Name: Twinbeard
Race: Dwarf
Class: Agent
Level: 5

HP: 95 / 95
MP: 40 / 40
LP: 13 / 13
Weight: 8
Drive: 0 / 16
Initiative: 1d6+8

R: Earth
W: Air

Lucky: +3 LP
Sharp: +10 Critical

[Weapon] Dagger (20 Gald) - 1d6+6, Critical 20, 2 WGT
[Weapon] Pistol (30 Gald) - 1d6+6, Ranged, Ammo 4, 2 WGT
[Armor] Medium Armor (30 Gald) - Reduce incoming physical damage by 3. +15 Max HP, 4 WGT

20 Gald (editor note: first purchase upon hitting 30 is Mystic's Beads)


[P] Turning Wheel: When you miss with any attack, or hit an elemental resistance, recover 1 LP & 1 MP.

[P] Rapid Fire: Whenever the Agent uses an active ability with a [M] marker with a melee weapon, if they roll a 30 or low on the CoS check, that ability can activate its Rapid Fire effect.
In order to activate a Rapid Fire effect, consume 1 Ammo from an equipped firearm of the Agents. If the Agent does not have a firearm equipped and with Ammo remaining, it cannot activate Rapid Fire.
Rapid Fire effects are freely target-able towards any enemy on the field and True Strike, with a caveat. If the Rapid Fire effect targets the same enemy hit by the attack, only the Rapid Fire effect is applied. However, if the Rapid Fire effect is aimed at anther enemy that was not hit by the initial attack, then the deals the firearm's damage, as well.

[P] Situation Assessment: Whenever the Agent uses an active ability with a [F] marker with a firearm, make a note and gain a Intuition stack. Whenever the Agent makes an attack with a melee weapon, they can spend any number of Intuition stacks in order to roll an equal number of additional damage dice. Any unused Intuition stacks are lost at the end of the battle.

[Q] Flawless: The Agent can opt to have a single CoS roll they make this round automatically roll a 30, rather than actually rolling.

[M][T] Advance: 3MP. 80CoS. Dash, then deal weapon damage and Quicken 1 the Agent. M-Rush
Rapid Fire: Slow 2 the target.
C Earth: +4 damage.
C Launch: The Agent gains Long Energize.

[M][T] Tranquilize: 3MP. 80CoS. Deal weapon damage and inflicts Short Disease. M-Pin
Rapid Fire: Long Shock the target.
C Air: Inflicts Long E-Falter.
C Pin: +4 damage.

[F][T] Eliminate: 4MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage +2. M-Pin
C Earth: Inflict Long Curse II
C Fire: Inflict Long Exhaust II
C Air: Inflict Long Shock II
C Water: Inflict Long Chill II

[F][T] Fade: 5MP. 80CoS. Retreat, then deal weapon damage to a target and dispel a single status from them. M-Launch
C Pin: This damage is Supreme.
C Recovery: +4 damage.
C Supreme: Generate 2 additional Intuition stacks.

[F][T] Ricochet: 5MP. 80CoS. Deals weapon damage to a single target, then True Strike two additional targets for 5 physical damage. M-Rush
C Air: True Strike all other enemies, rather than two targets.
C Launch: +3 damage to the main target, and +2 damage to the True Strike targets.

[OD][T] Overdrive: Double Attack: 80CoS. Deal weapon damage with a melee weapon to one target, and weapon damage to a second target with a firearm. If only one enemy is standing, both attacks may target them. M-Rush.

[OD] Overdrive: Eternal Engine: You and your entire party gains Short Lucky II. Additionally, they can recharge one use of a magic weapon power, if they have any, and a single Accessory Quick ability, if they have any. M-Supreme.

[D] Advise: 100CoS. Grants Short Lucky to a single target. M-Rush+1

he crits with a BANG

levelled him to 5
took fade at 2
you can melee shit to death, critfishing that 30 for a crit+rapid fire proc
mystic beads into eliminate = lmao long status II
recharge your own beads
hell at level 6? upgrade eliminate
the rest you can do whatever, you're after that rapid fire proc to amp your DPT, and/or annoy a single target
here's a fun thing to do as a human though: OD flicker, command, supercharge your party with your LP if you're not doin' anything with it

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