Name: Einherjar
Race: Alloci Elf
Class: Weapon Master
Level: 6

HP: 100 / 100
MP: 40 / 40
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 14
Drive: 0 / 22
Initiative: 1d6+14

R: Fire
W: Earth

Sharp (+10 Critical)
Perceptive (Whenever you hit an elemental weakness, deal +2DMG and regain +1MP)

[Weapon] Hammer (15 Talents) - 1d8+10 damage, M-Launch, Two Handed, +4 damage if the target's weakness has been struck this battle. 3 WGT
[Weapon] Spear (10 Talents) - 1d6+8 damage, M-Pin, +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is above yours. 2 WGT
[Weapon] Shotgun (18 Talents) - 1d6+8 damage, M-Pin, Two Handed, Ranged, 5 Critical, 2 Ammo. 2 WGT
[Weapon] Dagger (10 Talents) - 1d6+6 damage, M-Rush, 20 Critical. 1 WGT
[Armor] Heavy Armor (40 Talents) - Reduce incoming physical damage by 5, gain +20 Max HP. 6 WGT

7 Talents (editor note: buy a buckler, probably an Unbroken Mirror, and Fountain's Charm)


[P] Cursebreaker: Gain +5 Critical and +5 Burst. Anytime you score a Critical or a Burst, you may dispel or cleanse a single status from the target. If the ability already does that, then it gains +3 Potency, instead.

[P] Elemental Stances:
Fire Stance [Hammer, …]
C Launch: +5 Damage
- Roll an extra damage die
- True Strike an additional target for 4 physical damage
- Fire damage instead of physical (the true strike damage is also changed to Fire), M-Fire
- Stance Shift Earth: Inflict Long E-Shatter
- Stance Shift From Air: Inflict Short K-Shatter
- Stance Shift From Water: Roll an extra damage die

Earth Stance [Spear, …]
C Pin: Upgrade the status from Short to Long
- Gain a Bubble (5)
- Inflict Short Challenge
- Earth damage instead of physical, M-Earth
- Stance Shift Fire: Ignore the first damage die rolled against you this round
- Stance Shift Air: Inflict Short Challenge
- Stance Shift Water: Gain Short K-Guard II

Air Stance [Shotgun, …]
C Rush: The Weapon Master is Quicken 4. If the ability already Quickens, increase the value by +4 instead.
- Dash, before or after attacking.
- Pull the target. (If used with a melee weapon, -4 damage, but ignores row restrictions)
- Air damage instead of physical, M-Air
- Stance Shift Fire: Slow 1 the target
- Stance Shift Earth: Inflict Short Shock
- Stance Shift Water: Quicken 1

Water Stance [Dagger, …]
C Recovery: +2 damage, and Momentum+4 is generated.
- +20 Critical
- +2 Drive to an ally, or +1 Drive if they've benefited from this already this fight.
- Water damage instead of physical, M-Water
- Stance Shift Fire: +20 Critical
- Stance Shift Earth: True Heal an ally for +4HP
- Stance Shift Air: +2 Drive to an ally, or +1 Drive if they've benefited from this already this fight

Void Stance [Staff, Axe, Greatsword, …]
- When the Weapon Master makes an attack in Void Stance, they recover +3MP.

[Q] Empty City: If the Weapon Master activates no stance bonuses this round, they recover +5MP.

[OD][T] Overdrive: Art of War: Deals weapon damage. For the rest of the battle, the stance that the weapon used in this attack with belongs to can activate an additional bonus effect at no extra cost. Generates momentum based on the weapon.

[OD][S] Overdrive: True Iron: 100CoS. Choose a target and remove all statuses, good and bad, from them. If target is an ally, grant them a Barrier (10) and restore 1d6+6 HP. If target is an enemy, inflict Short K-Falter & E-Falter and deal 1d6+6 Supreme damage. M-Supreme.

[D][T] Struggle: Dazed. 60CoS. Deals weapon damage without benefitting from a stance. The Weapon Master cannot use this weapon again until they are undazed. Generates momentum based on the weapons.

[D][S] Sigh: Dazed. 3MP. 80CoS. Dispels a single status from an enemy. M-Supreme.

Impossible Quest
Do Right what is Wrong

Strength 3
Agilty 2
Determination 3

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