Name: A3th3r34l
Race: Maxwellian
Class: Elementalist
Level: 5
Overdrive Theme: Vagrant of Love FM [ ]

HP: 115 / 115
MP: 50 / 50
LP: 10 / 10
Weight: 10
Drive: 0 / 36 (OD at 18)
Initiative: 1d6+10

R: Earth
W: Air

Steadfast (+20 HP/+10 MP)
Perceptive: Whenever you hit an elemental weakness, deal +2DMG and regain +1MP.

[Weapon] Axe (25 Pg) - 1d6+8 damage, M-Rush, +4 damage if you activated a Quick ability on this turn. 4 WGT
[Implement] Grimoire (30 Pg) - Spells cost -1MP, and increase the potency die of spells by one size. If you cast a Spell with no MP cost with a Grimoire, recover +1MP. 2 WGT.
[Armor] Medium Armor (30 Pg) - Reduce incoming physical damage by 3. Gain +15 Max HP. 4 WGT

15 Pg


[P] Reserve Power: Activate Overdrives at will instead of automatically. Can stock Drive equal to twice the size of your ordinary gauge. Active Overdrives using the normal drive value rather than increased maximum.

[P] Essence: Elementalist draw most of their offensive power from the ambient essence that spreads throughout the land. At the start of each battle, and at the start of each of the Elementalist's non-Dazed turns, roll 1d4 and generate a single random essence. Most of the Elementalist's Quick abilities cost a certain number of essence of specific types in order to be used, in exchange for the vastly higher number of them that the Elementalist has compares to other classes. Elementalists are capable of using Quick actions at the end of the turns, as well as the start of them. At the end of battle, all unused Essence is lost.
1. Fire
2. Water
3. Earth
4. Air

[P] Ambience: The Elementalist begins battles with two randomly determined essence, rather than one.

[P] Essence Skills: Elementalist begin with a well of quick abilities that are fueled by essence. When you create an Elementist, pick three of the following six sets:

- Earth Set
[Q] Break: x1 E-Earth. Inflicts Short K-Shatter on an enemy.

[Q] Break 2: x2 E-Earth. Inflicts Long K-Shatter on an enemy.

[Q][S] Earth: x2 E-Earth. 2MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d8+10 earth damage to an enemy.

[Q][S] Earth 2: x3 E-Earth. 100CoS. Deals 1d10+14 earth damage to an enemy.

[Q][S] Earth 3: x1 E-Fire, x1 E-Water. 3MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d8+10 earth damage.

- Mixed Set
[Q] Pure Mana: x1 E-Any. Consume a single essence of any type to recover +5MP.

[Q] Fire 0: 1x E-Fire. True Strike a single enemy for 6 fire damage.

[Q] Water 0: 1x E-Water. True Strike a single enemy for 6 water damage.

[Q] Earth 0: 1x E-Earth. True Strike a single enemy for 6 earth damage.

[Q] Wind 0: 1x E-Air. True Strike a single enemy for 6 air damage.

- Power Set
[Q][S] Explosion: x1 E-Fire, x1 E-Water, x1 E-Earth, x1 E-Air. 2MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d10+15 damage. Element is based on the Essence generated this turn. Generates a momentum of the same type.

[Q][S] Inferno: x2 E-Fire, x1 E-Air. 2MP. Deals 1d6+8 fire damage to three targets.

[Q][S] Flood: x2 E-Water, x1 E-Earth. 3MP. Deals 1d6+6 water damage to all enemies.

[Q][S] Storm Rod: x2 E-Air, x1 E-Water. 2MP. Deals 1d8+10 air damage to two targets in the same row.

[Q][S] Lava Spout: x2 E-Earth, x1 E-Fire. 2MP. Deals 1d8+10 earth damage to two targets in different rows.

[Q] Draw Essence: Generates a single essence of any type, and generates a matching momentum.

[S] Swell: 4MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+10 HP to a single target, then roll 1d4 to randomly generate an essence. M-Recovery.
C Fire: Restores +3HP and forces the essence and momentum generates to be Fire.
C Water: Restores +3HP and forces the essence and momentum generates to be Water.
C Earth: Restores +3HP and forces the essence and momentum generates to be Earth.
C Air: Restores +3HP and forces the essence and momentum generates to be Air.

[S] Quench: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d10+16 HP to a single target. M-Water
C Water: Generates an additional Water Essence.
C Fire: Grants the target a Barrier (5).

[S] Breeze: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+10 HP to two targets. M-Air
C Air: Generates an additional Air Essence.
C Earth: Grants the targets a Bubble (5).

[S] Warm: 4MP. 100CoS. Cleanses a single status from a single target. If they are Dazed, restore 1d8+16 HP. M-Fire
C Fire: Generates an additional Fire Essence.
C Water: Grants the target Short Lucky II.

[S] Jolt: 5MP. 100CoS. Restores 1d8+12 HP to a single target, then inflicts Short K-Falter on an enemy. M-Air.
C Launch: Inflicts Long K-Falter.
C Air: +4HP restored.

[OD][S] Overdrive: Elemental Circle: 100CoS. Restores 1d6+8 HP to the entire party. Generates M-Fire+4, M-Water+4, M-Earth+4 or M-Air+4.

[OD] Overdrive: Missile Barrage: True Strike the entire enemy group for 12 supreme damage. M-Supreme.

[D][S] Essence Detonation: Dazed. 1MP. 100CoS. Deals 1d6+4 damage. Element for the damage and momentum generates are randomly determined via 1d4, using the essence chart.

[D] Wash: Dazed. 60CoS. Cleanse an ally of a single negative status. M-Water+1.


Experimentation 2
Operation 1
Sorcery 2
Mysticism 3

look at how beefy this dude is
so you basically want to use lots of quicks and then hit with your axe for sweet bonus damage- just burn through all of mixed set
when mixed set starts to wear thin and/or you just get unlucky, you can fire off bigger stuff with power set
earth set is just a generally strong set that might give you long k-shatter, to help you axe people questions
took warm at level 2, didn't feel right not having a revive. also cleansing might be worth something idk
i -could- have taken petal shower but eh, let someone else deal statuses, we do healz and magical mumbo jumbo
always use Pure Mana before a fight ends people, it's like a free attribute
Draw Essence is great for setting up your own spell combo. draw essence into swell just seems silly though
[22:30] <Hachi-Roku> if I had to swap around the kit any
[22:30] <Hachi-Roku> I'd drop quench and take hearth at level 2

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