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Lya manages to catch you during the afternoon as you're walking around. "Ms. Lenz. I haven't had much of a chance to speak with you yet. Is this a good time?"
Phyllis: "As good as any. I apologize for not being around when you came in the night."
Lya: "It's alright. If I may ask, what do you think the world would be like if everyone agreed with you?"
Phyllis: "We wouldn't have any need for war. Our resources could go to advancements for the common good, instead."
Lya: "Wonderful, isn't it? That's what we're working towards."
Phyllis raises an eyebrow. "Except your vision also entails the existence of machines of war."
Phyllis: "That's where we differ. Disarmament was implied."
Phyllis: "The -totality- of our resources."
Lya: "Enlightenment would have to be achieved first. Some over-handedness is required at the beginning."
Phyllis: "I suppose I can't … disagree with the latter. My methods are different."
Phyllis: "But I'm curious what exactly you mean by the former."
Lya: "Well, I can't say too much obviously. Secrecy and geas and all that. But as my membership ring states, 'One Betters All' is what I'm working towards. If you want to know more, you'd have to become a bit more…involved…is all."
Phyllis: "Something of an epistocracy, then?"
[OOC] Aleith|DM: Still trying to figure out exactly what that is….
[OOC] Phyllis: You don't get to rule/vote unless you're knowledgeable enough.
[OOC] Phyllis: Think 'philosopher-kings'.
Lya: "Maybe at first? Ideally everyone would be knowledgeable enough to be able to rationally contribute to political thought."
Phyllis nods.
Phyllis: "I think, in principle, I agree with you."
Phyllis: "In practice, I cannot abide. Something does not seem right."
Lya: "A shame. I might have appreciated hearing your thoughts on some projects."
Phyllis: "Your organization's words are one thing, but you're … messy. Sloppy. The situation with Sijhen would have ended in disaster if he opened the way to Gidim. The massive -malfunctioning- golem, left unchecked, would have run rampant on Risur. That far exceeds your gentle description of 'heavy-handedness.'"
Lya: "I can't comment much on other cells' projects, but mostly due to lack of knowledge."
Phyllis: "The only way you could convince me to join is if you could also meaningfully convince me that I would be able to have organizational say in matters. If I could just do it for you. But that requires transparency, when you - the plural 'you,' that is, work in so many layers of secrecy."
Phyllis: "So we're at an impasse."
Phyllis: "Why the secrecy? Why does the Obscurati work in cells independent from each other instead of as a group unified in knowledge?"
Phyllis: "How does that even fit your mantra of 'One Betters All'?"
Lya: "Maybe if we'd met 10 years ago. You'd have to speak with Nicodemus about the secrecy. I may have a larger view of things than most of us, but not that much. I didn't know about the colossus until after you found it. I just trust that what I'm doing will accomplish much in the master plan."
Phyllis: "Heh."
Phyllis laughs quietly at first, but that gives way to raucous, unstifled, -mad- laughter.
Phyllis: "I think that's what's wrong with me, then."
Phyllis: "I can't trust anyone."
Lya raises an eyebrow.
Lya: "Fair enough. I'd wish you good luck, but it appears the universe already sided with you after I said it a couple nights ago."
Phyllis: "My … entire worldview is centered around a fundamental distrust of people. Of entropy."
Lya: "Then why move over to Risur and start working with them? You appeard to trust Mr. Singh well enough."
Phyllis: "I mean, probably the same as the Obscurati - but at least you offer your comrades that level of trust."
Phyllis: "I think you misunderstand the purpose of my working relationship with Singh. I don't even trust myself. If I should stray from my purpose, he keeps me in line."
Lya: "You truly are fascinating. I'm sure some of my colleagues would have loved to discuss your interpretation of Heid's philosophy."
Phyllis: "Left unchecked, left … unmaintained - "
Phyllis: "It'll all go to ruin."
Phyllis: "That's why we make our best efforts to leave the world better than we came into it."
Phyllis: "That's the ending that Heid speaks of. To prevent the apocalypse, not to hurtle towards it at breakneck speeds."
Lya: "I know some of them would agree with you on that. Our group's ideals don't really mesh with Grandis Komanov's thoughts on Eschatology."
Phyllis: "That's good to hear, at least."
Phyllis waves a hand. "But I can't join you for reasons I've already stated."
Phyllis: "Distrust and entropy. I don't have that kind of faith."
Phyllis: "Still. Good talking with you."
Lya: "That's alright. It was a pleasant discussion. I'd say I look forward to speaking with you again, but your comrade Gerald seems to be itching to put a bullet between my eyes. At only the slightest provocation, I'm sure. I'll leave you to rejoin them."
Phyllis: "I try to keep my comrades in check."
Phyllis waves her hands at nothing in particular. "For - I fear I'm just repeating myself at this point."
Phyllis stands up and bows. "Good day, then."
Lya bows back. "Good day to you as well, Ms. Lenz."

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