Name: Lajyr Ulthelus
Race: Dantali Elf
Class: Magus

HP: 80 / 80
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 13 / 13
Weight: 4
Drive: 0 / 12
Initiative: 1d6+4

R: Fire
W: Water

Lucky (+3 LP)
Zealous (When you Burst, you automatically roll maximum with your dice, and reduce its MP cost by -2 rather than -1)


[Implement] Orb (25 Meseta) - Spells have +10 Burst, and increase the potency die of spells by one size. 2 WGT
[Armor] Backpack (30 Meseta) - Gain +1 Item Slot, gain +10 Max MP. 2 WGT
[Accessory] Unbroken Mirror (25 Meseta) - The user gains Short Lucky.

20 Meseta (ed note: jet bead, second hand for IX, Youth's Charm, Slayer's Charm)


[P] Wizardry: Whenever you Full Rest, you can edit your learned abilities. When you edit an ability, you can change the element it's assigned to, along with its corresponding momentum, with some limitations. Physical attacks can have their momentum freely changed between Rush, Pin and Launch types. Abilities that deal elemental damage can be changed freely between Earth, Fire, Air and Water, with the momentum generated by the ability changing to match. Additionally you assign a specific element to Nova Regulus: choose between Long Exhaust, Short Exhaust II, Long Curse, or Short Curse II.

[P] Chronicle: Rather than relying on allies and momentum for powerful effect, the Magus builds off of the very spells they cast. Each Spell cast by a Magus is one of two types, and marked as such: a [C] Syllable, which are the most common, or a [E] Termination. Anytime the Magus cast a Syllable Spell, record the name of the Spell in the Chronicle.
When the Magus casts a Termination Spell, they may consume any number of syllables currently recorded in the Chronicle in order to power the spell up in different ways, noted on each termination spell itself. Sometimes a Termination Spell with have a syllable listed for Stressing - when this happened, pick only a single syllable used to Stress and gain an additional benefit from.
Each Syllable can only be recorded into the chronicle, but you retain them all from battle to battle - it's never emptied without the Magus doing so themself.

[P] Masterwork: Whenever the Magus scores a Burst, any status the Spell would inflict is upgraded to the II version.

[Q] Untested Formula: The next non-overdrive Spell the Magus casts has -20CoS, but automatically scores a Burst so long as it hits.

[C][S] LOD: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals 1d8+12 fire damage and inflicts Long Burning. M-Fire.
C Pin: Automatically hit.

[C][S] AUM: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals 1d8+12 air damage and inflicts Long Shock. M-Air.
C Pin: Automatically hit.

[C][S] GED: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals 1d8+12 earth damage and inflicts Long K-Shatter. M-Earth.
C Pin: Automatically hit.

[E][S] IX: Termination. 4MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d8+12 physical damage. M-Rush.
AUM: +2 damage. STRESS: damage and momentum are air, instead.
BIS: Lower the CoS by 20, and target two enemies rather than one.
FOEN: +2 damage. STRESS: Restores HP rather than inflicts damage, generates recovery momentum instead.
GAN: Adds a combo option to the ability: C Earth: +5 damage.
GED: +2 damage. STRESS: damage and momentum are earth, instead.
LOD: +2 damage. STRESS: damage and momentum are fire, instead.
NIX: +3 damage. STRESS: damage and momentum are supreme, instead.
SUUF: If the targeted enemy is dazed by the end of the round, the Magus gains +3 Drive.
TOX: +4 damage.
UQ: Adds a combo option to the ability: C Fire: +5 damage.
UX: Inflict the recorded status, as well.
YUF: The target loses 1MP or 1LP.
ZID: Adds a combo option to the ability: C Air: +5 damage.

[OD][E][S] RE: 80CoS. Termination. Deals 1d6+8 physical damage to the entire enemy group. M-Launch.
AUM: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long Shock.
BIS: +20CoS.
FOEN: Dispels a status on Burst.
GAN: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long Exhaust.
GED: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long K-Shatter.
LOD: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long Burning.
NIX: +4 damage.
SUUF: Slow 1s each target.
TOX: Rather than a Long status, RE inflicts a Short II status instead.
UQ: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long Curse.
UX: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts the recorded status.
YUF: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long E-Falter.
ZID: +1 damage. STRESS: Inflicts Long Chill.

[OD][S] Overdrive: Nova Regulus: 100CoS. Deal 1d6+8 elemental damage to the entire enemy group, and inflict a status. Momentum is the same Element.

[D][E] Tantrum: Dazed. Termination. True Strikes an enemy for 1 supreme damage. Consume any number of syllables for +3 damage each. M-Launch.

[D] Spite: Dazed. Suppresses a single enemy for -1 Drive. M-Pin.

Fortune Seeker

Stealth 2
Lying 2
Operation 2
Mechanisms 2 (eh…)

took BIS at level 2
you see this?: [P] Masterwork: Whenever the Magus scores a Burst, any status the Spell would inflict is upgraded to the II version.
that's your bread and butter. hit dat burst on your ODs. SPEND YR LUK
and then just bursting on the reg is good too
initially took will/zealous, but if you can get the +3 MP/battle backpack that's good enough
Zealous is cornerstone though
get the orb that does this "Automatically Burst." and rofl all the way to the bank
slayer's charm is lol if you have to spend a lot of LP
really though, who doesn't take LOD/AUM/IX at level 1? or LOD/AUM/UX?

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