SeeD SaGa

Good evening, travellers. I am [The Minstrel].

I know many tales. Would you like to hear one?

This is a story about the unsuspecting peasant becoming a grand hero,
Or of a long war between nations,
Or about the spirialing heights and plunging depths of love.

The stories about how the world was shaped, and who remembers how it happened.
Forged lies, half-facts, and the truth that burns.
A story about mortals, demons, and gods alike
And of how reality bends to them all.

The driven souls brighten the doors of this bar,
Chasing dreams of prosperity, hope, and change
And it is here they will find their fate.

Each tale I tell is nearly perfect,
But only just so- what is a live peformance if not subject to improv?
This is where the story needs you.


The clouds above scatter off to the heavens
To reflect in the water below

Birds soaring high above all,
confident ne'er to fall
The farthest edge of nowhere their home

If only I could take the form
of the wind's
veiled guise
Skimming o'er the mountaintops
and the seas
and the skies

But what would I bring
to most precious of all,
to the only one I love?
I'd want nothing more than
to sit by her side,
by the side of the one who I love

Those who gaze ahead through their endless tears
Through a vicious season barren and cold
The wilderness forsaken hides darkest fears
What quest shall the future behold?

Devoid of hope, all sorrow continues
The sun sinks low and the heavens give chase
What is a soul to seek
but the warmth of Mother's cheek
And the peace of her loving embrace

Even when the night falls
and does naught
to subside;
Even when I find
my words to be
bottled inside

All that I yearn for,
for richer or poorer,
is to be the light that you see.
All that I yearn for,
for richer or poorer,
is to be the peace that you feel.
All that I yearn for,
for richer or poorer,
is to fill your heart on my own.

What can I expect from SeeD SaGa: An Anthology Game?
SeeD Saga: An Anthology Game is a series of stories in the world of Mardias. At times local and other times national, it is focused on a number of short stories that may or may not influence the world as a greater whole. Each story, or arc, will generally last from two to five sessions, and then through mystical means, will move on to the next arc, as either chosen by the players or dictated by the GM. Interested applicants must be at least tolerable of: working with groups, being dramatic, and helping others. To apply, please follow the below steps:

Step 0: Welcome to SeeD SaGa: An Anthology Game! You can perform the following steps in any order.

Step 1: Your Character. You can build a character using the core mechanics found in the Seed: Overdrive main page. Complete it as much or as little as you like.

Step 2: Your Story. Is your character's story important? Do they have an arc? Do you want them to have an arc? Do you want them to have an arc but are unsure on what it could be? Or are they just here for a good time?

If you have an arc for the anthology in mind, let's consider 3 starting points:

Act I: The field is expected, but uncharted.
Act II: Numerous players are assembled, but the spark has not lit.
Act III: The castle burns. You need only step forward into hell.

Do you know where you wish to start?

Step 3: Did you fully complete Step 1? If not, do so.

Step 4: This step must be performed last. Place a link to your character sheet below.

Ridwan El-Mofty
Zephyr Seventeen
Claret K. Moorghan
The Eidolon

On the planet of Mardias, civilization spans the continents. Mortals have advanced their mastery of technology and magic to create relative beds of safety, and so their desires grow broader than survival. Strength and knowledge, duty and decree, legend and legacy- these fuel the vision of countless individuals. Vision alone is not enough to move reality, and so enterprising souls come searching for help. Their range can be local or national, concerns to be personal or ephemeral, and all of them are important.

They meet the party at a bar, an auspicious gathering place for dreamers, adventurers, and thrill-seekers. The detatched need not apply. From there, the tale unfolds.

Odds and Ends
- 5 PCs needed
- RP System: SeeD: OVERDRIVE!!
- Starting at Level 0, As Is Proper
- All S:OD Races, But Of Course There's Setting Specific Stuff
- All S:OD Classes, There Probably Isn't Setting Specific Stuff
- All S:OD Rules, As They Apply
- I plan on running a relatively 'episodic' game, each arc being between 3 and 5 sessions. I can break this rule at any time but this is my 'goal' more or less so you can get the idea of how I might do pacing and narrative beats/cutoffs.
- I have a fairly videogame-inspired method of GMing- please don't take this to mean you should rub up against all the walls while mashing X, but more that I intend to be fairly transparent with mechanics and consequences where I can be. You know, the good kind of videogame. That being said, Dungeons may be abstracted as regions rather than specific rooms, a few days of wilderness may be truncated by only one pair of Survival rolls for camp and hunting (still twirling this around in my head), and I'm fairly open at letting Social Skills Just Work On NPCs (though even if you feel that you can't particularly RP at your character's skill level, ham it up a bit with the roll and we'll call it even)
- Player Characters Have Arcs, Or They Don't, However Much You Want To Go Into It

"2018" -hachi-roku, probably
—lmao remember when I said that, Hachi-Roku, 2019

(not a mana game)

The World

I know of many lands. Would you like to hear of one?

Well you're slightly out of luck, as the world as we know it is so expansive that I could spend a week describing an area and realize we're barely a hundred miles out. For backstories, you can play fast and loose with it- broad strokes and a general personality for your region, or you can be specific. Or do you hail from a place unfamiliar to all, past out the furthest reaches of common civilization? There are no world superpowers, and the largest blocs of power are a few geographically large republics and a few alliances of city-states. If you are more interested in mining from locales that I will be invoking, please feel free to ask directly, and I shall regale you. Or just add further region notes below as time goes on because really I just want to start spinning this up sooner rather than later anymore.

Technology Level?

Like all good RPGs, SeeD SaGa's tech falls somewhere in the "Western 1930's" timeline with the occasional leap forward or odd retreat in specific industries. Regular phones are ubiquitious, pay phones are a thing. Cinema exists but not TV. Melee weapons, guns, good shit. Mechanized weapons (tanks et. al) are a rarity as no one actor (yet) has the expansive resources or coodination to produce them on a mass modern level. Plane travel exists but can be costly and definitely doesn't go everywhere- airships are a wild option that can land in more places. Ships have largely been upgraded to steam power, though exceptionally-made wooden dreadnaughts, ships of the line, and cargo ships still exist. AUTOMATS EXIST AND ARE A TRENDY WAY TO EAT WHERE YOU CAN FIND 'EM, SOMETIMES THEY'RE EVEN JUST STANDALONE PILLARS THAT ARE STOCKED AT RANDOM (PROBABLY BY FAMILIAR/S).


Magic exists and so do spirits and curses and such. [S]pells are a person casting an incantation and using a bit of Mystical Life Energy to create wonderous, instant effects. Magic lives a parallel life alongside technology as trying to harness magic in an extended form isn't a thing that happens with much success UNLESS it's in as low a state of energy as possible, which effectively means: Familiar soulbinds, wards, charms with small but latent effects, accessories which lie dormant for a long time with bursts of activity before having to be recharged with prayers- all these things happen and are understood, but making an unending living flame or something isn't something that's going to replace lamps at the current level of magical understanding. At some point in the next number of centuries, enough advances may be made in technological innovations that magic may start becoming a forgotten thing… but that isn't today.

Overdrives are probably just a further extension of magic, let's not look at it too hard.


A number of regional beliefs exist, many of which stem from early understandings of magic. However, there exists one legend that has persisted for generations, and manage to be told worldwide. They feature the god of Life and Consiousness- Elore, their son, Mirsa, and the opposing gods, the bearer of Entropy and ruin- Death, and their daughter, Schirach. And how does that story go?

I'll tell it to you one day.


We play fast and loose with the worldmap, so the races won't be terribly different in approach. I said that and then I wrote a bunch of stuff for a lot of 'em so whatever!!! Physical descriptions are mostly 1:1 as found in the Seed: Overdrive races page, with the exception of the Dantali and Alloci elves. Anything that reads "like in the S:OD corebook!" can be found there, and I'll probably just… also copy it over why not.

Humans - Humans are rarer than most!! They look mostly the same as you know them, though. And the most usual groupings of Humans tend to live in very hazardous or unfriendly places of the world- driest deserts, frozen tundra, steep and rocky mountaintops. If you start pushing the limits of civilization, you'll find these creatures, not unlike everyone else but stripped down to the barest physiology needed for survival…

Hundred - Actually the most ubiquitous race. Where ever you go, there's a animalperson. The Hundred are like 70% Dangerously Furry. Flying is out but gliding can happen. Hundred have a reputation of being mercenaries or adventurers because they're everywhere, and seeing a hundred Hundred together can draw the racist observation of "who hired the battalion." These misconceptions spawn from, well, actual stories of Hundred battalions and thrill-seeking individuals who go to the extreme edges of reality while being Hundred. They're out there! Despite their worldwide presence, it seems like they're still outnumbered by the rest of the races which have opposable thumbs…

If-ys - An amazingly secret, shapshifting personae. Do they even exist? Or are you just getting tricked by a spirit whenever someone says they're an If-ys? (spoilers: they exist, but are extremely rare, and archeologists aren't sure if there's enough of them to make A Race or if they're more like a phenomenon…)

Maxwellian - ACTUALLY they're very close to their S:OD corebook origin, which is to say OUTER SPACE! Stargazing research solidly suggests that the falling Maxwellians originate from one far-off star cluster labelled Maxwell-339, hence the name. Waking up, 'soldier'/'administrator', all the rest of that is S:OD Corebook. "Maxwellians arrive like falling stars, androids of gold-alloy metal, and perfect synthetic flesh, gleaming in their ivory-white or ebony-black. Some resemble other mortals - betrayed only by the showing of ornate metal-work at their doll-like joints, or the patterns in their eyes, or the gears visible turning in their back. Others resemble the earthly world's golems - massive machines with barrel-chested bodies, often styled as larger-than-life knights. And they have begun arriving only recently. Maxwellians emerge from their craters with no memories. They speak well enough, and understand a little of the world, but they're as much of a mystery to themselves as anyone else. They have some things in common - All of them know themselves to either be 'Soldiers' or 'Administrators'. And all have a vague knowledge that they are here for a reason: To fight for something worth fighting for. To accomplish some important task." Maxwellians -have- in fact died before, and an autospy shows… their organs are largely the same as a Hundred's. Interorgan transplants to and from Maxwellians has always, always failed, however.

Dwarves - mooooooooostly S:OD corebook! "The dwarves are beings of warm darkness. They live in seclusion, in the Black City over Dark Water - a subterranean city of labyrinthine streets and crowded alleys, of beer and music, of tradition and art. Most are shorter than humans - though some are tall and lanky - and their faces have never been seen by outsiders. Instead, they seem cloaked in their own personal obscurities - faces shadowed but for their eyes (gleaming) and their beards (if they wear them.) To differentiate themselves, they wear ostentatious, colorful clothes, great hats and helmets and masks, layers upon layers of robes and cloaks in myriad patterns. A dwarf has never complained of being too warm.

Though they live lives of carousing luxury, beneath the playfulness of dwarf society thrives one certain truth - all peoples of the world live on borrowed time, and all good fortune is not possessed, but only borrowed. They associate mystic significance to the precious metals and magic crystals they extract from the earth, considering these to be a sort of loan from the world itself, which must be repaid upon the body's burial. Bad luck is associated with those who fall grievously out of sync with what they give and what they take."

Their vision is slightly different than the rest- to describe it across relative lines, if most people see magical effects in 480p, Dwarves see it in full HDR 4K. That's an analogy that'll age well. There's a few companies out there attempting to make dwarven-strength spectacles for studying magical effects!

Alloci and Dantali Elves - The highest concentration of elves originate from a Mediterranean-like region that once was ruled by two kingdoms, the Alloci Empire and the Dantali Grand Royalty. Through a long history of legal squabbles, war, and detente, both empires finally fell to infighting, famine, and greed. Today, there still exists a sense of shared history and rivalry in the region and between the races, but after generations of proximity and genemixing, they share a very similar look- tanned, pointy ears, taller than most. Outliers exist especially among communes that left the region generations ago, so there'll be towering musclebeast Alloci and impossibly-fey Dantali, but most of 'em, unless you see their Overdrive… fuck I said I was gonna play fast and loose

Driftin - Nekomimi. 10-20% furry. The anthropomorphism without the hairballs. "Driftin are pretty much just humans with animal ears and tails, or other slight trait differences like that - maybe a stretch of scales here or there, or a horn. That's the actual scientific consensus on them. They're a little faster, maybe - their reflexes are a little sharper! - and some, but not all, have finer-tuned senses." Humans think that the Driftin faces look a lot like theirs. Hundred see themselves in the tails/ears/random skin patches. The elves see their lithe torsos, Dwarves the light in their eyes… everyone likes a Driftin! Driftin cultural history is largely oral, and it involves lots of imagery of travelling down rivers and riding upon waves. Though Driftin coastal cities aren't particularly the strongest or most influential, they are famous! Everyone likes a Driftin! (dark interpretations of their history involve the abyss within the deep sea sucking down all living things and regurgitating them upon the beaches as piecemealed homunculi.) Everyone likes a Driftin!

Familiar - very much the S:OD corebook description! "Familiars are small magical beings made from hand-crafted bodies, generally created as assistants to magicians. The method to create a Familiar is complicated, but repeatable. The spell-circle is well published, and the process of drawing down manna from the air to create a new entity is fairly safe. Familiars, then, are everywhere - little scurrying, squeaking things fetching things from the store, taking notes at lectures, carrying loads of baggage three times their size. Familiars can be designed with many appearances, though the current fashion is to make them of stitched, cloth bodies - though the magic transmutes the substance a little, a lot of them look like little fluffy stuffed animals.

As a fairly recent trend, the social status of familiars aren't well decided. They act like people, but they're expected to do their jobs, and people would find it a little unusual for one to, say, be in a position of leadership. They have their own secret societies, too… though they may just be social clubs." Be A Puffball

Table of Contents

Players may attempt the stories in any order, aside from the introductory one, which must be completed first. If this were a videogame, the number of stars would indicate difficulty!

[Winds Gather The Leaves]

The prologue to the story of stories- everything has a beginning, and the only question is where best to start? A story of introduction, the actors gathering around a warm hearth, and the performance of the simple figure known as The Minstrel.


A strip of land that strikes the heavens. Tierra del Cielo is a tropical region that begins past the clouds and gradually descends into the flanking oceans. It boasts the world's tallest mountain, the summit of which no person has ever seen. At lower elevation, its combination of lush lands and tropical jungles make it a fertile ground for farming and wild fruit scavenging. The numerous farmlands and communities speak of its past in hushed tones, for the rich soil is believed to be the bounty of the region's bloody history- the souls of uncountable numbers of soldiers, the rails built on the broken spines of labor, the steep valleys that would fill themselves on an unassuming night, the Fortnight Pyre. Technology's progress has kept the region from destabilizing, though ultimately it is its inhabitant's resilience that will see it hold…

★★ [Iron Blue Intention]

The night drags everlonger among the lands of Salvation, with its inhabitants unsure if one morning, the sun would fail against the dusk. Monsters prowl every shadow and the winds are drowned out by the wail of the dead. Communications with the furthest farmers has ceased, and the wall of silence draws ever closer. Salvation is the path of the people who gave up endless bloodshed for sustainable life, and now that path is tested upon a later generation. Iron Blue Intention is a spooky, bump-in-the-night story, with supernatural conflict, a fang behind every snarl, and community interaction.

Iron Blue Intention 1
Iron Blue Intention 2
Iron Blue Intention 3
Iron Blue Intention 4
Iron Blue Intention 5
Iron Blue Intention: Epilogue

★★ [Space Oddity]

Space Oddity 1
Space Oddity 2
Space Oddity 3
Space Oddity 4
Space Oddity 5
Space Oddity 6
Space Oddity: Epilogue

Mount Impossible is a premier attraction for worldwide thrillseekers that seek to summit its heights. For reasons many and varied- weather, beasts, monsters, landslides, asphyxiation, and so on- none have succeeded. Their courage litters the cliffsides. One more scientist seeks an attempt not under the delusion of glory, but for a signal as to their existence. Space Oddity is a story that braves the elements, struggles against nature, and picks up the hopes of the past onto their back.

★★ [Zephyr]

Zephyr 1
Zephyr 2

Plot… in progress.

★★★ [????]



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