 Max MP)

[Weapon] Greataxe ("The strike of a god from the sky… Ukonvasara!!") (30 Yen) - 1d8+10 damage. M-Launch. Accuracy & Critical 10. 6 WGT
[Implement] Wand ("The spark of genius that rends apart the world… Claustrum!") (30 Yen) - Spells gain +2 potency, and increase the potency die of spells by one size. 2 WGT
[Armor] Back Pack: Limited Black Edition ("It came with a strap…") (30 Yen) - +1 item slot, +10 Max MP. 2 WGT

10 Yen (ed note: Mystic's beads are a must. Fountain charm, +mp on winning a fight backpack)


[P] Reserve Power: Activate Overdrives at will instead of automatically. Can stock Drive equal to twice the size of your ordinary gauge. Active Overdrives using the normal drive value rather than increased maximum.

[P] Mark of the Exile: All Stigma Blades are fueled by one of two different power sources: Celestial or Abyssal. When creating a Stigma Blade, choose one of the following as your Mark of the Exile effect:
- Abyssal: Stigma momentum and damage is water. Whenever you cast a Spell, you gain a Abyssal Mark. When you use a Technique with a melee weapon, you can choose to expend any number of Abyssal stacks in order to either roll an extra damage die, or True Strike an additional enemy for 3 water damage, per stack.

[P] The Contract is Formed: Anytime the Stigma Blade hits an enemy's elemental weakness, they gain Long K-Power II.

[Q] Seal Breaker: To use Seal Breaker, you must voice your desire for power - either in words, or by yelling.
Draw massive power from the Stigma, refilling your MP instantly. Then roll 1d10:

1-2: No Special Effect
3-4: Suffer Long Burning II.
5-6: You gain the Wound (30) Mood, reducing your Max HP by 30. Worsen existing wounds by 30.
7: Reduce your LP to 0. If your LP is already 0, reduce your HP to 1.
8: Take Supreme damage equal to your HP. Allies may offer to suffer any amount of this damage instead, reducing the amount you take.
9: The Drive gauge of all enemies instantly fills.
10: A weapon you are holding (if any) shatters and you are equipped with Lunacalibur instead. (13 POW, M-Stigma, all physical damage dealt is Stigma, two-handed.) At the end of the battle, it dissipates, and you are left with 1 HP.

[Q] Nemesis: Select a single enemy - it now deals +3 damage to the Stigma Blade. Anytime the Stigma Blade targets this enemy for the remainder of the battle, gain an additional Mark, even if the ability being used normally would not generate one.

[T] Blackwing: 10MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to three targets. M-Rush.
C Rush: Targets a fourth enemy.

[S] Crackling Sword of Az-Atall: 10MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d10+16 air damage and inflicts Short Burning II. M-Air.
C Launch: Deals +4 damage to front row targets if used from the front row.

[S] First Gate: 12MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d8+12 stigma damage to the entire group. M-Stigma.
C Stigma: Gain an additional Mark if used during the first round.

[T] Sever: 8MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage. Deals +10 damage against targets with more than half their max HP. M-Pin
C Earth: Short Toxin II the target.

[T] Gravity Blade: 9MP. 80CoS. Dash, Deals weapon damage and Slow 3s the target. This attack has +60 Critical. M-Launch
C Air: Slow 5s the target, instead.

[OD][S] Omen Wings: 100CoS. Nothing happens immediately. At the start of the next round, deal 1d8+14 stigma damage to the entire group. M-Stigma.

[OD] Overdrive: Missile Barrage: True Strike the entire enemy group for 12 supreme damage. M-Supreme.

[D] Not Yet…!: Dazed. 35CoS. Remove Dazed form the Stigma Blade and recover 1d8+20 HP. M-Recovery

[D] My Power Awakens: Dazed. 100CoS. The Stigma Blade recovers +1MP and gains a Mark. M-Stigma.


Lying 1
Operation 3
Sorcery 3

i'm gonna let fue run the 40 Max MP stigma blade so he can roll 9s and 10s on the Seal Breaker quick
so my gambit is v. simple. against most trash packs:
turn 1- omen wings if you have it. mystic bead -> First Gate to hit all enemies and gain 2 marks
turn 2 or whenever- Blackwing 3 things. expend marks for +2d8 (+3d8 if omen wing'd).
get someone to pull shit to you if you must.
1d10+14 and 3d8+10 to any multiple targets is pretty solid, then just start focusing things down.
don't feel afraid to pop nemesis on mooks, helps generate marks to crush other things.
Crackling Sword, Sever, Gravity Blade for ST damage and init fuckery.
of course my entire idea is to alphastrike with great fury so that all of what a more 'normal' class would spend over 6 rounds is gone in two or three
you can even use Basic Attacks :O
get the 220 cost backpack that gives +3 MP on a win. with Will that's +8. your longevity goes even longer.
and hey,
if you really want to keep cranking out the MP, go ahead!
go nuts!
because the best part about having 70 MP isn't that it takes longer to run out,
but that Seal Breaker recovers -that much more MP- upon use :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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