Name: Dex Freeman
Race: Driftin
Class: Ace
Level: 5
Drive theme:

HP: 95 / 95
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 13 / 13
Weight: 12
Drive: 0 / 20
Initiative: 1d6+12

Will (+10 Max MP, recover 5 MP upon winning a battle)
Lucky (+3 LP)

[Weapon] Flail (20 Zenny) - 1d6+6 damage, M-Rush, +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is below yours. 2 WGT
[Weapon] Spear (25 Zenny) - 1d6+8 damage, M-Pin, +3 damage against targets whose turn marker is above yours. 4 WGT
[Weapon] Pistol (30 Zenny) - 1d6+6 damage, Ranged, 4 Ammo. 2 WGT
[Armor] Medium Armor (30 Zenny) - Reduce incoming physical damage by 3. Gain +15 Max HP. 4 WGT

-5 Zenny ("my crew will spot me some")


[P] Speed: At the start of battle after turn order is determined, you can Quicken 2 or Slow 2 yourself. Anytime you spend an LP, you can Quicken 1 or Slow 1 yourself.

[P] Indomitable - As elite warriors, Aces are capable of wading through dozens of fights without slowing down. When creating an Ace, select one of the following as your indomitable effect:
- Recover 2HP at the start of all your turns.

[P] Revenge Drive: Anytime an enemy performs an Overdrive, the Ace gains Short Luck II immediately, and at the start of the next round as well.

[Q] Guard Breaker: Convert physical damage you deal to Supreme this turn.

[T] Power Strike: 4MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage +3 to an enemy. M-Launch
C Fire: Damage is fire instead of physical. Instead of M-Launch, M-Fire+4.
C Water: Damage is ice instead of physical. Instead of M-Launch, M-Water+4.
C Air: Damage is air instead of physical. Instead of M-Launch, M-Air+4.
C Earth: Damage is earth instead of physical. Instead of M-Launch, M-Earth+4.

[T] Spread Wave: 5MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, then true strike other enemies in the same row for 4 physical damage. M-Rush.
C Fire: The True Strike deals 8 fire damage instead.
C Water: The True Strike deals 8 water damage instead.
C Air: The True Strike deals 8 air damage instead.
C Earth: The True Strike deals 8 earth damage instead.
C Launch: The Ace gains +2 Drive.

[T] Strike Down: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to an enemy, and suppresses -2 Drive. M-Pin.
C Launch: Deal +4 damage.
C Water: You remove -5 Drive from the target instead of -2.

[T] Dashthrough: 5MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage to a single target in each enemy row. If the Ace was in their own back row before dashing, this attack rolls an additional damage die. M-Rush
C Air: Deal +3 Damage.
C Launch: The target in the front row is Pushed into the back, and the target in the back row is Pulled into the front.

[T] Whallop: 3MP. 40CoS. Deals weapon damage, then double it. This attack's Critical threshold is 10 lower than normal, making it harder to Critical with, as well as being less accurate. M-Launch
C Pin: +30 CoS
C Water: M-Launch+6, rather than M-Launch. This combo can be activated and take effect, even if the ability misses.

[OD][T] Overdrive: Admiralty Sword. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage to two targets, and suppress -2 Drive. M-Rush.

[OD][T] Overdrive: Spinkick: 80CoS. Deals normal damage and Slow 4s the target. You then gain +4 Drive. Momentum+3, based on the weapon.

[D] Shout: Dazed. Grant an ally Short K-Power & Short E-Power, and +1 Drive. M-Wind

[D][T] Grit: Dazed. 60CoS. Deals weapon damage -2. Momentum is based on weapon.


Insight 2
Charm 3
Coercion 3

it's ace, do whatever you want
i could have built this a hundred different ways
stay middle of the pack, smack dudes slower than you with flails, stab dudes faster than you with a spear, shoot things too far away with a pistol
spread wave beat out rally strike but only barely. even as of this writing I'm not sure I want whallop over either of those moves? but i have a lot of lp so…
just do whatever feels good

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