{Iron Blue Intention}
[Tierra Del Cielo, bar "The Iron Stein" ]
Incandescent yellow bulbs light the bar from above, their glow just soft enough to not violently reflect off of the polished metal that reinforces the wooden tables and stools. Lazy ceiling fans spin to keep their joints in motion.
There's faint smells of meats from the kitchen, the sizzle of something on the fryer, but there's also a small automat built into the wall in the corner, should you be disinclined to wait.
A badger-Hundred fills the doorframe as he enters through the front, and he walks toward the group with a slight limp. Dressed in a long black button down and black slacks, with a dark blue stole draped over his shoulders- at the tips, stitchings of silver and the insignia of the Cieloan church, a lady's face in portrait, hanging from a branch not unlike a fruit.
From where the stole brushes aside- a shoulder holster, containing a pistol.
"Good evening, everyone," he rumbles. "My name is Rivers Nineteen, and I- along with many others, need your help."
Crater Twelve seems to have dipped out, but the Minstrel still sits by your side. [_]
Ridwan: "What seems to be the problem, then?"
[OOC] Issa: Are we /aware/ of a shift?
Eidolon turns to face Crater Twelve. The eye on his chest is glowing- not blindingly, but with the light of a just-kindled flame.
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: * <span style="color: #FF0000" >You can be, if you deem it to be narratively important.</span>
[OOC] Issa: I think the character obsessed with stories would be miffed by a mid-scene change. >.>
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: * <span style="color: #FF0000" >Then feel free you express yourself.</span>
Zephyr directs their attention to Crater Twelve before clapping their hands together. "This one has their attention given, kyah! You pay, yes?"
Rivers rolls his hands as he speaks- a motion-talker. "Over out west, a number of kilometers around the range, but not high up on the mountain, there's the town of Salvation," he begins.
There's a shift of light and fabric, and without much seeming intervening motion, Issa is standing to Eidolon's left and about a half-pace back-fluid, like water in shadow. Their hands have disappeared somewhere into the swirl of sleeve.
Alida flicks an ear and turns to face the newcomer, leaning on the bar.
Eidolon inclines his head to Issa at an angle that only they can really notice, not quite a nod; he's not let -on- that anything's amiss. But, the eye -is- glowing fitfully. For now, he listens.
"That town's under siege- has been under siege for a while now. Not from monsters or anything so mundane. From something a lot stranger," he responds.
Ridwan: "Sounds like my sort of problem. Any further details?"
"But it's from forces a lot find familiar." He nods to Ridwan, and leans onto a chairback with a hand.
Eidolon: "What, then?" His voice a bit brassier than before, bold and chiming.
Alida: "I think he means ghosts. Real, live ones, eh?"
Eidolon snorts, under his breath. That would be…
"It's supernatural, for sure. But it's from a part in most of Salvation's history that's still within living memory- at least as the town still stands." Rivers sighs deeply. "There's ghosts, I guess? But they scream, and burn. Old comrades stalk the dark, discarded weapons find the air and continue to cut without their wielders."
Ridwan: "Ah,"
Ridwan: "I guess you get to see one of the *exciting* haunting after all." Ridwan asides to Alida.
Eidolon seems like he's paying -very- close attention.
Zephyr: "No flesh, no problem, yes? Smoothskin here claims to be professional ghost dealer, quack!" He gestures towards Ridwan.
Quietly, still very…still. "It's /never/ that simple."
Alida smirks and moves to check the ammo in her pistol "Simple enough. As long as there's compensation I don't mind taking down a few spookies."
Claret: Actually - there's someone a little bit familiar at the other end of the bar, at least to Alida. He finishes his drink, settles up, comes over to teh pack with an easygoing manner. Alida once went on a job with him - another mercenary. He's wearing spectacles with a feather-and-bead charm hanging from the left side, his long, long hair is tied up in a huge black braid that falls behind
Claret: him. And he comes right up to Alida's side of the table, nudges her a little, lowers his voice.
Claret: "Room for another?"
Eidolon more to Issa than to anyone else. "(There's always more to the story, isn't there?)"
"Most of Salvation's a cobbling of those who've laid down their weapons at some point in the past. Started as a hideout, continued into a community, and as more and more broken over the years from fights and grunt work and roughnecking, word got around. More or less how the lid was kept on the whole thing- old buzzards too stubborn or sure of themselves," Rivers runs a hand across his ears.
There's something that might even be a smile across their face as they glance at Eidolon-and then the newcomer slides up, and their body angles appropriately. Still no sight of hands.
Alida does a double take "Claret?! I didn't see you hiding in the dark there! Of course, always room for you on my jobs." She moves to hug him, obviously friendly.
Rivers turns to Alida. "There's a bounty in it, yeah. I know a man, comes from a family that's got roots to the founding of the place- he's actually why I'm on my way there now. He called, asking…" Rivers sways a bit, considering his words, ", well, he's a high-strung guy, so it sounded more like begging."
Claret smiles bigly and wraps one arm around Alida's back, a sort of clumsy still-got-my-armor-on manner of hug - though, he waits until Rivers has said that last piece to her before doing it. He does a little nod of hello to the rest of the crew, adjusts his glasses. Warm.
Rivers clears his throat. "But I'm definitely not too dumb to go on over there alone. That's why I'm asking- and if you even want, begging, for some help."
Eidolon: "(Care to discover how this one ends?)" And then, pitched for Rivers: "For hard-earned peace to be broken thus. One -would- beg mercy of all who'd listen. There's no shame in that."
Ridwan: "So long as you lead the way there, I can likely do *something* about it. And it seems like we'll have an entorage full of help, too." Ridwan stands up from his barstool, adjusting his coat while pulling free an onyx orb with an old alloci rune etected into it in silver as he does. It then proceeds to lazily floatto his side.
Issa: "Seems an interesting enough tale." There's a fractional relaxation to Issa's stance-not less fluid but differently so-and their hands are quite suddenly and smoothly visible again. "One asks the question: why did this happen?" A smile. "One wishes an answer."
The Minstrel, finally making noise, tips his hat. "And with that, I would wish any accompaying Mr. Rivers the best of fortune, and the luck of a hero. I'm sure we will meet again."
Alida jumps off the stool from the bar. "No need for begging. I am in. I'm out of coin anyway." She turns to the rest of the crew, "Should be a pleasure doin' business with new partners."
Zephyr eyes the Minstrel. "This one thinks many more stories would be collected in finer details if they did not hear recounts, no?"
Rivers eyes the Minstrel but says nothing in response, and instead turns to answer the group. "I've a KO carrier outside. We can talk more on the way there." [KO Carrier- the 'Karl-Overland' Carrier, a four-wheeled automobile in popular use by militas, militaries, and merc groups to move people over rugged terrain.]
Ridwan nods, grabbing a hamburger from the automat as he heads on out.
Thank you for your patronage! (The hamburger is at least, hot.)
Issa glances over at Eidolon. "You shall, it seems?"
(Part of the dressing of this hamburger involves the regional 'banana pepper,' and a nut-based spread.)
Claret follows behind. He's strapped with a fairly large sword, wearing armor underneath his riding coat. "This isn't a bad hunting party. I'll introduce myself quick?"
Eidolon gets up, straightens himself out, nods. Strands of not-quite-hair clack together metallically. "I shall, it seems." His eye follows the Minstrel with the vague hint of a visible spotlight, but- well. He's got other things to focus on now. For now.
Ridwan: "Wouldn't hurt to know everyone's name, yeah. Ridwan, by the by." He seems momentarily surprised by the pepper, but polishes off the burger in short order.
Issa: "Hmm. Would be a shame to leave such a story half-finished. For the moment." They shrug. Voice pitched for wider hearing: "Issa, one can be called."
"Feel free, swordslinger," Rivers nods at Ridwan's mention of their name, and again to Issa.
Eidolon: "I am Eidolon." It definitely feels like a -title-, or like there's a missing definite article.
Claret: "Claret K. Moorghan. Nice to meet y'all. Including, I'll say, the unusual magical company, if my eyes don't deceive."
"Just 'Eidolon?'" Rivers asks.
Eidolon: "For now." This seems privately amusing, to him, for some reason.
Ridwan: "You'd think combat mages would be pretty common in your line of work…?"
Zephyr: "This one is Zephyr Seventeen. Will not be explaining what happened to the other sixteen this time, yes?"
Issa shrugs. "I was the one who was curious."
Claret gestures up and down, with gloved hand, at Ridwan, and then at Eidolon - "Aw, you weren't the fellow I meant."
Rivers brings a hand to brace the bottom of his snout, thinking. "Is there ever a story without an end?" he asks, looking to Issa.
Issa smiles, a little. "What is past is, as has been said, prologue. At the end of every story is the beginning of a new one. So far, anyway. Unless all stories end." A shudder at that, and a curious sign across their chest with one hand.
Ridwan settles into one of the back seats. "Psh, he's not even weildin' a implement."
Ridwan considers this, but doesn't reply past a nod, turning to go outside.
{Tierra Del Cielo}
Claret hauls himself onto the back of the carrier. Offers a hand to Alida if she's coming this way, too.
Humidity hangs in the air, and the canopy keeps most of the sky blotted out- not that the sky is visible through a hazy fog. Parked just outside the front door is a covered-longbed KO Carrier, the dark green paintjob worn and scratched in places.
Alida gladly takes it and hoists herself up next to him.
A paved road snakes around corners, and with the treeline, they quickly vanish.
Eidolon glanced at Issa, curiously, but whatever thoughts he might have had were swept up in the immediate exigencies of travel.
Issa makes sure to sit themselves next to Eidolon, if possible.
"Everyone settle in," calls out Rivers. "It's a bit of a drive." He shuffles into the drivers seat, and with a key turn and rumble of a waking engine, the vehicle shakes to life.
Issa settles their robes around themselves, speaking in mock-plaintive tones. "I just wanted a /beer/."
Claret calls out, over a few seats - "Did you get a beer?"
Issa: "In the /other/ bar."
Claret: "Pub crawl!"
Zephyr seems to have trouble settling on where exactly to sit. Given his height going inside the vehicle was not really an option.
Alida: "Other bar?" Alida looks at Issa quizzically
Issa gives a carefully, blankly pleasant look and headtilt in reply. "Yes."
Eidolon glances at Alida.
Alida shrugs "Ah, you must have had an early start then, my friend." She settles back into her seat as the engine noise grows.
Rivers shifts into gear and the carrier starts rolling, headlights on bright, following the road. Continue to talk, as you like.
Quietly, so quietly that even Eidolon might not hear it over the roar of the engine. "Earlier than you could imagine, my new friend."
Eidolon laughs- silently, chest rising and falling so lightly that it could just be bumps in the road. Maybe he heard, maybe he didn't. The eye's glowing, again, though.
Claret chats a bit with Alida, not especially loudly.
The carrier winds its way across the thick forest, and with the windows down, the breeze helps fight off the muggy, thick air. Unless you're riding on the back, outside. Then it's probably getting a little chilly.
Zephyr is riding on the outside, yes. Staring out at the horizon in silence.
Issa steals a not-especially subtle glance at Eidolon. "And your story?"
Ridwan fusses with some vials and smaller pouches of powders from his satchel as they ride, mostly rearranging things but mixing some others together. Soends most of the ride doing this since there's not a lot of elbow room or counter space to work with.
Eidolon: "I serve the Ceaseless Watchman. Have you heard of Him?"
[OOC] Issa: Hey, Hachi, have I?
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: check pm for answer
Issa studies their face for a long moment, and then, inexplicably, gives a warm, pleased smile. "I have not! Please tell me."
Eidolon does not look disappointed, or surprised, really. A bit chagrined, as he explains: "Neither have I. Yet I know I serve Him. And so I myself watch, ceaselessly, in hopes that I learn His tale."
Issa: "Watch what?" they ask, though their grin hints that they suspect the answer.
As the drive continues, Rivers notes that most of what you're crossing is farmland- nuts, berries, hanging fruits, coffee beans, most anything that grows off of trees in tropical climates.
Eidolon gestures as expansively with an arm as he can given the rather cramped vehicle. "Anything there is to be observed. It is… in the nature of those like me to guard and protect, and there are others in the world in search of truth and truths. And so: there is work for me."
Issa smiles and nods in…strangely enough, complete understanding. "You could have been a librarian." Or is that a capital "L" you hear?
Then, there's a sudden feeling of sinking doom. As though you passed through a veil, which passed over you like a sheer cloth, closing up the air behind you.
Eidolon pauses, for a moment, smiling. "High praise-" -the eye /blinks/, dims, and flares brighter. "And what is this?"
The smile goes rigid, and while they don't /stiffen/…their hands once again can't be seen. "New, is what that is."
Rivers, who had been driving one handed, now puts the other hand on the wheel, visibly tensing, but keeping his gaze calm. "Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt that."
Zephyr: "Smoothskins have crossed the threshold, this one thinks."
Issa: "Threshold?"
Ridwan pulls out a small vial of - green gas? Then pops the coark and spread sit through out the carrier. "This'll help a tad."
Claret stands up and sucks in a breath. Gets real quiet, stops conversing with Alida.
Claret: Well - sits up, not stands.
Alida rubs the goosebumps from her arms. "The air feels very strange indeed here." She turns to Ridwan, "Is this normal?"
Rivers rumbles, shifting into a lower gear. "I'd heard from my friend that the mood was sour, but…"
Ridwan: "I wouldn't say it's *terribly* normal, in general… but for this level of spirit? Yeah, it's to be expected."
Issa noticeably hesitates and doesn't breathe in as the gas spreads-then shrugs and breathes deep instead. Their mutter is /probably/ only audible to Eidolon. "Almost as bad as the tombs."
"You've experience with spirits and stuff like that?" inquires Rivers, somewhat interested. "Good on us, then."
Eidolon breathes in, analysing this as well as all other things.
Ridwan: "I'm a professional exorcist, in fact."
Ridwan then pulls his gas mask down from the top of his head and onto his face as the green gas has finished dispursing.
Alida: "Hit the jackpot, as it goes here, with this group Mr. Rivers" Alida says in a force jovial tone, trying to lighten the mood.
"Not that we're even there yet," Rivers shifts about in his seat, his broad frame somewhat uncomfortable due to a lack of flexability in the seats, "-but you got any ideas of-"
Several bangs, and a hail of gunfire strikes the front of the carrier, muzzle flashes seen from between the trees.
Issa: "You get many ghosts in the gymnasium?" Issa's very blank expression suggests that the "misunderstanding" means to pass for humor.
Zephyr gives Ridwan a strange look. "Why does smoothskin cover face?"
A louder *POP* as the front passenger tire goes- and the carrier sinks forward, fishtailing suddenly-
Eidolon: "!!!"
In, or out of the car, how do you react?
Claret bails out the back of the jeep- possibly even pulling Alida along -
In this moment of clarity, take action.
Ridwan: "Had a feeling." Ridwan grips the overhead railing tight with one hand and his satchel with the other.
Zephyr just jumps off, he was riding on the back anyways.
Alida Alida initially braces for impact before being pulled out of the mess, both weapons in hand as soon as she's on stable ground. "We need to find cover!"
[OOC] Zephyr: After the vehicle slows down that is.
Eidolon hops out of the vehicle. There's people to protect, and they're a sitting duck as things stand-
The carrier grinds to a halt off road, the front hopelessly pitched into a ditch, and stopping just short of the back swinging into a tree.
Issa flings themselves out the side of the vehicle in a blue-black blur, right before it goes into the ditch-landing surprisingly gracefully, already sliding backwards towards the rest of the group. In their left hand-a viciously-edged curved knife.
Ridwan immediately climbs up the back of the carrier as it skids to the stop, then jumps up and pulls himself onto a higher tree branch, well out of the way of the line of gunfire and starts to look for where the mussle flashes are coming from.
[OOC] Issa: Actually, Hachi, can I Cloak or do I need to use Mass Accumulator to do that?
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: the latter
[OOC] Issa: *raspberry noise*
Smoke pours from the front of the vehicle. The click-clack of firearms being reloaded echoes from all around.
Something- somethings are approaching, no, running-
Claret: "Go." And Claret charges out to meet them, forming the front line.
Rivers pulls himself from the driver's seat, just in time- three figures leap on him, dirty and white, bony and bony and they're tearing-
Alida: "So, ghosts use guns then." Alida moves to engage the enemy.
Branches crack from the ground, and more swarm to the sides-
They approach-!!
Issa crouches, knife held low, robes swirling around them like shadow-and on their face, a terrible, wild grin. "No ghost!"
Hundred Skeleton - Chipped and dirty, held together by spirit and hate, these skeletons vary in size and skull but all hunch forward, ready to strike.
Animated Artillery - Weathered weapons from a time in living memory. They float and waver in the air, but the business end of their barrels points right at you.
Eidolon reaches back, and pulls on a segment of his filigree wings- they unfurl, and he's pulled out a filigree sword-grip, which sets alight- a beam of light coalescing into a burning blade!
Claret cackles, even with the tension - "Ghosts ARE guns!?"
There's fighting in the background- Rivers has rolled free, and is returning fire with his pistol! But you've problems of your own!
Driftin, quicken or slow as you please!
[OOC] Alida: Driftin thing that lets me change my init!
actually wait on that
issa and eidolon need their inits to be fixed
[OOC] Alida: Waiting!
I fixed 'em!
Ok, now Alida, your racial ability!
And then… Zephyr!
Zephyr starts off the fight by just… generating some essence. [Swell]
Zephyr rolled 2d4 and got 4, 3 ( Total: 7 ) for The essence
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 23 ( Total: 23 ) for burst check
Ridwan: "Ghost can be guns, yeah!"
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for the 3rd essence
Alida looks to [Demagic] one of these beasts!
Alida: !Sugar 1d100 ; 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida rolled 1d100 and got 89 ( Total: 89 ) for 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida: -1LP!
Who're ya' hittin?
[OOC] Alida: Ah, the hundred A skeleton. Sorry!
[OOC] Alida: With a dagger :|
Right on- the strike curves through a rib, but strikes the sternum! Hit!
Alida: !Sugar 1d8+6 ; Long E Falter. M-Rush
Alida rolled 1d8+6 and got 2 ( Total: 8.0 ) for Long E Falter. M-Rush
[OOC] Zephyr: 1x Water, 1x Earth, 1x Air
[OOC] Alida: I'm going to dash with that LP spend from my racial
[8!] [Long E-Falter I]
[OOC] Alida: Been corrected. Ignore me and my "dash." I'm done otherwise
Hundred Skeleton B rattles, and strikes with their bony tail towards Alida! [Hamstring]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 69 ( Total: 69 ) for 80
Alida: "Ouch!"
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+10 and got 2 ( Total: 12 ) for Slow !
It curts across her legs for [12] physical damage, and Slow 1!
Hundred Skeleton rears its head back and violently rattles before rushing at Eidolon! [Attack] [Combo - Pin]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 91 ( Total: 91 ) for 80
But catches a shoulderful of bark from a nearby tree!
Eidolon points at it with his sword, and laughs.
Animated Artillery A spins around and lobbies a volley of firepower at Ridwan! [Suppression] [Combo - Pin]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 24 ( Total: 24 ) for 80
Hachi-Roku rolled 2d6+12 and got 5, 5 ( Total: 22 )
Firing into him for 22 damage, Short Shock I, and Long Curse I!
Ridwan frowns as he drops from the tree to avoid the worst of the blast.
Issa! (Feel free to take your time and ask questions!
[OOC] Issa: So if I want to use Mass Accumulator and use up the Rush momentum, I do…what?
[OOC] Ridwan: just declare you're using the rush combo when you state the action you're taking and then delete it from the tracker!
[OOC] Claret: You'd declare your action and describe it - it's a spell that cloaks you by Accumulating Mass, so if I were playing a shifter I'd describe it as reshaping the ground into cover, since it's earthy? but that's up to you - and note its effects so we know what happened. Since it's a spell, you roll 1d100, because sometimes spells Burst, and are randomly cheaper. After you've made the roll
Claret: for an ability, you can activate a Combo for an additional effect, and to do that for a rush combo you'd declare [C-Rush!] and use up the Rush (by clicking its x). And then you add on the momentum your ability adds, which is [M-Earth], I think?))
[OOC] Ridwan: after that, Mass Accumulator is a spell so you'll roll 1d100 to check for Burst (any roll below 25) and since it's a support spell all that'll mean is that it's 1MP cheaper to cast. Then just mention what effect the ability has.
Issa slide-steps backwards, the air warping strangely around them, their form obscured. [Mass Accumulator, C-Rush]
[OOC] Eidolon: giving an example off a roll in dockingbay
Dicebot:// Multiple Dice Error: Unable to parse ((???)) in ((???))
[OOC] Alida: Gotta add a ; for extra test after!
[OOC] Issa: *cringes* Sorry.
[OOC] Alida: Text*
Issa rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 )
[OOC] Eidolon: just the !roll 1d100 - if you want to put text after it, comment with a semicolon - no worries, dicebot syntax is weird >_>
[OOC] Eidolon: OK, so, it Bursted, which means it costs 1 less MP - also, you activated a Combo, so your Cunning ability means you regain 3 MP
[OOC] Zephyr: 2 MP
[OOC] Ridwan: oh he did take cunning? I actually just changed that last week when I was doing other number adjustments rom 3 to 2 haha :(
[OOC] Zephyr: Cunning was nerfed
[OOC] Eidolon: So, the spell resolves - which means you go into the back rrow, which I'll help you with on the tracker, and then that's it for now
[OOC] Issa: *quietly* Thank you
Ridwan lets out a grunt as he waves his hand towards the skeletons. His hand glows briefly, then the orb floating behind him does before firing off a hail of ice. [Blizzard @ Skeleton A and B]
Ridwan rolled d100 and got 93 ( Total: 93 )
Ridwan rolled d8+8 and got 1 ( Total: 9 ) for water damage.
Neutral! The ice crashes against their bones! [9] [9]
Another, different alloci hangs in the air near the orb, faintly outlined in blue.
Hundred Skeleton A runs into the group's front line, and then jukes about before crashing towards Alida! [Formation Breaker] [C-Rush]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) for 80
[OOC] Alida: -1LP to force a miss!
Hundred Skeleton A leaps high, missing!
But part of its tail grazes Alida for [4] physical damage!
[OOC] Ridwan: oh i also spent an LP because I forgot about shock…
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: so did I lol
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: also ur curse
[OOC] Issa: Also, I nearly forgot to add my M-Earth from Mass Accumulator
[OOC] Ridwan: it was not the best LP ive ever spent
Alida hisses at the hit// "I'm out of practice to be getting hit like this!"
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: lmao I too am remembering how to play this game as well
Ridwan: "I agree."
Eidolon winds up and takes a swing at Skeleton A. Nothing fancy. [Attack]
Eidolon rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for 80
A solid hit!
Eidolon rolled d12+10 and got 6 ( Total: 16 ) for -3 damage from Skeleton A until my next turn
It's rattled for [16]!
Claret dashes in and chops at Skeleton A soon after. He steps back and pulls down his fist, drawing in a sudden twist of blue light. [Demonstrate] [C-Water!]
Claret rolled 1d100 and got 71 ( Total: 71 ) for 80/10
Claret rolled 1d8+10 and got 2 ( Total: 12.0 )
Claret: …[Oh, And Mind if I Q:Dragon Feather, I forgot to!]
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: sure
Claret adjusts his glasses, and the feather hanging from it shines. Quicken 2!
Chopping for [12]!
Animated Artillery B fires at Zephyr! [Attack]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 95 ( Total: 95 ) for 80
Bullets strike nothing but ground!
[OOC] Zephyr: +1 drive
[OOC] Zephyr: Crane Charm
Round over!
[OOC] Issa: Do I just slap three K-powers on trackers? Or let the GM do that?
Rivers has retrieved a spear from the crashed carrier, and is holding his skeletons at bay!
Round 2!
[OOC] Zephyr: Me and Ridwan use elemental stuff so do not give it to us FYI
[OOC] Ridwan: I'd personally just mention it in channel and let the other players deal with marking it
Issa - Distribute your K-Powers!
[OOC] Claret: I'd like it, I'll probably attack this round too
[OOC] Issa: Gotcha. Uh, myself, Claret, and…*looks between Eidolon and Alida*
[OOC] Claret: ..Hmm, actually go Eidolon/Alida and not me
[OOC] Issa: Sure?
[OOC] Claret: Yeah! Cuz… I might end up having to heal.
[OOC] Issa: Right. Eidolon and Alida then
[OOC] Eidolon: caaaaan someone give me Fire out of mild curiosity? no worries if not. and yeah I'll gladly yoink a K-Power
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for essence
Zephyr opens up by channeling their focus sending some healing towards Ridwan. [Swell - M Recovery]
Zephyr rolled d8+10 and got 5 ( Total: 15.0 ) for healing
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for burst check
[OOC] Zephyr: -1 LP to burst, +1 MP/+1 Drive
Healing!! My nemesis!
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for Essence
Zephyr then sends off a blast of fire towards Skeleton A! [Fire 3 - 1x Earth, 1x Essence]
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 ) for burst check
[OOC] Zephyr: *1x earth/air
Zephyr rolled 1d8+10 and got 8 ( Total: 18.0 ) for before weakness
The flames lick the bones, cleaning the dirt and grime off of them! [Resist: Fire]
[OOC] Eidolon: :OOOO
Ridwan: "…Huh."
Eidolon: "All their flesh has been cleansed away by time. There's no more work for the flames to do."
Zephyr: "This one will reevaluate strategies, yes."
Hundred Skeleton B slices its tail at Claret! [Hamstring]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 80
Issa makes a soft snort. Their voice is weirdly tilted by whatever distortion is around them. "So much for purifying fire."
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+10 and got 1 ( Total: 11 ) for physical damage
Battering them about for 11 physical damage and Slow 1!
Claret stands strong, taking only 6 damage!
Armor!! My new nemesis!
Alida: !Sugar 1d100 ; ((Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch. Target Skeleton B)) "Let's see if these old bones notice some [Synth Venom]."
Alida rolled 1d100 and got 10 ( Total: 10 ) for ((Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch. Target Skeleton B)) "Let's see if these old bones notice some [Synth Venom]."
Critically hit!
Eidolon: "Everything can purify, held in the hands of one with a… one possessing the proper and holy countenance."
[OOC] Alida: When does inutition stack? DO i have 1 or 2 for a Rapid Fire trigger?
Issa snorts again. "Does hitting them really hard with sharp things count? Seems proper."
[OOC] Ridwan: you get it after the attack is made since it needs to hit to gen, so you have 1 stack. So 2 targets for the proc
Eidolon: "It does."
Alida: !Sugar 2d8+12 ; Long Toxin, k power added. M-Pin. RF for 6 in physical damage to the animated artilleries (or 8 if that is modified by the k power too!!)
Alida rolled 2d8+12 and got 1, 6 ( Total: 19.0 ) for Long Toxin, k power added. M-Pin. RF for 6 in physical damage to the animated artilleries (or 8 if that is modified by the k power too!!)
Issa beams-you think, it's hard to tell with all the shadow. "I've never been holy before!"
[OOC] Ridwan: 9 in fact, the tracker statues are, uh, old. K-Pow's +3 now
Eidolon grins, -laughs-, and the Eye blazes bright.
Ridwan: "Holy…?"
[OOC] Eidolon: fuck my life I was SO proud of that popup text lmao. I'll try to fix that
The synth venom finds purchase, and the bones streak of a darkness and sickly green. [19] [Long Toxin]. Both artilleries are rattled! [9] [9]
Claret rolls his shoulder and fixes his stance. "That's a hell of a brew."
Hundred Skeleton C rattles all its joints and interlocking parts, and throws a savage uppercut at Alida! [Attack] [C-Pin]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 11 ( Total: 11 ) for 80/30
Critically finding its mark on her jaw!
Zephyr rolled 1d8 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for have some more healing Ridwan I forgot zealous
Hachi-Roku: !Roll 2d8+16
Hachi-Roku rolled 2d8+16 and got 4, 2 ( Total: 22 )
Landing a [22] whollop!
[OOC] Eidolon: Zephyr did your Fire 3 earlier *not* give Fire momentum? idk how the fuck elemenetnaksint works
[OOC] Eidolon: …elementalist. Dear Lord.
[OOC] Zephyr: It did not
[OOC] Zephyr: The only quick that gives momentum is explosion sadly
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: that's the german localization
[OOC] Eidolon: ahhhh
Animated Artillery B shifts between targets and lays down a cover of fire at Claret! [Suppression]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 9 ( Total: 9 ) for 90
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: *80
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: but all the same
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+10 and got 5 ( Total: 15 ) for physical damage from AA A
The spread of fire deals 15 physical damage, Short Shock I, and Long Curse I!
Eidolon: "Tch…"
Issa coils, that warping stretching taut somehow-then launches with tremendous speed at a skeleton. [Warp Strike @ Hundred Skeleton A][C-Pin]
Claret suffers 10 damage, and he's forced to hold his sword up against it, sweating underneath the hail of fire.
Issa rolled 1d100 and got 33 ( Total: 33 ) for 80/40
That's a crit!
[OOC] Issa: …now what? It's 2d6+18
Issa rolled 2d6+18 and got 4, 6 ( Total: 28 )
[OOC] Eidolon: normal weapon damage is d6+6, Warp Strike is 2d6+18… plus add K-Power, plus add crit damage I think
[OOC] Ridwan: your normal warp strike deals 2d6+18. A crit adds 1d6+4, so it'd do 3d6+22 total.
[OOC] Issa: And with the K-power?
[OOC] Ridwan: K power adds another +3, for a grand total of 3d6+25
[OOC] Issa: Reroll, then, with everything?
[OOC] Eidolon: which I forget the numbers for crit damage and k-power offhand but probably Ice know- yep there we go. oh, and crits add another damage die entirely, I clean forgot that »
[OOC] Eidolon: yep
Issa rolled 3d6+25 and got 2, 6, 2 ( Total: 35 )
The Skeleton is slammed, <span style="font-weight: bold" >hard</span> for a whopping [35]!
It's shaky as hell!
[OOC] Eidolon: hot damn. <3 remember to boop yourself back into the front row. also you combo'd so you get an MP discount, and can restore MP to someone!
Ridwan pulls a vial from his satchel and lobs it at Skeleton A. A moment later it burst into a brown mist that starts to solidify around it, followed by a thin magical teather moving form the Skeleton towards Alida. [Overgrowth]
Ridwan rolled d100 and got 56 ( Total: 56 )
[OOC] Issa: +4 MP to Alida.
Ridwan rolled d8+8 and got 5 ( Total: 13 ) for Earth damage to the Skeleton, Healing to Alida.
The Skeleton is crushed and battered by the rolling magic! [W: Earth]
Another alloci rune forms alongside the first near his orb.
Eidolon: "Brightly woven."
Alida: "Thank you, my Alloci friend!"
A is dead, so… Claret!
Ridwan: "No problem."
The remaining Skeletons clack angrily at Issa!
[OOC] Claret: Overgrowth puts M-Earth in play, right?
Eidolon steps between the skeletons and Issa, and levels his sword their way ominously.
Claret slams his sword into the ground for a moment and gestures to the remnants of the brown mist, and, with a twist of his hand, it reverses motion, flowing back towards Ridwan, solidifying around him. There's a clearness in the air, carried with it. [Purify!] [C-Earth!] [M-Fire!]
Claret rolled 1d100+15 and got 89 ( Total: 104.0 ) for shocked
[OOC] Claret: -1 LP, taking 3 curse damage so spell doesn't fail
[OOC] Ridwan: taking… /6/ curse damage
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: that's what we call Six curse damage
[OOC] Claret: Still Worth It
Claret: Ridwan loses Curse and gains Barrier(8) and Long Energize!
Not sure I approve of that, but…
Ridwan: "Nice trick."
Eidolon swings his sword through the suddenly-clear air, and it burns brighter and hotter with each swing, one, two, three, and on the unlucky fourth swing, he plunges it into Skeleton C! [Monte Cristo] [C-Fire] [M-Launch]
Eidolon rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for 80
A good plunge! Hit!
Eidolon rolled d12+15 and got 2 ( Total: 17 ) for Long Taunt, -3 damage from Skeleton C until my next turn. *rude noises*
What a rude combo! [17]! Long Taunt I! An annoying damage shield thanks to greatswords!
[OOC] Eidolon: Wait shit
[OOC] Eidolon: I had K-Power that does more damage
Eidolon: "That ought suffice to get this one's attention…"
Issa grins brightly at Eidolon's back. "The white knight charges in!"
Animated Artillery B fires at Issa! [Attack]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 65 ( Total: 65 ) for 80
Hachi-Roku rolled 2d6+12 and got 1, 4 ( Total: 17 )
Striking for 17 physical damage!
[OOC] Eidolon: you have a shield, so you can block [3] of that if you want
[OOC] Issa: Please block, thankyou.
Ping ping!
Rivers swings a spear in one hand while firing at skeletons with the other, he's backed up against a tree near your group!
Round 3! Clear short statuses!
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 4 ( Total: 4 ) for essence
Ridwan: "Holdin' up okay back there?"
Zephyr starts off by firing off some wind magic at the two turrets in the back row. [Storm Rod - Quick - 2x Air 1x Water]
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 86 ( Total: 86 ) for burst
Zephyr rolled 1d8+10 and got 5 ( Total: 15.0 ) for Air damage to both
Rivers calls out- "Doing… okay! I can at least keep them off me for now!"
The wind buffets the artilleries! [Weakness: Air]
[20] [20]
Zephyr then channels more focus, sending healing to Claret. [Swell - M-Recovery]
Zephyr rolled d8+10 and got 3 ( Total: 13.0 )
d4: 1 [Total: 1 (Min), Avg: 1.00]
d100: 90 [Total: 90 (High), Avg: 90.00]
Total: 104.0, Avg: 31.33
[OOC] Zephyr: EoT
[OOC] Zephyr: 1x Fire, 1x Water, 1x Earth, 0x Air
Claret straightens up. "Appreciate it."
[OOC] Zephyr: That was 13 healing to be clear, Then essence roll. Then burst check
Hundred Skeleton B kicks up some dirt as they dance about and suddenly leap at Issa! [Formation Breaker]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 80 ( Total: 80 ) for 80
And is on a collision course right for them-
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+12 and got 4 ( Total: 16 )
For 16 physical damage, and is in very close range of the Skeleton, causing Short Taunt I!
[OOC] Issa: Block [3] again
[Hundred Skeleton B takes 4 Toxin damage!]
Issa grunts, deflecting some of the blow-but not enough-on a small buckler hidden beneath their sleeve. "I seem to have made them angry!"
Alida reapplies the [Synth Venom] to her dagger and strikes out at Skeleton C!
Alida: !Sugar 1d100 ; Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida rolled 1d100 and got 79 ( Total: 79 ) for Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida: !Sugar 1d8+6 ; Long Toxin. M-Pin
Alida rolled 1d8+6 and got 5 ( Total: 11.0 ) for Long Toxin. M-Pin
Slicing for [11]! Long Toxin!
Ridwan: "Haha. You do seem rather impressive with that dagger."
Issa: "Usually my dagger skills don't make people /angry/, though!" There's a VERY sly grin that flashes and vanishes.
Ridwan: "I suppose if you don't give them the time to react they can't get mad…"
Alida: "I had to pursue something- I wasn't any good in school!" Alida replies with a smile mid battle
Eidolon grins.
Hundred Skeleton C wants to charge at Issa, but is still seething at Eidolon! It hops about and launches itself from a tree trunk, right at Eidolon! [Formation Breaker]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 13 ( Total: 13 ) for 80
Zephyr: "What is this school smoothskin speaks of?"
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+16 and got 2 ( Total: 18 ) for [C-Rush]
Eidolon laughs, and the Eye flashes; he moves to block with the flaming blade. "Just so!"
Striking for 18- but it's countered somewhat by the blade! Eidolon's within biting range! [Long Taunt I]!
[OOC] Eidolon: -5 -3 from armor and g.swrd
I don't like any of that calculation :(
[Hundred Skeleton C takes 4 Toxin damage!]
Animated Artillery A spins about and [Reloads] (Defend)
Reminder: You have been inflicted with Short Taunt, onto Hundred Skeleton B!
[OOC] Ridwan: Taunt means that if you don't hit the skeleton for damage on your turn, you'll take 6 damage.
Issa slips backwards, the air around them darkening and warping again-though not quite fast enough to avoid another nick from the skeleton. [Mass Accumulator, taking the 6 damage.]
Issa rolled 1d100 and got 96 ( Total: 96 )
Ridwan rolls his head around his shoulders as his orb moves in front of himself, along with the glyphs. He then unholsters his shotgun, lines it up with the glyps, and fires a shot into Skeleton C. It makes a loud, bestial roaring sound as it rips through each one in turn. [Roaring Boar]
Ridwan rolled d100 and got 16 ( Total: 16 ) for 80/10
Ridwan rolled 3d6+8 and got 3, 1, 5 ( Total: 17 ) for Plus a 10 Water True Strike to the Skeleton as well, and +10 Healing to Alida as the brown glyph shatters upon her.
[17]! [10 Water!]
The impact is mighty!
Claret slashes into Skeleton B! [Attack]
Claret rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for 80/10
Claret rolled 1d8+10 and got 4 ( Total: 14.0 )
Claret: For 14 physical!
[OOC] Eidolon: ogod
You are locked into mortal combat!
[OOC] Eidolon: C's got me taunted, right?
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: yes
Eidolon takes a backstep and a swing at Skeleton C! [Attack]
Eidolon rolled 1d100 and got 19 ( Total: 19 ) for 80
Eidolon rolled d12+10 and got 5 ( Total: 15 )
[15] physical as you deftly dodge the Taunt Penalty!
Animated Artillery B reloads! [Defend]
Rivers curses and impales a skeleton on a tree while wildly pistolwhipping a 2nd!
Round… 3? 4?
[OOC] Ridwan: 4!
Round 4!
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 3 ( Total: 3 ) for essence
Zephyr opens up with another shot of wind magic on the two turrets! [Wind 3 - 1x fire 1x water]
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 76 ( Total: 76 ) for burst check
Zephyr rolled 1d6+11 and got 4 ( Total: 15.0 ) for weakness factored
The wind buffets the guns together! [15] [15]
Zephyr then channels his remaining essence sending it towards Skeleton B. It clumps together forming a stone, dropping on the skeletons head. [Unmake - Earth Momentum, 2x earth 1x fire 1x water]
Zephyr rolled 1d8+27 and got 5 ( Total: 32.0 ) for earth damage
[Thud! Weakness!]
[OOC] Zephyr: Weakness also accounted
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 61 ( Total: 61 ) for burst check
[OOC] Zephyr: EoT
Rocks fall, and the Skeleton nearly dies! [32]!
Hundred Skeleton B rears back in a wordless roar, and with great effort, a haunting moan reverberates from its bones! It leaps high and descends on Alida! [OD: Ferocity]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for 80
Eidolon: "!"
Alida braces for impact
Hachi-Roku rolled 3d8+12 and got 1, 4, 1 ( Total: 18 ) for physical damage
It tears into her for [18] physical damage! Short K-Shatter I! Short E-Shatter I!
It then spins about with an uppercut at Alida! [Attack] [C-Rush]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 34 ( Total: 34 ) for 80/30
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d8+15 and got 7 ( Total: 22 )
For another 22 damage!
[Hundred Skeleton B takes 4 Toxin damage!]
Alida: "I'm still up!"
Alida slides the dagger into its sheath and moves to a firing position, attempting to [Eliminate] Skeleton C! "Bang."
Alida: !Sugar 1d100 ; Pistol- 90CoS, 5 critical, 2DMG on scratch, spending 3 Intuition stacks for +3 dmg dice
Alida rolled 1d100 and got 75 ( Total: 75 ) for Pistol- 90CoS, 5 critical, 2DMG on scratch, spending 3 Intuition stacks for +3 dmg dice
Alida: !Sugar 4d8+11 ; Intuition resets. =3 from Kpow. M-Pin
Alida rolled 4d8+11 and got 5, 6, 1, 1 ( Total: 24.0 ) for Intuition resets. =3 from Kpow. M-Pin
Pow pow, pow pow pow- a bullet shatters its spine, reducing it to a pile of nothingness! [KO]
Ridwan glances at Alida. "Hmm. Zephyr, can you generate larger healing spells, or just weak ones like myself?"
Alida: "No need to heal if the enemy is down." Alida says a bit shakily
Eidolon: "The best defense, and all."
Claret fixes his glasses. "I'm on it."
Zephyr: "This one can target multiple people with weak spells, yes. But they plan to do fancy trick soon you will like, kyah!"
Animated Artillery A looks at Alida, and fires! [Attack]
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 22 ( Total: 22 ) for 80
Hachi-Roku rolled 2d6+15 and got 6, 5 ( Total: 26 )
For 26 physical damage!
Ridwan: "Ah I suppose that would explain the cleanse. Duly noted."
Issa gives a wild grin-air /stretches/ and launches themselves directly at the last lone skeleton. [Warp Strike][M-Launch]
Issa rolled 1d100 and got 2 ( Total: 2 ) for 80/40
[OOC] Eidolon: critfoot :o
[OOC] Issa: What's that, 3d6+25, again?
[OOC] Ridwan: yeah. also you already combod with warp strike on round 2
[OOC] Issa: …but I'm not comboing?
[OOC] Issa: OH!
[OOC] Issa: *looks embarrassed*
[OOC] Eidolon: no Ice is smoking crack
[OOC] Ridwan: oh that's the one YOU'RE genning okay
[OOC] Zephyr: Opposed to C-Launch yes
[OOC] Hachi-Roku: yah 3d6+25
Issa rolled 3d6+25 and got 1, 1, 1 ( Total: 28 )
[OOC] Issa: Three ones, really?
[OOC] Ridwan: actually 27, forgot the +2 from assassinate laste time so 30 total
Your incredible force shatters all the bones in its body, which is its entire body, so it… shatters entirely! [KO]
Issa lands a little PAST the skeleton, panting.
Eidolon: "Well done!"
Alida gives an impressed thumbs up, she appreciates good blade work as well!
Ridwan tosses another vial full of brown mist, this time at Artillery A. It's still sending the siphoned energy towards Alida, though. [Overgrowth]
Ridwan rolled d100 and got 94 ( Total: 94 )
Ridwan rolled d8+8 and got 8 ( Total: 16 ) for Earth damage, healing for Alida
The overgrowth… doesn't find much of a hold on the Artillery! [Resist: Earth]
Claret draws a circle in the air and pulls his hand through it, gesturing towards Alida. "[Solace]!" A blue circle etches around her.
Claret rolled 1d8+26 and got 6 ( Total: 32.0 )
[OOC] Claret: C-Earth!] [M-Recovery!
Big Heals
[OOC] Ridwan: two more d8s!
Claret: Restoring +32 HP and granting a Barrier (8)!
[OOC] Claret: No, because my next spell was PURIFY.
Alida: "Practically good as new!"
Animated Artillery B swivels about and fires at Ridwan! [Attack]
Claret: "Knew you brought me along for a reason." He picks his sword back up.
Hachi-Roku rolled 1d100 and got 36 ( Total: 36 ) for 80
Hachi-Roku rolled 2d6+12 and got 6, 5 ( Total: 23 )
For 23 physical damage!
Ridwan: "Oof."
Eidolon hasn't been attacked by either of the Artillery, so instead he just grumbles a moment, and takes a swing at A - [Attack]
Eidolon rolled 1d100 and got 26 ( Total: 26 ) for 80
Eidolon rolled d12+10 and got 12 ( Total: 22 )
A savage strike!! [22]
The last skeleton facing Rivers is the one that's impaled on his spear and pinned to the tree- it wiggles its arms at him and kicks with their feet… but they're way out of range. :(
Round 5!
Will these ODs go off?!
Zephyr rolled d4 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for essence
Zephyr starts off by drawing energy from the ground, the water, the sky and the groups determination to win this fight. [Overdrive - All Creation - +4 essence, M-Fire/M-Water/M-Air/M-Earth +4]
Zephyr then sends a [Breeze - C-Earth, M-Air towards Ridwan and Alida.]
Zephyr rolled 1d100 and got 1 ( Total: 1 ) for burst check
[OOC] Alida: Nice
Zephyr rolled 2d8+16 and got 8, 1 ( Total: 25.0 ) for Both also get bubble (5)
Zephyr then eats that delicious essence for [+5 MP] since the fight is almost over. [EoT]
Alida gathers the static in the air and uses it to boot her [Demagic] (C-Air+4)
Alida: !Sugar 1d100 ; Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida rolled 1d100 and got 29 ( Total: 29 ) for Dagger- 80 CoS, 25 critical, 2DMG on scratch
Alida: (-1 LP!)
Hi- Crit!
Alida: !Sugar 2d8+14 ; Long E Falter and suppress the hit targets by -2 Drive. M-Rush (RF for true strike 6 on AA-A)
Alida rolled 2d8+14 and got 5, 1 ( Total: 20.0 ) for Long E Falter and suppress the hit targets by -2 Drive. M-Rush (RF for true strike 6 on AA-A)
[20] and Animated Artillery B is a lot less excited now! Animated Artillery A breaks apart! [KO]!
[OOC] Alida: Done
Who I think is in the front row!
[OOC] Issa: Who is still trying to figure out a system to update everything…
Issa headfakes, feints-and then slips in for a simple, if surprisingly brutal, stab. [Attack][M-Rush]
Issa rolled 1d100 and got 28 ( Total: 28 ) for 80/20
[OOC] Issa: What the hell, spending an LP to knock that into crit range
Is that 3 for 3 crits? Think it is!
[OOC] Issa: I think that's 2d6+13?
[OOC] Issa: Wait, no, +10
[OOC] Ridwan: 2d6+10 yeah
[OOC] Issa: Forgot to nuke my spent K-Power, srry
Issa rolled 2d6+10 and got 3, 2 ( Total: 15 )
With a sudden impact of force, the skeleton staggers forward and then collapses from the top down! [KO]
[OOC] Issa:
[Gaind 15 EXP]
Ridwan raises his gun and - pauses, looking around.
Not quite but close! []
Issa takes a moment to scan the area-specifically for their driver.
The forest is far quieter now. The smell of smoke and ozone hangs heavily, and bones are littered about. The once-animated weapons are broken beyond repair.
[OOC] Zephyr: +2 drive, Bravery
Claret: "Phew. Everybody alright?"
Ridwan holsters his weapon, though the orb continues to float around him. "…Anyway, that's what the mask was for." That, too, stays on for now though.
Rivers has some damage on him, a little blood off his arms, a pant leg ripped open to show a straight, metal shaft- prosthetic leg.
Eidolon: "Still in one piece."
Alida: "I think so, no thanks to them," she kicks some of the scattered bones. "But many thanks to all of you."
"Nothing some field dressing won't fix," Rivers huffs. "But it'll take more than that to get the carrier to work again."
Rivers leans on the spear he was using and reloads his pistol.
Issa huffs a dramatic sigh, carefully checking the edge of their blade-bone tends to cause chips, you see. "We're walking then, one supposes."
Ridwan: "I imagine we probably want to deal with the haunting before the truck, if they're this violent, yeah."
"And we're still a ways away from Salvation."
Eidolon: "One lives in hope that this is a well-traveled road."
Rivers rubs at his face, staring at the ground in thought.
Alida: "Hopefully only by the living."
"Mm… I think… there's at least two ways we can go about this," he muses.
Issa: "At least?" Very dryly.
Eidolon: "And those would be?"
"We can stick to the road and keep following it for the next signs of life… hopefully life, instead of whatever all that was. Or- most of this area is farmland. If we can find a homestead, we might be able to get help from some of them, or at least shelter… maybe, if they're feeling nice." He gives a weak smile to Issa.
Issa: "Or feeling alive?" Sweetly, with a smile.
Rivers tears off a piece of his stole to start wrapping around a cut as a bandage. "I'd rather think we'd caught the bad luck and not others, given everyone here's compentency."
Ridwan: "Agreed."
Alida: "Fair point, but conversely, do we have enough gear for roughing it?"
"Which, speaking of- I'll leave this decision to all of you," he rumbles, before biting one end of the torn stole to start tying a knot in it.
Ridwan: "I spend the bulk of my time doing that so no worried on my end, at least. I suspect you, Claret and Zephyr are equally as prepared."
Claret shrugs, in the manner of one trying to brag while pretending to be humble. "It's my stock and trade."
Issa smiles and shrugs. "Librarian. I'm used to difficult situations."
Alida: "Ah, so I am out voted, walking it is!"
Eidolon: "Don't hare off chasing ghosts expectin' it to be simple."
Zephyr: "Walking is good, smoothskin. Enjoy nature. No crashing into trees. Unless you not paying attention, quack!"
Issa: "Simple, my dear?" They casually wipe their knife clean on a sleeve, and then, with no great change in motion, make it vanish into their robes. "I wouldn't dream of it for the world."
Eidolon laughs, again. "And thus did we come prepared for complexity."
So. Course of action?
Alida: "We walk. Lead the way Rivers."
Ridwan pats Alida on the shoulder. "On the bright side, this means any theoretical truck we might have borrowed won't inevitably be totalled and leave us footing a repair bill, now."
Rivers nods. "Right. It's still westward. Try not to get separated, I hope the haze lifts, but be ready for when it doesn't."
Alida looks at Ridwan with feigned innocence, "What truck? I'm not sure I know what you mean."
Issa: "Ahh, just what this group needed. Hazing."
He orients himself using the truck wreckage as a guide, and starts off, using his spear as a walking stick.
Eidolon snickers at Issa.
[Press [x] when you are ready to advance.]
Claret sticks close to Rivers this time, standing in vaguely body-guard posture. [X]
Ridwan adjust his satchel and follows behind Rivers.
Alida shadows behind Claret [x]
Issa ranges at the edge of the group, backpack hitched nicely across their shoulders, eyes scanning the surroundings. [x]
[Expedition - Go West] [Distance - 6]
… on the next session of {IRON BLUE INTENTION}

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