Name: Kendrick Redtail
Race: Driftin
Class: Ironclad
Level: 5

HP: 110 / 110
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 8
Drive: 0 / 16
Initiative: 1d6+8

R: Water
W: Fire

Steadfast (+20 Max HP / +10 Max MP)
Agile (Increase the damage die when using melee weapons by one size, and when you miss a target it loses 1+(Weapon's WGT/2) HP.)

[Weapon] Flail (20 Fol) - 1d8+6 damage. +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is below yours. 2 WGT
[Armor] Light Armor (20 Fol) - Start battles with a Bubble (5). Gain +10 Max HP. 2 WGT
[Shield] Tower Shield (35 Fol) - Reduce all incoming damage by 11. Three blocks per battle. 4 WGT

25 Fol (ed note: Barrier Ring, Dragon Feather, Fountain's Charm)


[P] Speed: At the start of battle after turn order is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself.

[P] Heavily Armored: True to their name, an Ironclad is constantly covered in armor, and perfectly at home inside of it. When creating an Ironclad, choose one of the following as your Heavily Armored effect:
- When the Ironclad carries a single Shield, regardless of type, it has -2WGT. Its damage reduction potency is increased by +1, and you can Block +1 additional time with it, as well.

[P] Parry: Then first time the Ironclad is hit by an attack each round, ignore the damage dice.

[Q] Fog Bomb: Inflict Long Challenge on a single target.

[T] Impact Charge: 3MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to an enemy while inflicting Short Challenge II your target. M-Rush.
C Rush: Push the enemy, as well.
C Recovery: The Ironclad is True Healed for +10HP, as well.

[S] Grappling Hook: 2MP. 80CoS. Pull a single enemy into the front row, then inflict it with Long Taunt and Short K-Shatter. M-Pin.
C Launch: True Strike the target for 6 physical damage.
C Water: K-Shatter is Long, rather than Short.

[S] Suppressing Fire: 4MP. 100 CoS. Deals 1 fire damage, and inflicts Long Challenge & Short Burning II. M-Fire.
C Rush: Target an additional enemy in the opposite row.
C Pin: +6 damage.

[S] Ward Generator: 5MP. 100CoS. Grants Long K-Guard and Long E-Guard to a target. M-Earth
C Recovery: Grants Long K-Guard II instead.
C Water: Grants Long E-Guard II instead.

[T] Iron Driver: 2MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then the grant the Ironclad a Bubble(10). M-Launch.
C Air: The Ironclad is True Healed for +10HP, as well.
C Fire: Deal +4 damage, and the attack can ignore row restrictions.

[OD] Overdrive: Force Field: Grants the Ironclad and allies gain a Barrier (8). M-Recovery

[D] Stand Strong: Dazed. Grant an ally a Bubble (10). M-Recovery

[D] Crawl: Dazed. The Ironclad Quicken 1s. If used when at the top of the initiative list, remove Dazed and recover 1d10+8HP. M-Recovery.

Paragon - opposite of destroyer. mood benefits for helping things stay together. isn't this undine as fuck

Survival 2
Navigation 2
Lore 2
Determination 2

took iron driver at 3
the idea is you're fast as fuck, you throw down some taunt, some quick challenge
and you basically mitigate like a motherfucker but on your terms
i -like- iron driver but it's probably better if I was building an ironclad as a reckless attacker, i guess?
I mean if you give yourself a bubble/barrier that's stronger than a challenge, then you're sort of de-voking, aren't you
but i don't know i still like it. not really a fan of either of the level 3s tbh
use dat shield!! if you see that damage hit two digits then just mash that shit out
mp costs are generally so low that you don't really need MPgen, so go nuts
if you want to lmao though- get the magic orb that upgrades a short status to long, and then Suppressing Fire someone
anyway just keep the damage coming in on yourself and you're okay and just grappling hook anyone you want to hit!
normally it'd take six and a half attacks for ironclad heavy armor to reach the same mitigation as ironclad tower shield,
so… like… the math works out, or something.
oh! the important tech is Impact Charge- you're fast, so you want to use this abilities on enemies who are about to do a damaging OD
it's like snap tanking their limit breaks! :O
i'm not really sold on Agile but I just took it because whatever. that can really just be vitality or sharp or lucky.

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